GH Transcript Thursday 6/30/05

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/30/05


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Tracy: Does daddy know about this?

Alan: No, not yet.

Tracy: Of course not. He's too busy criticizing the way I'm running E.L.Q. to notice your huge, gigantic blunder. It's incredible, breathtaking, even for you.

Skye: Well, good morning, everyone.

Tracy: Go away.

Skye: What's the matter? Hasn't she had her morning coffee yet?

Alan: John Durant is suing General Hospital.

Tracy: Yes, and somewhere between my brother's first and fiftieth cocktail, he allowed the hospital insurance to lapse.

Skye: You what?

Alan: It was the responsibility of the business office. I assumed they had taken care of it.

Tracy: Mm-hmm. And if John Durant wins his suit, the hospital goes under.

Alan: And Bobbie Jones loses her license and everything else that she owns.

Tracy: Bobbie Jones can twist in the wind as far as I'm concerned. It's the family I'm worried about.

Luke: Barbara Jean is family, Tracy. You're my wife; she's my sister. That makes her your sister-in-law. See, that's how it works. So while you're thinking about covering up for little brother there, you can think about my little sister, too.

[Diego laughs]

Dillon: Diet soda?

Brook Lynn: Why do I need to take that?

Diego: Diet soda.

Brook Lynn: Ok, ok, so why do I have to take all these required classes when all I really care about is music?

Dillon: I don't know. It's the same thing with film. It's a complete waste of time, I swear.

Diego: Hey, you should sign up -- dorm east. It's right next to the cafeteria.

Dillon: That's not the cafeteria. That's the cheerleading field.

Brook Lynn: I saw that.

Dillon: Sorry.

Diego: What are you talking about?

Dillon: Sorry. I'm going to go read my basic --

Maxie: It's ok. I don't need help walking.

Monica: You are getting better, that's for sure.

Maxie: So when do I get to go home?

Monica: Well, maybe later today. That is, if you take your medicine.

Maxie: I promise.

Monica: And you don't push yourself.

Maxie: I won't, I swear.

Monica: Ok. Well, start by getting back into bed, ok?

Maxie: Yes, doctor.

Monica: All right. And I'll check on you later.

Maxie: Ok.

Monica: Ok?

Maxie: Hey! Guess what -- I get to go home today.

Sam: All right, you got to pick up the pace. We can't be late for Dr. Thomas. Come on.

Michael: Do we have time for a pretzel?

Sam: Ok. Only if you share with me, though.

Michael: Ok. But, please, get lots of mustard.

Sam: Lots of mustard?

Michael: And some salt.

Sam: Ok. I like it like that, too.

Michael: Jodie? Jodie? Jodie?

Woman: What'll it take to keep you away from my daughter?

Justus: I looked into Michael’s doctor. You're not going to like what I found.

Justus: According to Dr. Winters, Dr. Thomas is a good shrink, but the man does have a God complex. He believes he can save every patient.

Jason: Yeah. That's how he was with me. The guy loves to hear himself talk. Always had all the answers.

Justus: He's flawless on confidentiality, and most of his patients do get better.

Jason: Yeah, he seems to be helping Michael. But I don't trust him. Can you keep digging?

Justus: Are you kidding me? I'll take any excuse I can find to spend with that Dr. Winters.

Jason: That's good. That's good, Justus, but tried to make sure that Michael is safe with Dr. Thomas.

Woman: Here's the folder from archives.

Dr. Thomas: Great. Cancel my 2:00.

Woman: You're welcome.

Louise: How's the weather?

Woman: Cloudy with a 50% chance of "don't bother me."

Louise: Thanks. Well, you're going to have to eat lunch at some point.

Dr. Thomas: Dr. Winters.

Louise: Nella's not amused.

Dr. Thomas: She'll get over it. Oh, and I'll have to cancel on our lunch. I made another appointment with Michael Corinthos.

Louise: Hmm. Well, a lot of people seem to care about that kid.

Dr. Thomas: Including myself.

Louise: I'm not asking you to break confidentiality.

Dr. Thomas: Good.

Louise: But how's he doing?

Dr. Thomas: Well, let's just say that I thought the case was leading in one direction, and now it's going in another.

Louise: Hmm.

Woman: You're a gangster's son and a terrible influence.

Michael: But Jodie’s my friend.

Woman: She's smashing things again. Did she get that from you?

Michael: I don't know what you're talking about.

Woman: Jodie's father is getting her away from you people before something terrible happens to her.

Luke: All right, everybody out.

Alan: You can't order me out of my own house.

Tracy: It's not your house. It's Monica’s house. Unless, of course, the hospital decides to use it to pay off damages incurred by your negligence.

Luke: Clear the room! Chop-chop!

Alan: Chop this.

Tracy: That includes you.

Luke: My little sister has survived things that would have destroyed a rich brat like you, so I don't care what kind of scams we run, what kind of games we play with each other. You will not hurt Barbara Jean. Is that clear?

Tracy: Crystal.

Luke: While you were out wasting daddy's money, whining about being overprivileged and underappreciated, popping out a couple of kids that you didn't even want, my sister made a life for herself out of nothing!

Tracy: That's admirable.

Luke: She turned herself into a professional person because that's what she wanted for herself. And it cost her a hell of a lot more than you'll ever understand. Nobody's going to leave her twisting in the wind -- not you, not anybody. You will not look down on her. You will not brush her aside. You will not make her a scapegoat! Is that clear?

Tracy: Let's see, Bobbie’s a saint and we're not. Is that the gist?

Luke: Yeah. Yeah, she's not going to lose this lawsuit or any other damn thing.

Tracy: Well, then you might be interested in my idea.

Luke: Only if it helps my sister.

Tracy: It'll help everybody. That is, if you will help me pull it off.

Georgie: Hi.

Dillon: Hi. So how are you feeling?

Georgie: Pretty good.

Dillon: Mm-hmm? Do you want help or something? Do you want me to, like, help you do stuff so you can take a rest?

Georgie: Dillon, I'm fine. Shouldn't you be picking out classes?

Dillon: Well, yeah, but I was kind of hoping you would help me with that, considering I don't know what I'm doing and you're the braniac.

Georgie: Right. Because my college film school boyfriend needs help from his high school girlfriend?

Dillon: You're darn right, yeah, because I will always need you for something.

Georgie: Right -- until classes start and you just forget all about me.

Dillon: Mm-hmm.

Georgie: Yeah. I'll probably end up going to prom with this guy. What do you think?

Dillon: This guy?

Georgie: Mm-hmm.

Dillon: Let me see. Watch it, blue eyes. She's mine.

Georgie: Well, ok, if you insist.

Dillon: Yeah. So, you really have to close down early?

Georgie: Yeah, they have to do some repairs.

Dillon: Well, I could help, you know, close down.

Georgie: You know what would really help me?

Dillon: Hmm?

Georgie: If you could go check on Maxie for me.

Dillon: Ah. Sure.

Diego: I -- I can come with you, if you want. Oh, bad idea.

Georgie: Dillon?

Dillon: Yes?

Georgie: Do you think you could sneak Maxie a slice?

Dillon: I can certainly try.

Georgie: Good.

Brook Lynn: You can go with Dillon if you want.

Diego: No, no. We need to spend time together.

Brook Lynn: No. Look, Diego, I'm serious, ok? You don't have to do me any favors. If you want to go see Maxie, it's ok.

Monica: These need to go downstairs, and I need the Hoffman file. Hello? These downstairs? Hoffman file?

Nurse: Sorry, Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica: Yeah.

Nurse: Here you go.

Mona: Thanks.

Nurse: Also, Commissioner Scorpio told me to pass this out. It's the man who shot John Durant. Why is it always the cute ones?

Jesse: It's great that you're getting out of the hospital today.

Maxie: Oh, but what about you? You won't be able to hide in my room.

Jesse: It's all right.

Maxie: Wait, maybe you should just tell my dad what happened. He's fair. He'll help you.

Jesse: No.

Maxie: Look, Mac is the police commissioner, and if you need to speak with Mr. Durant --

Jesse: They all think I'm the dirty cop that shot him.

Maxie: Mac will believe you if you tell him what happened.

Jesse: You need to go home and forget you ever met me.

Maxie: Yeah, but where are you going to go?

Dillon: Ah, pizza. The finest -- you shot the D.A.

Luke: So your big idea is I come up with something and then I do everything?

Tracy: Yeah, you're my husband. That's how much I trust you.

Luke: You always find a way to make people do your dirty work. I like that in a woman.

Tracy: Thank you. You're not going to end up empty-handed.

Luke: I never do.

Tracy: Once you stop Durant, you get your divorce and your 14 million.

Luke: 15 million.

Tracy: No, we changed the price.

Luke: I'm changing it back. That's the price of disrespecting my family.

Tracy: I was never going to let Bobbie twist in the wind.

Luke: 15 million or you're on your own.

Tracy: Fine! 15 million and the divorce once Durant drops the lawsuit and signs a piece of paper releasing the hospital from responsibility.

Luke: You don't think I can do it, do you?

Tracy: Yeah, I think you'll dream something up.

Luke: Let me see -- I need leverage. Hmm. Durant is Carly’s father. Well, then that means technically he's part of my family. That's a very unsettling thought.

Tracy: I wouldn't go there.

Luke: Ok, you're right, I won’t. I'll just fly over to the hospital and wing it.

Tracy: You've always been able to think on your feet, Mr. Spencer. I like that in a man.

Bobbie: There he is.

Alexis: Excuse me. Are you both ready for the deposition?

Ric: Yes. But for the record, I just want it known that it's highly irregular that my client's deposition is going to be taken in the plaintiff's hospital room.

Alexis: My client has every right to be at the deposition, and since my client can't leave the hospital because of the hospital's negligence --

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Bobbie: Well, I didn't do anything wrong.

Ric: It's ok.

Alexis: Are you two ready for the deposition? If you're not going to do it, you need to tell me because I'm going to file a motion --

Ric: No, no, no, that's not necessary.

Alexis: Ok. All right, then I'll see you there.

Ric: Don't worry about it, ok? She's just trying to rattle you.

Bobbie: I know. But it's working.

Ric: Just tell the truth. You'll be fine.

Monica: Jason? Oh, you're awake. You've been asleep most of the day. Your grandmother has called every hour. I'm going to go and tell her that you're awake. I'll be right back.

Nurse: Hello, Jason. It's good to have you back. Dr. Thomas is anxious to see you.

Dr. Thomas: Jason? You looking for me?

Sam: Dr. Thomas, I'm sorry we're late for our appointment.

Dr. Thomas: Oh, no, no worries. Hey, you ready for our session?

Michael: I guess.

Dr. Thomas: All right, come on, let's go.

Sam: Are you ok?

Jason: Yeah. It's just been a year since I've thought about my accident. But a memory came back, just out of nowhere.

Nikolas: Hey there.

Courtney: Hey. I love these shoes, but they kill my feet, so --

Nikolas: So why do you wear them?

Courtney: Oh, I don't know. Same old story. I see them in my closet all the time, and I always think, "Why don't I wear those? They're really cute." And then I remind myself that they're really uncomfortable, and then I convince myself that they're probably broken in, so I wear them, and then inevitably, two hours later, I regret it.

Nikolas: Yeah, I go through the same process with a certain pair of riding boots that I have. Not, you know, the "They're so cute" part but, you know, thinking that I'll give them one more try and somehow they'll be different -- that part.

Courtney: Yeah.

Nikolas: It's funny how often we do that.

Courtney: We'll hold on to a pair of shoes that'll never really fit, or stay in a situation that's not right because we believed that if we keep trying, somehow it'll work out?

Maxie: Dillon, it's ok.

Dillon: What is he doing in your room?

Maxie: He's all right.

Dillon: Oh, really? Because I could have sworn I saw "Wanted" posters of him all over town for shooting John Durant.

Maxie: He was framed.

Dillon: Oh, is that what he told you?

Maxie: Somebody set him up. Jesse just needed a place to hide.

Dillon: Ok. Well, you go ahead and believe that. I'm going to go get some sodas or something, I don't know.

Jesse: You aren't going anywhere. 

Jason: You know, everything is just out of focus. I'm waking up. My head is bandaged. You know, Monica is there. She leaves to call grandmother. And then another woman comes in, so she must have been a nurse. But she says Dr. Thomas wanted to see me, but something was -- something was wrong.

Sam: Well, do you have any idea what?

Jason: I don't know. It was in the room or, you know, it was in the hall.

Sam: Oh, ok. Are you sure that these memories are about Dr. Thomas?

Jason: Hey, buddy, what's --

Michael: Take me home right now, please.

Alexis: To review the facts of this case -- John Durant is the father of your daughter Carly?

Bobbie: Yes.

Alexis: Now, you chose not to tell Mr. Durant about this, and you gave up Carly for adoption when she was an infant. Is that correct?

Bobbie: Yes.

Alexis: Were you surprised when Mr. Durant came to Port Charles?

Bobbie: Very.

Alexis: Were you glad to see him?

Bobbie: No, not particularly.

Alexis: Regarding the medical procedure which has left Mr. Durant paralyzed, how many times have you assisted in a procedure such as this as a surgical nurse?

Bobbie: Many times.

Alexis: 10 times? 20 times?

Bobbie: More than 100.

Alexis: Did any of those patients end up paralyzed?

Bobbie: Not to my knowledge.

Alexis: Was Mr. Durant's procedure different from any of the others?

Bobbie: He was bleeding excessively. I clamped the artery.

Alexis: I see. Did the surgeon instruct you to clamp the artery?

Bobbie: The surgeon ordered the resident to do it, but the resident froze.

Alexis: Did the surgeon instruct you to clamp the artery? Yes or no, please.

Bobbie: No.

Alexis: Did you realize that clamping the artery improperly could cause paralysis?

Bobbie: Yes.

Alexis: And yet you proceeded anyway.

Bobbie: I had to stop the bleeding!

Alexis: Bobbie, did you purposely paralyze my client?

Luke: Ok. Witch-hunt's over.

Alexis: What are you doing?

Luke: We're going off record.

John: You.

Luke: Yeah, me. You jot this down -- back off of my sister.

Courtney: We were both pretty emotional the other day up on the roof of the hospital, and we both probably said some things that we shouldn't have. Listen, if it makes you feel any more comfortable, we could maybe ignore the conversation or --

Nikolas: Oh, no, not at all. I mean, I hope that you don't regret what you said to me or, you know, think that I would betray your confidence in any way, because I wouldn’t.

Courtney: No, I -- I guess I just -- I needed to tell someone how I felt about Elizabeth being a surrogate for Jax, and I -- and you were more than just politely sympathetic. I mean, you seemed to really understand what I was going through, and -- you know, I think that I understand what you're going through, too. It's just when you love someone completely and you just can't seem to reach them, it's like this -- this wall goes up and it just keeps getting higher every day.

Nikolas: Damn. Is it that obvious?

Courtney: Well, only to someone who's been there and is terrified of going back.

Nikolas: Well, I don't want to make you uncomfortable or anything, but if you have some wisdom that you want to share with me, I would certainly love to hear it.

Courtney: Yeah. I don't know. I just -- I guess I thought that what went wrong between me and Jason was specific to us, you know? I mean, the kind of life he led, the work that he does, what I could and couldn't handle -- you know, when you take all that stuff away, really it was just two people who really loved each other and wanted to make the marriage work.

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Courtney: But it just seemed like, you know, every day he would pull further and further away, and then when I tried to talk to him about it, it would turn into a big fight, so I just didn’t.

Nikolas: Right, so you stopped talking about it and starting acting. You know, smiling when you were supposed to and saying you were happy and really trying to make yourself believe it. Right? You know, and being a well-intentioned person himself -- Jason -- I'm sure he tried to. But -- but that sparkle in your eye and that joy on your face disappeared. And in its place was a beautiful but sad smile that says, "I am trying so hard, and I love you so much that I'm going to keep trying." How do I tell my own wife, Courtney, that I don't want to be someone that she has to try to love?

Maxie: Jesse? Let him go.

Jesse: Get back in bed.

Maxie: He's not going to say anything.

Jesse: He was going for help.

Dillon: I was going for a soda.

Maxie: Dillon, promise me as Georgie’s sister that you're not going to turn Jesse in.

Dillon: Maxie, every cop in town is looking for him.

Maxie: Jesse! Please!

Ofc. Murphy: You're a real man, ain't you? Hiding behind a kid? That's good. So, now let him go. Let him go.

Maxie: Jesse, you have to let him go.

Ofc. Murphy: Stay here!  Hey! Hey!

Monica: Oh!

Ofc. Murphy: Freeze or I'll shoot!


Luke: I'm so disappointed in you, Alexis, after all we've been through.

Alexis: I'm in the middle of a deposition.

Luke: Who was it that put Queen of the Damned in jail after all the times she tried to kill you? And here you are now, going after my sister for this piece of work?

John: Get this man the hell out of my room, would you?

Luke: It's all right, J.D. Don't worry about it. We're leaving. Carry on! Come on.

John: Don't let her go. Don't -- stop her! You can't just let her walk out!

Alexis: Oh, stop it! I'm not going to call security in the middle of a --

Luke: Talk to me.

Bobbie: I think I did it.

Luke: Why?

Bobbie: Because I was exhausted and I was distracted. And Maxie and Georgie were both in terrible shape. And when I went into that O.R., I had no idea it was John on the table. And we were running out of time and Tony insisted that I stay and help, and then the resident froze, and so at was I supposed to do? Let the patient bleed to death?

Luke: Well, accidents happen.

Bobbie: Yeah. But I feel like I have to go in there and face up to what I've done.

Luke: No, you're not. Barbara, why do you want to do that? Ruin your career for that blowhard?

Bobbie: Luke, I am responsible.

Luke: So you're willing to sacrifice your career, your whole life, and the hospital? Is that it?

Bobbie: I don't know. I -- I don't know what to do.

Luke: Well, listen, don't worry about it. I'm here now, and I just may have an idea.

Brook Lynn: Look, I'm serious, ok? If you want to go see Maxie, it's ok.

Diego: I said I wanted to stay here.

Brook Lynn: You know what, Diego?

Diego: What's the problem?

Brook Lynn: You've liked her since the second she came into town. That's ok.

Diego: What? No! Look, Maxie was going to die, ok? What did you want me to do?

Brook Lynn: You want me to be honest?

Diego: Please.

Brook Lynn: Ok. When was the last time you kissed me? No, I'm serious. When was it?

Diego: I don't believe this. I don't know!

Brook Lynn: Exactly. Look, Diego, ever since Maxie came into town, we turned into buddies, but that's --

Diego: No, we didn't!

Brook Lynn: Yes, we did! We used to have something special, but now it's --

Diego: When did you get so paranoid?

Brook Lynn: You know what? You're hurting me, Diego, and that is not ok.

Dillon: Maxie, you can't go out there.

Maxie: Didn't you hear that gunshot?

Dillon: I --

Maxie: Dillon, Jesse might be hurt! He needs my help!

Mac: Wait, what's going on?

Maxie: Is Jesse ok?

Mac: You got her involved with Beaudry?

Dillon: No, I went to give her pizza.

Maxie: No, Dillon isn't helping Jesse. I am!

Ofc. Murphy: Heads up, gentlemen.  Damn!

Monica: Well, did you get him?

Ofc. Murphy: Not yet.

Monica: A known criminal is running around this hospital.

Ofc. Murphy: He can't go very far. He's been shot. Ok, seal off the building. You, that way. You, let's go.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to --

Courtney: What?

Nikolas: Dump all that on you just now.

Courtney: No, hey, don’t. You were just being honest. Don't apologize. Really, it's not like I'm going to tell anyone what you just said.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Courtney: And if you are about to be embarrassed, you might want to keep in mind that I'm the one who volunteered more than you will ever need to know about my reproductive difficulties.

Nikolas: So it doesn't bother you that I just dumped, like, months of accumulative garbage in your lap just now?

Courtney: Oh, no. I'm glad I was here to listen.

Nikolas: Me, too.

Courtney: Look, not that I'm speaking from personal experience but, you know, a lot of marriages face serious challenges and they survive. I mean, isn't that the point? "For better and for worse," you know? I mean, those vows are there to warn us ahead of time that there are going to be times where we feel like quitting, and then you remember that you promised that --

Nikolas: Yeah.

Courtney: You wouldn’t.

Nikolas: Yeah. I mean, maybe that's -- that's why people who, you know, say their own vows -- it doesn't work, you know, because they get so caught up in the beauty of the moment that they forget to tell each other that the hardest part is still on the way.

Courtney: Yeah. Jason and I wrote our vows.

Nikolas: Yeah, Emily and I did, too.

Courtney: Hey, no, on the other hand, Jason and I went completely traditional, and look how that turned out. Well, you know, I just -- I think -- I think the most important thing in marriage is just to love unselfishly. And sometimes that means that you hold on, and sometimes it means you have to let go.

Nikolas: I just -- I can't let go of Emily. I can’t. I mean, I just -- I believe in the two of us together. I really do. I do!

Courtney: Then tell her!

Nikolas: I did.

Courtney: Ok, well, then tell her something else. Anything. I mean, tell her something honest, even if it's just about the pair of riding boots you have in your closet you don't know whether to throw away or --

Nikolas: Nah.

Courtney: Just make some sort of connection, no matter how small, and go from there.

Nikolas: Good advice.

Courtney: Yeah, it was, wasn't it? You know, it was so good, I think that I am going to take it myself. If you'll excuse me, I am going to go find my husband.

Nikolas: Bye.

Jason: Do you want to talk about what happened? I mean, it's ok if you don't want to.

Michael: I have a best friend -- Jodie. Her mom hates me.

Jason: When did you meet Jodie’s mom?

Michael: In the park a couple of hours ago. She said dad's a gangster, and I can't be Jodie’s friend because something might -- something might happen to her.

Jason: Well, do you think something bad is going to happen?

Michael: Well, Kristina was kidnapped here, so --

Jason: Yeah. It's safe now. Would you like Jodie to come over?

Michael: Her dad won't let her. She lives with him right down the street. It's the house where it looks like all the boxes are stacked up.

Jason: Yeah, yeah, I know which one you mean.

Michael: Her parents are divorced, too.

Jason: Well, would you like me to speak with her father?

Michael: Don't beat him up, ok?

Jason: Michael, I'm going to tell him that you're a good kid, that you'll be a good friend to his daughter, and that she is safe any time she wants to come to this house.

Michael: Thanks.

Jason: I don't want you to lose a friend because of me or Sonny.

Michael: Well, her dad will hate me if he finds out that I killed A.J.

Jason: Hey, he's not -- he's not going to find out. No one will. Michael, it was an accident, ok? And little by little, you're not going to hurt so much. You're going to start to feel better.

Michael: You promise?

Jason: I promise. I promise. Somehow, I'm going to make this ok for you.

Sam: Ok, please tell me again it's normal for a kid to run out of a session.

Dr. Thomas: It happens, even with kids like Michael who try to act like grownups.

Sam: So do you think he's getting any better?

Dr. Thomas: It's hard to say, given the secret he's keeping.

Sam: What are those?

Dr. Thomas: Brain scans.

Sam: Of Michael?

Dr. Thomas: No, actually, Jason right after the accident.

Sam: Why do you have brain scans of Jason?

Dr. Thomas: Well, I'm comparing the two cases.

Sam: Well, they're nothing alike.

Dr. Thomas: Well, perhaps not to the layman. But to me -- Michael’s closed off because of emotional trauma. At some level, he's made a decision not to feel anything. Jason, on the other hand, is dealing with physical trauma. The accident destroyed part of his brain. He has no choice about feeling his emotions. He simply doesn't have any.

Sam: Really? You couldn't be more wrong.

Dr. Thomas: I'm just stating a medical fact.

Sam: Yeah? Well, you're wrong.

Dr. Thomas: I believe you mentioned that.

Sam: You probably don't hear that much, do you?

Dr. Thomas: More than you think, but I can't argue with the evidence.

Sam: Jason loves Michael. He has from the first day of that kid's life, probably even before, and he loves me, too. I don't care if it shows up on some x-ray or not.

Dr. Thomas: Does Jason tell you he loves you?

Sam: That is none of your business. He doesn't have to. He shows it to me every single day of his life. And so what if he doesn't show his emotions like the rest of us do? It doesn't mean he doesn't have any.

Dr. Thomas: Look, I'm sure that I can help Michael find his feelings again. And as far as Jason goes? Well, perhaps no one understands the human heart. Deep feelings arise when we least expect them.

Diego: Do you always run away after a fight? Is that how you win?

Brook Lynn: I was telling you how I feel. Why is that fighting?

Diego: Look, we're different, ok? You say whatever is on your mind. I pull back. I keep distance from people.

Brook Lynn: Look, Diego, it's not that complicated. You like somebody else.

Diego: Look, I'm not going to apologize for caring about Maxie.

Brook Lynn: Why can't you just admit that you want to be more than friends with her?

Diego: Look, all I ever did was visit Maxie at the hospital, ok? I gave her one ride in my car. Why are you so jealous, Brook?

Brook Lynn: Because -- look, I see the way you look at her. It's the same way you used to look at me, ok?

Maxie: Jesse found out somebody in your department was running drugs.

Mac: Who?

Maxie: That's just it. Right when he was about to find out, the bad cop shot D.A. Durant and framed Jesse.

Mac: Sweetheart, do you realize how ridiculous all this sounds?

Maxie: It's true. He was trying to sneak back in and see Mr. Durant.

Mac: Yeah, and finish the job!

Dillon: Well, maybe if he's been hiding here all this time, then he's innocent.

Mac: Beaudry's been hiding in the hospital since Durant’s been shot?

Maxie: Yes, because he's innocent.

Mac: This is ridiculous.

Ofc. Murphy: Mac, Beaudry got away. But he's been wounded.

Maxie: No.

Ofc. Murphy: He won't go far.

Ric: Everything all right? Ready to continue?

Bobbie: Yes.

John: Where's your brother?

Ric: That's irrelevant. Counselor, I'm a busy man.

Alexis: You know, your client walked out on the deposition, not mine.

John: Would you two stop bickering and get on with it?

Alexis: Bobbie, is John Durant paralyzed because of the mistake that you might have made?

Bobbie: No, he's not, and you know it.

Alexis: Strike the last statement, please.

Ric: Anything else?

Alexis: Not for now.

Ric: Fine, we'll be in touch.

John: I'm going to own this hospital when I'm done. And you -- hey, Bobbie, you're going to be back on the street where you belong.

Ric: Make sure that last statement is on the record.

Alexis: Will you shut up!

Ric: You all right?

Bobbie: I will be.

Ric: Ok. You did good. Don't worry about it. I'll talk to you later. You know, Alexis, this hospital saved Kristina’s life and they saved your life, too. Now, other than John Durant having something on you, I can't see any reason why you would want to drive this hospital into bankruptcy or bring down Bobbie Spencer’s career.

Alexis: I'm a lawyer. It's a malpractice suit. Even a jerk deserves a defense.

Ric: Let me see -- ok, the only other reason I could think is maybe you want to beat me in open court because --

Alexis: Oh, stop it. Stop it! Oh, my God, I've had so much of this already. Stop being so self-centered, please.

Ric: Good, I'm glad to see that I struck a nerve.

Alexis: Look, if you don't want to be opposite of me on a case, then settle it now.

Ric: No, not a chance.

Alexis: Then, fine. I'll see you in court.

Ric: I'll see you in court.

Alexis: All right.

Skye: How'd it go with Durant?

Luke: I made some progress.

Skye: That bad, huh?

Luke: Do you remember -- I made those negative, petty comments about Alcazar, how he was smarmy and beneath you, blah, blah, blah?

Skye: What about it?

Luke: Well, I was wrong. The man has some very nice qualities -- like his checkbook, his bank account, his stock options. These are the very qualities that we may need if Durant wins his case against the hospital. So I was thinking maybe you could use your considerable charms to make sure he keeps that checkbook open and his pen lubricated.

Skye: Well, if I didn't know better, I'd think that you were turning me out.

Luke: Like a pimp? Me? Not at all, really.

Skye: Well, don't get me wrong. It's not that I find the idea of seducing Lorenzo -- for any reason -- distasteful. I mean, the man is so much more than his money. Look at him. There's that charm and sophistication. There's that powerful jaw line, that potent fire in his eyes.

Luke: That's ok. You don't have to say these things for me. You don't have to say that that smarmy dude has got a jaw line and all that.

Skye: Hmm.

Luke: I know you're not serious.

Skye: Proving yet again that you know absolutely nothing about what women find attractive. Oh, I'm more than happy to do my part for the cause. Might be the most fun you've ever asked me to have.

Dr. Thomas: I can help Michael, but not if he doesn't come back.

Sam: Ok. All right, I'm going to see what I can do, ok?

Dr. Thomas: Ana just to be clear, I haven't accused Michael of killing A.J. in our sessions. And of course I haven't mentioned it to anyone.

Sam: Well, of course. I would expect nothing less.

Dr. Thomas: All right.

Sam: Dr. Thomas, I forgot my --

Dr. Thomas: Yeah, I was --

Sam: Coat.

Dr. Thomas: Just about to run after you.

Sam: Thank you.

Michael: Did you talk to her dad? Can she come over?

Jason: Um -- I have some bad news. When I got to Jodie’s house, I saw a moving van pulling out of the driveway.

Michael: Well, they must be getting new furniture.

Jason: Well, I knocked on the door and nobody answered, Michael.

Michael: Did you pound on the door really hard? Look through a window?

Jason: Yeah, I pounded on the door, I rang the doorbell, I looked through all the windows. Look, I'm sorry, Michael. I mean, you know, they must have moved out because Jodie’s house is empty.

Dillon: Maxie, you can't go after Jesse.

Maxie: Dr. Quartermaine said I can go home.

Dillon: Yes, go home and watch TV and lay in bed and eat pizza! Not go after a felon who shot the D.A.

Maxie: Jesse's innocent.

Dillon: Ok. Why do you think that?

Maxie: I was supposed to die, right?

Dillon: Yes.

Maxie: But I woke up instead, and Jesse was there. And I looked into his eyes. I didn't see a killer.

Dillon: Because you were sedated.

Maxie: I have to find him.

Dillon: You don't even know where to start.

Jesse: Don't scream.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jesse: I just need a place to hide.

Georgie: Why should I help you?

Jesse: I'm a friend of Maxie’s.

Maxie: Jesse was shot. I can help him.

Carly: Sonny has always been a concerned and involved father, until now. Where is he?

Sonny: Hi, it's me.

Reese: What can I do for you, Sonny?

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