GH Transcript Tuesday 10/11/05

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/11/05


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[Luke whistles]

Luke: Move over, Blaze. It's time for breakfast in bed.

Tracy: Mmm -- morning.

Luke: Good morning! Tracy! What are you doing here? What'd you do with Skye?

Skye: You'll never get away with holding me for ransom!

Vinnie: So you don't think Spencer’s going to pay off?

Skye: Oh, believe me, I am worth plenty to Luke. But before you get one red cent, he'll make sure the wrath of God comes down on you.

Vinnie: The wrath of God? I'd rather have the wrath of God than the wrath of Tracy Quartermaine anytime. That lady's dangerous! She was ready to kill me. That's why I cut this deal.

Skye: What deal?

Vinnie: The deal to kidnap you was all Tracy’s idea.

Courtney: Yeah, Dr. Meadows wants to see me for a prenatal exam and a sonogram. Mornings are good. Um, yeah, Thursday at 11:00. I'll see you then.

Emily: If you're here to see Sonny, he's taking Michael to school.

Courtney: I came to see you.

Emily: I can't imagine why.

Courtney: It's about Nikolas. He's -- he's a part of you, just as much as you're a part of him.

Emily: Ok, I'd really rather not discuss this.

Courtney: It's not too late for you and Nikolas to start over, Emily. You just have to open the door.

Michael: So, how long does it take Roselawn to get their mail?

Sonny: Oh, about a day or so.

Michael: Good.

Sonny: Yeah. You know, mom's going to love that you're sending this letter to her.

Michael: Well, I'm going to be sending one every day --

Sonny: Hmm.

Michael: Telling her about school and stuff so she won't get lonely.

Mike: Here we go.

Michael: Yes!

Mike: Two orders of pancakes for my two favorite men.

Sonny: Oh, thank you, Mike.

Mike: Absolutely, no -- listen, more coffee? And how about some orange juice?

Michael: Can I have coffee, too?

Sonny: Maybe in about five years, buddy.

[Mike laughs]

Michael: Oh.

Mike: Listen, I'll tell you what -- later on I'll give you a sip of my decaf, all right?

Michael: Thanks, grandpa.

Mike: All right, you're welcome.

Sonny: Oh, man.

Michael: This is so fun --

Sonny: Yeah.

Michael: Going to Kelly’s before school.

Sonny: Yeah, it's fun for me, too.

Michael: It's like we're having a business meeting.

Sonny: Now, you know what, before you put that on --

Michael: Yes?

Sonny: You don't spill it on here, you know what I mean?

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: All right. I'll tell you what I'm going to do -- I'm going to take this to the warehouse because I got the Roselawn address on this and the whole thing, and I'll just send it from there, ok?

Michael: Ok. What's wrong? Don't you like blueberry pancakes?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, I love blueberry pancakes.

Michael: Then dig in!

Sonny: I'm going to do it! Yes, sir! All right, listen, I'll be right back. I got to go take care of some business. You'll be all right?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: All right. Summer's over, leaves are turning. I feel a little chilly. Isn't it about time you went back home to your papa in Miami?

Javier: You should be concerned with your own family, Corinthos, because we're not done with you yet.

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Lainey: In my opinion, the stalker has a father who is either absent or uninvolved in his life, and a mother who exerts a formidable influence.

Jesse: That's Dillon.

Maxie: Except we know it's not Dillon.

Jesse: You have any more thoughts?

Lainey: He's socially uncertain, lacks confidence with girls. He relates to the world primarily through fantasy and the media.

Jesse: Well, who else could it be?

Maxie: I don't know. Seth maybe? I haven't seen him with any dates, have you?

Jesse: No, but it doesn't mean he doesn't have any.

Maxie: Yeah, but you said the cops have to assume guilty until proven innocent, right? So maybe we should check him out.

Jesse: I should check him out, along with Lucas. You know, he's been pretty much of a mystery.

Maxie: Wait, Lucas is my cousin. I've known him my whole life. There's no way he would --

Lainey: Here's the -- here's the student paper that Professor Taylor gave you. I analyzed it for insight into the writer's character, and I also circled particularly revealing sections in red.

Jesse: Revealing of what?

Lainey: Well, it's speculation, of course, but according to what's on the page, the writer seems to be harboring a secret that's causing him enormous pain.

Lucas: One minute Seth was offering Brook Lynn a soda, and the next he was crashing to the ground.

Georgie: Wow, that was fast.

Lucas: Yeah, whatever was in his drink hit him like that. You should've seen it. Where were you, by the way?

Dillon: Not drugging sodas!

Georgie: Dillon.

Lucas: Are you saying I was?

[Dillon laughs]

Seth: Hey, Lucas, thanks for dropping me off at the infirmary. At least, that's what you said you did.

Lucas: What are you trying to say?

Seth: Nothing. Of course, if nude pictures start popping up all over campus of me, I'll know who to call, right?

Georgie and Dillon: Oh --

Lucas: You know what, next time you pass out, you can stay on the floor.

Seth: I'm kidding.

Lucas: I got news for you, it's not funny.

Dillon: No, Lucas woke up on the wrong side of someone's bed this morning.

Lucas: You think it's a joke being called a pervert?

Dillon: Lighten up, man. I've been there.

Lucas: Like you did when you were accused?

Dillon: Hey, why are we arguing anyway? I mean, it's obvious that Seth drugged his own drink and stumbled into the party to avert suspicion.

Georgie: Hey --

Lucas: This is a stupid conversation.

Georgie: Everybody, let's just calm down. The pervert could be anybody. We probably don't even know him, so please relax.

Dillon: Yeah, I'll say. There's Shawn. I got to go get some notes.

Seth: Yeah. I'll catch you guys later, ok?

Georgie: Why are you so defensive?

Lucas: You want to accuse me of something, too?

Nikolas: You know that Elizabeth will be thrilled with any kind of ceremony, as long as it ended with the two of you actually getting married.

Lucky: Amen to that.

Nikolas: I mean, what, you tried, like, twice now?

Lucky: No, no, three times, believe it or not.

Nikolas: Three? Three times? Well, you'd better get it right this time, huh?

Lucky: Well, I'm planning on it, all right? But I do need your help in a few areas.

Nikolas: All right, such as?

Lucky: Your service as a best man.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah, of course. I would've been insulted had you not asked me. Anything else?

Lucky: You can come to our wedding without Courtney.

Emily: Why are you trying to push me back to Nikolas? Have you two broken up?

Courtney: We haven't really decided what's going to happen next.

Emily: Well, I don't understand. I mean, what's happened that's made you want Nikolas with me?

Courtney: Look, Emily, I was at the hospital when you were admitted after you fell from fighting with Carly, and -- Nikolas was at your bedside. You two were so wrapped up in each other you didn't even notice that I was in the doorway.

Emily: Nikolas is the one who found me in the park, Courtney. He came over to help, that's all.

Courtney: You and Nikolas have such a powerful connection, Emily. I don't -- I just -- I don't want to come between it.

Emily: Oh, you had no problem when Nikolas and I were still trying to work on our marriage.

Courtney: I'm sorry for that. I am.

Emily: Yeah, look, I'm -- I'm sorry, too. Ok, Nikolas and I are getting a divorce, ok, and if he wants to see you, then that's his business.

Courtney: Emily, I really care about Nikolas. Ok, I just want him to be happy, and I believe that he would be happiest with you.

Emily: Nikolas and I are over, and I'm trying to move on with my life.

Courtney: You're living at Sonny's, taking care of his children. Are you sure that's not just a way to hide?

Emily: Sonny needs me.

Courtney: Nikolas needs you more. Look, I'm also Michael and Morgan’s aunt. I need to spend more time with them anyway.

Emily: Ok, well, then tell Sonny I'll be at General Hospital.

Courtney: What are you saying?

Emily: I'll move out, but only if Sonny asks me to.

Sonny: Word on the street is that your papa wants you back in Miami as soon as possible.

Javier: Yeah, well, I still got a little business to attend to here in Port Charles.

Sonny: That's what Manny thought. He was wrong.

Javier: Manny's in a coma. You're going to answer for that.

Sonny: Yeah, well, he's lucky he's breathing.

Javier: You should speak for yourself.

Sonny: Don't push your luck.

Javier: Doesn't seem to me like you're really in a position to make threats.

Sonny: Let me tell you something. Remember what I told you earlier? I'm going to tell it to you again. If you don't go back home soon, you will go back home in a body bag.

Tracy: You put me in mortal danger.

Luke: I didn't ask you to track me to Miami. And for future reference -- when you show up uninvited, you're on your own. Cream?

Tracy: Please. I was held for ransom. You didn't give a rat's rear end.

Luke: I knew you could handle yourself.

Tracy: I could be swimming with the fishies, all because you're too cheap to pay your bookie. Sugar?

Luke: No, thank you, dear. I prefer to call Vinnie Blue Eyes my cash supplier. He supplies me with cash and I scrub it clean.

Tracy: Hmm. And $1 million just got stuck to your fingers?

Luke: Only a sucker works for free. Orange juice?

Vinnie: Luke made off with a million of my hard-earned dollars. When I called him on it, he just laughed me off.

Skye: I can imagine.

Vinnie: So what was I supposed to do, suck it up and kiss the money goodbye?

Skye: So you kidnapped Tracy?

Vinnie: Let me tell you, that was a serious misjudgment on my part. That wife of Luke’s is a man-eating shark. I tried to return her at a discount, but Luke refused. I guess he was glad not to have her back, so I had to improvise.

Tracy: Fortunately, I was able to make Vinnie see reason.

Luke: Hmm. There's a frightening thought.

Tracy: Yes, well, he's not the brightest bulb, but that's obvious since he went into business with you.

Luke: And what did you do, slap the silly sap stupid?

Tracy: Would I resort to violence?

Luke: Oh, it's your favorite mode of expression -- that and screaming epithets and throwing objects at the head of your opponent.

Tracy: How well you know me.

[Luke laughs]

Luke: So, you got him to give in, but how did -- how did Skye get involved?

Tracy: Well, I was able to make an arrangement with Vinnie that satisfies everybody's needs. He gets his refund; I get my heart's desire. And you, should you choose to cooperate, will get Skye back in one piece.

Luke: You had Vinnie grab Skye?

Skye: So now you're assuming that Luke will pay $1 million for my return?

Vinnie: Tracy's telling him right now.

Skye: Well, I hope my boyfriend doesn't find out about this.

Vinnie: Spencer's your boyfriend. He's got to know about paying the ransom.

Skye: Who, Luke? I haven't seen Luke for months. No, I have been, shall we say, getting to know Lorenzo Alcazar.

Vinnie: The Lorenzo Alcazar?

Skye: The one and only. Let's just say he's not going to be too happy to hear about your taking me hostage.

Luke: So, you bludgeoned Vinnie Blue Eyes into doing your bidding. That was not nice, cupcake.

Tracy: Uh-uh, all I did was convince him that Skye would be a more pleasant companion.

Luke: So he would have done anything to get rid of you.

Tracy: Business is business. Juice, please?

Luke: And what am I supposed to do to get Skye back?

Tracy: Aren't we eager.

Luke: Spill it. What's the trade?

Tracy: Ok. All you have to do is demonstrate a little bit of that classic Spencer salesmanship. You need to convince a certain reluctant E.L.Q. shareholder to give moi all his shares. That's all.

Luke: And who would that reluctant E.L.Q. shareholder be, I wonder?

Lorenzo: Look at you, lying there in that state. No way to live, Manny. You would have been better off if Morgan had killed you.

Alexis: Hi. Lamaze class?

Nurse: Room 421.

Alexis: Thanks.

Javier: Mrs. Lansing?

Alexis: It's "Ms. Davis." My husband is Ric Lansing.

Javier: I'm a business associate of his.

Alexis: Oh.

Javier: I overheard you talking to the desk nurse. Are you and your husband happy with the Lamaze class here? I'm asking because my own family is expanding.

Alexis: Oh, well, congratulations. The prenatal care here is actually --

Ric: Get the hell away from my wife.

Sonny: Where's Emily?

Courtney: She's at the hospital.

Sonny: She was supposed to take the kids to the park today.

Courtney: Well, you know, I'm free for the rest of the day. I'd be happy to take them.

Sonny: Well, Emily was planning on doing it, so --

Courtney: Yeah. Actually, I -- I told Emily that I would take over with Michael and Morgan so that she could free up more of her time.

Sonny: Did Emily ask for help?

Courtney: No, but I thought -- you know, I haven't seen the boys in a while. I could just --

Sonny: Well, the kids have been through a lot lately and, you know, change is kind of tough on kids, and my boys need stability, so --

Courtney: I want that for them, too, Sonny. You know that.

Sonny: Oh, I know you do. I know, I know, and they love you. But, you know, Emily has been with them now through the ups and the downs. They've kind of grown attached to her. They need her, and I don't want you using my sons --

Courtney: Sonny, I'm not doing that.

Sonny: Courtney, you are trying to reunite Emily and Nikolas because you are trying to hide the fact that you're pregnant from Nikolas.

Jesse: This essay that Dr. Winters just analyzed was written by Lucas. I'm going to apply for another warrant. I want to search Dillon and Lucas' room one more time.

Lainey: Don't jump to conclusions.

Maxie: Yeah. Just because Lucas has a secret doesn't mean he's the perv. I know my cousin. He's 100% innocent.

Jesse: Yeah, and so are the victims, including you. Instead of worrying about Lucas' rights, try worrying about your own for once. You know, millions of women -- they're stalked and assaulted. You pick up the paper any morning, how many men have beaten their wives and girlfriends to death?

Lainey: This seems to be a hot-button issue for you.

Jesse: The system protects these guys. I won’t.

Lainey: Unfortunately, there's no obvious suspect for the campus stalker. But I agree -- if he's caught, he should be punished. Let me know if you need any other papers analyzed. Ok?

Maxie: Thanks. Dr. Winters is right; you're taking this really personally. Why?

Jesse: Lucas lives in the same dorm as you and Brook Lynn. He's got a big secret. You don't need to be a detective to put the pieces together.

Maxie: Could you please trust me on this? Lucas is not the stalker.

Jesse: People change, Maxie.

Maxie: Not that much. You're putting the pieces together wrong.

Georgie: I'm not accusing you of anything, Lucas. It's just -- I don't know, you've been so edgy.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I can't imagine why with my supposed friends all wondering if I'm a sick, twisted creep.

Georgie: I'm sorry. Can I please treat you to pizza at Locatelli's?

Lucas: No, thanks, I'll pass.

Georgie: I feel like you're hiding something, Lucas.

Lucas: I'm not. Maybe you should take the hint, though.

Georgie: Are you telling me to go away?

Lucas: You know, if you can't be near me without putting me under the microscope then, yeah, make yourself scarce, because I don't need to be studied like some weird specimen.

Georgie: Lucas, that's not what I'm doing.

Lucas: Save it!

Dillon: What is with him?

Georgie: I -- I don't --

Hollis: Hey, Dillon.

Dillon: Hey, Hollis. How's it going?

Hollis: Good. I really had a nice time the other night. We should do it again sometime.

Dillon: Yeah, me too. I'll see you around.

Hollis: Yeah, back at you.

Georgie: New friend?

Dillon: Uh, yeah. I needed an alibi when Jesse and Maxie were busting the perv, so I went to the cafe with Hollis.

Georgie: Dillon, I'm more excited than anyone that you've been taken off the top of the suspect list, but the next time you need an impartial witness to your whereabouts, can you please find -- oh, I don't know -- a little old lady, or better yet, a guy?

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Diego: Hello.

Brook Lynn: Hey, listen, there's a party tonight at the Beta Omega house. We have a D.J. It's going to be tons of fun.

Diego: Hmm. When did you get so rah-rah about school?

Brook Lynn: It's a party, not a study group. Hey, you going to come?

Diego: Uh -- no. I'll take a pass.

Ric: Your business is with Sonny and me. You leave my wife out of it.

Javier: Well, I can certainly see why you're protective of your pregnant wife. I feel the same way about my brother, Manny.

Ric: Yeah, well, you and your brother, Manny, are in business together. My wife has nothing to do with any of this.

Javier: I don't know, Ric. I mean, family's family. You can never be too careful when it comes to their safety.

Ric: Is that a threat?

Javier: No, I'm just saying -- Manny and I had to learn a lesson the hard way. Now you and Sonny might have to learn that same lesson. Have a nice day.

Alexis: You know, you should really get used to that if you're going to continue working for Sonny. Or you could come home and have a life with me.

Sonny: Have you told Nikolas about the baby?

Courtney: Not yet.

Sonny: Don't make the same mistake Alexis did. I mean, Nikolas has a right to know that he's going to be a father.

Courtney: Sonny, I am not even sure that he is the father.

Sonny: But he could be, so he has every reason to know.

Courtney: This baby is a miracle.

Sonny: Right.

Courtney: My head is still spinning over this. I mean, Dr. Meadows told me that I couldn't conceive. It's amazing that I'm even pregnant at all. Look, I'm not -- I'm not going to feel confident about carrying this baby to term until the first trimester is over.

Sonny: So, because you feel responsible, partly responsible for Nikolas and Emily’s breakup, you're going to try and make a deal with God?

Courtney: What -- what is that supposed to mean?

Sonny: You're going to give Nikolas to Emily if God gives you a healthy baby. That's just -- that's just justifying it. I have been there many times before. All it does is sabotage your life.

Courtney: Sonny, this is the best solution for everyone, especially Emily.

Sonny: It's not the best solution for my sons! Carly is unraveled; she's in a mental hospital for God knows how long. My sons are living without a mother, except for the care that Emily has given to them.

Courtney: Emily is using Michael and Morgan as an excuse to hide from Nikolas.

Sonny: Emily has good reason to break up with Nikolas. You can't just -- you can't just paste this together like it's a broken toy.

Courtney: God -- Sonny, I care about Nikolas, ok? I do. I don't want to lose him. But I honestly believe that he would be happier with Emily. Look, Nikolas -- Nikolas doesn't even want children. He never intended to father my child.

Nikolas: I wasn't planning on bringing Courtney anyway, though I doubt she would even want to go in the first place.

Lucky: Well, will it be difficult for you and Emily to be our attendants?

Nikolas: What? The four of us all together again? What would be difficult about that?

Lucky: Well, Elizabeth’s and my wedding would be the perfect occasion for a reunion.

Nikolas: Ok, whatever.

Lucky: No, no, you know what, it's so obvious that you still have feelings for Em.

Nikolas: Yeah, and Courtney said the same thing to me last night, then told me I ought to go back to Emily.

Lucky: Good for her.

Nikolas: She saw Emily and me at the hospital and read all sorts of meaning into it.

Lucky: No, what she saw was real. You know what, you and Em have been having some rough times, all right? You confided in Courtney because you were lonely and you were attracted to her and it fell into an affair.

Nikolas: I made a choice to be with Courtney, Lucky.

Lucky: No, admit it, Nikolas, you're trying to justify your affair by turning it into more than it was.

Nikolas: I -- no, I disagree. You couldn't be more wrong. I have real feelings for Courtney, and she does for me. See you later.

Lucky: Ok, so you tell me, why is Courtney trying to push you back to Em?

Nikolas: I don't know that. I don't know. She's -- she's holding something back, something she's not telling me.

Courtney: You have no right to judge me, Sonny. You got Sam pregnant while you were still married to Carly and then you let Jason claim to be the father.

Sonny: Courtney, I don't want to fight with you because I know that, you know, you're having a baby. I don't want you getting stressed out and the whole thing.

Courtney: As if we don't have enough already.

Sonny: You're going to be showing soon. How are you going to handle it?

Courtney: I don't know, Sonny. I am just feeling my way as I go here.

Sonny: You know what? Just for the record, I don't like Nikolas. You know what, I think he's a fool who didn't have the honor to stand by his wife when she was raped. He treated Emily like garbage, and I don't think he's going to treat you any different. But I know from personal experience Nikolas has the right to know that he's going to have a baby, and unless you want to end up in family court, I will strongly advise you to tell him. That way you guys can get on with your life, figure out what you're going to do, the whole thing.

Courtney: Nikolas told me that he doesn't want children.

Sonny: Yeah, he might have said that in theory, but in reality it's a whole other thing.

Courtney: Sonny, it would just complicate his life. I can raise this child on my own.

Sonny: It's not just your decision. He's got to figure out what he's going to do, Courtney.

Courtney: I just need some time, ok?

Sonny: All right.

Courtney: I -- I'm on overload here. But look -- I'm sorry. I'm just -- I appreciate your take on it.

Sonny: Courtney, listen. Regardless of how I feel about the whole thing and, you know, the circumstances, I believe you're going to be a good mother.

Courtney: Thank you.

Sonny: You ok?

Emily: Yeah. Nikolas and I are getting divorced and I've -- I've accepted the fact that it's over. I just never -- I can't believe he got Courtney pregnant.

Brook Lynn: Hey. Listen, there's a party tonight, Beta Omega house. It's going to be fun.

Woman: Hmm.

Seth: Hey, got a flier for me?

Brook Lynn: Party starts at 10:00.

Seth: I will be there.

Brook Lynn: Good. Party tonight. Great place to meet new guys.

Woman: I'm kind of liking this one.

Brook Lynn: Really? Wow, you know that he's a suspect in the stalker case, right? You know, the one where guys drug girls, strip them, take naked pictures?

Diego: Right, right, and Brook Lynn is so afraid of me that she actually invited me to the party. But I turned her down, so she's trying to scare you now, right?

Brook Lynn: Smooth, smooth. Really nice. No, seriously, seriously, I swear, if you don't believe me, ask Seth here. He's the R.A. at school. He'll tell you that this guy's definitely on a list to watch for compiled by the PCPD.

Woman: Look, I don't know what's going on between you guys --

Diego: Nothing is going on, ok? Everything's cool. She's just a little psych--

Woman: Whatever, I got to go to class.

Brook Lynn: Have fun.

Diego: What -- oh, that was really pathetic, Brook.

Brook Lynn: You know what, it was 75% true and it worked.

Diego: You know what, you need to grow up. What, we break up and you can't let go, right? So, what, you try to get back at me with the stupidest childish way you can think of.  Get the hell off me, man!

Jesse: You get off yelling at Brook?

Seth: Back it up, both of you!

Jesse: Are you ok?

Brook Lynn: Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for caring.

Maxie: You just jumped Diego for no reason. What was that about?

Diego: That was a little out of line, don't you think?

Brook Lynn: I don't know, maybe he didn't like you touching me like that.

Diego: What are you talking about? That's not what I was doing, Brook, you know that!

Brook Lynn: Is this a roofie?

Vinnie: Oh, boy.

Skye: You'll never get away with this, Tracy.

Vinnie: I'll leave you two ladies alone to settle this thing among yourselves.

Tracy: Don't go too far. You're getting well paid to see that she doesn't escape.

Skye: You may be a hideous person, Tracy, but since when did you stoop to kidnapping?

Tracy: When my husband refused to pay my ransom. I had no choice. I had to take matters into my own hands.

Skye: By having me abducted?

Tracy: I hope you're as close to Lorenzo as you say you are, because the only way you're getting out of here is if he signs over his E.L.Q. stock to me.

Skye: Lorenzo? What about Luke?

Tracy: Well, Luke is the one that has to convince him that you are worth giving up controlling interest in E.L.Q., and Luke is a good con man, but I'm not sure anybody's that good.

Luke: Ok, here's the deal -- sign over your E.L.Q. shares to Tracy and as soon as Skye is free, I'll help you get them back.

Lorenzo: That might happen. The company's just starting to turn around. Any idea what those shares are worth?

Luke: Well, money's no object to a heavyweight like you.

Lorenzo: Think again.

Luke: Lorenzo, Skye’s being held hostage. Her life could be in danger.

Lorenzo: Oh, I'm fond of Skye. Although, I am mystified by what a beautiful, charming woman like her sees in a con man like you. See, I'm done with my knight-on-a-charger act. I tried to rescue Carly and look how that turned out.

Luke: Carly was playing musical beds. Skye's being held hostage. There's no comparison.

Lorenzo: You're right, there isn’t. I was in love with Carly. Whereas Skye, although I enjoy her company, is replaceable.

Ric's voice: I, Richard, take thee, Alexis, to be my lawful and wedded wife. From this day forward, I will be with you sick or well, richer or poorer. Whatever anybody throws at us, we'll get through it together.

Alexis: I never expected this to happen. I -- I never thought that I'd, you know, get married to anyone again because I just didn't think that I could. But that was before I was a mother and before Kristina. And she's taught me what really matters. And to give her a good chance at a good life is the only thing that's important to me, and because of her, I honestly believe that you and I are stronger together than we are apart.

[Alexis sighs]

Courtney: Alexis? You all right?

Alexis: I'm just recuperating from Lamaze class. I didn't get to finish it the first time and since, you know, giving birth is probably the greatest test of stamina for any woman, it makes sense, sort of, to train for it like you would, say, a marathon, especially if you're one of those women that likes to push themselves past the limits of human endurance. I don't happen to be one of those women. Sit!

Courtney: Ok.

Alexis: Actually, at the first sign of contraction, I will probably be screaming for the epidural. I'm going to bring my own just in case they don't have enough. Is that insensitive?

Courtney: No, no, not at all.

Alexis: You know, looking around, it looks like Sonny may have promoted my husband, because it would explain all the ominous-looking men in suits that happen to be following him around and, in turn, me.

Courtney: Sorry.

Alexis: That's ok. I was just sort of thinking about the perversities of human behavior. You know, I just find that so fascinating.

Courtney: Yeah, no doubt.

Alexis: You meet a guy, you think he's charming, slightly annoying, maybe just darn right smug, but on some level he gets to you, right?

Courtney: Yeah, I know the feeling.

Alexis: Yeah. But you're logical, you know, you're an adult, you're rational, and you say to yourself, "Self, I have played with fire before and I know what it's like to get burned, so I am going to ignore this blazing, big bonfire in the middle of my life and I'm going to step around it and I'm going to walk, and I'm going to keep on walking." Turns out everywhere you walk, there he is, that big, smoldering, blazing bonfire in the middle of your life that you can't get away from. So what do you do? We cave, don't we? We cave. We ignore our own advice and we listen to the sappy little love songs and the sappy little stories that tell you to follow the little pitter-patter of your little heart right straight to divorce court, because as it turns out, Mr. Smoldering has his own agenda. As does Jax, who all of the sudden out of nowhere decides that being a father is the most important thing in his life -- or Nikolas, for that matter, who thinks that he's going to end his marriage because it's causing his poor wife pain. Well, to hell with them. Where does that leave us? Here we sit -- you, Emily, me -- and what are we supposed to do? We think, "Where did we go wrong?" And you know what the answer is? There is no answer, because no matter how hard we try not to fall in love, we do it, and no matter how much we wish that it could be simple --

Courtney: It never is.

Alexis: There you go! You're catching on. Good girl.

Sonny: You're hurt, you know, and that's normal because you still love him.

Emily: You know, Nikolas and I are over and now he's with Courtney. He should be free to be the father of their child.

Sonny: Parents don't have to be, you know, happily married to raise a well-adjusted child.

Emily: But it helps.

Sonny: Yeah, but, I mean, nothing's perfect. If you still love him, you guys should be together. You arrange with Courtney whenever you want to see the baby.

Emily: Well, don't you agree it would be better for the baby if Courtney and Nikolas stayed together?

Sonny: Before Carly’s breakdown, we -- we weren't together. We were, you know, living apart, and we would discuss, you know, how to raise a child. You know, for the most part, we were on the same page, but you know what we gave -- you know what we gave our sons? The love and support that they needed.

Emily: Yeah, Michael and Morgan are wonderful boys. You and Carly have done a terrific job.

Sonny: And you could, too.

Emily: I don't know.

Sonny: Are you feeling like maybe you wouldn't be able to love Courtney’s child?

Emily: Of course not.

Sonny: Well, I guess there's your answer, right?

Emily: Yeah, just, you know, this is Courtney and Nikolas' decision to make, assuming she tells him she's pregnant.

Sonny: Ok, I'm going to be a little biased right now because just from personal experience. Alexis didn't tell me for about, what, two years that Kristina was my daughter. She did not have the right to do that, just like Courtney does not have the right to keep this a secret from Nikolas. But somebody has to tell Nikolas that he's going to be the father.

Lucas: I was in fifth grade, you were in fourth. Our parents took us to the circus and we shared a box of --

Georgie: Chewy-goos.

Lucas: Here's to memories.

Georgie: Thank you, Lucas. This is so thoughtful.

Lucas: You know, I'm really sorry about coming down on you earlier. I mean, it was totally unfair.

Georgie: I'm the one who should apologize. The last thing a college freshman needs is a 12th-grade tag-along cousin, I know.

Lucas: You're not a tag-along. I mean, you are probably my closest friend. I mean, that should tell you something about my friendships. I don't know. I never get to know anyone, you know, because I'm faking it with everybody all the time. Sometimes I feel like -- like I'm going to explode, you know?

Georgie: Lucas, you can tell me anything.

Lucas: Swear you won't tell a soul.

Georgie: You know that whatever secret you're keeping is safe with me.

Lucas: I'm gay. Don't tell anyone, Georgie, please. I mean, I understand if you feel weird about being around me now, but --

Georgie: No, no.

Sonny: What's going on?

Ric: Javier Ruiz approached Alexis today at the hospital.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Ric: I told him to stay away from my family.

Sonny: How'd he respond?

Ric: Well, how do you think? With veiled threats. I'm really worried, Sonny. My baby's about to be born and I can't let any harm come to Kristina or to Alexis.

Sonny: Ok, here's what I want you to do, Ric -- stay out of it.

Ric: Well, it's a little impossible considering the circumstances, don't you think?

Sonny: Ok, as of today, you, Alexis, Kristina are going to be guarded full-time. You're going to have nothing to do with the Ruizes anymore. You concentrate on your family. Let me handle the rest.

Manny: I want Jason Morgan’s head on a stick. Then Ric Lansing’s. Then put both heads in a box. Deliver it to Corinthos' front door. You understand me? Ok. Come on.

Nikolas: Hey.

Emily: Hi. Thanks for coming.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, you said it was important.

Emily: Yeah, it is.

Nikolas: Oh -- look, whatever -- whatever's gone wrong between us, you can trust me, so whatever it is, just say it.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Manny: Time for a little trouble in paradise.

Sam: No!

Jason: I'm throwing you in the ocean.

Brook Lynn: You are the stalker.

Diego: Wait, please. Can I at least explain myself?

Courtney: I need a favor from you.

Nikolas: Why would I have a lot less free time on my hands?

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