GH Transcript Wednesday 7/6/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/6/05


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Maxie: What are you doing?

Jesse: It's not exactly a four-star hotel, but it'll work as a hideout.

Carly: I know that look. What are you up to?

Lorenzo: Has anyone ever told you, you have a suspicious mind

Carly: Yeah, they have, and my suspicions are usually right, so fess up.

Lorenzo: Well, there's a surprise for you.

Carly: What?

Lorenzo: If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise.

Carly: Come on! I hate when you do that. What?

Sam: Did you carry me up to bed?

Jason: Yeah, you fell asleep on the couch.

Sam: Why didn't you wake me up?

Jason: Well, I did wake you up, and you said you were glad that I was home, and then you went back to sleep.

Sam: You know, I stayed up to hear what happened with Sonny.

Jason: Yeah, he said he wanted me to leave Reese alone.

Sam: Ok. So are you going to let it go?

Jason: No.

Reese: It just felt so strange burning everything last night.

Ric: You did the right thing. All the evidence went up in smoke.

Reese: All's well that ends well, right?

[Phone rings]

Reese: Oh, hang on. Excuse me, ok?

Emily: Hey.

Nikolas: Good morning.

Emily: Good morning.  I have an idea.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah? What's that?

Emily: We could stay here for a while; have breakfast in bed.

Nikolas: Well, I really wish I could. I just -- I'm sorry, I have a lot on my mind, you know, trying to restructure the Cassadine finances. I need to make a few calls before the stock market opens.

Emily: I know, but maybe I could take your mind off of it.

Nikolas: No, Em, I'm sorry, baby, not this time, ok? It doesn't have anything to do with us, all right, I promise. You know I love you. I just need to do this.

Emily: No, I love you, too, Nikolas, but if something's bothering you, then --

Nikolas: No.

Emily: Yeah, you have to tell me.

Nikolas: No, no, no, it's all going to work out fine, ok?

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: We'll be ok. I'll be back.

Emily: Ok.

Lucky: Wow.

Elizabeth: I know it's a bit extravagant but, you know, Cameron was playing with one at his friend Nicky’s house and he absolutely loved it, so I thought maybe we can, you know, surprise him with it.

Lucky: No, we can't afford it, I'm sorry. I'd love to see the look on Cameron’s face when he opens the box, but we're over budget as it is.

Elizabeth: I know. I -- I'm the one who should be apologizing, Lucky. I just got carried away with thinking about all the extra money we are going to get from Courtney and Jax when I get pregnant with their baby.

Lucky: If you get pregnant.

Elizabeth: Lucky, I know it won't happen right away, but there shouldn't be a problem.

Lucky: You know what; I just don't want to spend the money before we have it.

Elizabeth: And I agree.

Lucky: Listen, as soon as we pay off the medical bills, there may not be a lot left over.

Elizabeth: That's fine. That's absolutely fine.

Lucky: It's not fair to you or Cameron. You know what, maybe I can work an extra shift, start putting a few extra bucks aside.

Elizabeth: Oh, Lucky, no, come on, that's ridiculous. We're talking about a toy here.

Lucky: You know, I'd love to buy Cameron whatever he wants.

Elizabeth: Hey, you have already given us so much. You've given us your love, your time, your commitment, and you know what, none of those of things come with a price tag, and they're all that really matter.

Georgie: Maxie never came home last night. I lied awake all night, waited for her to sneak back in like she used to, but she didn’t. She's gone.

Dillon: I know, she probably took off with Jesse.

Georgie: Or he kidnapped her.

Dillon: I highly doubt that.

Georgie: Ok, fine, so she wanted to go, but -- but what if she made a horrible mistake by trusting him and I made it worse by helping him hide out here?

Dillon: I know, but just keep in mind she trusts him. That's all you need to know.

Georgie: Dillon?

Dillon: What?

Georgie: She trusted Kyle, too, even though he videotaped them having sex and broadcast it all over the internet.  She doesn't exactly have a great track record.

Dillon: I know.

Georgie: Dillon, this one could be the worst of all.

Dillon: I know. I'm saying just try to have an open mind. I don't know.

Georgie: Dillon, Maxie could be out there right now with a cold-blooded killer.

Felicia: Where's Maxie?

Maxie: Ok, I get why we ditched my car and hitched a ride in the opposite direction, but why are we here?

Jesse: Surveillance.

Maxie: What are we watching?

Jesse: The cop who's on the take is going to get the payoff right over there.

Maxie: Wait, you're going to bust the guy who framed you when he comes to pick up the money?

Jesse: Who says it's a man?

Maxie: Ok, do you have any idea when this is going to happen?

Jesse: Could be hours or days or weeks.

Maxie: Oh, ok, wow. I'll just head to the nearest market and get us some food.

Jesse: You can't stay.

Maxie: Ok, what if you need my help?

Jesse: I don't want you mixed up in this.

Maxie: Hello! I already am!

Jesse: Maxie, your family's going to be wondering where you are.

Woman: Get your hands up or you're dead where you stand.

[Shotgun cocks]

Reese: I just keep hoping the past is really behind me.

Ric: Carly thinks that Charlotte Roberts died in a head-on collision, right? You yourself said the reconstructive surgery made you look like a stranger. She hasn't recognized you so far. I don't think she ever will.

Reese: Carly is suspicious. She's already accused me of having an agenda to ruin her life.

Ric: Well, if it looks like jealousy and sounds like jealousy, I think it is jealousy.

Reese: Yeah, well, when Carly gets an idea in her head, she's like a dog with a bone, Ric.

Ric: Listen, the evidence has been destroyed, ok? You are safe.

Reese: I have blamed her for causing the accident and I fantasized about destroying her life. I have.

Ric: Ok, have you done one thing or said one thing to deliberately hurt Carly?

Reese: No.

Ric: Ok.

Reese: I haven’t. But I have to put this behind me and I have to move on. I mean, I have so many reasons to look towards my future and not my past.

Ric: Then do it, all right? You are no longer Charlotte Roberts. She doesn't exist. You are Reese Marshall, you are my law partner, and you are here to take the depositions in the case of John Durant vs. General Hospital and Bobbie Spencer.

Reese: You're really great at pep talks.

Ric: I've had a lot of them with myself.

Reese: Did they work?

Ric: Mm-hmm. You have no idea how many things I've had to put in the past.

Reese: Well, we'll just leave that where it is, ok?

Ric: Stick with me, kid, we'll muddle through somehow.

Reese: Yeah. All right. Carly's been named director of General Hospital Charitable Endowment.

Ric: I had a feeling this was going to happen. Probably bought and paid for by her most recent husband.

Reese: She's going to be smack in the middle of this lawsuit. It's like fate steps in and there's no way I can escape her.

Carly: You know, I'm not qualified for this position.

Lorenzo: Obviously, I disagree. You'll be brilliant.

Carly: Tell that to all the society snobs in Port Charles.

Lorenzo: I won't have to when you show them the job you've done. You'll be terrific.

Carly: You really do believe in me, don't you?

Lorenzo: I always have.

Carly: "Crazy Carly," "Impulsive Carly," patronized -- always constantly being patronized or -- "Carly with the heart, but you can't take her seriously."

Lorenzo: Carly, do not ever listen to the naysayers.

Carly: Easier said than done.

Lorenzo: You know, from the first time I met you, you were strong, courageous, smart, and capable of anything you set your mind to.

Carly: All right, tell you what -- I'll ignore the naysayers if you do.

Lorenzo: Oh, you mean the ones who say I'm an amoral gangster trying to buy my way into respectability?

Carly: You are a wonderful, loving, generous man.

Lorenzo: I wasn't always, not before I met you. But you, my dear, you opened my heart. So I want to give you the chance to be whatever you want to be.

Carly: Right now, I just want to be in your arms.

Sam: Carly would have a problem with anyone Sonny was seeing.

Jason: Yeah, you're right, she would, but normally Carly’s instincts are good, ok, and I have not trusted Ric since day one. I think Carly’s right.  Something's going on with them.

Sam: Ok, Jason, listen, I saw Ric going into Reese's apartment last night.

Jason: Did you see Reese?

Sam: Yes. But you know what, they're law partners, so I think it's -- that's normal, right?

Jason: No, thanks for telling me. I'm going to check that out.

Sam: All right, listen Jason, if Reese is hiding something, Sonny does not want to know. Have you ever heard the expression "Shoot the messenger"?

Jason: Look, if Reese and Ric are lying, Sonny needs to know.

Lucky: Murphy, you said you were going to have this paperwork filed by lunch.

Ofc. Murphy: Well, I'm going to need a few more hours. We just got an A.P.B. out on a dirty cop that shot the D.A. Excuse me.

Nikolas: What was that about?

Lucky: It's a bad morning. The coffee is lousy and my mood, it's even worse.

Nikolas: Ok.

Lucky: What brings you to the PCPD?

Nikolas: Oh, I just need to wrap up some loose ends about Helena.

Lucky: Ok, I'll get her file for you.

Nikolas: Hey, hey, hey. What's going on with you?

Lucky: Listen, it's not worth talking about.

Nikolas: Try me.

Lucky: It's about money, ok? I'm going to figure a way to work it out, all right, and I don't -- I don't want a loan.

Nikolas: Well, what is it? I mean, you having trouble covering the rent?

Lucky: It's about a toy that Cameron really wants and I told Elizabeth that we can't afford it.

Nikolas: Ok, so you just bit Murphy’s head off over a toy?

Lucky: Yes, I did! No.

Nikolas: All right, come on. What's up?

Lucky: I've been saying I was going to go along with this surrogate thing, saying that I was ok with Elizabeth having Jax’s baby.

Nikolas: Jax and Courtney’s baby, right?

Lucky: Elizabeth is going to be the biological mother. I just -- I don't even care how much Jax is paying. I've just been praying to God this whole insemination thing doesn't work and Elizabeth isn't pregnant.

Jax: Hey.

Elizabeth: Jax. This is a surprise.

Jax: Yeah, Courtney would be here for this, but she's out of town.

Elizabeth: Come in, please.

Jax: Thanks.

Elizabeth: And Courtney would be here for what?

Jax: Your first payment for being our surrogate.

Elizabeth: Jax, I don't even know if I'm pregnant yet.

Jax: Well, I've got a pretty good feeling about that. And I know you could use the money, so --

Elizabeth: Oh. That's really thoughtful of you, but I can't accept the money in advance.

Jax: Because it would upset Lucky or --

Elizabeth: Well, because it just isn't right. I mean, we had an agreement and I intend to honor it, and when I do, believe me, I'll be more than happy to accept that check, but until then --

Jax: There's no way I can change your mind?

Elizabeth: I was raised on a pretty strict code of ethics, and there's just not a whole lot of room for discussion.

Jax: Well, I wouldn't dream of undermining your principles.

Elizabeth: Well, thank you for understanding.

Jax: No, thank you. You know, Courtney and I, we couldn't have chosen a better person to bring our child into this world.

Elizabeth: Jax, do you want cup of coffee?

Jax: Sure, yeah, I'd love one.

Elizabeth: Great, ok. I'll be right back.

Jax: Thanks.

Jax: On second thought, I'll take a rain check.

Mac: You were arrested last night because you approached D.A. Durant to set up a meeting with Beaudry.

Felicia: We know that Maxie was helping Jesse because she was hiding him in her hospital room.

Mac: Where is he?

Dillon: I don't know. I don't know that.

Felicia: Is Maxie with him?

Georgie: Mom, we didn't even know Maxie was gone till now.

Mac: Oh, come on, you've got to do better than that, Georgie!

Georgie: I swear I don't know anything! Maxie didn't tell me!

Dillon: All right, stop. The whole thing with Durant, that was my idea because Jesse said that he was on the run and he was framed and he didn't have anybody that he could trust, and he also said that he would call Maxie, so I tried to have a meeting with Durant set up by the time he did that.

Mac: So Beaudry and Maxie were in contact?

Dillon: Well, I don't know. I mean, supposedly, but I can't say for sure. Maxie said he would call her, so --

Mac: Beaudry is doing a number on Maxie. She thinks he's some kind of hero.

Felicia: Please, if you have any idea where they are, you've got to tell us.

Georgie: Mom, when Dillon and I were released, I came home and I went to bed. Honestly, I don't know what happened to Maxie.

Felicia: Maxie isn't fully recovered yet. Do you understand if she doesn't have her medication that she could have a relapse?

Jesse: I can see why a beautiful woman like you would carry around that kind of artillery for her own protection, but we don't mean to cause trouble.

Woman: Yeah, well, you're trespassing on my property.

Jesse: Look, we thought the place was deserted.

Woman: Oh, so you break a window and move on in?

Jesse: Look, the truth is we're broke. We just need a place to stay. I'm really sorry about the window.

Woman: I might be able to accommodate you and your -- sister?

Maxie: I'm his wife.

Woman: Oh.

Mac: I want an A.P.B. on my daughter Maxie Jones. She's been missing since yesterday. I think she may have been kidnapped by Jesse Beaudry.

Ofc. Murphy: Look, Mac, I know Jesse hid out in Maxie’s hospital room, probably filled her head up with a whole bunch of garbage, all that --

Mac: Look, Maxie is generous and sympathetic, ok? Beaudry took advantage of her trusting nature.

Ofc. Murphy: You must be going through hell.

Mac: I just want my daughter back safe and sound!

Ofc. Murphy: Look, Mac, maybe there's something you can remember. Is there any information you might be able to give me to help me find him? Hey.

Mac: Look, Maxie was protecting him, all right? She told me next to nothing. She could be anywhere by now.

Ofc. Murphy: Don't worry, we'll get him. We'll bring your daughter back home.

Maxie: We met at the mall. It was love at first sight. But my dad's real overprotective and I know he wouldn't approve, so I used to tell him that I was going to choir practice, and then I would sneak off to meet Jimmy. But eventually my dad found out and he totally flipped, and then he got really sick and he died.

Jesse: I left home a long time ago. So neither of us has a family, except for each other.

Maxie: And then we got married, but we didn't have enough to buy rings -- which is ok because all we need is love.

Woman: And a job.

Maxie: As long as we're together, we'll be fine.

Woman: Yeah, well, I was broke and in love myself. Some of the best times in my life, and some of the worst. But that's for you two to find out.

Jesse: So you'll let us stay here for a while?

Woman: I tell you what -- you do some work on the property, I'll let you board here for free.

Maxie: Thanks, Ms. --

Woman: Just Jenna. You good with your hands?

Jesse: The best.

Jenna: I bet you are. I have a tractor out back that needs some attention -- among other things. You can go into town and run a few errands for me. I'll go get my grocery list.

[Maxie sighs]

Jesse: "Jimmy"?

Ric: You know, I thought I could have it all. I thought I could have the brother and the nephews and the niece and the wife, a baby on the way and a stepdaughter who was happily my niece.

Reese: Or not so happily?

Ric: Sonny and Alexis are never going to stop fighting over Kristina.

Reese: So whose side are you on?

Ric: Both.

Reese: Coward.

Ric: No, you know what? Sonny may have a lot of faults, believe me, but he is a good father. He will do anything for his children. And Alexis is -- she's a terrific mother. She just is concerned about Sonny's lifestyle and Kristina’s welfare. I mean, I get that, but she's just so controlling.

Reese: And Sonny isn't?

Ric: Well, all the more reason to stay out of it.

Reese: Yeah, is that possible? Come on.

Ric: You know, Alexis was furious at me for standing up for Sonny in court. I mean, she -- she looked at it as a betrayal. I mean, she accused me of not even looking out for Kristina’s welfare. That was what broke us up, I mean, or at least it was the final straw.

Reese: You know, Ric, I'm the last person in the world who should be giving marital advice, but if Alexis is so rigid, maybe you're just better off without her.

Ric: Huh. Just one problem, you know?

Reese: You miss her.

Ric: Yeah.

Reese: Yeah.

Ric: You know, we were outside Durant’s room and we were arguing about the suit against the hospital, and all of a sudden the baby kicked. She reached out, she took my hand, and she put it on her stomach. I felt this little foot kicking it.

Reese: Aw.

Ric: And I thought to myself, "This is my family. This is what I want, right here, right in front of me."

Reese: Hey, you know what? You're going to find a way to make it work, with both Alexis and Sonny. You will.

Ric: Yeah, all I got to do is respect Alexis' position with Kristina and Sonny's position with Kristina and make sure that I get out of the way.

Reese: Good luck, partner.

Ric: Yeah, well, I'm going to need a hell of a lot more than luck.

Lucky: Elizabeth is getting pregnant with another guy's baby. It's only going to get weirder as months go by.

Nikolas: And she's comfortable with that?

Lucky: You know what, she says all the right things, says that I do so much for her and Cameron.

Nikolas: Well, I mean, I have to believe she means it, Lucky. I mean, you two are in this together, you know?

Lucky: Nikolas, we have money problems, ok, because of my medical bills, but it's Elizabeth who's paying our way out. You know, sometimes I just wish I should've taken that stolen money.

Nikolas: What stolen money?

Lucky: Shh. Hey. Listen, I just -- I busted a low-level drug deal. The cash -- the cash was just right there, so I took it. Elizabeth, she made me turn it back in.

Nikolas: All right, look, I'm sorry. Look, I didn't know that you were that desperate. You know, you could've just come to me, Lucky.

Lucky: No, I can’t.

Nikolas: Why not? What do you mean, you can't? We're brothers. It's not like you're taking some random handout from a friend.

Lucky: Hey, I know at you think that I should just suck up my pride and leave it at the door, but --

Nikolas: No --

Lucky: You know what, you've never been in this position, so there's just no way you can understand what I'm doing.

Nikolas: Look, I know what it's like to be a good husband and want to make your wife happy. I know what it's like to try and try and nothing works. I know that.

Lucky: Yeah. Is Emily still seeing that therapist?

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah, and she's saying that it works but, you know, I want to be the one she trusts. I don't know, you know, I just keeping thinking that if I love her enough that I can bring her back to the person she was.

Lucky: Yeah, well, maybe you can be.

Nikolas: No, Lucky. Emily and I, we're going in opposite directions. We're all over the place. She's trying to make me happy, you know, pretending like we're the perfect couple, and it's just killing us.

Sam: Did something happen with Nikolas?

Emily: You know, I've been trying to act like things are back to normal, but all it does is push him even further away, Sam.

Sam: Well, did you talk to him about how you're feeling?

Emily: I couldn’t.

Sam: Why? Because you're afraid it's going to hurt him?

Emily: I thought if I made him happy, you know, things would work themselves out, that we'd get back to where we were before.

Sam: But he senses something's off, obviously.

Emily: Well, he said he's got a lot on his mind, you know, because of work. He's rebuilding the Cassadine businesses right now.

Sam: Well, that sounds complicated.

Emily: It's a way to avoid me. See, there's a wall between us, Sam. It's never been there before, and it's breaking my heart. I've got to find a way to make this right.

Sam: You have to be honest. Emily, it's the only way. I know that you're afraid that you're going to hurt him and possibly even drive him further away but, I mean, you've got to take that risk.

Emily: We aren't just talking about me and Nikolas, are we? We're talking about you and Jason?

Jason: I need to talk to you about Reese, Carly.

[Lorenzo sighs]

Carly: Oh, you know what, just this once, honey, ok?

Lorenzo: I'll be upstairs.

Carly: Ok.

Jason: Do you have anything that backs up your suspicions about Reese or is this another --

Carly: Ok, it's not ok for you to come barging into my home anytime you want.

Jason: What? And it's ok for you to come slamming into mine for how many years now, Carly?

Carly: Ok --

Jason: Every day.

Carly: I know you said you hated it. Now I understand why, all right? And I'm going to respect your privacy, and from now on, I expect you to respect mine, and that includes being civil to Lorenzo. You have to stop acting like my marriage to Lorenzo doesn't count, like it's some kind of whim.

Jason: This time Sonny pushed you past the limit, Carly. He took up with Reese, you married Alcazar because you know Sonny doesn't like him.

Carly: Ok, I feel safer now with Lorenzo than I ever did with Sonny. He believes in who I am and he makes me believe in myself, and it feels great and long overdue.

Jason: Ok, why are you so worked up about Reese, then?

Carly: Because she's lying to Sonny and everyone else.

Jason: How do you know for sure? What do you know about her, Carly?

Carly: I don't know. That's why I was trying to get into her apartment, see if I could find some evidence.

Jason: Ok, has she said anything, has she done anything to indicate that she has this big secret?

Carly: My instincts are telling me there's something just not right about her. I know you think this is about jealousy and vindictiveness, Jason, but it's not. I'm honestly doing this to protect Sonny.

Jason: Ok.

Carly: But it's not my job to protect Sonny anymore. I'm married to Lorenzo now, and going after Reese is an insult to my husband. So I'm going to let it go. I'm happy now and I've got what I want, and if I have problems with Reese or anyone else, then I'll discuss them with my husband.

Jason: Fair enough.

Jax: Hey.

Elizabeth: What on earth?

Jax: You said that you couldn't accept anything that wasn't part of the agreement, right?

Elizabeth: Right.

Jax: Ok, well, that got me thinking. You're going to be pregnant for the next nine months carrying mine and Courtney’s baby, which will not only affect you and Lucky, it'll affect Cameron, as well, so -- here.

Elizabeth: How did you know?

Jax: Oh, I ripped a page out of the catalog. I saw that it was circled. I hope you don't mind.

Elizabeth: Jax, I don't know about this.

Jax: Hey, you know, it's just a toy. It's our way of saying thank you. If it's inappropriate, I totally understand.

Elizabeth: Let me go get my boy.

Jax: Great.

[Cameron cries]

Jax: Oh, someone's a little tired. Look, Cameron!

Elizabeth: Say hi to Jax!

Jax: We've got a surprise for you! Look at that!

Elizabeth: Look, honey, it's a car! Oh. Look. Thank you, Jax.

Jesse: Who knew you were such a good liar?

Maxie: Well, I was inspired. We need to stay here so you can bust the guy who framed you, and I figured Jenna was a sucker for a young couple in love.

Jesse: Who met at the mall? And had a special rendezvous while you were supposed to be at choir practice?

Maxie: I got an A in creative writing.

Jesse: Well, your story worked like a charm.

Maxie: Let's hope our hostess forgets that you're really great with your hands, unless you feel compelled to remind her.

Jesse: What I want is to clear my name.

Maxie: Well, you're perfectly positioned to do that.

Jesse: I'll be waiting here to ambush the dirty cop that shot the D.A. This is dangerous. You can't be involved.

Maxie: We've been through this already. I am involved.

Jesse: So you are going to get uninvolved. You're going to walk into town and keep on going.

Maxie: And what are you going to tell Jenna?

Jesse: I'll come up with some plausible story. Look, I can be pretty creative myself when I have to be.

Maxie: Mm-hmm. And what if she doesn't buy it and she calls the cops?

Jesse: She won’t.

Maxie: You can't take that chance.

Jesse: And you can't take that chance with your health. You're a transplant patient. You had a serious heart problem.

Maxie: Ok, and I brought my medication with me. I'm taking it like clockwork.

Jesse: Too much can go wrong.

Maxie: My cousin gave me a new life with this heart. I doubt she'd want me to be sitting on the sidelines.

Jesse: It's too stressful for you. What if something goes wrong?

Maxie: Stressful is me going home and thinking that I left you in major jeopardy. I am your cover story. You need me. I'm not going anywhere.

Elizabeth: Do you like it? Vroom, vroom! Rrr! Hey! You're home early. Is everything ok?

Lucky: Yeah, I came by to tell you I'd -- I'd be out late searching for Maxie.

Elizabeth: Say, "Hi, Lucky."

Lucky: That's the toy from the catalog.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I know. Jax saw that I had circled it, so he bought it for Cameron. He thought it'd be a nice gift for him because, you know, we're all in this together.

Lucky: Yeah, thanks, but we can't keep it.

Elizabeth: Lucky, I told you he loves this.

Lucky: You know I don't want handouts from Jax.

Elizabeth: Well, I am not going to throw his generosity back in his face.

Sam: I told you how Carly comes waltzing in here whenever she feels like it, demanding to see Jason, right?

Emily: With no consideration for the fact that this is your home, too.

Sam: And Jason is loyal to her. I get that. It's ok with me.

Emily: All right, she takes total advantage. You know, Jason shouldn't put up with it. You're the woman he loves.

Sam: So Carly feels threatened, so she's cooked up this crazy vendetta against Sonny's new girlfriend. It's like she's trying to create a disaster.

Emily: I know, sure she is. Carly wants Jason to feel compelled to rescue her.

Sam: So Carly’s been blasting Jason with, like, a thousand different ways and reasons as to why Reese is dangerous. She even broke into her apartment to dig dirt up on her.

Emily: What? Does Jason know?

Sam: Yeah, yeah, he's the one who caught her the first time. And then she had the nerve to go back a second time and knock her out, and Jason’s still defending her. But my problem is Jason and Sonny. I mean, this is driving a wedge between the two of them. Sonny told Jason to leave Reese alone, so --

Emily: You know, Jason’s loyal to Carly, but that doesn't mean that he trusts her judgment or automatically assumes that she's right. You know, he must have his own reasons for being suspicious of Reese.

Sam: Jason thinks that Ric and Reese are "in bed together."

[Phone beeps]

Sam: So to speak. I mean, Sonny's defending Reese, you know, so even if Jason were to come up with proof that the two of them had something going on, I don't think he'd want to hear it.

Reese: Did you see Bobbie Spencer the night of John Durant’s surgery?

Nurse: Yes, I did, in the nurses' locker room.

Reese: Were you coming or going at the time?

Nurse: I was actually on a break. I was in there reading a magazine. It was "Cosmo Girl," if that matters.

Reese: Did Bobbie Spencer seem upset when you saw her?

Nurse: Yeah, she was crying.

Reese: Did you hear the page when she got paged to O.R.?

Nurse: Yes.

Reese: And was she still crying then?

Nurse: Yeah, she was still pretty upset.

Reese: Ok. All right, thank you, Nurse Holland. You've been a big help. Thanks a lot.

Ric: Do you know if Emily Cassadine is working this evening?

Nurse: Yes, she'll be here at 6:00.

Ric: Could I leave a message for her?

Nurse: Sure.

Ric: Thank you.

Reese: Emily Cassadine isn't on the witness list. You think there's something she can contribute to the case?

Ric: No, it's -- it's personal.

Reese: Oh.

Ric: Well, you deserve to know. Emily could bury us both.

Georgie: Maybe we shouldn't have covered for Maxie.

Dillon: Well, I mean, it's what she would want.

Georgie: Dillon, what if she's in trouble? What if my mom's right and she forgot to take her meds? Her heart could fail.

Dillon: She knows that. She's not going to do anything stupid.

Georgie: I did check the bathroom this morning to see if her medication was there, and it's gone. I hope to God that means she took it with her.

Dillon: Well, there you go. Look, if her medication is gone, then that is proof that she pretty much went with him voluntarily.

Georgie: What if she made a huge mistake, Dillon? What if she went with him and then she figured out too late that he was lying and now he's forcing her to go on the run with him? What if she's scared and what if she's in really big trouble?

Dillon: Will you calm down, please? Don't spin out over this. That's the worst thing you can do right now.

Georgie: Dillon, if that guy hurts Maxie and we could've done something --

Dillon: He won’t.

Georgie: And you know this because?

Dillon: Because I trust Maxie’s instincts. I think that he's telling the truth and he's innocent and he was framed.

Ofc. Murphy: So Beaudry’s got you fooled, too?

Dillon: Well -- well, his story makes sense.

Ofc. Murphy: He's an undercover cop, for God's sake. Lying with conviction, that's part of the job.

Dillon: I know. I realize that.

Ofc. Murphy: Look, look, Jesse has dishonored the badge by double-crossing the police, selling drugs, and attempting to kill an innocent man. Now, if either of you have any idea where he and Maxie have gone, you need to tell me right now or your sister may wind up dead.

Jenna: I'll take those.

Maxie: Oh, ok. Well, I got some snacks for Jimmy. I'll just take them out.

Jenna: Really? Because these groceries are going into my kitchen, under lock and key, for me to dole out as I see fit. Got it?

Maxie: Got it.

Carly: Jason's always been my rock. I've always gone to him whenever I needed help or advice, and I just told him to leave because I'm with you now.

Lorenzo: That means a lot to me.

Carly: Maybe I was -- um -- too abrupt. I just -- it always feels like I see red when he assumes that he can snap his fingers and I'm going to jump at his every command. I just feel like he doesn't suspect that I have my own life now.

Lorenzo: So you spoke your mind, asserted your independence. Good for you.

Carly: Then why do I feel so off-balance?

Lorenzo: Because it's been a long time since you've stood on your own two feet.

Carly: You really think it's that simple?

Lorenzo: You don't have to worry. You're not alone. You're stuck with me forever.

Ric: Emily saw me come out of your room the night that we slept together.

Reese: So we could've just been having a business meeting.

Ric: No. She overheard us talking. It was pretty obvious what was going on.

Reese: So what do we do now? How do we handle this?

Ric: Well, I did my best at damage control. I told her that it was a one-time thing and I asked her not to speak about it, and she agreed.

Reese: Then we're all right. I mean, she's very honest. She'll keep her word.

Ric: Look, Emily is loyal to Jason, and if she finds out that Jason is looking for proof that you've been lying all along, then she will tell him that we slept together. And he will go straight to Sonny.

Jason: Where's Sam?

Emily: She went to meet with Dr. Thomas, and I stuck around, Jase, because there's something that I need to tell you.

Jason: Yeah, what's up?

Emily: Well, Sam and I were talking about Carly’s obsession with Reese.

Jason: Yeah, Carly’s -- you know, she's still suspicious, but she says she's just going to let it go and move on. Hopefully.

Emily: I guess it's for the best.

Jason: Yeah, yeah, it is. You know, but I just can't -- I can't shake this feeling that Ric and Reese are up to something.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lucky: Do you know how I feel about charity?

Elizabeth: Well, this isn't about you.

Carly: "A Cocktail Gala to Benefit the General Hospital Endowment Fund."

Lorenzo: You forgot to invite Sonny and Jason.

Dr. Thomas: Why does Jason hate me so much?

Sonny: Dr. Thomas thinks I should sit in on one of your sessions?

Michael: He wants to see you alone.

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