GH Transcript Wednesday 6/1/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 6/1/05



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[Luke whistles]

Skye: Luke. Don't feel too badly. Not every plan can be successful.

Luke: To which of my brilliantly conceived schemes are you referring?

Skye: Marrying Tracy; thinking that you could force her to return that Cassadine fortune you dumped into her account. Now that Tracy’s insisting you have sex with her, you're giving up, not that I can blame you, now that she's upping the ante that far. Your only choice is to fold.

Luke: The ante ain't up too high for me. I have no intention of folding.

Skye: Well, what, are you moving back to the Haunted Star?

Tracy: Oh, my husband is leaving me. Whatever will I do?

Luke: You wound me deeply again, buttercup. I am many things despicable, but one of them --

Tracy: You are a witness. My husband is abandoning me and that is grounds for divorce. I'll file in the morning.

Luke: Sweetheart, in the morning you're going to be too content and exhausted to do anything but coo. Tonight, I intend to bring new meanings to the words "connubial bliss."

[Luke chuckles]

Elizabeth: Ok. Ok, stop right here.

Lucky: Oh, should I, like, I don't know, carry you over the threshold or something?

Elizabeth: No, you have your traditions mixed up. We're not getting married -- we're just moving in together, ok?

Lucky: Details, details. When am I going to see the place?

Elizabeth: Ok -- right now. Turn around. All right. Ok. Are your eyes closed? Close your eyes, close your eyes. Ready? Presenting our new home. Open your eyes!

Nikolas: For you.

Emily: It's beautiful.

Nikolas: Ahem. You know, I don't know if you remember, but that first summer you came home, remember -- your grandmother sent us out to her rose garden?

Emily: To cut flowers for her sitting room.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: Of course I remember. You gave me this whole speech about how you wanted to pick the flowers as a tribute to Lila because you admired her so much.

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Emily: And you put together the most gorgeous bouquet and then you gave it to me.

Nikolas: Look, I honestly meant to give it to Lila, but it's just that you were standing there smiling. I couldn't resist.

Emily: Yeah, well, you know, I dried those flowers and I kept the bouquet to remind me of you.

Nikolas: I want us to go back there, Em. I want us to start over.

Sam: Ok, then, I'll just -- I'll call you back. Bye.

Courtney: Sam. Hey.

Sam: Hi. Are you ok? I heard that Carly had went off on you and Jax. Yeah, me, too. I know.

Courtney: Wow.

Sam: I know.

Courtney: I mean, yeah. I mean, we survived. You know, I think it ended up being a good thing anyway. You know, Jax and I -- we got to talk about what we expect from marriage and -- anyway, actually that's why I'm here. I'm here to see --

Jax: Hey. Why didn't you tell me that you were coming to see Dr. Meadows?

Jason: Sam and I made an appointment for you to see a doctor.

Michael: But I'm not sick.

Jason: It's a different kind of doctor. She just wants to hear how you feel about things.

Michael: You're sending me to a shrink.

Jason: Her name is Dr. Winters and I just -- you know, I want you to talk to her about your nightmares because I'm worried about you.

Michael: Can she make them stop?

Jason: I hope -- I hope so.

Michael: But I killed A.J. That wasn't a dream. It happened for real. What can a doctor do about that?

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Nikolas: Thanks. Thanks. Ok. I want to fall in love with you all over again.

Emily: I already love you.

Nikolas: No, I know, I know. It's just that we've both been struggling with what happened while we were apart, and why not turn it around and get to know each other again?

Emily: Ok. I'm not quite sure how that would work.

Nikolas: All right, um -- now, you remember when we first met, right? And I thought of you as just a little girl. Of course you remember that.

Emily: And I had a raging crush on you.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, you went away to school, you came back, you were all grown up. We fall in love, but you were sick with -- with cancer and things only got more difficult from there. I mean, between the mistakes we've made and interference from other people -- my grandmother being at the top of that list, and it's just -- what I'm trying to say is that the majority of our time together has been spent in pain and complete chaos, and I know that we can't change that, but maybe we can start over, you know, without all those complications.

Emily: Like a -- like a first date?

Nikolas: Why not? Yeah. A first date, first dance, first kiss. I -- I want to create that -- that simple life together that you and I never had.

Emily: I'll do anything I can to help bring us back together -- even date the guy I already love.

Lucky: How much is management going to pay us to live here?

Elizabeth: Oh, come on, Lucky. Use your imagination.

Lucky: Well, I'm imagining us living somewhere else.

Elizabeth: But it can be really beautiful. All it needs is a little paint and some curtains.

Lucky: What about the linoleum? It looks like it's been here since the civil war.

Elizabeth: Fine. We'll tear it up and we'll refinish the floors.

Lucky: Elizabeth, that is an enormous job.

Elizabeth: And we'll do it together. It'll be fun. Come on, Lucky. This building has character.

Lucky: Well, why don't we find someplace with a little less character and a little bit more space?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I wish, but unfortunately, we're on a budget and everything else in our price range was worse than this.

Lucky: Maybe I can pick up a shift at Kelly’s. That way we'd have a little bit more spending money.

Elizabeth: But then we'll never see each other, which is kind of the whole point of living together, isn't it? Wait -- look. I did a sketch of what this place could look like if we put a little love into it. Now look. You see? I told you it could be cute.

Lucky: Well, if it's going to go from -- from this to this, we're definitely going to need some help.

Courtney: Look, I just -- I wanted to find out if my chances of having a baby have improved.

Jax: Well, I don't have a problem with that. It's just, why did I have to find out through your secretary where you were?

Courtney: I didn't want to get your hopes up, Jax. But it's been two years since my miscarriage and, well, there have been a lot of advances in fertility treatments and I'm just hoping that they might work on me.

Jax: Ok, but having your child is something that we're going to do together and I would like to be a part of that every step of the way.

Courtney: I know, I know. And if Dr. Meadows had given me good news tonight, I was going to surprise you with it tomorrow. Look, I couldn't think of a better wedding present to give you.

Jax: Courtney --

Courtney: What?

Jax: Well, it doesn't matter if the results are good or bad. I'm marrying you because I love you, not for your ability to have children.

Courtney: And I figured you would say that, but I know how important it is to you, Jax.

Jax: Yeah, I'm not just saying that. We're going to be partners for life and it's a long journey and I'm sure that we'll -- you know, there will be ups and downs and bumps along the way. We may even question whether we made a mistake or not. But we're going to get past everything because we're going to face it. We're going to face it together.

Jason: Nothing can change what happened. But it would be good for you to talk to someone who understands why people do things.

Michael: If I stop having nightmares, will mom and dad get back together?

Jason: Seeing Dr. Winters has nothing to do with that, buddy.

Michael: I know I'm supposed to feel sad about killing A.J., but I don't, Jason. I'm actually happy that he's dead.

Jason: It's ok. You can feel however you want to.

Michael: Does that make me a bad person?

Jason: No, it doesn't make you a bad person. You're a good kid with a good heart. Nothing's ever going to change that.

Michael: You only think I'm good because you love me. I don't think the doctor is going to feel that way.

Luke: No need to pack, mama. I did it for both of us.

Tracy: You went through my drawers?

Luke: Alice went through your drawers, I packed. And I threw in a couple of provocative little items I picked up for you at Hedy Hofschtetter's Hothouse of Exotic Lingerie.

Tracy: Where are we going?

Luke: The Metro Court. I booked a room. You know, privacy. I figured poor Edward -- he needs his rest. I don't want to keep him up all night with your shrieks of ecstasy.

Tracy: I hope it's a big room. I get very athletic.

Luke: I know. I ordered a trampoline and some leather restraints.

Tracy: You know, you talk a good game, but I think that's all it is -- talk.

Luke: Only one way to find out. Should we go?

Tracy: I'll meet you at the hotel.

Luke: Why can't we go together?

Tracy: Because I don't want to be seen in public with you. Oh, and I feel that I must warn you that I have a hard time stopping once I get started, and if you don't manage to keep pace, I'm going to have to divorce you on the grounds of sexual incompatibility.

Luke: Well, in that case, we're going to be married for a long, long time. Ah. Well, what was that for?

Skye: For cheating on me with your wife!

Luke: What's up? I thought you and I were going our separate ways.

Skye: We have.

Luke: Well, then what is the problem? I'm romancing my wife, and you're all over Alcazar like a cheap suit.

Skye: I'm not booking hotel rooms with Lorenzo.

Luke: And why is that? Are you playing hard to get? Or could it be that your attraction to him is just a big, transparent sham?

Skye: Oh. I happen to find Lorenzo to be one of the most attractive men I have ever met.

Luke: Really? Ok. Then I'll make you a deal. You admit that you are using him to make me jealous and I'll cancel my night of fun and games with my better half.

Skye: Oh, do what you want, Luke. So will I.

Luke: Ok. What's the use in fighting? Making up, however, has real advantages. Oh.

Skye: Have fun playing mattress tag with Tracy the Terrible.

Luke: Ah.

Nikolas: Hey, hey.

Emily: Yeah?

Nikolas: Just so you know, helping Elizabeth and Lucky doesn't count as our first date.

Emily: Ok, no problem. We'll go out whenever you want. But in the meantime, I think Elizabeth and Lucky may be in dire straits.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Hey! I thought I heard you guys out here. Come in! Come in!

Lucky: Hey. Well, what do you guys think?

Emily: I -- it's got potential.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Lucky: You know, Elizabeth said the same things, which translate to "what a dump."

Emily: Oh, it -- it's going to be lovely, you guys. All it needs is a little T.L.C.

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: "Tons of loose cash"?

Lucky: Well, if we had it, we'd move someplace else.

Emily: Look, stop it, both of you. I -- I love this building. It has so much --

Lucky: Character?

Nikolas: Character. It has character.

Emily: Listen, we -- we brought you a housewarming gift.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Emily: Um -- it's a bottle of wine with a penny on top, so you'll never be thirsty or broke while you live here and a loaf of bread, so you'll never be hungry.

Elizabeth: Oh, thanks, you guys. This is really sweet of you. Thank you.

Lucky: Yeah. A floor sander would've been more practical.

Emily: Has he been like this the whole time?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Lucky: Elizabeth knows I'm teasing. The fact is I'm starting to like the place, mostly because of my roommate.

Elizabeth: Oh, thanks, baby. Hmm.

Emily: So, what's -- what's over here?

Elizabeth: This is going to be Cameron’s room, it's just a room, and then Lucky and I -- we will sleep out here on the pull-out sofa.

Lucky: It's not ideal but, you know, we don't have much choice.

Emily: Oh, it's going to be fine, because you'll be together.

Elizabeth: Right.

Lucky: Look, you know what? Elizabeth -- she did a sketch of what the place is going to look like when it's all finished. She's just --

Emily: Oh, wow.

Lucky: Full of ideas and eventually it's going to look like a home.

Elizabeth: Thank you, Lucky. That's the nicest thing you've said since we got here.

Emily: Ok, so, where should we start?

Elizabeth: I think we should start cleaning the place out and then let's start prepping to paint.

Emily: Oh, that's a perfect job for Nikolas.

Nikolas: What? No. No, no, no, no. See, home improvement was yet another skill that wasn't privy to me.

Emily: Oh, come on. You learn as you go, Nikolas. They say experience is the best teacher, ok? Hmm.

Sam: A friend of mine's child is about to start therapy and I do have some questions about confidentiality.

Louise: Well, tell your friend that depending on the age of the child, the therapist would be obliged to discuss the sessions with the parents.

Sam: Ok, well, say a minor patient took part in or saw someone committing a crime. Would you as the therapist have to report him or her to the authorities or the police?

Louise: If it's a misdemeanor like shoplifting, probably not. If it's a felony like an assault or murder, yes. I would have to notify the authorities.

Sam: Ok. Ok, thank you for clearing that up, Dr. Winters. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Louise: My pleasure. If your friend's child witnessed a crime -- say the murder of A.J. Quartermaine -- that child is in need of immediate therapy. Otherwise, they could be scarred for life.

Jax: You ok?

Courtney: Nothing's changed. I -- I still can't conceive. Jax, you and I are never going to have any kids of our own.

 [Music plays]

Skye: Excuse me. Could you tell me what room number Mrs. Luke Spencer’s tab is being charged to?

Tracy: Could I have another -- double, please?

Skye: Luke's the one who should be drinking.

Tracy: Well, look who's here. Were you wishing that it was you with Luke instead of me?

Skye: Not for a second.

Tracy: You ought to go out in the sun because your complexion is pale under the best of circumstances, but at this particular moment, I'd say you were looking positively green.

Mike: I'll have your order ready in 10 minutes.

Elizabeth: Thanks, Mike.

Mike: You got it.

Elizabeth: So, what do you think about the colors? Because I want the living room to be bright but still cozy.

Emily: It's perfect.

Elizabeth: Really?

Emily: Yep.

Elizabeth: Good.

Emily: I'm really happy for you, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Thanks, Em. You know, when Lucky and I first fell in love, I didn't think it was possible to feel anything deeper or more intense, but somehow I do. I love him even more.

Emily: Well, obviously Lucky feels the same way about you.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I know.

Emily: Ok. What?

Elizabeth: It's just not me anymore, you know? There's Cameron, too.

Emily: Lucky's great with kids, and he obviously adores Cameron.

Elizabeth: I know, but spending the afternoon with someone else's child is not like living with them. I mean, Lucky has no idea what it's like. You know, we could be all ready to go out to a movie Lucky's been dying to see and all of a sudden Cameron will come down with a fever and then we can't go or Lucky has to go by himself or we stay at home --

Emily: Right, or he'll understand and he'll help you take care of Cameron.

Elizabeth: Or what if -- what if, God forbid, it's a football game? Or even a vacation and Lucky has taken the time off work and then Cameron gets sick or the babysitter flakes or -- you know, things can happen.

Emily: Ok, ok -- why are you doing this?

Elizabeth: Doing what?

Emily: Spinning worst-case scenarios.

Elizabeth: I'm just being realistic.

Emily: The reality is that you and Lucky have found each other again and you're more mature. You're more committed than ever and you've decided to live together. So why not assume the best until you have reason to think otherwise?

Elizabeth: I'm just nervous. I mean, there's nothing -- I want nothing more than for Lucky and Cameron and I to be a family.

Lucky: Thanks

Nikolas: You as confident about this as you seem?

Lucky: Oh, you mean moving in with Elizabeth and Cameron? Definitely.

Nikolas: Ok. Just making sure.

Lucky: Listen, I know this is a big step, but I'm in love with Elizabeth. This is our second chance.

Nikolas: I know. Doesn't mean you have to move in together.

Lucky: Well, when you're in love with a woman who has children, casual dating doesn't really work out, you know? There's babysitters to arrange, schedules to follow. It becomes a little bit of a problem, you know, seeing each other.

Nikolas: There are ways around that, you know? I mean, every couple in your situation doesn't move in together.

Lucky: Are you trying to talk me out of this?

Nikolas: No, no, no. I'm just saying that -- you know, I'm your brother and I want you to be happy and moving in with -- with anyone, especially the woman that you're in love with is -- it's an adjustment at best.

Lucky: Listen, I know you want the best for me. This is it.

Nikolas: Just saying things change. Unexpected things. Things that can push you so far away from each other it's hard to get back. Then you look around one day and everything's changed. And if you want to stay together, you have to start over.

Elizabeth: Lucky

Lucky: Hey.

Emily: Take a break, you guys. We've got sandwiches from Kelly’s.

Lucky: Kelly's? It's about time. What took you guys so long?

Elizabeth: Oh -- well, we happened to see a sale on the way home and, you know, we had to check it out. And I bought us new furniture!

Lucky: You're kidding. What'd you get?

Elizabeth: I got a crib for Cameron and a pullout sofa for us.

Lucky: I hope it's not too big. I want to make sure you don't get away from me.

Elizabeth: Oh, trust me, you are going to love it. And in case you haven't noticed, I haven't run away from you yet.

Nikolas: Hey, you know what? I have some extra furniture at Wyndemere. Why don't you come on by and pick something out?

Elizabeth: Nikolas, that is really sweet of you, but I don't think we'd feel comfortable taking furniture from your house.

Nikolas: What, what? What's so funny? What?

Emily: It's a generous impulse, Nikolas, but gargoyles and tapestries don't exactly fit the mood.

Nikolas: Oh. Ok, ok. Ok, look, not everything at Wyndemere is medieval, all right? If you just give me a month or two, I'll think of something that isn’t.

Lucky: We appreciate the offer. But part of the fun of owning this place is being able to create our own look, you know? This reflects who we are -- as a family.

Skye: Why should I be jealous? One night with you will no doubt have Luke racing right back into my arms.

Tracy: Au contraire. One night with me, and Luke will realize how tepid and uninspiring you are.

Skye: The only thing that Luke finds inspiring about you, Tracy, is the 15 million he wants in alimony.

Tracy: Can I buy you a drink? It might be the best way to cope with that pesky jealousy of yours.

Skye: I am not jealous at all. Luke has no feelings for you whatsoever.

Tracy: I know what it's like to lose the man you love. Do you love Luke? Well, you must. You chase after him all the time. What was I saying? Oh -- um -- I know what it's like to lose the man you love to his wife. But why don't we look at it this way? You always lose the man you love, so I'm just hastening the inevitable. Luke, your friend, is in for the thrill of a lifetime. More than one man has told me I am the best he's had.

Skye: Really? Was that before or after you untied them?

Tracy: That's funny. And you can say whatever you want, because I don't care. Because after tonight, Luke will probably forget about the 15 million.

Skye: Huh. That money is the only reason Luke even talks to you.

Tracy: That was then; this is now. And once he realizes the kind of pleasure that I can give a man, Luke will be mine. And who knows? It could work both ways. I mean, sexual chemistry is such a mystery. And Luke and I could -- wow -- end up married for life.

Courtney: It's good that I went to see Dr. Meadows. I think it's important that I have another exam just to be sure. I just wish the outcome would've been different.

Jax: Well, we're still going to be parents.

Courtney: Be honest, Jax. I mean, you'd rather have our own biological children, right?

Jax: Look, parenting isn't about passing your genes on from one generation to the next. It's about sharing your life, your love. Any child we raise will be our own.

Courtney: I know. I know, I should know that. I should. I mean, my foundation finds homes for children without parents.

Jax: Right.

Courtney: I'm just still disappointed, Jax. I can't help it.

Jax: Try to focus on the good things, ok? You and I are getting married tomorrow. And all our dreams, including starting a family -- they're going to come true.

Courtney: God, I don't know what I would do without you.

Jax: You're never going to have to find out.

Courtney: Hmm. Come here.

Jason: Michael's asleep. You know what? I've been thinking, Dr. Winters isn't going to be the right doctor. We got to look for someone else better.

Sam: That could be difficult, Jason. Michael needs to deal with killing A.J. and if any psychiatrist we take him to is obligated to notify the authorities --

Jason: Well, we got to find someone who doesn't notify anyone, ok? Shrinks are like everyone else. They'll keep their mouth shut for the right price. I just -- I mean, I just wish we could know for sure, you know, that this is what Michael needs.

Sam: He is getting better, ok? But he's still tentative and confused, Jason. Dr. Winters basically said he's a ticking bomb. And if he didn't get help immediately, he could have permanent damage.

Jason: But you know what? After my accident, the Quartermaines sent me to a lot of shrinks. They were asking me questions I didn't want to answer. They made me feel like whatever I said was wrong.

Sam: That's different. I'm sorry, that's different. You had a head injury.

Jason: Maybe the best thing for Michael is if we just leave this alone. We just leave it in the past like everyone says. We just make sure Michael knows how much we love him, and we encourage him to move on with his life.

Michael: No! Go away! Go away!

Jason: Michael?

Tracy: Luke? Where are you?

Luke: In bed, sweetheart

Tracy: Uh-huh. I can barely see you.

Luke: Don't turn on the light.

Tracy: Well, you got a point there. Luke? Luke -- are you sure you want to do this?

Luke: Oh, yeah. I can't wait.

Elizabeth: Well, it's coming along, don't you think?

Lucky: Well, it's much better than it was before.

Emily: Ok. Well, it's bright but still cozy, huh?

Nikolas: Cheerful. Yeah. Cheerful.

Lucky: Yeah, what do you know? I mean, compared to Wyndemere, a bat cave is cheerful.

Nikolas: All right, stop making fun of my house!

Elizabeth: Yeah, Lucky, shame on you.

Lucky: Oh, you -- that -- that was a mistake.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, I didn't mean --

Lucky: Oh, no. It's your time, your time.

Elizabeth: No, no, no -- please -- Lucky! Put me down!

Lucky: Do you have a license for that brush? I didn't think so.

Elizabeth: No --

Lucky: Oh, now it's coming. Here it comes.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no!

[Elizabeth squeals]

Jax: Mom. I'm glad you made it.

Jane: Oh, well, there's no way that I would miss your wedding. Although, I still do have reservations about you and Courtney.

Jax: All right, we're not going there again, ok? I love Courtney. She makes me happy.

Jane: Well, then why don't you look it?

Mike: You don't look very happy.

Courtney: I'm fine, dad. I'm just -- I'm just a little nervous about tomorrow.

Mike: No, no, no, no. I've seen you nervous, sweetheart, and this isn't it.

Courtney: Ok. I went to see Dr. Meadows to see if my -- my chances of having children had improved.

Mike: And they hadn’t.

Courtney: Look, it's just -- it's one of the things I was looking forward to the most about marrying Jax was the thought of us being parents together. You know, dad, I've seen him with children and he would make a wonderful father.

Jax: I knew that Courtney would have trouble conceiving a child, but I fell in love with her anyway. I always thought that, you know, if necessary, we'd just adopt. But tonight we found out that it's not possible for her to have a child of her own. And for some reason -- I can't explain it -- it kind of shook me up.

Courtney: Jax insists that he would be perfectly happy adopting, but I don't know, dad. For some reason, I just -- I don't think he's telling the truth.

Jax: I never thought I'd care about having a child that was mine biologically, but now that that's been taken away from me, I -- I feel like I've been deprived -- oh, I don't know -- I'll -- you know what? I'll get over it.

Jane: What if you don't? You may wind up resenting Courtney.

Jax: That's not going to happen.

Jane: Oh, just be sure, Jax. Marriage is difficult enough without the added strain of infertility.

Mike: Take children out of the equation -- biological or adopted -- and imagine life with Jax, the good times and bad. Is this the man you want to spend your life with? Because if he isn't, then you better cancel this wedding.

Jason: Buddy, it was just a dream. A.J.'s not here. You're safe.

Michael: I saw A.J., like I do every night.

Sam: Hey, Michael, does he talk to you? Yeah? What does he say?

Michael: Sometimes he's angry; sometimes he's sad. But he always blames me for killing him.

Sam: No, I know that must be really hard to hear, huh?

Michael: I know I told you that I wasn't -- I was actually happy that he was dead --

Jason: Yeah?

Michael: But that's only during the daytime. At night when I'm sleeping, I feel really bad.

Lucky: You were right. This looks great.

Elizabeth: Yeah. You see? I told you. You're getting to learn to trust me.

Lucky: I will, I promise. But, you know, there's more to making a place your home than painting it the right color.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I know. You're going to need to get curtains and get light fixtures --

Lucky: Yeah, well, I was thinking more like --

Elizabeth: We said we'd redo the --

Lucky: This.

Elizabeth: Floors?

Emily: I'm really happy for Lucky and Elizabeth. They don't have much money, but they're still moving forward with their lives.

Nikolas: As opposed to us -- we're moving backwards.

Emily: Isn't that what you wanted?

Nikolas: I want whatever brings you back to me. Good night, ok?

Emily: Good night.

Luke: Don't be shy, darling. I got a thirst only you can quench.

Skye: Oh, excuse me, excuse me? I -- I locked myself out of my room. Do you think you could give me a passkey so I can get in?

Maid: Oh, I'm sorry; you'll have to go to the front desk.

Skye: Well, yes, ordinarily I would do that, but you see -- um -- well, I'm waiting for a phone call -- yes, from the Red Cross about helping sick children around the world.

Maid: Here. You can use this.

Skye: Oh, thank you. Here you go.

[Tracy laughs]

Tracy: I'm -- I'm not sure where to begin.

Luke: Relax, darling. This is going to be so good for both of us.

[Skye gasps]

Luke: Shh. You promise not to make any noise?

Skye: Mm-hmm.

Luke: Ok.

Skye: I don't get it. I don't get it -- if you're out here, who's in there?

Tracy: Oh. Oh, Luke. Yes. Oh, oh, don't stop. Oh, Luke, you are so good! Oh!

Courtney: Dad, any woman would be lucky to have Jax as her husband.

Mike: Honey, I don't -- I don't care about "any woman," I care about you.

Courtney: Oh, ok but, dad, look, I know that you haven't always liked Jax, but you aren't the one marrying him.

Mike: All right, all right, I'm the first to admit that I was wrong about Jax. He honestly loves you, and you love him, but do you love him enough?

Courtney: How many times do I have to say this, dad? I mean, come on, Jax is loyal. He is kind, he's generous --

Mike: Sweetheart, I don't need a list of how great Jax is. All I want you to do is be truthful with yourself. Say Jason came to you just before the wedding and asked for another chance. Would you still marry Jax?

Jax: Courtney is the woman I love. It's time you started to accept that.

Jane: I already have. But good intentions aside, your inability to have children together will create conflict between you. And once that starts, I question whether the marriage can take the strain.

Jax: Well, couples go through all kinds of problems all the time and survive. Why do you keep suggesting that we can't?

Jane: Because as much as Courtney cares for you, she is still emotionally tied to Jason.

Jax: Now you're basing this on nothing.

Jane: Well, call it the protective instincts of a mother, but mark my words -- Courtney will find an excuse to see Jason before the wedding.

Jax: Why would she do that?

Jane: To give him one last chance to take her back.

Jason: He finally fell back asleep. This poor kid is -- you know, his feelings about A.J. are all bottled up inside of him. I got to -- I got to do something to help him.

Sam: Jason, he heeds a therapist. Look, if they eventually decide to go to the police, then we're going to have to deal with it. The priority is helping Michael get over what happened with A.J. That's it.

Jason: You know, Courtney must know dozens of therapists through her foundation. Maybe she can help us find a doctor we can actually trust.

Sam: Ok, well, look, Courtney’s getting married tomorrow. You can't wait until she gets back from her honeymoon.

Jason: I got to see her before the wedding.

Sam: Ok.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Monica: You had a heart attack.

Reese: I'm thinking about opening up my own law practice. I could use a partner.

Sam: Does it make you feel kind of weird being here where Courtney’s going to get married?

Courtney: Ok, I get it.

Jax: I'm not going to let you ruin my wedding day.

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