GH Transcript Friday 8/12/05

General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/12/05


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Jason: Sam?

Alicia: Who the hell is Sam? Lovely. Out of one hole, into another. Didn't your mother ever tell you it's rude to stare?

Jason: Who are you?

Alicia: If you ask my pretentious black-hearted mother, I'm Alicia. But I prefer Allie. One of the many disagreements that inspired her to lock me up down here.

Jason: Why would your own mother hold you prisoner?

Allie: Mother doesn't believe in love, only money. She tried to force me to marry a man who's got tons. No way will I ever become Andrew’s wife.

Jason: I'm afraid I know who could.

Man: Sweetheart --

Sam: Get off!

Allegra: Alicia! Is that any way to great your fiancé?

Andrew: I'd be surprised if she greeted me any other way. Hmm. So, feisty one, how are the wedding plans coming along?

Sam: There will be no wedding.

Reese: Before I even heard of you or Michael, I knew Carly. My name is Charlotte Roberts, and I used to be Carly’s best friend.

Sonny: That's impossible. I mean, Charlotte Roberts died a long time ago.

Reese: Well, here I am, and I'm very much alive.

Carly: I was right. This whole time I've been right. I knew there was something wrong about Reese Marshall’s eyes. I knew that there was -- that way that she stared right through me. Charlotte? Oh, my God. Reese Marshall is Charlotte Roberts. She came here to steal my life! I'm sorry, honey. Don't worry. She's not going to get away with it.

[Morgan talks]

Carly: I promise. Thank you. I will make sure that this parasite does not take --

Lorenzo: Carly?

Carly: What?

Andrew: I hope your time away would have softened your heart.

Sam: Hmm.

Andrew: Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all. Hmm. Lovely.

Allegra: Alicia's being melodramatic, as usual.

Sam: Would you please stop calling me --

Allegra: And to answer your question, wedding plans have begun in earnest, which means that rules apply. So from now on you are not allowed to see Alicia until she walks down the aisle.

Andrew: Oh, but that's cruel and unusual punishment.

Allegra: Yes, well, it's how we do things.

Andrew: I love you, Allie!

Sam: Don't love you, Andrew! Oh, God.

Allegra: Why do you find it necessary to be so resistant? It's not as if I've asked you to commit murder. Come, we have work to do.

Sam: What part of the word "no" don't you understand?

Allegra: All right. We will forgo dancing lessons for now. I have a family album over here. You can start memorizing names.

Sam: Ok. Seriously, you need a reality check. This plan of yours -- it can't work. I may look like your daughter --

Allegra: Rest her soul.

Sam: But I'm not, ok? I'm not. I'm -- I'm me, and I was not born into money, and I don't have fancy manners or great clothes, and I don't know how to waltz or ballroom dance, ok? Andrew is going to be able to tell the difference.

Allegra: No, he couldn't just now. Now, look, I promise you will not have to see him again until your wedding day.

Sam: Oh --

Allegra: You'll have a veil covering your face during the ceremony, and after that, there's a dance, a marital bed, and it's mission accomplished.

Sam: You're so used to getting your own way you can't comprehend the thought of someone not giving it to you.

Allegra: Huh. The similarities are more than physical. Alicia was irritatingly independent as well and wild as a hurricane. Do you know, the first time Andrew lays eyes on her she was in the Fountain of Innocents, clutching a bottle of champagne, stark naked. He fell in love immediately.

Sam: Alicia, too?

Allegra: Let's just say she's been successful at keeping him at arm's length.

Sam: Ok, great. They've never had sex?

Allegra: No. Which is another reason why he won't know the difference between you in bed.

Sam: Do you know how many levels this plan of yours is wrong?

Allegra: Yes dear, I understand that this offends your moral sensibilities. But since Jason’s life depends on your cooperation, I suspect you'll come to terms.

Allie: Just as I thought -- the air vent in my room only connects to yours. How did you and Sam end up here anyway?

Jason: Some guy grabbed us off our boat over a bogus jewel theft.

Allie: Oh, that would be Il Capitano. He lives in my mother's pocket. Blackmail.

Jason: Well, your mother sounds like a piece of work.

Allie: Yes, this is true, she is, and you will serve yourself and your girlfriend well not to underestimate her. I did and look where it got me.

Jason: Just tell me what this marriage thing is all about.

Allie: I come from a long line of dilettantes and layabouts. As a result, my family has fallen on hard financial times. Andrew is loaded. Mother decided to foist me off on him to infuse the family coffers. Only there was one unsolvable problem. I happen to be in love with someone else.

Jason: I need to find Sam.

Allie: Yes, you do. Andrew may appear to be a bit of a fop, but if he realizes he's being tricked by a stand-in, there's no telling what he'll do.

Andrew: Alone at last.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Diego: Hi.

Brook Lynn: Hi.

Diego: How you doing?

Brook Lynn: Great.

Diego: Good.

Brook Lynn: Great, yeah. What about you? I haven't seen you lately.

Diego: Oh, yeah. Well, I've been -- you know, I've been preparing for P.C.U. and just keeping busy as much -- and, so -- yeah --

Brook Lynn: Well, take care. Good to see you again.

Diego: Yeah. Brook, we're having a party at the Pizza Shack tonight, kind of a like a -- you know, like a blowout before the old college thing?

Brook Lynn: Uh-huh.

Diego: So everyone's going to be there, if you want to tag along, so --

Brook Lynn: Wait, wait, I'm sorry. "Tag along"?

Diego: Yeah.

Brook Lynn: Like I'm your dog or something?

Diego: No. No, no. That's not what I meant. I'm --

Brook Lynn: Oh, ok. Yeah, sure. What did you mean?

Maxie: Hey. Sorry -- ooh -- that I'm late but -- well, the good news is that I don't need any warming up. I'm ready to party.

Diego: Good.

Maxie: Did I miss something?

Diego: No, nothing. Wow. You -- you look amazing.

Maxie: Do you really think so?

Diego: Yeah, and I think that I might be the envy of the part--

Jesse: You need to rethink your plans.

Maxie and Diego: Oh --

Diego: Supercop.

Maxie: What do you care what I do? Unless -- I don't know -- maybe you're jealous?

Jesse: Listen, I'm trying to warn you that something could go down at the shack tonight. You might want to stay away.

Carly: That probably looked weird. I was just acting out a fairy tale for Morgan -- Cinderella -- the evil stepsisters.

Lorenzo: Hmm.

[Carly laughs]

Lorenzo: I was just outside. It's a beautiful night. I thought maybe we could take a bottle of wine out to the garden, spend some time together?

Carly: Oh, sweetheart, that's so nice, but I -- I have to go out.

Lorenzo: I thought you were home for the evening.

Carly: I did, I thought I was going to be, but something came up that only I can take care of, and if I don't go, it's just going to spiral out of control.

Lorenzo: You know what, no justification necessary. When I made you director of General Hospital Charitable Endowment, I knew spending a few nights alone was part of the deal.

Carly: Thank you so much for understanding.

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Will you take Morgan? Bye, honey.

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm. Ok, buddy. There we go. What do you think, Morgan? Should I believe your mommy, or was she spinning another fairy tale, hmm? What do you say we find out? I have a job for you.

Reese: Caroline and I were best friends from the time we were 6. We were kindred spirits. That's what we always told each other. That was our thing. I don't know what it's like for boys, but when teenage girls are best friends, it's the most intense relationship in their lives. And they share everything together, from the mundane to the monumental. They laugh at the same jokes. They have the same language. They're more connected and more bonded than even sisters are. I loved Caroline. And -- anyway, you know that she had a really difficult time with Virginia, not such a great childhood, so she spent a lot of her time at my house with my family. And we took her in, and we treated her like she was one of us. And one day we got into a really huge fight and she hurt me and she really made me angry, Sonny. And the next day, she just pretended like everything was normal, like everything was just fine. And I was furious. And I ran and I jumped behind the wheel of my car. Well, I guess you can imagine what happened next.

Sonny: You had an accident.

Reese: I almost died. And I spent three years in and out of hospitals, having reconstructive surgery on my face, on my body. I don't look anything like the Charlotte Roberts that Carly knew -- nothing. And my mom decided that she wanted to punish my dad. So she told him that I died in the accident. I never went back. I never saw him again. You know, and the only person that I keep in contact with from high school is this girl that Carly couldn't stand. How's that for irony? But father? After he thought I was dead, he became a very heavy drinker. And from what I understand, he was constantly being arrested for bar fights, for D.U.I’s, and then I guess he just couldn't take it anymore, and one night he came home from a bar and he ate his gun.

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Reese: I went on with my life. I went to college. I went to law school. A failed marriage, a dead son. And one day, the Sonny Corinthos file comes across my desk, and I look through it, and there she is, your wife at the time, my old friend Caroline, only now she's going by the name Carly. So she didn't only appropriate my name, but my entire identity. And there was my life, in pieces at my feet, and Caroline just didn't even miss a beat. It was -- it was like she --

Sonny: Like Carly stole your life? So you decided to steal hers as payback?

Dillon: Hey. This party's kind of getting started.

Georgie: Yeah, great.

Dillon: I'm sorry that you have to work.

Georgie: It's just as well. I'm not exactly in the party mood.

Dillon: Yeah, I can kind of see that. What's wrong?

Georgie: I don't know, Dillon. All this party means is that it's the end of summer and the end of our time together.

Dillon: I'm going to P.C.U. You can walk there from here.

Georgie: And, what, visit you and your dorm mate? Dillon, why couldn't you get a single?

Dillon: Because I don't want to. That's, the whole point of college is you're supposed to mingle. You're supposed to meet new people, you know, try new things. That's all I'm saying. What?

Georgie: Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.

Dillon: Oh, come on.

Bobbie: I'm happy you decided to go to P.C.U. and I get to keep my baby close.

Lucas: Hmm, well, in case you haven't noticed, mom, I'm all grown up now.

Bobbie: Yeah, well, no matter how grown up you get, you'll always be my baby.

[Lucas sighs]

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I know, mom. Ok. Ok. You wanted the campus tour, you got it. You're not going to crash the party, are you?

Bobbie: I just assumed I was invited. I'm only kidding. Should I come back and pick you up?

Lucas: No, I see friends. I'll bum a ride.

Bobbie: You always say that but for some reason, I never manage to actually meet these elusive friends of yours.

Lucas: I love you, mom.

Bobbie: I love you, too. And I can take a hint, so this is me leaving.

Lucas: Ok.

Brook Lynn: Hey. Stranger, where have you been?

Lucas: Yeah, around.

Brook Lynn: Yeah? Doing what? Because we haven't seen you in ages.

Lucas: Just keeping busy.

Brook Lynn: Well, there's been a lot of that going on here.

Lucas: Oh, yeah

Brook Lynn: Yeah.

Lucas: Oh. What about you?

Brook Lynn: Oh. Well, I just hurtled, like, 90 miles an hour down a dead-end road, that's all.

Diego: Hey, hey, hold on, hold on, hold on. I -- I need to get something straight, ok?

Maxie: Ok.

Diego: Brook Lynn’s still upset with me that I broke up with her, ok, so I'm going to get a lot of dirty looks tonight, and I just -- I don't want you to feel intimidated by her.

Maxie: Brook Lynn doesn't scare me. And if she wants to act like a sourpuss and sit in the corner, then that's on her. I came here to have fun.

Diego: All right.

Maxie: Dance with me.

Jason: Is this Andrew dangerous?

Allie: Hmm. Everyone is with a little provocation.

Jason: Can you just give me a straight answer? I'm just trying to figure out if he's an immediate threat to Sam.

[Door opens]

Jason: Someone's coming.  Who are you?

Allegra: This is Dante. Stay with me.

Dante: Yes, ma'am.

Allegra: And I'm Allegra. I hope you'll forgive the accommodations. These are difficult times.

Jason: All I care about is Sam.

Allegra: Your girlfriend is fine, and she'll continue to be as long as she cooperates. Unfortunately, she's being rather stubborn at the moment. I'm going to need your help getting her to see things my way.

Jason: Forget it.

Allegra: Well, then I'll have no further use for either of you.

Andrew: Allegra didn't take long to pounce. You're back less than an hour and she's already making wedding arrangements. Your family's financial circumstances must be even more dire than I thought. I'm not a stupid man. I realize you're marrying me for my money. But life's a tradeoff. I mean, throwing a cash infusion Allegra's way is just a small sacrifice to end up with such a magnificent bride.

Sam: Keep your hands off.

Andrew: Ah. Always a tease.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Andrew: Well, there are other ways to be intimate. One dance and I'll go.

Sam: No. No, no dancing. No dan-- oh --

Andrew: You have to give me something, Allie.

Sam: Oh -- oh --

Sam: I twisted my ankle. It -- it hurts.

Andrew: No. My Allie can tango on crutches. Something is different about you.

Reese: It's true. I fantasized about hurting Carly, about paying her back for destroying my life and then sailing off without so much as a broken nail. But I never did anything more than stay current on your file, Sonny, and -- and then keep track of her.

Sonny: You never worried Carly would recognize you?

Reese: Like I told you before, my face was totally different. All right, but there was a moment there, you know, at the beginning when it was pretty tense and Carly was really hostile. What else is new? But, no, she didn't recognize me. I was assigned to a kidnapping case. I had a job to do. The ancient history with Carly, whatever she had done, it wasn't important anymore. All that mattered was you.

Sonny: Something doesn't track. Why didn't your accident bring your parents together instead of, you know, blowing them apart? How does a fight between teenagers have the power to destroy a family?

Reese: I never said it was simple. Carly did something.

Sonny: What? What?

[Door closes]

Carly: Don't listen to her, Sonny. Every word out of this woman's mouth is a lie.

Sonny: What the hell are you doing here, Carly?

Carly: I know what Reese wants, because I finally figured out who she is. I knew something was wrong all along, and I was right. Her name isn't Reese Marshall -- or at least it wasn't in high school. Meet Charlotte Roberts, my supposedly dead best friend. You went to a lot of trouble to hurt me. I had to ask myself why.

Reese: You had to ask yourself why?

Carly: Obviously, you blame me for your car accident.

Reese: I blame you for a hell of a lot more than that, Carly. You destroyed my family and my life!

Carly: Oh. So you came here to steal mine? Sonny, I know you don't want to hear this, but you need to know exactly who this woman is and what she is doing here!

Sonny: No, I don't need to know anything. Carly, she's already told me everything!

Reese: You know what? Actually, Sonny, you haven't even heard the best part. But why don't you do the honors, Carly? It's only fitting, right? Why don't you tell Sonny why I ran away from you that night and jumped in my car so upset? Tell him.

Lucas: You're not going to go start another food fight with Maxie, are you?

Brook Lynn: How'd you even find out about that?

Lucas: I have my sources.

Brook Lynn: Oh, yeah?

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

Brook Lynn: Hmm.

Lucas: Why are you fighting over that jerk anyway? If you ask me, breaking up was the best decision you ever made.

Georgie: Hi.

Maxie: Oh, hey.

Diego: Sorry.

Maxie: Georgie, could I get a soda?

Georgie: Yeah, sure. Coming right up.

Jesse: What made me think for a minute that you'd have the sense to stay away like I told you?

Diego: Hey, do you know what? I'm really getting sick and tired -- you don't tell Maxie what to do.

Jesse: This doesn't concern you.

Diego: Oh, no, see, Maxie’s my date. It concerns me, so --

Jesse: I'm not done.

Diego: Oh, yeah, you are.

Jesse: Ugh!

Maxie: Well, it's about time you finally decided to fight for me.

Diego: What'd you say?

Maxie: I'm sorry.

Diego: Is that what this is all about? What, you came on to me so you could make this loser jealous? You're a spoiled, selfish brat. I don't need this.

Maxie: Well, this is more like it. You're the one I really wanted to be here with.

Jesse: You're still not here with me. I need you to open your ears and listen, or you could be in big trouble.

Sam: Look, I told you I didn't feel like dancing, ok? I'm just -- it's -- I'm completely exhausted and I -- you know, I have a lot of thinking to do, that's all.

Andrew: You don't fool me, Allie. I know what's going on.

[Door unlatches, keys jingle]

Andrew: We'll finish this later.

Allegra: I've brought you a surprise.

Sam: Jason. Thank God you're all right. Are you ok?

Jason: Yeah, I'm fine. Are you ok?

Sam: Yeah, I'm ok. I'm better now.

Allegra: I thought you'd be pleased. Well, the two you have decisions to make. We'll leave you to them.

Sam: You'll never believe what's been going on.

Jason: Oh, I know.

Sam: About the wedding?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: How?

Jason: The daughter -- she's locked in the wine cellar with me.

Sam: She's supposed to be dead.

Jason: Well, she's not, and she's refusing to marry this Andrew guy, and her mom locked her in the wine cellar until she can come up with a plan and, Sam, you're it.

Sam: What do we do, Jason?

Jason: Either we get out of here right now or, you know, we just go along with Allegra to buy some time. Can you handle it?

Sam: I can handle the wedding, but I'm not so sure about the honeymoon.

Jason: What -- what honeymoon?

Sam: The honeymoon -- Allegra wants me to consummate the marriage or it's no deal.

Reese: Go on, Carly. Let's have full disclosure. Let's tell Sonny why you and I fought that day. Tell him why I was crying so hard that I couldn't see straight.

Carly: Get away from me.

Reese: Oh, ok. Well, why don't you just tell him what my mom overheard us talking about, ok? Or how I walked into the room when you and my father were in bed?

Sam: Allegra wants me to have sex with this guy, Jason.

Jason: Ok, these people are crazy, ok? We're not going to stick around long enough to find out about the honeymoon.

Sam: What are you doing?

Jason: Just watch -- watch the door, ok?

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Someone's coming, Jason.

Dante: Where's the girl?

Allegra: Do we have a deal?

Jesse: It could get dangerous around here. Go home.

Maxie: You really get off on this whole control thing, don't you?

Jesse: I'm not trying to control you. I'm trying --

Maxie: Only because you can’t. Why don't you run along and play cops and robbers, and I'm going to go party, because that's what's I came here to do.

Georgie: Hey, Lucas.

Lucas: Hey.

Georgie: How are you?

Lucas: I'm good.

Georgie: It's nice to see you.

Lucas: Yeah. He wants you.

Dillon: Ahem. Hey.

Georgie: Well, you look like somebody just kicked your puppy.

Dillon: Yeah, well, I just found out who my new roommate is.

Georgie: Really? Anybody I know?

Dillon: No, no, just some guy named Lucas. Yeah, Lucas.

Georgie: Really?

Dillon: Uh-huh.

Georgie: That's great.

Dillon: Yeah. So much for meeting new people.

Georgie: Oh, come on, Dillon. Lucas is cool, and he'll make himself scarce when we want to be alone, and I'll know what kind of trouble you're really getting into.

Dillon: At P.C.U., where nothing ever happens.

Maxie: Dillon, I lost my dance partner. You don't mind if I steal your boyfriend, do you?

Georgie: Would it matter if I did?

Maxie: No.

Georgie: All right.

Maxie: Is this mine?

Georgie: It is now.

Maxie: Mmm.

Dillon: Ok.

Maxie: Let's go.

Georgie: Oh -- bye.

Elaine: Anything?

Jesse: Not yet. But I got a good tip our guy's going to hit.

Dillon: And you are exhausting me. I'm going to get a drink.

Maxie: Oh, get your own soda. This one's mine.

[Dillon mocks Maxie]

Lorenzo: In a hurry, or are you just venting?

Diego: Yeah, well, be glad I didn't break it.

Lorenzo: That bad, huh?

Diego: Look, people suck. You know that?

Lorenzo: Mankind in general or some young woman in particular?

Diego: I don't get it, ok? First, she treats me like I'm the greatest guy on the planet, and then she uses me to get to someone else.

Lorenzo: Yeah, I've been there. It happens.

Diego: Yeah? All right, so, what am I supposed to do, huh? Should I keep trying or do I give up?

Lorenzo: I wish I knew.

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: I'm sorry. Yes. Where is she?

Carly: Hey, I didn't drag your father kicking and screaming into bed. He seduced an impressionable young girl. If anyone should be ashamed, it's him.

Reese: Well, maybe he was, Carly. And maybe he still would be but, you see, I'll never know because my mom and I -- we never saw him again.

Carly: He's dead?

Reese: Thanks to you.

Carly: I didn't kill him. And I didn't seduce him, either.

Reese: You threw yourself at him every chance that you got. You are not innocent, Caroline. You are a bitter, vicious opportunist. I had a family. I had a father who was a hero, and you had nothing. So what did you do? You came and you took what I had and you destroyed it!

Carly: Ok, all right, so -- so you've decided to return the favor?

Sonny: But she didn't, Carly.

Carly: I'm sorry. Excuse me?

Sonny: Whatever Reese’s original intent, she didn't act on it.

Carly: Tell me you're not defending this woman.

Sonny: She did everything she could to find Michael. She -- she protected him against Dr. Thomas. She fought for Michael, for me. She lost her career because of me.

Carly: I can't believe you're defending this woman.

Sonny: Whatever anger she had towards you, she didn't act on it. She didn't take anything from you.

Carly: Like hell she didn't! She took you!

Sam: God, I wish you wouldn't do that.

Andrew: I had to see you again to be sure.

Sam: Sure of what?

Andrew: Like I said, I'm not a stupid man. I know your heart belongs to someone else, that you went to Corfu to be with him. But you're back, and there can only be one reason -- he rejected you. The man's a fool. His loss is my gain. Marry me freely and give me the chance to make you love me as much as you loved him.

Sam: Ok.

Andrew: Excellent!

[Andrew turns music on]

Sam: Please, no. I -- you know, I can't, not right --

Andrew: This music isn't for dancing. It's for making love.

Jason: Damn it!


Allie: I found another air vent. It turns out it only leads around the corner. All the rest have been blocked. Mother and the ape took you to see Sam?

Jason: Well, you know a lot about what goes on around here.

Allie: I know my mother. Shoot.

Jason: What?

Allie: I'm missing an earring. It's a sapphire. Wait. Oh, hey, you know, I might not want to marry for money, but I never said there was anything wrong about it --

Jason: No, no, no, just leave that there.

Allie: Using it to work the cuffs? Very clever.

Jason: Just give me the --

Allie: What's the plan?

Jason: Give me the piece of metal.

Allie: Uh-huh. You and I are simply going to have to find a way to work together.

Lucas: Well, it looks like Maxie’s recovering from her heart problems.

Brook Lynn: You know what? I don't get what is so special about Maxie that every guy -- every guy in here -- you know what?

Lucas: What?

Brook Lynn: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, Lucas, because this party blows. I'm out of here.

Lucas: Whoa, whoa, hey --

Brook Lynn: No --

Lucas: I was just trying to make conversation.

Maxie: Let's hit it again.

Dillon: No. You know what? Hey, hey, you know what? I'm going to chill out for a while, and I think maybe you should, too.

Maxie: Hey, Georgie. You never told me your boyfriend was such a party pooper.

Dillon: Whoa -- hi.

Georgie: Hey -- hi. Are you feeling ok?

Maxie: I feel fant-- fantastic. Why?

Dillon: Have you been drinking a little bit this evening?

Georgie: You know what, Maxie? Please -- I'm going to get you some coffee --

Maxie: I don't want coffee! What is wrong with everyone?

Jesse: Hey. What's going on?

Maxie: Nobody here knows how to party. I want to dance. Come on, Dillon.

Dillon: No, I -- Maxie, I said no, and I think you should stop now.

Jesse: I agree.

Maxie: Well, who needs either one of you?

Jesse: Maxie --

Maxie: Whoo!

Jesse: Maxie -- Maxie -- hey, listen, I need to ask you something. Have you had anything at all to drink? This is important.

Dillon: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- hey -- hey --

Georgie: Maxie?

Jesse: Maxie? Maxie? Maxie? Maxie? Move in now. Nobody move!

Carly: You know, I got to give credit where credit's due. You're good. You're really good. You help yourself to my husband and my son. What's next, Reese? Are you going to move into my house?

Sonny: That's it. Carly, enough. It's not your house, and she didn't take me from you because we were already done.

Carly: Yeah, and why were we done, Sonny? Why was that? Because I did the one unforgivable thing to you -- I kept something from you. Well, why is it ok for Reese to do the same thing? How is this any different?

Sonny: Because Reese’s secret was about her, about her past. You -- you kept me in the dark about a child that I didn't even know I had!

Carly: Oh, ok, so it's ok for Reese to lie by omission, but not me?

Sonny: Well, she confessed before you even got here!

Carly: Oh. Oh, oh, that's -- that's interesting. That's really interesting timing. Why is that? Why now? Did you somehow figure out that that I had known in some way?

Reese: Me talking to Sonny had nothing to do with you, Carly. I know that is a very difficult concept for you to grasp. But I confessed it to Sonny because I didn't want any secrets between us anymore.

Sonny: Ok, Carly, Carly, Carly --

Carly: Oh, good.

Sonny: Carly! You need to leave.

Carly: Oh. Fine. Fine. All right, well, I just -- I have one piece of advice for you. Do with it what you will. Once a liar, always a liar.

Reese: You ought to know.

Carly: Charlotte, I wish you'd stayed dead.

Reese: Well, thanks for standing up like that.

Jesse: I need that ambulance here right away. I want you guys to search every single inch of this place until you find what we're looking for.

Dillon: Which would be what, exactly?

Jesse: Somebody's using parties like these to slip pills into girls' drinks. As bad as this looks, just be glad Maxie didn't leave. If she'd gone wandering off with this crap in her system, she could have ended up in real danger.

Andrew: I wouldn't make love to you while someone else is in your heart. But he's gone, and that's what's so different about you. You no longer carry contempt in your eyes.

Sam: Really? I thought that we were -- going to wait until the honeymoon.

Andrew: Honeymoon is for children. We're adults. It's about time we started acting like it.

Jason: This is not a game. Just give me the piece of metal.

Allie: You intend to leave me behind, don't you?

Jason: This is your fight, not ours.

Allie: You don't understand. The man I love is hiding in Greece. He's wanted. I need to get to him.

Jason: I'm not taking you.

Allie: Then it looks like you'll stay attached to the wall.

Reese: And suddenly you're light-years away.

Sonny: You made a conscious effort not to act on your revenge. I respect you for that. But you also made a conscious effort to keep on lying to me.

Reese: Sonny, I --

Sonny: Look -- no. I heard you out, and you're going to hear me out. You could have told me the truth a number of times. But instead, you decided to keep on lying. Now, I've been down that road with Carly way too many times. I'm not going to go down it again with you or anyone else.

Carly: There's something you need to know. Look, I've been right about Reese all along. Every word out of her mouth since the moment she hit town has been a lie. I wanted to warn you about it before, I wanted to tell you about it before, but -- I -- I should have, but I didn’t. I had to warn Sonny, and --

Lorenzo: That's fine by me! I want you gone.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Georgie: My sister's going to be ok, right?

Allie: Help me get out of here and I will give you anything.

Andrew: Ow!

Sam: Get those lips near me again and I will bite them off!

Carly: But does it matter that I love you?

Reese: Can you honestly tell me that you don't love me?

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