GH Transcript Wednesday 11/2/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 11/2/05


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Singer: Moonlight in between us

Lucky: Hmm. What are you thinking?

Singer: Crying in the rain

Elizabeth: How blessed I am to have you -- my first love, my first true loss. And now we're married.

Singer: There's nowhere else I'd rather be

Lucky: You're everything I ever wanted.

Singer: Right now than where you are

Nikolas: Let me grab that. I got it. What have you got in here, bricks? Come on.

Emily: Yeah, Alice insisted. She had Cook pack the ultimate gourmet picnic.

Nikolas: Ah. Wow, look at this. Your grandfather's going to freak when he realizes she gave this away.

Emily: Lucky and Elizabeth deserve the best of everything, huh? And I'd say this qualifies.

Nikolas: So I -- I confirmed their suite at Bristol Towers. Are you -- are you going to stay over or --

Emily: Oh, you know, it's their honeymoon. How much companionship is too much, huh?

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah, I know. I just -- I just thought, you know, they don't leave for Italy until the day after tomorrow. They have two weeks to wander Tuscany hand in hand. I just figured they might enjoy going out with friends until then.

Emily: Oh, well, then let's see something, yeah? How hard would it be to get four tickets to a Broadway show or something, huh?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: Oh. Courtney's coming, too, isn't she?

Sonny: So, are you guys going to have fun at the park?

Michael: Yep.

Sonny: Yep? You're going to listen to Leticia, right, Michael?

Michael: Yes.

Sonny: All right. You guys are going to go to the carousel; you're going to go to the zoo --

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: And then I'm going to come by as soon as I can and --

[Phone rings]

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Ok.

Michael: Hello? Who's calling, please?

Dr. Kim: This is Dr. Bradley Kim from Roselawn. May I speak with Mr. Corinthos?

Michael: You're my mom's doctor, right? Is she better? Can I talk to her?

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You don't need your gun. We're going to New York to ask Robin to treat you.

Jason: The only place I'm going is to search for Manny.

Sam: And I'm -- I'm just supposed to ignore the fact that you're dying?

Nikolas: Listen, I haven't asked Courtney to come on the trip yet. But if it's a problem for you, then I just won’t.

Emily: Nah! In a way, it'll be easier, yeah? There won't be any pressure on you and me to act like a couple, and Lucky and Elizabeth won't be tempted to try any matchmaking, and we can just celebrate their marriage as friends which was the whole idea.

Elizabeth: So what was your favorite part of the wedding?

Lucky: This.

Elizabeth: Besides this, what was your favorite part?

Lucky: Your vows.

Elizabeth: That's scary. We've been married less than 24 hours and already we're thinking alike.

Lucky: Your favorite part of the wedding was not my vows.

Elizabeth: Come on, they were beautiful. I especially liked the part where you promised to be a father to Cameron and all the other kids we were going to have. I can totally picture you playing tag in the park with Cam and his brother and sister.

Lucky: Oh, so you want a boy and a girl?

Elizabeth: Well, in a --

Lucky: "In a"? In a what?

Elizabeth: I was going to say "in a perfect world," but then I realized this is my perfect world. Because I know for the rest of my life, every time I reach out my hand, you'll be right there to take it.

Lucky: Count on it.

Sam: Robin is a specialist. She was worried enough to call Sonny when you wouldn't call her back for yourself. Jason?

Jason: I'm all right, I'm all right.

Sam: You never lie. Please, don't start now.

Jason: I can keep going.

Sam: You can keep going till when? You're going to have another seizure; it's just a matter of time. Robin is in New York speaking at an AIDS conference. I'm going to see her, with or without you. All right, fine. I will call you from Manhattan.

Jason: Just -- just wait. You're going to Manhattan with Sam. Do not leave her side.

Max: Yeah, all right, I won't take any chances.

Jason: Ok, just give us a minute, all right?

Max: All right.

Jason: Thanks.  You have to promise me that you'll stay with Max.

Sam: Ok, as long as you promise me something, too. When I bring Robin back, you'll let her treat you.

Jason: Sam, I can't until you're safe. I --

Sam: You know what's crazy? You would do anything, anything to save my life. But you will not lift a finger to save your own. And I have to do it for you.

Sonny: Dr. Kim, is Carly all right?

Dr. Kim: Unfortunately, she's taken a turn for the worse. She's extremely agitated and fearful.

Sonny: Uh, why? Why did this happen?

Dr. Kim: It could be anything -- another paranoid hallucination. Carly has stopped speaking.

Sonny: You were supposed to be helping her.

Dr. Kim: We need to calm Carly down. I'd like to administer an anti-psychotic medication which would help her.

Sonny: Absolutely not.

Dr. Kim: I realize both you and Carly were opposed to any kind of drug therapy, but her condition has deteriorated since then.

Sonny: You are not drugging her. If you give her anything stronger than aspirin, I am taking her out of there. Are we clear?

Dr. Kim: Mr. Corinthos, I understand this is upsetting.

Sonny: Are we clear?

Dr. Kim: We're clear.

Michael: Did something bad happen to mom?

Emily: Nikolas, it says "do not disturb."

Nikolas: I know, but if they don't get out of bed soon, they're going to miss the train. Come on.

Emily: Something tells me they won't really care.

Nikolas: Shh, shh.

Emily: Ok.

Lucky: Go away!

Elizabeth: Who is it?

Nikolas: Yes, ma'am, this is the hotel concierge. We've been having some complaints from the guests below that there's some strange noises going on in here, furniture moving, things like that.

Emily: Nikolas!

Nikolas: Stop! Ow!

Lucky: Very funny.

Nikolas: Listen, your breakfast is getting cold, all right? You need to pack. Train leaves at 6:00, got to be onboard no later than 5:30.

Elizabeth: Ok, ok, we promise we won't be late, all right?

Lucky: Yes, you know, we'd better get started. We have a lot to pack.

Elizabeth: That's right.

Nikolas: 5:30.

[Elizabeth laughs]

Elizabeth: Ok, put me down!

Emily: They certainly sound happy, huh?

Nikolas: Yeah. No one deserves it more than they do.

Skye: Alan, aren't you going to thank Lorenzo for his latest very generous contribution to the hospital?

Alan: Oh. Mr. Alcazar, on behalf of the hospital, I want to thank you for your very generous contribution. I'm sure it's going to go a long way toward whitewashing your family name. You are a credit to social-climbing gangsters everywhere.

Skye: Well, that didn't go very well.

Lorenzo: I'll tell you what -- make it up to me.

Skye: Is this the lead-in to another invitation to join you on your trip to Europe?

Lorenzo: Well, I think you want to.

Skye: Lorenzo, I already like you way more than I should, and if I go with you, I'm afraid that I could fall all the way.

Lorenzo: Would that be so bad?

Skye: Feels just like flying -- till you land with a thud, which I have done far too many times.

Lorenzo: Skye --

[Phone rings]

Skye: Answer it, before I do something crazy like change my mind.

Lorenzo: Yes?

Dr. Kim: Lorenzo Alcazar?

Lorenzo: Who's calling?

Dr. Kim: Dr. Bradley Kim. I'm on staff at Roselawn Sanitarium.

Lorenzo: Is this about Carly?

Dr. Kim: She's extremely agitated and fearful, even terrified. We'd like to administer an anti-psychotic, but Mr. Corinthos has refused permission. According to our records, you're Carly’s husband.

Lorenzo: Right, which gives me the right to authorize treatment. I need to think about it. I appreciate your calling. I'll call you back.

Skye: I take it Carly’s not doing so well.

Lorenzo: You know, I haven't seen her since before she was hospitalized. She asked me not to help, so I tried to respect that and stayed away. I kind of thought Sonny had her best interests in mind. Obviously I was wrong.

Skye: Well, do what you got to do.

Lorenzo: All right. Thank you.

Man: Our next speaker is Dr. Robin Scorpio of Paris' Centre Hospitalier du Mont Georges.


Robin: Thank you. It's gratifying to be introduced as a doctor, although that's not why I'm here. I am H.I.V. positive. I contracted the virus when I was 17. Legally, I wasn't even an adult, not old enough to vote. But I was old enough to fall in love with a boy who infected me with the virus before he knew he had AIDS.

Robin: There's no way I'm leaving you here to die.

Stone: It doesn't matter! I'm going to die anyway!

Robin: What?

Stone: I'm H.I.V. positive.

Robin: We knew less about the virus then, less about how to treat it. I watched Stone slowly slip away and then soon found out that what was killing him had been passed on to me.

Alan: It's not good. You're H.I.V. positive.

Robin: Stone was only 19 when he died -- old enough to vote, I guess, although I'm not sure he ever did. There are many things that he never got to do.

Sonny: He dead?

Robin: Yeah.

Sonny: He's dead. Ok.

Robin: Stone died much too young. But the hardest part was not fear for himself. It was the fear he had for the people that he left behind -- fear that he wouldn't be able to love me, fear that he left me an outcast. But he didn’t. I have been blessed with family, support, and acceptance. However, there are over 12 million children in Africa who are not so fortunate, and they need your help.

Sonny: No, buddy, your mom's fine. It's just that it's taken a little longer to get better than I thought.

Michael: Why did the doctor call?

Sonny: Because we talk every day and he tells me how she's doing.

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: But I don't want you to worry because your mother's the strongest person I know and she's going to beat this. Is Morgan and Leticia ready to go to the park?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Ok, you guys have fun.

Jason: You taking the guards? Right?

Michael: Yeah, Enzo and Vic.

Sonny: Yeah, right, and you do not walk away from them. You stay by them at all times, right?

Michael: I know.

Sonny: Yeah, I know, I know.

Michael: I know.

Sonny: Why aren't you in the hospital? What part of "You're going to die" do you not understand?

Elizabeth: So what do you want to do in Manhattan?

Lucky: I want to go to Greenwich Village and find that apartment we wanted.

Elizabeth: Ok. Then we can go eat and walk around, imagine how our lives almost turned out.

Lucky: Do you ever miss the future we planned?

Elizabeth: Well, sometimes I wonder if I could've made it as an artist, and you as a rock star instead of a cop, but it's just fantasy. I would never trade our lives for anything.

Lucky: Neither would I.

Elizabeth: We had so many dreams back then, and almost none of them came true. Except the part about loving each other forever.

Lucky: And that is the only thing that matters.

Nikolas: Hey.

Courtney: Oh! What are you doing?

Nikolas: How would you like to go to Manhattan with me?

Courtney: When?

Nikolas: Tonight about 6:00, but we have to board by 5:30, ok?

Courtney: Board? Wait, on Lucky and Elizabeth’s honeymoon train?

Nikolas: Yeah. There's more than enough room on the antique cars that I rented, and I got us all rooms at Bristol Towers.

Courtney: Oh, I'd love to, but I can’t. I have too much to do here.

Nikolas: Come on, I'll take you to the opera.

Courtney: Really?

Nikolas: You'll either love it and cry, which will be a safe release of negative emotion, or you'll fall asleep. Either way, it's a perfect stress buster. Come on.

Courtney: Wow, you are making it really hard to say no.

Nikolas: It's three days in Manhattan. What's the harm? Come on.

Jax: You got to be kidding me.

Courtney: Oh, God.

Jax: Courtney's pregnant with my child. She's not going on some trip with you. Please tell me you're not considering this.

Emily: Alexis?

Alexis: Oh --

Emily: Here, no, no, no --

Alexis: I'll get it.

Emily: I'll get it. I got it.

Alexis: Thank you. Actually, bending isn't my best event these days. Some might say it never was.

Emily: You taking a trip?

Alexis: Actually, I'm fleeing to Manhattan. I'm sure you've heard. Everyone else has. My husband has slept with Reese Marshall, although I don't know why that should matter since I'm fairly certain that we were broken up at the time. But in any case, you know, he lied. Not that I never lied, it just gives a very persuasive argument to why there should be an immediate and permanent end to our marriage.

Emily: I'm sorry.

Alexis: It's ok. Sometimes a clean break is the way to go.

Emily: Yeah. If you need any help --

Alexis: No, I just -- if you could get this suitcase on the train for me, I would owe you forever.

Emily: Yeah, I can do better than that. Nikolas rented two private cars on the 6:00 to Manhattan. You can ride with us.

Alexis: Oh, I don't want to impose, really.

Emily: No, Alexis, you'd be doing me a favor. Nikolas is bringing Courtney, and having you along will make things a little less awkward.

Alexis: I adore my nephew, but he is an insensitive clod.

Emily: Yeah. I told him I was fine with it.

Alexis: Of course you did, because you didn't want to give him the satisfaction of wasting any of your tears on him. Emily, for the record, it is not right for any man to parade his new girlfriend in front of his old girlfriend, or his wife, or whatever the case may be. God, they're morons.

Ric: Hey.

Reese: Hey.

Ric: Need a ride home?

Reese: I'm -- I'm going to Manhattan, actually, to meet a few friends from the bureau who are in private practice.

Ric: So soon after getting out of the hospital? Don't you think that's pushing it?

Reese: Yeah, it's time to move on. I'm only coming back to Port Charles long enough to pack my things.

Ric: Well, you and I need to talk about the dissolution of our law practice.

Reese: Yeah. Well, call me soon, ok?

Ric: Hey, listen, why don't -- why don't you ride with me? Alexis is going to Manhattan to have the baby.

Reese: And you intend to be there when your child is born.

Ric: Yeah, I was going to fly, but I thought taking the train would be easier.

Reese: Yeah?

Ric: You and I can stay in my family's place on Park Avenue.

Reese: You and I?

Ric: Yeah, you and I. Yeah, you know, there's plenty of room. You don't have to ever see me if you don't want to. It's a great location and you don't have to pay for the hotel.

Reese: Yeah, that's very generous.

Ric: No, it's not generous. I enjoy your company. I wish on a daily basis that I had met you at a different point in my life.

Reese: I know the feeling. Come on.

Manny: Hello, Mrs. Corinthos. Or may I call you Carly? I don't count the "Alcazar" part because I don't care about killing him. Sonny is going to die. Jason is going to die. And you are going to help me make that happen. Right?

Jason: Carly's guard thought he saw Manny hanging around Roselawn.

Sonny: Manny?

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: What do you -- why wasn't I told?

Jason: Well, because it was late last night, he wasn't sure, so I went up there and I checked.

Sonny: Was there any sign of him?

Jason: No, no, but I'm telling you --

Sonny: Well, forget him. Psychopath, died in a plane crash, end of story.

Jason: I'm telling you, this guy is alive, Sonny. Manny Ruiz handcuffed me to a chair, shot me in the leg, and made me watch while he put his hands all over Sam. I'm not going to let that happen again.

Sonny: What about what Sam wants? She's more worried about you than she is about herself.

Jason: I know that.

Sonny: Ok.

Jason: She -- she went to New York to get Robin.

Sonny: Robin's in New York?

Jason: Yeah, she's speaking at some conference. Sam's going to ask Robin to come back, you know, and put me on her treatment. Sam's convinced that this thing is going to work.

Sonny: Well, she's not the only one. I'm not a gambler. My father was an addict; I don't want to be anything like him. But there was a look that Mike would get in his eyes when he would put everything on the line -- everything he owns, money he didn't have. And the same look is what Sam gets, ok, when she talks about this medication for you, probably the same look that I would have if I talked about it like I'm talking about it right now. So I'm telling you, we have to hope that Robin can help you.

Jason: But what about Carly? What if I'm right and Manny is alive? She's the one who's most vulnerable right now.

Sonny: All right, Jason, if it's going to make you feel better, you go ahead and go to Roselawn. Check around, talk to Carly. Maybe she can tell you what's wrong.

Jason: Ok.

Sonny: But you got to do something for me, ok? When Robin gets here, you need to give me your word that you're going to go on that medication.

Jason: You have my word.

Robin: How can anyone save the 12 million children who have been orphaned or displaced by the AIDS pandemic? Maybe you have to be a child to believe it's even possible. To save your lunch money, to send $2 or $5 and think that that can change anything. But an 11-year-old named Hallie made a difference, and you can, too. You can't put a face on 12 million people, but you can think of one little girl and find a way to help. Thank you.


Sam: Hi, Dr. Scorpio. Sam McCall.

Robin: You're here about Jason.

Sam: Yeah. He needs your help.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, we're having a private conversation here.

Courtney: Why are you even here?

Jax: Because I met with Dr. Meadows. I just found out I'm going to be a father, so I wanted to make sure that the baby was all right.

Courtney: Jax, the baby's fine, ok? I have been taking care of it and myself just like I have been all along.

Jax: I never -- I never meant to imply otherwise.

Courtney: Well, then why are you ordering me not to go on a trip with Nikolas?

Jax: Because he's part of the reason that our marriage broke up in the first place. I'm not just going to stand by and let him work you while you're carrying my child.

Courtney: Ok, Jax, you are not in charge of my life. All right? We're separated. Just because I'm pregnant with your baby doesn't make me your property. Ok, if I can -- I can go on this trip with Nikolas if I want to.

Jax: Are you sure it's safe for the baby?

Nikolas: She's not scaling Everest, Jax. It's a train trip.

Jax: You know, I've lived through one miscarriage. I don't want to chance it again. I doubt you do, either.

Ric: Wow.

Reese: Wow.

Ric: I got to hand it to Nikolas. He sure does know how to travel in style.

Reese: It was really thoughtful of Elizabeth to invite us to ride with him like this. Incredible.

Ric: Well, Elizabeth has always been incredibly generous.

Reese: Yeah. Well, don't you kind of feel like you're barging in on their honeymoon just a little bit?

Ric: No, it's a three-hour train ride, Reese. I think we can find a way to get along.

Alexis: That's debatable.

Ric: Alexis?

Alexis: Don't act all surprised. It's hardly a coincidence that you and your associate turn up on the same train that I'm on. Could you have at least had the decency to ride in a different car?

Reese: It was all booked.

Alexis: Take a bus.

Ric: Why should we?

Alexis: Because it is insensitive, that's why. Because I'm 500 years pregnant and I'm trying to leave you and have this baby in peace. I don't feel like doing it with you and your mistress.

Reese: Hey, I'm not his mistress, Alexis.

Ric: And I'm not leaving. I am going to be there for the birth of our son or daughter. And if you have a problem with that, too bad.

Alexis: Oh.

Sam: This is my -- Sonny's bodyguard Max Giam-- Giambetti.

Robin: Mr. --

Sam: Max, this is Robin.

Max: Just call me Max.

Robin: Max, nice to meet you. Robin.

Max: Oh, it's a pleasure. All right, see you in a second.

Sam: Ok. Thank you.

Robin: So, Jason couldn't make the trip?

Sam: He doesn't quite believe in your treatment.

Robin: I think I understand that. I mean, Jason hates doctors, hates hospitals, hates anything to do with medicine. Add on to the fact that I broke his heart once; I can understand why he wants nothing to do with this. But he needs it.

Sam: I know. I know. And Tony Jones told him that the only alternative was surgery. And you must know that Jason would rather die first.

Robin: Right, and I will not let that happen.

Sam: Ok. Well, I have got to give it everything I can to get him to agree to do this, so let's just -- I hope it works.

Robin: I can't give you any guarantees, but right now, it's his best option.

Sam: Ok. All right, then -- then let's do this.

Jason: I'm going to want to speak with her.

Dr. Kim: Carly's been agitated all day, but she hasn't been able to say why.

Jason: Well, have you asked your staff about Manny Ruiz?

Dr. Kim: The medical personnel. We're going to question the support staff as soon as possible.

Jason: Good, all right, please, just do it now. Why is it so dark in here? Someone scare you? Was it this ma n? His name is Manny Ruiz, and he's dangerous. Look, if you could -- if you could just tell -- I guess I'm scaring you, too. Everything's going to be ok.

Dr. Kim: Our groundskeeper might be able to help you.

Jason: You recognize him?

Groundskeeper: I hired him this morning as a day worker.

Jason: That's what's wrong with Carly. She's seen him.

Sonny: What do you want?

Lorenzo: I just received a phone call from Roselawn about my wife.

Sonny: The one you threw out? Your marriage is over.

Lorenzo: No, much to your dismay, my divorce from Carly isn't final. So when you refused to authorize proper treatment, her doctors --

Sonny: Oh, so they want your permission to drug her?

Lorenzo: According to Dr. Kim, Carly is suffering from paranoid hallucinations. She may need an anti-psychotic.

Sonny: I promised Carly she wouldn't be drugged.

Lorenzo: Are you a doctor? Carly's in that mental hospital because of you, Corinthos. You broke her down bit by bit. And when she finally fell apart, instead of getting her help, you locked her up in an attic until she was so far gone, she became a danger to her friends and herself.

Sonny: Ok, you want to play who hurt Carly worse? Who's the one who left Carly in a panic and chained to a wall like an animal? Not me. Who stalked Carly over and over again? It wasn't me, it was you, Alcazar. You chased her and you chased her. And when you finally got her, you didn't want her anymore. Your marriage to Carly doesn't mean spit. Now get out of my house.

Lorenzo: I have the legal right to make decisions for Carly. And I'm going to do whatever it takes to see that she gets the proper medical treatment she needs.

Sonny: If you let them drug her, Alcazar, I will kill you, you son of a bitch.

Dr. Kim: We've searched the buildings and the grounds. There's no sign of him.

Jason: I'm going to put a guard on Carly’s door.

Dr. Kim: I won't allow it. Carly doesn't need a guard. She needs to be medicated.

Jason: Carly's afraid because a psycho got past your security.

Dr. Kim: And she still needs an anti-psychotic to calm her down.

Jason: All you're going to do by drugging her is make her a better target.

Lorenzo: Well, I'm sure you can dig up a gun somewhere around this house. Grab it, pull the trigger. Won't be the first time you've shot me for trying to help Carly.

Sonny: You don't know Carly at all. You want her to be helpless, but she's nobody's victim. And I don't care how sick she is. She's going to stand up.

Lorenzo: Listen to yourself. This has nothing to do with Carly. Has everything to do with you. If she stands up, you don't have to take responsibility for the way you've treated her all these years.

Sonny: Is that why I'm the one who drove her to Roselawn, who walked her through the door, who held her hand, who promised her? I promised her that she would not be drugged or restrained and I intend to keep that promise.

Lorenzo: Because keeping your word is more important than Carly’s mental health. That defense is entirely what's wrong with you, Corinthos. Your arrogance outweighs Carly’s pain, so try to kill me if you can. I'm not standing by on the sidelines any longer.

Elizabeth: You going to be a good boy for gram?

Audrey: Oh, we're going to have a wonderful time, aren't we, Cam, huh?

Elizabeth: Oh, I hope, I hope. Can you give daddy kisses?

Lucky: Give me kisses?

Audrey: Kisses, kisses. Oh!

Lucky: Good kisses. Give me five. We'll see you soon, buddy. Hey, I promise we're going to bring you back lots of presents.

Audrey: Well, Cam wants to give you a present, too.

Elizabeth: He does?

Audrey: He was so excited about your traveling by train, well, he's lending you one of his.

Lucky: What's this?

Elizabeth: Aw.

Lucky: Did you bring this for me?

Elizabeth: Cameron!

Lucky: I'll give it back.

Elizabeth: Thank you! Thanks, baby. Mommy's going to cherish that.

Audrey: Oh, yes.

Elizabeth: Oh, I love you.

Audrey: All right, we'd really better be going. Oh, come on. How about a kiss? All right. Call us when you get to Manhattan?

Elizabeth: We will.

Audrey: Ok.

Elizabeth: Bye, Cam. Throw mommy kisses.

Audrey: Kisses. Kiss, kiss.

Elizabeth: Bye, baby. Bye.

Emily and Courtney: Hi.

Nikolas: Hi.

Emily: We're having a little bit of a seating problem.

Nikolas: What are Ric and Reese doing here?

Emily: Oh, Elizabeth invited them. They're going to Manhattan and the train's overbooked and unfortunately, I had already invited Alexis, so things are going to be a little --

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: A little tense.

Nikolas: Hey, listen, perhaps I've overestimated the restfulness of this ride.

Courtney: Hmm.

Nikolas: But I promise once we get to Manhattan, nothing but calm, ok?

Courtney: Oh, well. At least you and Emily and I aren't glaring at each other.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Courtney: I mean, compared to Ric and Alexis, we've got a lock on tranquility.

Jax: Hey.

Courtney: Oh, boy.

Nikolas: Maybe not.

Jax: How are you? Good to see you.

Ric: Good to see you.

Jax: Courtney.

Nikolas: Come on.

Jax: Nikolas, how's it going?

[Courtney giggles nervously]

Courtney: You weren't invited.

Jax: Oh, don't worry, I'm not riding along with you guys. No, I've had my own private car hitched up to the train.

Dr. Kim: Mr. Corinthos called. He's concerned that seeing you might upset Carly even more.

Lorenzo: Mr. Corinthos isn't Carly’s husband. I am.

Dr. Kim: Perhaps I shouldn't have involved you.

Lorenzo: If Carly needs the medication, I want her to have it. But I need to be sure there's no other way, doctor. Carly? Carly, it's Lorenzo. Carly? Carly? I thought you said she was afraid to leave her room.

Dr. Kim: She was.

Lorenzo: Well, then where is Carly now?

Engineer: This is Sinclair Falls. Next stop is Collings Point and our final destination is Port Charles.

Sam: Even if we took a private jet, I mean, we'd have to wait for security and -- and go through clearances and all that stuff. It's faster by train, yeah?

Robin: Yes. I always take the train when I'm in Paris.

Sam: Did you like it there?

Robin: Yes, I do -- I'm used to it.

Sam: Oh.

Robin: Paris is an amazing city.

Sam: Ahem. Huh. Do -- do you think you broke Jason’s heart?

Jason: How long ago did Sonny leave?

Guard: Maybe 15 minutes.

Jason: Ok. I want you to call Michael and Morgan’s guards, tell them to bring them back right now.

Guard: You got it.

Engineer: Hey, what are you doing?

Manny: Oh, I was just admiring your train. How fast does it go?

Engineer: This is a restricted area. You're going to need to leave.

Manny: Oh, ok. I was just asking.

Controller: Commuter 574, are you on schedule?

Engineer: Control, this is Commuter 574. We are prepared to leave Sinclair Falls on time.

Controller: 574, you're scheduled to enter the Glencoe Tunnel at 7:20.

Engineer: And what about the southbound from Port Charles?

Controller: Train 912 southbound from Port Charles will clear the tunnel at 7:00. Weather conditions are good. You're clear to proceed at full speed.

Robin: I did say that, didn't I? Uh -- well, the bottom line is Jason used to trust me and not really anyone else. And that part of him that believed in me like that is gone forever. I'm sorry. That's, like, way more than you needed to know.

Sam: No, no. That's exactly what I needed to know.

Emily: Here's to your honeymoon.

Lucky: No, here's to a friend who made this all happen.

Elizabeth: Right.

Emily: No, Nikolas deserves most of the credit.

Elizabeth: Oh, stop being so polite. We know this wasn't easy for you to plan this with him, so thank you. Thank you for making our wedding a fairy tale come true.

Lucky: Yeah.

Courtney: Jax is out of control.

Nikolas: Listen, you just let him make a fool of himself, all right? Your job is to stay calm, relax, and enjoy yourself, all right?

Courtney: Thank you. Think you could help me with that?

Nikolas: Yeah. Watch me.

Alexis: If Nikolas wants to be with Courtney, then I should probably endorse that. I mean, you know, I'm not in a position to critique a relationship.

Jax: Oh, please, please. Critique away. I have infinite respect for your opinion.

Alexis: Ok, I'm really glad that you're the father of Courtney’s baby and I hope that she picks you, and if that makes me a hypocrite, I don't care because I'm just too hormonal.

Ric: Are you expecting someone?

Reese: No.

Ric: Somewhere deep down, you're hoping that Sonny's going to come after you.

Reese: Aren't you kind of hoping for the same thing? That Sonny reconsiders and decides that he wants you in his life?

Emily: Hey. Is everything all right?

Sonny: I'm -- yeah. I'm going to go to -- I'm going to Roselawn to talk to Carly’s doctors. They wanted to drug her and I told them not to.

Emily: Oh.

Sonny: But I don't know if that's just because -- that's what I want and not what's best for her. You get what I'm saying?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: Hey, Em? Hey, I'm sorry, but can you take a picture for us right now?

Sonny: Go ahead, go ahead. I got till Sinclair Falls to decide what I'm going to do with Carly.

Emily: Ok. All right, you guys. Ready? Ok, one, two -- ah!

Elizabeth: Are you ok?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Sonny: Carly doesn't want to be drugged. What do you think I should do?

Courtney: I'm not impressed, Jax. I said that I would give you a chance, but you're blowing it.

Robin: How do you do it? The constant violence, knowing that any day you could lose Jason?

Michael: Wake up. Don't die!

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