GH Transcript Thursday 6/23/05

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/23/05


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Edward: Tracy? Where are you? Tracy, this minute.

Tracy: Good morning, daddy.

Edward: You have lied, you have stolen, you backstabbed your way into running E.L.Q., and that's not being critical!

Tracy: Why are you yelling?

Edward: Because I'm impressed -- that's why I'm yelling! And I'll tell you something else. You don't keep your job as C.E.O.; you’ll be thrown out by everybody I know -- unless you get rid of that!

Luke: Bloody Marys, anyone?

Jodie: Hi.

Michael: Where were you? I've been looking for you everywhere. You heard that I killed A.J., right? Are you scared of me now?

Carly: Turnovers from Kelly’s. Mike just took them out of the oven.

John: I'm not hungry.

Carly: You have to eat.

John: I'm not in the mood for company, Carly.

Carly: Too bad. Are you sure you don't want one?

John: I can't feel my legs! Why the hell would I want hot apple turnovers?

Carly: Ok, I'm not very good at this, ok, and I'm really trying to help you. So if there's something that I can do --

John: Yeah, there's something that you can do; there is something that I want. I want to know who did this to me and I want them to pay.

Reese's voice: We're like sisters! How could you do this to me?

[Carly screams]

[Door opens]

Reese: What are you doing here?

Sonny: Checking up on you.

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Edward: Where did you get that smoking jacket?

Alice: Well, you have plenty of others, sir.

Edward: Who's asking you?

Alice: Well, Luke wears it so well.

Luke: Thank you, sunshine.

Edward: I will not have a deadbeat and a layabout in my den wearing my clothes, monopolizing my servants, and drinking my vodka!

Luke: Are you sure you don't want a Bloody Mary, pop?

Alice: It would certainly improve your mood, sir.

Edward: My moods are none of your business, and you get that freeloader out of here.

Luke: How is my pretty little pink popsicle this morning? Why the long face, Mrs. Spencer? Don't you know, the Russian caviar delivery will be here anytime.

Alice: Oh, it's already arrived, by overnight courier.

Luke: Oh, you are so efficient. You deserve a big fat raise.

Edward: Excuse me? You had caviar sent overnight from Russia at my expense?

Tracy: Correction -- at my expense. I'll take care of it. Whoa!

Alice: You mind your manners, Miss Tracy.

Skye: I made a mistake. What else can I tell you?

Coleman: Tracy and I were good while we lasted.

Skye: I agree. You never would have called Tracy "an old cow with a bag full of money" if not for me.

Coleman: Yeah, well, I said it and I'll deal with the consequences.

Skye: But it was completely my fault. I mean, I used you to make Luke jealous, and you'd be living at the Quartermaines' right now. Instead, you're here.

Coleman: Oh, I've been in worse places.

Skye: I would feel so much better if Tracy took you back.

Coleman: I don't think that's going to happen, Skye.

Skye: With a little perseverance, she might forgive you.

Coleman: Yeah, which would give you Luke, right? Not to mention the 15 mil?

Skye: That's going back to the Cassadines.

Coleman: It hasn't yet, sweetie.

Skye: Well, you're right. I have wanted Luke from the start, ok? I should have never told you otherwise.

Coleman: Well, maybe there's a way you can, I don't know, make it up to me.

Jodie: I'm not afraid of you, but why'd you kill your own dad?

Michael: Sonny is my dad. But A.J. Is my biological father, and I didn't mean to kill him.

Jodie: Then how can you be sure you did it?

Michael: Because he's dead.

Jodie: Maybe it wasn't your fault.

Michael: Yes, it is.

Jodie: Then what happened?

Michael: A.J. did a lot of really bad things to me, my brother, and my sister. I wanted to tell him to leave them alone, in his room, so I went there. He was going to lie again. He was going to say that my parents don't love my anymore, and I just picked up a pillow and put it over his face. I didn't mean to kill him. I just wanted to make him stop.

Tony: So how's Durant this morning?

Bobbie: No improvement.

Tony: Well, your vitals look good. Did you manage to get some sleep?

John: I can't move my legs. Which part of that don't you understand?

Tony: The condition is called pseudo cauda equina --

John: I don't really care what it's called. How did it happen?

Tony: The bullet shattered a piece of your vertebrae, which caused a great deal of swelling. That could cause paralysis. You also suffered massive bleeding during the surgery. A vertebral artery may have been occluded --

John: It may have been cut by a careless doctor or nurse.

Tony: That isn't what happened.

John: Well -- no, I'll tell you what did happen, Dr. Jones. I was wheeled into this hospital; I could feel my legs, even with a bullet in my back. When I woke up after surgery, after being butchered in this hospital, I could not. Somebody messed up. I'm going to find out who it was. I want the name of every single person that was in that operating room. Are we clear?

Reese: I don't remember giving you a key.

Sonny: Oh, yeah, well, I told the maid you'd be glad to see me.

Reese: I am glad to see you. Oh. Just knock next time, ok?

Sonny: Well, was I interrupting something?

Reese: No, not this time.

Sonny: Oh.

Reese: But like I said, you know, I have my own life. And I don't want you to think I'm just available to you anytime you want to stop by.

Sonny: You don't think you're going a little overboard on this?

Reese: Yeah, probably going overboard. It's just that this is new to me, you know?

Sonny: Right.

Reese: Giving up my badge and starting over and figuring it -- figuring out, you know, who you and I are to each other.

Sonny: The fact that you don't have a badge -- very appealing to me.

Reese: Yeah well, me too. You know, now that you're not a conflict of interest, it makes things simpler.

Sonny: Well, I've had a lot of chaos in my life and "simple" sounds real good.

Reese: Well, "simple" is a relative term. For instance, there are a lot of people in your life that matter to you that don't like me.

Sonny: Michael -- Michael does.

Reese: Yeah, but Michael doesn't want you dating me.

Sonny: Well, you know what? It's just going to take, you know -- he's just got to adjust. It's going to take a little time. We all got time, right? The crisis is over. And it's just -- you know, it's about time we just get on with our lives.

Reese: Yeah.

Sonny: Right?

Reese: I like that suggestion very much.

Sonny: Yeah?

Reese: Yeah.

Skye: How can I put this? No.

Coleman: You haven't even heard my idea yet.

Skye: Look, I want to make amends, ok, but not like that.

Coleman: You were a lot more receptive when you were drunk.

Skye: Well, I'm sober now. I'd like to stay that way.

Coleman: No problem. It was just a little -- you know, a little suggestion.

Skye: What if -- what if I gave you $100,000?

Coleman: In return for what?

Skye: Getting Tracy back. You'd have a little money in the bank; you get to live like a Quartermaine -- at least for a while.

Coleman: Yeah, which would give you Luke, right?

Skye: Well, yes, that would be my incentive, yes.

Coleman: I think Tracy and I were a total fluke. I mean, Luke set the whole thing up and I ran with it. She got carried away. I doubt it'll happen twice.

Skye: Oh, come on. Don't underestimate yourself. You can be very appealing.

Coleman: True. Yeah -- when a woman like Tracy or you is in the mood to be dumpster-diving.

Skye: Oh, that's not true.

Coleman: Admit it. You were so drunk every time we got together you barely remember it. Hmm? But I do.

Skye: Hey, I remember you getting me through some pretty dark nights.  That much I remember.

Coleman: Hmm! It was so dark that first night with Tracy she thought I was somebody else.

Skye: Hey -- maybe there is a way that you can really get Tracy back. What if you were someone else?

Coleman: I'll tell you what. I'll take another stab at old Trace if I can have you on the side.

Skye: That's not going to happen.

Coleman: Well, ok. Then forget it, man. Find yourself another gigolo, babe.

Tracy: Can I get a hand here?

Alice: You better start treating Luke with respect.

Tracy: Daddy, isn't it time we fire her?

Edward: Well, technically, that's really up to Monica.

Tracy: Luke, I'm your wife! Protect me!

Luke: Now, gumdrop, you're in no danger. She likes it rough, Alice.

Alice: Oh, understood.

Tracy: Oh!

Luke: Alice and I have forged a very special relationship.

Tracy: Could you call her off?

Luke: Well, I'm not sure I can do that. See, she's dedicated to protecting me.

Tracy: Daddy, do something!

Luke: Will you give me my divorce and my 15 million bucks?

Tracy: Not in 15 million years!

Luke: Alice, have you cut off the circulation so her brain isn't getting any oxygen?

Tracy: Yes, you idiot!

Alice: You know, I think I am.

Luke: Maybe you should loosen up just a little so she can make a clearheaded decision.

Alice: Hmm. You're probably right.

Luke: Actually, maybe you should go check with Cook, make sure the truffles and wild boar have arrived from Provence.

Alice: Are you sure?

Edward: You had wild boar and truffles flown in from France?

Luke: Yes, yes. The old adage is wrong -- pigs do fly.

Tracy: I can't breathe!

Luke: Ok. Alice, you can let her go -- for now.

[Tracy pants]

Alice: If I was in your shoes, honey, I wouldn't divorce him, either.

Edward: Well, so, darling, why don't you catch your breath, then get rid of this reprobate, or I'm going to have the entire board throw you out of your corner office and out on the street where you belong.

Luke: Top of the morning to you, too, Edward.

Tracy: Luke? You can't do this forever.

Luke: I don't know -- Bloody Marys for breakfast, 50-year-old single malt every night, charming company, great cuisine. Why not?

Tracy: You want Skye.

Luke: I want my money. That's all you need to be concerned with. But why don't we change tactics? Gumdrop, this isn't working for either one of us. Don't fight me. Use me.

John: Hey -- hey, you. Yeah.

Elizabeth: Yes?

John: Did you stay in the O.R. during the entire procedure?

Elizabeth: Yes. I told you I would.

John: Then tell me who's responsible for the paralysis.

Elizabeth: The person who shot you.

John: I wasn't paralyzed when I went into that operating room. I am now. You tell me what happened.

Elizabeth: An amazing team of doctors and nurses saved your life.

John: No, no, no, no, no, no. No, something went wrong. You must have seen something.

Elizabeth: I didn’t.

John: Nothing? You didn't see anything at all? Was it a doctor; was it a nurse who made this mistake?

Elizabeth: Mr. Durant, nobody intended to hurt you.

John: Only now I cannot feel my legs; I cannot move my legs. Who are you trying to protect?

Tony: I appreciate what you did in the O.R., but --

Bobbie: Do you think I occluded the artery?

Tony: No, you kept Durant from bleeding to death. But if you clamped in the wrong place --

Bobbie: On, no, there was so much blood it was just -- it was so hard to see.

Tony: I know, and I don't believe you were negligent, but technically speaking, it was the resident's job, so we may have opened ourselves up to a malpractice suit.

P.A. Announcer: Bobbie Spencer to Room 1054.

Bobbie: That's John's room.

P.A. Announcer: Bobbie Spencer to Room 1054.

Tony: Can you talk him out of this?

Bobbie: I will try.

Michael: You cannot tell anyone.

Jodie: I won’t.

Michael: Not even your mom and dad.

Jodie: My mom and dad don't even want us to be friends. Why would I tell them anything?

[Door opens]

Sonny: Yeah, that's right.

Reese: Hmm. I'll miss this room.

Sonny: You're leaving?

Reese: The bureau won't pick up the tab anymore.

Sonny: I'll pick it up.

Reese: I need to find a permanent residence, somewhere I can actually afford.

Sonny: I'll set you up anyplace. I'll get you a nice apartment, a house. I'll take care of everything.

Reese: And pay my rent?

Sonny: Yeah, well --

Reese: What, do you think I'm Carly?

Coleman: Though, you know -- I mean, he and Tracy aren't that bad together. You know? I mean, Luke Spencer’s kind of a legend, and I'm just a little old bartender who does odd jobs on the side. No, man, she'll never take me back.

Skye: Once.

Coleman: "Once" what?

Skye: I'll sleep with you once -- after you win Tracy back from Luke and the divorce is final and that money is back in Luke’s bank account. I will sleep with you one time.

Coleman: What do you mean by "sleep"?

Skye: You know what I mean.

Coleman: I want you sober.

Skye: I will be.

Coleman: So what makes you think Tracy’s going to take me back?

Skye: Oh, she will, after I've turned you into a gentleman.

Tracy: That 15 million covered up how much trouble E.L.Q. was really in.

Luke: Will the company fold without it?

Tracy: No, thanks to Lorenzo Alcazar. He is the major shareholder and he has enough money to put E.L.Q. in the black.

Luke: But not with you as C.E.O.

Tracy: You have been paying attention.

Luke: What are our chances of forcing him out?

Tracy: Slim to none. Lorenzo is going legit -- to impress your hideous niece.

Luke: Don't blame me for Carly.

Tracy: He called a board meeting, which I had managed to stall twice, but at some point it's going to happen and he's going to force me to step down.

Luke: But not without a vote?

Tracy: No. However, Lorenzo is a very convincing man, and my father has turned against me.

Luke: Don't worry so much, gumdrop. This little project is right up my alley.

Tracy: I don't want your larcenous paws on my company.

Luke: You need help, Trace. You're running out of options.

Tracy: If I were to accept your help, what would that entail?

Luke: Well, I don't know. Let's look at this -- Edward is not going to vote against you because he would never vote against his own flesh and blood for the head of that company, so that's one vote in your favor. You won't vote against yourself -- that's two. So I figure all we got to do is get the dirt on the rest of the board members and blackmail them into voting for you.

Tracy: Do you even know who's on the board?

Luke: Fill me in.

Tracy: Alan, Monica, Ned, Skye, Emily -- not much blackmail material there -- Justus, Jax -- also not good blackmail targets -- aforementioned hideous niece, and her even more hideous ex-husband, the mob boss of Port Charles.

Luke: Sonny's on the board?

Tracy: Yes, as trustee for Michael, who is a major shareholder.

Luke: Well, Sonny will never vote for Alcazar.

Tracy: No, but Carly will because she just married him.

Luke: Well, now, marriage doesn't always mean loyalty.

Tracy: No kidding.

Luke: Nobody wants Alcazar in charge. They only want his money.

Tracy: I know the feeling.

Luke: And Lorenzo is not going to let E.L.Q. fold. He needs that company. He needs it so he can look like an upstanding, squeaky-clean, taxpaying citizen. You want the corner office. You're going to get it. And I want a divorce and my 15 million bucks, and I'm going to get that. And everybody's going to walk away happy. Deal?

Tracy: On one condition.

Max: Hey, Michael? Want to have lunch with us guys?

Michael: If you mean you, me, and dad, then yes.

Max: Oh, sorry, your dad's working, so it's me, you, and Morgan. Hmm, what sounds good?

Michael: Chili-cheese dogs and chili-cheese fries.

Max: You're a man after my own heart. All right.

[Max whistles]

Michael: Ok.

Jodie: That was close. You can't let anyone find me. I'd be in so much trouble.

Michael: I look out for my friends.

Jodie: Then make sure nobody sees me go under the fence.

Michael: You're leaving?

Jodie: My mom's dragging me to some stupid high tea in the park.

Michael: What's a high tea?

Jodie: All I know is I have to wear a dress, and I should have been home five minutes ago.

Michael: Oh. Use the window --

Jodie: Ok.

Michael: And I'll keep Max busy.

Jodie: Thanks.

Michael: Hey, Max? Why don't we have lunch in the park?

Bobbie: Hey. How are you feeling?

John: Oh, better, actually. Optimistic.

Bobbie: Well, that's good. It's very important to have a positive attitude.

John: What was it like to see me out cold, hmm? Completely vulnerable? Cut open? Talk about a positive attitude -- you finally had some real power there, didn't you, Bobbie?

Bobbie: Power to save your life.

John: Or to paralyze me. You got your revenge. I'm impressed.

Bobbie: You could have died on that table.

John: You couldn't resist, could you? Because I made Michael testify, the way I've been treating Carly, or maybe it's because I walked away from you years ago.

Bobbie: You had an arterial bleed and I acted to save your life, and I think you ought to be grateful to me and everybody else who was in that O.R.

John: Oh, I see, I see -- Bobbie saves the day. She pretends to help, only instead she cripples me -- with years of aforethought.

Bobbie: No, I didn’t.

John: I'm going to sue this hospital. I'm going to bleed it dry, and then I'm going after you. I'm going to get your license, and I am going to take away your respectable life.

Carly: The hell you will.

Reese: I shouldn't have said anything. I shouldn't have said that, Sonny. I'm sorry.

Sonny: Ah, you know what? Carly -- it's all right. I mean, Carly would do fine without me. She's a survivor from the past and -- I mean, you just don't know her very well, but -- I mean, why would you? You guys don't have anything in common.

Reese: Yeah, you got that right. I'm a spoiled rich kid, a real daddy's girl.

Sonny: Yeah?

Reese: Yeah, and then my life fell apart.

Sonny: What happened?

Reese: I got through it. That's all that matters. I learned to leave the past in the past and take care of myself, and never to depend on anyone.

Sonny: Are you saying no to me?

Reese: I'm saying that I will pay my own rent. And in order to be able to do that, I have to go right now because I have a meeting with your brother.

Sonny: Oh, you mean about the law practice Marshall & Lansing?

Reese: That sounds good to me, I think, but Ric probably has different ideas. I don't know. Hmm. But maybe he's not as arrogant as you, or maybe he is. Maybe he just hides it better, huh?

Sonny: You know what? I may be a little arrogant, but I would never try to tell you how to run your life.

Reese: Oh. You mean, not anymore?

Sonny: Well, I -- I've learned.

Reese: Oh, have you?

Sonny: Leave the past --

Reese: Hmm.

Sonny: In the past.

Reese: Yeah.

Skye: Ok. Ready, set, hit on me.

Coleman: Hey.

Skye: That's it? "Hey"?

Coleman: What's wrong with "hey"?

Skye: Lorenzo Alcazar would never say "hey."

Coleman: So what?

Skye: Lorenzo is a very attractive man. When he walks into a room, women cannot take their eyes off the man.

Coleman: Yeah. Millions in the bank will do that for a guy, ok?

Skye: Not every rich man exudes magnetism, ok? Lorenzo has confidence and power. He exudes grace and style, sophistication --

Coleman: You know -- hold on. Who are you after? You after Spencer or Mr. Sophistication?

Skye: Luke. Absolutely. But I'm afraid Luke’s got you beat in the appealing-scoundrels department, so you're going to have to appeal to Tracy on a whole different level.

Coleman: You're right. Ok, I got it, I think. Ahem. Ok. Ahem.  Hello, baby. You come here often? Glass of wine, a martini, or moi?

Skye: Oh --

Coleman: Ahem. This is good. You got any hobbies?

Skye: Why, yes. I do. I like to sail, especially in the evening. How about you?

Coleman: Oh, I like to sail, too, and I also like to --

Skye: Oh -- oh, God. Why me?

Tracy: You keep me in place as C.E.O. for three months, and I'll give you a divorce.

Luke: It won't take three months to blackmail this crowd.

Tracy: It's going to take me three months to solidify my position.

Luke: And to squeeze Skye by keeping me married and technically unavailable.

Tracy: Literally, factually, completely unavailable. Let me make this perfectly clear. In those three months, you are to be a model husband. In that time, you get to enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Quartermaine family. You can torture my family to your heart's content. You can break Alice’s heart on a daily basis. But if I ever catch you cheating on me with Skye -- no divorce. No money.

Luke: So let me get this clear. Three months of exemplary behavior, and I get my divorce and my 15 million?

Tracy: 10 million.

Luke: What do you mean, 10 million?

Tracy: Hazard pay for bringing a homicidal maniac down on my head.

Luke: It worked, didn't it? She's out of the picture. You're alive and kicking. You should be thanking me.

Tracy: You set me up with common barroom trash. 11 million.

Luke: You loved every minute of it. You fell for Coleman big-time. You want him back. That's why you're so cranky.

Tracy: You hijacked my young son to Las Vegas.

Luke: And he had the time of his life.

Tracy: You married me under false pretenses. 11.5 million.

Luke: Oh, come on, spanky buns. Aren't you having the time of your life here? Aren't you having a little bit of fun? Aren't I giving you an opportunity to really rub Edward’s nose in it? To humiliate both of your sons, to push Alan closer to the brink? And aren't I giving you the chance to solidify your position as C.E.O. of E.L.Q.? Come on. 14 million. Take it or leave it.

Tracy: Take it.

Carly: I will not let you blame my mother for this.

John: Bobbie saw an opportunity to hurt me, and she took it.

Bobbie: I didn't even want to be in the O.R. but we were so short-staffed, I didn't have a whole lot of choice.

Carly: Ok, don't say another word to him.

John: Ooh, there's my girl.

Bobbie: Do you actually think that I would put my entire career on the line just to hurt you? Like I didn't have anything else on my mind? Do you happen to know that my nieces were both in critical condition?

John: Well, then -- yeah? Then you had no business even being in the operating room.

Carly: And you should thank God that she was.

John: I don't think I'm going to be kneeling in prayer anytime soon.

Carly: Oh. Let's go.

John: We're not finished.

Carly: My mother has survived things that you can't even imagine. She has built a good, respectable life for herself, and I will not let you take that away from her.

Sonny: Everything set at the penthouse?

Justus: Yeah. The paperwork's in order for Reese to move in. Here's the key. Gift box is a nice touch.

Sonny: Isn't it? Thank you.

Justus: Look -- don't misunderstand, but you considered another apartment for Reese?

Sonny: Penthouse is empty. Reese needs a place. What's the problem?

Justus: You and Carly got together in that apartment for the first time.

Sonny: What's the point?

Justus: You married Carly in that penthouse. You dragged her there when Michael was a little boy. He took his first steps in that penthouse.

Sonny: Yes, he did.

Justus: Well, setting Reese up in that apartment is guaranteed to make Carly crazy.

Sonny: Let me -- let me give you a little word of advice, all right? Carly's not your problem.

Justus: Are you doing this to get back at Carly? Or to get Carly back?

 [Alice laughs]

Alice: This is better than "Thursday Night Smackdown," having you in the house. Mr. Q's face actually turned purple when he saw the caviar bill. Not that I want him to have another heart attack, but that was wonderful.

Luke: Well, thanks. Looks like this truffle and sturgeon show's going to be around for a while.

Alice: You're staying?

Luke: Minimum three months.

Alice: Well, if there's anything at all that I can do for you while you're here, and I mean anything --

Luke: Oh. Is Skye around?

Alice: No, I don't think so.

Luke: Was that insensitive of me?

Alice: Oh, no, I'm sure I don't know what you mean, sir.

Luke: Skye's the reason I'm here. We're clear on that, aren't we, sunshine?

Alice: You deserve better than Skye Quartermaine or whatever she's calling herself these days.

Luke: I thought the two of you were buddies.

Alice: Well, yeah, but -- it's just that she's not trustworthy. None of these people are. Working for a treacherous bunch like the Quartermaines? I ought to keep my eyes open 24/7. There's not a thing that goes on here that I don't see.

Luke: Anything that might interest me?

Alice: Well, let's just say that some women don't know how good they got it.

Luke: Ok, sunshine. Ok. Spill, baby. Tell Luke everything.

Coleman: Whoo! Let's just skip Tracy and hit the sack, huh?

Skye: Not a chance.

Coleman: I'm never going to get her back, Skye.

Skye: Look, if you don't get Tracy back, I'll never get Luke back.

Coleman: Yeah, well, he's out of his mind.

Skye: Well, Tracy isn’t.

Coleman: You know, she woke up next to me and surprised herself by digging it, ok? Now, I knew it wouldn't last, and it didn’t.

Skye: Hey, it can last if you can make Tracy feel like the most important, the most special woman in the whole world.

Coleman: I already did that.

Skye: I don't just mean in bed, ok? I mean, it's got to be all the time. It's got to be every time you glance at her; every time she walks into a room. You've got to make her feel -- make any woman feel like they're some treasure, you know, something priceless. And not like they're some piece of meat.

Coleman: Yeah, well, most women enjoy being admired.

Skye: Well, there's a big difference between admiration and drooling, ok? Give me a quarter.

Coleman: Say please.

Skye: Please. Thank you.

Coleman: You're welcome.

[Music plays]

Skye: Ask me to dance.

Coleman: Do you want to dance?

Skye: Oh, God, you're not even trying!

Coleman: Yeah? This is my best stuff. What do you mean?

Skye: Yeah, not like this. Get --

Coleman: What?

Skye: Like this. Ok?

Coleman: Oh. Like this.

Skye: Yeah.

Coleman: You should have said so.

Skye: Oh. Well, maybe there's hope for you after all.

Michael: Hi.

Jodie: What are you doing here?

Michael: Well, Max thought me and my brother, Morgan, could use some fresh air.

Jodie: Turn around!

Michael: Why?

Jodie: I don't want you to see me in a dress!

Michael: You actually look pretty.

Jodie: Ew! Don't say that!

Michael: Why not? That's the truth.

Woman: Don't ever slip away from me like that again. We're late. Come along. I know you. I've seen your picture in the paper. You're that gangster's son.

Carly: You weren't the father that I had in mind. A lot of times I wished I never found you. But when you got shot, something happened to me. I wanted to be with you to make sure you were all right.

John: Is this the part where we all bond and I'm supposed to forgive everyone?

Carly: I'm saying that if you blame my mother for this, that I will make sure --

John: You will do what? You'll hate me? You'll shut me out of your life? You'll keep me from seeing my grandsons? Oh, wait, you've already done all that.

Carly: I will not let you hurt my mother.

John: Your mother did this to me on purpose. Bobbie deserves whatever she gets.

Sonny: Carly has her own life, Justus.

Justus: She's married to Alcazar. You trying to make her pay?

Sonny: For what? Getting on with her life?

Justus: She's with your sworn enemy.

Sonny: Ah, well, that's Carly’s decision, not mine. I mean, look, I -- Reese’s safety -- that's all my concern.

Justus: Jason will take care of her.

Sonny: Let me deal with what I got to deal with, Justus.

[Phone rings]

Justus: Yeah.

Carly: Justus?

Justus: Are you ok?

Carly: Something unbelievable is happening.

Justus: You sound upset, Carly.

Carly: Meet me at the hospital now.

Justus: News travels fast, but you don't worry about that. Carly will be just fine with this.

 [Music plays]

Skye: Down, boy.

Coleman: Oh, isn't that the general idea? Huh?

Skye: Hey, next time that hand wanders off course, you can kiss it goodbye --

Luke: What the hell is going on here?

Woman: Are you friends with Michael Corinthos?

Jodie: Who's Michael Corinthos?

Woman: Were you talking to him?

Jodie: No.

Woman: Sonny Corinthos is a danger, a menace. He belongs in prison. And if you ever come near my little girl --

Jodie: Mom? I don't even know that kid.

Jodie's mom: If you're lying to me, if you ever even look at Michael Corinthos, I will send you to live with your grandmother, and your father will back me up for once in his life. We will not have you anywhere near that boy. Do you understand?

Jodie: You're embarrassing me!

Jodie's mom: They're bad people. They do terrible things, and they never have to pay. They just make up excuses and pretend they're just like everybody else.

John: You owe me. Now it's time to pay up.

Carly: Oh. My mother's in serious trouble. I need your help. There she is.

Bobbie: Hey.

Carly: I have a solution to all your problems.

Bobbie: Hello, Justus.

Justus: How you doing?

Bobbie: I'm sorry. My daughter wasted your time. I've already hired a lawyer. There she is.

Sonny: Reese? Reese?

Sonny's voice: I wanted to get out in the real world, right? High school didn't really fit the plan, so I left in the 10th grade.

Carly: Catholic school?

Sonny: St. Alphonsus High. What about you?

Carly: Robert F. Kennedy High School.

Sonny: Ooh.

Carly: I was a cheerleader, if you can believe it.

Sonny: Yeah, I can believe that.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jax: What are you suggesting?

Courtney: You're flying solo.

Maxie: This is becoming a habit with you.

Jason: I just don't think I should go.

Sam: Do you really want Michael to get better or not?

Carly: There's no way you're using my mother to further your agenda.

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