GH Transcript Wednesday 8/24/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/24/05


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Emily: Michael.

Michael: Hey.

Emily: Hey. What are you doing outside after dark?

Michael: Just looking for constellations.

Emily: Nikolas -- Nikolas is better at constellations than I am, but I'll try to help.

Michael: Are you ok?

Emily: Yeah, I'm fine, sweetie.

Michael: Dad says that you're living in the guesthouse.

Emily: Yeah, well, for a while, anyway.

Michael: Is it because you and Nikolas are getting a divorce?

Courtney: God, we have to stop meeting each other like this.

Lucky: I'm sure glad you two aren't having an affair. I mean, because that would just mess up everything for everybody, wouldn't it?

Courtney: We aren't sleeping together, Lucky.

Lucky: 10 seconds ago, you were telling me how devastated you were about your breakup with Emily, and now -- are you really that hung up on her, or is Courtney just great in bed?

Jax: Thanks for coming.

Elizabeth: Well, you seemed surprisingly friendly on the phone.

Jax: I think it's time to reconsider all of our options. Sparkling cider? To better days for all of us.

Elizabeth: Did you work things out with Courtney?

Jax: I asked you here to discuss the baby, not Courtney.

Elizabeth: Courtney's as much a part of this as we are.

Jax: In one scenario, yes, but there are others.

Elizabeth: I don't feel comfortable discussing this without Lucky here.

Jax: He wants to marry you before the baby's born, doesn't he?

Elizabeth: Why do you always think the worst of him?

Jax: I think I may have a better offer.

Sam: Jason? Jason? Hey. Hey, are you ok?

Jason: Yeah, I'm fine. Did you get any sleep?

Sam: A little bit, yeah.

Jason: Are we being followed?

Sam: I don't think so.

Jason: How long until we're back to Port Charles?

Sam: You know you've been sleeping all day? And I've never seen you do that before. Something is very wrong with you, Jason, and I am not leaving this room until you tell me what's going on.

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Maxie: Did you get your class schedule?

Dillon: 15 hours plus a lab.

Maxie: Ugh. I have a lot, too, but two of my classes don't start until noon.

Dillon: Sweet.

Maxie: Hey, does Principal Halloran still wait outside the school at 7:30 every morning?

Georgie: Yes.

Dillon: World's weirdest high school principal ever.

Maxie: Seriously, I heard he's making the seniors swim first period this year.

Georgie: Yes.

Maxie: Hey, did you hear that P.C.U.'s opening a new coffeehouse in the art building?

Dillon: Triple espresso for a buck.

Maxie: Doesn't that sound great?

Georgie: Yes!

Dillon: We're doing it again, aren't we?

Georgie: Yes.

Dillon and Maxie: Aw.

Maxie: Georgie, you only have one more year of high school left.

Dillon: And it'll go by like nothing.

Maxie: Yeah, and then you're going to be a sophisticated college kid just like we are.

Jesse: What the hell are you doing here at night?

Maxie: Um, eating pizza.

Jesse: Don't any of you realize what's going on? Maxie's life is in danger.

Michael: I don't get why people get married. They always get divorced.

Emily: Not always.

Michael: Well, most of the time.

Emily: Michael, some people never break up. Their marriages last a lifetime.

Michael: Like whose marriages?

Emily: Edward and Lila, your great-grandparents.

Michael: Ok. Who else?

Emily: Alan and Monica have been married for years and years. Although, maybe they're not the best example. But sometimes marriages can be good, even if they don't last forever.

Michael: That's what parents say to kids.

Emily: If Sonny and Carly never got married, Sonny wouldn't be your dad.

Michael: I still want them to be married.

Emily: I know. But sometimes people change, you know, they -- they grow apart.

Michael: I'm growing, but I love the people I love. Why can't people who get married do that?

Emily: It's different. Sometimes people have problems that are so big that it takes too much energy to solve them.

Michael: So they get divorced because it's easier?

Emily: Right.

Nikolas: I understand that you're upset, Lucky, but that doesn't give you a free pass to insult Courtney whenever --

Lucky: No, I'm just to figure this out. Why'd you even bother showing up at my apartment saying you wanted a family with Jax, blaming Elizabeth for everything?

Courtney: I never went to bed with Nikolas.

Lucky: Oh, yeah, you don't even need a bed when you got a pier. You know what, if the kiss that Elizabeth saw was anything like the one I witnessed, she didn't exaggerate about a damn thing!

Nikolas: Would you relax? Come on.

Courtney: You just want me back together with Jax because you want Elizabeth to give up the baby as planned and us to just all go away.

Lucky: Wasn't that the whole point of the surrogacy thing anyway that you and Jax wanted so badly?

Courtney: Yes, I did --

Lucky: Emily has been my best friend since I was 12 years old, all right? She is dealing with a very difficult situation, and she doesn't need to see you making out on the pier with her husband.

Nikolas: You're not helping matters any.

Lucky: Elizabeth turned her world upside down to give you a child you don't even want.

Courtney: I want that child, Lucky.

Lucky: Not as bad as --

Nikolas: Stop just for one second, ok? We get that you and Elizabeth and Jax and Emily are all hurting, ok? But guess what -- Courtney and I are hurting, too.

Lucky: You forgot to mention who will be hurt the most -- the baby. It's not even born yet.

Nikolas: I'm sorry.

Courtney: No, no. You know, Lucky's right, Nikolas. You and I have done a lot of damage, but the worst part is the way we've trashed what was supposed to be that baby's family.

Jax: If you honor the terms of the surrogacy agreement as written and you don't get married before my child is born, I'll pay for Cameronís entire education, from kindergarten all the way through college. Whatever he wants to do -- law school or med school, I'll pay for everything -- books, tuition, travel expenses, room and board. I'll cover it all.

Elizabeth: Sounds like a bribe.

Jax: It's -- no, it's not a bribe, it's an incentive.

Elizabeth: Jax, I believe you're a good person. I mean, you've been extremely kind and generous to me. You've taken me in after the fire; you rebuilt Lucky's and my apartment. You have made me feel like the most important woman in the world.

Jax: Then what's the problem?

Elizabeth: I agreed to be a surrogate for a couple -- a man and a woman who were happily married, not some rich playboy who's dealing with a divorce.

Jax: If you think that I'm going to treat this child as some kind of hobby, someone I'll see twice a year and then hand off to be raised by nannies, you're absolutely wrong. I will love this child. I already do.

Elizabeth: I know, but ideally, a child should have two parents who love each other.

Jax: If you marry Lucky, then --

Elizabeth: Ok, ok, we all know you have plenty of lawyers and endless resources and, yes, you can make my life hell if you choose, but it won't do the baby any good.

Jax: Ok, fine, you know what, then let's -- let's work out a parenting arrangement that will work for both of us.

Elizabeth: Oh. You mean without Courtney?

Jax: Yes, without Courtney.

Elizabeth: If you love this baby like you say you do, you're going to find a way to work past this misunderstanding with your wife.

Jax: She's in love with Nikolas. Am I supposed to just ignore that?

Elizabeth: I know Nikolas. If he said they didn't sleep together, then they didn't sleep together. They made a mistake, they realized it, and then they backed off. Maybe you should try doing the same.

Jax: By ignoring what happened?

Elizabeth: No, by dealing with it instead of jumping to a divorce. Nikolas and Emily have been my best friends for years. I know they're going to work through this. And Courtney -- she's going to be an amazing mother, and she loves you.

Jax: Well, she has an odd way of showing it.

Elizabeth: You can still have everything you want. You just have to swallow your pride and work things out with Courtney honestly.

Jax: I'm afraid it's not that simple.

Elizabeth: Oh, but it is. Jax, I don't want to fight with you. But if you and Courtney don't work things out, I'm going to take you to court and fight for custody of this child.

Jax: You can come out now. Did you hear all that?

Justus: Every word.

Jax: Then we have our work cut out for us, don't we?

Sam: You blacked out on the island, remember? You fell on top of Andrew.

Jason: Yeah, I remember.

Sam: Hey, are you ok?

Jason: Yes, I'm fine. I'm fine. I was chained to a pipe in a wine cellar and I barely ate. I'm fine.

Sam: What is wrong with you? Jason?

Maxie: You know, your face gets kind of red when you're mad. It almost makes your eyes seem bluer.

Jesse: Somebody slipped a pill into your soda here just a couple nights ago, and you act like it's nothing.

Maxie: I know all of this, Jesse. He drugged four girls, including me and Brook.

Jesse: Yes, but you don't fit the pattern, Maxie.

Maxie: Yes, because I didn't disappear for hours like the rest of them.

Jesse: We're trying to figure out what this guy's doing to these girls.

Maxie: Jesse, the guy is calling me and telling me that I owe him. I am not going to forget that.

Jesse: Then what are you doing here after dark?

Maxie: I'm scared, ok? Is that what you want to hear?

Jesse: Look, the guy hangs out here.

Maxie: Well, he's not here right now. And aren't you the one that said I shouldn't change how I live my life because of this?

Dillon: Ooh, point for Maxie.

Maxie: Oh, my God. What are you guys still doing here?

Dillon: What?

Georgie: What? Dillon's helping me close up.

Maxie: Yeah, but you're done and Doug is on his way here.

Georgie: Oh, but I don't mind waiting.

Maxie: Shouldn't you go get milk or something?

Georgie: No.

Maxie: School supplies, maybe?

Georgie: No, I've had them for weeks.

Maxie: Don't you want to get a little exercise?

Georgie: Exercise?

Maxie: Yeah.

Georgie: You want me to leave, don't you?

Maxie: Please?

Georgie: Dillon?

Dillon: Hmm?

Georgie: My sister wants me to leave.

Dillon: Really? I don't think she likes us anymore.

Maxie: Would you guys just go already?

Georgie: You're so bossy.

Maxie: Go!

Dillon: Ok, ok.

Jesse: That was cute.

Maxie: It's a sister thing.

Jesse: Well, maybe you control your little sister, but you're not wrapping me around your little finger.

Sam: There's blood on your pillowcase.

Jason: It's just a nosebleed.

Sam: Just a nosebleed? Do you have any idea what's causing it?

Jason: I'll be ok once we get back to Port Charles.

Sam: Ok. Whatever.

Jason: Wait, Sam.  I don't know when it started. You know, maybe -- maybe with Michael and Dr. Thomas, that whole thing. Maybe it was, you know, the experimental drug I took to remember. But I've been getting these bad, bad headaches.

Sam: You're having one right now, aren't you?

Jason: Yeah, and it's getting worse and they're getting closer together, and I'm just -- you know, I'm seeing these white flashes.

Sam: Have you blacked out more than once?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Ok. We're just -- we're going to have to get you to a hospital.

Jason: No. No hospitals.

Justus: If Elizabeth marries Lucky, he'll be the legal father, and if they return that money you paid them for the surrogacy agreement, she'll be entitled to joint custody.

Jax: Yeah, but I still have my rights.

Justus: No question. But if this thing goes all the way to a custody trial, you'll have a real fight on your hands, my friend.

Jax: So what do you recommend?

Justus: The obvious -- get back together with Courtney.

Jax: Oh, I'm not going to put a child in the middle of a bad marriage.

Justus: Then make it a good marriage, Jax. Elizabeth said this whole thing was a big misunderstanding, correct?

Jax: That's irrelevant.

Justus: You're getting ahead of yourself. You need to calm down.

Jax: What are you, my lawyer or my --?

Courtney: I didn't know that you'd be here.

Jax: Did you forget something when you packed your bags?

Courtney: What are you doing here?

Jax: Go ahead.

Justus: Divorce papers.

Jax: The sooner we sign them, the sooner we can move on.

Courtney: There's no way I'm signing those papers, Jax.

Lucky: I just can't believe it. After all this, they were kissing on the pier.

Elizabeth: That's unbelievable. I just swore up and down to Jax that Nikolas and Emily were going to work things out.

Lucky: Well, maybe not.

Elizabeth: I think on top of everything else that Nikolas is really mad at Emily for not believing him. He feels like he's being punished for something he didn't even do.

Lucky: So why not go ahead and go through with it?

Elizabeth: He is so hurt right now and misunderstood, and it's just pushing him farther away from Emily and closer to Courtney.

Lucky: Yeah, well, she isn't exactly fighting for her own marriage.

Elizabeth: I'm not saying it's right, but what else is she supposed to do? Jax won't listen to her. All he wants to do is get a divorce and raise his baby by himself.

Lucky: You know, if we get married, we have a good shot at keeping this baby.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and we'll spend the rest of our lives in court.

Lucky: That'd be bad for everybody.

Elizabeth: Oh, God, this is so complicated.

Lucky: So what do you want to do?

Elizabeth: I don't know. It's best not to rush into anything. Everybody's hurt, and that's a bad time to be making decisions. You and I and Cameron are all together, and this baby's safe inside of me for another seven months.

Lucky: So maybe we should hold off on getting married?

Elizabeth: It's probably best.

Lucky: When the time is right, we're going to have a real wedding, I promise.

Nikolas: Thank you for meeting me here. Ok, um -- I shouldn't have turned to Courtney. I should've kept trying with you. I love you. And I know that I -- I really hurt you but I swear, I swear that I did not sleep with Courtney. Please believe that.

Emily: Nikolas, I don't want to talk about what you did or what you meant. The more you try to explain, the worse it hurts both of us.

Emily: You should have these back.

Nikolas: No. No. I can't take the rings back. We're not -- we're not over. We can't be.

Emily: Ok.

Maxie: I'm being careful, I swear. I check in with Mac. I mean, you said this guy works in the shadows, so I stay in the light. I'm not taking any stupid chances. I mean, I have a lot to live for these days.

Jesse: All right. I'm sorry I went all tough-cop on you.

Maxie: It was actually kind of sweet.

Jesse: Hey, the university -- it's right down the street. The two other girls. They're P.C.U. students. The clothes that they had on when they disappeared had traces of paint -- lead paint, like from an old building. We found a match for that paint at P.C.U.

Maxie: If you're trying to tell me I can't go to P.C.U. because of this guy, don't bother. I broke my back to get into college, ok? I had to repeat my senior year at a prep school. I'm not letting my efforts go to waste.

Jesse: You can go to P.C.U., no problem, but I'm going with you.

[Phone rings]

Nikolas: Lucky?

Lucky: I need to see you.

Nikolas: Why?

Lucky: Just -- just get over here.

Nikolas: Look, I'm really not interested in getting yelled at.

Lucky: You won't be.

Nikolas: Well, what is it about, then?

Lucky: I'm asking as your brother, get over here.

Nikolas: Ok, fine. I'll be right there.

[Phone rings]

Emily: Hello?

Elizabeth: Hey. I need to see you. Can you come over right now?

Emily: Uh, can it wait until tomorrow?

Elizabeth: Not really.

Emily: Is Cameron all right?

Elizabeth: Oh, yeah, he's fine. It's nothing like that.

Emily: Yeah. I just saw Nikolas. It didn't go very well.

Elizabeth: Well, then the last thing you need is to be alone.

Emily: Elizabeth, you can't fix this.

Elizabeth: But I can be your friend. Why don't you come over and let me?

Emily: Ok.

Elizabeth: Two down, two to go.

Courtney: I refuse to sign away my marriage because of a misunderstanding.

Jax: Could you give us a moment?

Justus: Take all the time you need.

Courtney: So, what, you did all this for Justus?

Jax: My private life is no longer your concern.

Courtney: Oh, give it a rest, Jax. Come on, what, you probably had Elizabeth over here and tried to bribe her for custody of the baby. Is that it? I mean, sparkling cider?

Jax: What do you want?

Courtney: I want -- I want our marriage to work, Jax, and I think we can still work this out.

Jax: I disagree.

Courtney: What, you can't -- you can't love a woman who isn't perfect? You can't forgive me? Maybe you're more like my brother than you care to admit.

Jax: Well, that was unnecessary.

Courtney: I did not sleep with Nikolas, Jax. We're not having an affair. We're not going to have an affair.

Jax: How am I supposed to believe you when you've been lying from the start? Do you even want this baby?

Courtney: Do you even want to be with a woman who can't give you a baby, Jax? Maybe this whole thing with Nikolas is just an excuse.

Jax: Oh, that's right, there we go. Just blame me for your affair.

Courtney: I'm not having an affair!

Jax: Know what, we're just going around in circles, aren't we?

Courtney: Why can't you just try to have a little faith in me?

Jax: You want me to -- you want me to have faith in you?

Courtney: In us, Jax, in what we still have. We made a commitment to this unborn child. I am not prepared to walk away from that. I still want to build a family with you. But in order to do that, we need love; we need to have faith, to have trust.

Jax: I'm sorry, I'm all out of faith and trust.

Courtney: Well, if you really believe that, then maybe we should divorce.

Jax: Well, I'm glad you're starting to see things my way.

Courtney: But you need to be honest, Jax, about what kind of life you can give this baby. I mean, how are you going to be a parent if you can't even stay in a marriage after the first serious argument?

Jax: You're the one that strayed.

Courtney: What are you going to do if the baby makes a mistake, Jax? Are you just going to send it back to Elizabeth?

Jax: You know, you and Elizabeth have a lot more in common than you realize, because you both don't want me to raise the child alone.

Courtney: You know, you can sue Elizabeth for custody, Jax, but if you do, you won't be the man that I fell in love with. You're going to hurt a lot of people who can't fight back and you will poison your own child's life.

[Door opens and closes]

Jax: What are you looking at?

Justus: Look, Jax, I'm an attorney, not a shrink, ok, but I've handled my fair share of divorces in my time. Now, Courtney obviously loves you deeply, and you love her just as much. Are you really willing to throw out your happiness for the sake of your pride?

Jason: I don't need to go to a hospital.

Sam: You're blacking out. You need to go to a hospital.

Jason: It's just a bad migraine. You're supposed to just sleep them off.

Sam: Is there anything that I can do for you?

Jason: I'm fine. It's going to be fine.

Sam: I'm going to go check the bearings.


Sam: Jason? Jason?

Dillon: So here's the thing -- when I get to college, I promise I'll get a few D's and some F's just for you. How's that?

Georgie: Dillon, you don't have to do that.

Dillon: Well, I thought we wanted to, like, graduate together.

Georgie: Right. So keep changing your major, don't flunk anything.

Dillon: Yes, but when the dean's daughter Bambi shows up at my dorm room with nothing but, like, a bikini top --

Georgie: No, no, no, wait --

Dillon: And those little shoe things that --

Georgie: The dean has a daughter named Bambi?

[Phone rings]

Georgie: You're lucky. Hello? Hello? Say something.

[Heavy breathing]

Georgie: It's him!

Dillon: Talk, pervert.

[Bell tolls]

Georgie: What happened? Did he say anything?

Dillon: No. But there was -- like, I heard a bell in the background, like from a church or something. I don't -- I don't know.

Georgie: Dillon, I don't get it. Why would he be calling me? This is Maxieís phone. I grabbed it by mistake. That means he's still after my sister.

 [Bell tolls]

Jesse: That's the P.C. bell tower, right?

Maxie: Yeah. You can hear it all over the neighborhood, so you'd better get used to it.

Jesse: Does this mean you're ok with me going to college with you?

Maxie: What do you think?

Jesse: The department's making arrangements for me to have a dorm room on your floor. I'll be in all your classes.

Maxie: Do I have to pretend that I don't know you?

Jesse: Nope.

Maxie: Well, that's good news.

Jesse: Hey, it's only until we catch this guy.

Maxie: Whatever keeps you close. But I know Macís going to hate it.

Jesse: Oh, he did at first, mostly because it was my idea, but I'm the logical person for the job.

Maxie: And he's ok with it now?

Jesse: As ok as he's going to get.

Maxie: Well, that's the perfect situation.

[Music plays]

Jesse: Now it's the perfect situation.

Singer: It seems your soul speaks through amber eyes I know you

Nikolas: Look, guys, it's been a really long day, ok? I assume Lucky told you what he saw on the pier, which is why I'm here --

Elizabeth: That's not why we asked you here.

[Knock on door]

Emily: Oh, great. I knew it was going to be something like this.

Elizabeth: Just come in.

Emily: Did Nikolas tell you I gave him back my wedding rings?

Nikolas: No, no, I'm sorry, I didn't have a chance. I just got here.

Emily: This is a bad idea.

Elizabeth: Maybe so, but you're staying, ok?

Lucky: Yeah, and so are you.

Nikolas: You're only aggravating an already painful situation, ok?

Emily: You're trying to help, Elizabeth, but you arenít.

Lucky: Listen, we love you both. You're family and we're going to help you get through this.

[Knock on door]

Courtney: I'm not going in there.

Elizabeth: Please --

Emily: Oh, God. Ok, I feel like I'm on a reality show -- "Clueless wife meets the other woman."

Nikolas: I think it's best if we all just went home and forget --

Elizabeth: Nobody's going anywhere.

Courtney: I don't really appreciate being set up, you guys.

Nikolas: Yeah, neither do I.

Emily: Look, good intentions don't always guarantee good results. I think the best thing we can do is just walk --

Nikolas: You know what, Emily, I'm not crazy about this setup either but, hey, if it gets you to listen to me, then maybe this is a good idea.

Emily: I've listened, Nikolas, and mostly what I hear are half-truths and excuses.

[Knock on door]

Jax: Wow. Whose bright idea was this?

Lucky: Nobody's leaving until we fix our broken lives.

Sam: Just lie still, ok? This might just help your headache.

Jason: What happened?

Sam: You collapsed again.

Jason: Oh, man.

Sam: Look, Point Anderson is right up the coast. I'm going to dock there and I'm going to get you to a hospital, ok?

Jason: No, no. No hospitals, please?

Sam: I love you. I'm taking you to a hospital because I am not going to sit back and watch you die.

Singer: I know you know but don't criticize

Jesse: Never attended a four-year college.

Maxie: You didn't?

Jesse: Uh-uh. Community college, and then straight into the academy. Think the kids will buy that I'm a P.C.U. student?

Maxie: Well, you look the part.

Jesse: Will I be smart enough?

Maxie: Are you serious? You've been framed, shot, and chased by bad cops and drug dealers. You're not really worried about P.C.U., are you?

Jesse: If I can't pull off the cover, I can't protect you. If I fumble around in class for an answer --

Maxie: I'll protect you.

Jesse: Thanks.

Maxie: You watch my back, I'll watch yours.

Dillon: Uh, the freak called again.

Georgie: It's Maxieís phone. I picked it up by mistake.

Jesse: Did he say anything?

Georgie: No, no, he just breathed really, really heavy.

Dillon: And I heard a bell in the background.

Jesse: When did you get the call?

Dillon: 10 minutes ago.

Georgie: We ran the whole way here.

Maxie: The P.C.U. bell tower.

Jesse: The perp must have a hideout on campus.

Courtney: Ok, look, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but you can't fix somebody else's life.

Jax: And I refuse to be coerced into amateur marriage counseling.

Elizabeth: Just do it for the baby.

Jax: I can raise my child. I don't need any more interference.

Lucky: After you tried to ruin our lives for months?

Nikolas: This is absolutely pointless. It's only making everything worse.

Elizabeth: Maybe you're right. Maybe this whole thing is a mistake.

Courtney: Great, then can I leave now?

Lucky: Nobody is leaving! I don't care if this is a mistake or not. We've all made mistakes from the start. If I would have swallowed my pride and let Nikolas pay my medical bills, then Elizabeth would've never been pregnant with your child.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and if I had trusted Lucky's instincts about this whole surrogacy arrangement, maybe we would've all slowed down a little.

Jax: You know what, you need to slow down now.

Courtney: Maybe you should sit down or something.

Elizabeth: Treating me like a baby incubator? That's another mistake you both have made.

Lucky: You do look a little pale.

Elizabeth: What?

Lucky: Just --

Elizabeth: Fine, all right, is everybody happy now?

Nikolas: You know, we could sit in here all day and it's not going to change anything.

Lucky: Oh, my brother the Cassadine, always looking on the bright side of things.

Nikolas: Look, Courtney and I have made some mistakes, some serious mistakes, but it's over now.

Lucky: Are you sure about that?

Jax: You know something I don't?

Emily: Look, who cares who knows what, ok? Even if you and Courtney haven't slept together, you wanted to.

Nikolas: So we're being punished for being tempted?

Emily: I don't want to punish you or anyone else, Nikolas. I just want you to admit what's going on. There have been too many coincidences. You and Courtney can't hide the way you look at each other. I just -- I'm going to leave.

Elizabeth: No, no, please don't go. You keep fighting; we're just going to end up further apart.

Jax: Would that be so bad?

Elizabeth: Ok, can we find a way to stop hurting each other and to stop lying and stop expecting the worst out of each other? If we can't figure out a way to work it out right now, tonight, we're all going to end up alone.

Sam: Why can't you figure out what's wrong with him? I think you need to run some more tests or something.

Doctor: Everything we've run so far is negative. Tox screen is clear, vitals are strong.

Sam: Ok, well, what do we do now?

Doctor: Well, we need to get him to a regional hospital as soon as possible. They may be able to diagnose and treat him there.

Sam: Is there anything that I can do for him?

Doctor: Talk to him; try to get him to wake up. If he falls any deeper into coma, we might not be able to revive him. I'm sorry.

Sam: Please don't leave me.

Jesse: Thanks. Ok, Brook Lynnís all right. I'm having someone check on the other girls. I just called for backup.

Dillon: Hey, shh.

[Leaves rustle]

Maxie: Jesse, be careful.

Jesse: Freeze!  I want you away from here. I'll wait here for backup.

Georgie: Ok.

Dillon: Ok.

Maxie: I just got a really weird feeling.

Jesse: What?

Maxie: Like this whole night was one big setup.

Jax: If Emily wants to leave, let her.

Lucky: Not until we work this out.

Jax: What do you think is going to happen?

Elizabeth: You've had a crush on Nikolas since you were a teenager.

Emily: I'm over it, Elizabeth.

Lucky: Emily is the love of your life, like Elizabeth is mine.

Nikolas: That's true, she is.

Elizabeth: Jax, you and Courtney --

Jax: Oh, what is the point of talking this to death? It's not going to resolve anything. There's no magical place where we can all forgive and forget.

Courtney: Would you at least try, Jax?

Jax: The only thing that I want to forget is my brief and misguided marriage to you.

Nikolas: You know what, there's no point in talking to her like that. You're not helping matters at all.

Lucky: Why are you defending Courtney with Emily right here?

Jax: If Emily wants to leave, please, let her go.

Elizabeth: Why do you always have to blame him?

Emily: Ok, can we please just stop fighting?

Jax: Nikolas, do you even care about what happens to your own wife or are you too busy watching mine?

Lucky: Hey.

Nikolas: I've had about enough --

Lucky: Hey, hey, no fighting!

Courtney: Look, there's nothing to fight over.

Jax: Yeah, because you destroyed it.

Courtney: That's a lie, Jax.

Jax: You know what, I guess we're all liars then, aren't we? You guys lied about the affair; we've been lying to each other about having children. And you have made the pregnancy for Elizabeth torture, and now you're trying to cheat me out of my own child.

Lucky: You aren't the only player here. Do you get that?

Elizabeth: Lucky? Something's wrong.

Jax: Is it the baby?

Lucky: Just back off!

Emily: Ok, just try to breathe, Elizabeth -- calm, steady breaths, ok?

Elizabeth: I've got this pain, it's like -- it's like I'm cramping. I think something's wrong with the baby.

Sam: You need to wake up, ok, and you just have to tell me that you're going to live through this. The doctors are going to figure out what's wrong with you. It's just going to take some time. And you know how I hate to wait, so just wake up, ok? I never thought I could trust someone until I met you. You showed me how. And I'm a better person because of you. You know, I finally feel safe, like I can have a real life. Jason, I want to be with you forever. So don't quit on me. Please? Please wake up. Jason? Hey. Hi. Can you hear me? Don't worry, ok? You're ok. We're going to get you home.

Jason: Home?  Who are you?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Reese: At least you didn't lie to Sonny.

Alexis: He can literally drive you insane.

Carly: Sonny, please, you have to help me.

Monica: Try to relax.

Courtney: What if she's having a miscarriage?

Jason: Do I know you?

Sam: I'm going to go get the doctor, ok?

Jason: No!

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