GH Transcript Friday 10/14/05

General Hospital Transcript Friday 10/14/05


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Courtney: It's important that we are honest with each other. I mean, you know that I care about you, right? I just -- I want you to be with me because that's where you want to be, not because you feel obligated or feel guilty or that -- I don't know, that you --

Nikolas: Courtney, listen to me.

Courtney: We can't admit that we were wrong --

Nikolas: Listen, stop, stop, stop. What is it you want to tell me, ok?

Courtney: Ok, what I'm trying to tell you is that I'm pregnant.

Nikolas: But that's -- that's not possible, is it? I mean, I thought that -- are you sure?

Courtney: Dr. Meadows did the test. It's positive. I'm approximately six weeks.

Nikolas: Oh.

Courtney: Look, I've already done the math. Jax might be the father.

Nikolas: Or I might be.

Emily: Dad, Nikolas and I agreed to end our marriage. There's nothing you can do.

Alan: God knows I don't approve of the way Nikolas behaved, but I understand. Unfortunately, I have cheated on your mother more than once.

Emily: And look at how miserable you both are now. You really wish that on me?

Alan: Emily, I regret very much having cheated on your mother. But I must tell you, every time I took up with another woman, I made myself believe that I loved her, but it was just an infatuation. That's what it is with Nikolas, I'm sure of it.

Emily: It may be what you wish, but it's not --

Alan: You should have seen Nikolas when you were in the hospital. He never left your bedside. He couldn't bear the idea of you suffering. The man loves you. Why can't you forgive him and take him back?

Sonny: Hey, wait, wait.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hello.

Max: Javier Ruiz in the lobby.

Sonny: Alone?

Max: No, he has his men with him.

Sonny: Get yourself in position.

Max: Got it.

Sonny: You should have left when I told you to. Now there's no way out.

Manny: Mira, keep the gun on Morgan. If the guera doesn't listen to what I say, drop him.

Sam: I'll do whatever you want. Donít.

Manny: You know, I would have settled for just a little bit of a kiss. But now I'm in the mood for so much more.

[Jason grunts]

Sam: If you're waiting for me to tell you I like it, hell will freeze over!

Manny: Well, I would suggest that you show some enthusiasm, or I'll shoot your boyfriend again, maybe in the head. It's not so bad.

Jason: Don't move! Sam, you ok?

Sam: I'm ok.

Manny: If you really want to kill me, you'd better pull the trigger because lover boy here -- he doesn't have the spine.

Courtney: Being pregnant -- I mean, it was a miracle I had completely given up on. Nikolas, I mean it when I say if it is yours, I don't want you to feel obligated, I --

Nikolas: I just -- I just want to figure out what happened. I mean -- all right, when did you realize that you were pregnant?

Courtney: Last week.

Nikolas: Last week.

Courtney: I mean, you know when I was feeling queasy when we went away together and I thought it was motion sickness? Well, it wasnít.

Nikolas: Right. What did the doctor say?

Courtney: Well, Dr. Meadows says so far, so good. I mean, there aren't any complications or anything.

Nikolas: She also said that you weren't able to have children.

Courtney: Well, like she said, if she had all the answers she would give up medicine and apply for the position of God.

Nikolas: So --

Courtney: Look, I -- I can't do the paternity test for a few weeks. It's just -- it's too risky right now.

Nikolas: So you really don't know?

Courtney: No. But, look, I was going to keep it to myself. I wasn't going to tell anyone until I knew for sure, but then Emily found out and everything just kind of --

Nikolas: Em -- Emily knows that you're pregnant?

Emily: Dad, I'm not sure there's anything to go back to.

Alan: Of course there is. You had a life, you had a future. You weren't trapped in this place with a man who destroys everything he touches.

Emily: You can't blame my problems with Nikolas on Sonny.

Alan: The man's a plague. The best thing for you, for Michael, for all of us, is if somebody put a bullet in his head.

Ric: All Sonny talks about is family and how he wants to keep them safe. That's why he wants to keep me out of this whole Ruiz business.

Alexis: I never thought that I would utter these words but, please, do what he says.

Ric: How, Alexis? How do I sit here with you like everything's normal, waiting for your appointment while I wonder whether my brother lives or dies?

Alexis: That's Sonny's world. One day he's taking his kids to the zoo, the next he's burying people under cement.

Ric: I got to do something to help him.

Alexis: You already got shot for him. You know, if he thought that you could be of help to him, trust me, he would stick a gun in your hand. But he didn't, so take a hint.

Ric: So, why -- why does he get to take all of the risk? I'm completely willing to step up.

Alexis: What is this about? Is this some macho thing? If that's the case, I can say for a fact yours is bigger.

Ric: You'll get at anything to get me to stay, won't you?

Alexis: Ric, come on. You grew up reading books, thankfully, not playing with guns. You don't even know how to use one. What if you are the distraction that gets both of you killed?

Ric: So if he dies, then --

Alexis: It's not your fault. If this were some sort of contract negotiation or if this were taking place in a courtroom, then he should be begging you for your help. But the best way to deal with Sonny's business is to stay as far away from it as possible.

Ric: Yeah, you know what? You're right. I am lousy with guns. But maybe guns aren't the answer.

Man: Everyone's in place.

Javier: My alibi will be here any minute. Once we meet, Corinthos dies.

Sonny: Javier's men are in place right now. They know you're my girlfriend. Now, I don't know why they let you in in the first place, but they're not going to let you out.

Reese: I leave when you leave.

Sonny: Do you have any idea what's going to happen right now?

Reese: It's an ambush. You set yourself up as bait, and Ruiz is on his way here to try to kill you. You set your men up as bait, too, which would be a great plan if you don't mind being a living target.

Sonny: Better than being dead.

Reese: So I'm here to help you.

Sonny: I'll risk myself, but I'm not going to risk you. It's crazy.

Reese: Who are you calling?

Sonny: I'm calling the police; let them know we're going to be under siege in two seconds.

Reese: Would you call the police if I weren't here? Then don't do it now. Don't lose your best if not your last chance to end the Ruiz family threat.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, this isn't about Emily, ok? It just -- this keeps getting more complicated every day for everyone.

Courtney: Nikolas, I know. I know that this can't be easy for you --

Nikolas: No.

Courtney: And you're worried that this might hurt Emily if the baby is yours, just like I'm worried what this will do to Jax if it turns out I'm having a child that's not his.

Nikolas: Jax doesn't know about this?

Courtney: Not yet, no. Look, he's still dealing with Elizabeth losing their baby, and he just wants to be a father so bad. You know, if I tell him, he's just going to start to invest, and then if it turns out the baby isn't his, then it's just going to hurt him all over again. And I'm not being a coward here. I will tell Jax as soon as I know the test results, no matter how they turn out.

Nikolas: Six weeks, Courtney? I mean, the odds are the baby's mine.

Courtney: I know.

Nikolas: And if it is, I want you to know that I will be the best father that I can be.

Courtney: Nikolas, I mean, you don't even know if you want to be a father.

Nikolas: I would not walk away from a baby, ok? I wouldn't walk away if there was no baby.

Courtney: Just don't make any promises, ok, Nikolas? I mean, I know instinctively you want to do what's honorable, but you haven't even taken a second to think about how much a baby changes your life.

Nikolas: Listen, I'm not saying it because it's honorable or because I feel obligated, Courtney. I'm saying it because you matter to me, ok? It doesn't matter whose baby it is, I'm still going to care about you.

Courtney: I care about you, too. Look, it's just everything is completely different than it was a week ago.

Nikolas: I know.

Courtney: I mean, being pregnant -- it just changes everything.

Nikolas: I know, it's ok, we're going to figure something out, ok? It's ok --

Courtney: I just have to go. I just -- I can't deal with this right now.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: I get the feeling that you don't care if I'm with Nikolas at all, as long as I'm nowhere near Sonny.

Alan: He's poison. He drove Carly insane.

Emily: Carly had a nervous breakdown, dad, for a whole bunch of reasons, but she's getting help now. And with Jason gone, somebody has to help with the boys. I'm Michaelís Godmother.

Alan: Well, bring Michael home, and Morgan. They're more than welcome.

Emily: Don't be ridiculous, dad.

Alan: Emily, you are my daughter. For once in your life, let me take care of you.

Emily: I'm a grown woman.

Alan: Yes, but you're still my daughter. Have you ever noticed that every time you refuse me trying to help you that something terrible happens? If you would have come home when Nikolas went to prison, maybe things would have turned out differently.

Emily: Don't you dare go there! Dad, I'm here because Sonny gave me a safe place to stay when my heart was broken.

Alan: And I wouldn't have? Did you ever ask me?

Emily: Dad, I love you, but you don't give me any room to breathe. You try to fix everything, and sometimes things just need to heal on their own.

Alan: But why here? Sonny's already stolen Michael from us. I'll be damned if he's going to steal you, as well.

Emily: That's not how it is.

Alan: Listen to me. He will use you and manipulate you the same way that he did with Jason. He's playing on your sweeter nature, and when he's finished with you, he will destroy you the same way that he did with A.J. God almighty! What, am I doomed to lose all three of my children to this monster?

Emily: Sonny is trying to help two boys while their mother is in a mental hospital, dad. Where's your compassion?

Alan: When it comes to Sonny, I don't have any.

Emily: Michael and Morgan are family to me, I love them, and I'm going to help them.

Alan: Let's both help them.

Emily: No! I really resent you pretending to care about me and Nikolas when the truth is that you're just trying to find a way to punish Sonny. And if you have to use his sons to do it, you will -- except you won't, because I'm not going to allow it!

Alan: Oh, my God. He's brainwashed you already.

Emily: Dad, I know Sonny isn't a saint. I know that. But he's not a monster, either. He's been kind to me, and he helped me when I needed it. And like it or not, I'm -- I'm returning the favor. I'm here because I want to be, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Sonny: You, of all people, telling me not to call the cops. I don't want you in danger.

Reese: Oh, come on, Sonny, get real. You know what's going to happen if you call the police.

Sonny: Javier backs down; you live.

Reese: And then he comes after you again. Only the next time you might not be ready for him, and Ruiz will call the shots. Be honest, Sonny. What's your greatest fear?

Sonny: Javier coming after me when I'm with my kids.

Reese: So you have to neutralize Ruiz to protect the people that you love. So forget about the police. Let him attack you here, tonight. We'll face him together, we'll take him down -- self-defense all the way, I'll vouch for it.

Sonny: Why are you doing this?

Reese: Didn't you get the memo? It's because I'm in love with you.

Jason: The guy on the floor has a handcuff key.

Manny: She's hot, huh? Here's an idea, lover boy. Cuff me to the chair and let me watch this time. So much for the nonviolence. Hey, baby, how about another kiss? You know, your lips are so soft and sweet. Hey, did you notice your boyfriend -- he won't even kill for you? What's up with that, man, you know? What kind of man is he?

Jason: Get out of the way, Sam.

Sam: Jason, don't do it.

Jason: Sam -- Sam, get out --

Sam: Don't do it! Don't kill for me. You don't have to do this.

Jason: Get out of my way!

Officer: Police! Nobody move!

Emily: Nikolas.

Nikolas: Hi. The guard remembered me, said it was ok to come in.

Emily: I just tucked Michael in for the night.

Nikolas: Good. You're living in the main house now?

Emily: No, but Sonny's away on some business thing, and I just want to be close to the boys in case they need me tonight.

Nikolas: Listen, I'm sorry. I -- I shouldn't have come here like this. You're the last person that I should be talking to. I just --

Emily: Nikolas?

Nikolas: Yeah?

Emily: Whatever it is, you can always tell me.

Nikolas: Ok. Courtney told me that you know that she's pregnant --

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: And that I could be the father.

Javier: Mr. Durant. Thanks for coming.

John: Just so you know, I don't generally respond well to being summoned. But you used the phrase "mutual interests." I got curious.

Javier: Sonny Corinthos. The man's caused nothing but problems for me and my family, as he has for you and your family. Now, Corinthos is an arrogant, stubborn man. He refuses to understand the meaning of the word "compromise." My father says that people are like trees. Those who don't learn to bend with the wind must break. Tonight, Sonny breaks.

John: "Trees," "wind" -- well, that's very poetic. Let me cut to the chase, see if I've got this right. Sonny Corinthos dies tonight. Now ask me if I care.

Sonny: You deserve better than this.

Reese: Come on, what are you talking about? It's a beautiful room. I bet you they even have a decent merlot.

Sonny: Well, you know, any time that I've thought of spending a beautiful evening with you in a great hotel, it didn't involve lethal weapons.

Reese: Then let's just say you owe me, ok?

Sonny: You deserve better than I've treated you.

Reese: Yeah, I've heard it before -- the clothes, the jewelry, the romantic getaways. I'm not that shallow. I love who I love.

Sonny: But why me? I mean, you know what? Look at you -- you could have anybody else you want.

Reese: You know, I've never done things easy. What can I tell you? Yeah, you're probably the most complicated man I know. But you're tender and you're sweet, and you've saved my life more than once.

Sonny: Let me save it again, right now.

Reese: I'm a big girl, Sonny. I knew exactly what I was getting into when I came here tonight, so I'm ready to deal with whatever comes.

Sonny: That's how I started. You got nothing to lose, which gives you nothing to fear. You -- that's how you succeed, because you acquire power, money, and you think that's what matters. And then one day you realize the only thing that matters is love. It's the only thing that fills up the empty spaces inside. But love makes you have fear, and fear makes you have caution. And caution can get you killed.

Reese: Yeah. And you're still willing to take a stand tonight.

Sonny: I'd have done things differently with Ruiz, but he shot at my house. I have a family. I got to protect them.

Reese: And would you be willing to live with those empty spaces?

Sonny: A life without my kids? Never. Biggest mistake I ever made was having children, because my kids are the one thing I could never stand to lose.

Officer: You don't have to come to the station right now, but someone from the D.A.'s office will want to get a full statement from you.

Jason: That's fine. Just tell us what you need.

Manny: You'll be seeing me again. We have unfinished business, you and me.

Officer: The only business you got is with maximum security.

Manny: Mira, the woman -- she belongs to me. I marked her.

Sam: You disgusting pig, you'll never touch me again! Jason, I hate him. I hate him so much.

Nikolas: I'm so sorry. I wouldn't blame you if you went off on me right now because of this. It's just one more thing, you know, in a long line of hurt that I seem to have caused you.

Emily: Oh, Nikolas, you never set out to hurt anyone. After all, you -- you didn't sleep with Courtney until after I asked you for a divorce and told you I didn't love you anymore.

Nikolas: I might have gotten another woman pregnant, and you defend me? Wow.

Emily: Nikolas, it's what we've always done for each other, before we were ever in love. We've been friends for such a long time now, and I never want to lose that part of us.

Courtney: Excuse me. Is Dr. Meadows available?

Nurse: Do you have an appointment?

Courtney: No, I just -- I just had a quick question for her.

Nurse: Ok, well, I'll see if Dr. Meadows has a minute, Ms. --

Courtney: Matthews.

Nurse: Ok.

Alexis: She doesnít. Hi, Courtney. She doesn't have a minute. She was just working with me, and then she had to leave to go deliver a baby.

Nurse: Shall I schedule something?

Courtney: No, no, thank you. It's no big deal.

Nurse: Ok.

Alexis: Is there something you haven't told me?

Courtney: No.

Alexis: You didn't get the divorce papers yet?

Courtney: Oh. You know, I haven't even been home most of the day, so --

Alexis: Oh. I'm sorry, I'm embarrassed to tell you this, but the divorce papers -- I had yours delivered to Nikolas and Emily by accident, so you should be receiving theirs any minute, and I really shouldn't be practicing law at all. I should be staying home and breathing.

Courtney: Well, thank you for the warning but, you know, it's not as awkward as it might have been. Jax and I are mending some fences, so --

Alexis: Are you sure that you're not going to give this another try?

Courtney: Yeah, I don't think so.

Alexis: You know, you never know. You really donít. I mean, sometimes when you think your marriage is completely over, when you think there's absolutely no chance at all, something unexpected happens and you think maybe you'll give it another try. That's what happened with Ric and I, although I don't know why I don't give up on him completely.

Courtney: Did something happen?

Alexis: You didn't hear? I thought you might be worried about Sonny. Ric said there's trouble going down tonight, and it could be bad.

Sonny: I probably should have never had kids. It was a selfish move. But Carly, you know, and I got involved, and she already had Michael and, you know, he became my son. And them Morgan and Kristina came along, and there was no looking back. My kids are my life. I should probably walk away from them. But I'm not going to do that because I know what it's like to have your father leave you -- the years it takes to stop, you know, blaming yourself and destroying everybody around you. I do what I got to do to protect them, and I conduct my business in a way that keeps them safe.

Reese: Even if it means becoming a target yourself.

Sonny: Well, you know what? Best-case scenario -- Ruiz is out of the picture, I've got some breathing room. Worst case, my kids are provided for, and Michael is the only one who remembers me enough to miss me.

Reese: And what about the other people who love you, Sonny?

Sonny: Well, we lose people all the time. You know that, right? And Carlyís going to get over it, you know, in time. I mean, what we had, it got all twisted up. She's lost her mind. Doctors won't let me see her.

Reese: Well, it's not going to help Carly if you die.

Sonny: Well, that's a chance I got to take, but you were not supposed to be in the equation.

Reese: You asked me before, why you? Well, this is why, Sonny. You consider love a fatal flaw, yet you still let yourself love. I know about those dark spaces inside. I had the purest love of all, and then somebody ripped my son away from me. And then I met you and your children, and slowly that space started to fill up again. And I asked you, Sonny, to let me be your support when Carly was going through her crisis. You said no. You said you had to handle it on your own. So this time I am telling you that I am here for you. I am your support because you're worth fighting for.

Paramedic: You need to get this looked at as soon as possible.

Jason: Yeah, ok. I'm not going to sit in the emergency room all night.

Paramedic: Can't say I blame you.

Sam: That guy from the back bedroom -- the one --

Paramedic: He's at the hospital and will probably be booked by morning.

Jason: Thank you. This isn't over.

Emily: You've always been ambivalent about being a parent, as if you carried some bad Cassadine gene that you didn't want to pass on to an innocent baby.

Nikolas: Yeah, I was kind of hoping that my family line would end with me. I even told Courtney as much before all this even happened.

Emily: I always figured that that would go away when a child stopped being hypothetical and became flesh and blood. I just never imagined it would be with someone --

Nikolas: Oh, God. You know, Courtney said she wanted to raise the child on her own, but honestly I can't imagine not being part of my child's life. You know, it's just that Courtney and I -- we don't even know where we are right now. We have to find our relationship, so how can we envision even having a child together? And there's just -- I don't know, there's just too many questions right now. I don't even know if the baby's mine. It could be Jaxís, and then if it is, then where does that leave us then?

[Knock on door]

Jax: Hey.

Courtney: Hey. Sorry --

Jax: How's your sweet tooth? I brought your favorite ice cream, and champagne.

Courtney: Ok. Come in.

Jax: Thanks. Look, Jax -- look, that's really sweet. It is, but this is starting to feel a little weird, you know?

[Cork pops]

Jax: What?

Courtney: We're supposed to be getting a divorce, and I feel like I see more of you now than I did when we were married.

Jax: Well, this is better than being angry at each other, isn't it?

Courtney: So much better.

Jax: Besides, there's a method to my madness. Remember how we talked about doing the thank-you cards for the gifts, you know, and the way they were never opened? I should have called, right? You know what, we don't have to do this tonight.

Courtney: No.

Jax: No, really.

Courtney: No, no, tonight's fine.

Jax: The ice cream --

Courtney: No, look, the thank-you cards -- they turned out really nice.

Jax: Ooh, I hope these -- I hope these glasses weren't a gift.

Courtney: No, they're mine, but I'm fine. No, thanks.

Jax: Since when? You love champagne. Besides, it'll help you with your writer's cramp. To your health.

[Glasses clink]

Jason: It doesn't matter Manny was arrested. He's crazy. He's not going to stop until he's dead.

Sam: What are you going to do?

Jason: I have to kill him. He'll get out. His family's got money; they're owed favors. Manny will be released but, first, I got to take care of his brother.

Sam: Which means you're going to go back to Port Charles.

Jason: And I finally get it. Sam, I got what you were trying to explain when I was handcuffed to this chair tonight, watching that freak put his hands all over you! I knew that I had to protect you. That's why I learned to kill -- to stop people like Manny. And the better I am, the safer you are, and that makes it worth it. I just want to say that I'm sorry that I didn't understand sooner, and I'm sorry for what happened tonight, that you had to even go through that before I even realized --

Sam: Hey, what Manny did to me was not your fault.

Jason: I thought --

Sam: You need to realize that. No.

Jason: I thought I could walk away, but I canít. And these people know how to find me. And even if they didn't -- you know, when I went to work for Sonny, I promised to protect him and his family, those two little kids. I made a commitment.

Sam: Yes, you did.

Jason: Now, Manny didn't find us on his own. Javier told him where we were. Which means he thinks Manny's taken care of us, so he's got to be moving against Sonny. We got to go back, Sam, tonight.

Sam: Jason, you canít. You have a bullet wound.

Jason: I'm taped up, I'm ok. We need to go back.

Sam: Jason -- I canít.

Man: Senor Ruiz will be with you shortly.

Ric: Thank you.

Man: We're surprised to see you here. We were told Sonny Corinthos wasn't interested in negotiating.

Ric: Well, there's always room for negotiation, especially if it means people don't need to die.

Javier: I see Port Charles as a land of opportunity.

John: How so?

Javier: You came here; you made a name for yourself. I'd like to do the same thing, only I'm going to accomplish what you tried to and failed. I'm going to get rid of Corinthos.

John: And step into his place?

Javier: One big difference. I'm going to make it worth your while.

John: Are you? In exchange for what?

Javier: The usual. I'll stay on my side of the street; you stay on yours. How hard can that be?

John: Corinthos drove my daughter insane. He's poisoning the lives of my grandsons. You want to see him dead tomorrow; I'll look the other way. But if you or any member of your criminal family tries to come in and set up shop under my nose, on my watch, I will land on you with both feet. The only favors you'll get from me are the wrath of God and the full extent of the law.

Javier: I'm disappointed.

John: Yeah? Well, get over it. Tonight we're on the same side. Tomorrow, Sonny's dead. We're enemies.

Sonny: The leaves are turning.

Reese: This will be my first full winter here in Port Charles. How soon before it snows, huh?

Sonny: Oh, it changes. You know, sometimes it's near thanksgiving, other times it's near Christmas.

Reese: Oh, I love going skiing between Christmas and New Year.

Sonny: You're kidding me, right?

Reese: What? It's fun. You come with me this year, you know? We'll spend our days on the slopes and our nights in front of a warm fire.

Sonny: I went camping once. It was a disaster.

Reese: This is nothing like camping.

Sonny: Well, I don't like to do anything that takes longer to prepare than to actually do, you know, like deep-sea diving, parachuting, skiing. But I tell you what, you put me in front of a fire, curled up with you, a 50-year-old brandy, nobody does it better.

Reese: Where's your sense of adventure, huh?

Sonny: Oh -- you going to call me a coward because I don't want to break my neck on a slope?

Reese: I just think you're worried that I can do something better than you.

Sonny: Count on it. All right.

Reese: Sonny?

Sonny: This is it.

Courtney: Look, I don't want to hurt your feelings, Jax, but this is -- I mean, it's starting to feel like something else.

Jax: What do you mean?

Courtney: Ok, look, it's one thing to end the hostility, but this feels like when we first started dating -- I mean, French champagne, your whole approach. I just get the distinct feeling I'm being romanced.

Jax: Sorry, I didn't -- I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable.

Courtney: I just can't help but wonder if you are trying to put our marriage back together because that's how badly you want a baby.

Nikolas: Courtney's probably right, there's no point in making any decisions right now until the paternity test is done.

Emily: Nikolas, however it turns out, I hope you'll be happy.

Nikolas: I'm so sorry. I shouldn't be laying all this on you right now. I'm sorry.

Emily: You have a lot to deal with.

Nikolas: But that's not why I'm here. I never wanted a child. You know that. But whenever I let myself imagine it, you were the only woman that I ever pictured myself having a baby with.

Jason: You shouldn't be here without a car.

Sam: I'm going to be ok. I'm just going to stay long enough to pack up my stuff and say goodbye to Danny and --

Jason: No, I don't like this.

Sam: I'm calling a cab, so --

Jason: I don't like leaving you alone.

Sam: Even Manny can't make bail within 24 hours. I'm going to be ok. Ok?

Jason: You know, I liked it here. And I liked how -- how happy you were. And I really did want it to last.

Sam: You want to know a secret? I really never thought it would. You know, you are not the kind of person who likes to take the easy way out, and that part of you -- it goes so much deeper than memory. I knew we were going to go back, so I promised myself to love this place while it lasted, and I promised to be happy when you decided to go back to your real life.

[Music plays]

Sam: You are doing what you think is right, and that is all I have ever wanted you to do.

Singer: Do I need to be invisible to just survive? Or am I foolishly wasting my time? Tried so hard to quiet my expensive dreams

Jason: Ok, I got to go.

Sam: Have a safe trip, ok?

Singer: Leave me wondering baby, it's just you and me we got a thing they can't shake

Jason: I love you.

Sam: I love you, too.

Singer: But I tell you something it's a life worth living just so you know I'll never give it up no.

Singer: I need an alarm system in my house so I know when people are creepin' about these people are freakin' me out these days it's getting hectic everywhere that I go they won't leave me alone there's things they all wanna know I'm paranoid of all the people I meet why are they talking to me, and why can't anyone see? I just wanna live don't really care about the things that they say don't really care about what happens to me I just wanna live just wanna live just wanna live just wanna live just wanna live just wanna live just wanna live I rock a lawsuit when I'm goin' to court a white suit when I'm gettin' divorced a black suit at the funeral home and my birthday suit when I'm home alone talkin' on the phone got an interview with the "rolling stone" they're sayin' "now you're rich and now you're famous" fake girls all know your name and lifestyles of the rich and famous your first hit aren't you ashamed of the life of the life of the life we're living? I just wanna live don't really care about the things that they say don't really care about what happens to me I just wanna live "stop your messin' around, boy better think of your future better make some good plans, boy," said every one of my teachers look out you better play it safe you never know what hard times will come your way we say where we're coming from we've already seen the worst that this life can bring now we expect it everywhere that we go all the things that they say yeah, we already know I just wanna live I just wanna live

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Jax: Elizabeth won't consider being a surrogate again, and you can't get pregnant.

Emily: We have separate lives now. Don't talk about what might have been.

Man: Manny Ruiz has escaped police custody.

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