GH Transcript Friday 8/5/05

General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/5/05


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Elizabeth: She's perfect.

Courtney: I can't wait to hold her.  Hi, sweetheart. Hi. Welcome to the world.

Jax: Time to take my two girls home. Thanks, Elizabeth.

Courtney: Thank you. Come on.

Elizabeth: My baby.

Jax: Hey. We heard you scream out. Is the baby ok?

Elizabeth: What -- yeah. Yeah, the baby's fine. I must have just had a dream.

Jax: Do you remember what the dream was about?

Elizabeth: I was in the hospital.

Courtney: Was everything all right?

Elizabeth: Yes. Yeah, it was wonderful.

Skye: Now, I know it's late, and I know I'm overstepping my boundaries and I apologize. But I -- I really need to know where Luke is.

Lorenzo: Luke doesn't want anyone to know where he is.

Skye: I just found out I'm pregnant.

Reese: I'll check the garage for Thomas' car.

Sonny: I'll meet you at Jasonís room.

Carly: I'm going with you.

John: Nobody is going anywhere. Dr. Thomas makes a nice diversion, but Sonny killed Rachel Adair.

Carly: Ok, we have to get to Jasonís room. Dr. Thomas is after him.

John: I will --

[John cocks trigger]

John: I have every right to stop you in your tracks.

Carly: Only if you stop me first.

Jason: You killed A.J.

Dr. Thomas: Ah! Stop struggling!

Jason: You tried to kill me a long time ago.

Dr. Thomas: Yeah, and this time I will.

Elizabeth: I dreamed that I just had the baby. I was holding it. The baby was perfect.

Courtney: Was it a boy or a girl?

Elizabeth: It was just a dream. Dreams don't always come true.

Jax: Well, you probably want to get back to sleep.

Elizabeth: Actually, I think I need some strawberry ice cream.

Jax: Oh, I can send someone to get it.

Elizabeth: No, that's ok. I'm going to go to Kellyís, get there before Mike closes up. I'll be fine.

Jax: Well, I think she might be lying about the dream.

Courtney: Well, what, do you think she dreamt that she lost the baby?

Jax: The thought crossed my mind.

Courtney: You know, I used to have dreams like that, too, right before I lost mine.

Skye: I don't know how I allowed this to happen. I mean, Luke and I are both grownups, you know? We used protection, but it was just this one night where I --

Lorenzo: This happened when?

Skye: A while back. On the docks at the Quartermaine boathouse. It happens to be one of my favorite places on the whole Quartermaine estate. Well, it was just such a crazy night, you know, I had to get out, with Tracy and E.L.Q. and the family, I just -- I really had to get out and think, and so -- oh, it was such a beautiful evening, you know. There was no moon, but there were stars, and there they were, just shining on the water like diamonds.

Lorenzo: I see.

Skye: Oh, everything was quiet except the night wind, which was rippling the water.

Lorenzo: Hmm. It sounds splendid.

Skye: And I just sensed someone behind me. I knew it was Luke, so I turned around and our eyes just met. We didn't even speak. Our souls just connected and -- well, you can see why I need to tell him face to face.

Lorenzo: Yes. I understand.

Skye: So will you tell me where he is?

Lorenzo: I've sent Luke after a cache of diamonds. Real ones, not reflections on the water.

Skye: Really? So then where is he? Paris? Florence?

Lorenzo: The Amazon. I have holdings in several diamond mines there. And diamonds just keep disappearing into the breeze, you might say. Three of my foremen have turned up dead. Worse than dead, actually.

Skye: What's worse than dead?

Lorenzo: I can't even get ahold of Luke, but I might be able to fly you in. And the rumors that Luke has lost his mind in the heat of the jungle -- well, they're completely absurd.

Skye: Oh, well, Luke wouldn't do that.

Lorenzo: You know, if you'd like to fly down there, I might be able to make the arrangements. It's going to be a brutal trip. Clouds of mosquitoes. You'll need vaccinations, and I think they'll handle the worst of the deadly diseases. I doubt seriously that Luke has gone over the edge. He's just dealing with tribal warfare, and that can be fairly treacherous.

Skye: Treacherous how?

Lorenzo: I would hate for Luke to see your pretty little head dangling from a tree, just shriveled to almost nothing.

Skye: Oh, my God. Oh, you just made that whole thing up!

Lorenzo: You bought every word.

Skye: I did not!

Lorenzo: Don't feel too bad. I'm not the only liar in the room, Skye.

Skye: Meaning what?

Lorenzo: Meaning you are no more pregnant than I am.

John: Get out of my way.

Carly: Go.

Sonny: You ok? You're not going to shoot your own daughter, Durant.

Carly: Just go, Sonny.

John: You're a fool.

Carly: You probably want Dr. Thomas to kill Jason. That's why you showed up here instead of Jasonís room Ė give the doctor another chance. Then Sonny will go after Dr. Thomas, and then you can get Sonny.

John: Sonny is a murderer. He's a career criminal. He's a menace to this community.

Carly: Save it for your campaign speech.

John: The man stole your life, Carly. I'm just trying to give it back.

Carly: If you let Dr. Thomas kill my best friend, you will lose me and your grandsons.

John: And that is a risk that I am willing to take.

Carly: That's because you don't understand who you're up against. If you let Jason die, I will make you pay in ways you never dreamed of.

John: Carly, Carly, I'm just trying to do you a favor.

Carly: Don't underestimate me, daddy. I'm a lot more like you than you want to know.

Sam: Jason -- no!

Jason: No!

Dr. Thomas: One step and she dies.

Jason: Sam, don't -- don't fight. Sam, don't fight him!

Dr. Thomas: Good advice.

Jason: Don't --

Dr. Thomas: This is digitalis. An overdose will stop your heart, just like it did Jasonís all those many years ago.

Sam: A.J. paid you to kill Jason, didn't he?

Dr. Thomas: That's right, that's right. Jason was hopelessly damaged because of A.J., and he was racked with guilt. You know, he begged me to put his brother out of his misery, and he gave me a great deal of money to do so. Unfortunately, Jason was revived, thanks to Alan Quartermaine. You know, to some people, you're a medical miracle. But to me, you're a mistake.

Jason: Why'd you kill A.J.?

Dr. Thomas: Oh, come on, you must have figured that out by now. He wanted me to help him with an insanity plea, and then he threatened to reveal that I tried to kill you after the accident.

Jason: So you killed Rachel, too.

Dr. Thomas: Yes. Yes, I did. She saw me coming out of A.J.'s room the night he died. And then Michael was remembering things and, you know, I had to make some hard choices.

Jason: Yeah, you let Michael think he did it.

Dr. Thomas: That's right. That's right, I did. And it would have worked if you'd just allowed him to believe what I was saying.

Sonny: Hey!

Sam: No, no!

Jason: No, no, no!

Dr. Thomas: Get over there! Put the gun down.

Sonny: It's not going to work!

Dr. Thomas: Put the gun down. Yes, it will. It has so far.

Sonny: Let go of her, I'll put the gun down.

Jason: Put the gun down!

Dr. Thomas: I swear to God I'll do it! Now, you guys are just going to relax, right? You're not going to call anybody. You're not going to call 911, you're not going to call security, you're not going to call the nurses' station. You're just going to stay here and be very quiet if you ever want to see Sam alive. Come on.

Sonny: Wait, wait, wait -- wait, wait, wait! We're doing this the smart way.

Skye: Well, of course I'm pregnant! Why don't you believe me? I just took the test.

Lorenzo: You brought it along, did you?

Skye: You really want to see my pregnancy test?

Lorenzo: You know, I'm a little surprised you couldn't come up with something better. A deadly disease, a nervous breakdown, something involving money.

Skye: Well, I don't have to. I'm pregnant.

Lorenzo: Must I? I did my homework before I took over E.L.Q., investigated all the stockholders. You had a very serious car accident, Skye. You can't have children.

Skye: Must be losing my touch.

Lorenzo: Well, don't be too hard on yourself.

Skye: No, I mean it. I used to scheme, lie with the best of them. I used to be tough, edgy, defensive, neurotic as hell, and now look at me. I laugh. I actually enjoy life, even when I want to kill Luke most of the time.

Lorenzo: Hmm, no wonder you're concerned.

Skye: I tell the truth when a lie would be so much easier. Oh, God, I'm nice most of the time -- well, far too often -- even when I don't have to be.

Lorenzo: All for the love of Luke Spencer.

Skye: I know. It's pathetic, isn't it? Here I am wandering around in the middle of the night telling schoolgirl lies, and for what? For the love of a man who only lets me get so close and then he just disappears. I wish I could just let him stay gone.

Lorenzo: I know the feeling.

Skye: Maybe. But you held on to Carly and, look -- you're married. You're happy; you're sharing your life together. I bet Carly is asleep upstairs right now, and you'll both wake up tomorrow and share your day together. It must be wonderful.

Lorenzo: You have no idea.

Skye: Well, sorry to bother you. Good night.

Lorenzo: Good night.

Carly's voice: This is Carly. Please leave a message.

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