GH Transcript Friday 7/29/05

General Hospital Transcript Friday 7/29/05


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Nikolas: We need to get off this roof.

Courtney: Yeah.

Nikolas: Hello!

Courtney: Help!

[Courtney laughs]

Lucky: We found an empty bottle of barbiturates near Rachelís body.

Reese: And a suicide note.

Sonny: That leaves no doubt -- Rachel killed A.J.

Jesse: Not exactly. It said she couldn't live with the guilt of the murder any longer.

John: Oh. How moving. Too bad it's such a crock. Huh? Now, come on, guys, what happened is so obvious. It would be laughable if an innocent woman hadn't ended up dead.

Sonny: What are you talking about, innocent? Rachel admitted she killed A.J.

John: Hey, Sonny, save your act for somebody else, huh? It's not working on me. You had Rachel Adair killed to clear Michael of A.J.'s murder, and we both know it.

Jason: I just don't see how it hooks up. My accident was 10 years ago. How could A.J.'s death now have anything to do with Dr. Thomas treating me then?

Sam: I don't know, Jason, but somehow, I think you do. Ok, somewhere in your memory lies the truth, and if Dr. Thomas killed A.J., somehow you know it.


Jodie: Don't! Don't let Dr. Thomas hypnotize you.

Dr. Thomas: Is Jodie here?

Michael: Yes.

Dr. Thomas: Michael, focus on the pen. It's the only way that I can help you.

Jodie: Michael, he doesn't want to help. Look at me! Don't believe him!

Dr. Thomas: Michael? Michael, the pen. Look, I know you're confused, but I'm going to make all that go away. Just follow the movements -- good, good. Ok, we're going to try this one more time. Start counting slowly backwards from 10.

Michael: 10, nine, eight --

Dr. Thomas: Excellent. Keep going.

Jodie: Michael, no!

Michael: Seven, six, five -- four, three, two, one.

Dr. Thomas: That's great, Michael. Ok. Now I want you to think back to what you saw in A.J.'s room the night he was murdered.

Courtney: Help!

Nikolas: Hello!

Courtney: Well, this is an exercise in futility. Obviously, no one can hear us.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Courtney: Oh.

Nikolas: You're right. I wonder what happened to all those interns.

Courtney: What interns?

Nikolas: Oh, the ones my uncle used to complain about. He said that they used to sneak up here for whatever reasons all the time. Smoke -- what -- what's the phrase that you say in this country where two people -- two --

Courtney: What, "hook up"?

Nikolas: Yes, hook up.

Courtney: Nice.

Nikolas: There's something I should -- I should probably tell you.

Courtney: You know, Nikolas, some things are better left unsaid --

Nikolas: No, no --

Courtney: Or left said the way they were said.

Nikolas: No, I think you should know. What happened before? That kiss? It wasn't -- it wasn't intentional or anything.

Courtney: Really?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Courtney: It sure felt intentional to me.

Nikolas: No, I mean planned. It wasn't -- it wasn't planned. That's what I mean. Just I had way too much to drink and -- well, that -- that part was intentional. I just -- I felt like my whole world was just -- was crashing down on me, and all of a sudden, there you were. You looked beautiful, and it moved me.

Courtney: Ok, well, in case you hadn't noticed, I wasn't exactly insulted. I mean, it wasn't like I was screaming bloody murder or --

Nikolas: That's very, very true. Are you saying that you wanted to kiss me? Is that what you're saying?

Courtney: Not -- not consciously, but --

Nikolas: Ok. Me, too. You know, we -- we've both lived in the same town for a long time and moved in the same circles. How is it that we never noticed each other before?

Courtney: I don't know. I think we both live complicated lives. You know, we're both married to complicated -- well, we're married, which is why there can be no more kisses.

Nikolas: No, no, of course not. Still, don't you -- don't you wonder just a little bit what -- what would've happened if -- oh, forget it, never mind.

Courtney: No, say it. What?

Nikolas: No. I mean, there's no -- there's no use speculating.

Courtney: Well, what else are we going to do?

Nikolas: This is -- this is very true. Ok. What -- what do you think would've happened if we would've met at a different time, in a different place?

Emily: Well, sometimes fate doesn't give you a choice, and you have to follow where it leads.

Jax: I don't know. I'd have to disagree. I think fate is determined by conscious choice. I think that doors open, you know, forks in the road, but whether you enter or turn left or right is a choice. It's what puts you in charge of your life. I'll give you an example. Courtney lost a child and the ability to conceive another, and you can say that was fate, or that it was a direct result of the choices she made. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it was her fault. I'm just illustrating a point.

Emily: Well, fate sent you Elizabeth.

Jax: Yes, and we -- we chose to use her as our surrogate.

Emily: Has Courtney gotten easier with the idea of Elizabeth carrying your baby?

Jax: Oh, she still struggles with it.

Emily: What about you?

Jax: Maybe the ideal scenario would've been if Courtney was carrying our child, but unfortunately that's not the hand that we were dealt. But I firmly believe that once the baby's born and Courtneyís holding him or her in her arms, then she'll feel nothing but joy. And the struggle of getting there will be a distant memory.

Emily: I hope so -- you know, for you and Courtney, and for me and Nikolas.

Sonny: You see these two guys right here, Durant? Those -- you see those two guys?

John: Uh-huh.

Sonny: They're cops. They deal with something you might not be familiar with -- facts.

John: I'm not going to be talked to that way, not from you. Hey, hey.

Sonny: Listen to me, ok? Rachel Adair offed herself and left a note confessing to the murder. That means Michaelís innocent, and you have no right to custody.

John: Now you listen to me. Michael stays with me until this so-called suicide is thoroughly investigated. You know, call me a skeptic everybody, but it seems a little convenient that Rachel Adair takes a fistful of barbiturates and then writes a deathbed confession just after Michael is arrested. Doesn't that just look --?

Sonny: Seems fine to me.

Jesse: Dr. Adair expressed remorse for what she put Michael through.

John: What, you take everything at face value? You think expressing remorse means anything? Huh?

Lucky: Durant, listen, there was no signs of struggle, no indication that she was forced to take the pills, all right, and preliminary handwriting analysis indicates that she wrote the suicide note.

Jesse: She also had motive, means, and opportunity.

John: Smoke and mirrors. You killed Rachel Adair, and you and I both know it.

Sonny: Get out of --

Ric: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Ok, ok, you need to go home. Go home, wait for my call.

Sonny: This guy is crazy.

Ric: Go home and wait for my call.

Sonny: He's crazy.

Ric: Will you relax? Behave like a professional?

Sonny: He's crazy --

John: Take your finger out of my face.

Ric: I'll handle this, ok?

Sonny: That's assault. Do you see that? That's assault.

Ric: Sonny, don't give him what he wants.

Reese: Sonny, let's go home. Let's just get out of here.

Ric: I know, I know. Just --

Sonny: I'm --

Ric: Don't say anything.

Sonny: Hey, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Ric: All right, get the -- you know what? You're a cold-hearted bastard. You're going to bring up -- you're going to bring charges against your own grandson because you want to control his life. Let me tell you something, Durant. There's no way in hell I'm going to let that happen.

John: Ok, good. Thank you.

Monica: I realize this is not the solution that you want, but it is the best thing for Michael.

Carly: The devil he knows.

Monica: Well, I suppose you could say that.

Alan: At least with us, Michael will feel loved and secure.

Lorenzo: Despite the raising of A.J., the Quartermaines are still a better option than John Durant.

Carly: That much is true. All right -- um -- I just have one condition -- that you don't use this as an opportunity to rewrite history, and you don't try to make A.J. into some kind of saint in Michaelís eyes. In fact, unless Michael brings him up, I don't want you to mention A.J. at all.

Alan: I'm not allowed to talk about my own son?

Monica: I think we can manage that.

Skye: Yes. I think we all agree that Michael has been through more than enough.

Monica: And we don't want to do anything more to hurt him, now, do we, Alan?

Alan: That goes without saying.

Lorenzo: Good. Then we're agreed.

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: Yes? Carly? Sonny.

Carly: Yeah?

Sonny: It's over. Michael's about to be cleared.

Sam: A.J. was driving the car that put you in the hospital. Dr. Thomas was treating you while you were in a coma, helpless the way Michael was in your dream. Now, 10 years later, Dr. Thomas is Michaelís therapist. Jason, it has to be connected.

Jason: Sam, it possibly -- maybe -- I don't know. I'm just -- I'm not good at this.

Sam: I don't follow.

Jason: Just sitting around, these puzzles. I got to do something about it!

Sam: Ok! Well, there's something that we're missing. You said that you started having memories from when you were out, right?

Jason: No, not real memories, just, you know, like, flashes, these images.

Sam: Were any of them about seeing A.J. in the room with Dr. Thomas when you were in the hospital? Maybe you witnessed a disagreement or a fight, something that might tell us why Dr. Thomas would want A.J. dead.

Dr. Thomas: Ok. So, you're outside A.J.'s room.

Michael: I go inside. I'm scared for Morgan and Kristina. I don't want A.J. to hurt them again. So I want to tell him not to.

Dr. Thomas: And did you?

Michael: I walk over to his bed; he wakes up. I don't want to hear any more lies, so I pick up the pillow on the floor. I press it down.

Dr. Thomas: What happened next?

Michael: Somebody comes in. So I hide.

Dr. Thomas: It's ok. Take deep breaths. You're safe here. Ok? So, can you tell if this person's a man or a woman?

Michael: A man.

Dr. Thomas: All right, tell me the rest.

Michael: Well, he's mad at A.J. for saying he won't keep a secret, and picks the pillow up off the floor. Presses it down till A.J. stops breathing. He's dead.

Dr. Thomas: Ok -- um -- I'm going to ask you one more question, and this is very important, your answer.

Michael: Ok.

Dr. Thomas: Do you know who the man is?

Michael: It's you.

Reese: So if Rachelís suicide checks out -- and there's no reason why it shouldn't -- then all the charges against Michael will be dropped. Nightmare over. Congratulations.

Sonny: One more time, with feeling.

Reese: I'm happy for you, Sonny. I'm especially happy for Michael, because he deserves some peace in his life, whatever the cost.

Sonny: You think I killed Rachel Adair?

Reese: You asked me once how far I would go to help Michael.

Sonny: Yeah, I did.

Reese: And you warned me that you would do whatever it takes to protect him.

Sonny: That still holds true.

Reese: Your whole family.

Sonny: That's right.

Reese: Well, Rachel helped A.J. carry out his plan of revenge against you, which included stealing your children, laying claim to Michael, brainwashing him, and meanwhile, she set up shop here in Port Charles and made a mess out of your sister's life.

Sonny: Well, you know what? She's a piece of garbage.

Reese: Yeah. And she's also A.J.'s dumped lover, which I so helpfully pointed out to you. I'm sorry, Sonny. It's -- it's just that I -- I can't help but wonder if I've crossed another line that I didn't think I ever could.

Sonny: You didn't need to say anything, ok? Because, as you know, I had my reasons for, you know, wanting Rachel Adair killed. But I didn't kill her. Now, as far as I know, her suicide, her confession is real.

Reese: Ok.

Sonny: That's it? No further questions?

Reese: If you tell me that you didn't kill Rachel Adair, that's good enough for me.

John: Michael's session should be over by now. Can you tell me what's going on in there?

Nella: I have no idea.

John: Well, could you please go in there and find out?

Nella: Sorry, I can't interrupt.

John: Do you know who I am?

Nella: The district attorney. But I work for the good doctor. You want in that room, you go through me.

John: Yeah, well, as well as being the D.A., I also happen to be the boy's legal guardian. If I want this session stopped, somebody's going to stop it.

Carly: Why am I not surprised to see you? Where's Michael?

John: Still in with Dr. Thomas. He's coming home with me as soon as he ends, so you wasted a trip.

Ric: No, I'm afraid not, John. I just spoke with Judge Taylor. You no longer have legal grounds to hold Michael. He is going home with his mother. If you do anything to prevent that in any way, I will file charges against you, and that is a case that I will happily pursue.

Carly: Michael. I'm taking you home to your family.

Nikolas: What about Paris, hmm? Walking through Champs Elysees, wind blowing through your hair?

Courtney: Fat chance.

Nikolas: How about Rio? Dancing in the streets during Carnaval? Raking in the chips at a chemin de fer table in Monte Carlo?

Courtney: What? What?

Nikolas: What? Come on.

Courtney: No, no. It would be more like blackjack in Atlantic City, and I would be on the other side of the table dealing the cards.

Nikolas: You suck at this game.

Courtney: What? I'm sorry.

Nikolas: Just --

Courtney: What? I --

Nikolas: Play along. Play along.

Courtney: Ok.

Nikolas: Ok? All right. We're in Atlantic City.  I'm raking the chips, and you are the dealer.

Courtney: Ok. I am making sure that you get all the good cards so you stay at the table.

Nikolas: But, see, I wouldn't need convincing.

Courtney: What are we doing?

Nikolas: Oh. I don't know.

Courtney: I mean, Nikolas, it's pointless, ok? Our lives are with other people.

Nikolas: I know

Courtney: Let's make a deal, ok?

Nikolas: Ok.

Courtney: If -- if either of us come up here and the other one is here, we back off. Ok? No contact. It's just we both have too much to lose, you know?

Nikolas: Deal.

Courtney: Thank God, I thought we were going to stuck up here all night.

Emily: What happened?

Nikolas: I came here to get some fresh air.

Courtney: Yeah, I -- I had the same idea only genius that I am, I forgot to leave the door propped open. And naturally, it started to rain.

Nikolas: And thus we stood pounding on that door forever.

Courtney: Yelling till we're almost hoarse.

Emily: Well, it's lucky I showed up, then.

Courtney: Well, I'm going to go see about getting dry.

Nikolas: Oh, Courtney?

Courtney: What?

Nikolas: Can I have my jacket?

Courtney: Oh -- right. Yeah. Thank you.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Courtney and Emily: Bye.

Nikolas: Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait. Come here.

Emily: What?

Nikolas: Come here. What's the rush? Here you go. It's nice out here now that the rain stopped.

Emily: Nikolas, you're drenched.

Nikolas: So?

Emily: Don't you want to get out of your clothes?

Nikolas: Only if you want to get out of yours.

Emily: Very funny.

Nikolas: Dance with me.

Emily: Now?

Nikolas: Right now.

Jax: Hey!

Courtney: Hey.

Jax: What happened to you? You're all wet.

Courtney: Yeah, I -- uh -- I wanted to clear my head before my meeting, and I went up to the roof.

Jax: Oh.  Don't tell me -- you forgot to wedge the door and you got caught in a downpour.

Courtney: Not one of my more brilliant moves.

Jax: Here. Here you go.

Courtney: Thanks. Hey, have you -- have you seen Bobbie? I was hoping that maybe she'd have some clothes in her locker. I can't really go to my meeting looking like this.

Jax: No, no, no, you look beautiful, and you're going to reschedule your meeting, because I'm taking you home and drawing you a nice, hot bath.

Courtney: Hmm. Sounds like heaven.

Jax: Mm-hmm.

Lorenzo: Ok, have a really good time at the family reunion, Morgan.

Leticia: Oh, we will.

[Morgan babbles]

[Leticia gasps]

Lorenzo: Yeah. You get to hold on to that.

Leticia: Yeah. I'm going to go take him to celebrate with his big brother.

Lorenzo: Ok. Thank you.

Leticia: Want to say "bye"?

Lorenzo: Bye-bye.

Leticia: Bye!

Lorenzo: See you later.

Leticia: Bye.

Skye: Here. I thought you could use this.

Lorenzo: Thank you.

Skye: You know you're a far more generous person than I am.

Lorenzo: Oh, I doubt that.

Skye: Really? I've seen proof. After everything you did for Carly and her sons, they shut you out of a hugely important event, and you just send them away with a smile?

Lorenzo: Well, Carlyís family situation is complicated. I knew that when I married her, and right now I'm not a good fit. I have confidence that will change eventually.

Skye: So you're just content to sit back and bide your time while Carly spends quality time with her ex?

Lorenzo: What are my options? What am I supposed to do, yell and scream until I'm reluctantly invited?

Skye: No. You have to be a little more subtle than that.

Lorenzo: All right. What would you do in my place?

Skye: Punish. Create nasty little dramas to make Carly miserable.

Lorenzo: Like what?

Skye: Oh, I don't know. After she came back from spending her time with her family and friends, maybe she'd find a strategically placed thong or an empty bottle of some wildly expensive champagne, or handcuffs. And if that didn't work, arrange to have her find another woman in your bed.

Lorenzo: Are you offering?

Skye: I'm not above it. Something tells me you are.

Lorenzo: Well, that depends. Are you bringing the handcuffs?

Skye: Nice try. But you're far too rational and in control for sexual-game one-upmanship. Me, on the other hand, I made an art form out of it, which explains why I don't have a relationship, and you and Carly are headed for a long and happy one.

Lorenzo: Well, I appreciate the vote of confidence.

Skye: Carly may be many things, Lorenzo, but she's not stupid. She's got a great thing going and she knows it. She's not going to mess that up.

Michael: Hey, dad.

Sonny: Hey! How you doing?

Michael: Good.

Sonny: All right?

Michael: Yes, I am.

Sonny: Yeah?

Michael: Mom says I do not have to go back to Durantís.

Sonny: Never --

Michael: Yay.

Sonny: If you don't want to.

Carly: You're home now, sweetheart, where you belong.

Michael: And I'm not going to jail.

Sonny: No, you're not. You know why? Because you didn't do anything wrong.

Michael: Jason!

Jason: Hey, buddy.

Michael: Did they tell you? I'm home for good!

Jason: I know. And now you don't have to be sad or afraid anymore. Everyone knows you didn't kill A.J.

Michael: But I know who did.

Jason: What are you talking about?

Michael: I know who killed A.J.

Courtney: Ah, thank you.

Jax: You ready to get out of here?

Courtney: Hmm. Yeah, I will be as soon as I call the hospital administrator to reschedule my appointment. Can I use your cell phone?

Jax: Sure. Looks like you're not the only one who got caught in the rainstorm.

Alan: We were so close to having Michael. A.J.'s son -- we could've made up for so many mistakes.

Monica: Actually, I'm quite surprised that Carly agreed to let us have Michael in the first place.

Alan: Once again, Michael was taken from us just like A.J., just like Jason.

Monica: Oh, I am so tired of you talking about Jason like he is dead.

Alan: He might as well be, Monica.

Monica: Oh.

Alan: The person that woke up from that coma is not my son.

Monica: Jason suffered brain damage, it changed his life. It wasn't his fault.

Alan: No, it never is. It's always A.J.'s fault. He was drunk; he was driving the car, something which you reminded him of every single day of his life. I don't understand you, Monica. How could you forgive Jason so easily when he became one of Sonny's hit men and you could never forgive A.J.? Don't you think he felt that you didn't love him in the same way that you loved Jason? Or maybe you didn't think about him at all.

Monica: My love for A.J. was never in question. But unlike you, I never supported the choices he made or the man he was becoming.

Alan: You have no idea, Monica -- the pain that he went through --

Monica: Oh.

Alan: The guilt that warped his life. He could never shake off the accident. He blamed himself every single day. He needed your forgiveness. You turned your back on him.

Monica: You are sounding so much like a broken record, Alan. I have heard --

Skye: Come on, you guys. Please stop fighting. I know dredging up A.J.'s murder again is upsetting but don't lash out at each other.

Monica: Well, I've had enough. Actually, I've had more than enough.

Alan: You should get down on your knees and thank God that you were not raised in this house, that you didn't go through the hell that A.J. went.

Skye: Come on, Alan. You can't blame Monica for the way A.J. turned out. At some point, responsibility reverts.

Alan: I do blame her. I blame everybody, including myself most of all. A.J. never had the unconditional love and support in this family. Maybe if he had, he wouldn't have gone down the road where he met up with the person who eventually killed him -- a doctor. Of course -- it had to be a doctor.

Michael: I remember that blond lady, Dr. Adair? She's the one who killed A.J.

Carly: Ok. I never mentioned Rachelís name to Michael and I never said anything about what happened to her.

Michael: I saw the whole thing. Dr. Adair said A.J. was evil and she didn't want him to hurt anybody else.

Reese: And you just remembered this all of a sudden? Did -- did Jodie help you?

Carly: I don't think we need to be talking about Jodie right now.

Michael: Jodie isn't real. I don't see her anymore.

Reese: Since when, Michael?

Sonny: Reese, Reese, Reese -- you're not investigating a crime, so --

Michael: Since my session with Dr. Thomas today.

Sonny: The only thing that matters right now is that you did not kill A.J. You only thought you did because you were confused; you were upset.

Carly: And you're right about Dr. Adair. She admitted to everything in a letter.

Courtney: Ok. The meeting's on for Monday and we are so out of here.

Nikolas: Yeah. Hi. Wow -- looks like you got caught in the rain, too.

Michael: Give me my -- come on. I'll tickle you.

Ric: Well, doesn't this look festive.

Sonny: Ric.

Ric: I'm sorry. I was under the impression that I was invited.

Carly: You were. You were -- by me.

Sonny: You must be in a fantastic mood.

Carly: Well, whether I like it or not, Ricís your brother. That makes him family. And after the way he handled my father today, listen, inviting him over here was the least I could do.

Sonny: All right. Well, I appreciate what you did.

Ric: That's not a problem. I enjoy sticking a pin in Durantís massive ego.

Sonny: Well, it's more than that. I think all Durant wants to do now is take Michael away from me. And you used your position to stop him from doing that, so -- you know what, Ric? Sometimes -- I don't know. You're getting to the point where you're starting to feel like a -- like a real brother, you know?

Michael: Hey, dad? Come here.

Sonny: Yes?

Reese: Ahem.

Ric: What's up?

Reese: I'm not convinced that Rachel killed A.J., and I know Sonny and Carly don't want to hear this right now. They just want this whole thing to be over.

Ric: Yeah, don't we all?

Reese: Of course. I --

Ric: What, you just can't let it go? Well, that's the story of my life, too.

Reese: I spoke to Rachel the night before she was murdered. She told me she saw Dr. Thomas coming out of A.J.'s room at the exact moment that he was killed, so of course I go over there, I question him. He knows. I'm thinking maybe Dr. Thomas killed Rachel to keep her from busting him.

Ric: So how do you explain Rachel Adair admitting that she killed A.J.? Huh?

Reese: Timing is very convenient.

Ric: Yeah, come on, come on. Reese, Reese, look -- Rachelís dead, A.J.'s dead, Michael is home. It's over, ok? Let it be over.

Sam: Yeah, can I speak to Dr. Thomas' assistant Nella, please? Oh. Could you have her call me? It's Sam McCall. No, no, I -- I don't need to speak to Dr. Thomas. Can you just have her call me as soon as she gets this message? Ok.

Jason: Sam.

Sam: Is Michael ok?

Jason: Yeah, he's fine.

Sam: Doesn't sound like it.

Jason: Michael thinks he's fine. Sonny and Carly want to believe it.

Sam: You don't?

Jason: Michael says he remembers seeing Rachel Adair kill A.J.

Sam: What? Just like that after all these months?

Jason: I mean, it's a lie, right? It's got to be --

Sam: Oh.

Jason: And the only one who could convince Michael is Dr. --

Sam: Is Dr. Thomas, and the only way he would do that is if he killed A.J. and killed and framed Rachel.

Jason: I don't know. Maybe it doesn't even matter, Sam.

Sam: What, Jason?

Jason: A.J. deserved to die for what he did to Michael, and Rachel Adair tried to frame Courtney and blackmail her.

Sam: And, what, she deserved to die just like that? Dr. Thomas is allowed to walk away?

Jason: I don't give a damn about Dr. Thomas or Rachel Adair! The only one I care about in all this is Michael. I mean, you should've seen him at Sonnyís. He was happy. He hasn't smiled that way since before the kidnappings. I mean, this kid has been through hell and he thinks it's finally over. And what am I supposed to do -- just start it all again? For what?

Sam: To protect him, Jason.

Jason: There's other ways to protect him. Dr. Thomas could disappear; he could have a traffic accident.

Sam: And -- and the truth is supposed to stay locked up inside of Michael? Is that what you want?

Jax: Courtney locked herself out on the roof. What's your excuse?

Nikolas: Nothing quite that dramatic. I just forgot my umbrella.

Monica: Whew.




Sonny: Let me tell you something about your mom. Did you know that when you and Morgan were missing, she never gave up hope? She always, always, always believed that you guys would be found and be home safe. And I want you to know something, buddy -- don't forget how great your mama is. Ok?

[Morgan babbles]

Carly: Now, was I right or was I right? Look around, there's not a bad thing in sight.

Sonny: No?

Lorenzo: What's so funny?

Sonny: Uh -- just the timing of.

Michael: Perfect.

Lorenzo: You ready to go now?

Carly: I want to stay here tonight.

Sam: I am trying to reach Dr. Thomas' assistant, Jason. It is a long shot, but if A.J. called Dr. Thomas the night he died, then maybe she picked up the message.

Jason: Yeah, that's good. It's worth a try.

Sam: Are you ok?

Jason: Yeah, I just -- I just want to run through, you know, everything, how it happened, make sure we're not missing anything, ok? 10 years ago, A.J. drives into a tree, I'm brain-damaged, lying in a hospital bed comatose. Dr. Thomas is called in to treat me. Now, it's -- it's possible that A.J. had contact with Dr. Thomas then, but we can't be sure, ok? Last April, A.J.'s in the hospital with a broken back, he's facing kidnapping charges, he's going to try and plead insanity, he needs a psychiatrist to back him up.

Sam: So he calls Dr. Thomas.

Jason: But we don't have any proof that A.J. actually spoke to Dr. Thomas.

Sam: Ok, Jason, let's just say that he did, ok? A.J. wanted his insanity plea, Dr. Thomas refused to give it to him. A.J. blackmailed him.

Jason: With what?

Sam: With -- with whatever happened with your accident 10 years ago.

Jason: Sam, that's just -- that's a huge assumption.

Sam: Ok. Let's just say that it's true, Jason. Everything else fits. Dr. Thomas killed A.J. to shut him up. Michael witnessed it.

Jason: Ok, the only problem is Michael remembers being in A.J.'s room, he remembers seeing Carly. Why is Dr. Thomas the only piece that's missing?

Sam: Because Michael probably feels guilty for seeing and witnessing his biological father being murdered. It's not his fault. I --

Jason: No, none of this is Michaelís fault. I mean, this kid has spent his whole life paying for other people's mistakes including mine.

[Jason sighs]

Sam: Where did that come from, Jason? You have done nothing but love and protect Michael.

Jason: I told the first lie of Michaelís life. I said Michael was my son. He loved me. You know, he didn't know not to. We had spent one year together and I was gone. He didn't understand why. He just thought I'd disappeared. I'm tired of failing Michael, ok? I promised him that this would be over. It has to be over, Sam. No more lies. No more confusion. I got to find out what happened the night A.J. died so I can tell Michael and he can let it go instead of carrying it for the rest of his life until it finally destroys him like the accident destroyed A.J.!

Nurse: The patient's brother, A.J. Quartermaine, is on the phone. He says it's important and he'll only speak with you.

Dr. Thomas: Ok. Ahem.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey. What just happened?

Jason: I -- I remembered something. Maybe there's a connection with A.J. and Dr. Thomas.

Dr. Thomas' voice: Dr. Adair said A.J. was evil and she wasn't going to let him hurt anyone else. Then she took the pillow and smothered A.J. until he was dead. Do you understand, Michael? When I count to three, you're going to wake up and remember Dr. Adair killed A.J., not me.

Dr. Thomas: You know, I'm really flattered, but if you can't stay away from my office -- which I'd prefer -- the least you could do is knock before you enter.

Reese: I'm retracing the final hours of Rachel Adair's life. When did you last see her?

Dr. Thomas: I barely knew the woman.

Reese: You know she's dead.

Dr. Thomas: Yes, and it's tragic.

Reese: Hmm. And convenient, too, given the fact that Rachel told me she saw you coming out of A.J.'s room the night he was killed and I came and questioned you about it.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: You knew I was on the roof with Courtney -- why didn't you bust us for lying?

Lorenzo: You want to stay here tonight?

Carly: I just wanted us to be together as a family.

Jason: If there is a connection, how far do you think he'll go to protect that secret?

Reese: It's almost as if somebody planned it that way.

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