GH Transcript Wednesday 6/29/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 6/29/05


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Jason: Did Dr. Thomas help you last night?

Michael: Yeah.

Jason: Yeah? What'd -- what'd you guys talk about?

Michael: Things. Lots of things.

Jason: Yeah, like?

Michael: A.J.

Jason: Like A.J., huh? Did you tell Dr. Thomas that you killed A.J.?

Michael: A.J. did bad things.

Michael's voice: He told lies. I hate him.

Dr. Thomas' voice: Did you get mad at him?

Michael's voice: I didn't mean to.

Dr. Thomas' voice: You didn't mean to get mad at A.J.?

Michael's voice: I just didn't mean to.

Dr. Thomas' voice: What did you do, Michael?

Sam: You taped Michaelís session?

Dr. Thomas: It's standard procedure.

Sam: No, it's not, not in Michaelís case. If you want to continue treating him, you will destroy that tape and any others that you have made.

Dr. Thomas: You're afraid that I'll give them to the police as evidence that Michael killed A.J. Quartermaine.

Sonny: We need to talk about Michael, Carly.

Carly: About what?

Sonny: He's having a rough time, ok?

Carly: Of course he's having a rough time. He has to stand by and watch you move your bimbo into his old house.

Sonny: Reese needed a place to live.

Carly: Oh, so you oh-so-helpfully moved her into the penthouse?

Sonny: She's leasing. What do you want me to do here?

Carly: It's where Michael spent most of his childhood. Did you even have the slightest sensitivity of that when you moved Reese in?

Sonny: I asked Michael! He said it was ok!

Carly: Of course he said it was ok! He wants to please you. He wants your love. You're groping her every chance you can get.

Sonny: I'm groping?

Carly: You are unbelievably selfish.

Sonny: And what about you? Michael doesn't even want to live here because you're married to that bottom-feeder!

Carly: Don't you dare disrespect my husband.

Sonny: Oh --

Lorenzo: Especially in my own home.

Alexis: You know something -- if you're going to talk to my client, you're going to have to refrain from doing that from now on.

Ric: I don't believe you. You never learn, do you?

Alexis: You're going to have be a little more specific with your criticism.

Ric: Look, you sided with Durant once before to press fraudulent and insupportable charges. The results were disastrous.

Alexis: There's nothing fraudulent about his paralysis, Ric.

Ric: Really? Unless he's faking it, Alexis.

Alexis: We have a case for malpractice.

Ric: How many times has he trumped up a bogus case?

Alexis: I'll see you in court.

Ric: You know what, this is a noble cause you're fighting, Alexis, siding with the devil in order to bring down an institution that's dedicated to the greater good.

John: I don't believe it, Bobbie, I know it.

Bobbie: Oh, come on! I became a nurse because I wanted to help people.

John: Save the Pollyanna speech for the courtroom.

Bobbie: I would never do anything --

John: Your nursing career is over, Bobbie, finished!

Alexis: Get your client out of here.

Ric: Bobbie, Bobbie, please. We need to leave. Come on.

John: Bye-bye.

Alexis: I signed on to help you with a malpractice suit, not to watch you taunt a woman in distress.

John: Hey, I'm the one who could use a little sympathy here. At least Bobbieís walking.

Alexis: Badgering a client isn't going to help you with your case.

John: Yeah, because of Bobbie, my legs are dead weight. I can't feel a thing, no matter how hard you pinch.

Alexis: How do you know I'm pinching you if you can't feel anything?

John: My eyes are still working, Alexis. I saw you.

Nikolas: Having second thoughts about moving back in?

Emily: No, not at all.

Nikolas: No?

Emily: No. I was just thinking about all the wonderful times we had here. You know, picnics in the afternoon, reading books on the couch, snuggling when it's cold outside.

Nikolas: Yeah. This place was always kind of our safe haven, wasn't it?

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: No matter what was going on in the outside world, we could always come here and reconnect and laugh and love and be happy.

Nikolas: I want us to have that all again, Emily. I would tear this mausoleum down brick by brick and rebuild it if you didn't like it, just to hear you laugh again and mean it. I want to make you happy again.

Emily: Nikolas, you do. You're all I need.

Michael: I didn't tell Dr. Thomas that I killed A.J. You told me not to.

Jason: That's good. It's good that you remembered.

Michael: Is it because that I'd get in trouble with the police?

Jason: Hmm, small part of it.

Michael: What would happen to me? Do they have a prison for kids?

Jason: No, buddy, you're not going to prison, I promise.

Michael: Will they take me away someplace where I'll never get to see you, mom, or dad again?

Jason: No, Michael. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. Your dad and I, you know, we want you to be quiet about what happened to A.J. because we know that all you were trying to do was make the lies stop. And we get that you killed A.J. by accident. But other people might not understand that.

Sam: Michael's family would be appalled to know that you've been taping his sessions.

Dr. Thomas: Tapes are merely a diagnostic tool. I review them for insight into my patients' thoughts -- a telling phrase, a shift of tone --

Sam: The rest of the tapes, please?

Dr. Thomas: All of my sessions to date.

Sam: Thank you.

Dr. Thomas: Although, I didn't need them to put the pieces together. Michael's feelings of guilt and shame make it clear that he's harboring some enormous secret. And then, of course, there were your rather pointed questions regarding my position on doctor/patient confidentiality, so --

Sam: I have no idea what Michael is telling you. I want him to be safe.

Dr. Thomas: I assured you then and I'll tell you now I have absolutely no intention of sharing my patients' revelations with the police, even if Michael were to reveal that he was A.J.'s murderer.

Sam: Well, I can't imagine him doing that.

Dr. Thomas: Look, Michaelís time with me has been very productive, Sam. We were on the verge of a breakthrough when Jason so abruptly terminated our session.

Sam: Jason is trying to protect Michael.

Dr. Thomas: And in the process may be hurting him more.

Sam: You know, maybe Michael should take a break for a while.

Dr. Thomas: You'd be doing Michael an enormous favor if you'd explain to Jason that Michael needs to be in therapy for his own emotional survival. By encouraging him to cover up the truth, Jason could be doing the boy irreparable harm.

Sam: I'll have to think about it.

Dr. Thomas: Sam, I honestly believe that I can save Michael. But I need your help to do it.

Carly: It may take time, but Michael will accept my marriage because Lorenzo has the decency to give him the time and space that he needs.

Sonny: Well, of course he's going to give Michael space because Michael hates his guts.

Carly: Ok, have you even asked him how he feels about Reese? Your bimbo has been shoving herself in his face --

Sonny: Enough, Carly! Listen to me, ok? Our son is in pain!

Carly: Hey, it's not Lorenzoís fault.

Sonny: Do you hear yourself?

Carly: I have finally found a good and generous man who respects me for who I am, who gives me the unconditional love and support that I have always needed, and Michael is going to have a peaceful, happy life here with us.

Sonny: You know, I can't talk to you when you're like this, ok? You want to call me when you want to deal with Michael; you go ahead and call me.

Carly: I'm sorry about that. I just --

Lorenzo: You don't have to apologize for him. You just have to tell me why you're so angry. Is it because he insulted our marriage? Or is it because you're jealous of Sonny and Reese?

John: Do you really think I would fake paraplegia?

Alexis: I could argue that you have motive.

John: Yeah, well, I could say the same for you as to why you took my case.

Alexis: You're paying me, aren't you?

John: Yes, I am. But you're also looking forward to the thrill you're going to get from sparring with your ex.

Alexis: I'm a consummate professional, Durant.

John: Yeah, try to remember that when the sparks begin to fly.

Alexis: You know what, if you don't think I can do it, you're welcome to find other counsel elsewhere.

John: Alexis, I need you at your best. Bobbie and General Hospital put me in the wheelchair. They robbed me of my mobility, my effectiveness to dominate a courtroom.

Alexis: You save your dramatics for the jury.

John: So do you believe that my injury is genuine?

Alexis: Maybe. You know, the report shows that this condition you have isn't irreversible. You may walk again.

John: There's also a chance it could snow in hell, but I'm not buying any ski resorts there.

Alexis: What do you want, John? What's the bottom line?

John: Money. Lots of money. So do you think that you can trump Ric in court or not?

Alexis: I can. I have. I will.

Ric: Bobbie, you need to steer clear of Durant.

Bobbie: I know that, I know that. I just thought I might be able to get through to the man.

Ric: I understand, ok, but by telling him that you want to drop the suit, you're weakening your own position. I know how difficult it's going to be, but I want you to try your best to not engage him.

Reese: That's right, if John Durant is wheeling himself to the elevator, you take the stairs.

Ric: Yes.

Reese: And if he asks you what time it is, you refer him to your attorneys.

Ric: Yeah, exactly. I'm going to leave you in Reeseís capable hands. I'm going to go try to confer with Alexis and get our depositions all organized, ok?

Reese: Great, mm-hmm.

Bobbie: Oh, I don't know why I thought I could reason with John.

Reese: That's all right, Bobbie. No harm done.

Bobbie: Unlike the colossal mistake I made when I agreed to assist in his surgery.

Reese: Come on now, you were doing your job.

Bobbie: Oh, yeah, but I should've walked out of the room the minute I saw him on the table. I keep asking myself why I didnít.

Reese: Bobbie, come on, your instinct is to help people. It's not to bail in an emergency. John Durant was bleeding and Dr. Jones, he gave an order.

Bobbie: Mm-h, the resident.

Reese: Who hesitated, and you jumped in. Come on, do not let Durant shake your confidence here. You've got to fight him and win.

Dr. Thomas: The truth is you're Michaelís best advocate. His parents are distracted by personal matters, and Jasonís own experience with therapy was, well, less than successful.

Sam: You know, we all just want what's best for Michael.

Dr. Thomas: I treated Jason after his injury. His cognitive limitations must make it incredibly difficult for him to empathize with Michaelís pain.

Sam: Jason is very sympathetic to Michael.

Dr. Thomas: Jason confides in you, doesn't he?

Sam: Yes, of course he does. He trusts me.

Dr. Thomas: Enough to overcome his own misgivings and let Michael continue therapy?

Sam: Well, I think if I can convince Jason that therapy would be helpful for Michael then, yes, I do think that he would agree.

Dr. Thomas: So you'll speak with him?

Sam: I'll talk to Jason, yeah.

Carly: Sonny has never appreciated me for who I am. He calls me reckless, and you call me brave. He calls me nosy, and you say I have a healthy curiosity. He calls me bossy, and you say I'm take-charge.

Lorenzo: Well, you know, you are a strong woman. And I have always admired that.

Carly: That's why you're such a wonderful person, and kind and thoughtful. Not to mention tall, dark, and handsome.

Lorenzo: Hmm. You still haven't answered my question.

Carly: Fine. I'm not jealous of Reese. But I reserve the right to hate her guts, because she's hiding something, something big, and if Sonny is dumb enough to buy her act, then he deserves everything he gets. I only care about Michael and Morgan and protecting them from the fallout.

Lorenzo: So this is about being a good mother and not a jealous ex-wife?

Carly: Yeah, you see how well you understand me?

Lorenzo: Well, you know, if this marriage is going to last, we're going to have to work to understand each other.

Carly: I think we should start working to understand each other.

Lorenzo: Oh. Are you -- are you flirting with me?

Carly: Are you complaining?

Lorenzo: Never.

Michael: Mmm, syrup. Hi, dad.

Jason: Hey. All right, you done?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Jason: Ok.

Sonny: What are you doing?

Michael: Eating.

Sonny: Yeah? I saw what you did to the picture.

Michael: Are you mad?

Sonny: No. How can I be mad? You've seen me lose it a lot, right?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: You've seen me yell, break things. It's pretty scary, huh?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Pretty scary to me, too. You know, I hate it when I lose control, when I break things because it makes me feel like I'm breaking inside. And, you know, I have all this stuff going on inside of me, you know, and then the only way I can let it out is through a burst of rage. And sometimes I feel like, you know, I get very upset when I can't make them go away. Is that kind of how you felt last night?

Michael: Pretty much.

Sonny: Ok, you know what? There's something I want you to remember whenever you get angry, sad, ok? I will always love you. I don't care how you feel, what's going on, ok, because nothing could ever stop me from loving you for one second. You understand what I'm saying?

Michael: Yes, but what if I can't make the bad feelings go away?

Sonny: No, you know what, I swear to you they will go away, all right? No matter how strong the feelings are, they never win. And in the end, everything's going to be ok. Ok?

Alexis: If Bobbie approaches Durant again, I'm going to have to notify the judge.

Ric: Your threat is duly noted.

Alexis: Thank you. Do you want to talk damages?

Ric: No, I want to talk procedures. What if I withdrew from the case and let Reese take it from here?

Alexis: Do whatever you want.

Ric: Would you be as motivated to go after Bobbie and the hospital if I weren't involved?

Alexis: I'm a lawyer. I defend people when they ask me to because they pay me, and that's how I pay my bills.

Ric: Just asking.

Alexis: Just telling you that this is not about you.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: You persist in believing that you are the center of my universe, and that is not --

Ric: No, please, keep ranting. It's always so entertaining. What? What's wrong?

 [Knock on door]

Alan: So what happened last night? Is Michael ready to leave his so-called parents and come live with our family?

Dr. Thomas: The situation's a good deal more complicated than you led me to believe.

Alan: What is that supposed to mean?

Dr. Thomas: Michael needs to be surrounded by the people who he loves.

Alan: I love him and he needs to be with me.

Dr. Thomas: That boy is in emotional agony, and the last thing he needs is to be snatched from his home right now.

Alan: We had an agreement that you would have Michael placed with our family.

Dr. Thomas: Your son A.J. caused Michael immeasurable pain.

Alan: If you double-cross me on this, I will tell Jason that you and I have been working together all along.

Dr. Thomas: And what would that accomplish?

Alan: You will be terminated on Jasonís terms. And believe me, that is not an experience you want to have.

Dr. Thomas: And Michaelís therapy would end and you'd lose your last link to him. I think that you seriously need to re-examine your priorities.

Alan: I will. I will get Michael a therapist who knows how to do the right thing.

Dr. Thomas: The right thing? The right thing is making sure that that boy's emotional problems are being addressed, and if you really care for your grandson's well-being, you'll back the hell off.

Michael: Hey.

Jodie: Are you in trouble?

Michael: I thought I would be, but my dad totally got it. He's really smart.

Sonny: Michael's doing what I do -- turning his fear and anger inward.

Jason: Sonny, Michael had a terrible year. It's only natural that this kid would lash out like this.

Sonny: People deal with traumas in different ways, Jason. The way I deal with it is I self-destruct, I go crazy, I hit things.

Jason: Yeah, and Michael hit a thing, not a person.

Sonny: That's supposed to make it ok? I tell myself that, you know, I'm doing the best I can as a father and I'm supposed to be a role model, but my son is only doing what he sees me do. I said to myself that I would never let my children go through the hell that I'm going through, and now I'm watching my son go through it.

Jason: So what do you want to do?

Sonny: I just don't want Michael to suffer any more than he has to. Maybe he should go back to that shrink.

Jason: Well, I pulled him out of his session last night before he could tell Dr. Thomas how A.J. died.

Sonny: So Michael -- he does trust this doctor, right?

Jason: Yeah, it seems that way.

Sonny: So maybe he, you know -- he should let the truth out, not just in front of his family, but in front of, you know, a professional who can sort things out.

Jason: Ok, well, the reason we went to Dr. Thomas was that he says he keeps things confidential. What if he changes his mind?

Sonny: Well, then he'll have to be handled. But not until Michaelís ok.

Emily: Hi.

Elizabeth: Hey!

Emily: Hey.

Elizabeth: Lucky tells me that you and Nikolas are moving back into Wyndermere.

Emily: Yep.

Elizabeth: Emily, that's a major breakthrough!

Emily: Yeah, we've made a lot of progress.

Elizabeth: Moving back in together as husband and wife? That's huge. A month ago, you would've never thought this was possible.

Emily: I know.

Elizabeth: Ok, did -- did I jump to conclusions with the whole husband-and-wife thing or --

Emily: No, no, you're right. We're definitely a couple again.

Elizabeth: Good. You must be relieved.

Emily: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Why do I hear a "but" coming?

Emily: We aren't quite where we want to be, but we're getting closer.

Lucky: So you and Emily are back on track, huh?

Nikolas: We're getting there.

Lucky: She was the one that suggested moving back to Wyndermere?

Nikolas: Yeah, that's right.

Lucky: Well, like I said, things are doing great.

Nikolas: Let me ask you something. You ever feel -- I don't know, don't take this the wrong way, but inadequate with Elizabeth?

Lucky: Me? Nah. It hasn't bothered me that Elizabeth is carrying Jaxís baby to cover bills that I can't pay. You know, I'm trying to go along with this whole surrogacy thing, but you know what? Deep down inside, I just -- yeah, I'm feeling totally useless and inadequate.

Nikolas: You're probably a little ticked at Jax, despite yourself, you know?

Lucky: Actually, I saw Jax at Metro Court. He took Elizabeth to dinner to thank her. Then I saw the two of them laughing, and I just wanted -- I just wanted to punch him.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Lucky: You know, I know he's a decent guy and he and Courtney really want to have a family. It's just -- I'm just going to go along with it, you know?

Nikolas: That's pretty much what I'm doing with Emily.

Lucky: But Emily still loves you. You know that.

Nikolas: I know. But I just keep getting this feeling that -- you know, that she's going through the motions, pretending to be happier than she really is.

Lucky: Well, you and Emily, y'all have been through a lot. I mean maybe you're just having trouble believing that.

Nikolas: Yeah, maybe. But I'm telling you, Lucky, there's something off. You know, it's just that sparkle in her eye, that excitement in her voice, it's just --

Lucky: That love is still there. You know what? It always was and always will be. You just got to trust it.

Nikolas: Maybe. I don't know, maybe. Maybe I just need to give it enough time to sink in.

Reese: He's a witness.

Bobbie: I know you're right.

Carly: Do you really have to attach yourself like a parasite to everyone in my life?

Reese: I'm simply conferring with your mother.

Carly: There's nothing simple about it. You've been working your agenda every chance you can get.

Bobbie: Carly, stop now. That's enough.

Carly: Mom, don't you see what she's doing?

Bobbie: She's gathering facts for my case.

Carly: Ok, doesn't it even seem the littlest bit suspicious that she got all involved with Michael, then slithered her way into Sonny's life, and now you -- three of the most important people in my life?

Bobbie: Honey, this is not all about you.

Carly: Yeah, tell that to your lawyer.

Bobbie: Hey, I'm fighting for my life here. My entire career is on the line. Now, I'm sorry that you have issues with Reese, but right now my issues are going to take precedence.

Reese: I'll talk to you later, Bobbie.

Carly: This was a minor victory. You won't win the war.

Reese: The only war is in your head. I'm not out to get you, Carly.

Carly: Oh, right. So it's just a wild coincidence that you happen to be invading every corner of my world?

Reese: You are your own worst enemy.

Carly: It's called protecting myself, honey.

Reese: You've already alienated Sonny, and now you're pushing your own mother away. If I were out to get you, Carly, all I would have to do is sit on the sidelines and watch as you dismantle your own life.

Justus: Dr. Winters. Thank you so much for meeting me here on such short notice.

Louise: You always have an intriguing reason for calling. What is it this time?

Justus: I'm -- I'm considering going into therapy.

Louise: In other words you're prepared to pay by the hour for information useful to your principal client.

Justus: As a member of a deeply dysfunctional family like the Quartermaines, I'll take all the help I can get.

Louise: What does Sonny Corinthos want this time?

Justus: He'd like your input on one of your colleagues.

Louise: Which one?

Justus: Dr. Asher Thomas, Michael Corinthos' psychiatrist. What do you think?

Sam: Jason? Hey. I just came from Dr. Thomas' office.

Jason: And he wants Michael to continue therapy?

Sam: Dr. Thomas is afraid that if Michael stops treatment, he might have an emotional breakdown.

Michael: I smashed a picture of myself last night.

Jodie: That's nothing. I broke my mother's favorite antique vase.

Michael: On purpose?

Jodie: Yeah. I really don't know why.

Sonny: Hey, buddy. What are you doing out here?

Michael: Just thinking.

Sonny: Yeah? About our talk?

Michael: Yeah.

Jason: So what did Dr. Thomas say about Michaelís session?

Sam: Michael is in a lot of pain.

Sonny: Come over here, bud. You miss mommy, huh?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah, maybe you want to see her? Maybe you want to stay at her place, you know?

Michael: No! She's married to Alcazar. I do not want to live with him.

Sonny: Ok, ok, ok. Ok, maybe you want to go back to Dr. Thomas? Maybe you can sort a few things out, you know?

Michael: I don't know. I guess it helped a little.

Sonny: A little bit? Well, doesn't hurt, right?

Michael: Did a psychiatrist ever help you?

Sonny: No. No. But if I knew that it would help you and me, I would go in a heartbeat.

 [Emily gasps]

Nikolas: Welcome home.

Emily: Oh, Nikolas. It's beautiful.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, Lucky and I did our best.

Emily: It must have taken you guys hours.

Nikolas: Well, it did. And now I'm ready to enjoy it with you. Shall we make a toast?

Emily: Why not.

Nikolas: Here you go.

Emily: Thank you.

Nikolas: To our home.

Emily: To our home.

Nikolas: Come here, sit down.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: You know, so many memories drifted through my head when I was cleaning up this room.

Emily: What was your favorite?

Nikolas: Making love to you on this couch.

Emily: It's been a long time, Nikolas. You should refresh my memory.

 [Knock on door]

Elizabeth: You paged me?

John: Yeah. My suit against Bobbie and the hospital are going to be going to trial very soon, and I just wanted to let you know that you're going to be subpoenaed to testify.

Elizabeth: I don't think I'm qualified.

John: Well, sure you are. Just tell the court that Bobbie intercepted a resident and acted outside the parameters of her job during my surgery.

Elizabeth: Mr. Durant, I am not an O.R. nurse, and I didn't see Bobbie do anything wrong.

John: Perhaps you ought to refresh your memory. That is, of course, if you want your boyfriend, Lucky, to keep his badge.

Ric: John Durant has a very good case.

Alan: Well, tell them that the operating team did the best that they could.

Ric: I spoke with a lot of the staff that were on the night that John Durant was brought in, and they said that the hospital was indeed overcrowded and understaffed.

Alan: Well, that happens occasionally in any hospital.

Ric: I know that, Dr. Quartermaine, but it also can lead to mistakes.

Alan: So what could we do, turn Durant away? Say, "Sorry, we're too crowded, come back again another time"? He would be dead by now. But, of course, corpses can't sue.

Ric: I'm as frustrated by this as you are.

Alan: Then do something about it.

Ric: Look, Bobbie Spencer tried to bow out of the surgery, but Tony Jones insisted that she step in to help the team.

Alan: Bobbie is a top O.R. nurse.

Ric: Who stepped in and performed a procedure that was technically a resident's job. I'm just warning you, Dr. Quartermaine, General Hospital may be liable for a fortune.

Louise: I'm not surprised the Corinthoses are sending their son to Asher Thomas.

Justus: So he's a good psychiatrist?

Louise: With a reputation for never divulging information his patients reveal.

Justus: Even if his records are subpoenaed?

Louise: He'd sooner go to jail.

Justus: So you think Michaelís in good hands then?

Louise: I think he'll probably do a good job with Michael. He generally handles children well.

Justus: Now, Dr. Winters, exactly what is it that you're not telling me?

Louise: Thomas has a bit of a God complex.

Dr. Thomas: So did you think of A.J. as your father?

Michael: No. It always made me so mad when he called himself that.

Dr. Thomas: A.J. did a lot of things to make you mad, didn't he?

Michael: Yeah, but he hurt my little brother and sister.

Dr. Thomas: What'd he do?

Michael: He kidnapped them, all because he wanted me. He lied and he wouldn't stop lying.

Sam: Dr. Thomas says that he would never violate doctor/patient confidentiality, so even if Michael does admit to killing A.J., Jason, it shouldn't be a problem.

Reese: Hey. I'm glad you're home.

Sonny: Hey. Busy day?

Reese: Oh, that's putting it mildly. God, you know, I was just going to grab some takeout and head home, but then I had a better idea.

Sonny: Yeah? What's that?

Reese: Well, you offered to make me dinner last night. How about I take you up on it tonight, huh, me, you, and Michael? We could have a cookout?

Sonny: Oh, yeah, I'd love to, but can we do it another time?

Reese: You and Michael have plans?

Sonny: Well, Michael had a meltdown and he broke a picture of himself.

Reese: Is he ok? Did he hurt himself?

Sonny: Yeah, he got some blood on his hand and the whole thing, but I think what brought it on is that he saw us together.

Reese: So what are you saying?

Sonny: Well, I mean, what do you mean? I mean, we can still see each other. It's just not here.

Reese: Hmm. So Carly was right. You don't want a relationship with me. You want a backdoor mistress in your penthouse on 24-hour call.

John: Lucky was just reinstated after a lengthy suspension. He is on very shaky ground with the force.

Elizabeth: Are you threatening me?

John: No. Oh, no, no, no. No, not at all. I'm merely suggesting that you remember my surgery a little more clearly.

Elizabeth: Lucky is working awfully hard and he is doing a good job.

John: Yeah. It'd be a real shame to see him suspended again or fired.

Elizabeth: I will not lie for you, ok?

John: Spare me the righteous indignation.

Elizabeth: All right, then, how about I report your coercion to the PCPD Internal Affairs instead?

John: That would be a big mistake.

Lucky: You leave her alone.

Emily: It feels so right to be here with you.

Nikolas: You know, I used to lie in my cell at night and think about us starting our marriage just like this -- living here together, making love in the middle of the afternoon, waking up with you, going on long walks together, looking out over the water, knowing that we'd be together for the rest of our lives.

Emily: And now it's happening.

Nikolas: I love you.

Emily: I love you, too.

Carly: Well, that was interesting.

Lorenzo: What?

Carly: I just went to the hospital and saw my mother and I got into another fight with Reese.

Lorenzo: Well, looks like you came out unscathed.

Carly: Yeah, she did me a favor, actually.

Lorenzo: You going to elaborate?

Carly: All right. Yeah, she told me that I was my own worst enemy and that I was dismantling my life with no help from her.

Lorenzo: I'm not seeing how that's a favor.

Carly: I despise the witch but, you know, I have a wonderful husband and an amazing marriage. Why am I going to waste my energy trying to figure out if she's lying? So what if Reese sprouts horns and carries a pitchfork. She's someone else's problem, not mine.

Lorenzo: That is a healthy, mature attitude, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, I don't care. What the hell?

Lorenzo: Well, I'm delighted to hear it.

Carly: Yep, I don't care what she does.

Lorenzo: Although, that does create one small problem.

Carly: What's that?

Lorenzo: You're going to need a new project to put your energies into.

Carly: See, I already have one.

Michael and Jason: Hey.

Dr. Thomas: Sam, could I see you for a minute?

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: So, hey, how did the session go?

Michael: Pretty good.

Jason: What -- what'd you guys talk about?

Michael: Dr. Thomas said I don't have to tell anyone about what we talked about.

Jason: He's right. You know, as long as you feel that the sessions are helping you, that's all that matters.

Dr. Thomas: Thanks for bringing Michael back to therapy.

Sam: Do you think he's made any progress at all?

Dr. Thomas: Absolutely. And it wouldn't have been possible if you hadn't intervened on his behalf.

Michael: Dr. Thomas is a pretty cool guy.

Jason: You like him?

Michael: Yeah. I think maybe I can tell him about what happened the night A.J. died.

Jason: Ok. You got to do me a favor, ok? Just hold off on that for a little while.

Reese: I'm the one who got Michael to talk when he was completely shut down.

Sonny: I know, and I appreciate it.

Reese: So have a little faith in me. He accepted me as a friend once and, with a little effort on my part, I can get him to accept the fact that you and I are dating.

Sonny: Well, look, I just don't think it's the right time to push this.

Reese: Sonny, I'm not pushing anything.

Sonny: Michael's on overload. He's gone through a lot in the past year, you know?

Reese: I know.

Sonny: He's got a new little sister, the breakup of me and his mother, A.J. lying, the whole kidnapping thing. I just don't think -- you're, you know, one thing he doesn't need to deal with.

Reese: I'm not a thing.

Sonny: I -- you know what I'm talking about.

Reese: I'm afraid I do. You want me neatly tucked into your penthouse like a naughty little secret.

Sonny: Look, my hands are tied. I got to do what's best for Michael.

Reese: Michael trusted me once, Sonny. I can get through to him.

Sonny: You're not -- you got -- he saw us together. That's when he flipped out, you see?

Reese: Well, maybe that's the reason that Michael and I need to reconnect.

Sonny: I can't risk that right now. But you know what? If you can't deal with it, I understand. You can go ahead, you can leave or --

Reese: Just like that, I can just leave?

Sonny: No, no, listen to me. It doesn't mean that I don't want to keep seeing you. It's just that I got to do what's best for my son.

Reese: Ok. I'm not going to come back here anymore unless I'm invited. And if you want to see me, you can take me out on a date. But don't just stop by. You need to call first. And don't assume that I'm just going to be available, ok, Sonny? Ok?

Sonny: Hey, wait --

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Tracy: He allowed the hospital insurance to lapse.

Alexis: Did you purposely paralyze my client?

Nurse: The man who shot John Durant.

Maxie: Guess what -- I get to go home today.

Nikolas: Hey there.

Jason: Can you keep digging? I need to make sure Michaelís safe with Dr. Thomas.

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