GH Transcript Thursday 6/16/05

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/16/05


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Jax: So, how do you think you can help us?

Elizabeth: This is a little awkward, so I'm just going to come right out and say it. I know you and Courtney want to have a baby and she's unable to carry one herself. So I would like to give you the baby you can't have.

Courtney: Dr. Meadows, I got your message. I really hope you have some good news. I could use some today.

Dr. Meadows: The results of your blood tests are in.

Courtney: And?

Dr. Meadows: I'm afraid there's a problem.

Georgie: No!

Dillon: Ok, all right. Not the hot sauce. Anything but the hot -- it's a lethal weapon.

Georgie: Ok.

Dillon: So just put it down. Put it down.

Georgie: Ok. All right, fine.

Dillon: Ok.

Georgie: You win.

Dillon: Oh, do I? Well, that's what I'm talking about. Now make -- ok, all right! Ok, ok, all right. Let me just -- can I just see?

Georgie: Dillon!

[Dillon gasps]

Dillon: [As Georgie] "Dillon"!

[Georgie giggles]

Mac and Felicia: Hey.

Maxie: What time is it?

Mac: What, you have a hot date?

Felicia: Georgie will call as soon as she knows that she has the job.

Maxie: Yeah, they'd be crazy not to hire her. She's like the smartest girl in town.

Mac: Georgie is so overqualified.

Felicia: Think she's going to be bored?

Maxie: She'll find a way to make it interesting.

Felicia: Yeah. Kind of like that little girl in the "Peanuts," you know? I can see her sitting there with a sign that says "The Doctor Is In."

Maxie: Oh, Georgie dispensing advice with pizza. There's no problem she wouldn't have a solution for.

Mac: Two-slice minimum.


Felicia: Maxie? Maxie? Maxie? Maxie?

Mac: Doctor!

Dillon: No, no!

Georgie: No!

[Monitor flatlines]

Monica: Clear.

[Monitor flatlines]

Dillon: Georgie? Are you all right? Georgie? Georgie?

Sonny: So, Reese’s ex-husband is the reason her son got killed?

Ric: Reese and Evan’s son, Jamie, was kidnapped to force Evan to throw this big securities deal that he was working on, and when he refused, they killed Jamie.

Sonny: So then Reese joined the F.B.I.?

Ric: Yeah, and nailed him for fraud. Put him in prison; but he's already out.

Sonny: And now he wants revenge.

Ric: Only Reese doesn't think that Evan is the one who's trying to kill her, so we got to keep looking.

Sonny: Hold on, hold on a second. What makes Reese so sure he didn't do it?

Reese: What are you planning?

Evan: Full exposure, Charlotte. I'm going to tell Sonny everything: that your real name is Charlotte Roberts, Carly to your friends and family, that you and his ex-wife, the former Caroline Benson, were the best of pals in high school, that you blamed her for tearing your life apart, and that you've hated her ever since. And just like she once stole your identity for whatever reason, you've come here to strip Caroline Benson, A.K.A. Carly Corinthos, of everything she loves, starting with Sonny and Michael.

Reese: Maybe I'll tell Sonny the truth and let him deal with you.

Evan: You won’t.

Reese: You willing to risk it?

Evan: You've spent months gaining Sonny's trust. I'm sure that didn't come easily. If he finds out you've been lying about your past, he's going to cut you right out of his life.

Reese: I can't come up with a million dollars.

Evan: Come on, you're a creative woman, Charlotte. Figure it out.

Reese: The police are after you. You'll be caught within the week.

Evan: We're going around in circles here. You're not scaring me off. I'm not leaving without the cash. Look, a million dollars is not much to pay for happily ever after with the guy you stole from your former best friend, is it?

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Jax: How did you know that Courtney and I were trying to have a baby?

Elizabeth: Dr. Meadows asked me to pull some files on women who would be good candidates to help an infertile couple. I've seen you and Courtney with Dr. Meadows, and I just put two and two together.

Jax: So, you're volunteering your services as a gestational host?

Elizabeth: I'm young; I'm healthy. Everything went smoothly when I was expecting Cameron. I absolutely loved being pregnant, and I would really love to be able to help you guys out. What do you think?

Jax: Well, if you don't mind me asking, why would you take on such a huge commitment?

Elizabeth: Am I explaining this backwards?

Jax: No, no, no, I -- no, I appreciate your enthusiasm. It's just that if we went from the beginning, that would probably be helpful.

Elizabeth: Of course. Well, Lucky and I just moved in together. But unfortunately --

Jax: Sit.

Elizabeth: Thank you -- money's really tight. We're in way over our heads with Lucky's medical bills, and he won't accept help from his family, and I just thought this could be the perfect solution.

Jax: Well, you know, you'd be giving up nine months of your life.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I could give that up doing double shifts at G.H. and still not be able to make ends meet.

Jax: So you're saying you need a job?

Elizabeth: Look, I know the fulfillment a baby can bring, and it would be really rewarding helping you and Courtney out, because I know you guys would be the most wonderful, loving parents. It just seems like a win-win for all of us.

Jax: It could be. And what does Lucky have to say?

Elizabeth: Actually, I haven't spoken to him about this yet. I was just so excited about the idea.

Jax: Yeah, me, too. You know, I think that Courtney will feel the same.

Elizabeth: Thank you, Jax.

Courtney: So -- so my eggs are damaged, too?

Dr. Meadows: The F.S.H. test rates the fertility of the egg on a scale of one to ten, one being excellent, ten being poor. Your results were a nine.

Courtney: Ok, so then I really can't have a baby of my own.

Dr. Meadows: Your chances are extremely slim, and if you want to discuss other options with your husband, you might consider an egg donor.

Courtney: Yeah, but the baby would be Jax’s, but not mine.

Dr. Meadows: It's not uncommon. There's nothing wrong with you as a woman.

Courtney: Yeah, then why does it feel that way?

Dr. Meadows: Why don't you and your husband discuss this and let me know how you want to proceed.

Courtney: Ok.

Dr. Meadows: And call me anytime if you want to discuss this further.

Courtney: Thank you, Dr. Meadows.

Dr. Meadows: Could you put these files in my office, please?

Nurse: Sure.

Dr. Meadows: Thanks.

Rachel: Could I get the Wilson chart?

Nurse: Yeah.

Rachel: You know what? Thanks. I got what I was looking for.

Nurse: Ok.

 [Alarm, monitor flatlines]

Announcer: The role of Felicia Jones is now being played by Sandra Ferguson.

Monica: Clear.

Felicia: If anything happens to Maxie, Georgie is never going to forgive me for insisting she go to that job interview.

Mac: Maxie is going to be ok.

Dillon: Come on, Georgie. Come on. Wake up, come on. You're ok. You're ok.

Felicia: Maxie. Maxie, come back to us, please.

Dillon: Hey. Hey! Hi. Hi. Oh, come here, come here.

Georgie: What happened?

Dillon: You had me so worried. How are you? How do you feel? You feel ok?

Georgie: Oh, what happened?

Dillon: You hit your head. You don't remember?

Georgie: How?

Dillon: We were running around on the benches, and you kind of --

Georgie: Dillon --

Dillon: Yeah?

Georgie: My head hurts.

Dillon: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

 [Monitor flatlines]

Monica: Clear.

Dillon: It's the Pizza Shack. I don't -- I don't know the exact address. It's on Water Street. It's the Pizza Shack. You'll find it, but please hurry. She's unconscious. Please hurry. You're going to be ok. Ok, you're going to be ok, baby.

Monica: Well, Maxie is stabilized, but she's definitely not out of the woods.

Carly: Michael, I know you're mad at me for marrying Lorenzo. But marrying him doesn't mean I love you any less. You have two families now, one with me and Lorenzo and one with --

Michael: Dad and Reese.

Carly: Yeah, if he's crazy enough. Michael, please, please stop that. Ok, because my head is pounding. Ok, Michael, what did I just say?

Ric: I have no problem believing that Reese’s ex-husband is responsible for tampering with her brakes. Revenge is a powerful motivator.

Sonny: Especially for a man who's cold enough to risk his son's life over a business deal. So why doesn't she think he did it?

Ric: Look, she thinks that he was ruthless in business, but incapable of murder.

Sonny: She sent him to prison, ruined his life, destroyed his career.

Ric: Sonny, according to Reese, he was inconsolable about Jamie, all right? He begged Reese to forgive him for the loss of their son.

Sonny: Ok. Let's for a second assume Evan didn't do it. You tell me who would have the motive to try to kill Reese.


Ric: What the hell is that?

Rachel: There's a security problem in room 512.

Sonny: That's Reese’s room.

Sonny: What happened?

Reese: Someone just tried to kill me.

Jax: Hey. I was getting worried about you.

Courtney: You made dinner?

Jax: It's just salmon and salad.

Courtney: Have I mentioned what a wonderful husband you are?

Jax: Yes, but feel free to repeat it anytime you want. You ok?

Courtney: Yeah. I will be after you hold me for a minute.

Jax: Well, I can certainly manage that. Would you like to hear some good news?

Lucky: Murphy, here's that file you were waiting for.

Ofc. Murphy: Thanks.

Lucky: Yeah.

Ofc. Murphy: Keep that up; you're going to be buzzing all the way through next week.

Lucky: Good, because that's about the next time I'm going to get a break.

Ofc. Murphy: You working overtime?

Lucky: Yeah, I just put in for more hours. What?

Ofc. Murphy: They won't give me a search warrant.

Lucky: What's the case?

Ofc. Murphy: I got a tip about a drug shipment landing, and I can't get no cooperation. I'm going to go see if Sergeant Nash can't pull this through.

Lucky: All right. Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Lucky: Hi.

Elizabeth: Guess what. Our money problems are over.

Lucky: How?

Elizabeth: I am going to get paid for having a baby.

Lucky: Elizabeth, what are you talking about?

Elizabeth: Jax and Courtney want to have a child, but they're unable to conceive, so Jax is going to pay me $100,000 to carry their baby.

Lucky: What -- your baby or theirs?

Elizabeth: No, theirs, theirs. The embryo is fertilized in a petri dish, put in me, and then I carry it for nine months. It's a procedure that's done all the time, totally safe.

Lucky: You already talked to Jax about this?

Elizabeth: He's telling Courtney right now. What do you think?

Lucky: Sounds like you've already made up your mind.

Elizabeth: It sounds like the perfect solution. I mean, in nine months, our debt will be paid off and we'll even have a little left over to start saving for our future.

Lucky: Yeah, we would.

Elizabeth: You don't want me to do this, do you?

Lucky: No. No, I don’t.

Monica: Maxie's blood pressure is very low. We're trying to give her fluids to bring it back up.

Felicia: But?

Monica: I know that she wants to hang on to B.J.'s heart, but things really don't look very well.

Felicia: Is there anything you can do?

Monica: Well, I'm going to perform a small procedure to insert a Swan-Ganz catheter into the heart that will measure directly the pressure. If it drops, she's going to need a transplant.

Felicia: What are the chances of finding a match?

Monica: Well, she's a rare donor profile.

Felicia: She's on the list for a donor.

Monica: I know, I know, and you signing her up could very well save her life. That's just if we do find a match in time.

[Car horn]

[Carly screams]

Reese: Thank you.

Nurse: You're welcome.

Sonny: So what happened?

Reese: I woke up and he was standing by my bed, trying to inject something into my I.V.

Ric: Your ex-husband?

Reese: No. His name is David Guthrie. I put him away six years ago. It was a five-year sentence. Obviously, he holds a grudge.

Ric: Did he say anything?

Reese: No. I held my I.V. tube.  I yanked the pole towards me, and there was this big struggle. I screamed for help, and he ran.

Ric: What did he look like?

Reese: Medium height, medium build, bald, 50-ish, nondescript. The kind that blends into a crowd.

Ric: Ok, I'll look into it.

Sonny: This guy doesn't give up. He's going to keep trying to kill you.

Reese: Especially now that I've I.D.'d him.

Sonny: You know you can't stay here, right?

Reese: I've been thinking the same thing.

Sonny: Come home with me.

Mac: Felicia, here you go, herb tea, that lemon kind that you like so much.

Felicia: Thanks, Mac. You know, you are so good at being strong for everyone else that sometimes I forget that you might need a shoulder to lean on, too.

Monica: Well, the procedure is finished.

Felicia: How's the pressure in Maxie’s heart?

Monica: Her cardiac output is dropping.

Mac: What does that mean?

Felicia: Georgie?

Tony: I've been trying to track you down. Georgie had a fall. She sustained a head injury. Now, listen -- listen just for a moment, ok? She -- she came to for a few seconds, then she passed out, but she hasn't regained consciousness.

Mac: Felicia, you should sit down.

Felicia: No, no! No, Georgie needs me.

Dillon: Where is she? The ambulance wouldn't let me come. Where's Georgie?

Mac: Whoa, not till you tell me what happened!

Jax: Well, Elizabeth just left to discuss it with Lucky, and she's sure that he'll agree. And what she has to do is have a routine physical, which I'm sure will go smoothly, and then she can sign the paperwork to be our gestational host. We can have a baby. Any of this cheering you up at all?

Courtney: I'm sorry. Look, it's wonderful for Elizabeth to offer, but --

Jax: What's the matter? What?

Courtney: Dr. Meadows says that I'm not fertile.

Jax: Ok, which means we can't -- we can't use your eggs.

Courtney: So if we're going to go ahead with this, we are going to have to find someone who is willing to donate her own eggs.

Jax: Right. Well, it's not the end of the world.

Courtney: Yeah, I know. I just feel so useless. You know, I just -- as if every time I try to be a mother and just something happens and it doesn't work.

Jax: Hey, listen -- we can still do this.

Courtney: Yeah, we can. Yeah. It's just the baby will be yours, not ours.

Reese: Yeah, but Sonny, I really shouldn't be here. I mean, I appreciate this, but I shouldn't be here.

Sonny: Yeah, but your life's in danger, right?

Reese: Yeah, but what does that have to do with you?

Sonny: Well, that's what I'm trying to change.

Reese: Sonny, your children live in this house, too.

Sonny: Yes, but Morgan’s with his mother at her new husband's house, and Michael likes you. Right?

Reese: I guess so.

Max: Here's the --

Sonny: Yeah.

Max: Cash you wanted.

Sonny: Oh, yeah, put it on the desk, will you? Ahem.

Reese: Back to business?

Sonny: It's -- it's only a million bucks.

Reese: So that's what a million dollars looks like, huh?

Sonny: Yeah. You ever spin that with your friends when you were a kid, like, "What would you do with a million bucks?"

Reese: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah, I did the same thing, and then I grew up and found out. I'll be back.

Ric: Ok, thanks for your help. If you happen to see anybody matching that description, just please let me know.

John: Why are you questioning the hospital staff?

Ric: Agent Marshall was attacked in her room.

John: Well, that is a matter for the D.A. That is no longer you, in case you forgot.

Ric: The man she I.D.'d as her attacker was David Guthrie, somebody she put away six years ago.

John: Guthrie.

Ric: Yeah, that's right. He may still be in the building. You weren't around, so I thought I'd take it upon myself --

John: David Guthrie is not in the building. He died two months ago.

Lucky: You know, we're not so hard up that you need to have babies for other people.

Elizabeth: Honey, this would only be a one-time thing. And we know Jax and Courtney. I mean, they're really nice people, and they would be loving parents.

Lucky: Yeah.

Elizabeth: And I can help them.

Lucky: And so is a long list of other women in Dr. Winters' files.

Elizabeth: But it just seems like fate dropped this in our laps.

Lucky: We'll have other opportunities to make money.

Elizabeth: Ok, it's an awful lot of money in a short period of time.

Lucky: Elizabeth, you know what? You can call me old-fashioned, but I do not want to see you pregnant by another guy. We just started living together. We get into the rhythm of being a couple again, and this is only going to get in the way.

Elizabeth: We need to pay your medical bills.

Lucky: No, I need to pay them. That is why I'm putting in these extra hours.

Elizabeth: Lucky, we're in this together. Hey, I want to share the burden with you.

Lucky: What about Cameron? Hmm? What about Cameron? I mean, he's gone through some big changes in his life, I mean, living in a new place, living with me. I mean, think how this is going to be so confusing for him.

Elizabeth: Uh-uh. He's too young to understand. But I don't want to go through with this if it's going to make you uncomfortable.

Lucky: Listen, we can find -- we can find other ways to make money.

Elizabeth: Ok. Well, I'd better go tell Jax before he gets Courtney’s hopes up. Are you done with your shift?

Lucky: Oh, I'm not even close, so you know what? Don't wait up for me. I'll be home late.

Elizabeth: Be careful. I love you.

Lucky: I love you.

Ofc. Murphy: Sergeant Nash just cut me off at the knees.

Lucky: What, you can't act on your tip?

Ofc. Murphy: They got a big money exchange going down tonight at Pier 52, and I've been told to steer clear. Go figure.

Sonny: So, just go ahead and take it to the main office, make sure it's all accounted for -- here. And can you take Vic and wait for him?

Max: Yeah, you got it.

Sonny: Good.

Max: Let's go.

Reese: So, does that fall into the category of "don't ask"?

Sonny: It's all legal, taxable income.

Reese: From the coffee business?

Sonny: Profits from a real estate transaction.

Reese: Oh, that you converted to cash.

Sonny: Yeah, because I like cash. You know why? Because it gives me a sense of security.

Reese: Uh-huh. And if you just happen to have a huge profit, say, from one of your offshore casinos that you didn't want to declare, you could hide it behind the paperwork of this so-called legal million, right?

Sonny: Would I do something like that?

Reese: You tell me.

Sonny: You know, I can't help if you think I'm a criminal, but I will say this -- you will never, ever see me do anything illegal.

Reese: Is that for my protection or yours?

Sonny: Both. That way you avoid a conflict of interest.

Reese: And you avoid having to trust me.

Sonny: If I didn't trust you, you wouldn't be here. The question is, do you want to stay?

Mac: Georgie goes for a job interview at the Pizza Shack and she comes back unconscious? You want to tell me how that happened?

Dillon: She hit her head.

Mac: Oh, how did she do -- what happened?

Dillon: I don't know. We were alone, the place was closed, we were messing around --

Mac: "Messing around"? What do you mean, you were messing around, Dillon?

Dillon: Mac, it was horseplay. It was horseplay, ok? We were alone. I tried to have some fun, get her mind off of Maxie. She needed that.

Mac: Put her in the I.C.U.!

Dillon: I swear to you it was an accident! I didn't do it on purpose! I would not hurt Georgie.

Mac: I am sick of your excuses, Dillon. I am sick of them! Once again, you have proven that my daughter's not safe around you.

Felicia: Hey, kiddo.

Maxie: No offense, mom, but you look awful.

Felicia: And you look beautiful, sweetheart.

Maxie: Something only my mom would say.

Felicia: Maxie, you need to know something. Georgie's had a fall.

Maxie: Is she ok?

Felicia: We don't know. They're going to put her in the I.C.U. room across the hall.

Maxie: Where did she fall?

Felicia: At the Pizza Shack.

Maxie: Mom, I told her to go there. I practically ordered her to go.

Felicia: I know, I know, I did the same thing. The fall was an accident. There's nobody to blame. Tony's her doctor, and he's just running some tests, ok?

Maxie: Do you think that you could get them to bring her in here for me?

Felicia: Maxie, no, you're way too weak to have --

Maxie: Mom, please. Georgie's been here with me every minute. Even when I barely knew what was going on, she was here. She showed me love and strength and -- she let me know I was never alone. I want to do that for her, please.

Felicia: Ok.

Bobbie: Yeah. Ok.  Thank you. Thank you.

John: The first part of Agent Marshall’s story checks out. She busted David Guthrie seven years ago.

Ric: She said it was six.

John: Yeah, well, that's lie number one. He got out on parole a year and a half ago.

Ric: And he died two months ago.

John: Traffic cop pulled him over, a chase ensued, he flipped his car, rolled down an embankment. He died on the scene.

Ric: Wait, wait a minute. How do you know all this?

John: David Guthrie was a potential witness for a case I was preparing. David Guthrie did not attack Reese. It sure as hell is going to be interesting to find out why she lied and said it was.

Reese: I just don't feel comfortable staying here, Sonny.

Sonny: Why? Why? What's going on?

Reese: I know you have a security system and guards. But Michael -- David Guthrie is a very violent man.

Sonny: Ric seems to think that your ex-husband is more likely a suspect.

Reese: I told you who I saw. Don't you believe me?

Sonny: No.

Maxie: Georgie, you're so competitive. I'm in the hospital, so you have to get yourself admitted, too? But the point is to get out of here and go home. So if you want to beat me, you have to wake up and get well, ok?

Mac: How's Georgie? How is she?

Felicia: Oh, we're still waiting for Tony to come back with the test results.

Mac: Wait a minute. You leave her alone. You're the reason she fell!

Maxie: Dad, stop! You don't know what happened, but we do know that whatever it was it wasn't Dillon’s fault. And you know Georgie would want him here, and she's what matters right now, right?

Mac: You're a good sister, Maxie.

Dillon: I'm so sorry.

Felicia: It's not good, is it?

Jax: Look, if you prefer, we can adopt. I mean, you know, we've talked about it before. I'm fine with that.

Courtney: Yeah, but Jax, wouldn't you rather have a child that's biologically yours?

Jax: Well, I think any man does. But I wouldn't love another child any less, would you?

Courtney: No. But I don't have a choice. You do.

Jax: So how do you feel about an egg donor?

Courtney: I guess the idea was a bit of a shock at first.

Jax: And now?

Courtney: I don't know. You know, I just -- I keep having this picture of you with a baby boy, you two asleep in your P.J.’s, with the sun shining down on your heads. Looks like a little golden halo.

Jax: Oh, so you're expecting the men in the family to behave like perfect angels. Is that what you're saying?

Courtney: Oh, well, one can only hope.

Jax: Well, anything's possible, as long as we love each other.

[Knock on door]

Jax: Oh.

Elizabeth: Hi, Jax.

Jax: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi, Courtney.

Jax: Come in. We were just talking about you.

Elizabeth: Thanks. I am really sorry about this. Jax, you were right. I should have discussed it with Lucky. He doesn't want me to be a host for your baby, and I can't go forward if he's not comfortable with it.

Jax: Well, you know, it's really -- it's not a problem. I know it's a big decision.

Elizabeth: Thanks for being so nice about it, and I'm really sorry for getting your hopes up.

Jax: No, it's really -- there's no harm done.

Elizabeth: Ok. Courtney, I know you're going to find somebody to carry your baby, ok?

Jax: Listen, Elizabeth, I know that you need this job. You and Lucky going to be ok?

Elizabeth: Yeah, yeah, we'll -- we'll manage.

Jax: Because I could, you know, I could help you out with financial --

Elizabeth: No, no, no, Jax, please, no. No, thank you. Lucky wants to handle this all by himself.

Man: Hey, what's going on?

Second man: What's up?

First man: You got the money?

Second man: First, I want to see the product.

First man: No, no, no, listen, I'm the one taking the risk here. You know what happened to the last guy who was here, doing this?

Lucky: Take off and no one gets hurt.

Man: What's this, a shakedown?

Lucky: You got five seconds!

Man: You're a dead man.

Lucky: No. You are.

Sonny: I go by instinct and, you know, it's kept me alive and in business for years.

Reese: Well, instincts aren't always right.

Sonny: Well, my instincts are right about you. There's something off about your story. There's more to these attempts on your life than you're saying. Maybe you just, you know, you're afraid to tell me the truth, or maybe you just don't want to tell me.

Reese: We were suspicious about each other from the second we met. Remember that? But I thought we got past it.

Sonny: Ok. Yeah. One thing you need to know, I can't live with lies. It wrecked my marriage, and I can't do it again.

Reese: Carly wasn't honest with you?

Sonny: She used to tell me that, you know, she used to lie because she didn't want to lose me, but the bottom line is a lie is a lie, and it wrecked us in the end.

Reese: You're brutally honest with the people that you care about, aren't you, Sonny?

Sonny: Yes, I am, and I expect it in return, because without that, there's nothing. So whatever's going on with you, you need to tell me.

Tony: Georgie has an epidural hematoma.

Felicia: What is that?

Tony: It's an arterial bleeding between the skull and the brain, and she needs immediate surgery.

Felicia: It sounds dangerous.

Tony: Well, I won't lie to you, Felicia. It's a very risky operation, but waiting is even riskier.

Mac: What are the chances of success?

Tony: 50/50.

Felicia: And what if the surgery's a failure?

Tony: Georgie won't survive.

Monica: There is no easy way to say any of this. I've already told Felicia that B.J.'s heart might fail. And Maxie’s going to need a transplant with a donor with the same matching tissue and blood. Oh. God forbid, Georgie doesn't make it; her heart could save Maxie’s life.

Jax: You know, we're still newlyweds. We could just find someone to run your foundation and we could just take off. We could fly into Prague and then travel through Europe. We could meet our yacht in Barcelona then sail through the Mediterranean to Italy, and then down to the Greek islands.

Courtney: Oh --

Jax: Beautiful.

Courtney: Hmm, it sounds beautiful.

Jax: Yeah. You know, just say the word, we go.

Courtney: Well, why don't we -- why don't we wait until we have a family? You know, I mean, traveling the world with a child could be the most amazing gift we could give him -- or her.

Jax: Ok, we'll put family first.

Courtney: Which means we need to find somebody who is willing to be more than just a host. We need a surrogate mother.

Jax: Ok. Why don't we discuss it over dessert? There is a torte with our names on it.

Courtney: You and your sweet tooth.

Jax: No, I'm serious. It has "Jax and Courtney" written on it, and it also had "forever," but I tasted the frosting, so it is now gone, but I just wanted to make sure it was still fresh.

Courtney: Yeah, how thoughtful.

Jax: Yes, it was very thoughtful of me, wasn't it?

Courtney: Yeah.

Jax: Hmm. Ok.

[Knock on door]

Jax: Oh.

Rachel: Hi, Jax.

Jax: Hi.

Rachel: I hope I'm not interrupting.

Jax: Well, actually, you are. And what possible reason could you have to come here, Rachel?

Rachel: Well, I gather that you and Courtney have a problem, and I am here to offer you a solution.

Elizabeth: Hey. Did you get off of work early?  Oh, my God. What did you do?

Reese: I don't open up to people that easily.

Sonny: You've opened up to me before. I'm just asking you to do it again.

Reese: I don't want to lose you or my life.

Sonny: Well, hey, but somebody else has other ideas. I'm just asking you who.

Reese: I saw David Guthrie in my room that night. He's the person that's trying to kill me.

Carly: Liar. Don't believe a word of it. She's lying through her teeth.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Carly: It's time you found out who Reese really is.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Rachel: I'll be your surrogate mother.

Monica: Time is running out.

Felicia: You need to find a way to save her.

Georgie: I can't really move. What's wrong?

Lucky: We're going to use that money to pay off our medical bill.

Dr. Thomas: Michael needs a stable home.

Jodie: Hey. Want to run away?

Carly: Do you want to tell him or should I?

Sonny: Why did you lie to me?

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