GH Transcript Tuesday 8/30/05

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/30/05


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Jax: Here. Come on.

Courtney: You know, if you feed me like this every morning, I'm going to gain 300 pounds and you're going to drop me flat.

Jax: Don't be silly. There will be more of you to love.

Courtney: You know, Jax, you are such a generous and forgiving man.

Jax: You're my wife. Besides, I'm highly competitive and way too territorial to give up my woman to another man.

Courtney: Ooh, your woman? Oh, that's very alpha male of you.

Jax: You can count on it. I will fiercely fight to the death for what's mine.

Nikolas' voice: Hey, we can't turn back from this, you know that?

Emily's voice: You're different. It's Courtney, isn't it? I'm too late.

Lucky: Hey.

Nikolas: Hey.

Lucky: You expecting to run into Courtney again?

Nikolas: No, Lucky, I'm not. But I'd be a liar if I said I didn't want to. I can't get her out of my head.

Maxie: Well, this is interesting. I know P.C.U. is progressive, but coed dorm rooms?

Jesse: What are you talking about?

Maxie: Oh, we're going to be living together.

Michael: Get the ball, Morgan.

Emily: Sonny. Hi.

Sonny: How's the guesthouse? Ok for you?

Emily: Oh, it's perfect. I don't know how I can ever repay you.

Sonny: I do. I need to ask you a favor.

Emily: Sure. What is it?

Sonny: My boys, you know, they need to know that their world is ok and that everything's under control.

Emily: Something's wrong. I can tell. Anything you say to me will remain between us.

Sonny: Their mother -- she's in trouble, and I think she's -- she's having a breakdown. And I recognize it, and Michael should never see her like that.

Emily: Where is she?

Sonny: She's upstairs in the main house. I brought her here last night.

Carly: Put that down and get out of my house.

Courtney: Good morning.

Jax: Hey.

Courtney: Hey, what do you say we order dinner in, just the two of us?

Jax: Well, I was actually thinking we could go out, just the two of us.

Courtney: Really? What are we celebrating?

Jax: Getting past the first speed bump in our marriage.

Courtney: That works for me.

Jax: Ok.

Courtney: Ok, so why don't you pick out the restaurant and I will come on home just as soon as I finish my foundation business.

Jax: Have a lovely day, Mrs. Jacks.

Courtney: Bye, honey.

Jax: Bye.

Courtney: Hi, Justus.

Justus: Hey, Courtney.

Courtney: Bye, Justus.

Justus: Ok.

Jax: Come on in.

Justus: Wow. Nice to see you and Courtney back on track, huh?

Jax: I'm waiting her out until my child is born and delivered into my arms, and then my marriage is over.

Nikolas: We were all there at Wyndermere together. Emily somehow sensed the connection, I guess, whatever it is, between Courtney and I, and then Courtney started denying everything left and right. It was just -- Lucky, it was impossible for me to hide something that was clearly obvious.

Lucky: You've got to show some sense of self-control. Emily deserves that. She supported you through one crisis after another.

Nikolas: Yeah, and damn it, I did the same for her. And anyways, I don't think it's about Emily.

Lucky: Emily was raped --

Nikolas: I know that.

Lucky: Trying to get you out of prison, and this is her reward, you obsessed by another woman?

Nikolas: Lucky, listen, it's not that simple, ok? I have tried to love my wife and she kept pushing me away over and over again.

Lucky: I thought you promised to wait for her.

Nikolas: I did. I know I did, ok? I intended to hold on to Emily, to be whatever she needed me to be. Ok? I wanted nothing more than for her to feel safe with me, ok, and if that meant just holding her, great. If that meant giving her space, I could do that, too. She could rant and rave or stay silent. It didn't matter, I was ready for anything. But you know what, what I got was nothing. Ok? She didn't need me anymore.

Lucky: Nikolas, this isn't about you.

Nikolas: That's exactly my point. I -- I became so overwhelmed by how lonely I was going to be in that marriage. And then there she was. I mean, there came Courtney, as alone and feeling as irrelevant as I did. I didn't want to have feelings for her, ok? She certainly didn't need me complicating her life. But I don't know. We started something together that just took on a life of its own.

Lucky: Which takes us right back to self-control.

Nikolas: Self-control? I -- I can do that. I can have self-control. I can deny myself. I can ignore Courtney forever. It's not going to change what I feel about her.

Sonny: You didn't hear the gunshots last night?

Emily: Carly tried to shoot you?

Sonny: No, no, she was shooting at the pictures and the furniture. The cops came in and --

Emily: Oh, my God.

Sonny: They wanted to take her to a psych ward or maybe lock her up in an institution. I can't do that to her.

Emily: Sonny, are you sure you can handle her here? I mean, if Carly needs help --

Sonny: No, no, Carly would never make it in a mental hospital. The minute she wakes up strapped to a bed with, you know, people all around her shooting her up with drugs -- she prevented me from that hell. I can't do that to her.

Emily: Of course you can’t. Yeah, I'd love it if the boys stayed with me in the guesthouse. There's plenty of room even for Leticia when she gets back, and it'd be easier on everyone.

Sonny: It'll be for a little while because she just needs some quiet, no stress, and it's just very important that the boys are close by, you know, just when, you know --

Emily: When she's ready?

Sonny: Yeah, when she's ready. Just a couple days.

Emily: Yeah, well, you know, we can play it by ear. It's not like I have any great plans.

Sonny: I don't want anybody to know about this.

Emily: Then no one will.

Ric: Something wrong?

Alexis: It's Tuesday. I have to take Kristina to Sonny’s.

Ric: No, you don't have to take her.

Alexis: You'll take her? Thank you, thank you. You're such a sweet man.

Ric: No --

Alexis: You know I get hives when I pull up in his driveway.

Ric: No, no, what I mean is that Kristina doesn't have to go today.

Alexis: Yes, she does, because we agreed we were actually truly being nice to each other.

Ric: No, Kristina’s visitations have been temporarily suspended.

Alexis: What's he been arrested for now?

Ric: He's not been arrested for anything, Alexis. He's not even under suspicion of anything.

Alexis: Well, then I'm going to have to take her because we agreed, so --

Ric: He changed his mind, ok? Michael's been under a lot of -- a lot of stress and a lot of emotional distress since his kidnapping. Sonny just wants to spend as much time with his son as possible for a while.

Alexis: Oh, ok. What aren't you really telling me?

Carly: You shouldn't be here.

Reese: I'm looking for Sonny.

Carly: No, I mean here, in Port Charles, on planet earth. You're dead, and you've been dead for a long, long time, and dead women don't steal husbands or babies or knickknacks. You can't have this.

Reese: I don't want it, Carly.

Carly: Of course you do. Sonny loves it. Of course you want it. But you can't have it.

Reese: Caroline, don't get worked up.

Carly: There, it's settled. And don't call me Caroline.

Reese: I'm sorry.  It's what I'm used to.

Carly: Well, get unused to it. I'm Carly and you're Reese. Reese Marshall. I don't even know you.

Reese: I don't want to hurt you, Carly.

Carly: I know what you want, ok? You want to take what's mine. You want to take everything that I love. All of this -- I worked hard for it! You can't have it!

Reese: Ok, you did a fantastic job here. This is a really, really special place.

Carly: Ok, you know what, you're lying. You were so much easier when you stayed dead. I wish you could've just stayed that way!

Sonny: Carly --

Carly: God!

Sonny: Wait, wait! Don’t. It's ok.

Lucas: Wow, freshman orientation. That's like one long party.

Dillon: Come on, it's college without the classes. That's what it is. It's a chance to check out the competition, to bond with the class of 2009. You really don't -- ok.

Bobbie: Hey, guys. Hey, ready when you are.

Lucas: Ready for what?

Bobbie: Lucas, I want to go to your first orientation.

Lucas: To quote my seriously out-of-touch father, "when pigs fly."

Bobbie: All of the out-of-town parents go.

Lucas: That's because the out-of-town students know that as soon as orientation's over, their parents actually leave town.

Bobbie: Well, I don't see what the big deal is.

Lucas: Fine. Go. But let me know how it goes because I'm passing on the whole thing. I'll see you back at the dorm.

Bobbie: See that surly stranger? I used to change his diapers.

Dillon: Ha!

Georgie: You know, Mac always said you never really know how they're going to turn out -- but he normally looks at Maxie when he says that.

Dillon: Yeah, well, imagine how I feel. That surly stranger is my new roommate.

Bobbie: Are you kidding me? He never said a word to me.

Dillon: Really?

Bobbie: Well, that's great. I mean, you know what, I'm really glad that you're going to be his roommate because he is a loner and he's very secretive and you could make sure that he doesn't isolate himself too much.

Dillon: I'm going to be a little busy.

Bobbie: Yeah, I'm sure you are, so you know what, I'll let you off the hook. Do me a favor though -- keep an eye on him, and if there's ever anything that you think you need to discuss with me, you know where to find me.

Dillon: Wow.

Georgie: Yeah.

Dillon: I'm going to get going. Yeah, never too early to start selling out your friend.

Man: So, I solved the mystery of how you two got paired up.

Jesse: Oh, yeah?

Maxie: Fate.

Man: Not quite. Apparently, somebody thought that Jesse was a girl's name, or Maxie was a boy’s. Look, I'm going to do my best to get you assigned to a room on this floor, ok?

Jesse: Cool, man. Thanks.

Man: Yeah, man.

Jesse: Appreciate it.

Man: No problem.

Maxie: Well, at least you're going to be on the same floor as me, and that is better than nothing.

Jesse: Maxie, let's not lose sight of why I'm here.

Maxie: I know, I know. If anybody tries to slip me, Brook, or anyone else a roofie, you're going to nail them, and you're going to watch my back, which I hear is pretty cute. What do you think?

Jesse: You know what I think.

Maxie: Good answer. Collect your prize.

Ric: Look, I explained to Sonny in the nicest, most supportive way possible that the rigorous terms of his visitations with Kristina is putting undue pressure and stress on my wife.

Alexis: Still lying.

Ric: Excuse me?

Alexis: First it's Michael, then it's your poor pregnant wife. Can't wait to hear what the next one is.

Ric: Ok, Alexis, you know so much, why don't you tell me?

Alexis: If history is any teacher, maybe he's trying to trap me, set me up, make me look like I'm violating visitation --

Ric: No, it's not a trap, Alexis, ok? I'll even get you a letter of release from him.

Alexis: Aha! More convincing evidence that there's something more to this than meets the eye.

Ric: Please listen to me.

Alexis: What?

Ric: Can you please just be grateful that you got your way for once, ok? Good. You're welcome.

Alexis: Yeah, ok.

Ric: I got to go. I'll call you.

Alexis: Ok.  Hey.

Lucky: Hey. What's up?

Alexis: Whoa. Have you heard anything about Sonny at the PCPD? Any rumors about him going on right now?

Lucky: That rumor is what?

Alexis: More than usual aberrant behavior, something to explain that?

Lucky: Well, how aberrant?

Alexis: He's being nice, he's being really nice, and that's always a really bad sign. He doesn't want his visitation with Kristina.

Lucky: It must be Carly. I guess you haven't seen the paper yet. Page seven. My cousin had a meltdown last night. Carly got committed to Shadybrook. So I guess Sonny has a lot of other things on his mind.

Alexis: Oh, oh. I'm sorry.

Lucky: It's ok.

Sonny: Carly. Carly, Carly --

Carly: Sonny, Reese -- Reese is dangerous! She's coming after me!

Sonny: Nobody's coming after you, Carly.

Carly: No, no, no, I'm telling you, she waited all these years to come after me. She thinks I destroyed her family, but I didn't, I swear! Her father told me they were already broken! I -- I promise you, he said that nobody loved anybody in that house!

Sonny: Sit down, sit down. Sit down. Listen to me, ok? It's not your fault.

Carly: No, but at least -- at least he protected her! Nobody ever protected me! Except you.

Sonny: Listen to me --

Carly: This is the only safe place.

Sonny: You're safe, you're safe with me, ok? You're safe with me, all right? You are the mother of my sons. No one's going to touch you as long as I'm alive. Do you understand that? I will protect you till the day I die. Do you get what I'm -- Carly, listen to -- listen to me, ok? Do you understand what I'm saying?

Carly: You'll protect me?

Sonny: I will protect you and we're going to get through this.

Carly: I'm safe.

Sonny: Because --

Carly: I'm safe.

Sonny: You are safe. Come here.

Maxie: Oh.

Jesse: Oh.

Maxie: Here come Dillon and Lucas. This is a test. Please be friendly and normal.

Jesse: Like they are. Right.

Maxie: Hi, guys.

Dillon: Hey.

Maxie: Can you believe it? We're in college.

Lucas: Yeah. I almost dropped out.

Dillon: Yeah, because his mom wanted to crash the orientation.

Maxie: Ew.

Lucas and Dillon: Yeah.

Dillon: But, no, she calmed down once she found out that I was his roommate and, apparently, keeper.

Lucas: Yeah, he's the responsible one.

Dillon: Hey, speaking of keepers --

Maxie: Hey, undercover means nobody's supposed to know, so let's try and be discrete, ok?

Dillon: Sorry!

Maxie: So Jesse and I got assigned to the same room.

Lucas: What? Can they do that?

Jesse: It was a mistake.

Maxie: Yeah, they thought he was a girl. We were this close to a semester of nirvana.

Jesse: Yeah, so they switched me with some guy named Diego.

Diego: Hello, children.

Dillon: Bummer.

Diego: Oh, so this is where the fiesta's at. What's going on?

Dillon: What is -- are you for real?

Diego: What? Oh, him?

Dillon: That, yeah.

Diego: Well, yeah, my father insisted, and I wasn't going to fight him. I've been poor. This is so much better.

Lucas: Sweet.

Dillon: Wow.

Maxie: So, Diego, the good news is we're all on the same floor. Bad news, no maid service. But because of your special needs, the school has provided you with your own personal valet. You remember Jesse, right?

Emily: Hi.

Nikolas: Hi. Michael.

Michael: Hello.

Nikolas: No work today?

Emily: Took a couple of days off.

Nikolas: Oh. Hospital won't fall apart without you?

Michael: Oh, my dad asked. He would've taken me --

Emily: Hey, Michael, listen, we really don't need to talk about that. Why don't you go inside and get yourself an ice cream?

Michael: Ok.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Wow. It's only been 24 hours since you walked out of our marriage and you've already got a whole new set of priorities, babysitting Sonny's kids, keeping his secrets. What didn't you want him to tell me?

Emily: I don't want to talk about this here.

Nikolas: Well, I mean, I'm just curious. It seems that Sonny and Jason tell you to jump and you ask how high.

Emily: Jason's out of town.

Nikolas: Yeah, yet there's not one sacrifice that you wouldn't make for him or for Sonny. Tell me, how did they win the Emily sweepstakes and I got left out in the cold?

Ric: I take it things didn't go that well at Sonny's?

Reese: You know, when my son died, I thought I would lose my mind, but I never lost it the way Carly has.

Ric: Did she know who you were?

Reese: Oh, yeah, you bet. She went straight for my jugular. You know, I know I'm supposed to have compassion here, but I just -- I'm truly amazed at how she managed this, Ric. Even in the middle of a psychotic episode, Carly still gets her way.

Carly: I don't -- I don't understand what's happening to me or what I'm supposed to do.

Sonny: Listen to me, ok? Nothing. Look at me. You just got to rest a little bit, ok, and then I'm going to take care of you.

Carly: But you're mad at me.

Sonny: I am not mad at you.

Carly: Yes, you are, and so are Michael and Morgan. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, I don't want them to see me like this. What will they think?

Sonny: They're going to think that their mother's not feeling well and their father's going to do whatever he can to make her feel better. Meantime, Michael and Morgan are staying in the gatehouse with Emily and Leticia.

Carly: Oh, good. That means they're close.  Sonny? I have thoughts. Bad thoughts.

Sonny: I know you do.

Carly: And we have to keep the boys safe.

Sonny: The boys are safe, ok? The boys are going to be fine. And so are you, I promise.

Carly: You're such a good dad. I wish I had a dad like you.

Emily: Jason and Sonny treat me with respect and they tell me the truth.

Nikolas: I tried that. It didn't really work out so well.

Emily: When they need help, they ask. It doesn't get any simpler than that. Sonny needed help with Morgan and Michael today.

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah, and somehow you managed to free up your schedule and make time for them, didn't you?

Emily: No, Nikolas, I'm not going to apologize for spending time with my little nephews but, you know, if you're looking for someone to blame for the failure of our marriage then, you know, I'll volunteer. I mean, between the rape, hospital duty, med school, my obvious blind devotion, as you say, for my brother and his crew, I, you know, pushed you right into Courtney’s arms.

Nikolas: You didn't want me in your life, Emily.

Emily: Nikolas, if that's the way you see it, then I'm not going to argue with you. The bottom line is our marriage is over. You were wronged, I was betrayed, and that pretty much leaves us with nowhere to go.

Nikolas: You know what, it's just --

Michael: Here you go.

Emily: Thanks, sweetie. Oh. Ok, we should go. Come on.

Jax: Nikolas.

Nikolas: Oh. What?

Jax: Don't even think about crawling after Courtney.

Nikolas: Courtney? Where do you come up with this stuff, really?

Jax: No, I'm just saying that if you go after my wife, I'll break you in two.

Nikolas: I don't think you have what it takes to break me, and Courtney can speak for herself.

Jax: She already has.

Nikolas: Great. That's -- that's great. So leave me the hell alone.

Ric: Listen, you're not thinking that Carly’s faking the breakdown?

Reese: You know, honestly, at first, I thought she was. But no, this is too intense, it's real.

Ric: Yeah, that's the irony, I guess, huh? Carly completely unravels and she gets exactly what she wants -- Sonny's undivided attention and a bottomless pit of sympathy. Reese, I think you should know that Sonny's primary goal is keeping her out of an institution.

Reese: Well, what about those poor boys? If their mother loses it, what's going to happen to them?

Ric: Ok, all the more reason that Sonny has to see Carly through this. I know, unfortunately, it does throw a wrench in your future plans with Sonny.

Reese: Oh, yeah. I won't be moving in with Sonny until Carly’s back to normal. You know, Ric, I understand why he needs to do this, and I really admire him for being there for Carly when she needs him the most. But if Sonny and I have to grind to a halt at this point in our relationship, we may never get it back.

Sonny: You'll be surrounded by all of Michael’s things, all right? It'll make you feel a lot better, help you out. There you go.

Carly: What if Michael comes in here? He'll be so upset to see me like this.

Sonny: No, you don't remember, I told you? Michael and Morgan are with Leticia and Emily at the guesthouse.

Carly: Oh, good. Oh, that's nice. That's good. Sonny? Are you afraid I'll hurt them?

Sonny: No.

Carly: Are you sure? I mean, we could lock the door.

Sonny: You want me to lock you in?

Carly: No, no.

Sonny: Ok.

Carly: I don't know. No. I just -- I don't know, it's all mixed up. I just don't want Michael to see me --

Sonny: Ok, you know what we're going to do?

Carly: Like this.

Sonny: I know, I know. You know what we're going to do? I'm going to tell Michael that you're resting, ok, and he'll be just down the driveway. You can overlook the pool, the playground, the whole thing. You can hear them, you know, laughing, you can -- playing in the pool, whatever you want. All you got to do is get up, come over here. If you want, you know. It's up to you.

Carly: Sonny? Close the curtains.

Sonny: You think you can sleep? Because it'll be good for you. Huh?

Carly: I don't know. I don't know, I just -- it's just all mixed up. You know, I don't know what's real and what's not or what's just in my head.

Sonny: I know, I know. Listen to me, ok? You just go ahead and tell me what you want.

Carly: I don't want to go to Shadybrook.

Sonny: You think -- you think I'd send you there after the way you saved my life?

Carly: You remember that, don't you?

Sonny: Every second.

Carly: Me, too. You cried like a baby. And I held you in my arms.

Sonny: I was scared.

Carly: I know.

[Sonny laughs]

Carly: You know, you told me things, how you felt. And I'll never -- I'll never forget that, till the day I die. You told me you were afraid of losing yourself. That you would disappear into a black, bottomless pit. That you were angry. And you were -- you wanted to hurt the people that cared about you. And you told me -- oh God, that when you felt out of control, you felt free.

Sonny: And that's how you felt, right, downstairs with Reese, like you can say, do anything, and nobody can touch you, huh?

Carly: Hmm. You told me. I never really understood it until now.  You cried like a little boy. And I held on to you for dear life.

Sonny: You were my anchor, ok? Now it's my turn.

Alexis: Mac Scorpio, please. Ok.

Emily: How's Carly doing?

Sonny: I think it's worse than we thought. I know I told you it was only going to be for a couple days --

Emily: I'm not going anywhere, Sonny; I mean it.  As long as you're ok with me being here.

Sonny: Yeah. It's the greatest thing.

Emily: Ok. And between me and Leticia, we'll make sure that Morgan and Michael get all the love and attention they need. You just worry about Carly.

Michael: Hey.

Sonny: So your brother's asleep?

Michael: I think I bored him to death.

Sonny: How do you like the guesthouse?

Michael: It's nice. It's like a mini version of our house.

Sonny: Ok, I got a big favor to ask you, buddy.

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: Your mama's not feeling very well right now.

Michael: Does she have a cold?

Sonny: No, no. It's a little -- a little more complicated than that. She's got -- she's not feeling very well in her head a little bit, ok, and things are mixed up.

Michael: Well, I think I know what you mean. She was acting kind of weird the other day.

Sonny: She was?

Michael: Yeah, just for a few minutes. I wasn't scared or anything.

Sonny: That's because you're a brave little boy.

Michael: Ok, what's the big favor?

Sonny: Ok, your mama needs some peace and quiet, but she still wants to have you boys close by, ok, because she needs, you know -- just in case you -- she wants to see you or something, you know what I mean? So I'm going to have you stay -- you and Morgan with Emily in the guesthouse.

Emily: Listen, Michael -- listen, what your mom needs now is for you to teach Morgan how to play catch and do that puzzle with all the animals, and she needs you to run hard and jump high and be a kid without a worry in the world.

Sonny: What do you say, Michael? Can you do that for me and your mama?

Michael: Sure. But can you tell mom that Morgan and I love her?

Sonny: She already knows that, but I'll go ahead and tell her again, ok?

Michael: Thanks.

Sonny's voice: To my beautiful, precious bride.

Reese: Oh, and to my loving and devoted and extremely handsome husband.

[Glasses clink]

Carly: Sonny, no. Don't you dare.

Michael: What about me?

Sonny: To my best -- no. To the best little man in the whole world.

Carly: Michael, Michael, come to your mother. Morgan?

Sonny: Now guess what.

Carly: Michael?

Sonny: Reese has a surprise.

Michael: I love surprises.

Reese: You do?

Sonny: You know what, she wants you to call her "mommy."

Carly: No!

Sonny: You ok?

Reese: Yeah.

Sonny: I -- I apologize for all this.

Reese: Michael and Morgan need their mother to be well. That's -- that's the most important thing.

Sonny: I got to do this for Carly.

Reese: I understand that you need to see her through this. But I don't suppose maybe a hospital or --

Sonny: Absolutely not. Carly's not going to a mental hospital.

Reese: Well, she's going to need round-the-clock care. So obviously I won't be moving in here.

Sonny: It's not a great way to start a relationship, is it?

Reese: So where does that leave us?

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Dillon: What's up, chica? You check your room card yet?

Brook Lynn: Uh-uh, not yet.

Dillon: No?

Brook Lynn: Uh-uh.

Dillon: You drew Maxie.

Brook Lynn: Ok, Dillon, that is so not funny. I don't -- no, seriously --

Dillon: I'm not kidding with you, you drew Maxie.

Brook Lynn: Wait, really? Oh, God. I hate this already.

Dillon: You know what? Take it up with the resident advisor. Seth.

Seth: Dillon.

Dillon: Hey, how are you?

Seth: Good, buddy. How you doing?

Dillon: Good.

Seth: Good.

Dillon: Seth is his name.

Brook Lynn: Mm-hmm, Seth.

Dillon: Yes, and he is so much older than you.

Brook Lynn: Oh, Dillon.

Dillon: Did I mention that?

Brook Lynn: Age is only a number.

Dillon: And you are only looking for so much trouble.

Brook Lynn: Seth?

Dillon: Seth. Go.

Brook Lynn: Hmm, Seth.

Jesse: Too bad we couldn't have stayed roommates.

Maxie: Oh, you're just saying that because you hate Diego.

Jesse: I'm saying that because I suddenly pictured you studying in your shorty pajamas and I realized what I'd be missing.

Maxie: Who said I wear pajamas?

Jesse: Hmm.  What's that?

Maxie: It's probably another class schedule.  Oh, my God.

Lucas: What the --

Nikolas: Hey, wait. Hey. Is this how it's going to be? Every time we see each other, you run like hell? We can't even be friends?

Courtney: Nikolas, Jax has about a million reasons not to forgive me, but he has anyway and he's taken me back. So in fairness to him, to me, the least I can do is not compromise our reunion by spending time with you.

Nikolas: Did he ask you to avoid me?

Courtney: Look, it's my commitment to my marriage, Nikolas. Come on, I owe Jax at least that much. So look, if you care about me in the least, you will respect that choice.

Nikolas: Fine, I'll do whatever you want, if you answer me one question. Are you still in love with him?

Sonny: I want you to live here with me. But you're right, I can't have you move in and Carly’s in there, you know what I mean? But we can postpone it for a little while, if you're willing. Now, I understand if you can't because I'm asking a lot. But Carly, you know, I mean, she's going to be here temporarily, and then once she's functioning, we can go back to where we were.

Reese: Sonny, what if she never gets better?

Sonny: We're not going to talk about that. She's going to get better. And then you and I can go back, you know, to our lives, and you're who I want to be with.

Reese: I know.

Sonny: But I want to be clear with you here. You got to understand that I'm committed to taking care of Carly the way she took care of me. It's very important.

Reese: And I respect that more than you know. I just have to tell you that seeing Carly that way is really hard to take, so I can only imagine what it's doing to you. And while you're supporting Carly, I will support you in any way that you'll let me.

Sonny: Thank you.

Ric: Whatever I did was not to protect my brother. I owe Sonny this. Hey, I owe Carly this and way more.

Alexis: Because of what you did to her when she was pregnant with Morgan? I get that. That was pretty bad. How long do you think you need to atone for that?

Ric: Well, forever.

Alexis: You might have been better off accepting your punishment when that happened and gone to jail because you're going to spend the rest of your life feeling indebted to her.

Ric: Alexis, Sonny's going to handle Carly’s breakdown the way he sees fit.

Alexis: Why didn't you tell me that? Why couldn't you tell me that?

Ric: I gave you plausible deniability. Still going to call the police?

Alexis: No, I'm not going to call the police. I think you're risking way too much, beyond any professional oaths and obligations. My personal feelings aside, Carly’s in trouble, Sonny wants to help her, let him handle it.

Ric: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Alexis: From what I understand, she is out of control and delusional. I just hope that she doesn't run off and kill anyone.

Sonny: Carly?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jesse: Lucas is the one who drugged you. You slid that envelope under Brook Lynn’s door.

Carly: Sonny doesn't want me anymore. He's with her now.

Sonny: Carly left the house. I got to find her.

Courtney: I love Jax.

Nikolas: Or do you think that you should love him?

Jax: Would you get on this? Prove she's an unfit mother.

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