GH Transcript Monday 8/8/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/8/05


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Jesse: Well, don't you look cozy.

Skye: Well, that was refreshing. Odd, but refreshing. Most men don't usually come right out and say they want to use me.

Lorenzo: Being direct saves so much time, doesn't it?

Skye: How?

Lorenzo: You're a smart woman. I'm sure you can figure it out.

Skye: Well, it's either one of two things. Let's see -- either you want to team up with me in some underhanded scheme against my family or you want to aim me at carly like some lethal weapon.

Dr. Thomas: Get up there!

Sam: Wait -- stop it!

Dr. Thomas: Go!

Sam: Let go of me. Jason!

Dr. Thomas: Now, get out there!

Sam: Ow! Ow.

Jason: Sam!

Sam: No -- no, please.

Dr. Thomas: I need to buy some time. I am so sorry.

Sam: No, don't do it! No!

Dr. Thomas: This --

[Helicopter approaches]

[Sam groans]

Jason: Sam!

Emily: Oh, I've got a feeling it's going to be a bad night.

Jason: Emily, we need help. Come on.

Emily: Hey, jase -- ok, what -- what happened?

Jason: Just get a doctor and I'll tell you.

Emily: Ok, it's going to have to be an attending. There was a bus accident, everyone available went to help. Uh -- dr. Jones is on duty. Ok, go -- go get him.

Jason: No, no. If we wait, sam will die. You got to do something. You got to save her life.

Dillon: You, my friend, are certifiable. You -- you almost gave me a heart attack! And have you even thought about her heart? Have you thought about that, huh?

Maxie: Oh, no, my heart is not something I want either one of you worrying about, and what is your problem?

Jesse: We have a fight, and your response is to hop into bed with another guy. For god's sake, maxie, you weren't even picky about it.

Dillon: Uh -- is that my cue to be insulted?

Jesse: He's your sister's boyfriend.

Maxie: Oh, lose the moralizing tone. Who do you think you are? We're not married, we're not -- and, you know, I don't even know what we are, but I definitely know it's not deep enough for you to barge in here and -- and start judging me. And why do you care whose bed that I'm in? You're the one who pushed me out of yours and wanted me to run home to my dad.

Jesse: I was trying to find a solution to an unnecessary problem that you created when you stomped your foot like a spoiled brat and refused to listen to your father.

Maxie: No, I'm not going to apologize for telling mac that I'm old enough to make my own decisions. That happens to be true.

Jesse: What kind of life are you planning to have? You got no money, no job, and no place to stay.

Maxie: And I remember you saying you didn't want to be responsible for me, so you're not. I can take care of myself. Besides, I don't have room in my life for weak, indecisive people. I want a guy who kisses me because he wants to and doesn't give a damn what my dad thinks!

Dillon: Fine!

Lorenzo: I'll say you're right. I want to use you in one of those two scenarios, so which is it?

Skye: Well, let's see -- I'd say you probably already have what you need from my family. Your position at E.L.Q. Is secure. You're well on your way to legitimacy. But carly, on the other hand, she's a little hard to control, isn't she? I'd say my money's on her.

Lorenzo: Right again. It took a long time, but I finally got the woman I love. I want you to help me keep her.

Reese: We have no choice, sonny. We have to bring in the police.

Sonny: You know what? We're going to handle it.

Reese: What are you going to do, put on a cape and fly after dr. Thomas? The man left in a helicopter.

Carly: As much as I hate to admit it, I think she's right.

Sonny: I just want the bastard dead.

John: Hold it right there, corinthos. I just got a report of shots being fired on the roof. You are not leaving this hospital till I know exactly what happened and why I should not bust you right now.

Sonny: Well, it looks like hell just froze over. We're going to have to work together.

[Helicopter lands]

Monica: Oh, my -- do you see what I see?

Alan: A helicopter just landed on our property.

Monica: And I think I saw -- I saw somebody running from it. What is going on?

Alan: It can't be good. I'm going to go call the police.

Dr. Thomas: Put it back.

Emily: Do you know what sam was injected with?

Jason: Yeah, digitalis. Ok, it works fast. You got to give her something to counteract it. What -- emily, what are you waiting for?

Emily: How can you be sure it was digitalis?

Jason: Because dr. Thomas said so -- he was going to use it on me tonight. I know what I'm talking about!

Emily: I know you're scared and I'm going to help you, ok, but I need to know what to give her, ok?

Jason: Ok, just please --

emily: I just studied a category of drugs, I took a lot of notes. I'm going to check --

jason: Can you just hurry? It's going to be ok. It's going to be ok. Emily's going to help you.

Emily: All right, ok -- ok, it's what I thought. Sam needs a digoxin-specific antidote.

Jason: Whatever it is, can you get it?

Emily: Ok, yeah, I'll get it.

Jason: Ok, sam, just hold on, ok? You're going to be ok. You have to. I'm right here. Emily! Just -- just stay with me just a little while longer. The medicine's coming, it's going to work, ok? Just -- just fight it, sam.

Emily: All right, I got it. All right, here we go.

Sam: Jason, my heart -- it's beating so fast. What's happening to me?

dillon: Hey -- uh -- close the door on your way out, will you, buddy? Thanks.

Dillon: Mm-hmm? Mm-hmm? Mm-hmm? Ow!

Maxie: You pervert!

[Monitor beeps rapidly]

Emily: I administered a shot that blocks the effects of this drug in her system. It should've worked, but she's having a negative reaction.

Jason: Ok, what's going on?

Tony: Enough time went by that the digitalis entered her bloodstream and is affecting her rhythm.

Emily: I didn't act soon enough.

Jason: No, you were just trying to be sure, emily.

Tony: No, you did the right thing. You gave her the wrong drug, she would've been dead instantly.

Jason: Dr. Jones, what happens now, please?

Tony: We wait, we pray, we hope sam has enough strength to help the drug do its job.

Jason: Did you hear that? The antidote won't work unless you help it along, ok, so I need you to fight like crazy.

Sam: Jason --

jason: Sam, please, please fight for me, ok? You can do it.

[Monitor slows down]

Tony: Keep talking, it's working.

Jason: What is?

Tony: Her heart rate's slowing. Sam's stabilizing.

Jason: Ok, sam, you're doing great, ok? Just breathe for me. That's it, that's it, nice and slow. Please.

Skye: I wish you luck, but I cannot be the whip you need to crack to keep carly in line.

Lorenzo: How is that fair? I played nice when you wanted to get under luke's skin, I'm asking you to return the favor.

Skye: Well, instead I'm doing you an even bigger one.

Lorenzo: By turning me down?

Skye: Luke and I aren't even married. He can't even manage to stay in the same country with me for any length of time. Ooh.

Lorenzo: Ah, your chocolate?

Skye: Why, thank you. Oh, and, please, do not say that it's your fault, because if it hadn't been for you, luke would've found just another reason to leave, ok? It's getting so I can predict within a week of when he needs to leave. What I'm not so good at is predicting the for-how-long part, but it's why I keep breaking up with him -- well, one of the reasons, anyway. Point is, I don't have as much at stake to lose as you do. I really like you, lorenzo.

Lorenzo: The feeling is mutual.

Skye: You know, there was a time when I thought that maybe there possibly could've even been something between us, but you are so in love with carly. You would jump through rings of fire to get to that woman, and there is no way I'm going to let you self-sabotage by throwing her away.

Lorenzo: She just needs a wake-up call.

Skye: Maybe. But you'll have to get yourself another alarm clock. Thanks for the chocolate.

Lorenzo: Wait, wait, how can you turn me down? It was your idea to make carly think that another woman was picking up the slack.

Skye: Not exactly. I said that's what i would do if I were in your situation, ok? That's my pattern, that's what I do. I act on my own worst impulses and I drive away the people that I love. It's a hollow victory, lorenzo. You know, you get to be right in some twisted way by proving that the other person didn't love you enough, and then there you are all alone with regrets. Treat yourself and carly better than that.

Dr. Thomas: Nice gun collection you people have.

Alan: It belongs to my father.

Dr. Thomas: Oh, I'm sure he won't mind loaning it to me for a while. And I know how to use it, so don't get any ideas.

Alan: Uh -- why on earth are you pointing a gun at me, anyway?

Dr. Thomas: Because 10 years ago, I made the stupid mistake of agreeing to kill jason for A.J. It was supposed to be an act of mercy -- stopping the heart of a brain-damaged patient with little hope of recovery. Unfortunately, jason wasn't as far gone as we thought, and he's now remembered the little part where I tried to kill him, and he and his merry band are now after me.

Alan: Then you're a dead man.

Dr. Thomas: You see, that's what I'm trying to avoid. I'm thinking that you can help me. I need money and a way out of the country.

Alan: Why on earth would I be interested in helping you?

Dr. Thomas: Oh, I'm banking on your sense of self-interest. You see, I can make it look like you were the one who hired me to kill jason.

Alan: That's ridiculous. Nobody would believe you in a million years.

Dr. Thomas: Oh, I think that's where you're wrong, chief. See, you had means, motive, and opportunity. Yeah, there was your -- there was your beloved son lying in a hospital bed, an empty shell. All your dreams of jason and his brilliant medical career shattered, just like his brain was when A.J. Plowed him into that tree. Well, you were freeing him from god knows how many years of being trapped in that body, unaware, not alive, not dead. Oh, yeah, it'll fly because nobody trusts you. I mean, they all know that you were responsible for me treating michael, and they'll figure there was some kind of ulterior motive and that this was it. Getting the picture now, chief?

sam: I am so grateful to emily for finding the antidote, jason, but it was you. You made me fight. I love you.

Jason: I love you, too.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Ok, sorry, I got to take this. Yeah?

Monica: Jason, it's me. Listen, dr. Thomas is here and he's got alan at gunpoint.

Jason: Where are they?

Monica: They're both in the den and I'm on the terrace.

Jason: Stay there, don't let dr. Thomas see you. I'm on my way.

Dr. Thomas: I'd rethink making that call.

[Monica gasps]

Dr. Thomas: Or am I too late?

Dillon: You just hit me, twice, and you called me a pervert.

Maxie: Yeah, because that's how you're acting.

Dillon: You wanted to make the guy jealous.

Maxie: I did.

Dillon: And I helped you.

Maxie: Yeah, well, you could've helped me without your tongue being so involved.

Dillon: I was acting! Never heard of "method"?

Maxie: I thought you were the director.

Dillon: Yeah, I am a director, and let me tell you something about directing -- it's not all about setting up the shot, ok? You have to understand the actor's process, and by the way, don't take that to mean that I enjoyed kissing you. I was just trying to make it look convincing.

Maxie: Ok, well, you convinced jesse right out the door, and I didn't want to make him so mad that he left.

Dillon: Oh, I'm sorry that I didn't go for the exact lip-to-tongue ratio of getting him to stay.

Maxie: Look, look! You're doing me a big favor by letting me stay here tonight and I am grateful for that. Really, I am. And to show you that I'm grateful, I'm going to leave you out of my problems with jesse. And from now on, I'll do my own dirty work. Are we clear?

Dillon: Clear.

Georgie: Hey, you got a minute?

Jesse: For what?

Georgie: I just want to explain some things about maxie.

Jesse: Oh, by all means.

Georgie: Maxie's really impulsive and stubborn and she doesn't always think things through. You know, she'll be -- she'll say something in the moment that is completely lame or stupid, but no matter what, she'll stand by it. It's infuriating, but -- but it's a part of who she is. You'll -- you'll really learn to love it.

Jesse: Are you really that clueless?

Georgie: Excuse me?

Jesse: Do you even know where your sister's at right now?

Georgie: Yeah, she's -- oh. You found out maxie's staying at dillon'S.

Jesse: You knew?

Georgie: Yeah, it was my idea. You see, maxie needed a place to crash and -- jesse, nothing's going on. Maxie has the bed, dillon has the floor. It's -- it's ok.

Jesse: You're a trusting person. You're the last one on this planet. So I hate to be the one that bursts your idealistic little bubble, but I just dropped in unexpectedly on maxie and dillon, and nobody was sleeping on the floor.

Georgie: Maxie probably felt bad and offered dillon to share the bed. It's -- it's cool. It's ok, really.

Jesse: I'm surprised maxie has any face left, the way dillon was sucking on it.

Skye: Instead of using me to make carly jealous, why don't you use my sympathetic ear and female perspective and tell me what happened tonight? Maybe the situation isn't as dire as you think.

Lorenzo: Uh -- it's such a tangle, I don't know where to start.

Skye: Mistake number one -- you need to be clear about the sequence of events. You may be furious about something that carly barely remembers.

Lorenzo: Fair enough. Carly and I began the day thinking that michael had killed A.J., And that he would be placed in john durant's custody.

Skye: And then you so wisely contacted me and we were able to manage a potential compromise where chchael was going to be placed with his grandparents, the quartermaines. I have to say I was pretty impressed with that, considering that monica, alan, and carly can barely stand each other.

Lorenzo: Well, if I didn't say it then, I'll say it now. I'm grateful for the compassion you showed michael.

Skye: I love that kid like my own nephew. He is A.J.'S son, and for all of his admittedly hideous flaws, I loved A.J. Like a brother.

Lorenzo: Yeah, I know what it's like to have a brother you can't save. I'm sorry. I realize luis isn't your favorite topic of conversation.

Skye: Yeah. Truthfully, I didn't even know luis all that well -- except in the biblical sense. I was at a pretty low point in my life and so was luis. We were using each other to self-destruct. It wasn't very flattering to either one of us.

Lorenzo: Well, he wasn't always that way. True, he was arrogant and impulsive and more than a little bit spoiled. But he could also be generous and compassionate. I think that's why he fell in love with brenda. He felt sorry for her. And in the process of trying to save brenda, he ended up destroying himself.

Skye: You miss him.

Lorenzo: Of course. We grew up together. I spent half my life chasing after luis. Call me in the middle of the night, be in the middle of some deal, and he would need my help or he'd be in some kind of trouble.

Skye: And need your help.

Lorenzo: Usually.

Skye: Did you ever have to call him? Did you ever call him in the middle of the night and ask him to bail you out?

Lorenzo: Not that I can remember. I mean, I was shot this one time and he was there when I woke up.

Skye: But you never called him for help?

Lorenzo: Where are you going with this, skye?

Skye: Oh, just about to make an observation that's probably way out of line and totally none of my business.

Lorenzo: Hmm. Sounds fairly ominous.

Skye: Well, it's based on years of A.A. Attendance that, as luke would tell you, has warped my mind and twisted my perspective to the point where I can see deep, psychological underpinnings to the most ordinary human behavior. I mean, luis was your brother, right? Why wouldn't you want to help him?

Lorenzo: I'm sorry, I'm not seeing what this has to do with A.A.

Skye: Oh, probably nothing. But as luke can tell you, I'm a nut on the subject, and from the way you were talking about him, I -- I'd say you sound like you're acting like a caregiver, a co-dependent. Luis was the wild, impulsive one and you spent your whole life taking care of him, and then one day he dies and you turn right around and you find somebody else to take care of.

Lorenzo: Carly.

Jason: Somehow dr. Thomas ended up at the quartermaines' and I'm going there right now.

Sonny: All right, I'll come with you.

Jason: No, no, no, sonny, this is mine to settle.

Sonny: All right, all right, here, you take this, right? Dr. Thomas is very dangerous. You call me if you need backup.

Jason: I will. Just -- just let sam know what's going on, ok?

Sonny: Yeah. No, no. No, no.

Carly: Jason --

sonny: Hey. No, no. Let him go.

Dillon: You know, you might want to try some new tactics with that guy, maybe be honest with your boyfriend once in a while.

Maxie: Ugh. Jesse is not my boyfriend.

Dillon: Right. I am sorry about getting overzealous with the whole kissing thing.

Maxie: Apology accepted.

Dillon: Although, I don't think you have much to worry about. Was he furious? Yes, but somehow I didn't get the impression that he saw me as a threat.

Maxie: Well, then that just proves how blind he is. He can't see what's right in front of him. Dillon, you're a great guy and any girl would be happy to be with you.

Dillon: You think so?

Maxie: I know it. My little sister is very lucky.

Dillon: That makes two of us. I mean, when it comes to georgie, it's like she's so -- I don't know, she's -- she's everything to me. You know what I mean?

Maxie: Well, I hope you know how rare it is for two people to have just complete trust and understanding.

Dillon: That's georgie. Hey.

Georgie: I can't believe this -- my boyfriend and my sister, the two people I care about most!

Maxie: Oh, don't be so melodramatic. Nothing happened.

Georgie: "Nothing"? Maxie, I wouldn't exactly call kissing "nothing"!

Maxie: You saw jesse? Is he still mad?

Georgie: What do you think?

Dillon: Um -- I -- I think you may have the wrong impression here. I was helping maxie with that --

georgie: Oh. Because she needed her tonsils cleaned?

Maxie: Oh, first of all, jesse practically kicked me out in the street, and then he barged in here and started acting like some possessive jerk. Dillon was just being a friend and helping me out, that's it. Come on, you goofball, you know he loves you.

Dillon: I thought you'd figured that out by now.

Georgie: This is what I have figured out. There is only one way this arrangement can continue.

Carly: You let jason go after that lunatic, dr. Thomas, by himself?

Sonny: That's right, carly.

Carly: What kind of friend are you? Send your men after him or the police, I don't care.

Sonny: Ok, you need to get this. It's jason's life, jason's call. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Reese: Sonny's right.

Carly: Oh, enter the mindless tart.

Reese: Dr. Thomas tried to kill jason twice.

Sonny: And he left sam for dead, carly.

Carly: Yeah, that's exactly my point. This is personal for jason, too personal. If you really think he's going to go in there with a calm and rational head, you don't know him as well as you think you do. He's going to look at dr. Thomas and he's going to see all the horrible things that he did to michael and sam.

Sonny: I don't have time to discuss this. You need to just go home to your husband, alcazar, ride horses, whatever you guys do.

Carly: Oh --

sonny: You know --

carly: Ok, right, right. Right, I don't -- I don't belong here anymore. I got to get that. You know, I just pray to god that you're right, that you know jason as well as you think you do and that he's going to go in there and be ok. Because you know he keeps everything inside, and if that pandora's box opens up, god help anyone who gets in the middle of that.

Lorenzo: I wanted to take care of carly the minute I met her. That's not what I did at first -- just the opposite. I was using her as a bargaining chip with sonny. But even then, I told myself I wouldn't let anything happen to her. And the more I got to know her, the more deeply I felt about her. She just seemed so lonely. Or maybe I just convinced myself she was.

Skye: That's the thing about love -- sometimes you're so sure you see a side of somebody that nobody else sees. Sometimes you're right.

Lorenzo: Carly was -- she was pregnant and she was going into premature labor. I took her to this clinic, brought her to this doctor, and he wanted to perform an abortion, and i completely lost it. I can't ever remember being so angry. I was screaming at him, I threw him up against a wall, and I think I threatened to kill him and all of his descendents.

Skye: How "old testament" of you.

Lorenzo: Carly was amazing fighting for her child, and I don't think I'd ever seen anybody be more courageous or absolutely beautiful.

Skye: You fell in love.

Lorenzo: Completely. Another thing about carly -- her spirit, tenacity, capacity for love -- those are amazing qualities when they're working in your favor, and insurmountable ones when they work against you.

Skye: Lorenzo, carly married you.

Lorenzo: How many times have you been married?

Skye: Oh, please do not use me as an example, ok? I have married for all sorts of reasons. I've married for the right reasons, for the wrong reasons, for the reasons that I thought were right at the time. I've married out of love, out of delusion, out of revenge. Well, revenge -- that's got to be the worst, the worst one. That's always a mistake, I'll tell you that.

Lorenzo: You know, I think carly would probably agree.

Skye: Oh, what are you talking about? Carly's never married out of revenge, unless you're referring to A.J., Maybe, I don't know --

lorenzo: Skye, don't lie to me to make me feel better. It has just the opposite effect. I need you to tell me the truth. I have to be honest with myself. Carly married me to get back at sonny. He is the focus of her life.

Skye: Carly loves you. You can see that.

Lorenzo: Then why is she spending the evening chasing after sonny?

Monica: Ok -- alan, are you all right?

Dr. Thomas: As I was informing your husband, I'm going to need a jet to get me out of the country. And cash, lots of cash. Make the calls.

Monica: No. I'm not going to do anything until you assure me that alan and I are going to be safe.

Dr. Thomas: I have no desire to kill either one of you. I just want to get out of here, so make the calls.

Monica: Ok.

Alan: If sonny's men don't find you, the police will, and believe me, you're better off with the police. You should turn yourself in.

Dr. Thomas: Not an option. What are you looking at?

Alan: I was just wondering, have you always been this crazy? Ugh! Oh!

Monica: Alan! Alan!

Dr. Thomas: I really don't think you want to be calling me names right now.

Monica: Ok, ok, it's all set. Uh -- the jet is waiting, and the money is en route. Are you ok?

Dr. Thomas: Good. I'm going to have to take your wife as insurance.

Monica: Oh, my god!

Dr. Thomas: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I'm going to have to gag you. And if you somehow get loose and say a word of what happened here tonight to anyone, you'll never see monica again. I -- I'm really looking forward to getting out of this freaking town.

Jason: You might get your wish.

Monica: Oh!

Georgie: We've had our ups and downs, but we're sisters, and I know you wouldn't do anything to intentionally hurt me and I love you. Good night, maxie.

Maxie: Good night, georgie.

Georgie: Good night, dillon.

Dillon: Good night, georgie. Good night, maxie.

Maxie: Good night, dillon.

Carly: I know you're mad at me and you should be. I -- um -- I made a scene at the hospital. I apologize for attacking you that way. It was wrong. I just -- it was -- it was upsetting to find out that my husband gave me a cell phone with a tracking device, and I -- but I should've dealt with it with you in private.

Carly: Ok, I'm apologizing over here.

Lorenzo: I heard you.

Carly: My only defense is that I was just so freaked out about all the horrible things dr. Thomas had done, michael's therapist, the man I had entrusted with michael's mental health.

Lorenzo: You mean the man sam and jason entrusted.

Carly: Ok, would you at least look at me? I went through a lot today, and I really want to talk about it with my husband.

Lorenzo: Let me assume what happened. Dr. Thomas was caught, sam is fine, and jason turned out to be the hero as usual.

Carly: Wrong. Sam was injected with a drug that almost killed her, and dr. Thomas got away.

Lorenzo: And yet with so much unresolved, you're here. Let me guess. Sonny threw you out.

Carly: No, nobody threw me out. I came home because this is where I wanted to be!

Lorenzo: Stop this, all right? The only reason you married me was to make sonny jealous in hopes that he would come crawling back to you. Well, I am sorry that things didn't work out the way you planned.

Carly: You're kicking me out?

Sam: Where's jason?

Sonny: Don't worry about that, all right? You need to rest now.

Sam: He went after dr. Thomas, didn't he?

Sonny: He had to, sam.

Sam: Sonny, I am worried about him. That man is sitting on a lot of rage right now and I don't want the man I love doing something that's going to take him away from me.

Sonny: Jason's taking the only possible action he can take. Dr. Thomas messed with his family, messed with you. You know, he's not going to just let that go.

Sam: I know.

Sonny: I know you know. That's what makes you so good for jason.

Sam: I wasn't expecting to hear that.

Sonny: I know that I had my doubts about you and jason in the beginning because I didn't really know you very well. I mean, I knew the facade that you showed the world, but I didn't -- I didn't really know your heart. Jason's been able to uncover that, and my kids have benefited. And even when, you know, carly and I were going through our personal drama, you reached out to michael and you made sure that he got the help he needed.

Sam: Actually, that didn't work out so well.

Sonny: Dr. Thomas fooled a lot of people. But the point is your intention. You're a good person, a loving person, and I'm grateful that you're in jason's life, and mine.

Jason: Let her go.

Dr. Thomas: Oh, I don't think so.

Jason: I'll shoot you, anyway.

Dr. Thomas: Hey, this is just misdirected rage. Come on, I'm just a guy trying to salvage what's left of his life after being tortured and blackmailed for the last 10 years by your father.

Alan: Jason, don't believe him, he's lying.

Monica: No, I -- I'd like to hear what dr. Thomas has to say.

Dr. Thomas: Ok. Yeah, despite what I said at the hospital, we both know that A.J. Was blowing a lot of smoke about wanting you dead. He would never have done it. He was a coward. Alan -- alan, on the other hand -- he knew how to get the job done.

Alan: Don't believe this crap. Why would I try to kill my own son?

Dr. Thomas: Because he wasn't your son anymore. See, that's his motive. Yeah, I mean, he couldn't be bothered with the care and feeding of a vegetable for the rest of his life. No, no, no. So he hired me to put you out of his misery. And then fast-forward 10 years, A.J.'S back, he's threatening to tell the truth. Alan couldn't allow that to happen.

Alan: Don't believe him. He would say anything to save his sorry ass.

Dr. Thomas: Oh, come on. He's the one who arranged to have me treat michael. Now, why would he do that? To perpetuate the coverup.

Alan: Jason, he's clearly out of his mind. He's not making any sense at all.

Sonny: I spoke to sam's doctor. She's going to be fine.

Reese: And you?

Sonny: Well, I can't believe what I did. I put, you know, michael in the care of a psychopath.

Reese: You never wanted michael to see a psychiatrist. You never trusted this guy, and you were right.

Sonny: I should've trusted my instincts. I mean, michael had already been traumatized by A.J., You know, and what do I do? I handed a damaged boy over to somebody who can hurt him even more.

Reese: Sonny, if you want to blame yourself for not being godlike enough to see this thing coming, I suppose there's nothing I can do. But I will not let you put yourself down as a father. I have never known any man more devoted to his children than you are, and even your enemies know that to be absolutely true. You're a good man, sonny. You inspire a lot of love in a lot of people, and I want you to know that I'm one of them.

Carly: I can't believe you packed my bags. You made up your mind to throw me out?

Lorenzo: Fortunately, we can do this with a minimum of disruption. Morgan and his nanny are at sonny'S.

Carly: For the night!

Lorenzo: Why are you fighting me on this? There's nothing here you want, least of all what I mistakenly believed was a marriage.

Carly: Oh, ok, so we're over? That's it? No warning, no discussion?

Lorenzo: There's nothing to discuss. I'm done fighting with you, carly. Instead I'm going to give you what you so desperately want.

Carly: God, that's such bull. This is what you want. You've been gearing up to this since the moment I asked you to marry me. You finally win the object of your obsession, and then you throw it away. Do you realize how sick and twisted that is?

Lorenzo: Give me a break! I'm letting you out of a relationship that's inconvenient for you so that you can continue your endless pursuit of sonny! I mean, let's face it. I didn't need a tracking device to tell me where you'd be tonight.

Carly: Ok, I was honest with you! I made it clear that marrying you didn't mean that I was going to give up the rest of my life when I come home to you! My heart is with you! Why do you refuse to get that?

Lorenzo: I don't --

carly: You moved mountains to get me to love you, and then you throw it away, you put up a wall, all because you're afraid!

Lorenzo: I am not afraid!

Carly: Yes, you are! You are afraid, and I love you, damn it, but you're just --

emily: Whoa, whoa, sam, what do you think you're doing?

Sam: I have to go find jason. He went after dr. Thomas.

Emily: No, you are in no condition to be a help to anyone, sam. In fact, I was coming in here to tell you that we're going to put you in a room and --

sam: I don't think you really understand right now.

Emily: Listen, yours is the first life that I ever saved on my own, ok? I'm not going to let you spoil my victory by getting up too soon and killing yourself.

Sam: Fine.

Emily: Listen, I may have found the right drug to counteract the problem, but we both know what really saved your life. It was jason giving you the strength to fight. Ok, sam, he can't imagine his life without you. Trust me, he's coming back.

Alan: I didn't hire anyone to kill you, jason. I never wanted you dead.

Monica: Jason.

Dr. Thomas: No, no, you felt his hatred for you. You know what he's capable of doing.

[Dr. Thomas groans]

Monica: He's dead. Oh --

monica: Oh, my god.

Alan: How you must hate him. He robbed you of the person you were.

Jason: Do you think it was my heart stopping, you know, that caused the brain damage?

Monica: We're never going to know, jason. Just maybe it's easier to think it was dr. Thomas and not A.J. That changed your life.

Alan: He took away the career you could've had. He destroyed your future.

Jason: I hate him. But what dr. Thomas did -- it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

>> On the next "general hospital" --

nurse: We haven't seen her.

Elizabeth: Cameron!

Jax: She's carrying my child. I want her found.

Nikolas: Come home and take a nap with me.

Monica: Emily has volunteered for all these hours.

Mike: Sonny's got a surprise for you.

Sam: He does? Should we open this?

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