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General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/23/05


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Reese: Ok, Sonny, here's the deal. You can run me out of your house, but I will not let you run me out of town.

Courtney: Hey, Max.

Max: Hey. Sonny's got company right now. It could be a while.

Courtney: Actually, I'm -- I'm here to see Emily. I know that she's staying here.

Max: Look, the boss asked me not to let you or Nikolas see her.

Courtney: Well, I don't really think it's up to Sonny. This is private.

Emily: It's all right, Max. I'd like to hear what Courtney has to say.

Nikolas: Jax. Oh!

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Reese: What you tried to do with Ric was really low.

Sonny: My business with Ric is my business.

Reese: You tried to squeeze him. Admit it. You know, Sonny, we both know how meaningful it is for you to have asked Ric to be your lawyer. After everything that he's done to try to win your trust, of course you're going to think that there is no way that he could possibly turn you down.

Sonny: Don't lecture me on trust. It rings false.

Reese: Hey, this has nothing to do with us. You made up your mind about me, Sonny. There's nothing that I can do about that.

Sonny: Well, you got that right.

Reese: Yeah. But I have built a life and a career here in Port Charles, and it's crazy for you to try to use your brother to ruin that.

Sonny: I didnít.

Reese: You asked him to be your attorney if he dissolved his partnership with me.

Sonny: Well, no, I asked him if he would represent me as my legal counsel. I just didn't want any complications.

Reese: You were born with complications, Sonny. And you have no right to drive a wedge between me and my partner. And just so you know -- I'm not leaving town.

Sonny: It's not personal, Reese. I need to be able to trust my lawyer and anybody in his office who has access to my files. And since you revealed to me who you really are, the secrets you kept from me, you can't be trusted.

Reese: I told you the truth, Sonny.

Sonny: Well, too little, too late.

Reese: I told you as soon as you made it clear how you felt about me.

Sonny: And, what, I have your word on that?

Reese: Ugh. Caroline was my best friend. She slept with my father, she destroyed my family, she turned my life into --

Sonny: I heard the story about 25 times.

Reese: Ok, you know what? But I almost died in a car accident, so forgive me if I had some fantasy about payback. Is that such a difficult concept for you, Sonny? Somebody hurts you and you want to hurt them back. Kind of like what you're doing to me right now.

Sonny: I told you, it's not personal.

Reese: It couldn't be any more personal. So let's just focus on the truth here for a minute. I was honest with you. So now it's your turn.

Skye: Well, you'll be happy to know that my first meeting as director of the charitable endowment was a resounding success.

Lorenzo: Never had any doubt. You're the perfect person for the job.

Carly: So, this is the game you're playing? Leave me sobbing in a heap at the hospital while you come here and score with the skankiest piece of trash money can buy?

Ric: Hey. Well, I'm glad you're here. I thought I should let you know I've put together a list of motions to file in response to your sexual discrimination --

Alexis: Oh, you know --

Ric: No, no, no, I think you're going to like this, really. My favorite is where I file a continuance till after the baby is born, of course. That way, you can be in court breastfeeding, thus proving your point in the most vivid of terms.

Alexis: Funny. Funny. I dropped it, ok? It's gone. Bye-bye. Gone.

Ric: Why the sudden change of heart?

Alexis: Jax wants a divorce.

Ric: Well, you already gave him one. I'm next on the list, right?

Alexis: I'm not joking. He wants a divorce and he's asked me to represent him.

Ric: You're serious? What happened?

Alexis: I don't know. I mean, I thought Elizabeth would be the one to have problems with the surrogacy, but it didn't turn out that way at all. It's Courtney. She's having trouble dealing with it.

Ric: I thought that they wanted this child.

Alexis: They do. But apparently, Jax was spending too much time with Elizabeth, and Courtney didn't like that. And if I've got my facts straight, Jax said that Courtney is now involved with Nikolas.

Ric: Your Nikolas?

Alexis: Which I don't think is true. It can't be true, because I know that Nikolas would never cheat on Emily.

Ric: That's bad.

Alexis: Jax is angry and he wants to cut Courtney out of his life, and I -- I told him that I thought that would be stupid, because he loves her.

Ric: So did you agree to represent him?

Alexis: No. I told him that he was making a mistake. I told him that he shouldn't jeopardize his marriage, he should fight for it and that he shouldn't get so caught up in his feelings that he, you know, does something self-destructive.

Ric: You said all of that?

Alexis: I did. And strangely enough, I -- sometimes when I talk, I can actually hear what I'm saying when I'm saying it. Sometimes I actually follow my own advice.

Nikolas: Ok. I see you're still under the impression that I slept with your wife.

Jax: Shut up.

Nikolas: I didnít. I kissed Courtney. I freely admit that. Most of all, we just talked about you.

Jax: Well, whatever turns you on, Cassadine.

Nikolas: We talked about fate, we talked about kismet, how it brings two people together --

Jax: What's it going to take to shut you up?

Nikolas: Creates soul mates. For me, that soul mate is Emily. For Courtney, it's you. She doesn't want to lose you, Jax.

Jax: She put you up to this? Try for a little damage control? Or is this your lame attempt at trying to save your own marriage?

Nikolas: Yes, I definitely intend to save my marriage.

Jax: Well, maybe your wife will buy it. Maybe she'll take you back. It'd be perfect. You can have Courtney on the side, and I can get on with my life.

Nikolas: You're not listening to me. Courtney loves you.

Jax: What? I don't want her.

Nikolas: You don't -- wait, you're having a baby with her.

Jax: Hey, that is none of your business.

Nikolas: Why don't you just get over yourself, or you'll lose the best thing that ever happened to you.

Courtney: It's a safe bet you told Sonny that I'm sleeping with Nikolas. I mean, I don't know why else he would bar me from seeing you. I also don't know why you're taking refuge in Sonny's home.

Emily: I came here to look for my brother, but he's out of town.

Courtney: And you found my brother instead.

Emily: Sonny's been very kind, Courtney. He offered to let me stay in his guesthouse while I put the pieces of my life back together, sort things out.

Courtney: It looks a lot more like you're hiding from Nikolas than fixing your life.

Emily: Oh, that would be convenient -- take any blame off of yourself by making it all my fault.

Courtney: I want you to think really hard about what you're doing, Emily.

Emily: All I've done is think about it.

Courtney: Nikolas loves you. I mean, you should hear the way he talks about you.

Emily: Oh. You know, that really warms my heart, Courtney. The thought of you and my husband discussing me at length. Where, in bed? Were you all sympathy and soft shoulder?

Courtney: I listened, yes.

Emily: Oh, no, you did a lot more than that. You make it sound so innocent and sweet. Yeah, Nikolas must have told you how understanding I am, how kind and forgiving and accepting. What a shock this must come to you all. But I'm fresh out, the minute you two joined the mile-high club on your way to the Bahamas.

Courtney: That trip was -- it was just a coincidence, ok? Jax and I were supposed to go together. He got held up.

Emily: Why are you here, Courtney?

Courtney: Because I want you to fight for your marriage, Emily.

Emily: Worry about your own marriage.

Courtney: I will. But you need to know that Nikolas and I never slept together. He adores you. Emily, you're breaking his heart.

Emily: Don't talk to me about heartbreak, Courtney. My husband was in your room, wearing nothing but a robe. It is not hard to fill in the blanks, ok? Nikolas had just left your bed, right, where he was kissing you, groping you, pulling off your robe. How am I doing, Courtney? Because what happened in that hotel room -- that's not faithful. That's the opposite of faithful.

Courtney: I am not going to defend myself. I know that you're angry, and I don't blame you.

Emily: You don't blame me? I don't need your permission to be angry, Courtney. You know, the funny thing is, even though Nikolas and I are breaking up over what happened, he's not the one I blame. I blame you. My marriage was in terrible trouble. We were dealing with some very difficult, very private stuff. I'm sure you heard all about it.

Courtney: Nikolas loves you and respects you.

Emily: Right, but when he needed someone to confide in -- oh, you were happy to lend an ear or a shoulder or anything else he wasn't getting at home.

Courtney: I was not after your husband.

Emily: Oh, you mean it just happened? What, sneaking around, hiding in corners, talking about how life dealt you a really lousy hand. Oh, poor Courtney. Her handsome, adoring, richer-than-Croesus husband was so distracted because he was getting her exactly what she wanted -- a baby. Ah, gee. Could life get any tougher? You had to spit in Jaxís face and then come after my husband.

Courtney: You act like we planned this.

Emily: Oh, don't insult me by saying it was an accident, Courtney. We make choices in this life, ok? At some point, you must have thought to yourself, "This man is married." And then you had to decide, so what? To hell with his wife and with your own marriage.

Courtney: Ok, look, maybe it is easier for you to believe that I am just some cold-hearted tramp who went after your poor husband, but you know the reality is a lot more complicated than that.

Emily: Shut up! Courtney, you do not get to analyze what is wrong with my marriage after you've helped to destroy it!

Courtney: I just want you to think real hard before you use me as your excuse to leave Nikolas forever.

Emily: Yeah, I saw the look on your face. Total guilt. How does it feel, Courtney, being held up as a home wrecker? Hope you're proud of yourself.

Nikolas: Courtney's taken your disrespect, been called a liar, amongst other things I'm sure, all for one reason -- she wants to save her marriage with you.

Jax: You know, if you paid as much attention to what your own wife wants, we could have avoided this.

Nikolas: We can still avoid it, Jax. You have no idea how much you've hurt Courtney with this -- this baby debacle. Yet she's still willing to walk through fire to preserve what you have.

Jax: This baby debacle was half her idea. Then she got scared, and then she got -- she got selfish.

Nikolas: I -- I just -- I find it really hard to believe that. It'd be tough to find a more -- a more caring, understanding person than Courtney, but you'd know that if you paid closer attention to her.

Jax: Oh, you know, for a man who's trying to convince me that he's not having an affair with my wife; you're not making a very good case for yourself. Singing her praises as if you know her better than I do.

Nikolas: You know, Courtney told me that you were a shallow, arrogant jerk when she first met you. But then she told me that you grew on her. Said she -- she saw something more going on with you, so she invested in it. But if you ask me, she had you nailed since day one.

Jax: Well, you know what, Cassadine? I really don't care what you think or what she thinks. Ok?

Alexis: When Jax told me that he was going to bail on his marriage, I told him that I thought it was the biggest mistake of his life.

Ric: It is big.

Alexis: It is big. And there's a baby involved. And when there's a baby involved, it changes things.

Ric: Yeah. I would hope so.

Alexis: He loves her, very clearly. He's just so angry that he can't feel it. And I sense that he's feeling insecure.

Ric: Jax insecure? Strikes me as a very self-assured guy.

Alexis: Oh, it happens, believe me. He's afraid that he's going to get hurt.

Ric: Everybody's afraid that they're going to get hurt.

Alexis: Well, you know, life is a risk. And you have to take chances. So I'm done, if you want to say something.

Ric: Well, I --

Alexis: I'm not done. You've made me happier than any man has ever made me.

Ric: Yet you feel the need to test me every day, right? You know what I think? I think we need to take it very, very slow and focus on the part where we make each other happy and go from there.

Skye: Carly, I don't know where you got the idea that something's going on between us, but you're wrong.

Lorenzo: Carly, none of this concerns you.

Carly: No, this is between me and Little Miss Skye.

Skye: You know what, Lorenzo? Let her rant. I want to see what a big fool she can make out of herself.

Carly: You've been really busy lately, haven't you, Skye? Helping Lorenzo take over E.L.Q., backstabbing your own family.

Skye: Like you care about my family.

Carly: You've made yourself indispensable all the way around. Putting yourself in a position -- no, I'm sorry -- I should say "positions." And that's what you're so good at. I bet you know so many of them. So have they paid off for you, Skye? That special talent you have in between your -- ears?

Lorenzo: All right, Skye has too much class to dignify that with a response.

Carly: Oh, you call that class?

Lorenzo: It's one of the many qualities that make her the perfect candidate to take over the charitable endowment. Her strength, her confidence, and her ability to deal with the most impossible people with grace.

Carly: You forgot to mention her history as a pathetic drunk.

Lorenzo: Oh, for God's sake, Carly. It's not like you were really committed to the job. I'm sure you'll find another way to get Sonny to notice you. It's what you live for. Now, if you're done insulting my friend --

Carly: She slept with your brother!

Skye: Yes, well, we all make mistakes. Now, if I had the time or the inclination, we could start making a list of yours.

Carly: You know what? Forget it. I am done here.

Skye: That's your wife walking away. And you couldn't care less.

Lorenzo: No, I couldnít.

Skye: Nice try. But I can tell your heart is breaking.

Reese: Don't pretend that you don't trust me to work in the same office as Ric. How many times have I covered your back over the past months?

Sonny: And you were lying to my face the whole time.

Reese: You're a coward, Sonny. You want me gone because if I stay, you'll be reminded of what you've thrown away.

Sonny: Well, you shouldn't be surprised because I drew you a road map. I told you that if you lie to me, this is where we'd end up, right? Right.

Reese: And you never trusted me.

Sonny: Well --

Reese: Because you don't trust anyone. You just wait for that moment where you can shut them out.

Sonny: Well, you gave me a hell of a lot more than a moment. You lied to me for months. And you just want me to ignore that?

Reese: 15 years ago I was Charlotte Roberts. Tell me, Sonny, who were you 15 years ago? Would you even recognize that man today?

Sonny: I never pretended to be somebody that I wasnít. You knew exactly who I am and what matters to me. You, on the other hand --

Reese: I am the woman who rescued your children. I suffered with you, I fought by your side, and I made love to you. What difference does it make what my name is? I love you, Sonny, and --

Sonny: You killed this. You threw it away. Don't come here trying to tell me different.

Ric: Hey, hey, hey, hey. What the hell are you doing?

Nikolas: I swear, I thought once I had a chance to explain things to Emily, she'd realize how everything got blown out of proportion. What? You don't believe me, either?

Lucky: You said you were attracted to Courtney. You said you were tempted.

Nikolas: I know, but I did. But then we both realized it wasn't worth risking our marriages.

Lucky: Ok, if you're telling me you didn't sleep with Courtney, I believe you. But you're going to have a hard time convincing Jax. He wants a divorce, and I don't think there's anyone that's going to talk him out of it.

Nikolas: That's crazy. He's making a huge mistake, Lucky.

Lucky: Well, it gets worse. Once Elizabeth gives birth to this child, Jax wants to raise it on his own. He won't even consider joint custody.

Nikolas: What have we done?

Lucky: Elizabeth is dead set against Jax raising this baby without a mother. So we -- we've decided that we're going to fight for this child.

Nikolas: Oh -- ok. Well, I can't believe that it's come to this. I mean, everyone gets hurt, even an innocent child.

Courtney: You accused me of never loving you, but it's not true, Jax. I did. I still do.

Lorenzo: Honestly, Skye, if you continue to put me under your personal microscope, I might have to change my mind about making you director of the charitable endowment.

Skye: I've been around the block, ok? A few blocks. Some with some pretty nasty gutters. I can tell when someone's just plain evil or when someone's been hurt and wants to hurt back. Been there, done that.

Lorenzo: Is this the part where you put me in touch with my inner child? Because I got to be honest with you -- that kid left the docks a long time ago.

Skye: Well, a girl can try. I've certainly been in touch with your inner sleazeball. Remember him? The guy who thought I should jump at the chance to be your -- oh, how should we politely put it? -- "Paid companion."

Lorenzo: Not one of my finer moments.

Skye: But I'm still listening, because I can recognize when a man's nursing a broken heart.

Lorenzo: There's that microscope again.

Skye: Deal with it. Ok? I'm not going to pretend that this is your normal behavior, not the way you just spoke to that woman that you love with your entire being. All right, you know what? If you insist on making a joke out of this, then we have no basis whatsoever for any kind of friendship. You still love Carly.

Lorenzo: I can't let myself.

Skye: Come on, don't say that. I've seen the way you look at her. It's the look that made me believe that anything is possible. Please, don't tell me that isn't true.

Lorenzo: I cannot let this thing go on any further, all right?

Skye: Why?

Lorenzo: Because it always ends the same way, and it's not pretty.

Bobbie: I can't believe that Kristina is going back to preschool after everything she's been through.

Alexis: I know. I feel very lucky, believe me.

Bobbie: The doctor's form has to be signed by both parents for the school.

Alexis: I know. Things are always so complicated where's he's concerned. Sonny, that is.

Bobbie: Yeah. Well, you know, I could send them over to him, and he could forward them.

Alexis: Oh, it's all right. I'll do it. I'm going to be doing this for years to come. I will take the form myself. I will go in peace.

Bobbie: It's your call. It's good to see you.

Alexis: Same here.

Carly: Don't you mean it's a chance to throw yourself at Sonny all over again?

Ric: Sonny, obviously Reese had the guts to come over here and face you head-on. Why don't you just show her a little respect?

Reese: Don't worry about it, Ric. Sonny isn't interested.

Ric: That's good.

Sonny: That was a passionate defense of your partner.

Ric: Well, somebody needed to save you from yourself.

Sonny: This is between me and Reese. Why do you feel like, you know, it has something to do with you?

Ric: I don't know, maybe because you were trying to use me before to punish her.

Sonny: Well, what's your stake in this? I don't understand why you're defending her.

Ric: Sonny, she's my law partner, ok, and she happens to be my friend. I wasn't going to sit by and watch you bully her. Sonny, don't you understand? Don't you understand, by -- by trying to hurt Reese, you only hurt yourself?

Sonny: I can't get over somebody who betrays me, ok? It's my thing.

Ric: Well, then how did you forgive me?

Sonny: I didnít. I mean, look, you and I are a work in progress, and I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to, you know, 100% --

Ric: Oh --

Sonny: Trust you.

Ric: Well, that's -- that's a hell of a way to live, isn't it, Sonny?

Sonny: Well, I guess.

Ric: What? That's it? End of story, no matter what happens? I'm never going to get past that imaginary line drawn in the sand, and she's never going to be able to be forgiven? Sonny, you are not that shortsighted of a man.

Emily: Don't you dare criticize Sonny, Ric. You're all about secrets. Especially the ones you keep from your brother.

Carly: It's pretty pathetic, Alexis, the way you use Kristina as a pawn in your game to get Sonny.

Alexis: Are you accusing me of trying to seduce Sonny?

Carly: You did it before.

Alexis: Well, I'm hardly in any shape to do it again. Not in much of a mood, either.

Carly: Well, it's no secret that Sonny has a soft spot for pregnant women and for children. You must have heard that he kicked Reese to the curb, and all you need is an excuse to go chasing after him. How convenient that you have these school forms. Now you and Sonny can sit there and ooh and ah over the little girl you share. Lay the groundwork so he'll confide in you.

Alexis: What is wrong with you?

Carly: I'm just telling it like I see it.

Alexis: You're obsessing more than usual. You've got to calm down. You got to stop this. You're chasing after him; you're trying to run off the competition, which I'm clearly not.

Carly: So you say.

Alexis: You need to get a job, Carly. You need to take up knitting, you know, run a marathon, volunteer at the kid's school. Just stop obsessing.

Carly: Hey, don't change the subject.

Alexis: You are the subject. You've whittled your life away to just this one little, narrow focus which happens to be your ex-husband. He's already the center of his own universe. Don't make him the center of yours.

Emily: Don't you dare preach to Sonny about forgiveness, Ric. Do you have any idea what he's been through?

Sonny: Emily, Emily, we're all dealing with a lot. I appreciate what you're trying to do here, but --

Emily: I just don't think Ric has a clue how it feels to find out that what you thought was trust was an illusion, that the one person you think is incapable of lying had you fooled. That's unforgivable.

Ric: No, I do understand, Emily. I do. People in your life, people in Sonny's life obviously made mistakes. That's part of being human. All right, I'm sorry. I'm very sorry that you're in pain and I'm very sorry that you had trouble in your marriage and that Sonny can't seem to get past Reese not being who she is. But, Emily, even when the person closest to you doesn't tell you the whole truth, that doesn't have to be a betrayal. Sometimes -- sometimes they just need to cling to something or somebody so that they don't drown in their own pain.

Emily: Why commit to a relationship if you turn to someone else when it starts to fall apart?

Ric: It's -- it's in all of us, Emily, to make that mistake. It should be in all of us to forgive it. But obviously not with you or Sonny, so I'll just leave the two of you to commiserate about what you've lost and how everyone's done you wrong and what it's cost you.

Emily: He has no idea.

Sonny: Nah. Ric's -- he's dead-on about me. But he doesn't have to be right about you.

Lucky: God, you know what? I love Elizabeth. I love kids, you know, and then I promised that I would support her through this pregnancy. Now, if that means raising this child together -- hey, you know what? We're just excited about it.

Nikolas: I'm happy for you. You and Elizabeth figured out what it takes to make your relationship work. You stuck together and now you get the payoff, and no one deserves it more than you two.

Lucky: It's not easy.

Nikolas: I know.

Lucky: You both have to want it badly enough.

Nikolas: You spoke with Emily, Lucky, and you know her as well as anyone. What do you think the chances are that she gets past this?

Lucky: I'd like to think she could. I don't -- I don't think there's any two people who have earned that right to be happy more than you two.

Nikolas: But -- but what?

Lucky: There's just this look in Emilyís eyes -- something is broken. And I don't know -- maybe it happened when Connor raped her and I just didn't notice.

Nikolas: I can't figure out where the rape ends and where the rest of her life begins, you know? And I think that's our whole problem, this thing inside her that's broken or whatever. I'm beginning to think that it can't be fixed.

Jax: You know, Courtney, don't -- don't make the lie any worse than it already is. You loved Jason and maybe you love Nikolas, too -- I don't know, and frankly, I don't care. The only thing I'm sure of is that I won't be your consolation prize.

Courtney: Well, I guess I know how you feel since I was just an accessory in your life.

Jax: Oh, that is such garbage and you know it.

Courtney: You don't want a relationship, Jax, not a real one. I mean, come on. You try and create what you think a relationship looks like and then you dress it up with trips to Paris and endless streams of champagne -- all the bells and whistles, but where is your heart?

Jax: I didn't hear you objecting at the time.

Courtney: Jax, after we got married, the baby became the center of everything, all your focus, all your attention, and now I -- I just have to ask myself why.

Jax: You said you wanted us to have a baby.

Courtney: Because as a couple, we weren't enough. Jax, you needed something else to make you feel important. I guess I just -- I wasn't enough. No, no -- the baby was more important to you than our relationship.

Jax: So now it's my fault that you were unfaithful? There's absolutely no moral equivalency between my concern for my child and your infidelity.

Courtney: Your child. There it is again, Jax. Look, for the last time, I made a mistake. And as for whether my feelings for you were true or not, here. Take a long, hard look at these and then tell yourself that I never loved you.

Skye: We don't know how things are going to work out. All we know is what we're willing to try and hope that it works out in our favor.

Lorenzo: I wish that were true. Unfortunately, the men in my family are genetically predisposed to obsessive love. Somehow, that never works out happily. And you know, when I met Carly, I was hooked. That woman consumed me. I feel I'm relatively lucky to get away unscathed.

Skye: Who's unscathed? You're a puddle.

Lorenzo: Could be worse. I'm capable of doing some very bad things and hurting some people I don't want to hurt. That's why I think it's great that we're making a clean break while I can still think straight. Even if it hurts Carly.

Skye: Even if it means that Carly ends up hating you.

Lorenzo: It's for the best.

Skye: Oh. You know, I have always hated that expression -- "if you love something, set it free." I think that is such a crock. You know, when I love something, someone, I hold it in a death grip. I never let it out of my sight. I mean, the way you loved Carly, that -- that was probably more than she'll ever know, probably more than she ever deserved to be loved and the fact that you put your heart on the line and she didn't value it? Well, shame on her.

Lorenzo: All I know is I have to figure out how to lead my life without her.

Skye: That sounds uncomfortably close to "goodbye."

Lorenzo: No, no, not at all. I have to leave town on business. I'm going to take advantage of the time to get some clarity. But before I leave, I'd like to apologize again for my behavior the other day and to make sure you're comfortable taking over as director of the endowment.

Skye: Well, I was very honored that you thought of me.

Lorenzo: Well, you mentioned how -- how much you enjoyed Lila Quartermaine. I thought you could follow in her footsteps.

Skye: Well, now, there's the Lorenzo that I know -- thoughtful, even gallant.

Lorenzo: Don't be fooled. It's just an act.

Skye: On the contrary. I'm starting to think this cold, heartless pig is just an act. Don't worry -- your secret's safe with me.

Sonny: My mother used to say that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

Emily: Then why don't you try it? Hmm.

Sonny: Because, you know, something always gets in the way. I remember the first time I was lied to. My father came home and he told me he was going to stay this time and it lasted about a week; broke my heart because I couldn't understand why somebody that I loved so much couldn't love me enough to stick around. I mean, that's how -- you know, that's how a little boy thinks.

Emily: Mike loves you as much as he knows how, right? You two get along fine.

Sonny: Yeah, we get along, you know. It's just that I just only let him -- I don't let him get in too close, you know?

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: I just keep him --

Emily: I know the feeling.

Sonny: You know, I've been forgiven so much in my lifetime that I just wonder how come I can't return the favor. You don't want to be like me, Emily. I mean, it's -- you don't want to be trapped inside your pain, your pride, your anger because all you do is end up alone in there.

Courtney: Don't even tell me this is another stupid accident of fate.

Nikolas: I didn't know that you were going to be here, ok? I don't want see you; I don't want to be seen with you. This whole thing was just a huge mistake that's ruining both of our lives, obviously.

Courtney: Yeah, well, you should've thought of that before you kissed me. You set this whole thing into motion from day one, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Excuse me? What?

Courtney: You started this. Why won't you just admit it? I mean, come on, think about it. I'm the one taking all the blame here when it's really your fault.

Sonny: I've been thinking a lot about things and I just wanted to apologize. You know, I shouldn't have forced Ric to end your law partnership. It's your livelihood. I crossed a line and I regret that.

Reese: Well, I accept your apology. I just wish you could accept mine.

Sonny: Well, I mean, I kind of do. I mean, I know that you didn't want it to turn out this way.

Reese: But you won't give us a second chance.

Sonny: It's not your fault. It's just who I am.

Reese: Well, can't you say that you'll try?

Carly: Ok, come on. Go get ready.

Michael: Well, where are we going?

Carly: On the picnic, remember? The three of us -- you, me, and Morgan? Come on. Go upstairs and get ready.

Michael: I'll go, but Morgan has to stay here.

Carly: Don't be silly. I planned this for all three of us, both my boys. Come on, you don't want to disappoint your mommy.

Michael: Well, you're upset. You'll scare Morgan.

Carly: I am his mother and you can't tell me when or -- when I can or cannot take my boys.

Michael: You can be as mad as you want at me, but don't yell at Morgan. I know you don't want to upset him.

Carly: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I love you so much.

Michael: I love you, too.

Jax: How many times are you going to do this, Jax? How many times?

Courtney: I was upset and emotional that first night, or didn't you notice?

Nikolas: Well, and I was a little preoccupied and drunk, if you didn't notice. My marriage was going--

Courtney: That is no excuse.

Nikolas: Why are you putting this on me, Courtney?

Courtney: Why didn't you just leave me alone, Nikolas? Why didn't you just leave me in my car on the side of the road in the hurricane? I would've been better off.

Nikolas: Because I didn't want to, and you needed help.

Courtney: Why me? Why me? Why couldn't you just leave me alone? Why are you making me feel?

Nikolas: I never denied that I didn't want to be with you.

Courtney: I hate you!

Nikolas: Stop. Courtney --

Courtney: I'll never forgive you.

Nikolas: Stop. Shh, shh.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jesse: Maxie's life is in danger. What are you doing here after dark?

Lucky: I'm sure glad you two aren't having an affair.

Jax: He wants to marry you before the baby's born, doesn't he?

Sam: Are you ok?

Jason: Yes, I'm fine.

Sam: What is wrong with you?

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