GH Transcript Monday 10/3/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/3/05


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Emily: Oh, finally. Carly --

Faith: What are you doing?

Carly: You bitch. You killed my children.

Emily: Carly, don't! Carly, it's me, Emily!

Faith: Emily!

Emily: Carly! Don't! Put it down! Ugh!

Carly: Oh, my God.

Elizabeth: Hey. I thought you were on the docks catching bad guys.

Lucky: Durant gave us a break. Did you go out for dinner?

Jax: Elizabeth and I settled a few things.

Elizabeth: I'm late for my follow-up with Dr. Meadows. I'll catch you later.

Lucky: Ok.

Jax: Ok.

Lucky: Now that we know that Elizabeth can still get pregnant, you couldn't be thinking of asking her to carry another baby for you?

Jax: What if I was?

Courtney: Hi. It's Courtney. Look, I need to see you right away.

Sam: I figured I'd make you some lunch. I can't possibly mess --

Jason: What are you doing here?

Ric: Sonny wants these men posted at your door for your protection.

Jason: Get out of here.

[Emily groans]

Carly: Emily? Ok. Ok. Oh -- oh, God. Oh, God.

Emily: Ugh! Oh, God. Oh, God. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh, God.

Nikolas: Emily? Em-- Emily? Oh, my God. It's ok, it's ok.

Sonny: Carly --

[Carly gasps]

Sonny: What have you done?

Carly: Emily.

Sonny: Carly? Where's Emily?

Carly: I didn't mean to.

Sonny: What happened? Show me.

Carly: I canít. No, I canít.

Sonny: You have --

Carly: I canít.

Sonny: Show me.

Ric: You're in danger.

Jason: I don't work for Sonny. I don't want his guards around.

Ric: Javier Ruiz wants revenge.

Jason: I don't care, Ric.

Ric: Well, he doesn't care either, Jason, but he still blames you for shooting and putting his brother, Manny, into a coma. He's going to retaliate. Look, if you don't want the guards to protect you, don't you want them to protect Sam?

Jason: I'll protect Sam, ok? Those guards in the hallway make it look like I'm still in business with Sonny. That's what's dangerous.

Ric: You're a target either way.

Jason: Do you want the guards?

Sam: I trust whatever you decide.

Jason: Just leave, take the guards with you.

Ric: You're both making a big mistake.

Jason: You know what? If I keep this gun, if I let those men stay in the hallway, I'm stepping right back into the life I'm trying to walk away from.

Ric: I hope you both know what you're doing.

Jason: You worried?

Sam: No, not as long as I'm with you.

Lucky: If you want a kid, adopt one or hire another surrogate, but leave Elizabeth alone.

Jax: You're very territorial again, Lucky.

Lucky: I'm looking out for the woman that I love and I plan to marry. Elizabeth's been through enough pain, so why don't you do us all a favor and just disappear?

Jax: Hey.

Courtney: Hey.

Jax: You ok?

Courtney: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Why are you still here?

Jax: You seem a little -- a little jumpy.

Courtney: Um -- no, I'm not. I'm just a little distracted maybe. There's just a lot going on with the foundation. How's Elizabeth doing?

Jax: She's fine.

Courtney: Great. Ok, I'll see you.

Jax: Hey, listen, you look a little pale. Are you sure you're ok?

Nikolas: Hurry, she's losing a lot of blood. Please hurry. It's ok, it's on the way, it's on the way. Come on, it's all right.

Sonny: Is Emily all right?

Nikolas: Get out of here! Get her out of here! No, she's not all right. Carly stabbed her.

Carly: I thought -- I thought she was Faith.

Sonny: Is the ambulance coming?

Nikolas: It's on the way.

Sonny: Is she still bleeding?

Nikolas: I don't know, Sonny, I'm not a doctor! She was stabbed, she's losing a lot of blood, and if she dies, it's your fault!

Sonny: She didn't know what she was doing.


Nikolas: You had no right to drag Emily into your disaster of a life!

Carly: Oh, God, it's the police!

Sonny: No, it's an ambulance, Carly.

Carly: No, no, no, they're after me, Sonny!

Sonny: Carly, Carly --

Nikolas: Shh, it's all right.

Emily: Oh, God, Nikolas --

Nikolas: It's all right, the ambulance is on the way, ok? It's here. It's here, it's here. It just got here.

Emily: I'm so glad you came.

Nikolas: It's ok, it just got here. Shh. No, come on. Emily, no, come on, stay with me, please. Please stay with me.

Jason: Thank you for the lunch.

Sam: Are you sure it was ok?

Jason: Yeah, you got the turkey and cheese between the bread and everything.

Sam: Oh, come on, stop it. Tease all you want. You know what, I did manage to mess up some macaroni and cheese once.

Jason: Ok.

Sam: I undercooked it and burned it all at the same time.

Jason: Do I know how to cook? Do I know how to cook?

Sam: Truthfully, yeah, I think you do.

Jason: Yeah?

Sam: You made me some pasta and some breakfast and it was absolutely delicious.

Jason: Ok, so why don't I cook for you?

Sam: I don't know. Maybe because you were working all the time.

Jason: Hmm.

Sam: But I think you do know how to cook and you're just not telling me. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to take a chef class and I'm going to learn how to cook, and mine is going to be delicious and it's going to change my life.

Jason: If that's what you want, if that's what you want.

Sam: No, it's not.

Jason: Good. What?

Sam: You have become such a smart aleck.

Jason: Is that good or bad?

Sam: I haven't figured it out yet.

Courtney: I, um -- I just caught a little stomach bug that caught me totally by surprise and I'm just getting it checked out right now.

Jax: Ok.

Courtney: I'm such a klutz.

Jax: Oh, no, let me get it. Here.

Courtney: Thank you. Thanks.

Jax: You know, I'm really sorry -- sorry we've come to this.

Courtney: To what? Is something wrong?

Jax: Well, it's just that this is the second time today I've seen you, and you seem to get more tense every time.

Courtney: No, I'm -- I'm fine. Really, I am.

Jax: Ok, well, I hope you feel better.

Courtney: I will.

Jax: Ok.

Dr. Meadows: How are you feeling?

Courtney: Thank you. You saved my life.

Dr. Meadows: You know I wouldn't break confidentiality.

Courtney: Ok. I mean, it's got to be wrong, right? I mean, it's like -- it's like one chance in a million. The pregnancy test came up positive.

Dr. Meadows: Well, home pregnancy tests are generally reliable. I'm glad you called, though, and came in.

Courtney: Do you honestly think that I could be pregnant?

Dr. Meadows: Well, I would say it was virtually impossible, I mean, given the complications from your miscarriage two years ago, but a pregnancy test may say otherwise.

Courtney: Ok. I'm trying not to get my hopes up here, but miracles can happen, right?

Dr. Meadows: Well, we'll know in a few minutes. Come on.

Det. Rodriguez: You call 911?

Nikolas: Yeah, I did. Carly Alcazar stabbed her with that thing.

Det. Rodriguez: I need you to make a formal statement.

Nikolas: Fine. Gladly.

Emily: Nikolas --

Nikolas: It's ok, I'm right here.

Emily: Please stay with me.

Nikolas: Ok. The statement's going to have to wait, ok? I'm right here, I'm not going anywhere.

Sonny: I don't want to be disturbed.

Max: You got it.

Sonny: Carly, tell me what happened.

Carly: Faith killed my little boys. I had to make her pay.

Sonny: Michael and Morgan are safe in the guesthouse. They're -- they're fine.

Carly: I made another mistake.

Sonny: Sit down. How did Emily get hurt?

Carly: I, uh -- I saw Faith. She was crawling around like a snake in the garden. I tried to kill her, and it wasn't her, it was Emily, but I stopped before it was too late.

Sonny: If you stopped, how did Emily get hurt?

Carly: She fell, Sonny. It wasn't my fault. I looked down and she was bleeding.

Sonny: So, Em-- Emily fell on the sickle?

Carly: I didn't stab her, Sonny. She fell. You have to believe me.

Sonny: I believe you.

Carly: So are you going to help me?

Courtney: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Courtney: Lucky told me that you were -- you were back to work.

Elizabeth: Yeah, yeah, work helps. Are you all right?

Courtney: Oh, yeah, just routine stuff. Listen, I -- I really wanted to stop by when it happened. I just figured with everything that was going on with everybody, it was better if I kept my distance.

Elizabeth: It's ok. And thank you for your letter. It was very thoughtful.

Courtney: So are you feeling better?

Elizabeth: Just taking it one day at a time.

Courtney: Look, I'm really sorry about the way things turned out.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, sometimes we want something so badly, we're blind to everything else. And if we're lucky, we get what we want and hope it's worth the price.

Courtney: Yeah, I know what you mean.

[Pager beeps]

Elizabeth: Sorry, I've got to run. Take care.

Courtney: You, too.  Hi.

Dr. Meadows: Hi.

Courtney: Ok, so -- so the test was wrong, right?

Dr. Meadows: The test was perfectly accurate. Congratulations. Courtney, you're pregnant.

Courtney: What?

Monica: Emily? Sweetheart?

Nikolas: It's ok.

Monica: Where's her chart? Nurse?

Elizabeth: I'm right here. What happened?

Monica: She's been stabbed and she is losing a lot of blood. We've got to get her to O.R., stat.

Nikolas: I'm going to walk with her.

Monica: No, that's against procedure.

Nikolas: She asked me to stay with her, Monica.

Monica: But you didn't, Nikolas. You went with Courtney, didn't you?

Lucky: What's going on?

Nikolas: Look, Carly stabbed Emily with some sort of garden tool in the park. You need to arrest that lunatic.

Carly: So what are we going to do now?

Sonny: We'll have to figure it out, Carly.

Carly: Is Emily ok?

Sonny: I don't know.

Carly: It was an accident.

Sonny: I know.

Carly: Even if she is ok, I'll still have blood on my hands. I have blood on my hands.

Sonny: It's not going to be like it was before where your father came in here, you know, and you were scared and you ran out in front of Jaxís car. I mean --

Carly: I always do everything wrong -- have you ever noticed that? -- Every single time.

Sonny: I've been unfair.

Carly: No. Are you kidding? Are you kidding? You've been so good to me, Sonny.

Sonny: When I went to that dark place, you saved me, helped me get my life back. I'm trying to do everything I can here. But I failed.

Carly: You are.

Sonny: I failed you.

Carly: No. No, you havenít.  Oh, my God. Oh, so this is -- this is it. You're going to send me to Shadybrook.

Sonny: I'm losing you. I'm trying to reach out, but --

Carly: You'll lock me up. They will lock me up at Shadybrook. They'll put me in a little room, like a coffin in a grave. You promised you wouldn't send me to Shadybrook, Sonny.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, but after what you did to Emily, I don't know what else to do.

Carly: It was an accident.

Sonny: I'm going to try to keep you out of Shadybrook, but my hands are tied. I don't know what else -- look, I should've sent you to a good hospital weeks ago. I can't do it right now. You know, the doctors can help you. The doctors can make you feel better.

Carly: You know what, I just need to go someplace new. I just need to get away. I don't know why I didn't think of that before. I'll go someplace else. So many bad things have happened in this town.

Sonny: You can't run away from this!

Carly: I'll go someplace where bad things won't follow me.

Sonny: You can't run away from this!

Carly: No, I can! What, you always go away when things are bad, and then when you feel better you come back. That's what I'll do.

Sonny: The way you're thinking -- can't happen!

Carly: Sonny, no, I can start a new life, I can! I'll be free, and you just -- you won't have to think about me anymore.

Sonny: You think that really, that that would ever happen?

Carly: No. No.

Sonny: You're scared. I'm scared, too. We have to face the truth. Doctors can help you. I can't anymore. They're going to make you feel better. And when you find your way out of this darkness, then you can come home.

Carly: I donít want doctors. I want you. I know sometimes you get mad and sometimes we fight, but we save each other, Sonny. Please, save me just one more time.

Courtney: How can I be pregnant?

Dr. Meadows: I am as astonished as you are. From a medical standpoint, the odds against you getting pregnant are overwhelming.

Courtney: Well, I wonder why it happened now.

Dr. Meadows: Well, stress could've been a factor. I've known many infertile couples who chose to adopt. They bring the baby home; the woman becomes pregnant, probably because there's no longer any tension or pressure.

Courtney: You know, I don't even -- I don't even know what to do next.

Dr. Meadows: Well, you are approximately four weeks. Everything looks good. I'll set you up on the prenatal vitamins, we'll set up appointments, and we'll keep in touch.

Courtney: Ok, what about -- I mean, I miscarried before. How do I make sure that that doesn't happen again?

Dr. Meadows: It's only natural for you to worry, but it's counterproductive. Don't skip meals; get your rest, and congratulations.

Courtney: Thanks. Oh, my God. You're real.

Jason: You ok?

Courtney: Yeah. Yeah, I'm ok. I'm -- I'm more than ok. What are you doing here?

Jason: I was just picking up some medication. Did something happen?

Courtney: Um, I'm pregnant. And you're here. You of all people. It's --

Jason: Congratulations.

Courtney: You know, it -- it actually makes sense. Because I'd always wondered if -- if our baby had lived if we'd still be together.

Javier: Sam McCall? Javier Ruiz. I'm looking for Jason Morgan.

Sam: Yeah? I'll go get him.

Javier: Please. I hate to shoot a lady.

Sam: What do you want?

Javier: I want to give you an opportunity to keep Jason safe.

Nikolas: Sonny has no business asking Emily to look after his children, as if he can't hire another nanny, Lucky. I knew, I knew that she would get hurt.

Lucky: Just tell me what happened.

Nikolas: All right, I was crossing through the park on my way back from being with you. I see Emily laying on the ground, there's a bloody garden tool lying there next to her, and Carlyís hovering over, completely out of her mind.

Lucky: Where's Emily now?

Nikolas: Emergency surgery.

Lucky: Ok, did Emily tell you that Carly stabbed her?

Nikolas: Well, no, but isn't it obvious? Carly is insane, and Emily was looking after Michael and Morgan like she always does. I just -- you know, I knew -- I should've known that she was in danger. I should've known.

Lucky: Listen, we know Carlyís been having a mental breakdown, but --

Nikolas: I know, she told me. Emily told me that the situation was chaotic, ok, and I should've started asking questions right then because I know Emily. The worse things are, the less she wants to say, and on top of that, she never asked for anything, Lucky. But tonight she did.

Lucky: Did you speak with her after she was attacked?

Nikolas: Barely. She -- she asked me to ride with her in the ambulance. Even after all the pain that I've caused her, she still wanted me with her.

Lucky: I'm glad you were there.

Nikolas: She looked so pale, you know? And I realized right there how important she was to me. If I lost her, Lucky --

Carly: I'll disappear and I won't come back, not even for the kids, and Michael will understand. You just tell him that I love him. Just promise me that you'll tell him that I love him.

Sonny: You're going to see Michael again, Carly.

Carly: At least you believe that Faith is alive and you can protect the boys. Maybe if I -- maybe if I hurry, she'll leave me alone, too. Why aren't you saying anything?

Sonny: Because maybe there's another way we can -- come here.

Carly: You can't send me away, Sonny. I helped you, remember? I came looking for Jason and I found you in the apartment all wrecked, and you were so mean and messed up about Lily, but I didn't call the doctors. I protected you.

Sonny: I know.

Carly: So you have to protect me, too, because you're my husband.

Max: Ahem. Justus and the doctor are here.

Carly: No needles. Stay away from me.

Lainey: No needles, no needles. It's ok. It's all right.

Justus: Your man in the shop filled me in.

Sonny: Uh-huh?

Justus: Sonny, you got to listen to me, this is way past Shadybrook.

Sonny: I understand.

Justus: If Emily dies, Carly will be declared criminally insane and sent to Ferncliff.

Sonny: I can't let that happen.

Justus: She went after Emily with a baseball bat. When Lainey tried to sedate her, she stabbed Reese with the needle.

Sonny: How's Reese?

Justus: She's upstairs sleeping it off. Now, look, I've made some calls. I have the safe house up north ready. I'm somehow going to get Lainey onboard. But we got to get out of here. We got to get Carly out of here before the cops come.

Sonny: No.

Monica: Emily was very fortunate. It was a clean wound, no vital organs were hit. She had a blood transfusion and a lot of sutures, but it could've been much, much worse.

Lucky: Ok, then she'll be all right?

Monica: If she takes it easy, yeah.

Nikolas: May we go inside?

Monica: Make it brief.

Nikolas: All right.

Monica: Nikolas?

Nikolas: Yeah?

Monica: I didn't want Emily staying at Sonny's, but I thought that Michael needed one sane person in his life. I had no idea Carly was as sick as she was.

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah, I'm just glad I happened to be walking through the park when I did.

Monica: And so am I, and that you acted as fast as you did. Otherwise, she would've bled to death.

Elizabeth: Are you sure they're in here?

Emily: They should be.

Elizabeth: I found them.

Emily: Both of them?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Emily: Oh, good. I dropped one in the park. That's what I was looking for when Carly --

Lucky: Listen, you don't have to think about that right now.

Elizabeth: Em, they're beautiful.

Emily: Yeah. Nikolas gave them to me on the anniversary of the day I beat cancer.

Nikolas: Hi.

Emily: Hi. You stayed.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Lucky: He was a wreck.

Elizabeth: We're going now.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Thanks.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Nikolas: Hey, listen, do you mind waiting for me out here in the hall?

Lucky: Yeah, sure.

Nikolas: Thanks. Hi.

Emily: Hi.

Nikolas: Listen, I'm going to make sure that Carlyís arrested, ok?

Emily: No, Nikolas.

Nikolas: What do you mean, no? She attacked you.

Emily: Carly thought I was Faith.

Nikolas: Yeah, exactly. She's out of her mind, Emily.

Emily: Carly could've killed me, but she stopped, Nikolas. I fell on the hand sickle. It was an accident.

Nikolas: Ok. Regardless, Carlyís still responsible for this.

Emily: Please, just -- just let it go.

Nikolas: Why?

Emily: I can't do this to Sonny.

Sam: Just tell me what you want.

Javier: Things are about to happen in this town. There's going to be a transfer of power and people could die, including me.

Sam: Jason doesn't want to have anything to do with that.

Javier: I'm afraid that he does whether he likes it or not. Jason saved my life.

Sam: Ok, well, why don't you call it even and go bother someone else?

Javier: Because I'm going to need his protection for a while.

Sam: So you want to hire Jason?

Javier: To keep me alive, yes.

Sam: What's in it for him?

Javier: A guarantee that after all this trouble's over, you and Jason get to walk away alive and well.

Sam: But what you don't understand is Jason is out of the business.

Javier: Well, that's a waste of his talent, because I've never seen anybody who's as fast and as lethal. He even managed to take out my brother, Manny, and that's not an easy job.

Sam: No, no, no, I don't know what you think happened with your brother, Manny --

Javier: Jason either works for me or he dies. I suggest that you convince him to take this opportunity.

Nikolas: You need to focus all your strength on getting well, ok? A lot of people need you, including me. Ugh.

Sonny: How you feeling?

Nikolas: Get out.

Emily: No, Nikolas, I'm fine.

Nikolas: "Fine"? Well, as you can see, that's clearly not the case, so --

Emily: Fine for someone who just got out of surgery. The drugs must really be working because I'm not feeling any pain at all.

Sonny: If it's all right, I'd like to speak to you in private?

Nikolas: Sonny, if you're here to ask Emily to cover for Carly, it's fine. It's already done, ok? She told Lucky that she fell on the sickle thing -- whatever it is -- by accident, so you can go.

Sonny: It'd still like to speak to you in private.

Emily: Nikolas --

Nikolas: Emily --

Emily: Just give us a minute?

Nikolas: You're exhausted, ok, and you almost died because of him and his wife -- excuse me, sorry, ex-wife.

Sonny: You know what, Nikolas? You know, I get that you want me to leave, which is -- but I'm not going to leave until I speak to her alone. So instead of us bickering back and forth, you know, she needs her rest, so --

Nikolas: I'll be right outside.

Emily: Ok.  I'm sorry.

Sonny: You're apologizing to me?

Emily: No, Nikolas gets haughty and autocratic when he's worried.

Sonny: You almost died because of me.

Emily: It was an accident, Sonny.

Sonny: Carly told me what happened. You know, she thought you were Faith and you were trying to kill her children. Carly wanted revenge. She went after you with that sickle, didn't she?

Emily: We struggled. But then Carly realized who I was and she backed off. I really did fall by accident.

Sonny: Carly's dangerous.

Emily: Right now she is.

Sonny: If she had killed you, Carly wouldn't be able to go on. They would've put her in this -- you know, in the facility for the criminally insane. And maybe they would be right. But I know Carly. She wouldn't be able to carry the guilt. And the only way to hide from it would be to go deeper into the madness. I should've done what you told me to do, you know, commit Carly the night that Elizabeth miscarried.

Emily: You wanted to give her a second chance. Sonny, it's perfectly understandable.

Sonny: I gave in to my own fear. You see, I'm afraid of being locked up. I'm afraid of doctors giving me drugs, looking into my past, telling me everything I do, say, and feel is because I'm crazy. I'm afraid of my own rage, and I put that fear on Carly. I made excuses and she kept getting worse and worse. And now look. She almost tried to kill you. Carly's my responsibility. I am very sorry for what happened to you.

Emily: You want to make it up to me, Sonny? Forgive yourself. Because I was there the whole time, and I'll tell you what I saw. You love Carly. I saw you stand by her side and try your best to take care of her. You hoped and believed that she was like you, you know, that with time and rest and the support of someone she loved, she'd get better on her own.

Sonny: I was wrong.

Emily: You made a mistake out of love. It's not too late to make it right.

Sonny: Ahem. I met with a doctor at Roselawn. The place is nice. It kind of looks like -- you know, like a house with a living room and the whole thing. But if she stays there, then she's not going to be able to leave, and that to me is like living in a prison.

Emily: It's a hospital, Sonny, with doctors who can take care of Carly. I mean, that's their job. It's their -- it's their vocation. Why do you think I study so hard? I'm certainly not in it for the money. I want to be a doctor to help people, to make them whole. The doctors at Roselawn can give Carly back to her children, to you, to herself.

Sonny: I don't know. I don't know what I'm going to -- ok. Ok.

Jax: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Jax: I just heard about Emily. How's she doing?

Elizabeth: She's going to be all right, thank God.

Jax: Weren't you off work?

Elizabeth: Yeah, but I picked up another shift, which is good because I was here when they brought em in.

Jax: Listen, what happened before with Lucky --

Elizabeth: When you spoke up before I could say a word?

Jax: Did you really want to tell him that we planted a tree to honor our child?

Elizabeth: I think he'll understand.

Jax: Well, in that case, I apologize for being rude.

Elizabeth: Apology accepted.

Jax: And for what I'm about to ask.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Jax: Did Dr. Meadows give you a time frame?

Elizabeth: You mean for when I can have more children?

Jax: Right. Do you want to have another child?

Elizabeth: Yes. Very much. But when I do, it'll be with the man I love.

Lucky: I'm on my way over to Sonnyís.

Nikolas: Listen, maybe Emily did fall on that blade thing, but it doesn't matter. Carly is still dangerous.

Lucky: I'll let you know what happens.

Emily: Hi. You're still here.

Nikolas: Yeah. Go back to sleep, ok? You need the rest.

Emily: Oh, that's what my mom keeps telling me.

Nikolas: You know, when I saw you in the park, I was so scared. If I would've lost you, I would've lost part of myself.

Emily: When I looked up and saw you, I knew it was going to be all right.

Nikolas: Go back to sleep, ok? I'll be here when you wake up.

Javier: I'm not offering Jason a job. I'm telling him what he has to do.

Sam: Ok, you can try, but --

Jason: You ok?

Sam: Yes, I'm fine.

Jason: Stay away from Sam. Don't let me see you again. Is that simple enough?

Javier: Here's what's simple, Mr. Morgan -- you're either with me or you're against me. But either way, you're involved. The only thing that remains to be seen is how and for how long.

Carly: You came back.

Sonny: Yeah, I had to -- I had to talk to someone to figure out how to handle the situation. Can you guys give me a sec? Give me your hand. Give me your hand, ok? You all right?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: All right. Um, I cannot -- I can't allow you to hurt yourself or anyone else anymore because it's not fair to you, all right, and I can't hide you in a safe house because it's good for me.

Carly: Ok, wait, so am I -- am I going to a safe house?

Sonny: We got to stop running away from the bad things, you know, both of us, and before the damage gets worse and I lose you completely. So, uh -- don't be mad at me, ok, but the police are on the way. Ok --

Carly: Oh, God, Sonny. Oh, no. Oh, God, please don't do that, Sonny.

Sonny: Listen to me, I can't help you anymore. I've tried, ok, and you just keep getting sicker and sicker. I can't do it, ok?

Carly: No, no, no. No, no, I just need to rest for a while and I'm going to be ok, I am. I just need to rest, I promise. You know what, forget about the safe house. Let's go to the island, because we both love the island.

Sonny: Hey -- you're the strongest woman that I know.

Carly: No.

Sonny: And, look, you can -- you're going to get through this. Remember how you rescued me? You've got to rescue yourself.

Carly: No, Sonny. Please, Sonny. Please don't let them take me, Sonny.

Sonny: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything that -- that I've done to you. I mean that, ok?

Max: Lucky Spencerís here.

Carly: Oh, God.

Sonny: No, no, come on.

Carly: But he's going to arrest me.

Lucky: Listen, I'm sorry about this.

Carly: Please don't let him take me, Sonny.

Lucky: Carly, I spoke to Emily. She said she fell on a sickle by accident. She's not pressing any charges.

John: But I am.

Sonny: It's all right, it's all right.

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John: Arrest Carly.

Sonny: Leave her alone!

Jason: Either I work for you or you're going to kill us? I'm not in the business anymore. Don't show up here again or I will take you out!

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