GH Transcript Wednesday 8/31/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/31/05


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Nikolas: Did Jax ask you to avoid me?

Courtney: It's my commitment to my marriage. I owe Jax that much. So look, Nikolas, if you care about me in the least, just please respect that choice.

Nikolas: Just have to answer me one question. Are you still in love with him?

Courtney: Yes, I love Jax.

Maxie: Jesse, this is a mistake.

Jesse: No mistake. Lucas is the one who drugged you.

Lucas: Are you insane?

Maxie: He's my cousin!

Jesse: Your cousin's got some strange hobbies -- like doping girls and taking nude photos.

Lucas: What are you talking about?

Jesse: You slid that envelope under Brook Lynnís door.

Lucas: Yeah, so it had her name on it.

Dillon: What's going on here?

Jesse: Lucas knows what happened to Brook Lynn during time she can't account for.

Maxie: He just slid this under her door.

Bobbie: Hello? Is anybody here? Carly. Hey, honey.

Carly: I won't go back.

Bobbie: What are you doing here?

Carly: No. Sonny doesn't want me anymore. He's with her now. He's with her. I don't -- I don't want to go back there. I don't want you to take me back there.

Bobbie: All right, honey, all right.

Carly: I won't go back there.

Bobbie: All right. Ok. All right.

Sonny: Carly climbed out the window.

Reese: Maybe she's somewhere on the grounds.

Sonny: I got to find her. She's going to hurt herself.

Sonny: Hey, listen, Carly left the house. I want everybody searching for her, ok? Don't -- don't scare her. Try not to yell. Find Carly.

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Nikolas: Do you really love Jax? Or do you think that you just should love him?

Courtney: Look, I wouldn't have married Jax if I didn't love him. I wouldn't be going back to him if I didn't think that we can make each other happy.

Nikolas: It's just, Courtney, he started the divorce proceedings, and then just all of a sudden changes his mind?

Courtney: Well, it scared him when Elizabeth was hospitalized. That's --

Nikolas: I know, yeah, that's exactly my point. Jax wants this baby, but Elizabeth will only give it to him --

Courtney: Just stop it. Please stop.

Nikolas: Courtney, you had to have at least thought about that.

Courtney: Look, Nikolas, Jax wants this baby and so do I, but that is not why we're getting back together. It's just -- just Elizabethís crisis; it put things into perspective for both of us.

Nikolas: Elizabeth? So it's still more about Elizabeth than it is about you?

Courtney: Why are you doing this? Why? I mean, why can't you just wish me happiness?

Nikolas: I do, Courtney, I do. I want nothing more than for you to be happy, but come on. I mean, how long did it take you to tell Jax that you loved him and how many times did you postpone your wedding?

Courtney: Well, there were extenuating circumstances. I mean Nikolas, my God, my brother's kids were kidnapped.

Nikolas: I just -- I think the thousand reasons why you should love Jax drown out the truth that you really donít.

Courtney: No, you're wrong.

Nikolas: Hey, maybe I am. Maybe all you felt for me was just a physical attraction with a little bit of empathy, but --

Courtney: Yeah, and what about you, huh? I mean, what if Emily decided she wanted you back? Would you go?

Nikolas: I don't -- I don't know anymore. Courtney, I don't know if we're still in love with each other or if we think we just should be. We were in love once, I know that. I don't know, Courtney, we've been through so much, you'd think we'd be able to get through this, but maybe not. Maybe Emilyís right. She's changed, I've changed, and there's just no going back. I don't know.

Courtney: I'm sorry, Nikolas, but I just can't put my marriage on the line so that you won't be alone.

Nikolas: I'm not asking you to do that. Look, if a life with Jax is really what you want, great. Great, I wish you nothing but happiness.

Courtney: Then will you please just leave me alone?

Lucas: You know I wouldn't do this, Maxie.

Maxie: I know.

Jesse: I don't, so take me through it again.

Lucas: I found the envelope in the commons room. It had Brook's name on it, so I brought it up to her.

Jesse: Very convenient.

Dillon: This is ridiculous. I was with him in the commons when --

Jesse: Were you with him for 30 minutes prior to when he slid it underneath the door?

Georgie: Hey, guys. This looks kind of intense. Is this some kind of college ritual or can I be a -- subtle, Maxie. What am I not supposed to see?

Dillon: You know what? I'll explain everything to you later, but we should go.

Georgie: Why? Am I breaking some rule by --?

Dillon: I'll tell you everything, but this isn't somewhere I want you to be right now, ok?

Jesse: Any objections if I look through your room?

Lucas: Look, I wouldn't do this to anybody, especially Brook. I like her.

Jesse: How much do you like her?

Maxie: He didn't do it, Jesse.

Jesse: He was at the Pizza Shack the night that you and Brook Lynn were drugged.

Lucas: I didn't drug them and I didn't take that picture. I had no idea what was in the envelope when I slid it under Brook's door.

Brook Lynn: Slipped what under my door? Oh, and try not to look so happy to see me, guys.

Jesse: Show it to her.

Brook Lynn: Show me what?

Maxie: We know what happened to you the night you got the roofie.

Carly: Yeah. He said he would take care of me.

Bobbie: Sonny?

Carly: He promised that he would protect me from anyone who hurt me, and she hurts me all the time and he doesn't care.

Bobbie: All right, honey, you know what, I want you to calm down, tell me what happened.

Carly: I don't want --

Bobbie: When did you leave Shadybrook?

Carly: I don't want you to take -- I don't want to go back there, ok?

Bobbie: Ok.

Carly: I don't want you to send me back there.

Bobbie: Ok. I understand.

Carly: No, you donít. You donít. No one does.

Bobbie: Honey, it's ok.

Carly: No.

Bobbie: It's all right, honey, because I'm going to help you with this, all right?

Carly: Sonny said he did, but he lied. I don't know. Why would he lie?

Bobbie: All right, I don't know, but I'm here and I'm going to help you.

Carly: No, you donít. You're lying. You're -- you're lying to me.

Bobbie: No, I'm not.

Carly: You --

Bobbie: Honey --

Carly: Ok, you don't -- you never wanted me! You gave me away. You blame me for everything. You blame me for Tony!

Bobbie: Carly --

Carly: You blame me for her father, and it wasn't me, mama! It wasn't me!

Bobbie: I love you.

Carly: I just wanted them to like me!

Bobbie: I know that.

Carly: No, you don't! You don't! You're mad at me! You want them to send me back!

Bobbie: No, I donít.

Carly: Yes, you do! You know, I -- I don't trust you.

Bobbie: Carly --

Carly: You're just like everybody else.

Bobbie: Carly!

 [Phone rings]

Sonny: What? No, I already searched the gate myself. Carly's not there. You find out whoever was on that gate and find out if they left their post for even five seconds.

Reese: Carly isn't anywhere upstairs.

Sonny: Well, that means Carlyís not on the property, which means she could be anywhere.

Reese: Well, maybe you should file a missing persons report.

Sonny: Why, so the cops can pick Carly up, take her to Shadybrook? I promised her that that would not happen.

Reese: She's obviously confused.

Sonny: You don't think I know that? That's how it starts. You get confused. You don't trust anything, especially yourself. What you know, what you feel -- it all disappears. One minute you feel, you know, you're so strong you can do anything, the next second all you want to do is curl up in a ball. And the worst part is when you realize that you're out of control and everything's just coming down at about 100 miles an hour. That's what's happening to Carly right now. I got to find her.

Reese: Where will you look, Sonny?

Sonny: Well, she's going to go someplace where she feels safe.

Reese: Well, then she'll come here. You make her feel safe.

Sonny: I thought I was getting to her. She fell asleep. She was holding my hand.

Reese: I'll go look for Carly.

Sonny: I tell you what, can you do me a favor, ok? Try your apartment, Jasonís, for sure, Jakeís, because she used to go there when she first came to town.

Reese: Ok. I'm on my way.

Sonny: Ok, listen -- if you find her, don't approach her. You call me. I'll come get her.

Reese: I understand.

Sonny: Thank you.

Max: Hey, there was no sign of Carly anywhere on the grounds.

Sonny: Who was on the gate?

Max: Terry.

Sonny: Did he leave?

Max: Like five minutes maybe.

Sonny: Fire him! I never want to see his lazy, incompetent face again. And if -- and if Carlyís in trouble because he left his post for five seconds, do me -- ok. Do me a favor. Jason's vacation's over. You call him; tell him it's time to get back to work.

Max: You got it.

[Leaves rustle]

Sonny: Carly!

Brook Lynn: This is sick.

Jesse: You canít. It's evidence.

Brook Lynn: No, I know. It's just that I -- I hate that this guy has seen me like that, you know? And now the cops, the cops are going to see --

Maxie: Brook, this sicko wants you to blame yourself. It gives him power over you.

Lucas: I swear to you, Brook, I didn't do this.

Brook Lynn: I know, I just -- oh. I wish I knew who did, you know, because if I did, I would kick him right where my Uncle Mark taught me. I would just --

Jesse: Brook, hey, you need to be prepared. More photos like this, they can turn up anywhere, including the internet.

Brook Lynn: You know, I've always wanted to be a porn star.

Jesse: We'll find this guy and we'll stop him before he hurts you or anyone else.

Mike: Not only is she my daughter, she's married. And her brother is Sonny Corinthos. Now, maybe you've read about him in the newspaper. Some people call him a dangerous criminal. I prefer to think of him as a protective older sibling with a very bad temper.

Courtney: Oh, dad. Dad, that was so mean, not to mention misleading. I mean, I think Sonny could care less whether a high school boy hits on me.

Mike: Since when do you fantasize about eloping with my busboy?

Courtney: Oh, I'm just saying Sonny and I are scratchy on a good day, you know, and now he blames me for seducing perfect Emilyís husband -- which isn't true.

Mike: I know that, princess.

Courtney: Thank you for believing in me. Finally Jax believes me, too. We're back together. And things are going to be even better when the baby comes. I'm going to go say hi.

Mike: Ok.

Courtney: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Courtney: How you feeling?

Elizabeth: Perfectly hydrated, thanks to Lucky. He's been pouring drinks down my throat nonstop.

Lucky: I was about to order you some orange juice.

Elizabeth: There, you see what I mean? Please, sit down.

Courtney: Thanks.

Elizabeth: So I had another ultrasound with Dr. Meadows this morning and she said everything looks perfect.

Courtney: Oh, that's great. I don't know if Jax told you, but we got back together.

Elizabeth: He mentioned last night that he was going to try to work things out with you. I'm really glad he did.

Justus: Hey, what's going on? I got your call.

Jax: You have the P.I. following Courtney?

Justus: Not yet. I wanted to --

Jax: Justus, would you get on this? I asked you to do this. I need you to prove that she's an unfaithful wife and an unfit mother.

Justus: Have you even considered the possibility that your wife might be telling you the truth about the fact that she did not sleep with Nikolas?

Jax: I don't care anymore, ok? Courtney was never committed in this marriage from the start, so I don't owe her anything. As soon as Elizabeth signs over the baby, I'm divorcing Courtney and filing for sole custody of my child.

Bobbie: Reese?

Reese: Hey.

Bobbie: Did Carly come through here?

Reese: You've seen her?

Bobbie: Yeah, I saw her outside Kellyís, and I can't believe they let her check herself out of Shadybrook.

Reese: Carly was never in Shadybrook.

Bobbie: What do you mean? I was there. I talked with the administrator. Great. How much did Sonny pay them to lie?

Reese: All right, you know, Sonny -- he thinks that putting Carly in a mental institution will only make things worse. He wants to take care of her himself.

Bobbie: Well, then why is she out there wandering around all alone?

Reese: Carly ran away.

Bobbie: Oh, well, good, so much for taking care of her.

Reese: Bobbie? You know your daughter. If Carly were capable of making her own decisions, tell me, what do you think she'd want?

Bobbie: Carly would want to stay with Sonny.

Reese: Right, that's what Sonny thinks, too. He's going to find her, and if he doesn't, she'll find her way back to him.

Bobbie: You know, I'm sure you're right about that, because Carly always goes back to Sonny eventually.

Reese: Well, in the meantime, John Durant is involved, so --

Bobbie: Oh, don't worry, I am not going to tell John Durant or anybody else that I saw Carly, but I'm expecting a phone call from Sonny because I want an update on my daughter's condition.

Reese: I'll make sure that he keeps you posted, ok?

Bobbie: Thank you. So, Reese, tell me something -- when you two were girls, was she always this high strung?

Reese: She was Caroline. Anything I could do she could do better, and it wasn't because she was naturally gifted. She just tried harder and she never quit. Anytime she fell, she'd get right back up. She never quit.

Bobbie: Well, maybe that's the problem. My daughter doesn't know how to quit, even when it's driving her crazy.

Reese: Sonny's worried about you, Carly.

Carly: Ok, you know what, you don't know anything about Sonny, and no matter how much you pant after him, you never will.

Reese: He's waiting for you.

Carly: Oh, you know what, you're trying to trick me just like you did when you died, but you didnít.

Reese: Think about it, Carly. What is it that you want? You want to be safe, don't you? You want to go to a place --

Carly: There is no safe place.

Reese: There's home. Let me take you to Sonny, Carly. I'll call him right now. He'll come get you.

Carly: No!

Reese: Carly, don't! Carly, Carly, please don't!

Carly: Get off me!

Reese: Just listen to me, Carly.

Carly: Get off me!

Reese: It's going to be ok.

Jason: Leave her alone.

Carly: Jason, please, you have to get me out of here.

Elizabeth: Think it's possible to overdose on folic acid?

Courtney: Are you sick of orange juice?

Elizabeth: Fortunately, I like it. It's the green, leafy vegetables that I'm less enthusiastic about. But I will eat them because I know they're good for the baby. I'm telling you, though, if this kid is anything like Cameron, he or she better get his nutrients now because once they're out and they have an opinion of their own, it's all about crackers and apple juice.

Lucky: Yeah, that'll be the nanny's problem, right?

Courtney: Oh, I don't think so. No, I am planning to be a full-time mom.

Lucky: Well, Jax is always traveling, you know, going places, buying things. Won't you want to be with him? You won't feel neglected?

Elizabeth: Lucky.

Courtney: Ok, look, I don't know what else I can do, Lucky, besides apologize and tell you that I am committed to being a good wife and mother.

Lucky: I'm sorry. You probably mean what you're saying. It's just I don't think Jax does.

Courtney: Look, I know that this is all weird for all of us, it is, but hopefully in time we'll all be able to just --

Jax: Surprise.

Courtney: Yeah, you could say that.

Jax: I'm glad you're feeling better.

Elizabeth: Yeah, Dr. Meadows says everything's great and I can start work tomorrow.

Jax: Well, I hate to steal her away, but we have plans for this evening.

Elizabeth: Well, good. Enjoy.

Jax: We will. Come on.

Elizabeth and Courtney: Bye.

Jax: Bye.

Lucky: That was laying it on thick, wasn't it?

Elizabeth: Why are you so determined to mistrust him? We all make mistakes, Lucky -- big ones. You did, I did, and we found our way back to each other. I'm sure Jax and Courtney will, too.

Dillon: Georgie, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for going all caveman on you. I'm sorry for dragging you out of the dorms, ok?

Georgie: Dillon, I don't mind it when you're protective. I just really think you're overreacting.

Dillon: I'm not overreacting, Georgie. The guy -- there's a very high likelihood that he goes to P.C.U., There's a very high likelihood that his next victim will be there, and for safety I want you to stay away from there until he's caught. What --

Brook Lynn: Ok, first college resolution -- never drink anything unless it's from a can I open.

Maxie: Look, I know it's scary thinking about people looking at a picture of you naked.

Brook Lynn: I know, but it could be worse, right, right? I mean, well, that's what I just keep telling myself, because if --

[Phone rings]

Maxie: What do you want to bet my dad got the report?

Brook Lynn: No, actually, it's mine and it's a blocked number.

Maxie: You think it's him?

Brook Lynn: Probably calling to see how I like my picture, right?

Maxie: What are we going to tell him? Hello? Well, I hear breathing, so it must be you. Brook got your photo. Is that what you wanted, loser? I mean, you can't get near a girl unless you drug her? Why don't you meet me in the quad in front of the flagpole and we'll see how scary you really are. He hung up.

Brook Lynn: You go, combat girl.

Maxie: Oh, my God, I can't believe I just did that. I just got so mad. Well, if he wasn't coming after me before, he definitely is now.

Sonny: Leave someone to watch Jakeís, check Carlyís mother, and then I'm going to call you --

Reese: I found Carly.

Sonny: I'm going to call you back. What do you mean? Where is she?

Reese: I saw her on the Elm Street Pier.

Sonny: Ok.

Reese: She tried to run from me, we struggled. I would have called you, but she threw my cell phone in the water.

Sonny: You just let her go?

Reese: No, Jason showed up. He pushes me away from Carly, tells me to leave her alone, and then he leaves with her.

Sonny: Ok, if Jasonís with her, then everything should be all right. He'll calm her down.

Reese: He hasn't called?

Sonny: Well, does Jason know that Carlyís sick?

Reese: I don't know. There wasn't much of a conversation. But there seemed like there was something wrong with him.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Reese: He looked at me like he didn't know me, like I was a total stranger.

Jason: All right, you should be ok. You should be ok here.

Carly: Wait, what do you mean? You can't leave.

Jason: I got you away from her. That's the best I can do.

Carly: No, Jason, you have no idea how hard it's been. I can't -- everything is falling apart. Lorenzo kicked me out and Reese is really Charlotte. She says I wrecked her life and Sonny believes her. You're the only one who believes me.

Jason: Just --

Carly: Thank God you're here.

Jason: I don't know you.

Carly: Don't say that. Don't hate me. Don't hate me, Jason.

Jason: I know your name.

Carly: I need you.

Jason: I know your name is Carly and I know that we're supposed to be friends, but something happened to me. I don't remember you.

Carly: How could you? How could you lie?

Jason: No, no, no, there's this picture in my wallet of two little boys. They're your sons, right?

Carly: I'm the liar.

Jason: There's this girl, Sam McCall --

Carly: I'm the one who always lies. You're the one who always tells the truth, Jason. You promised --

Jason: No, I'm just trying to explain that there is something wrong with me, ok?

Carly: No.

Jason: I've been having these headache I can't remember --

Carly: You promised that you would catch me if I was falling. You promised, Jason. And I'm falling now.

Jason: Do you want me to take you someplace?

Carly: I'm falling. My life -- I'm falling!

Jason: Do you want me to take you someplace?

Carly: You know what? You are the liar. You are the liar, and you are the worst kind of liar because you made me believe that I could trust you.

Jason: Ok, just -- let me just take you home, ok?

Carly: No! No! I do not want you to touch me. Get away from me. I can't trust you. I hate you!

Sonny: Carly's in bad shape. He's just trying to calm her down.

Reese: Well, if he doesn't realize that she's having a breakdown --

Sonny: He's going to figure it out. He's helped me through some rough times. He knows exactly what to do.

Reese: Yeah, but honey, he has to realize that you're worried sick.

Sonny: Jason's first priority is to make Carly feel safe, all right? And, you know, he's trying to figure out where that is at the moment, and then he's going to take her there -- her apartment. I got -- I got to go.

Reese: Shouldn't you wait here?

Sonny: I got to find them myself. Listen, thank you, ok, for finding her and coming to me and telling me.

Reese: I just want to help.

Sonny: I know you do, and I appreciate that. And as soon as Carly is better, you and I can get back to, you know, making our plans.

Reese: Be counting on it.

Sonny: All right.

Reese: Home.

Lucky: Hey.

Nikolas: Hey.

Lucky: Elizabeth's going to be back in a couple of minutes.

Nikolas: How's she feeling?

Lucky: Well, you'd never know that she spent the night in a hospital.

Nikolas: That's great.

Lucky: You -- you heard from Emily?

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah, I saw her this morning.

Lucky: And?

Nikolas: She's taking care of Sonny Corinthos' kids, yeah. After months of working around the clock and studying so hard she nearly dropped, she's taking time off to babysit.

Lucky: Well, she is Michaelís godmother.

Nikolas: No, Lucky, she's been avoiding me for months. She wanted out of the marriage. She just didn't have the words to say it.

Lucky: Well, maybe she just needed some room. I mean, she is healing from rape. Just everything doesn't work out to your schedule. You just got out of prison, you tried to reconnect with Emily on your timetable, and you didn't do it on hers.

Nikolas: Whoa, whoa, whoa, I never pushed her, not once.

Lucky: You know what, I never said that's what it was, but you said you felt isolated and lonely, and then Courtney was there.

Nikolas: Yeah, look, that's just not how it was, ok? I like Courtney a lot. She's a good person.

Lucky: All I know is what I see. Emily's loved you since you were kids and you've loved her. So, what? What changed?

Nikolas: Everything.

Courtney: You are pure evil.

Jax: Oh, come on, you know you love it.

Courtney: Yeah, I could easily eat myself into a chocolate coma.

Jax: Well, we wouldn't want that. I may have to ration these.

Courtney: Oh, please, Mr. Willpower. Like you've ever walked away from a dessert in your entire life.

Jax: Oh, come on, really, no, we can put these away right now. I can take you downstairs for a nice healthy meal of broiled fish and steamed vegetables and rice.

Courtney: Oh, really?

Jax: Huh?

Courtney: Yeah, like I said -- pure evil. Hmm.

Jax: Have one.

Courtney: Which one? Oh, my God. Mmm.

Jax: Yeah, they're good, aren't they?

Courtney: Amazing.

Jax: Yeah, they are single-origin chocolates. They're made from cocoa gathered in one place.

Courtney: Where did you find them?

Jax: I was walking past a store in Manhattan that had just opened up and --

Courtney: Mmm.

Jax: Yeah, you know what? I have to take you there next time I go. Oh, unless you want to visit the source.

Courtney: Really? Where's that?

Jax: In Venezuela. It's beautiful there. We could go down there in the winter, spend all of February there. We'd just hang out in the sun while everyone else is in parkas and snow boots.

Courtney: Hmm, yeah, I'd just as soon stay home. You know, I can't wait to hold our little baby in my arms.

Jax: You know, I can -- I can picture you holding our child.

Courtney: We are going to have such a great life, Jax.

Jax: Yeah, you're -- you're going to be a wonderful mother.

Sonny: Jason? If you brought Carly here, tell her I'm not going to send her away. I'm not going to do anything to her. Just want to make sure she's ok.  Carly? The boys are worried about their mama. They just want to make sure their mama's ok.

Lucky: I made Nikolas so mad, he left without even ordering.

Elizabeth: Why are you being so hard on him?

Lucky: Because I want him to be honest with himself and Emily and --

Elizabeth: You can't force them to stay married, Lucky, and maybe, maybe Nikolas actually does have feelings for Courtney.

Lucky: It doesn't matter, right? I mean, Jax, he just showed up in his shining armor, Courtney took him back. I'm sorry. I'm doing it again.

Elizabeth: Look, I know you don't like the guy, but I am carrying his baby, and every time you run him down like this, it makes me uncomfortable.

Lucky: I don't want to make this any tougher on you. I just can't help being cynical.

Elizabeth: Well, everything doesn't always work out for the worst. I mean, look at you. A few months ago, you were in a coma and now you're driving me crazy.

Lucky: Well, I'm sorry.

Elizabeth: Well, crazy in love, that is -- an occasional frustration. No couple was ever farther apart than you and me and we found our way back. I mean, I know Jax and Courtney can do the same.

Lucky: What about Nikolas and Emily?

Elizabeth: They're both really hurt. But deep down, I believe the love is still there. I know, I'm a ridiculous optimist.

Lucky: No, you're beautiful and full of hope. It's two more reasons why I love you. I'm suspicious by nature, and I don't -- I don't trust Jax.

Georgie: I will stay away from P.C.U. if it makes you feel better. But for the record, Brook and Maxie were drugged at the Pizza Shack.

Dillon: How many -- the Pizza Shack is just outside the college, for one thing and, two, that was before school started.

Georgie: Dillon, you have seen way too many thrillers to fall for something that easy. Ok, sure, he could, you know, be the student on the campus or he could just be a guy, a random guy. You know, Dillon, he could be anybody.

Dillon: It's not Lucas.

Georgie: No, no, of course not.

Lucas: The envelope was right here.

Jesse: Do you remember seeing anyone watching you when you picked up the envelope, you know, maybe waiting for you to find it?

Lucas: If I did, don't you think I would tell you? Brook's a friend, Maxieís my cousin. I want to find this guy as badly as you do.

Jesse: Yeah, you keep saying that.

Lucas: I've told you everything I know. You going to arrest me or can I go?

Jesse: Thanks for your cooperation.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Jesse: What's up?

Brook Lynn: Pervo called again.

Jesse: Did he say anything?

Maxie: No, all he did was breathe.

Jesse: Wait, he called you?

Brook Lynn: No, Maxie answered my phone.

Maxie: And I called him a loser and he hung up.

Jesse: Did he know that it was you on the phone?

Maxie: No. Well, I didn't say my name but, I mean, I told him Brook got the picture, so he had to know it wasn't her on the phone.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, but if he lives in the dorm, then he knows that we room together.

Jesse: I'm going to have forensics work on this photo. It's high quality. Whoever this is, they've got an expensive camera.

Diego: Oye, habla Diego. Pasa a mi papa. Como que no esta? No me importa -- encuentralo. Dice todo con el --

Sonny: Where'd your father take Carly?

Alan: Jason. What are you doing here? Wait. Hey, hold on for one second. Hang on. Why were you sitting there?

Jason: I'm sorry, this is the wrong place to start.

Alan: What do you mean?

Jason: This girl. She said I left here because I didn't get along with my family. But I thought -- I thought the house might help me remember. I don't want to go where I live because she lives there, too, and she's looking for me, and I'm just, you know, I'm just trying to figure things out right now, so --

Alan: Oh, oh, oh. Are you talking about Sam?

Jason: Yeah, Sam McCall. She said she's my girlfriend.

Alan: Oh, my God. You don't remember.

Georgie: What do you want to bet Mac will ask Maxie to move back in?

Busboy: You guys all finished?

Georgie: Yeah, sure.

Dillon: Philip, right?

Philip: Yeah, I'm in the class behind you.

Dillon: Yeah.

Philip: Yeah, we're the seniors now, right?

Georgie: Hooray for us.

Philip: Are you going to run for student council?

Georgie: I don't know, probably not.

Philip: You should think about it. I'm looking for a vice president.

Dillon: See, why aren't you running? Why don't you want to run?

Georgie: Dillon, I just -- school's no fun without you. I just kind of want to get my grades and get out.

Dillon: Georgie, that's the whole point of senior year. That's when you make the memories, the best ones that you're going to have in high school. What is -- what? What's going on? What are you --?

Georgie: I'm just feeling kind of dizzy.

Dillon: Dizzy how?

Georgie: I don't know, kind of like I'm floating.

Dillon: Ok, I'm going to get you to the hospital.

Georgie: No, Dillon, it's --

Dillon: No, I don't want you to be drugged like Brook or Maxie.

Georgie: Don't be silly.

Dillon: No, you sit down. You sit down and stay there. I'm going to see if I can borrow Mike's car or something. Stay. Don't --

Justus: Jax. Yeah, I spoke to the P.I. He said he'll start surveillance in the morning.

Jax: Well, now that Elizabeth thinks that Courtney and I are back together, I don't foresee a problem with the surrogacy contract. In the meantime, I've started separating our marital assets.

Justus: Be sure about this, because your wife is going to feel angry and betrayed.

Jax: Well, that's why I have you on retainer, Justus, to protect me and to make sure everything goes smooth with the custody of my child.

Justus: I'll make sure Courtney can't hurt you.

Alan: 10 years ago, you had a terrible accident.

Jason: I have permanent brain damage. She told me that. The doctor doesn't know if that's why I can't remember now.

Alan: What else did she tell you?

Jason: My name used to be Quartermaine. And I changed it to Morgan because I didn't get along with my family. I work for some guy named Sonny Corinthos. He's my best friend.

Alan: No, he's not. He is a liar and a thief. He blackmailed you into working for him. He forced you to leave your family.

Jason: That's not what Sam said.

Alan: Sam is loyal to Sonny. She was his girlfriend before she took up with you. You've got to believe me, Jason, you are better than they are. All these years you've been trying to break free, and you've finally done it.

Jason: No, I'm just trying to remember things right now.

Alan: You are remembering, Jason. That's why you're here. This is your home. We are your family. You are not the killer that Sonny made you. You're my son. You're brilliant and you're gifted --

Jason: I can't remember anything, ok?

Alan: No, no, wait, wait. Please, just wait. I knew that this day would come. Your mind is healing. I'm going to get you the best doctors --

Monica: Alan, did you tell the gardener -- oh, Jason. Hi. Is everything all right?

Alan: Everything's fine. 10 years later, it's all going to be fine. Jason, this is your mother. Our son's come home.

Sonny: How long you been in the house?

Diego: I just got here. I walked in and found you lying on the floor.

Sonny: Where's your father?

Diego: On a business trip. Left yesterday.

Sonny: Don't lie to me.

Diego: It's not a lie. I checked into the dorms at P.C.U. this morning. Forgot some things, came back, and I saw you here.

Sonny: Have you seen Carly?

Diego: Nope.

Sonny: Has your dad mentioned her?

Diego: Yeah, he said they're getting divorced.

Sonny: Where'd he go on this business trip? Ok, Carlyís disappeared. If your father has her, then that's between me and your father. If he doesn't, then we can walk away, no harm done. Unless, of course, I tear your heart out, which I would not hesitate to do if you don't tell me where he went.

Diego: He's in Miami. Trocadero Shores.

Sonny: Go back to school.

Diego: If you hurt my father, I swear to God --

Sonny: I will tell your father that you cooperated, and I'm sure he'd be very pleased with that. Now, get out of here.  Get the jet ready. I'm flying down to Miami. Call Hector Ruiz. No, no, just tell him that I'm not there to interfere with his business. I'm flying down there on a personal matter.

Girl's voice: Caroline, we're going to Sandyís after the game. Meet us at your locker.

Carly: Oh!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Courtney: Does Lucky have a problem?

Elizabeth: He's worried.

Jax: I want a quick, clean divorce.

Nikolas: So Emily asked you to handle our divorce, huh?

Sam: He started having these seizures. We have to find him.

Monica: What's going on?

Alan: He can't remember the past.

Carly: You want to do something bad to me so you can have Sonny.

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