GH Transcript Monday 8/22/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/22/05


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Sonny: I'm sorry that you had to suffer this indignity. But consider this unfortunate incident in my hands now.

Emily: Listen, Sonny, please. It's my marriage. No amount of pressure from you or anybody else is going to fix it.

Sonny: I thought you'd want to fight it.

Emily: I used to think that Nikolas and I were soul mates, destined to be together no matter what fate threw at us, and suddenly I'm not so sure. Maybe it's Nikolas and Courtney who are meant to be.

Pilot: We've had a little tailwind to help us along, which has made up for our delayed departure, so Flight 859 will be arriving in Port Charles ahead of schedule. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the flight.

Courtney: Great -- "ahead of schedule." Get to see the shreds of my marriage that much sooner.

Nikolas: Look, all we have to do is tell the truth. I'll explain to Emily; you explain to Jax. We came close to making a terrible mistake, but we stopped ourselves, all right? I'm not going to let my marriage fall apart for something that didn't happen.

Courtney: It's ironic, isn't it? I mean, all those times we just ran into each other? Those weird coincidences and odd circumstances. But you know what, Nikolas? When you lay them out end to end, it just sounds like nothing but lies.

Jax: Divorcing Courtney won't affect our arrangement. I intend to raise my son or daughter alone.

Elizabeth: But what about Courtney?

Jax: She won't be a part of it.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, I can't agree to let this baby be brought up without a mother.

Jax: Well, I appreciate your concern, Elizabeth, but that's not your call. I have a contract that clearly states that the baby is mine.

Lucky: Whoa, whoa, here we go again. It is not a business deal; it's a human being, Jax.

Elizabeth: I signed our surrogacy contract with the understanding that this child I carry will be brought up in a traditional family. If Courtney’s out of the picture, then our agreement no longer applies.

Jax: Well, I have a platoon of lawyers who will say differently. What I'm hoping, Elizabeth, is that you won't allow it to deteriorate to that level.

Lucky: Whoa, whoa, stop it! You said you're so worried about this baby's well-being? Well, stop putting a mountain of stress on its mother.

Ali: Hey, Jason, Jason, I am on your side, remember?

Allegra: Alicia? Where are you?

Ali: Ok, we got to get out of here before my mother finds you.

Jason: She's not going anywhere.

Ali: What's wrong with you?

Allegra: Alicia, I'm in here! Alicia?

Jason: What's wrong is you --

Ali: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jason: Keep getting in my way.

Ali: Can't you just be nice for once? I am trying to get you out of here. There is a boat off the tip of the island, ok?

Jason: Ok, I got to get to Sam. Meet us there.

Ali: Uh --

Allegra: Alicia?

Ali: You're on your own. Got plans of my own.

Allegra: Finally! The key is hidden up there on the top of that wine rack.

Ali: That's nice, mother.

Allegra: Oh, for heaven's sakes, unlock me now! We have to stop Jason before he finds Sam and Andrew.

Ali: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't leave you down here.

Sam: Ow. Take it easy, will you?

Andrew: Did I hurt you?

Sam: Yeah, you elbowed me in the eye.

Andrew: I apologize if I seem overeager but, you know, it's been a long time since our wedding night.

Sam: Well, you know what they say about anticipation.

Andrew: Yeah, it's delicious. But sooner or later, I mean, you get tired of simply appreciating a beautifully laid table and you want to devour the whole meal --

Sam: Ooh!

Andrew: One tasty course at a --

Sam: Please, stop.

Andrew: Oh, my God. Do I disgust you that much?

Sam: My eye hurts. Look, you are really a very nice man, and -- ok, here's the truth. My name is not Alicia. It's Sam. And I am not at all who you want me to be.

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Sonny: I'm not a fan of the Cassadines, any of them.

Emily: Nikolas isn't like the rest of his family.

Sonny: Ok, have a seat. I do have to admit that you seem happier with him than you do without him, and you've been -- both have been through a lot in just a few years, and that's something you got to think about if you want to forgive him or not.

Emily: Are you going to teach me about forgiveness, Sonny?

Sonny: Well --

Emily: I've seen you happy and crazy in love and I've also seen you angry and betrayed, but I'm pretty sure I've never seen you forgive anyone for anything.

Sonny: What is that saying -- "Do as I say, not as I do"? You want to be like me, Emily? It's no picnic. Forgiveness -- it's great in theory, but your heart has to let you go there, and sometimes it's just -- it's almost impossible.

Emily: Yeah, all right. Well, since you've been there, you tell me how you healed from being betrayed.

Sonny: Are you kidding me? If I knew that, I wouldn't be, you know, who I am, you know? But I will say this -- if you can get past the anger and the disappointment, that would be the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Emily: I wish it didn't hurt so much.

Nikolas: Emily. Please, please listen to me for one second.

Emily: No, Nikolas, don’t. Listen, I overreacted. I got so scared that I'd lost you that I never even gave you the chance to explain.

Nikolas: I don't blame you.

Emily: Listen, you're the most honorable man I know, Nikolas. You'd never be unfaithful to me. I haven't made things easy and you've done nothing but love me. I promise I'll never push you away again.

Pilot: Flight 859 has begun its descent into Port Charles Airport. Please make sure all chairs and trays are in their upright position, and passengers should fasten their seat belts.

Courtney: Because it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Nikolas: They've had time to think. They have to realize the truth by now.

Courtney: Jax, I know that you're upset. I mean, it all looks so bad -- Nikolas and I on the same flight to the Bahamas. I mean, how strange is that? And then to discover that we're staying in the same hotel, across the hall, but -- listen, not one single second of it was planned, I swear. I mean, come on, how could it be? You and I were supposed to be on the same flight, in that hotel, and in that room together. I mean, it was just all one coincidence after another, Jax. Look -- yes, I kissed Nikolas more than once, and for that I am truly, deeply sorry. But I'm asking you to forgive me, Jax, and I'm asking you to believe me when I tell you that Nikolas and I never slept together.

Jax: What's a marriage worth without trust or forgiveness? I do believe you, and I forgive you. But most importantly, I love you. That's all that matters.

Jax: You seem to be under the illusion that because my wife slept with another man, that nullifies our contract.

Elizabeth: You and Courtney have a contract, too -- "To love and to honor in sickness and in health." You know how it goes.

Jax: Well, sometimes things go south. You know that as well as anyone.

Elizabeth: I made an agreement with a married couple. I did not intend to carry this child for you to raise alone.

Jax: I can be as good a single parent to my child as you are to Cameron.

Lucky: This isn't just your child, Jax. It's Elizabeth’s, and she has a say in how it's raised.

Jax: No, you're wrong. She doesn’t.

Elizabeth: Ok, you know, I don't want to argue. I'm not going to argue.

Jax: So it's good enough for Cameron to be raised by a single parent, but I'm not allowed? Why is that? Because I'm a man?

Lucky: No, Cam's father died before he was born. All right? Elizabeth has options with this baby.

Jax: Elizabeth's options -- they're limited to the terms of the surrogacy agreement. Ok? And if that's too hard a concept to grasp, then my lawyers will happily explain it to you.

Ali: I'm waiting, mother. One good reason why I shouldn't leave you to rot down here.

Allegra: What do you want from me, Alicia?

Ali: Oh, I suppose a little bit of compassion would be too much to ask for, so I would settle for you to end this ridiculous plan of yours. Put the brakes on Andrew marrying that Sam McCall person.

Allegra: This whole mess is your fault. If you had only agreed to marry Andrew in the first place --

Ali: Oh, get over it, mother. Jason and Sam will ride off into the sunset, and I will sail to Corfu to marry Vittorio, and you will end up lonely, penniless, and pathetic.

Allegra: You are a spoiled brat, and I have no one but myself to blame.

Ali: Could you just please make me proud for once, mother? Admit defeat.

Allegra: I did this for you, Alicia, to give you a better life.

Ali: Well, then why don't you please let me get it on my own. End this ridiculous plan -- please, cut your losses.

Allegra: All right. Get the key. We need to figure out where our next meal is coming from.

Ali: Cute, mother. Very cute.

Allegra: Oh, for heaven's sakes, I'm giving you what you wanted, Alicia.

Dante: You ok?

Allegra: It's about time! Now, she has the key. Don't turn your back on her.

Jason: Sam! Sam!  Hi. Excuse me, I'm looking for a woman -- dark hair, dark eyes, she's with a man.

Priest: If you mean Alicia and Andrew, of course I saw them. I married them earlier today.

Jason: Where are they now?

Priest: I suppose they're on their honeymoon.

Jason: Where?

Priest: I'm really not at liberty to tell you that.

Jason: Listen, listen to me. A woman's life is on the line. Tell me where she went.

Andrew: You're my fiancée’s double? Allegra kidnapped you and your boyfriend and is threatening him to get you to marry me in her daughter's place. That's an amazing tale, wonderfully told.

Sam: Oh, come on! That is too bizarre for me to make up, don't you think?

Andrew: "Bizarre" -- yeah, that says it. Now tell me the real reason --

Sam: Oh, my God, are you serious?

Andrew: Why you refuse to make love to me.

Sam: Ok, wait a minute. You can't be serious, ok? You cannot tell me and my two left feet apart from Alicia, the queen of the ball?

Andrew: Well, I -- I was a little suspicious of your so-called ankle injury, but you do have a natural grace, Ali.

Sam: No, no, no, no, no, see, my name is not Ali, ok? It is Sam McCall, and I'm a klutz. And I don't really know how to dance, ok? And I am in love with a man named Jason Morgan, and he is absolutely nothing like you. He doesn't try and be romantic and he doesn't spout poetry and, quite frankly, he is a worse dancer than I am. But you know what? He shows me what love is every day, every minute of every day that I am with him. And I married you to save his life, and I would die for him if I had to. That is why I cannot sleep with you.

Nurse: Ok. We've put in for three days off for you. You have enough banked hours. Should be all right.

Emily: All right, thanks, Vicki. You have my new contact info in there?

Vicki: Yes. When are you moving?

Emily: Immediately.

Vicki: There you go.

Emily: Thanks.

Monica: Hi, sweetheart.

Emily: Hi.

Monica: Listen, I'm going to call Alice and have her get your room ready, ok?

Alan: Sweetheart, you have no idea how much I miss having you around the house. I'm just so sorry you had to go through all this.

Monica: Yeah.

Emily: Mom, listen, it's ok. You don't have to call. I'm not moving home.

Alan: Don't be silly. Where else are you going to go?

Nikolas: I need to see my wife.

Sonny: She's not here.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, I happen to know for a fact that she is.

Sonny: I said she's not here.

Nikolas: Look, obviously she wants me to know where she is because she left me a note telling me.

Sonny: Well, she should be back soon because she's going to move in her stuff.

Nikolas: What do you mean?  She's moving in here?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm giving her the guesthouse. It's quiet and secure, and she doesn't have to deal with the two-timing bastard who slept with my sister.

Nikolas: You know, Sonny, what you don't know about this could fill a book, man.

Sonny: What I do know is Courtney is insecure and she's incredibly naive. The fact that she's not with Jax -- I'm very happy about that, but now sleeping with you shows me that --

Nikolas: I didn't sleep with Courtney!

Courtney: I'm sorry to bother you, but we need to talk.

Lucky: Elizabeth's trying to get Cameron back to sleep.

Courtney: Ok, look, have you seen Jax?

Lucky: He just showed up -- you know, created chaos, then left -- you know, the usual Jax experience.

Courtney: You know what, there has been a misunderstanding, Lucky.

Lucky: Yeah, well, it looks like we're going to have to straighten it out in court, thanks to you and Nikolas.

Courtney: Nikolas and I are not sleeping together.

Elizabeth: Tell that to your husband. He's lost it.

Courtney: Well, what exactly did he say?

Elizabeth: Well, according to Jax, when you slept with Nikolas, you forfeited your maternal rights, and he intends on raising this baby by himself.

Courtney: He can't mean that.

Lucky: Yeah, well, he got a direct hit to his pride. Now he's out for revenge.

Elizabeth: He has lawyers that can grind us all into dust. Courtney, what were you thinking?

Courtney: Elizabeth, Nikolas and I did not sleep together, in spite of what you think you might know.

Elizabeth: I saw you kissing.

Courtney: That is all you saw. That's it. Ok, but the way you're telling it, it looks like Nikolas and I have been jumping into bed together every chance we get, and you've been telling everybody.

Andrew: Are you sure you want to go back to the island?

Sam: If you don't want to go, I completely understand.

Andrew: I'm still not sure who you are, but I know I have to help you rescue your lover. And I'll envy him till the day I die.

Sam: Thank you. Thank you very much. Come on.

Sonny: You start out with lies, doesn't give you anyplace to go.

Nikolas: Who asked you?

Sonny: Emily, actually. You were in New York on business. Then you ended up in the Bahamas sleeping with my sister.

Nikolas: All right, I'm going to -- I'm going to say this one more time, and then you can just stay the hell out of it. I didn't sleep with Courtney.

Sonny: So Emily just made it all up? Is that what you're saying?

Nikolas: Emily and I are dealing with a lot of stuff right now. None of it should be about sleeping with your sister.

Sonny: You know what, you're a fool, Cassadine. Emily's a decent girl. She's trying to get over, you know, being raped. Any honorable man would move mountains to protect her.

Nikolas: God, you're -- don't lecture me about honor, Sonny, you know, with your criminal code of ethics that you seem to follow.

Sonny: You know, you and Jax are cut from the same cloth. You know, my little sister has bad judgment in men.

Nikolas: Courtney doesn't need you to rescue her.

Sonny: Well, you know what? I knew that Jax wouldn't be enough for her, but I don't know what she sees in you. Pretentious manner, that big mansion that you have? Or did you play on Courtney’s sympathy? Did you tell her that your wife doesn't understand you, your mother abandoned you, your puppy got ran over by a car? How did you get in my sister's pants?

Nikolas: Sonny, unlike yourself, I have the discipline to keep my fly zipped. See, women seem to be disposable to you. One of them displeases you, there's just another one right there waiting in line to take her place. What you don't understand about me is that I love my wife, ok, and no one can ever replace her. I'm not going to give up on my wife or my marriage.

Lucky: Let me get this straight. You and Nikolas were kissing and flirting, and you blame Elizabeth?

Courtney: Look, Nikolas and I were attracted to each other. We haven't tried to deny that, ok? But we also made a decision that we don't want to trash our marriages. Now, I am sorry that you had to see us kissing, and I'm really, really sorry that you had to blow it out of proportion. God, Elizabeth, why couldn't you just come to me instead of going around spreading a rumor that could shatter so many lives?

Elizabeth: That kiss wasn't a rumor, and it wasn't all that innocent.

Courtney: And how the hell do you know that?

Lucky: Nikolas pretty much said what you did. You guys turned to each other because you felt alienated from your partner.

Courtney: Yeah, finally, something true.

Lucky: But that was before the Bahamas.

Courtney: Oh, God.

Elizabeth: Bottom line, I just don't want this baby to be raised by a divorced, single father.

Courtney: Elizabeth, that is exactly what started this whole thing, ok? You and Jax making decisions about this baby. I don't even fit in anywhere.

Elizabeth: Well, that's between you and Jax.

Courtney: Ok, look, we all want for this baby to just be happy and healthy and loved by his mother and father -- me and Jax.

Elizabeth: A few hours ago I would've agreed with you. Now I'm not so sure.

Jax: Alexis.

Alexis: Hi. What's the emergency?

Jax: I made a serious miscalculation. I need you to make it go away.

Alexis: Ok, I'll do my best.

Jax: I want a divorce, the quicker the better.

Alexis: What did you do?

Jax: I married the wrong woman, ok? But what's more important here is the custody of the baby. I want to make sure that the surrogacy remains airtight even with Courtney out of the picture.

Alexis: Elizabeth and Lucky talked to me about the surrogate contract, but I wasn't available at the time.

Jax: Yeah, but can you do it now? Please, for me?

Alexis: You know I will do anything to help you.

Jax: Great. Well, how soon can you have my marriage dissolved?

Alexis: I'm going to do the same favor for you that a judge did for Ric and me.

Jax: Thank you.

Alexis: I'm not going to facilitate this. I'm not going to help you get a divorce because I know you're going to regret it.

Jax: Alexis, there are other lawyers out there.

Alexis: None that love you like I do. You don't want some high-priced attorney with a pinstriped suit sticking his nose into your personal life. You're going to take a deep breath, you're going to cool your jets, you're going to call me in six months, and if you still want a divorce after that, I will personally lead the parade.

Allegra: Why did you tell him where Andrew took Alicia? Couldn't you have lied?

Priest: Madam, I'm a priest. The truth is an instinctive reaction.

Allegra: Oh, that's pathetic. Go. Get out of my sight. Jason is on the mainland. Get our men and bring him back here. Whatever it takes, keep him away from the wedding couple.  Darlings. Is the honeymoon over already? How's my best girl?

Sam: Grateful that we don't have an actual genetic connection.

Allegra: Now, aren't you funny.

Andrew: Save it, Allegra.

Sam: Andrew knows that I'm not Alicia and that you have locked my fiancé in your wine cellar.

Man: There he is. Let's get him on the boat.

Sonny: One of the advantages of staying here is you don't have to see anybody you don't want to see, so if you want him removed or whatever you need --

Emily: Thank you, Sonny. Can you give us a few minutes?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Nikolas: So is Sonny under the impression that he needs to protect you from me?

Emily: He can't help himself, Nikolas. It's instinctual.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: Why are you here?

Nikolas: I want you to come home with me, and I want us to look into each other's eyes and say what needs to be said. Ok? What happened with Courtney is not what you think happened.

Emily: Nikolas, there's no point. It's too late.

Nikolas: No. I don't believe that. I won't let you bail on me, Emily.

Courtney: Hi.

Jax: You know, on the way back on the plane, I had all kinds of fantasies about tabloid headlines and punitive financial damages.

Courtney: I know that you're angry, Jax.

Jax: That's not how I operate. I want a quick, clean divorce with the stipulation that the baby will be raised exclusively by me.

Courtney: I'm not going to do what you're doing. I won't let my emotions make me say things that I'll regret. I need you to let me explain what happened with Nikolas.

Jax: I'm not an idiot, Courtney. I can connect the dots.

Courtney: We never slept together, Jax.

Jax: It's a technicality. I'm sure circumstances got in the way.

Courtney: No. We made a choice, and I chose you.

Jax: Oh. Well, that's nice. But you wanted to sleep together, right? You talked about it? Fantasized a little? Kissed? Met in secret?

Courtney: We never planned this, Jax. It just --

Jax: Oh, it's fate, that's right, of course. How romantic. You felt what lovers feel. You were intimate with each other, shared each other's thoughts and each other's feelings. It's all so provocative, isn't it, having to resist temptation. The fear of getting caught. It's a real turn-on, isn't it?

Courtney: You don't understand.

Jax: Please, don't insult my intelligence. You know, maybe -- maybe you didn't get naked and spread your legs for him, but as far as I'm concerned, you still cheated on me. You cheated on our marriage. And that's the last insult I'm going to take from you.

Courtney: You are so determined to be right, Jax, that you won't even listen to me.

Jax: Oh, you know what? I am, actually, I'm curious about just one thing. Were you really that alienated by my attention to Elizabeth, or did you never really love me?

Andrew: I don't understand why you went to all this trouble to trick me when you could have just told me Ali needed a little push.

Allegra: Well, I didn't want to frighten you away.

Andrew: I could have come up with my own plan to entice Ali into being my bride. Well, I do have a certain kind of charm.

Sam: Yeah, he's not lying. He does.

Allegra: You're saying you'd still marry Alicia?

Andrew: Well, if she'll have me. I mean, I kind of like the idea of marrying into a family with a sense of the darkly absurd.

Sam: Wait a minute. You're telling me that you're willing to pay millions of dollars in alimony to a woman who doesn't even want to be with you. What on earth for?

Andrew: Well, for the privilege of making her fall in love with me. Well, there'll be no alimony involved, because my marriage to Ali will last. She'll have everything I have.

Allegra: Well, then, I guess the only question is, what do we do with Sam?

Andrew: Where are you keeping her boyfriend?

Allegra: The wine cellar.

Andrew: Hmm. Sounds like a plan.

Sam: All right, then. Um -- I've got to go. You guys take care, ok? Oh, no. Come on. You lied to me. You were playing me. You don't care about anything but Ali.

Andrew: Very perceptive. It's time for her to leave, don't you think?

Allegra: Absolutely. Take her away.

Sam: Please. Please. Make them let me go, please! Allegra! Let go!

Lorenzo: There's a sizable shipment out of China. It's stopping here on the way to Boston. We should be able to move it through by the weekend.

Man: What about customs?

Lorenzo: It's taken care of. We have a man on the inside now.

Man: That'll come in handy. You jumping with both feet, Mr. Alcazar?

Lorenzo: I'm taking it slowly, seeing where my future interests lie. But I'm definitely back in the game. If anyone steps on my toes, they'll be dealt with accordingly.

Man: It's good to have you back, Mr. Alcazar.

Lorenzo: Tell me when the shipment arrives.

Man: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Doing business on my docks? Nobody told me.

Lorenzo: It's America, Corinthos, land of free enterprise. I do business with whomever I want wherever I want. If you're interested, we could set up an appointment.

Sonny: Let me think about that. Not in my lifetime.

Nikolas: Ok, I'm not going to make excuses here, ok? I just hope that you'll try and understand. So here goes. I -- what you were dealing with, it was -- it was so powerful that I didn't feel like there was any room for me to tell you how I felt about it.

Emily: Did I do that to you, Nikolas?

Nikolas: No, see, nobody -- nobody did it. Nobody did anything. It's just how it was.

Emily: So you decided to cheer yourself up by sleeping with Courtney.

Nikolas: No, I didn’t. I didn't sleep with her.

Emily: No, because I showed up and ruined your plans, Nikolas.

Nikolas: No, Emily --

Emily: Timing is everything.

Nikolas: You -- you are the love of my life, ok? I wouldn't come down here like this if I didn't love you. I wouldn't do whatever it takes to get you back if I'd have had sex with her. I swear on my life, Emily, I didn't sleep with her. Please believe that.

Emily: Hmm. No, Nikolas, I don't believe you.

Courtney: You want to know if I ever loved you, Jax? I love you still. I never stopped. Look, I thought that I could handle the surrogacy, I thought that having the baby would make everything worth it, but every day, I just felt more irrelevant and more insignificant, and -- I don't know, there was Nikolas, just as messed up as I was, just as helpless, and somehow, understanding his pain, and all of a sudden, I mattered. Ok, here was someone that I could help, who made me feel like I had a purpose.

Jax: No. What you did was hardly a saintly mission of mercy.

Courtney: Look, I hid behind the attraction, and that was --

Jax: But listen to you. It's all about you. You want, you need, you feel. Now tell me who was irrelevant in this marriage. I mean, the way you tell it, I wasn't even in the picture.

Sam: Jason, what have they done to you?



Sam: Jason! Andrew! Where are -- Jason? No, Jason --

Jason: Oh -- what -- what happened?

Sam: Thank God you're ok.

Jason: He's -- he's dead.

Sam: What happened? Did he attack you?

Jason: I don't know.

Sam: Did you black out? What's the last thing you remember?

Allegra: Oh, good lord. I'll call a doctor.

Sam: It's too late.

Allegra: Oh, dear. Well, obviously Jason is going to be the prime suspect. Andrew was trying to have his way with your girlfriend.

Sam: Wait a minute. What are you saying?

Allegra: I'm saying you need to go, both of you. Get off this island so I can call the police and get them over here and report the tragedy.

Jason: You didn't even ask if I did it.

Allegra: As far as I'm concerned, an intruder broke into the house, and Andrew must have tried to stop him. My poor little girl, married not even a day, and already a widow.

Sam: Yeah, a rich widow.

Jason: Doesn't matter. Let's go.

Allegra: Go to the northernmost tip of the island. Your boat is docked there. I'll create a diversion here so the two of you can escape unnoticed.

Sam: You know, you're a piece of work.

Allegra: What, you want to stay and help solve his murder, or do you want to make a clean getaway?

Jason: We're leaving. Just a little insurance in case you change your mind.

Elizabeth: I signed away my legal rights to this child I carry, which means Jax can raise this baby any way he wants.

Lucky: All due respect, I'm still here. I hope Cameron’s beginning to see me or think of me as his father.

Elizabeth: Of course he does.

Lucky: I also consider it a privilege to become a father of your new baby.

Elizabeth: Unfortunately, Jax has his own ideas and the means to make it happen.

Lucky: There's one way to stop him. It could take care of this huge problem and get that scarlet letter off your chest. Marry me. I mean, right now, before the baby's born.

Elizabeth: But that would make you the legal father.

Lucky: Yeah, that's right. Then Jax would have one big problem on his hands.

Jax: You know, I always suspected that I was your rebound relationship, someone to ease you out of Jason and into the next true love of your life. If I got hurt, well, you know, it doesn't really matter, because I was just a bit player in your personal drama.

Courtney: You're nobody's bit player, Jax.

Jax: Yeah, you got that right.

Courtney: Look, I admit I have been selfish, I've been an idiot about so many things, but I never slept with Nikolas.

Jax: You know, it's really -- it's all academic at this point. Doesn't matter who you did or didn't sleep with. We're done. I want out.

Emily: You lied about being with Courtney, up on the roof of the hospital. You lied about going to New York.  On business, you said, when the truth was you were on a beach with Courtney!

Nikolas: Oh, no, no, that's not true, and Jax will tell you he was supposed to be there with her.

Emily: I'm so tired of explanations, Nikolas. It doesn't change anything.

Nikolas: Listen, I made mistakes, ok? I admit that, and I'm not proud of it, and I don't blame you for not trusting me. It's just I was so desperate to make a connection because you wouldn't --

Emily: Ok, well, problem solved. You have Courtney now!

Nikolas: I love you. Let me make something real clear to you. I'm not going back to Wyndermere without my wife.

Lorenzo: You take issue with my business methods?

Sonny: That and the way you think, breathe, live your life, treat your women.

Lorenzo: Oh, I see, this is about Carly. I forgot you have an exclusive on mistreating her.

Sonny: Can we not forget that you stalked her for two years. You finally marry her, right, and you dump her in, what, two months?

Lorenzo: She's free to go back to you. And for reasons that elude me, Carly loves you, heart and soul. So why don't you break your destructive pattern and embrace that instead of kicking it in the teeth?

Sonny: Am I supposed to believe that you really care about Carly’s happiness? This was a game to you. You wanted to take what was mine. Once you got it, you didn't want it anymore. Now, you know what? If there's such a thing as karma, it's going to come back and bite you where the sun doesn't shine, and I'm going to be standing on the sidelines applauding.

Allegra: Send someone right away. There's a jewel thief on the island. He may still be in the house, and he's dangerous. He's already killed my son-in-law, stabbed him. Yes, that's right. My poor daughter is heartbroken. They were just married today. Yes, yes, I will be sure that no one touches anything. Just hurry.

Dante: We got trouble. Alicia's disappeared again.

Sam: We're heading out. Something's going on with you. I can feel it. So don't tell me that my nerves are fried or I'm tired or I'm imagining it. I mean, all those things may be true, but you are not ok. Will you tell me what the problem is, or do I have to figure this one out on my own, too?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Carly: This is the game you're playing? You come here and score with the skankiest piece of trash money can buy.

Reese: I will not let you run me out of town.

Sonny: It's not personal.

Nikolas: Jax. Oh!

Emily: How does it feel being held up as a home wrecker?

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