GH Transcript Thursday 7/21/05

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/21/05


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Mac: Put down that file.

Maxie: Look, Dad, I can explain.

Mac: No explanation necessary. It's called illegal entry, theft, and possibly tampering with a police investigation.

Maxie: Fine. Arrest me. Maybe then you'll actually start investigating Murphy.

Lucky: Why don't you let me look into it?

Mac: What'd you have in mind?

Lucky: I'd like to find out the truth about Jesse Beaudry.

Carly: Jason has to have called Sonny and told him where Michael is by now.

Lorenzo: It's a good bet.

Carly: Why hasn't Sonny called me? Michael needs his mother. He's probably so frightened.

Lorenzo: Carly -- Carly, stop for a second, just think about what you really want.

Carly: I want my son.

Lorenzo: I realize that. What are you going to do when you get him?

Carly: I don't know. I'm open to suggestions, just make it fast.

Lorenzo: I think you have two choices. It's a matter of record that Michael killed A.J., so either you surrender him to the court or you spirit Michael out of the country for good.

Reese: I put the screws to him and Durant has agreed to a deal.

Sonny: He shouldn't even be part of this, Reese.

Reese: Well, unfortunately, Durant is the D.A. and we have no choice but to deal with him. If Sam and Jason turn themselves in and deliver Michael to the authorities, then all the charges pertaining to yesterday's escape will be dropped. They'll walk.

Sonny: He'll still be branded a murderer.

Reese: Michael's a minor, Sonny. It'll be a closed hearing. He'll explain what happened the night A.J. died, there'll be a suspended sentence, and court-ordered therapy.

Sonny: He will be arrested and they will treat him like a criminal.

Reese: They can't do that, Sonny.

Sonny: Yes, Durant can, and I'm not allowing that.

Reese: Then you're ready just to grab Michael and run?

Sam: You know, I guess when you're 9, you can convince yourself that anything is cool. Hanging out in a cave is probably way more fun than staying low, keeping quiet, you know, the cops are chasing us.

Jason: Well, it's not going to be much longer.

Sam: I hope not because after 24 hours, Jason, someone needs to make a decision and soon.

Jason: I canít. It's up to Sonny and Carly. He's their son.

Sam: Ok, listen, I know this is hard for you --

Jason: My job is to keep this kid safe until they decide how they want to handle this.

Sam: Ok. Ok. Then you know what? Come here. We need to pick a destination because if Sonny and Carly call and say they want Michael out of the country, we need to know when and where to go and we can't waste time.

Jason: I don't -- I don't know. Ok, I don't know what's right for him. Do I take him away from everything he knows and loves, or make him confess to a murder and live with the consequences?

Lucky: You don't help yourself or Jesse when you make unfounded accusations.

Maxie: They are not unfounded. I heard Murphy admit it.

Mac: This is a police matter. You've got to stay out of it now, Maxie.

Maxie: You know, dad, I would do that if I thought you guys were going to actually try and find out the truth.

Lucky: That's what the investigation is for.

Maxie: And you guys already have Jesse tried and convicted. You're believing a dirty cop over your own daughter.

Mac: You work with Murphy. What's your take?

Lucky: Well, it's hard to imagine because he's a good guy and a solid cop.

Maxie: Oh, my God. Murphy shot the D.A. and then framed Jesse to make him look bad and get him out of the way. I am not making this stuff up.

Mac: Of course you're not making it up. It's what Beaudry told you, and he's very convincing, Maxie. It's what you learn to do when you work undercover.

Lucky: Listen, Macís right. You learn to say anything to keep yourself out of a jam rather than blow your cover. You get good at lying.

Maxie: Won't you even consider the possibility that Jesseís not lying?

Mac: We need facts, not possibilities.

Lucky: That is what the investigation is for.

Maxie: Dad, will you let Lucky look into this? If -- if Lucky checks it out and says that Jesse is a dirty cop, I will back off.  I promise.

Mac: Ok.

Lucky: She fights for what she believes in, even if she's wrong.

Mac: So you think Murphyís clean?

Lucky: Well, I don't know. Knowing what we know, it's easier to believe Ray Murphy than a rogue cop who's using your daughter.

Mac: I want this case closed, Lucky. Find all the evidence, or I will clean up the department and put Jesse Beaudry behind bars. It wouldn't hurt to keep him away from Maxie while we're at it.

John: I promise you, if the police find Michael before Jason and Sam are gone, our deal is off. They will be tried for kidnapping, and Jason will most certainly be convicted.

Ric: You say that like I'm supposed to care.

John: No, your client will definitely care.

Ric: Why don't you just tell me what the deal is first, Durant, before you start throwing threats around?

John: Why don't you just tell me where my grandson is?

Ric: Watch it.

John: Look, I guarantee you, nobody will have to find out where I got the information.

Ric: Oh, sure.

John: Hey, Lansing, would you think about it? A lifetime without Jason Morgan in your face? Nobody between you and Sonny?

Ric: You're expecting me to trust you with Michaelís future?

John: Yes, I'm his grandfather.

Ric: And I'm his uncle.

John: Yeah, well, despite what you and everybody else in this town thinks, I love the kid. My whole reason for doing all of this is to stop Michael from being hurt again. All I care about is his safety.

Ric: Over Carlyís dead body.

Carly: If Jason can get Michael out of the country, then I'll join him. I will grab Morgan, and we will meet up with him there. I want you to come with us. But I totally get it if you canít.

Lorenzo: I have other interests here. I have lots of them, starting with you. There's no reason that if you go to the other side of the earth, I won't come with you.

Carly: Then it's settled.

Lorenzo: Carly, are you sure? I brought this up before; you insisting on staying for Michael. Are you prepared to take him away from everything he knows? His school? Grandparents?

Carly: You know what? His grandfather can rot in hell before I let him see Michael again.

Lorenzo: I meant your mother and Mike.

Carly: I don't know.

Lorenzo: Michael's friends?

Carly: I don't know. He won't have any friends if they find out that he is a killer.

Lorenzo: They're not going to find out, Carly. Before you grab your son -- both your sons -- and make them live like fugitives, I've already had my lawyers look into this. And as you know, there are specific laws created just for minors. Rarely do they get tried as adults.

Carly: He's just a little boy.

Lorenzo: Exactly, and they will deal with him accordingly. Everything's going to be done behind closed doors. Carly, they will take into account the emotional abuse from A.J. They will probably give him some kind of court-appointed therapy. Michael won't have to leave home, everything he knows here, everything that makes him feel secure.

Carly: And I'm so frightened for him.

Lorenzo: I know. And I'll respect whatever you decide. We'll make it work. But I honestly believe in this instance the best thing to do is to turn him over to the police and let justice run its course.

Reese: Michael was just starting to trust his doctor. You can't pull him out of therapy now.

Sonny: It's the doctor's fault this is happening.

Reese: Dr. Thomas did not go to the authorities. John Durant stole confidential files. Whoever's fault it is, you can't punish Michael.

Sonny: There's a warrant out for my son's arrest. Isn't that punishment enough?

Reese: You can settle this whole thing if you just take Durantís deal.

Sonny: I'm not taking any deal.

Reese: Sonny, Michael can get through this with your love, with his mother's love. It is shortsighted of you to think of leaving the country because Michael will be made to feel more guilty if he's made to live like a criminal.

Sonny: He's -- Jason and Sam are taking care of him right now --

Reese: There is an A.P.B. out on Jason and Sam -- armed and dangerous. What happens when Michael sees them gunned down right in front of his eyes? Honey, I know it's torture for you to think of your little boy in custody.

Sonny: How do you know? You ever been arrested? I'm not talking about when you're a kid, it's a misdemeanor, whatever. I'm talking about the first time it's real, when it counts, when the cops come into your place of business. And if they want to make an example out of you, they treat you like scum. They throw you against the bar, they handcuff you, they read you your rights in front of everybody, the people you care about, the people who -- who were just starting to respecting you. And then there's the cop shop, you know, the prints, the mug shots, the media vultures. And then they throw you in a cell that's about the size of a closet. My son is 9 years old. He will never, ever have to experience the humiliation of what that is.

Reese: I'm sorry, Sonny. There's no way that I can imagine how it hurt. But you have to let your love for Michael be stronger than your own fear.

Sonny: I have to do what's best for my son.

Reese: Then let the truth come out, Sonny. It's the only way for this thing to end. Let it be over so Michael can finally have some peace.

Sonny: I need time to think.

Reese: There's not a lot of time.

Sonny: Can you stall Durant? Tell him I'm going to come and talk to him. I just need time to work things out.

Reese: I'll do what I can. Hey -- I'm here, you know?

Sonny: Yeah.

Max: Sonny?

Emily: Are we alone?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Emily: Ok. Jason and Sam have Michael safe in the tunnels at Wyndemere.

Sonny: Does anybody else know?

Emily: No, no one. Jason made it clear. I couldn't even tell Nikolas. Sonny, they can't stay there much longer.

Sonny: How's Michael?

Emily: They're managing to turn it into an adventure for him, but he senses that something bigger's going on.

Sonny: He's a smart kid.

Emily: Yeah. Jason is waiting for word from you. He wants to get Michael out of the country.

Sonny: Everybody's telling me that I should bring Michael back so he can deal with what's happening but, you know, everything inside of me is screaming to get my son the hell out of here.

Emily: Your Michaelís father, Sonny. What does your heart say?

Jason: You know, when I heard that Durant stole Dr. Thomas' files, that he actually had the evidence to implicate Michael for A.J.'s death, the thing I could not get out of my head was just, "Get this kid out of the country."

Sam: Yeah, but I know you, Jason. When the police showed up to take him into custody, you were ready to go down shooting. And if I hadn't shown up when I did, you would be wanted for the death of two cops right now -- two.

Jason: I know, I know, I know. I have always known what Michael needs since the day he was born. Ok? I had no idea how, I just knew. But now I --

Sam: But now what, Jason? Your instincts told you to run.

Jason: But what am I supposed to do? Give this kid a false identity? Drag him all over the world and fill his head with lies like A.J.?

Sam: A.J.? There is no comparison. A.J. was emotionally abusive. You, Jason -- you love and protect that child.

Jason: Sam, Sam -- if it were just you and me, there would be no question -- we would run. Michael's a little boy. This kid's got his whole life ahead of him. Maybe he should be at home, surrounded by his family.

Sam: You're right. Ok, ok, then we wait for Sonny and Carly to call. But I want you to know, whether or not we turn him in and we turn ourselves in or keep on running, we are in this together.

Lucky: So much for staying out of this.

Maxie: Yeah, well, I needed to talk to you away from my dad. He loves me, but once he gets something stuck in his head --

Lucky: Yeah, well, you break into his files like that; it's easy to understand why the commissioner can't get past it.

Maxie: That's exactly why I need you. He needs to start thinking like the commissioner and not like my overprotective father. He's so concerned about me getting duped that he can't see Jesse for a decent cop.

Lucky: Well, all the evidence says he's dirty.

Maxie: That's because Murphy set it up that way. It's called a frame-up, Lucky. I don't understand why it's so hard for you to believe me.

Lucky: I've known you for a long time. You can convince yourself of anything if you want it bad enough.

Maxie: Great. Of course. Yeah, you have to bring up the crush I had on you when I was, like, in diapers.

Lucky: Listen, you're a good person, Maxie -- a little too good. And you lead with your emotions.

Maxie: No, I trust my emotions.

Lucky: You have to admit, you've made some pretty bad decisions in the past, and a guy like Jesse can take advantage of that.

Maxie: I thought you were different. I thought you were fair. Look, I don't --

Jesse: What's she doing here?

Maxie: I -- I couldn't let them hang you --

Jesse: I won't cooperate with you, Spencer, unless you guarantee me that Maxie has nothing to do with this.

John: You used to be an upstanding officer of the court. How'd you lose your moral compass, Ric? Protecting a known killer who hates your guts over the well-being of a little boy?

Ric: Oh, this is rich. John Durant giving me a lecture on morality. Hey.

John: All right, no Sonny, no deal.

Reese: He's coming.

John: Yeah, well, he'd better. We're ready to widen the manhunt, and we'll find Michael without your help.

Reese: Nice way to treat your own grandson, Durant -- like a violent felon instead of a sweet, confused, little boy.

John: Who was raised by a pack of killers. Look, as far as I'm concerned, Michael was dragged away at gunpoint by Jason Morgan and Sam McCall. It will give me great pleasure to bury both of --

Sonny: Quit blowing smoke, Durant. You want to close this case or not?

John: Well, nice of you to show up.

Sonny: So, my understanding is that Michael will get a private hearing, Jason Morgan and Sam McCall will be given amnesty.

John: Yes.

Sonny: Ok.

John: That's the deal I offered.

Sonny: That's the deal? That's the deal I want. You put that in writing, and I will surrender Michael to the authorities.

Jason: In a perfect world, none of this would have happened. And you, me, and Michael, we could go where we want and when we want, and we can give this kid the time and the distance that he needs to heal.

Sam: He would be safe and loved.

Jason: I know. There's a lot of places I want to see with you.

Sam: Jason, we could disconnect our cell phones and computers and emails.

Jason: Yeah, it's not often I think about things I can't have. But the thought of being out there with you and Michael close by --

Sam: Paradise. What's the downside?

Jason: Taking him away from his family; turning a kid into a fugitive.

Sam: But maybe -- Jason, maybe, on the other hand, that would help and protect him.

Jason: Sam, if I could believe that --

Sam: Do you really believe that Michael can go through the ordeal of a custody and court hearing and reliving A.J.'s murder over and over again to a bunch of strangers and having -- and being reviewed by court-appointed psychiatrists and then officially -- officially being declared a murderer, huh?

Jason: No, I'm not going to let him go through that.  And I know what I had to do. You just made me see it more clearly.

Lucky: Our street contact told us what he told you -- the dealer was a PCPD cop, but no name.

Jesse: I gave you a name.

Lucky: Yeah, yeah, yeah -- Murphy, because based on your allegations he was after you --

Maxie: No, no, no, it's not an allegation. I was there. Murphy found us at the cabin, and he pulled a gun on us.

Lucky: Yeah, because Jesseís a wanted man.

Jesse: Because he figured we were on to him. That cabin is a drop spot for the drug deal. We were just waiting for whoever it was to show up.

Lucky: So why didn't he shoot you?

Maxie: Because Jenna showed up with a shotgun.

Jesse: Murphy got away from me.

Maxie: But not before threatening us. He said it wasn't over and he was going to kill us. A short time later, our cabin exploded.

Jesse: He rigged the light bulb with some type of flammable liquid.

Maxie: Jenna didn't make it. Murphy killed her trying to kill us.

Lucky: Ok. Ok, I agree with Jesse on one thing -- after hearing these series of events, this is definitely way over your head.

Maxie: No, Lucky --

Lucky: No, I want you to go home and I want you to stay there. Please.

Maxie: Ok. But you have to promise me to keep an open mind and be fair.

Lucky: Listen, that's the plan. I'm going to be fair to everyone, including Murphy.

Jesse: I know. I couldn't believe it, either. I always thought he was a righteous cop.

Lucky: Listen, I went to the academy with him. I've never seen him cross the line. All I know about you is that you met a girl in the I.C.U. and you're taking advantage of her.

Maxie: Give me a little credit.

Jesse: Lucky's right. I did take advantage. I should have stayed away from you after that first night.  I should never have taken you with me.

Maxie: You didnít. You wouldnít. I was a stowaway, remember?

Jesse: I put you in danger. It's no wonder Lucky doesn't trust me. I can live with that. Just don't trust Murphy, either. And don't let him near Maxie.

John: Jason and Sam will take Michael to his father's house. You'll meet them there. You'll all come down to the station together.

Ric: No police escorts.

John: What, because you're all so damn reliable?

Reese: You heard him. No escorts.

John: Fine, fine. The fugitives will formally surrender here. All charges against Jason and Sam will be dropped.

Reese: How about no charges are filed in the first place?

John: Look, the only thing I care about is the welfare of my grandson. He will be taken into custody. He'll be processed quickly.

Ric: What about child protective services?

John: Michael's underage. You can't keep him out of it. But as long as it's determined that he's not a risk, it shouldn't be a problem.

Ric: Yeah.

John: Oh, tick tock. Sonny's got two hours or -- well, it doesn't really matter. Deal's off.

Reese: Sonny will keep his word. He will deliver Michael.

John: "His word"? Indeed. You know, of course, he could be putting one over on all of us, buying time for himself and Jason and Sam. Your boyfriend could be headed out of town as we speak.

Jason: You're sure you weren't followed?

Emily: No. Listen, you need to know that there's an A.P.B. out on both of you, ok? Your photos are all over the news. Durant just released a statement saying that you kidnapped Michael and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Michael: You didn't kidnap me. You tried to help me.

Jason: Ok. Hey, buddy, it's going to be ok. Nothing's going to happen, I promise, all right?

Sam: Did you see Sonny?

Emily: Yeah. He wants you to get Michael out of the country right away.

Carly: Do you know how many messages I left you? You can't call me?

Sonny: I need -- I need to speak to you alone.

Carly: Well, get over it. Lorenzo's my husband. I need him here. I trust his judgment. Michael is the most important thing here. Forget about your ego and your ancient grudges. I need you to tell me where Michael is and I need to go to him. I need you to tell me where he is.

Lorenzo: All right. You know, Carlyís right. This is about Michael. And this is something that his parents need to handle together. I'll respect whatever you decide.

Carly: I need you to take me to Michael. I decided to bring him in --

Sonny: No.

Carly: And take this head-on.

Sonny: No. We need to let Michael go.

Carly: We just got Michael back. How could I let Jason and Sam take him away?

Sonny: This isn't easy for me, either, Carly. Michael means everything to me. He's my heart. What's our choice?

Carly: Let him get help. Let him go to the authorities.

Sonny: To John Durant? Ok, John Durant. I mean, you know, if he wasn't your father, I may even consider it, but I don't trust him. The system will eat Michael up and spit him out.

Carly: Well, he's a minor. There are laws. Lorenzo checked into it.

Sonny: And what happens when your father decides to leak it out to the press or does whatever he can to get back at me? Do you honestly believe that Durant will do what's best for our son when he has a chance to punish us both?

Carly: Ok, you know what? I just can't bear to take Michael away from everything he knows.

Sonny: It'll only be for a little while. A month or so, ok? I just need some time to get things under control, and it would be a lot easier for me if I know that Jason has Michael in a safe place. We will get our son back with as little damage as possible.

Carly: I have one condition.

Sonny: What?

Carly: Take me to Michael. I want to tell him that I love him.

Sonny: He knows you love him.

Carly: I'm asking you, Sonny. I'm trusting you with our little boy's future. I'm asking you to trust me to take me to him.

Maxie: Jesse, wait.

Jesse: What part of "go home" don't you understand?

Maxie: I've known Lucky most of my life, so he'll be fair. And he's a Spencer, so he'll bend the rules if he has to.

Jesse: Well, whatever Lucky does or doesn't do has nothing to do with you anymore. That was the agreement.

Maxie: You're right. I'm going to leave the investigation to the pros, but when the police do find out that you're innocent, I'm not going to disappear that easily.

Jesse: Did it ever occur to you that Lucky and your father could be right? That I've been using you? Maybe the minute I'm exonerated I'll dump you flat.

Maxie: You're trying to protect me, and I get that. I'm flattered, in a way. But there's something about me you haven't figured out yet. I'm a big girl. Yes, I have made my mistakes and I've learned from them -- like what a guy really means when he says certain things to a woman. So when the police do exonerate you -- because they will -- I think you owe me dinner and a movie.

Jesse: You're kidding.

Maxie: I hear the Metro Court's really nice, and I'll wear something pretty, but --

Jesse: Now will you go home?

Maxie: I'll leave my cell phone on. Call me when you're a free man.

Ofc. Murphy: You working the Beaudry case now?

Lucky: Yeah. Nothing makes me sicker than a dirty cop.

Ofc. Murphy: Some people are just born bad, though.

Lucky: Yeah, well, Beaudry claims he's got proof he's innocent.

Ofc. Murphy: What proof?

Lucky: I don't know. I'm meeting with him later.

Ofc. Murphy: Beaudry will say anything right about now to get himself off the hook.

Lucky: Murphy, nobody's buying this stuff that he's saying about you, all right? You're a standup guy.

Ofc. Murphy: I don't like being set up, Lucky.

Lucky: Well, the only one buying into this is Maxie Jones, all right? She's basically just a wild kid -- a wild kid trying to act like a grownup.

Ofc. Murphy: Yeah, and the police commissioner's daughter.

Lucky: She's got a crush on Beaudry, all right? She's just -- she's bought into all the lies and is covering, all right? I wouldn't worry about his -- I just wouldn't worry about it, all right? His proof -- there's probably no proof. It's just another lie.

Ofc. Murphy: Yeah. Sure, it is. Just another lie.

Lucky: Yeah, but he's desperate. You know what? If Jesse has anything on you, it could snowball, so -- I'd just hate it to be a ticket you had fixed for your brother or just -- you know, some screaming snitch from the jailhouse complaining about police brutality.

Ofc. Murphy: Hey, I'm clean.

Lucky: Yeah, I know, sure, but stuff happens, all right? Everyone bends the lines a little bit, all right? If there is anything out on you that won't stand up to scrutiny, I just -- you ought to get it cleaned up, all right?

Ofc. Murphy: Thanks. But there's nothing.

Jason: Sure you're ready to do this?

Sam: What? Travel the world with the man I love and this little boy that I'm crazy about? Twist my arm. Seriously, what have you got for me?

Jason: We have a ship docked at Pier 34.

Sam: Ok.

Jason: Licensed through a dummy corporation. The paperwork's clean. I can get us there, but I can't pilot.

Sam: Hello? I traveled the sea for years, Jason. I know the Caribbean backward and forward.

Jason: Ok.

Sam: I can get us anywhere we need to go. The question is, can the two of you handle me being your captain?

Michael: Cool.

Sam: Yeah?

Michael: Yeah.

Sam: Yeah? All right. Well, what do you say? You ready to learn how to sail? You ready to learn how to --


Jason: Shh, shh, shh.

Carly: Michael? Baby, where are you?

Michael: Mom?

Jesse: What have you got?

Lucky: I had a talk with Murphy, and he's not all that worried about your proof.

Jesse: Well, I don't give up that easy.

Lucky: Yeah, well, it doesn't look good for you, Jesse.

Jesse: I'll keep digging until I expose Murphy for what he is. Look, I'll prove it if it's the last thing I ever do.

Ofc. Murphy: How about this? The last thing you're ever going to do is about to happen.

Lucky: Come on, Murphy. What's going on?

Ofc. Murphy: I'm going to save you two a lot of trouble. Now, throw the gun down.

Jesse: I rest my case.

Lucky: Listen, you're burying yourself. How's it going to look, you using your service revolver to gun us both down?

Ofc. Murphy: It's going to look like I caught two bad cops in a deal together. I'm going to get a medal for that and I'll be a hero. Put your gun down, Lucky. Put it down!

Lucky: I ain't going to make it easy on you.

Ofc. Murphy: Good boy. Guess I'll get this over with, then.

Maxie: No!

Jesse: Maxie!

Ofc. Murphy: Back up, back up or she dies!

Ric: Has Sonny called?

Max: Nope.

Reese: What about Jason and Sam?

Max: Look, the boss left a few minutes after you did. That's all I know. You guys want to wait here for him, you can, all right?

Reese: Thanks, Max.

Ric: The plan was to meet here.

Reese: Yeah, I know what the plan was, and I know what the deadline is.

Ric: You know, if Sonny was going to change plans, I wish he would have let us know. Maybe he went back to the PCPD --

Reese: Sonny said he understood what he needed to do.

Ric: Yeah, he said what you wanted to hear, Reese.

Reese: He took Durantís deal. He told him two hours, Ric.

Ric: Yeah, and that's just about enough time to spirit Michael out of the country.

Reese: Why didn't he tell us?

Ric: I don't know. Maybe he doesn't trust us. Welcome to my world.

John: Where's my daughter?

Lorenzo: I have no idea.

John: Well, is she with Sonny? Because I know that he arrived here, what, about 15 minutes ago?

Lorenzo: How would you know that? Hmm? Are there cameras in here? Is that legal?

John: Heads up, Mr. Alcazar. I'd be real careful about letting your wife hang out with her ex. Personally, I don't trust either of them.

Lorenzo: Look, I don't know what you think you know, but I've been on a conference call with Caracas. I saw no one.

John: Mm-hmm. Right. So what, are you covering for Carly so she and Sonny can get to Michael?

Lorenzo: Mr. Durant, I don't need your advice about Sonny Corinthos. I don't respect the man. I certainly wouldn't cover for him.

John: Yeah, but you would cover for my daughter, right? So what did they do? Did they take Morgan with them? Because if they did, they are all long gone by now. Yeah, that's what I thought. Congratulations, Mr. Alcazar. You just tied Carly up in a nice little bow and handed her over to your mortal enemy. Good work. Vamonos, amigos.

Sonny: This is not going to take long. We're going to get you home as soon as we can.

Michael: Can you come?

Sonny: I'd love -- I'd love to come, but I got to stay here and fix everything. When it's safe, we'll bring you home.

Michael: Can I call you guys every day?

Sonny: Yeah, you can call, you can email, whatever you want to do. We'll have a system set up where, you know, nobody can get ahold of you if don't want them to. Then your mom and I -- we're going to -- as soon as -- isn't that right, Jason?

Jason: That's right. There's going to be a lot of cool places we're going to go, ok?

Sonny: But, listen, if you want to go another direction on this, all you got to do is say the word, buddy. You understand?

Michael: Don't worry, dad. I'll miss being home, but we can take care of each other.

Sonny: I know you can. Your mom and I -- we love you very much, right? Go give a kiss to your brother, ok?

Michael: Ok. Bye, Morgan. Don't learn too many new words while I'm gone. I love you.

[Michael kisses Morgan]

Carly: Jason, will you hold him for a sec? Take care of him.

Sam: With my life.

Michael: Don't worry, mom. We'll be ok.

Sonny: Ok, ok, ok. Come on.

Carly: I love you so much.

Michael: I know.

Jason: Carly, I'm sorry. We got to go.

Carly: Oh --

Jason: We won't call you until we get to international waters.

Sonny: You guys go, you guys go, you guys go.

Carly: No, I can't -- he can't -- I can't do it.

Sonny: Carly, you promised --

Carly: Sonny -- Sonny, I just -- I can't lose him again.  Please, I'm asking you. Can we please find another way --?

Sonny: Listen to me -- listen -- listen to me! We have to do what's best for our son right now -- which means we have to let him go.

Ofc. Murphy: Give it up, Maxie.  Back away. Back away!

Lucky: Don't do this, Murphy. It's not too late, and no one has to get hurt.

Ofc. Murphy: It's Beaudryís fault. You couldn't just disappear, could you? You had to have something to prove.

Jesse: That's what you do when you got nothing to hide.

Lucky: Just let her go. Leave Maxie with us and just take off, ok? We won't stop you.

Ofc. Murphy: I'm sorry. She's my insurance policy. And no one's going to shoot at me as long I have her. Now, come on, let's go, let's go.

Maxie: Ok -- ok --

Ofc. Murphy: Let's go. Ow.

Maxie: Oh --


John: Oh. Whoa. You're looking lonely there, Ms. Marshall. What happened? Where's the rest of your party?

Reese: I thought they might have come here, Durant.

John: No, this doesn't bode well for the deal we made. And you worked so hard to make Sonny happy. I bet your partner's out there looking for him right now, huh? But sorry. Too late. Deal's off the table.

Reese: They'll be here, Durant. There's just been a delay.

John: Save it. Save it. Sonny showed up at Carlyís new digs, he picked up her and Morgan, only they didn't leave the way they came in. They went out the back, which means across the lake by speedboat. But I got a couple of cops on the water right now headed for Spoon Island, and I guarantee you, that's where I'm going to find my grandson. Thanks for the help.

Carly: I love you, sweetheart. Everything is going to be ok.

Sonny: What do you want?

Officer: We're here to take Michael Corinthos III into custody.

Sonny: Michael isn't here at the moment.

Carly: Excuse me.

Sonny: Just --

Officer: What did you do with him?

Carly: I -- I don't know what you mean. We're here with our youngest son. We're here on a little family outing. We've been under a lot of stress lately, so we thought we'd come to the grotto.

Officer: And your other son isn't with you?

Sonny: We have no idea where Michael is right now, no, we donít.

Carly: No, but you can take a message back to the precinct for me? You can tell my evil pig of a father that he will never, ever get near Michael again.

Michael: Yes.

Sam: Well, that's it. We're out of the harbor. We'll be hitting open ocean very soon.

Michael: Cool -- I mean aye, aye, captain.

Sam: That's right.

Jason: What do you think of the ship?

Sam: Me? Well, you know, she's sound, she's solid. She's -- he -- she -- she is well maintained. I think it's all good.

Michael: Hey, can I check out below deck?

Jason: You can pick out a cabin for yourself.

Michael: Nice.

Sam: Second thoughts?

Jason: And you?

Sam: Why would I?

Jason: No, I'm ok if Michaelís safe. But I've dragged you into this, and now you have a kidnapping rap hanging over your head.

Sam: Jason, it's not the first time in my life I've been accused of something I didn't do, you know?

Jason: We're a great pair, aren't we?

Sam: Hey. Even if I didn't care about Michael, I would be doing this for you because I love you. But I happen to be crazy about that little boy in there, and he has been through so much. What I want out of this trip is to give him the time he needs to heal. Ok?

Jodie: What took you so long?

Michael: Wait. You can't be here, Jodie. No way.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Maxie: Jesse!

Reese: You lied to me. I negotiated a deal. You were lying through your teeth.

Ofc. Logan: Durant wants to see you downtown about the disappearance of Michael.

Jason: I swore to Michael that no one would ever find out that he killed A.J.

Jodie: I have something to tell you.

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