GH Transcript Wednesday 7/27/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/27/05


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John: Carly, I did not kill A.J., and if I had, I'd never pin it on Michael. I love my grandson. I would never do anything so horrible to him.

Carly: Maybe, maybe not. But there's no doubt you'd do it to Sonny.

Sonny: You telling me Michael has an imaginary friend?

Jason: Her name is Jodie, and he talks to her about what's bothering him, and she helps him sort it out.

Sonny: Oh, I don't want to believe this.

Jason: Michael introduced me to her. He expected me to be able to see her, too, but he was talking to air. I tried to play along, but Michael saw right through me. And now he knows the truth, that Jodie only exists in his mind.

Sonny: How much is one little boy supposed to take?

Jason: That's what I'm afraid of, Sonny. This kid has been -- he's been through too much. What if this is the thing that breaks him for good? We got to get him home before that happens.

Rachel: My job is to help people, not to kill them.

Reese: See, that's where I get stuck. You're a pediatrician, dedicated to the welfare of children, so I do, I have a hard time believing that you could kill a man and let an innocent child get stuck with the blame.

Rachel: Well, then why don't you stop accusing me?

Reese: Because you're covering something.

Rachel: Not that --

Reese: No.

Rachel: Not that I'm a killer.

Reese: Maybe not, but something, Rachel.

Rachel: Yes.

Reese: What?

Rachel: I know who killed A.J.

Reese: Well, that seems awfully convenient.

Rachel: Not really, not for me.

Reese: And that's why you never came forward with this information, because you're afraid that A.J.'s killer would come after you?

Rachel: Frankly, I didn't care when A.J. was killed. In fact, I think he got exactly what he was asking for, he got what he deserved. And to tell you the truth, the person who killed A.J. has my undying gratitude. But that person was not Michael.

Reese: So wait a second -- hey -- so -- come here. If it's not Michael, how do you know? Were you near A.J.'s room the night that he was killed?

Rachel: Yes, and I saw someone leave A.J.'s room that shouldn't have been there.

Reese: I'll bite. Who?

Rachel: Dr. Thomas.

Reese: Michael's therapist.

Sonny: Jodie -- that's just like -- it's an odd name to pull right out of the blue.

Jason: Jodie Monroe was a student at Michaelís school about 26 years ago. I had Reese do some research.

Sonny: What did she find out?

Jason: Well, this Jodie won some big important spelling contest, and the school hung her picture up in a hallway, and Michael must have passed it every day.

Sonny: And what, the name just stuck?

Jason: Right. Michael mentioned to Sam a couple weeks ago about this Jodie, and he said that she was just a neighbor. We didn't even, you know, pay any attention. I should have paid more attention.

Sonny: No, hey, hey, don't blame yourself. There's no way to see this coming.

Jason: Yeah, but Sonny, I knew something was wrong.

Sonny: Everything was wrong. Michael was kidnapped; lied to about everything that matters to him. Listen, all that happened was Michael snapped one night, he smothered A.J., and that's all there is to it. You did everything you could, and I'm grateful to you.

Jason: I spoke to Dr. Thomas, and he agrees that we should get Michael home as soon as possible. Is there any word on Sam?

Sonny: Yeah, she's back already. Durant had her arrested as soon as she landed.

Jason: Yeah, other than that, is she ok?

Sonny: I haven't seen her or spoken to her, but -- ahem -- I know she's being processed. Do me a favor, ok? Head home, don't dock until you hear from me. I have an idea.

Michael: What are you doing?

Jodie: You threw your pillow on the floor. I guess you were having a bad dream.

Michael: It was -- about you.

Jodie: Me?

Michael: You're not real.

Jodie: That's a silly thing to say.

Michael: I made you up in my head.

Jodie: Michael, I'm your friend.

Michael: You don't hear me. You don't exist. Go away.

Jodie: You don't mean that.

Michael: I said it, didn't I?

Jodie: If I leave now, you'll never find out who killed your father.

Michael: He wasn't my father. He was just A.J. You can't tell me anything about him because you're not even real, so go away. I never want to see you again!

Jason: Michael, what's wrong? I heard you yelling --

Michael: Make her go away, please.

Jason: I will, buddy. That's why I'm taking you home, to get you some help.

Reese: You just made a pretty serious accusation.

Rachel: I'm aware of that.

Reese: So do you have anything to back it up? Did you actually see Dr. Thomas kill A.J.?

Rachel: No, but I saw him leave A.J.'s room at the exact hour the murder took place. And I didn't think much of it at the time.

Rachel: I mean, I thought it was weird that a shrink would be leaving A.J.'s room at that hour, but I just forgot about it until I heard what time the murder took place. And then it just seemed like too much of a coincidence.

Reese: Well, it seems like the coincidence goes both ways.

Rachel: You mean that I was outside of A.J.'s room?

Reese: And you just happened to be checking your watch?

Rachel: Hmm, oh, you don't believe me.

Reese: You had motive. Dr. Thomas didnít.

Rachel: Look, I'm a smart woman. I wouldn't kill A.J. knowing that I would be the prime suspect for his murder. And you're right about motive. If I was going to make up a story, I certainly wouldn't choose Dr. Thomas. There are plenty of other candidates to choose from. Now, if that's all, I have patients to go see.

Reese: Well, don't worry. If I need you, I'll find you.

Georgie: Here you go.

Nikolas and Emily: Thanks.

Georgie: Can I get you anything else? I'm sorry.

Emily: No, that's ok. We're fine.

Georgie: Ok, just yell if you need me.

Emily and Nikolas: Ok.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: Well, how's your pizza?

Nikolas: Well, when I asked for the special, chicken and pineapple never really occurred to me.

Emily: Of course, you're the one who insisted on trying something different.

Nikolas: Yeah, I know, but I guess I was looking for something a little more straightforward, simple, like that.

Emily: Yeah, somehow I don't think itís the right setting.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, you know -- listen, why don't we just go home and I'll throw together a makeshift dinner. We can sit at the kitchen island and just talk or something.

Emily: Yeah, I'd love to, that sounds really nice, but I canít. I have to work.

Nikolas: Again?

Emily: Yeah, I've got to rack up those hours. You know, it's part of being a med student.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Monica: This has to be a mistake. It says that Emilyís on duty again tonight?

Nurse: No, that's right. She's shadowing graveyard.

Monica: Oh, well, that's absurd. She's already got twice the hours she needs.

Nurse: Well, that's what I told her when she volunteered, but she insisted. What can you do? The girl wants to work.

Jax: Hey. What are you doing here?

Courtney: Well, your assistant told me I could find you here.

Jax: Yeah, I was just going over a bid for the new hospital wing.

Courtney: That's a lie, Jax. Why don't we back up so you can tell me why you're really here?

Diego: How could you say Ursula was hot? She's --

Dillon: I didn't say that. I'm just saying that --

Diego: You just said she was fine.

Dillon: Hey, hey, sit with us, come on. Come, come. Ok.

Diego: Anyways -- ok, just Ursula --

Dillon: I'm just saying --

Diego: That's bad taste, and Georgie would be mad if she knew that -- hey! She's here!

Maxie: Hey, hi. Where's Georgie?

Dillon: Shoveling pizza.

Maxie: Thanks. Well, I have something to tell you guys.

Dillon: Ooh. I'm here.

Maxie: Ok, well, I kind of wanted to tell you together, but I talked to Mac, and he's cool with it. Georgie and I can see whomever we want.

Dillon: Mac said that, in those words?

Maxie: Well, no, not exactly, but that's what he meant. So you can date Georgie, and I --

Diego: And you can date supercop?

Lucky: I went to the police academy to join the force to become a cop, not a babysitter.

Jesse: You know, you keep up these insults, I'm going have you doing paperwork all day --

Lucky: I'm talking about the Maxie thing.

Jesse: Forget about Maxie.

Lucky: I wish I could. Unfortunately, my new assignment is to make sure that she stays away from you.

Jesse: As the ranking officer here, why don't I dismiss you from that particular assignment?

Lucky: I don't know. Why don't you?

Jesse: I just did. Feel any lighter? You must with that burden off your shoulders.

Lucky: Ok, look, I'm meeting Elizabeth here for dinner. So why don't you join us and I'll buy you a burger?

Maxie: Hey! Sorry. I thought that was you. Are you coming inside?

Jesse: No.

Maxie: Wait, wait, I have something to tell you. I talked to my dad and, well, it's cool now, we can hang out, so I figured since we waited so long maybe we could do something tonight.

Jesse: No, Maxie, not tonight, not any night.

John: Look, I tried to take this down an easier path, but Sonny had Reese stall for him. Meanwhile, he goes behind both of our backs and he helps Jason and Sam run off with Michael after they threaten to shoot two police officers.

Carly: Everyone involved loves Michael. We're all trying to protect him.

John: So am I! I bent over backwards to cut a deal with Sonny to get Jason and Sam to bring Michael back here to get the help he needs.

Sonny: I'm ready to take that deal, Durant.

Maxie: I don't understand. What happened to the guy that I had so much fun with?

Jesse: "Fun"? Your life was in danger the entire time.

Maxie: I'm still alive and well.

Elizabeth: Hey, I got a table. Are you coming in?

Lucky: What about you?

Jesse: I got it under control. You're off duty. Don't keep your lady waiting.

Maxie: Look, I don't -- I don't really get why you've become so cold and distant lately, but I know that I didn't dream up the connection we had. I know you liked me.

Jesse: Look, I don't want to hurt your feelings, ok, but I don't do relationships. I'm a cop. I don't need emotional baggage dragging me down.

Maxie: Listen to you! Did you write that down and memorize it or something?

Jesse: It's how I feel.

Maxie: Ok. Well, at least you didn't say you were trying to protect me.

Jesse: Maybe I am. Look, hasn't your heart taken enough of a beating lately?

Carly: You don't have to make any deals with my father.

Sonny: Carly, yes I do, for Michael.

John: What kind of arrangement are you looking for?

Sonny: The one we originally agreed on. I will bring Michael home to Port Charles, you will drop the charges against Sam and Jason, and you have to give me your word, Durant, that Michael will not be publicly arrested -- no booking process, no press conferences. I don't want my little boy scared or traumatized more than he already is.

Carly: I'm warning you, Sonny, you cannot trust this man.

John: Thank you for your vote of confidence, Carly.

Carly: Well, yeah -- no, I know you, unfortunately.

Sonny: I'm giving Durant everything he's always wanted -- a chance to prove himself to you and our sons. If he's on the up-and-up then, you know, he'll protect Michael.

Carly: I don't like it.

Sonny: Well, we don't have a choice. Do we have a deal?

John: Our one condition still stands -- Michael continues his therapy with Dr. Thomas, yes.

 [Knock on door]

Dr. Thomas: Come in.

Reese: Do you have a minute?

Dr. Thomas: Depends. What for?

Reese: A few questions. It won't take long.

Dr. Thomas: Well, if this is regarding Michael, my hands are tied until he returns.

Reese: No, it's about A.J. Quartermaine.

Dr. Thomas: Isn't that old news?

Reese: Why were you in A.J.'s room on the night he was murdered?

Dr. Thomas: I had a consultation with Dr. Jones in the same unit. Motorcycle accident, if I recall. I had my head buried in a chart, and I wandered into A.J.'s room by mistake. Turned around and left. Take a look at my records or ask Dr. Jones.

Reese: I will. Thanks for your time.

Dr. Thomas: Wait. One question for you.

Reese: Sure.

Dr. Thomas: How does your current occupation as an attorney in private practice give you the authority to grill me like you were still in the F.B.I.?

Reese: Old habits. And if you thought that was grilling, well, you haven't seen anything yet.

Michael: What's wrong with me? Why would I make somebody up?

Jason: Maybe you need a friend or someone to help you keep a secret.

Michael: Like killing A.J.?

Jason: No, buddy. Like -- ok, listen, let's say, what if you didn't do it?

Michael: That doesn't make any sense. Why make up Jodie to keep a secret that everybody, especially me, would be happy to know?

Jason: Ok, I just -- Michael, this whole thing is so complicated, ok, and I'm probably the last person who should even attempt to explain this to you, but I'm going to try. Maybe your mind, you know, is protecting you. That can happen if it thinks you saw something you wouldn't be able to handle if you remembered.

Michael: Like who really killed A.J.?

Jason: Exactly. So what I'm saying is that you need Jodie. Don't push her away.

Michael: I already did. I told Jodie that I never wanted to see her again.

Jason: Ok, Jodieís not bad. You shouldn't be afraid, and don't hate her because, you know what? I think that she's that part of your mind that's trying to help you, ok? Maybe Jodie was waiting for the right moment for you to be strong enough to handle knowing the truth. I mean, do you want to know?

Michael: I guess so. Yeah, I want to know.

Jason: Then all you have to do is talk to Jodie again.

Michael: What if I can't make her come back?

Jax: I was concerned because Elizabeth fainted after she found out Lucky had been shot, so I went to see Dr. Meadows to make sure that the baby would be ok.

Courtney: Oh, so why not just come out and say it, Jax? Why lie?

Jax: Because I thought it would be easier.

Courtney: For whom?

Jax: For me, ok? I didn't want you getting upset because I was paying too much attention to Elizabeth.

Courtney: And now look at this -- you're the one getting upset?

Jax: I guess I was just anticipating.

Courtney: Look, Jax, the only reason why I'm upset is because you lied. Donít. Look, I don't want to fight any more than you do.

Jax: Ok. Maybe -- you know what? I shouldn't have lied. It was stupid.

Courtney: No, you know, you were just trying to avoid confrontation, and considering the way I've been acting lately, I can't blame you.

Jax: Ok, can we just -- can we move on?

Courtney: No, no. Jax, so much of this is me. Ok, it's just old insecurities that I'm bringing to the table that have nothing to do with you. You know, one of the first lessons I learned growing up with my family was that when a man isn't satisfied he just -- he leaves. So I overcompensate, and I just -- I want to be everything to you.

Jax: Hey. I love you, ok? Children or no children, you're my partner for life. And I'm sorry if I hurt you. It was a bad decision, you know, and it wasn't intentional. I'm sorry.

Courtney: I know. I know. But, Jax, I would rather hear the truth, even if it hurts.

Jax: Understood. You know how we said that if Elizabeth wasn't pregnant we should just focus on us? I don't see why we still can't do that.

Courtney: What do you have in mind?

Jax: A little spontaneous fun, beginning right now. First one to the elevator buys dinner!

Courtney: What? No! You cheater! Cheater!

Nikolas: When your shift is over, let's go for a walk on the east riding trail, take a bottle of wine down by the rocks, stare at the moon, count some stars. What do you say?

Emily: Yeah, yeah, that sounds great, Nikolas, but I have no idea when I'm going to be finished. And by the time I get home, I'm probably going to be beat, so I'll just go straight to bed. But --

Nikolas: All right.

Emily: So I'll just see you in the morning, ok?

Nikolas: Yeah, ok --

Emily: Bye.

Nikolas: Bye.

Georgie: Would you like a refill on that soda?

Nikolas: No, no. What I'd really like is a beer, and keep them coming, please. Thanks.

Michael: Jodie? Jodie?

Jodie: I thought you never wanted to see me again. You were right. I need to go.

Michael: No, not yet. I need you to tell me the truth.

Jodie: You already know it.

Michael: But I donít. You have to tell me.

Jodie: The truth is inside you, Michael. All you have to do is find it.

Carly: Ok, what aren't you telling me? Why suddenly put Michaelís welfare in my father's hands, of all people?

Sonny: Jason? Yeah. Listen, I made a deal with Durant. Can you bring Michael home? Yeah. Michael and Jason will be here in a half-hour.

Carly: They're -- they're home?

Sonny: You have to understanding something --

Carly: Why didn't you tell me --?

Sonny: Listen. Things are a lot worse with Michael than we thought. He created this imaginary friend, introduced her to Jason, had a whole conversation, and nobody was there.

Carly: But that -- that's not that unheard of.

Sonny: It's -- this is different. Jason thinks that this Jodie is here to make Michael believe that he didn't kill A.J.

Carly: Isn't that sort of a stretch?

Sonny: Carly, it doesn't matter. Whatever the reason he made her up, it doesn't matter. You know why? Because that means that Michael needs help that we can't give him.

Carly: I don't understand, Sonny.

Sonny: Ok, listen, listen --

Carly: This is crazy. It's --

Sonny: Listen to me. He found her name and face in an old picture. Apparently, she won the spelling bee in school, and that's how, you know, the name stuck, or whatever it was.

Carly: How did you and Jason figure this out?

Sonny: Reese -- Reese helped out.

Carly: Oh, so -- oh, so -- oh, ok, so --

Sonny: What do you mean?

Carly: You, Jason, Sam, and Reese all knew about this imaginary friend, but I didnít.

Reese: I knew because Jason told me.

Elizabeth: I don't know why I bother to look. I could recite this menu in my sleep.

Lucky: Well, I know why I do.

Elizabeth: Do what?

Lucky: Bother to look. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Elizabeth: Well, I do declare, Officer Spencer, you say the sweetest things.

Lucky: Well, what can I tell you? You inspire me. Do you miss being a teenager?

Elizabeth: You're kidding, right?

Lucky: Well, there's a lot to be said for an old-fashioned crush.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but there's a lot to be said against it, too. I mean, sure, life is wide open and free, but you don't know how to appreciate it or value it. Not that I'm ready to leave our youth behind. I do have our famous brownies cooling at home.

Lucky: Well, that makes it worth fighting the bad guys.

Elizabeth: My brownies?

Lucky: You know what? Just knowing you're there to share them with, that's all I need.

Courtney: Ok, I'm giving you a chance to catch up.

Jax: Oh -- oh, I think I pulled a hamstring

Courtney: Did you?

Jax: Oh -- ah!

Courtney: Hey!

Jax: Hey! I win! I win. Touched the door first, I had to touch the door.

Courtney: You cheated, you cheated.

Jax: No, no.

Courtney: No, no, no. Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh. I'm upping the challenge, ok? Best two out of three.

Jax: No, I'm starving, I'm sorry. No -- victorious.

Courtney: Oh, my God. Hmm -- table four -- Elizabeth and Lucky. Is that why we're here?

Jax: I had no idea they would be here. Why don't we just go somewhere else?

Courtney: No. No. Don't be ridiculous. I have to deal with this sooner or later.

Jax: Ok.

Courtney: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Jax: Hey.

Elizabeth: You guys want to join us? I mean --

Jax: Oh, no, no, no, that's fine. I mean, we can just grab another table.

Courtney: Yeah, no, that'd be great.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Courtney: Thanks, yeah.

Lucky: Nice suit.

Jax: Ok. Thanks.

Courtney: Thanks.

Jax: So, how's the job?

Elizabeth: Oh, it's good, it's good. I really enjoy being a nurse.

Jax: Yeah?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Jax: It's kind of a calling, isn't it?

Elizabeth: Yeah, you could say that.

Jax: Yeah. How about this weather we've been having? You know what?

Courtney: Oh, would you stop, Jax. Now you're treating me like a baby. What --

Georgie: Are you sure you don't want a cup of coffee before you go?

Nikolas: What, and ruin my buzz? No, thanks. I'm not driving. And my mind's shut down just enough to in a better place.

Georgie: All right, if you say so. Just be careful.

Nikolas: Ah, don't worry. I'll walk it off.

Dillon: Pizza, all around.

Brook Lynn: Hey, plain cheese for me, please.

Maxie: Hey, so, what do you want first, the good news or better?

Georgie: I like it already. I want the good news.

Maxie: Ok, well, I had a heart-to-heart with dad, and thanks to my awesome powers of persuasion, you and Dillon don't have to sneak kisses behind the trash bins anymore.

Georgie: Maxie, that's fantastic.

Maxie: Well, I'll leave a bill for services rendered underneath your door.

Georgie: Well, what could be better than that?

Maxie: Jesse dumped me, and who cares?

Georgie: Besides you?

Brook Lynn: So, do you guys think Jesseís really done with Maxie?

Dillon: I hope so. He's not even remotely good enough for her.

Brook Lynn: I don't know. He seemed kind of cool to me.

Diego: The guy's a self-righteous jerk.

Brook Lynn: You don't even know him.

Diego: All cops are jerks, ok, Brook?

Brook Lynn: Your idea or your dad's?

Diego: Mine. Maxie needs someone that's crazy about her.

Maxie: Hey, you know what? This song makes me want to dance. Dillon?

Dillon: I'm kind of busy right now.

Maxie: Ok, well, that leaves you, and I'm not going to take no for an answer.

Diego: In that case --

Reese: Jason called me because I worked for the bureau. He wanted me to do a name search on Michaelís friend Jodie Monroe to see if she actually existed. Carly, it is not uncommon for traumatized kids to see an image, a face, a name, anything that they're familiar with and cut and paste it into something that the mind can use to handle a problem. It's not that uncommon.

Carly: Wow. I guess I'm more cut out of Michaelís life than I thought.

Sonny: Carly, this is a good thing. Could be, ok? It could mean that Michael may not have killed A.J.

Reese: It's true, Carly, if Michael saw the real killer commit the crime, he could have been blocking it out for whatever reason.

Carly: What reason? And Michael saw me standing over A.J.'s face with a pillow. I mean -- who's going to be more upsetting to see in that context than his mother?

Sonny: Well, I'm more concerned about what's going to happen if the killer finds out Michael remembers.

[Monitor beeps]

Monica's voice: Jason isn't showing any signs of improvement. What if the car accident left him permanently brain damaged?

Dr. Thomas: Well, that would be terribly upsetting, but you know as well as I do that the chances of just that happening are excellent. I think you and your family should prepare for a rocky road ahead.

Monica: Well, that's probably good advice. Insensitive, but true.

Dr. Thomas: I call it as I see it.

Monica: I'm going to go find Alan.

[Monitor beeps rapidly]

Dr. Thomas: All right, I did as you asked. Now you come through for me. And if you ever breathe a word of this, I'll come after you and you can join your brother in hell.

[Monitor alarm beeps]

Jax: Excuse me.  What have I done now?

Courtney: Jax, I am not a time bomb, ok? You don't have to avoid the subject of the baby like it's a fuse that's going to set off.

Jax: Listen, I was trying to be sensitive, that's all. Can you see how I'm starting to feel like I can't win either way here? Talking about the baby makes you feel excluded. Not talking about the baby makes you feel patronized. What do you want me to do?

Courtney: I don't know, ok? That's the problem here. Ok, I -- oh, God, I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry. I just -- I keep ruining everything. I --

Jax: No, come on. Hey. You're not ruining anything. Let's just get out of here; we'll go somewhere else, ok?

Courtney: No, no, Jax, I'm just -- I'm going to go walk it off. I will meet you back home, ok? Will you give my apologies to Elizabeth and Lucky? They probably think I'm nuts. I'm starting to think so, too.

Monica: Hello there.

Emily: Hey, mom.

Monica: And why are you here?

Emily: Oh, I'm just putting in some hours.

Monica: Well, it's a slow night; you're not really needed, so go home to your husband.

Emily: Yeah, but I want to be here, you know, to work, to learn.

Monica: And what are you avoiding at home?

Emily: Nothing.

Monica: Come on, now. Come on, you can't kid a kidder. I'm a pro. When Alan and I have a fight, we need space, I come here, sign up for night shift, and it goes on for months.

Emily: Ok. You got me. I'm avoiding Nikolas.

Monica: Why?

Emily: Because we walk on eggshells around each other, mom. I mean, we fight about it; we make up. Things seem like they're ok, but they're really not, and then the whole cycle starts all over again. And it's sad, it's exhausting. I feel like I'm in a race to be happy with my husband, but I keep stumbling and falling behind. I don't know. Maybe it's time to stop running and just let Nikolas move on without me.

Monica: And that's just the kind of a decision you can make without any input from Nikolas?

Emily: Well, things can't keep going on like this indefinitely, and somebody's got to make a move.

Monica: Why does it have to be away from the marriage?

Emily: Why not if it's what Nikolas wants?

Monica: You really think that?

Emily: I'm beginning to. I'm beginning to think this may be the only way to deal with it.

Nikolas: Hey.

Courtney: Hey.

Nikolas: Hey. We meet again. And from the look on your face, you're not feeling any better than I am.

Dillon: Maxie just got her heart ripped out and handed back to her. This is blowing off steam, that's all this is.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, while Diegoís living out a fantasy?

Dillon: Brook, it's one dance. Chill.

[Song changes]

Brook Lynn: Yeah, well, this is one too many in my face, thanks.

Maxie: Thanks.

Diego: Yeah, it's not so hard dancing with you.

Maxie: You're a really nice person, Diego.

Diego: Shh. You're going to ruin my reputation.

Maxie: Sorry.

Diego: Hey, what are you doing?

Brook Lynn: You know what? It's bad enough that you just broke up with me, but do you have to keep shoving it in my face?

Diego: Well, take it easy. We're just dancing, we're --

Brook Lynn: No, you take it easy, Diego. I mean, you're the one that's piling it on --

Diego: Me?

Brook Lynn: And Maxie -- she's not having heart failure anymore, so what's your excuse? You know what? In fact, it looks like her heart is pumping overtime.

Diego: All right, you need to chill, bro.

Brook Lynn: No, you need to chill --

Diego: Chill out --

Maxie: Hey!

Brook Lynn: You little tramp. You did this on purpose.

Carly: Welcome home, sweetheart!

Michael: Thanks.

Carly: Are you ok?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Has Michael remembered anything?

Jason: No, he's -- he's trying. What's going on here? How's Sam?

Sonny: It's going to be ok. Durant is not going to file charges against you or Sam.

Jason: Ok, I'm going to go --

Michael: What is he doing here?

Sonny: No -- buddy, it's going to be fine. No one's here to hurt you. Isn't that right, Durant? What the hell is this, Durant?

John: Arrest Mr. Morgan for obstruction of justice.

Michael: No!

Courtney: Well, this is encouraging.

Nikolas: What?

Courtney: I mean, you're angry and you didn't take it out on public property this time.

Nikolas: No, I'm past angry, I'm past hurt.

Courtney: Past sobriety.

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah, I had a few beers to take the edge off, you know? But, you know, then I realized there is no edge. I'm done. I'm done. Emily pushed me so far away that I want to stay there now.

Courtney: You're going to give up on your marriage?

Nikolas: Emily tried to hang on because she didn't want to hurt me, and it killed us. It killed us both. And I just don't want to feel dead inside anymore, you know?

Diego: Relax! Relax!

Dillon: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Diego: Stop! Please stop.

Georgie: Knock it off!

Man: Just stop! Stop. Your friends are alley cats. I don't want people like that frequenting around my establishment. Do you understand?

Diego: All right, all right.

Man: Consider yourself fired.

Georgie: What?

Man: Listen, those two decided to go three rounds in the middle of my business. I want them arrested and ordered to pay for the damages.

Maxie: Well, this must make you happy. You get to arrest me and dump me in one day.

Lucky: Ok, let me have a moment to try to smooth this out so no one has to make a trip downtown.

Diego: Sit down, Brook, sit down!

Jesse: What were you thinking?

Maxie: Like you care! I don't know what I was thinking when I helped rescue you from someone who wanted you dead, and then I defied my father, I almost got killed, and you cut me off for no reason!

Jesse: I have a reason, and a damn good one!

Maxie: Well, I'd sure as hell would like to know what that is!

Jesse: Because I'm falling for you.

Jason: Michael, it's going to be ok.

Michael: Jason didn't do anything wrong.

Carly: Don't worry, sweetheart. Daddy's going to fix this.

Sonny: We had a deal, Durant.

John: You only thought we had a deal. I don't make deals with thugs.

Sonny: What'd you call me?

John: A thug.

Sonny: Huh?

John: A thug!

Sonny: What did you call me?

Reese: No -- Sonny, you're just going to make things worse. At least Michael is safe, ok?

John: Oh, he is far from safe, but he will be as soon as I get him away from this idiot. Carly, I'm sorry, but I got to take Michael in for A.J.'s murder.

Michael: No!

Sonny: No! Nobody touches my son! Let me --

Officer: Michael, I'm Officer Wells. You have to come with me now.

Michael: No.

Ofc. Wells: Yes.

Sonny: Michael --

John: Carly? Carly?

Carly: Sonny --

John: Carly, go with him.

Michael: No!

John: Carly --

Sonny: Michael, go.

Ofc. Wells: Come with him.

John: Michael, come on.

Sonny: You're going to be ok, buddy.

John: Your mom's going to go with you. Go on, go on.

Sonny: Durant? Durant? I promise you, you're going to pay for this.

John: Your lifestyle is harming my grandson. It is way past time. He belongs in a safe environment.

Dr. Thomas: Funny how history repeats itself, isn't it? I mean, here you are, helpless in a hospital bed, just like your brother was all those years ago. You made a mistake, A.J. I mean, who are you to summon me, to demand that I testify that you were mentally incompetent when you kidnapped Michael and shot your father and tried to kill your brother again? I mean, to threaten to reveal what I did all those years ago if I refused? You know, I've always wondered what kind of jealously runs so deep that a man who would want his own brother dead. Well, can't always get what you want, can you? Jason, alas, was revived. Well, all except for the brain part. You know, they say that one hand washes the other. I needed money, and you provided it. You wanted your brother dead, and I tried to accommodate you. I mean, all those years, all those secrets kept -- yours, mine. And then you had to go and break up the deal. Well, I didn't succeed with Jason but, you -- you'll be a piece of cake.

[Knock on door]

Dr. Thomas: Ahem.

Rachel: Hello, Asher.

Dr. Thomas: Hello, Rachel.

Rachel: I got the message that you wanted to see me.

Dr. Thomas: Oh, yeah, yeah, come on in. Have a seat.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Sam: I was praying that you got away.

Sonny: Where is he now?

John: He's in good hands.

Carly: You stayed at John's last night?

Dr. Thomas: Time for Michaelís session.

Reese: Is Rachel Adair around? She isn't in her office.

Emily: Are you going to tell me where you were?

Jax: What is it, Courtney?  

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