GH Transcript Monday 5/30/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/30/05



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Felicia: This is so much nicer than the E.R.

Maxie: Nicer would be home. I hate lying around the hospital.

Felicia: I know. But we have to let the medicine work.

Maxie: I know. It's just the waiting, you know?

Felicia: We got through this before. We can get through this again.

Courtney: You blew it, Carly. All of your scheming was for nothing. I am still going to marry Jax on Friday, and guess who's uninvited?

Carly: This is so wrong!

Courtney: Carly, if you can't wish me happiness, I don't want you anywhere near me or my wedding!

Rachel: Well, you can't blame a girl for trying.

Jax: You want to bet?

Courtney: Guess we're going to have to prove Carly wrong.

Jax: Well, that would be a big mistake.

Jason: Sam --

Sam: Jason, I feel great. I know Dr. Meadows is just wrong. I feel really good. I have actually never felt better. You've seen it. I've been exercising. I've been working out. I have been doing everything that I'm supposed to be doing. I'm not going to just sit here --

Jason: Ok, ok --

Sam: Damn it! No, I've got it!

Jason: No, no, no --

Sam: Please, Jason, I've got --

Jason: It's ok. It's -- it's ok.

Sam: Oh, God. Jason, I don't -- I don't want to wait a year to get pregnant. I don't care -- I don't care about the risks. I really don’t.

Jason: I do.

Reese: There's nothing between me and Ric.

Sonny: Except me. You both chose to work in law enforcement. You were given an opportunity to take me down and, you know, when you chose to save me instead, it cost you.

Reese: I made a choice.

Sonny: Ric lost his job to Durant, and you could lose your badge. You got to ask yourself -- was it worth it?

Reese: I can't speak for Ric, but I can tell you that I don't regret anything that happened.

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Georgie: When I was really little, I used to wish that I could have a heart transplant. How crazy is that? I wanted everybody to fuss over me like they did with Maxie. I had no idea what everything meant. All I knew is that Maxie had B.J.'s heart, that it was some kind of miracle. B.J. was an angel protecting my sister. Dillon, how does an angel's heart just stop working?

Jax: It's not a good idea to marry someone to punish your friends and family.

Courtney: Jax, that's not what I'm doing.

Jax: So I think before we jump into anything, I think we just -- have a little reality check.

Courtney: Ok. This coming from the man who said he would move mountains to marry me.

Jax: And I will. I just want to make sure that when we walk down the aisle, our eyes are wide open.

Courtney: Jax, yours is the last face I want to see before I go to sleep and the first when I wake up. I mean, I never thought that I would be able to love like this again. And, yeah, I'm furious at Carly. I'm disappointed. But none of that has anything to do with us getting married.

Jax: What about when you get that hysterical phone call in the middle of the night for the umpteenth time?

Courtney: If it's about the children, I will do what needs to be done. But for the rest of them -- look, I love my family, Jax. And they love me in their way. But they don't put me first. You will. You do. So from now on, we are each other's priority. The rest of them can take a number.

Jason: You were so weak when you lost the baby. All I wanted was for you to wake up, even though I knew it would break your heart.

Sam: You got me through that.

Jason: Look, if -- if we need to wait one year, if that's going to make a big difference, then that's what we have to --

Sam: What if it doesn't, Jason? What if it doesn't, seriously? What if in a year, Dr. Meadows says it's going to be two years or three years? What if I never meet Dr. Meadows', like, perfect, risk-free pregnancy? I want us to have a baby. I want our --

Carly: Jason, I just had the most hideous fight with Courtney.

Sam: Do you ever call first?

Carly: It's important. I need you.

Jason: Carly, not now. You need to leave, ok?

Carly: It can't wait.

Jason: Carly!

Sam: You know what? You know what?

Jason: This -- this --

Sam: Jason, no, no, forget it. I am not going to wait to be dismissed. I have had it. I have had it. Thank you.

[Door slams]

Carly: Please, do us all a favor and don't go chasing after that.

Jason: I'm not going anywhere. You're out of control, and I'm getting a little tired of it.

Sonny: I know that a lot of what you do, you know, and what you did is for my son, ok -- Michael. The chances you took, the risks, the whole thing. But, you know, it goes beyond helping a little boy. You put yourself on the line for me. Why?

Reese: I don't know. I never met anybody like you. You know, I'm never quite sure when you're really telling the whole truth. I don't know. I mean, you're extraordinarily loyal.

Sonny: So was my mongrel dog.

Reese: But your loyalty -- it's just -- it goes down to the depths of your being, Sonny. It's almost like you don't know any other way to be.

Sonny: I'm not sure I'm flattered.

Reese: And you're also infuriating.

Sonny: Oh, now we're getting to the heart of it, right?

Reese: You feel everything so strongly --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Reese: Love and hate, and it blinds you. And you know what you know, and you just know it so well, but you can be so wrong!

Sonny: Well, only sometimes.

Reese: All right, it's your turn. Why do you keep coming back for more?

Sonny: It's my turn?

Reese: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: All right. Well, I mean, look at you. How can I not?

[Sonny laughs]

Reese: Come on, Sonny. You can have every beautiful woman that you want.

Sonny: Right.

Reese: Ok, you know, but I don't believe you're that shallow.

Sonny: That's another point for me. All right. You're smart. It's always interesting. You use a weapon better than I've ever seen any woman. You know, you have no fear. I mean, the fact that you could tell me that you think I'm wrong takes a lot of guts.

Reese: No, not really because I'm usually right.

Sonny: Oh, really? Stubborn. Ah. And there has been a few times when, you know, we haven't been in the middle of a, you know, crisis that, you know, we've actually enjoyed each other.

Reese: Had a good time.

Sonny: Yeah, we had a good time. Oh, wait, one more thing --

Reese: What?

Sonny: I almost forgot. Did I tell you, you have a beautiful smile?

Reese: So do you.

Michael: Stop it!

Felicia: Monica ordered more tests.

Bobbie: Oh. How's Maxie feeling?

Felicia: She's resting comfortably. "Resting comfortably" -- that sounds really silly, doesn't it? Sounds like something you do at the end of the day on the beach. Doesn't really describe a young girl when her heart's all --

Bobbie: Oh, honey. This is -- this is a nightmare.

Felicia: I feel like I'm in a time warp, and Maxie’s 6 years old and she's hanging on to her life, and all of the time in between is just wishes that I made, you know?

Bobbie: Those years were very real, and you were blessed to have every single one of them.

Felicia: Sorry.

Bobbie: It's a good heart, and Maxie’s a strong, beautiful young woman. And she's going to beat this thing. Our girls are not going to let us down.

Felicia: Yeah.

Sonny: Hey, buddy. You're supposed to be asleep.

Michael: Why are you kissing her?

Sonny: Because we're friends. We like each other.

Michael: You shouldn't be kissing her.

Reese: I really should go. I'm sorry that you're upset, Michael.

Sonny: All right, I'm sorry.

Reese: No, no, no.

Sonny: No, no, I mean -- ok, say bye to Reese.

Michael: Bye.

Sonny: Say bye to -- say bye in a nice way, please.

Michael: Bye, Agent Marshall.

Reese: Bye, Michael.

Sonny: You don't like that we kissed?

Michael: No.

Sonny: Is it because of your mom? You think I'm going to get back with your mom? Is that it? I'm sorry, but I tell -- it's not going to happen, buddy.

Michael: You guys have been seeing a lot of each other.

Sonny: Yes. You and Morgan -- we're your parents. We love you to death, ok? But we -- your mom -- we got divorced. That means we are free to see other people. One of those other persons for me is Reese.

Michael: Mom still loves you. I know she does. Don't you still love her?

Jason: That's why you were lying to me at the hotel? That's why? You wanted Jax to think I was sleeping with Courtney? That's stupid, Carly.

Carly: She wants to marry him on Friday. He'll never make her happy!

Jason: It's not your decision!

Carly: God. And you and Sam? It's so wrong! It's so wrong! If I don't save you, who will?

Jason: You know what? This is not about me or Courtney being unhappy. This is about you.

Carly: Don't be ridiculous.

Jason: You found Sonny and Reese together, and you can't deal with it, so now you're going to ruin everyone else's life.

Carly: Ok, that tramp you live with slept with my husband and got herself pregnant. You're her backup, Jason, but somehow she's got you dazzled blind. You -- you deserve better.

Jason: Sam makes me happy, and I'm not going to let you drive her away.

Carly: She's not worth fighting over.

Jason: I'm warning you, Carly! Do not make me choose between you and Sam. You're not going to like the answer.

Carly: You don't mean that. Fine. I was never here.

Maxie: I'm not contagious, you know.

Diego: Huh. I don't want to bother you if you were sleeping.

Maxie: No, I just close my eyes in case my parents come by to think I'm resting. It makes them feel better.

Diego: Are you always that considerate?

Maxie: Are you kidding? I do it for me. Otherwise, they'd be hovering all over me. Kind of drives me nuts.

Diego: Hmm. You look better.

Maxie: Yeah, I guess passing out kind of ruins the party mood. I'm so sorry.

Diego: No, look, I -- I'm the one who should be sorry, Maxie. Look, I had a fight with Brook Lynn, and I shouldn't have put you in the middle of it, and I'm sorry.

Maxie: If you're sorry for hurting Brook Lynn, then that's fine. I get that. But if you think my collapsing is your fault, you need to get over it because it wasn’t.

Diego: Yeah, but, I should've been more careful.

Maxie: That's why I don't tell people about the heart transplant. Because they think I might break. I've had plastic surgery to get rid of the scar. Look.

Diego: Oh, I don't see anything.

Maxie: The point is that I don't want people to think that I'm some delicate flower. I want them to treat me like I'm an ordinary person.

Diego: Well, that's not possible.

Maxie: Why? Because I'm lying in a hospital bed?

Diego: No. Because -- because there's nothing ordinary about you.

Jax: When I first decided that I wanted you --

Courtney: It was because you couldn't have me.

Jax: Well, besides that. I thought, "Here’s a woman that I could love." And then I thought, "Am I ready to go there again?" So I weighed my choices -- take a chance, fall in love, find happiness, or run for the nearest exit because I'd mucked it up so many times in the past, then spend the rest of my life wondering.

Courtney: Hmm, well, thank you for not running.

Jax: Yeah.

Courtney: You know what's also important is how you define happiness.

Jax: How do I define happiness? Well, it's easy. You, me, a couple of kids -- a boy, then a girl, preferably but, you know, it doesn't really matter. And a primary residence in Port Charles. And we can have a house in London or Paris, you choose. A house by the ocean, somewhere warm, maybe Tahiti or the Barrier Reef, so that mum can see the babies.

Courtney: Yeah, if she ever forgives you for marrying me.

Jax: Trust me, turning my mom into a grandma will do the trick.

Courtney: Jax, you know I probably can't have children.

Jax: Of course you will -- one way or the other. When we decide that we're ready, we'll consult a fertility specialist. And if it turns out that we can't have a biological child, then there are other options.

Courtney: You're honestly ok with that?

Jax: I will love our children however they come to us. Does that work for you?

Reese: Thanks for meeting me.

Ric: Yeah. What's going on? Please don't tell me that Sonny knows.

Reese: Not yet. I'm thinking about being honest with Sonny.

Ric: Oh, Reese. We agreed that it would be best for everybody concerned if we were to keep our night together a secret.

Reese: I know that. You know, that was then. If you have a change of heart, I want to be the one to tell Sonny that we slept together. I don't want him finding out from anybody else.

Ric: I'm not going to have a change of heart. Really, you know --

John: Wow. Isn't this cozy? When did you two get so close?

Jason: Hey. Carly didn't show up here?

Sonny: Nope.

Jason: Heads up -- she's out of control.

Sonny: What else is new?

Jason: No, no, this -- this is for real this time, Sonny. Carly had this crazy plan that she wanted to break me and Sam up and Jax and Courtney.

Sonny: Oh, leave me out of this, Jason.

Jason: No, no, I'm not leaving you out of this. This is all about you. Carly is still in love with you. She can't deal with what's going on with you and Reese.

Sonny: Carly -- she's all over Alcazar. She has no reason to melt down because I'm with Reese.

Jason: Forget Alcazar.

Sonny: Ah --

Jason: Did you hear what I said? She loves you.

Sonny: That's what Michael just said to me.

Jason: Ok. Well, if you don't find a way to fix it, Carly’s going to wreck herself and everyone else.

Sam: Soda water, please.

Coleman: Soda water.

Carly: Drowning your sorrows or looking for your next mark?

Sam: Oh, please, just back off, will you?

Carly: See that pool table? That's where I first met Jason, right here at Jake’s. He beat the pants off me -- literally. We went upstairs and had crazy sex all night. He ever tell you about that?

Sam: Gee, he didn't -- he didn't --

Carly: Hmm?

Sam: Beg you to be his forever? He didn't just, like, drop everything and do that? Surprising. Wow.

Carly: You need a little incentive. How does 5 million sound?

Sam: 5 million what, Carly? Wishes? Stars? Ways to get rid of you? Yeah, that sounds great.

Carly: Yeah, that's funny. Dollars. Slick as you are, I bet you haven't turned that big a profit.

Sam: Sorry. No. Jason and I are in love.

Carly: Did he ever tell you about his first love? An angel named Robin. She was so close to perfect, she blinded you with her halo. Jason loved her to distraction. Did I mention that she moved to Paris? Oops, I wonder how that happened.

Sam: Do you honestly get pleasure out of breaking his heart?

Carly: No. But he realized that I was right. And eventually, he's going to realize I'm right about you, too. I'm about to run your skanky butt out of town, so you can either take the money --

Coleman: Come on, girls! Let it go, already --

Sam: Get off!

Coleman: Oh. Whoa, ok, that's it! That's it, girls! Carly, knock --

Carly: What?

Coleman: Hey, hey, hey! You made your point. Knock it off.

Sam: Put it on my tab.

Carly: Come on!

Coleman: Hey, Logan! Come on, hey -- Logan! Man. Come on, man, this is all we need's a mother in a wet t-shirt.

Sam: Get off!

Coleman: Hey, break it up! Come on, come on. Hey --

Sam: Get off! Jason is mine!

Carly: You are going to pay big-time!

Coleman: Relax.

Sonny: I think I know what happened. When the kids were taken, you know, Carly and I put up a united front, right? We comforted each other and the whole thing.

Jason: Well, maybe she thought it was more than that.

Sonny: Yeah, well, I'm thinking that because before I went to confess, you know, about A.J., Carly was here. I cooked her dinner, we danced, I wanted to show her how much I really appreciated her through the years. She read into it, though, so --

Jason: Ok, then you got to -- Sonny, you got to clear this up.

Sonny: No, no. Hey, you know what? She trusts you more than anyone.

Jason: No, no, Carly’s trying to wreck what I have with Sam just to ease her own pain. I'm not going to let it happen. Divorced or not, you two love each other; you have two kids together. She's out of control and she's hurting, and you have to stop this and make it right.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Yeah?

Coleman: It's Coleman. Look, in the interest of full disclosure, your ex just landed in my bar, started a brawl with Sam McCall, and took off, left a pretty good mess behind here.

Reese: Correct me if I'm wrong, but Ric is not in public service anymore, and you're not working for the federal government, so officially, our conversation is none of your business.

John: Well, even if it's me that you're talking about?

Ric: Gee, I wonder why he would think that.

John: Look, I am well aware that you have a tape that incriminates me at what might be misconstrued as a bribery or a graft or some other reputation-destroying allegation.

Ric: Well, you know, if it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck --

John: And I'm sure that you would be in favor of turning that over to the state bar, thus putting you in a position to get your old job back.

Reese: You know, that's a really good idea --

Ric: Yeah.

Reese: Because you don't deserve to be D.A. In fact, you don't even deserve to be dogcatcher.

John: Which is a position actually held by very decent people.

Reese: Yeah, I know.

John: If you do turn over that tape --

Ric: Hmm.

John: I will be forced to reveal the source of the money -- Alexis. I'd hate to drag her through the mud with me on this. So now, Ric, the big question for you is, are you willing to destroy your wife's career to save your own? That's what I thought.

Courtney: Our children will be wonderful -- biological or adopted, it doesn't matter.

Jax: Good. You trust me.

Courtney: And you trust me.

Jax: So far, so good.

Courtney: No more questions, no more doubts. I'm ready, Jax, I am. So what about you? Will you marry me on Friday?

Georgie: Ok, promise me if I start crying, you'll cover for me?

Dillon: I promise.

Georgie: You know, it's just that I don't want to freak Maxie out, you know? And I -- I know that if I go in there and I start crying and it -- just tell her we had a fight, tell her that you said --

Dillon: I will take care of it. Ok? Go.

Diego: Contigo te voy a castiga por el resto de tu vida.

Maxie: No, no, no, wait! No, wait, you're going too fast! I think I heard "vida," which I know is "life," and then I think maybe I heard "you'll be," but I'm not sure.

[Maxie laughs]

Georgie: What's going on here?

Maxie: Oh, my God, Georgie, Diego does this dead-on impression of dad.

Diego: Yeah, in Spanish. She told me she understood, so --

Maxie: No, wait, I told you that I learned "un poquito" at my great-grandma Mariah’s "ha-cienda" in Texas.

Diego: Hacienda. Hacienda.

Maxie: Give me a break!  Hacienda.

Diego: Como que te voy a dar un break?  No te voy a dar un break porque tienes que entender.


Georgie: Oh, my God, Maxie? Maxie, look at me. Are you ok?


Dillon: Ok, you know what? I'm going to -- I'm going to get a nurse, and I'll be right --

Maxie: No, no, no!

Georgie: Maxie, please!

Maxie: Just give me a second to catch my breath, ok?

[Alarm stops]

Diego: Yeah -- uh -- I think I'm going to go, ok? So, you take it easy.

Maxie: Adios, Diego. It was fun. Come back, ok?

Diego: Si, si. Como no. I hope you feel better.

Georgie: What were you thinking?

Maxie: You mean laughing? How dare I.

Georgie: Maxie, you could've had a heart attack over Diego.

Maxie: Look, whatever is wrong with my heart is not Diego’s fault. I have an infection, Georgie, it happens. I'm going to be ok. Please don't cry.

Dillon: Um -- you know what? We had a fight right before we came here.

Georgie: Nice try, Dillon. I hate this.

Maxie: We're going to be ok.

Reese: Your wife lied to you when she conspired with Durant and she manipulated you into trying to get Sonny convicted of murder, and yet you still protect her.

Ric: I've done a lot of things out of sheer desperation. I've had my share.

Reese: Hmm, it's much simpler than that. I think this falls under the category of "things you do for love."

Ric: Touché.

Reese: You and your wife are having a baby together. Do yourself a favor -- go home to Alexis now.

Ric: You know what? I don't see you running back to Sonny.

Jax: May I have everyone's attention? Due to circumstances, we have to clear the restaurant for the remainder of the night. Your meals will be comped. Actually, you know what? You will be my guests downstairs at the grill. It's open, and I suggest the lamb chops. They are excellent. And, once again, sorry for the inconvenience. Tell the staff they can have the rest of the night off.

Courtney: What are you up to?

Jax: Oh. Let's just say I am in the mood to entertain my fiancée --

Courtney: Oh, really?

Jax: In private.

Coleman: Hey, hey, hey. It's a lot of breakage, man, considering neither of them weigh 110 soaking wet, you know?

Jason: Here. Just let me know if that's enough.

Sam: Just for the record, I -- I threw the first punch.

Jason: I bet she deserved it.

Sam: Yeah, she did, Jason, she did, but, you know, nothing changes. The next time Carly needs you, you are going to drop everything to run to her rescue. You could not fail her if you wanted to. That is the little dance you two do every single time.

Jason: Sam, you're not wrong.

Sam: She hates me, Jason. She hates me. She wants me out. She's not going to stop until I'm gone. What, I can fight her -- I want to -- but I don't want to put you through that. I am not like her, Jason. I could never, ever ask for you to choose between the two of us.

Jason: What are you saying?

Sam: I love you enough to walk away.

Jason: Do you love me enough to stay?

[Knock on door]

Carly: Go away!

Sonny: Open the door! I'm not kidding!

[Pounding on door]

Carly: Why don't you go back to your F.B.I. bimbo and leave me alone?

Sonny: Let me see. Did you put ice on it?

Carly: Of course.

Sonny: Ok, you know what? Carly, what example are you setting, I mean, to Michael and Morgan? Are they going to ever be able to get along with friends if you act this way?

Carly: Sam's no friend, ok? I had to defend myself, right? Whatever -- I offered the tramp 5 million to leave town, she took offense.

Sonny: $5 million? You're that threatened by Sam?

Carly: Don't lecture me, Sonny. I never liked Sam, ok? She got you into bed and tried to trap you with her child. I was only nice to her because she lost a baby, and no one deserves that. Now she's doing the same thing to Jason, and I just -- I just want her out of town!

Sonny: This is not about Sam! It's about Reese and you know it. That's who you want gone -- not Jason’s girlfriend, mine.

Felicia: This is nice -- everybody's together. Hmm. Did you get something to eat?

Georgie: Oh, no, I'm not hungry.

Felicia: I'm ok.

Mac: Do you think Maxie’s had enough company for one night?

Georgie: Subtle, dad.

Dillon: Yeah -- um -- I'm going to go.

Maxie: No, no. I -- I like it when Dillon’s here. He keeps Georgie calm.

Georgie: Seriously, dad, she's not kidding.

Mac: Maxie, the doctor said you need your rest. I don't think it's such a good idea.

Felicia: If Maxie wants Dillon to stay, Dillon gets to stay.

Monica: Oh, good, you're here.

Felicia: Ok.

Monica: Well, I have the rest of the test results --

Felicia: All right.

Monica: And I think we need a little privacy. You know, doctor-patient-parent kind of thing?

Georgie: You'll tell me?

Felicia: You'll take Dillon out?

Georgie: Tell me.

Felicia: Talk to you later, ok?

Monica: Thanks.

Dillon: I got to admit that didn't sound so good.

Georgie: She's got to be ok, Dillon.

Monica: Acute dilatary atrial myopathy. And from talking to Maxie, she may have had a Strep infection that was left untreated, which could've caused the dysfunction of the valve.

Mac: Bottom line, Monica.

Felicia: Ok.

Monica: The bottom line is Maxie’s heart is failing. Now, we're lessening its workload with the medication, but she is at high risk for a heart attack.

Felicia: Oh -- well, there's something you can do, right?

Monica: Well, right now I would like to put her on the donor-transplant list.

Felicia: Another heart transplant?

Maxie: No! No way! No! I would rather die with B.J.'s heart than live with somebody else’s.

 [Romantic music plays]

Courtney: Do you try to sweep me off my feet or does it just come naturally?

Jax: Well, I'd rather not overanalyze it.

Courtney: Hmm. You amaze me.

Jax: Hey, hey, hey, hey, give a guy break. You know, I'm trying to honor your vow of celibacy here.

Courtney: Hmm. What, you can't handle it?

Jax: No, no. All I have to do is look at you and I'm a goner. Yeah, ok.

Courtney: Good.

Jax: That's not very chaste of you.

Courtney: Hmm. Well, you're the one who closed the restaurant so we could have some privacy. It'd be a shame to waste it.

Jax: What about your rules, hmm?

Courtney: New rule -- rules were made to be broken. Besides, I just made it up to test your resolve.

Jax: And was I found wanting?

Courtney: Not even a little. So from now on, no more rules --

Jax: Oh.

Courtney: No more games.

Jax: Just the fun ones, huh?

Courtney: Oh, I so am going to love being married to you.

Jax: You can say that again.

Sam: Jason, you and Carly have a connection. You do. And maybe if I wasn't around, the two of you would have a chance together --

Jason: Sam -- it's not going to happen. Carly -- she makes me crazy, ok? She lies, she cheats, she pulls stupid stunts. And she will never break my heart because I'm not in love with her. I don't expect her to be faithful and I don't expect her to be honest. But you -- you have -- you have the power to hurt me. Because you're the one that I'm in love with.

Jason: Can we go home?

Reese: Excuse me, Mike?

Mike: Hey.

Reese: Hi. Reese, remember?

Mike: Hey, yeah.

Reese: Am I disturbing you?

Mike: No, no, not at all.

Reese: Ok, Max said that Sonny was out but that I could wait for him.

Mike: Well, sure, sure.

Reese: Great.

Mike: Yeah, come in, sit down. Sit down.

Reese: You sit -- thank you.

Mike: Yeah, I came over in case Michael woke up. He --

Reese: Oh, right.

Mike: He feels more secure when family's around.

Reese: He's having nightmares still, huh?

Mike: Yeah, the poor kid.

Reese: So -- um -- did Sonny say when he was going to be back?

Mike: Hard to say. And these things -- sometimes they can take three hours or three days.

Reese: "These things"?

Mike: Yeah. Sonny's with Carly. When the two of them are together, all bets are off.

Reese: Oh.

Carly: So what. You slept with Reese. Whatever. I have a life to live.

Sonny: Yeah, well, that was the plan, wasn't it? You see, that's why we signed divorce papers.

Carly: Exactly.

Sonny: So what's going on with you right now? You set up Jason, you -- you try to break up Courtney and Jax. I mean, I don't -- what's happening?

Carly: Don't even start that. I was there when you tried to break up Courtney and Jason before their wedding.

Sonny: Ok, we both know this is more than about Courtney or Sam. This is about us.

Carly: You are so arrogant. My life doesn't revolve around you anymore, Sonny.

Sonny: I've seen you do this a hundred times, Carly, ok? You get angry, you get hurt, you refuse to admit it. You act out; you lash out at everybody, and guess who gets hurt the most in the end.

Carly: Ok, you don't know how I feel.

Sonny: Ok, listen to me, Carly. Do not do this. Not now, ok? We've been through too much. Michael needs you. It's not a good time to unravel.

Carly: Don't throw him in my face. Michael is my first priority.

Sonny: Ok, good. Tell me what it is you need and I'll fix it.

Carly: Oh.

Sonny: Unless, you know, is it -- I mean, is this about you wanting to get back together? No?

Carly: What, you think you're so terrific that my life is meaningless without you? What, you really think I want you back?

Sonny: So you don't want me back, is it?

Carly: No.

Sonny: So if I give you -- if I kissed you right now, you wouldn't kiss me back?

Carly: No.

Sonny: No? Huh?

Carly: No.

Sonny: No?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Emily: I have a session with Dr. Winters.

Nikolas: Is that why you asked me to come? I can't pretend to be Connor again.

Emily: They can reinstate you this soon?

Lucky: Maybe you'd reconsider us living together?

Reese: Any idea why Sonny ran off to see Carly?

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