GH Transcript Wednesday 10/19/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 10/19/05


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Skye: Lorenzo? I'm here to let you make up for our broken date. You get to take me out to breakfast.

Manny: Woman who's angry.

Skye: Well, I didn't realize that Lorenzo had guests.

Manny: Si, a guest. That's me. So, Lorenzo -- he stood you up?

Skye: Oh, yeah. No big deal. I'm resilient.

Manny: Well, I'll have to set him straight. A woman like you? It'll never happen again.

Sonny: I thought I told you to go home.

Emily: Good morning to you, too. You seem to have me confused with someone you can give orders to.

Jason: Got your message.

Ric: Thanks for coming. I set up a meeting for Sonny's benefit. I needed you to be here.

Jason: Why?

Ric: Thank you for coming.

Mr. Ruiz: Mm-hmm.

Ric: This is Hector Ruiz. This is Javier and Manny's father. Mr. Ruiz, I'm sure you know Jason Morgan. He's the man who shot your son.

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Lainey: Start from the beginning, Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn: Look, all I have is a beginning and an end. I don't remember anything in between.

Jesse: Just tell us what you do know.

Brook Lynn: I -- I was handing fliers out at Kellyís for this party, and that's when you got in the fight with Diego. I was -- I was watching him get up and this pill just dropped out of his jacket.

Lainey: And Diego didn't deny it?

Brook Lynn: No. He said he bought it from some dealer, and that he was going to take it to the cops, right?

Jesse: He could've just given it to me.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, you just attacked him. Look, he just wanted to get the pill tested. He wanted to see if it matched what Maxie and I were drugged with, and if it did, he was going to tell you who the dealer was. Then the next morning I wake up, I can't remember anything else, right?

Jesse: Brook called me and I took her to the hospital.

Brook Lynn: I wasn't assaulted, but I can't remember anything. This makes me so angry.

Jesse: Diego had the pills on him. He's the last person that Brook remembers seeing. As far as I'm concerned, that's enough to charge him.

Lainey: Donít. That could be a terrible mistake.

Lucas: Thanks.

Georgie: Thank you.

Lucas: Look, I'm sorry I laid my big drama on you.

Georgie: Don't be, Lucas. I'm honored that you trust me enough to come out to me. It takes a lot of courage to tell someone you're gay.

Lucas: I hate that word. It sounds so weak and festive.

Georgie: It's not weak; it's not festive. Lucas, I'm really, really proud of you. In fact --

Lucas: Wait, Georgie, what is this?

Georgie: I got them at the campus gay and lesbian center. They have all these support groups to help you, you know, with coming out and stuff like that. You know, it was kind of funny. The counselor thought that they were for me and I started to correct him when I thought, what is the big deal with somebody thinking that you're gay? Who cares?

Lucas: Yeah, I know, you're here, you're queer, get used to it. Except you have no clue.

Maxie: Hey. What are you doing? Why aren't you inside with Georgie?

Dillon: Oh, I don't know. Take a look.

Maxie: Ok, so Georgie and Lucas are having a conversation. What's the big deal?

Dillon: You tell me. Is Georgie falling out of love with me and back in love with Lucas?

Skye: Lorenzo's always so busy with his important associates. I never know when I'm interrupting, so don't mind me. I'll let you boys get back to your business.

Manny: Oh, no. You don't have to leave on my account.

Skye: Oh, my. Is it that time already? It's getting so late. Really, it's been a pleasure chatting with you, Mr. -- Wow. Tattoo. That's real art, don't you think? How -- how far up does that thing go? Uh -- never mind.

Lorenzo: Skye?

Skye: Hi. Hi there. Um -- sorry for the intrusion. Got to go.

Lorenzo: What are you doing in my home?

Manny: Javier's dead. I'm going to make his killer pay, and you're going to help me.

Ric: I thought that Mr. Ruiz should know how his son came to die.

Jason: Javier and his men shot their way through the hotel, ambushed a defenseless man, and injured a woman.

Hector: And that man was Sonny Corinthos, I assume. And my son's the one who's dead. Javier's got to be avenged.

Ric: I'm sure you don't want to lose another son, too.

Hector: What do you know about Manny?

Ric: Well, Manny tracked down Jason and his fiancťe in Hawaii and attacked them both, and then he fled police custody -- am I getting this right, Jason?

Jason: So far.

Ric: Right. So now Manny is a fugitive. If he returns to Port Charles, Jason will kill him on the spot. So either he's going to prison or to the grave. It's not a threat, Hector. It's just a statement of fact.

Hector: What is it you want?

Ric: Find Manny, you rein him in, and you take him somewhere safe. Let this be over.

Jason: Who the hell put you in charge?

Sonny: How's Reese?

Emily: She's stable.

Sonny: I'd like to see her.

Emily: See her. I know. When you can move around a little bit better, you can go visit.

Sonny: I hope you didn't stay here all night.

Emily: Oh, I went to the house a couple of hours ago to check up on Michael and Morgan. They sent these for you.

Sonny: "Get well, dad." You didn't tell Michael I was here, did you?

Emily: Sonny, I -- I had to be honest. I -- I tried to give him the upbeat version of how daddy was shot. I told him you were doing great, and he said that he didn't want you to worry that he was worried. And as for Morgan, he was just happy with crayons and paper.

Sonny: I'll call them later.

Emily: I told him you would.

Sonny: You're great with my kids. We're lucky to have you.

Emily: I just wish you wouldn't take chances like this, Sonny. Michael and Morgan can't afford to lose you.

Monica: You really think he cares?

Emily: Mom, please.

Monica: You know, I can't stop you from risking your own children's lives, but I will be damned if you're going to risk mine.

Lainey: I know you want this stalker, but you can't make a case based on what I just heard.

Brook Lynn: What, you don't believe that I was drugged?

Lainey: No, honey, of course I do. But the rohypnol in your system can act regressively. You could've ingested it several hours after leaving Kellyís and not be able to remember.

Jesse: No, but Diego had the drugs on him. If he's trying to play detective, then why didn't he turn it over to us?

Det. Rodriguez: I know I shouldn't tell you this since Scorpio pulled you off the case, but we had a break on your roofie stalker.

Jesse: Is this about Diego Alcazar?

Det. Rodriguez: He gave us a roofie last night that matched what the girls have been getting, and the name of the dealer -- Kenny Carter.

Brook Lynn: Who's Kenny Carter?

Jesse: He's a pothead on the third floor. You know, this doesn't make any sense.

Det. Rodriguez: We have a warrant and we're searching his room right now. We're going to pop this guy.

Jesse: Assuming it's actually him.

Lucas: And do me a favor, Georgie, and try to be a little less helpful.

Georgie: I'm sorry. It's just --

Lucas: I know, but all of this is moving a little bit too fast, and I'm not ready for the rest of the world to know. So swear to me, Georgie.

Georgie: Ok, I hear you. My lips are sealed, and your secret is safe with me.

Maxie: Hi, guys.

Georgie: Hey, you.

Lucas: Maxie. Dude.

Dillon: You, me -- private time.

Georgie: What's wrong?

Dillon: Um -- I haven't seen you in 24 hours, and the best thing that comes out of your mouth is, "Hi, you."

Georgie: Ok. I miss you, I love you. When did you get so sensitive?

Dillon: I don't know. Maybe when I walked through that door and saw you and Lucas holding hands.

Georgie: Oh, don't be ridiculous.

Dillon: That isn't an answer.

Maxie: Dillon thinks you're hitting on his girlfriend.

Lucas: Oh. Is he jealous?

Maxie: Should he be?

Lucas: I don't think about Georgie that way.

Maxie: Because you're cousins.

Lucas: Well, technically, we're not related by blood, I'm adopted. So even if we did hook up, you know, it wouldn't be illegal. Besides, Georgie looks pretty hot these days.

Maxie: Could we talk about the ick factor, please?

[Phone rings]

Maxie: Hello?

Jesse: Maxie.

Maxie: Jesse. Hi.

Jesse: We made an arrest in the stalker case. Can you come down to the station and I.D. the suspect's voice?

Maxie: Yeah, yeah, I'll be right there. Guys, they made an arrest in the stalker case. I'm going to go down to the station.

Georgie: Dillon --

Dillon: I'm going with you.

Georgie: I swear, nothing is going on. It's just -- something personal.

Dillon: Whatever.

Georgie: Dillon thinks we're hooking up.

Lucas: Well, I mean, that's ok with me. He'll figure it out soon enough that it's not the truth, and in the meantime, it'll help me if people think that I'm into you.

Georgie: You're serious? This is crazy. Lucas -- you know what? You took a really big step by coming out to me and telling me you're gay. Now, what are you doing going right back into the closet? Why?

Lucas: Take a look at my family. All right, my dad is this big-shot neurosurgeon who is tragically straight. Uncle Frisco, your dad, the international man of danger -- and that's just the Jones side. And the Spencers are even worse. Cousin Lucky, the macho cop and, of course, Luke Spencer. I mean talk about a legend, and they named me after him. Mean, I got manly men coming out of my heart it's not a lot of pressure?

Georgie: Just on yourself.

Lucas: You know, if I can't live up to the Spencer rep, then I might as well wear a dress for the rest of my life.

Edward: She's up to something. No one should be that cheerful. And what is with that dress?

Ned: Leave Alice alone. Not everyone needs to be miserable like you

Alan: Father's right. This isn't normal.

Ned: We're talking about Alice, for God's sake. What's normal got to do with it?

Edward: It's not cocktail hour yet, Tracy.

Ned: It is in Tokyo.

Tracy: Thank you, my darling son. Ok, why is she dressed like that? And if you don't stop smiling, I'm going to knock your teeth out.

Luke: Hello, family!

Alan: Oh, God, he's back.

Ned: Like mold.

Edward: Tracy, would you pour one for me? If you're going to allow this freeloader to come into the house, I might as we drink my own liquor.

Tracy: Daddy, if you'd like to come up with the 15 million, I can divorce him and we'll be rid of him.

Ned: You can hire a hit man for less than 15 mil. I think Jason needs work.

Luke: Oh, brother. So, gorgeous, look at you.

Alice: Hi, Mr. Luke.

Luke: Are you at least happy to see me?

Alice: Oh, I really -- I mean, we really missed you while you were gone.

Edward: Ah, excellent. Skye, my dear, if you ever cared about me, please seduce Luke so he'll divorce her.

Skye: I have much better ways to occupy my time.

Luke: Like what, Red? Wallowing in some erotic fantasy about Lorenzo Alcazar?

Manny: I don't even get a condolence card.

Lorenzo: I'm very sorry that Javier is dead. What do you want to hear?

Manny: A little help. You have guns, secure territory, manpower.

Lorenzo: Well, they're not yours to use.

Manny: Oh, they will be. Or I'll tell anyone who will listen that you have been backing my action from day 0.

Ric: I didn't compromise you, Jason. Hector already knew that you killed his son. I just wanted him to see the look on your face that you took no joy in bringing Javier down.

Jason: If he's anything like Manny, he's not going to care.

Ric: Well, he's not. Hector is a reasonable man, all things considered. Look, Jason, I saw the opportunity to broker a truce between our family and the Ruizes and it worked.

Jason: We'll see.

Ric: He's not going to want to lose another son, all right? He's going to rein Manny in; he'll take him south. Sonny will be safe. Now, isn't that what we want?

Jason: You should've warned me. I walked into a trap that you set, Ric.

Ric: Well, things are different now, Jason, not that you --

Jason: Yeah, how? What, everybody's so stupid all of a sudden?

Ric: Remember, you walked away. Reorganization was necessary. Now, look, granted, you are the best at what you do. You are the perfect enforcer, but that's all you are. You're the muscle. Leave the strategizing to me and my brother.

Emily: Mom, Sonny's recovering from a horrible ordeal.

Monica: One that he created.

Sonny: Emily, you don't have to defend me.

Monica: For the first time in years, Jason had a chance at a new life, a whole fresh start. But, obviously, you managed to drag him back to that sewer that you swim in. You couldn't stand to see him happy.

Emily: It was Jasonís choice. Sonny didn't ask him to come back.

Monica: You know, Sonny, you're not really being practical about this. My son has a life-threatening condition. I mean, he's -- he's on medication and hopefully that will work. But he is still very prone to debilitating headaches or seizures. Who knows what else? Is that really the kind of assassin that you want?

Sonny: Emily's right. Jason -- it was his choice to come back to work for me.

Monica: Well, you can fire him. You can tell him his services are no longer required. The all-powerful Sonny Corinthos is still in charge of his empire, isn't he? Of course he is. He just doesn't care whether Jason lives or dies -- or Emily, for that matter. Because you don't value life. You use people; you take advantage of them until you just don't need them anymore.

Emily: Sonny needs to rest, mom.

Monica: Emily, please -- please come home now while you can. My God, I am not -- I am not going to give up on you. I have almost lost you too many times to let you slip away again.

Sonny: Your mother's not entirely wrong.

Emily: Are you using me, Sonny? Because that's not what it feels like.

Sonny: I trust you. I needed something handled, and you're the only one I could ask.

Diego: Oh, man. I -- God, I can't believe the stalker got to you again.

Brook Lynn: Thanks.

Diego: Look, any luck with the guy I narced on last night?

Jesse: Yeah, we're on it.

Diego: Oh, good. You know what, Brook? I -- I feel so bad I didn't go to the party with you. You were fine when we left Kellyís, remember?

Maxie: You guys arrested the stalker? What happened?

Jesse: He got to Brook Lynn again.

Dillon: Oh, no. He didnít.

Brook Lynn: No, I was lucky. The test results from the hospital said that he didn't do anything. I just can't remember.

Dillon: What kind of twisted --?

Maxie: Brook, I am so -- I'm so sorry. When I woke up and I saw that you were sleeping this morning, I didn't think anything happened. I just thought maybe you partied too hard last night.

Dillon: Hey, do you need Maxie to I.D. someone or --

Brook Lynn: Is that -- is that him? I don't even know him.

Jesse: Kenny Carter, sophomore.

Dillon: I've seen him at the dorms, but I don't know him.

Diego: Yeah, well, I only know him by rep and, of course, from the evidence I scored from him to give to the cops.

Jesse: Next time, leave the undercover work to me.

Brook Lynn: Hey, look, we have him. It doesn't matter how, right?

Det. Rodriguez: We found 18 roofies in the guy's backpack before we even got to his room.

Diego: Well, what about pictures?

Det. Rodriguez: Yeah, they were nude photos of Brook Lynn and two other girls.

Brook Lynn: You sick --

Jesse: No, no, no, no! Let us handle it.

Luke: Just say the word; I'll get you out of here.

Tracy: Oh! I think it's official -- the only person here happy to see you is -- Alice.

Edward: Your days are numbered, Spencer.

Alice: Hey! If you people don't leave Mr. Luke alone and remove yourselves to the arboretum, Commissioner Scorpio might just hear about what you forced me to do in order to acquire that 1982 bottle of Maison Royale. Am I clear?

Alan: Can somebody please tell me why this woman is still working here?

Ned: We're too intimidated to fire her.

Edward: I don't believe this. I swear to God.

Luke: Mm-hmm. Hmm. Ah. Sweetie. Damn. Ha! Hmm.

Tracy: You would be so happy with your lips wrapped around a 200 proof on a park bench. Why don't you divorce me and get on with your life?

Luke: I wouldn't give up being your husband for anything -- short of 15 million simoleons.

Ric: You're a sight for sore eyes. How you feeling?

Reese: Grateful --

Ric: Hmm.

Reese: I'm alive. Oh, those are beautiful. Thank you.

Ric: Oh, yeah. Like them? They match.

Reese: Hmm.

Ric: Let me put these in some water, though. Well. Looks as though somebody beat me to the punch, huh?

Reese: Sonny believes in grand gestures.

Ric: Personally, I just think he's overcompensating but, you know, who am I to say?

Reese: He just feels bad that he can't come see me.

Ric: What do you say I throw in my watch, maybe a couple of Broadway tickets, and maybe we could be even, then, huh?

Reese: Ow -- ow, donít.

Ric: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Ok, no laughing, no laughing.

Reese: At least until the stitches come out.

Ric: Yeah. I might have some good news. I may have been able to broker a truce between Sonny and Hector Ruiz.

Reese: That would be a miracle.

Ric: It's amazing what you can do when you got the right motivation. I did it for Sonny and for you.

Jason: How's it going?

Sonny: Better, thanks to you. Have a seat.

Jason: Yeah. You know, I came back to Port Charles because it didn't feel right to leave you undefended.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Jason: And, you know, I'm ready to work with you again, but not for you. Look, I can't take orders mindlessly from anyone, especially Ric.

Sonny: What's Ric got to do with it?

Jason: Ric -- he asked me to meet him in the park before. What he neglected to tell me, that he set up a meeting with Hector Ruiz. I mean, what's he thinking? He could've gotten us both killed. He went on to tell Hector to rein Manny in.

Sonny: You think Hector will do it?

Jason: I mean, he can try, but Mannyís a psycho. That's not my point. I don't like being set up. I don't like Ric.

Sonny: Never have.

Jason: I'm not going to take orders from him.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Jason: And I don't want him telling me not to have opinions about -- about strategies that could get me killed if I'm going to do this.

Sonny: Find Ric. Get him -- get him here now.

Diego: Oh. Well, that's the guy who sold me the roofie.

Maxie: He's known across campus as a drug dealer. I didn't know he was a major pervert, too.

Kenny: This is garbage. I sold a couple of joints to some friends. I'm not a stalker. I've been framed.

Det. Rodriguez: You got a lawyer?

Kenny: No. My father does. I want my phone call now.

Brook Lynn: Hey. I'm so sorry that I doubted you, and I made everybody else doubt you, too, Diego. Look, I will never forget that you were the one to catch this guy, ok?

Diego: Come here. It's all right.

Brook Lynn: Thanks.

Diego: Mm-hmm.

Maxie: Way to go, Diego.

Brook Lynn: You, too, Jesse. I mean, not giving up after all these weeks. You're amazing.

Jesse: It's my job.

Brook Lynn: No. You took me to the hospital, all right? You didn't leave me, not for one second. That is not your job, all right? You stood by me, you didn't let me fall apart, and that's more than a guy just being a cop. You were being a friend, all right?

Jesse: We are friends.

Brook Lynn: Thanks.

Justus: Aren't you a nice surprise. Should I ask why you're here or just sweep you off to my favorite dockside cafe?

Lainey: We have the P.C.U. stalker in custody, but I don't buy it for one second.

Tracy: Luke, come on. You want Skye. It's clear every time you look in her pasty face. Don't tell me you're happy being my husband.

Luke: You don't get it, spanky buns. Happy is relative. There are so many wonderful differences between you and Skye. I mean, you're a practical woman. You don't entertain these fruitless fantasies about commitment and permanence. You're practical. You're virtually heartless. Skye, on the other hand, is a romantic with a soft, squishy center. It's just unfair of me to let her entertain fantasies about the two of us.

Tracy: Mm-hmm. So you hide behind our marriage, and every once in a while you poke your little nose out and satisfy your basic needs with your flame fairy, and then when things get too hot, you scamper back to me.

Luke: Right. Ice queen of my dreams. You are my shark-infested safe harbor. You don't get it. I'm proud to be Mr. Tracy Quartermaine. So, mama, how about pouring papa a nice hot cup of tea?

Tracy: Since you asked so nicely --

[Luke screams, whimpers]

Tracy: Just so we're clear, I'm no ice queen. In fact, you haven't begun to feel my heat.

Luke: Whoa.

Ric: Well, this is a whole new world for me. I get to lose sleep over people that, up until a little while ago, I hardly even knew.

Reese: Not me.

Ric: Oh, yeah, you.

Reese: Well, I lost sleep when you were shot, too. I didn't know whether to cry or pray or both. Good law partners are hard to find.

Ric: Yeah. It's more than that and you know it. You know, we seem to occupy a similar place in this world in a way. I mean, yeah, our connection to Sonny, but same fears and same --

Reese: Secrets?

Ric: Yeah, that, too. You know, when you went to the hotel, I thought you were out of your mind. I still think you were, but I'm glad you did. But mostly, I'm glad that you're -- you're both alive.

Reese: So if this truce that you offered Hector Ruiz is effective, then we'll -- we'll have some peace of mind, right?

Ric: Yeah. Ahem.

Reese: It was brilliant on your part.

Ric: Oh, come on. Thanks. I'm sure any time now I'll be getting a call from Sonny saying how appreciative he is, right?

[Phone rings]

[Reese laughs]

Sonny: Ric never gave you orders and he never will, and he sure as hell doesn't have my ok to pull a stunt like he pulled in the park with Hector. I've trusted your instincts more than anyone else -- sometimes even more than myself. That still stands.

Jason: All right, thank you. The main problem is Manny. He's crazy, he's fixated on Sam. Nothing's going to stop this guy.

Sonny: Maybe Hector can keep him on a short leash for a few weeks till we figure out what we're going to do with him. Now, you trust me, right?

Jason: Yeah, that's why I came back.

Sonny: All right, we're going to figure out what we're going to do and we're going to do what we always do. I will handle Ric.

Ric: Handle me how?

Lucas: Wait, are you serious? They arrested the guy?

Brook Lynn: You believe that? Come on, the guy lives on the third floor of our dorm. I've never seen him before, ever.

Maxie: I've seen him on campus, but I've never really met him.

Lucas: Did you I.D. his voice?

Maxie: Well, not exactly, but I talked to him on a cell phone. You know how the service is on those.

Brook Lynn: They do have enough evidence to convict him, that's for sure. And we'll sleep a lot better knowing he's locked up.

Dillon: Ok, so Brook doesn't know him, Maxieís only heard of him. Lucas, you say --

Lucas: By reputation.

Dillon: Yeah, and he's targeted Brook twice. What, you don't think that's an awful lot of effort to go through for a handful of people you barely know?

Maxie: Well, there were a couple of other girls.

Dillon: Decoys. Maybe make it less obvious.

Maxie: All right, Dillon, you know what? You need to put away the teen-slasher movies and dump the conspiracy theory. We know what we did last summer and we're really lucky we got out of it alive, so put a lid on it.

Lainey: Honestly, this boy you brought in? I don't think he has the brain cells to spell "frame-up," let alone stage one around Dillon. What's his motive?

Det. Rodriguez: Throw suspicion on someone else?

Jesse: Carter's an enterprising kid.  He sells dope. Why isn't he trying to sell the pictures?

Det. Rodriguez: Look, Jesse, I know you wish you were still running this case, but trust me, it all fits.

Lainey: Only the physical evidence. Everything else is all wrong.

Det. Rodriguez: I need a shrink second-guessing me now?

Justus: No, wait a minute, Rodriguez, don't get defensive. Let the lady have her say.

Lainey: Thank you, Justus, but please don't do that. This stalker's behavior is textbook. This Kenny -- he doesn't fit the profile at all. His background, his history -- none of it fits, which means he was set up.

Det. Rodriguez: You're just ticked that your profile is wrong.

Lainey: No, I'm ticked that you arrested the wrong guy for the crime, and the odds are the real stalker is out there and he's ready to strike again.

Det. Rodriguez: Look, I appreciate your input, but we're shutting this one down.

Justus: Hit your head against any brick walls lately?

Lainey: If Detective Rodriguez thinks I'm going to let this slide, he's a fool.

Emily: Jase. I'm so happy to see you. Not a minute too soon.

Jason: Yeah. Um -- I just want to say thanks. You were right about, you know, that I had a life that I couldn't just walk away from. I just wanted you to know that what you said to me -- it made a difference.

Emily: Jase, I have to go see Sonny. I just ran an errand for him.

Jason: Ok.

Emily: Ok.

Monica: Jason? Hi. Um -- I know I can't say anything to you. I can't force you or anything to steer clear of Sonny. But would you talk to Emily about it? She really looks up to you.

Jason: Isn't it up to Emily who she steers clear of?

Monica: Well, I -- I think now that you are back, Sonny doesn't really have that much use for her. I think she's just avoiding her own life trying to take care of his children, and I think she's putting herself in harm's way. Would you please talk to her? She really listens to you.

Jason: Yeah, I'll do what I can.

Monica: Oh. Thank you. Thanks a lot.

Ric: You look good.

Sonny: Yeah, I'm much better, and I want out of here.

Ric: Well, there's no rush, Sonny. I have some promising news.

Sonny: You met with Hector Ruiz again, Ric.

Ric: Well, yeah, I was just trying to keep you alive. Just following your suggestion, Sonny.

Sonny: All right, let's hear it. This is going to be interesting.

Ric: Well, we've established that I'm not very good with weapons, right, but I am a born negotiator.

Sonny: Mm-hmm?

Ric: I'm just doing what you said and sticking with what I know. I used my skills to keep us both out of trouble. I hope you don't expect me to apologize for that.

Sonny: You blindsided Jason. Never do that again. And just so you know, Jason doesn't answer to you, ever.

Ric: Well, there's nothing ambiguous about that, is there? Ok. I'll -- I'll stay out of his way, and yours, for that matter, but I'm not going to apologize for doing what I felt was necessary to keep you alive.

Sonny: Look, I'm not slamming the door on you, Ric. This might've even worked out better than I thought. But next time you have a genius idea, you come to me. I don't tell you how to run your law firm, and I expect the same respect back -- if we're going to work this thing out.

Ric: Mm-hmm. What about Jason?

Sonny: Jason already knows how it works out.

Ric: Hmm.

Sonny: You're smart. You'll learn.

Ric: Yeah, I'm beginning to.

Dillon: Hey. Maxie will be back in a second. Take a load off. So, who do you make for the stalker?

Jesse: We arrested a guy.

Dillon: Maxie and Brook Lynn and Lucas -- they all think it's the Kenny Carter guy, and I got to be honest, I think that's wishful thinking. Do you think I'm paranoid?

Jesse: No, I have a totally different suspect in mind.

Skye: Well. I'm relieved to find you in one piece.

Lorenzo: Why wouldn't I be?

Skye: Interesting choice of friends. Now, I knew this Manny Ruiz was odd; I just didn't get quite what a sadistic gangster that he is. I honestly thought that I was going to find you dead.

Lorenzo: Hmm. Not a chance. But I do appreciate your concern.

Skye: Ok, Lorenzo, please don't go there, all right? I just had to assure myself that you were still alive -- and to tell you that I changed my mind.

Lorenzo: Is this going to upset me?

Skye: Just this morning, I decided to put Luke behind me to try to give you and me a chance. But then I saw this very scary picture, and I got this thing in the pit of my stomach wondering if you were dead or alive, and I thought, "Skye, can you really live like this?" And -- wow. Can you believe it? I actually sound healthy there. Well, this man, your life -- they're exactly the reasons I can't let myself fall for you.

Reese: That was fast.

Ric: Yeah, well, it doesn't take long to get cut off at the knees.

Reese: Sonny's furious?

Ric: Oh. And then some.

Reese: Well, you'll see, Ric. He'll cool off and then he'll realize that you're an asset.

Ric: Oh, you know what? He doesn't even realize how much he needs me. I mean, there is nobody in his circle who can do what I do as well as I do it. I mean, I'm his confidant, I'm his advisor, I'm his business associate. Jason's his number one guy, you know? Why is that? Because he doesn't question, because he's not ambitious. He's proven his loyalty.

Reese: Because Jason isn't Sonny's brother. I understand how you feel. But just like you'll always feel second to Jason, I know I'll always be second to Carly.

Sonny: Did the Roselawn people let you in?

Emily: Yeah, Sonny. They didn't give me any trouble. I told them the truth, that I was there on your behalf to see how Carly was doing.

Sonny: She's ok, right?

Emily: She's not. She's gone deeper into her fantasy world. The doctor said she hasn't been lucid for days.

Sonny: Is that normal for somebody in her state?

Emily: There's no measure for something like that, Sonny. I'm sorry.

Hector: We have to leave Port Charles and go home. No more bloodshed.

Manny: Papi -- papi? Javier -- he died here. And the man who killed him has not paid yet.

Hector: Morgan nearly killed you once. Next time, he could succeed. I don't want to lose another son to him. You're in enough trouble. Give me time to make those Hawaii charges go away. Not everything's about revenge, son. Sometimes you have to make a business decision, cut our losses, be smart.

Manny: Ok, papi. If that's how you want it.

Hector: I have the plane ticket.

Manny: It's all about revenge. But there will be retribution for Javier and for you. And your blood is on their hands now.

[Manny shoots Hector]

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Robin: Why wasn't I told you were scheduling surgery for this patient?

Dillon: I see the big arrest made the paper. It's garbage.

Jesse: They got the wrong guy.

Maxie: If Kennyís not the guy, that means this creep's still out there.

Ric: Hector Ruiz is dead.

Jason: He is going to come after us. Manny needs to die.

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