GH Transcript Thursday 9/15/05

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 9/15/05


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Dillon: Mr. Alcazar, I get that he's your son and you want to be on his side and, Justus, I get that he's your client and you want to defend him whether he's guilty or innocent, but how can you stand up for somebody who would take a picture like that?

Diego: I didn't do it, Dillon!

Jesse: We got a clear print on the picture of Brook Lynn.

Justus: The file's inadmissible in court.

Maxie: Well, it proves that Diegoís guilty.

Brook Lynn: Not necessarily.

Jesse: Look, we have to follow police procedure.

Dillon: Oh, forget procedure. What about what's right?

Jesse: The fingerprint on this picture isn't Diegoís. It's yours.

Dillon: What? I -- that's crazy. I -- I didn't -- I didn't do anything. I don't know how my fingerprint got on the picture.

Lorenzo: Did it happen when you planted it in my son's bag?

Georgie: No, Dillon wouldn't do that.

Jesse: It's a clear print.

Georgie: Look, there's got to be some other explanation here.

Mac: The only explanation is that whoever handled that photo of Brook Lynn is the person who took it.

[Knock on door]

Reese: Is there a reason Mr. Lansing's door is closed?

Nurse: I believe he's resting.

Reese: Oh. Good. Thank you.

Nurse: You're welcome.

Michael: I think that's two.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: All right.

Sonny: You two heading out?

Michael: Yes.

Emily: Yeah, Michaelís been cooped up all day, so we thought we'd go to the carnival in the park or maybe just stop by Kellyís and get some ice cream.

Sonny: Sounds like fun.

Michael: I guess.

Sonny: Yeah? You taking Morgan?

Emily: No, he's staying here with Leticia.

Sonny: You ok, buddy?

Michael: Kind of. I miss mom. I know she doesn't feel good, but can't I see her?

Carly: Of course you can, honey. How about right now?

Sam: You're remembering something that happened a few months ago. It was in an abandoned church.

Jason: Who was the woman?

Sam: Faith Rosco, an enemy of Sonnyís.

Jason: So I walked into a church, I opened fire on everyone inside, including a woman, but it's all right because those people were my supposed enemies?

Sam: No, you were doing it out of loyalty, you were --

Jason: If that honestly made any sense to who I used to be, I'm glad I don't remember anything.

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Dillon: I didn't do it, Mac.

Mac: Then how'd your fingerprint get on that photo?

Dillon: I don't know. Maybe it was planted. In fact, maybe the picture was planted on Diego, too. I don't know.

Mac: You know it's a stretch to think that both of you were set up at the same time. It's more likely that you and Diego were in on it together.

Dillon: That is sick! Brook Lynn is my niece.

Mac: Let me tell you something. The person who did this is the sick one. I run across them every single day, and they're usually the last person you suspect.

Lucas: Want me to walk you back to campus?

Jesse: Yeah, we'll all go.

Georgie: No. I'm not leaving, not until I can convince my dad there's no way Dillon could've done this.

Justus: It was the misuse of a warrant. The police have found a new suspect.

Lorenzo: Thank you, Justus. We appreciate it.

Diego: Hey. Thanks for the help. Really.

Brook Lynn: Look, no matter what happened between us, I know you didn't do this.

Diego: Yeah, well, they donít.

Brook Lynn: Just take care of yourself.

Diego: You, too.

Lorenzo: Diego. Don't make me wrong about this.

Ric: Hey.

Reese: Hey yourself. How you feeling?

Ric: Oh, better. You know, I -- ugh -- took a little walk before. Just trying to take it slow.

Reese: Good to know.

Ric: Yeah.

Reese: I was afraid you might have more planned.

Ric: Such as?

Reese: Well, let's see. Jason's out of commission, Sonny's busy taking care of Carly, and the guys who shot at us when we were in Sonny's living room are still out there ready to try again, so I thought you might do something suicidally stupid like take matters into your own hands.

Ric: I know my limitations.

Reese: I'm glad. Because I did more research on Ruiz, and he is ruthless. You cannot be your brother's hero.

Ric: Yeah, you mean I can't be Jason.

Reese: Come on. You are not equipped to go after Ruiz. I'm not equipped with all my training.

Ric: Hey, hey, watch yourself there.

Reese: So please do not go there.

Ric: Oh, it sounds like somebody's a little concerned about me.

Reese: I am. So wipe that grin off your face and take this seriously, ok?

Ric: Now she's nagging.

Reese: Ric.

Ric: Ok, ok, I get it, all right? Manny Ruiz is dangerous.

Reese: And you're going to stay away from him?

Ric: Look, I can't do anything from a hospital bed, can I?

Reese: Remember that, partner. All right, I'll see you later.

Ric: Thanks.

Sam: You only use a gun in self-defense or to save someone or at least as a last resort.

Jason: Or on Sonny's orders.

Sam: Because he is your friend. It's like I've been trying to tell you. You would do anything for the people you love, whether it be me or Emily or Sonny. And that memory of you holding my baby should be proof.

Jason: I don't get it. I mean, how can I mourn a dead child and turn around and shoot someone just because it was my job? Why?

Sam: I think the answer is something I can show you.

Michael: How are you?

Carly: Good. I'm much better. I'm much better now that I'm with you. I missed you, Michael.

Michael: I missed you, too. Me and dad hung up a swing in the back. You want to see it?

Carly: Oh. Right now?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, you guys go -- I put a bench out there for you.

Carly: Ok. Remember when I used to push you in the park swing for hours and hours?

Michael: Maybe today I can push you.

Emily: Carly certainly seems better.

Sonny: Or that's what she wants me to think.

Emily: You think she's pretending?

Sonny: Something's not right. You know, Carly was so paranoid before. All of a sudden now she's stronger? That's too fast. I'm afraid she's bearing her pain and covering it with something else, and I'm -- I just hope that she can trust me enough to tell me what it is.

Emily: Just give her time.

Sonny: I'm trying. I'm trying. I want to thank you again. I know I've been thanking you a lot for, you know, taking care of the kids and everything, but I really appreciate it.

Emily: No, it's my pleasure, Sonny. I love your boys. And besides that, I've been bearing some pain of my own, so helping you has been good for me.

Carly: You definitely have to push me higher next time. This time I just --

Michael: It's ok, I know you don't feel well. But you'll get better.

Carly: Do you promise you'll be patient with me, Michael?

Michael: Yes, I'm learning patience with Morgan. I think I'm getting good.

[Michael laughs]

Carly: I'll bet you are.

Michael: I love you.

Carly: I love you, too, Mr. Man. Ok.

Emily: Ok, you ready to go?

Michael: Yep. Bye, mom.

Carly: Bye, sweetheart.

Emily: Bye.

Michael: Bye, dad.

Carly: Ok, well, I guess I'll go back upstairs.

Sonny: No, no, no, no, no. Hold on, hold on. I have a surprise for you.

Carly's voice: And I have one for you.

 [Emily and Michael laugh]

Michael: Hey, there, Mike.

Mike: Hey, Michael! Did you know that there is a tub of homemade ice cream in the kitchen just waiting for a customer?

Michael: Thanks, grandpa!

[Emily laughs]

Mike: Em, I just -- I wanted to say how sorry I am. I know that Courtney never intended to hurt you.

Emily: You know, everyone did what seemed right at the time. I can't look back and dwell how it all could've been different, you know? This is how it turned out, and I'm just trying to have faith that life is somehow paving the way for something better.

Mike: You know, it's funny, when -- when things were tough, Sonny's mother used to say, "God makes a way for better things even though we can't see them."

Emily: Hmm.

Michael: Everybody!

Mike: Hey, look at -- whoa!

Michael: Dig in.

Emily: Oh, yum!

Mike: Dig in? Well, you don't have to ask me twice.

[Emily laughs]

Mike: Oh, let's move it over here.

Michael: I don't have to ask anyone twice. You know?

[Carnival music plays]

Sam: You see that little boy?

Jason: That's the kid in the picture in my wallet. It's Michael.

Sam: Right, that's Sonny and Carlyís son. You were his father for the first year of his life when Carly couldn't take care of him. Those men that you went after in the church -- they kidnapped Michael, his brother, and his sister. Now, that man -- that's Sonny's father.

Jason: Why is Emily with them?

Sam: Well, because Emily is Michaelís Godmother, and she's helping take care of Michael while Carly is really sick.

Jason: They look happy.

Sam: Well, yeah, Emily is just trying to keep them together right now. She's worried about you, Jason. They all are. You are so many things to so many people. You are a father, a friend, a brother, a protector.

Jason: What about to you?

Sam: You're everything to me. No one can ever replace you.

Ric: Excuse me. Sorry. The notices didn't get put up, but this section of the park has been closed. Sorry.

Lorenzo: I told you not to move on Sonny's territory yet. And you assured me we'd move on my timetable. Now, you shot up his place, you wound a guard, you almost kill his brother. If we're going to do business, you're going to have to --

Manny: We've reconsidered our position.

Lorenzo: Well, if you're thinking of making an arrangement with Sonny, it's not going to happen.

Manny: On the contrary. Things are progressing nicely.

[Phone rings]

Manny: So?

Ric: Meet me in the park on the path on the way to the lake. Come alone. I have something for you.

Manny: I'll be there.

Lorenzo: We're far from done, Ruiz.

Carly's voice: It's all set. I can hardly wait to celebrate our wedding.

[Door closes]

Sonny: Surprise.

Carly's voice: It's the ring. He's going to lift up the dome and --

Sonny: I hope you like it. Um, we're not going to have gourmet tonight, and I know how, you know, you like junk food, so I figured, here we go -- nachos smothered in processed cheese.

Carly: Thanks.

Sonny: Oh, I got something else that -- man, this is like -- ok --

Carly: Oh.

Sonny: Michael started school this week, right? And art class and --

Carly: Aw.

Sonny: He did this for you because he knows you feel bad and wants you to feel better. That's great, isn't it?

Carly: Oh, look at this. I love how -- I love what he did. His hair's bright red.

Sonny: Kid's got talent, you know? Takes after his mama. Go ahead and keep it. Oh, let me try that. I mean, I don't eat much of this stuff. Oh, I'll take one bite. I wanted to tell you that I think it's a -- I think it's a great thing that you're spending time with Michael, just you two --

Carly: Yeah?

Sonny: And I want to spend time with you, and I thought maybe I could take you to the island.

Carly: Oh. Oh, I canít. I canít. I got plans.

Sonny: What plans?

Brook Lynn: Look, no way Dillon would do this to me, all right? Or you. And Georgie? What insane reason would he have to do this to her? Come on.

Lucas: What about Diego?

Brook Lynn: No, he was set up the same way that Dillon was.

Maxie: It has to be somebody that we don't know.

Lucas: Well, who's in my room? Whoa, whoa! What are you guys doing?

Officer: This is Dillon Quartermaineís room.

Lucas: Yeah, and mine, and this is my stuff.

Officer: Sorry, we have orders to confiscate all photographic equipment.

Lucas: But that's an invasion of privacy! Well, the cops -- you guys pulled him in, not me! That's valuable stuff!

Jesse: They'll bring it back.

Lucas: Well, they shouldn't have taken it in the first place.

Jesse: If you aren't guilty of anything, what do you care if they keep your camera for a while?

Lucas: What's that supposed to mean?

Maxie: You guys, we can't go around being suspicious of everyone.

Jesse: Hey, you'd be a lot safer if you are.

Brook Lynn: No, guys, this is insane, ok? Look, Maxieís right. It has to be some stranger or some guy we barely knew.

Seth: Hey, what's going on?

Lorenzo: You know, taking over Sonny's territory was supposed to be gradual and accomplished with strong-arm negotiation, not violence.

Manny: Well, you know, there's your way and there's my way. And mine gets results.

Reese: All right, get your hands off me.

Lorenzo: What are you doing here, Reese?

Reese: Saying a prayer. Do you mind?

Lorenzo: Manuel Ruiz made a deal with Sonny. What was it?

Reese: Sonny's not making deals with anybody. He's too busy taking care of Carly.

Lorenzo: Well, that should tell you something, shouldn't it? So you're here spying on Ruiz. Why?

Reese: Sonny asked me to find out what kind of move Ruiz will be making next.

Lorenzo: With me?

Reese: With anyone.

Lorenzo: Well, if Sonny's not making deals with Ruiz, somebody's out there making them on Sonny's behalf. And they're asking for trouble.

[Carnival music plays]

Sam: When Michael was a baby, you used to read to him from travel books. You said that you thought hearing about animals and pyramids and cities and stuff that he could actually see one day would be a whole lot better than, you know, magic castles and unicorns in the sky. You said that he really liked them. Do you want to go in and say hi?

Jason: No. No, I --

Sam: No, Jason, maybe talking to Michael might be able to jog your memory somehow.

Jason: Michael -- he doesn't know what's wrong with me, right?

Sam: No.

Jason: He doesn't know?

Sam: No, but I think it would --

Jason: What?

Michael: Jason! Where have you been? I've missed you so much.

Sonny: So, what are you planning?

Carly: Well, Michaelís got that school project coming up, so I thought I would surprise him and help him with it.

Sonny: Um, that'll be nice. I'm glad you're making an effort.

Carly: I'm feeling much stronger.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, that's great. I just don't -- I don't want you to push yourself. I mean, when I was having a rough time, I created this whole different world in my head. My life was in chaos, and I invented this place where I would be in control. It was just a fantasy, but to me it felt completely real, just like when you thought everybody was out to hurt you and they werenít. You know that now, right?

Carly: Right.

Sonny: It's hard to accept that, you know, it's all made up because you want to protect that fantasy. I -- I would've rather have died than to take the chance to let anyone ruin it.

Carly: I remember, Sonny.

Sonny: It's -- it's scary to think where my head was at the time. I would tell myself, "Stay here, you're safe. Don't ever leave this world. It's better to destroy yourself than to go back to where you were."

Carly: I have something to tell you.

Brook Lynn: So the police think that Dillon is the campus pervo. They found his fingerprint on some pictures, so they have him down for questioning at the station.

Maxie: That's absurd, because there's no way Dillon could have done this.

Seth: I don't know the guy, but maybe he could have just --

Brook Lynn: No.

Jesse: Did you just jump through hoops to defend Diego, too?

Brook Lynn: Yes, because they're both innocent.

Maxie: Look, the truth is, it could be anybody.

Lucas: Look, if that's your cue to start coming down on me, donít. I didn't slip drugs to any girls or take pictures with their clothes off, and I didn't set up Dillon or Diego to make it look like they did. Now, get out of my room!

Maxie: Ok, fine.

Brook Lynn: Um, so I've got this great new C.D. You want to stick around, or --

Seth: Oh, I canít. I signed up to work on sets for stage class, and I got to drop off some designs, so --

Brook Lynn: Oh, ok, sure. I'll just take a rain check.

Seth: Or you could come along if it's not too boring.

Brook Lynn: No, no, not at all. I would love to come. See you.

Maxie: Have fun.

Seth: See you.

Jesse: See you. Ok, we're alone. What do you really think about Dillon? Could he do something like this?

Maxie: He's Georgieís boyfriend. I mean, I'm usually the one who attracts all the freaks and losers. And maybe Dillonís a little different, and he kind of goes overboard with those old movies and stuff, but --

Jesse: Maxie, Maxie, you're not answering the question. Could Dillon do this?

Mac: You were at the scenes when Maxie, Brook Lynn, and Georgie all had drugs slipped into their drinks.

Dillon: Yeah, and I was still at the Pizza Shack when Brook Lynn got her picture taken by the real creep.

Mac: Well, maybe you slipped the drugs in the drinks and the other guy took the photo.

Dillon: That is sick! Mac, I wouldn't do that to Georgie, or anybody else.

Mac: I have proof that says otherwise, Dillon.

Georgie: Stop it! Stop it! Dad, Dillon did not do this.

Mac: Georgie, I can't take your word on this when the evidence points to Dillon.

Justus: The evidence is not enough to hold Dillon, ok?

Mac: What, are you going to come in here and spring every suspect I bring in for this?

Justus: Dillon is my family. His mother's in Europe. I'm just looking out for him.

Mac: Fine, he can go. But you are still the number one suspect.

Dillon: Just do me and your daughters a favor and start looking for the real guy.

Mac: Don't leave town!

Dillon: I would not leave Georgie alone in this or any other town with that psycho still on the loose.

Mac: Georgie, we're not done here.

Carly: Yeah, there are times that I feel like people are trying to hurt me or get rid of me. Like the time that I said all those awful things to Reese and to you.

Sonny: You don't have to apologize to me. I understand.

Carly: Well, there's more.

Sonny: You can tell me. I mean, I can help you sort out the fantasy from the reality.

Carly's voice: I should tell him, but I canít. He's going to marry me. And if I bring it up, I could ruin everything.

Carly: Yeah, you know, I think I -- thoughts come and go. And I -- I try to get straight on what's -- what isn't real. But it's hard. It's hard.

Sonny: Yeah. Well, I mean, those things we can deal with, you know. I could help you get to that place. All you got to do is trust me and work -- work at it.

Carly: I do trust you, Sonny, more than anyone else in the world. And I'm not going to let you down. I'm going to get better. You'll see. You'll be proud of me.

Reese: Ric?

Reese: Damn it.

[Carnival music plays]

Ric: I told you to come alone.

Manny: Are you alone?

Ric: Yes.

Carlos: All clear.

Manny: The bushes and the building?

Carlos: Yeah.

Ric: I came here to negotiate, Ruiz.

Manny: And I came to make an offer that you and your brother are going to accept and like it.

Michael: Where have you been? Were you traveling?

Jason: A little.

Michael: Did you see new things?

Jason: I see new things every day.

Michael: Why haven't you come to the house?

Sam: Jason has had a lot to catch up on since he got back.

Michael: Oh. All the work he does. There's a baby giraffe at the zoo. Can we please go see it?

Emily: You know, Michael loves giraffes.

Michael: I know you're busy, but can you please take me tomorrow? It won't take long.

Jason: Sure.

Michael: Thank you. Thank you.

Emily: Ok, come on, Michael. We'd better go.

Michael: Ok. Bye, Jason. Bye, Sam.

Sam: Bye, honey. So?

Jason: So, nothing. I mean, you know, he's a nice kid, but I don't remember a thing I did with him.

Sam: Ok, I think you just need to give it some time, ok? It's just going to take time, and it'll come back to you, right?

Jason: The only bits of memory I have are about death and violence. Why do I only remember the bad things

Sam: I don't know, maybe because those are the things that had the most impact on your life, that --

Jason: Or maybe they're all I've been left with.

Sam: What do you mean?

Jason: I -- I used to kill people. And now that's all I get to see, over and over.

Maxie: Georgie's still in there sticking up for Dillon. I can't hear what she and Mac are saying, but I'm pretty sure they're fighting.

Jesse: You still haven't answered my question. Could Dillon be guilty?

Maxie: Oh, he's such a nice guy.

Jesse: You heard the stalker's voice on the phone.

Maxie: Yeah, but there's no way I could recognize the guy.

Jesse: Think, Maxie.

Maxie: Ok, if it was Dillon, why would he tell you where I was going and what I was doing?

Jesse: You asked him to film it. He couldn't say no, so he --

Maxie: So he gave himself an out. Except if you're Dillon, why agree?

Jesse: But somebody did come.

Maxie: Yeah, and they knocked you out.

Jesse: Diego?

Maxie: This is nuts. This is nuts. Ok, Diego, Dillon, and Lucas all look suspicious, but none of them have a motive.

Jesse: That's why I'm putting in a background check on Seth.

Maxie: The R.A.?

Jesse: You know what? You said it could be anyone, and you're right. Brook Lynnís into Seth. She's going to tell him things. That could be good or bad. Got to get somewhere.

Maxie: Gives me an idea.


Maxie: Georgie, did --

Georgie: Don't talk to me!

Mac: Georgie, come back here!

Maxie: Mac's going to work overtime to prove that Dillon did it. But I think there's a way we could show he's innocent.

Dillon: What happened?

Lucas: Cops took every piece of film, camera, and video equipment they could find, including mine.

Dillon: I'm sorry.

Lucas: Ah, sure you are.

Dillon: What, you think I did this to you?

Lucas: Well, I sure didn't!

Dillon: Lucas --

Diego: Why haven't they locked you up yet?

Dillon: Because I'm innocent. Get out of my room.

Diego: No, you're a psycho, taking pictures of drugged-out naked girls and pinning it on me?

Dillon: Why would I do that, Diego?

Diego: Because I'm an easy target, Dillon! Ok? Something bad happens; you blame it on the gangster's kid!

Dillon: Well, you said it, not me.

Diego: Look, you've been looking down on me ever since I got here.

Dillon: Diego, I will be looking down on you on the floor if you don't get out of my face right now!

Lucas: Whoa, whoa! Knock it off, guys! Knock it off!

Seth: Break it up! Break it up!

Dillon: Fine.

Seth: Look, you knock it off --

Lucas: Come on!

Seth: Or you are off this campus, ok?

Dillon: Ok. You be careful when you go back on the streets.

Diego: Let go of me, man!

[Carnival music plays]

Ric: I came here to negotiate in good faith, Ruiz.

Manny: You want the deal. The Ruiz family gets Sonny's operation, and Sonny and his family get to live. Of course, there is one other option.

Ric: Yeah? What's that?

Manny: Sonny sticks around and works for our organization.

Ric: You know Sonny's never going to go for that.

Manny: Sonny's enforcer seems to have retired. And without Morgan, you know, to provide leverage, Sonny's in no position to negotiate. So here's the bottom line. We stay right here until you accept my generous offer.

Sam: Just hold on, ok? Your life will come back to you.

Jason: I'm not sure I want it to.

Sam: Look, Jason, I just think that you need to keep taking your medicine, ok? And if that doesn't work, then we can sit down and talk about the --

Jason: The only reason that I want my old life back is you. I don't want my old job back; I don't want to deal with --

Sam: All right, you know what? Why don't we just not talk about this right now, ok? Let's go for a walk in the park. No pressure, just you and me enjoying the moment.

Jason: Sounds good.

Sam: Come on.

Sonny: How were the nachos?

Carly: Deliciously gooey. Thanks so much for getting the microwave kind. Listen, I am -- I'm so sorry I was so emotional.

Sonny: No, you know, hey, I'd rather you tell me what's going on in your head than keeping it in.

Emily: Hi.

Sonny: Hi.

Emily: Michael and I are back.

Sonny: You guys have fun?

Emily: Oh, yeah, it was torture. Michael forced me to eat two scoops of ice cream.

Carly: Is -- is Mikey in the guesthouse?

Emily: He's reading Morgan a story.

Carly: He's such a good brother.

Emily: He told me to -- to wish you good night and to tell you how much he enjoyed spending time with you.

Carly: Me, too. Will you -- make sure you tell him that we're going to have a lot more time together. I'm going to go upstairs now. I'll see you guys in the morning.

Emily: Ok. I know Carly still has a long way to go, but whatever you're doing seems to be working.

Sonny: Looks that way, but actually I think she's getting worse.

Sonny: Carly called Michael "Mikey." She's never called him Mikey. Only she calls him Michael or "Mr. Man." Bobbie called him Mikey once. Carly hated it.

Emily: Well, maybe she's just distracted.

Sonny: Well, I have -- I've been where Carly is. She's living in a world that's made up, that sometimes it feels real, sometimes it doesnít. It gets confusing. She's going to that place in her head that I went to. And I'm scared for her.

Emily: Well, if you understand it, Sonny, then maybe you can help her get out of it.

Sonny: I'm just afraid she might be in a place that she can never come back from.

Manny: So here's how I see Sonny turning over his warehouses. We'll set up a dummy corporation, and Sonny will sell the property to that company. He'll file the paperwork and pay taxes on the profits, and then move it offshore and transfer it into one of our Grand Cayman accounts. Are you listening to me?

Ric: Yeah. Think I've heard everything I need to hear.

Manny: So we're in agreement, right?

Ric: Oh, yeah. Like you said, I mean, you really haven't given me much choice. Put it down!

Dillon's voice: Ok, Scene Two, Take One. "It was late. He made his way down the darkened hallway, his sneakers padding quietly on the linoleum floor. He had to know if she was still in there, if she was still the way he had left her."

Jesse: Bad idea, Maxie.

Maxie: Yeah, but Dillon thinks that I'm on his side. I could use that to get closer to him.

Jesse: But if he is the perv, you put --

Maxie: If he is the perv, he has a weakness for me. This guy still thinks I owe him. And if Dillonís the guy, he'll do something. And if he doesn't, I have a chance to prove that my sister's boyfriend is innocent.

Jesse: Yeah, and you could also get yourself photographed and drugged, or worse.

Maxie: Hey, I have you to protect me. So what could happen, right?

Mike: You owe me one, Dillon.

Dillon: You got it.

Mike: The coast is clear.

Georgie: Thank you so much, Mike. Thank you.

Dillon: Hi.

Georgie: We don't have a whole lot of time.

Dillon: Yeah. What exactly did your father say besides "I don't ever want you seeing psycho Dillon again"?

Georgie: Dillon, they're going through with it. I'm going to boarding school tomorrow.

[Carnival music plays]

Manny: You're way in over your head, counselor. If this is what you had planned all along, forget it. You don't have what it takes to pull the trigger, homes.  Toss it or shoot, if you can. Now, that's a good boy. Kill him.

Reese: No!  Ric --


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Jax: I don't want to cut you out of this baby's life.

Courtney: Why so sad?

Emily: Must be so painful to watch Carly go through this.

Sonny: It's selfish of me to keep her here.

Ric: What are you doing?

Jason: Get out of here right now! It doesn't bother you that I just shot three guys?

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