GH Transcript Friday 5/27/05

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/27/05



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Rachel: Look, let's just pretend that I didn't say anything.

Jax: No. No, no, no. Hey, hey, hey, you're making implications about Courtney. I want to be clear on what they are.

Rachel: I don't know. Maybe she's just having a last fling before she gets married or -- I don't know. That seems completely out of character for Courtney, though I guess it's not unheard of, though, is it?

Jax: Ok, you know what? You're starting to make me angry.

Rachel: Look, I'm just -- I'm trying not to hurt you, Jax.

Jax: Well, I'm a big boy.

Rachel: Fine. Courtney is downstairs, and she's in a room with Jason.

Carly: Jase, you got to get down to the Metro Court right away.

Jason: Is this real or another one of your stunts?

Carly: My life is unraveling, and you're the only person that I can count on to help me put it back together. Please, Jase. Room 614. Don't let me down.

Sam: Well, I think I can name this tune in one note. Carly needs you and you have to go.

Courtney: Hey. You ok?

Carly: Sure. Why?

Courtney: Well, I heard you in the hallway. You sounded upset. What's wrong?

Ric: You know, I don't have any time for your crap, Durant, so why don't you get your feet off my desk and get out?

John: You know, I have always really liked your office here, Ric. I'm particularly fond of this answering machine. A very persistent -- you really should check your messages sometime. Somebody seems very anxious to talk to you.

[Answering machine beeps]

Reese's voice: Ric, it's Reese. Call me as soon as you can.

[Answering machine beeps]

Reese's voice: Reese again. I'm waiting for your call, Ric.

[Answering machine beeps]

Reese's voice: Ric, I really need to talk to you. Can you please call me?

John: So, tell me, when did you get so chummy with Sonny's biggest fan, huh?

Reese: Hi.

Sonny: Hey. Glad you came.

Reese: Sonny, before this goes any further, there's something that you and I need to discuss.

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Sonny: I hope you don't feel like I pressured you into coming tonight.

Reese: No, you are way too smooth for pressure.

Sonny: All right.

Reese: You use charm much more effectively.

Sonny: Whatever works, right?

Reese: When I left here the other night, Sonny --

Sonny: Yeah?

Reese: I fully intended never to see you again. I was going to be on the next plane to D.C., but fate stepped in and I got delayed.

Sonny: Well, I am grateful for fate. Did I mention how damn near perfect you look?

Reese: I am so not perfect. There are so many things about me that you don't know, Sonny.

Sonny: Hey, you know what? People make mistakes. You know, we just learn from our mistakes, you know? That's -- you just move on. You just --

Reese: I wish it were that easy.

Sonny: Hey, Reese, you got something to say to me, you might as well just say it. I mean --

Reese: Yeah, ok. When I came here to Port Charles, I had one agenda, and that was to get your children back.

Sonny: Right.

Reese: Then I found myself wanting to win your trust and your confidence.

Sonny: Yeah. But whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You know what? I think I know what you're going to do. Let me help you out here, ok? Where we've been -- that's the past. We're here now, and I do trust you. So if you're here to apologize for anything, there's no need to. The slate is clean, ok? Whatever happened before you walked through that door is nonexistent, forgiven, or whatever you need it to be. So why don't we just stop beating a dead horse and enjoy each other?

John: Reese was probably calling you to thank you for all your help getting Sonny off the hook for A.J.'s murder.

Ric: Sonny didn't kill A.J., Durant.

John: Yeah? Well, that is a point of distinction that doesn't seem to matter to a lot of people; Mayor Dowd, for instance. We just finished chatting, and -- oh, I think it's safe to say that he is not very impressed with your performance at the trial. In fact, he has decided to remove you from your position as chief law enforcement official in this town your brother rules with such impunity. Ric, did you hear me? You're no longer the D.A.

Ric: What, do you expect me to be surprised?

John: But not to worry. The citizens of Port Charles are in good hands. I hear your replacement is a very capable fellow.

Ric: Right.

John: Me.

Ric: Now I am surprised. Why would you give up a cushy job as a federal prosecutor -- a title you seem to hold so dear -- to be a local D.A.?

John: Autonomy. I'm tired of getting paper cuts slicing through the bureaucratic red tape that doesn't allow me the freedom necessary to get this job done right.

Ric: In other words, break the law to uphold the law? Bribe and blackmail your way into getting convictions? Everybody's guilty until proven innocent, isn't that right? But then, innocence is always relative, right, Durant?

John: Oh, oh, oh, except in your case, your "relative" is as guilty as sin.

Ric: Yeah, sure.

John: You made one major miscalculation, Lansing.

Ric: What's that?

John: You jumped table to argue for the defense.

Ric: Right.

John: But I got to tell you, that took guts. The courage of conviction. I admire you for that.

Ric: Right.

John: Well, would you like me to prove it? I need a good, powerful A.D.A., and I'm willing to offer you that position, if you're willing to start understanding and playing by the new ground rules. The primary objective of this office is to take Sonny Corinthos off the street and put him in prison where he belongs. So what do you say? You want to rejoin your own side again?

Ric: I'd sooner live in a cardboard box underneath the pier.

John: Hmm. All right, well, then pack your crap and get out of my office.

Georgie: Maxie, can you hear me? Please, wake up!

Dillon: It's the Haunted Star Casino. Yeah -- no, she's not conscious. Please, hurry. Get down here.

Mac: How irresponsible are you, Spencer?

Luke: Mac, I'm not -- I'm --

Felicia: Oh, Maxie! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Mac: What the hell happened?

Georgie: Well, dad, she was fine one minute, and then she just -- she just fell!

Felicia: She has a pulse. But her breathing -- it seems wrong to me.

Dillon: Look, I just called 911. An ambulance is on its way.

Mac: I don't want to wait!

Felicia: No, don't move her! Please, don't move her. Does anybody have a jacket? Please?

Mac: Have you been drinking? Drinking? Drugs?

Diego: No, no, no -- we haven't, no!

Luke: Mac, Mac, Mac, I know Dillon. He lives here on the boat. Believe me, he doesn't do drugs, and if he touched anything, I would know.

Mac: Yeah, I don't want reassurances from someone who doesn't have enough sense to realize that allowing underage kids to take over a casino without adult supervision is a really bad idea! I'm going to have your license for this, Spencer.

Georgie: Dad, this is all my fault. I picked a fight with Maxie. We were arguing, and then she -- she started gasping, and then she just fell. I -- I --

Felicia: Heart -- this has got to be the heart.


Mac: All right, listen. Everybody, back away, back away. Make room for the paramedics, please!

Dillon: Listen to me, listen to me -- she's going to be ok, all right?

Georgie: No, no, Dillon, what if she's not? What -- Dillon, what if I just killed my sister?

Jax: Are you suggesting that my fiancée is having an affair? With Jason, no less?

Rachel: Look, Jax, I'm so sorry. I know it's the worst betrayal possible.

Jax: Why are you lying to me?

Rachel: I'm not.

Jax: Then how would you know?

Rachel: I was at the spa waiting for a treatment, and I saw Courtney sneak Jason in through the back door. Now, I'm not proud to admit it, but I followed her up to the room. Then I stopped because the room number was 614, which is the same day as my birthday. It was just one of those weird things where you're just stopped in your tracks. It just actually made me think about what I was doing, and I realized it was absolutely none of my business, and I walked away.

Jax: 614? Thanks.

Rachel: No, Jax. Look, that's not why I told you. You can't go there. You're going to make things much worse.

Jax: How does it get any worse?

Carly: I was just throwing my weight around. The spa receptionist wanted to move your appointment back 15 minutes, and I told her that's unacceptable. So get yourself down there and start relaxing.

Courtney: Ok.

Carly: Oh -- you know, leave those. You know, what's the point of a glorious massage if you got to get your clothes right back on?

Courtney: All right, I'll bow to the master.

Carly: Good answer! Now go go, go, right out --

Courtney: Ok, ok! You are out of your mind.

Carly: Ok --

Jason: What are -- what are you doing?

Monica: What's the status?

Paramedic: Alternate L.S.C., Shallow respirations. Skin is hot and dry. B.P. is 80/52. Her heartbeat's tachy.

Monica: Ok, Trauma One.

Georgie: Oh, no, wait, wait, wait, Monica. Is my sister going to be ok?

Monica: Well, we have to find out what's wrong first. I'll keep you posted.

Mac: Georgie -- Georgie, I swear, if you ever look at Dillon again --

Felicia: Don't you dare. Don't you dare!  I really couldn't take it right now if you two started to fight. What matters right now is Maxie!

Sonny: Look, Reese, if you got something to tell me -- I mean, seriously -- I mean, is it your job?

Reese: What job? I was headed back to D.C. because it's the last place that I lived.

Sonny: So were you fired?

Reese: Well, not officially, but I'm sure it's coming. I mean, really, how long do you think it took Durant to contact my superiors and tell them about my unprofessional behavior with you? I mean, my God, I even moved in here for a little while.

Sonny: Yeah, well, you know, your life was in danger.

Reese: Yeah, well, trust me; they're not going to see it that way.

Sonny: Reese, listen to me, ok? If it's going to -- if it's going to cost you everything, I mean, we can just stop this before we start.

Reese: That choice is already made. Sonny, come on. My heart made it for me a long time ago.

Sonny: Well, ok, I guess there's no looking back. Right?

Reese: Hmm.

Sonny: Hmm?

Reese: Hmm.

Sonny: Are you all right? Why don't you let me --?

John: Oh, Mrs. Lansing, please, please come in.

Ric: No, actually, this really isn't a good time.

John: What are you talking about? It couldn't be a better time. She can help you pack your stuff and give you moral support at the same time.

Alexis: He's an insufferable ass.

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: I'm sorry.

Ric: Ah. It's just a job.

Alexis: No, it isn't just a job. You loved being the D.A.

Ric: Uh-uh. When I stood up in that courtroom and I defended Sonny, I knew what I was risking.

Alexis: So what happens now?

Ric: I don't know. I mean, my old firm in Manhattan wants me back, but something about traveling down the road once traveled -- that just does not appeal to me.

Alexis: I want to help you. I really want to help you. I just don't know what you need right now. Much as I hate the idea of banging my head against the wall yet again, here it goes. Just take it back. Just -- just say you didn't mean it and come home. And if you can't do that, if that's not an option -- if you don't think that this can be worked out, then say that and I won't bring it up again.

Rachel: Hi. Could I get the voicemail box for room 614? Thank you. Incoming.

Jason: What's going on?

Carly: I -- I called you because I'm insane when it comes to one thing -- Sonny.

Jason: Carly, are you serious?

Carly: Yeah, I -- I just -- you see all this? I -- these petals? This is what I did. This is all for Sonny. I was going to seduce him.

Jason: Why? What are you -- why?

Carly: I know. My plan was to sabotage his relationship with Reese, set it up so she'd walk in and see us making love. It's not like Reese doesn't deserve it, showing up here thinking she's going to get down-and-dirty with Sonny, and then hearing me? Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh!

[Headboard bangs against wall]

Jason: You -- you have completely lost your mind. You've been lying to me since I got here. I got to go. This is stupid --

Carly: No! Wait, Jason! Don't go!

Jason: Then tell me what's really going on.

Courtney: Jax? What are you --?

Jax: Courtney?

Courtney: Why are you looking at me like that? What? Oh, God. Something's going on, isn't it? What? Tell me.

Ric: Alexis, I'm sorry. And I really mean that, but I can't tell you what you want to hear. Look, I got to stop kidding myself, and I need to face reality here. I can't keep trying to make you into somebody that you're not or me into somebody that I'm not. It's just -- I can't help but feel like a husband figure that you use to prop up in court so it helps you with your custody case. Look, I know. I married you for less than pure reasons. I had an agenda, but all of that changed once I fell in love with you.

Alexis: The feeling was mutual. I hope you know that.

Ric: No, I'm not -- you don't understand. I'm not trying to question your love here. It's -- it's just -- I need more than that in a relationship. Look, if we would get in a fight -- I mean, we'd be in the trenches, you would say something, I'd say -- your priority is yourself and understandably your daughter, your child, and -- that's just a fact. I'm not trying to cast a judgment on you. It's just -- I won't be part of that equation, you know? We won't be part of that equation. I just need to feel like more than a bystander.

Alexis: Well, all right, then. I respect your decision. There's just something that I want to make clear because I think it's very important. When our baby is born, I want him or her to know you. And I will do whatever makes you feel comfortable. So if you don't want to see me, then Viola will run interference.

Ric: No, that --

Alexis: But it's very important to me that you have a -- a full relationship with this child.

Ric: No, you're never going to have to worry about that. I want that more than anything.

Alexis: Ok, good. So, I'll institute divorce proceedings right away.

Brook Lynn: What's happening?

Georgie: Oh, we really don't know. Maxie's in with Monica.

Dillon: That's good. That's very good. She's the best cardiologist around. If Maxie’s got a heart problem, she'll know.

Diego: Hey, what's all this about Maxie’s heart?

Georgie: When Maxie was really little, she got a very, very rare disease, and she needed a transplant pretty bad. And they looked, but hey couldn't find a compatible heart, so we thought she was going to die. And in the meantime, my cousin B.J.'s school van was hit by a drunk driver, and she ended up brain-dead. So my aunt and uncle took B.J. off life support and gave Maxie her heart.

Diego: Wow. When Maxie said there was stuff about her that made her different, she wasn't kidding.

 [Monitor beeps]

Emily: Mom? Bobbie asked me to help out.

Monica: Oh, thanks, Em.

Emily: How's she doing?

Monica: Well, we're running a series of tests. We should know --

[Monitor alarm beeps]

Sonny: What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?

Reese: No, I'm -- I'm not being very coherent. I'm sorry, Sonny.

Sonny: No. You know what I think is going on here?

Reese: What?

Sonny: I think you're scared.

Reese: Yeah, well, with good reason. I mean, you are not exactly the guy next door, and you do come with major baggage named Carly.

Sonny: Well, I mean -- ok, we've gone through all this already. Carly is, you know, the mother of my children, my friend, my ex-wife, end of story.

Reese: Hello? You're talking to me here? Look, I have seen the connection between the two of you.

Sonny: Yeah, but I -- you know, I want to move on now, and I thought that you did, too. I thought we were trying to do something here, you know? I mean --

Reese: I -- I mean, I --

Michael: Dad?

Sonny: Hey, buddy. What's up?

Michael: I had another nightmare.

Sonny: Ok --

Reese: Hey, take care of him, it's ok.

Sonny: All right. Um -- come on. Go, go, go. I'll talk to you about the nightmare. Ah!

[Monitor alarm beeps]

Monica: We're in Code Blue.

Emily: I'll find a nurse.

Monica: No! You know C.P.R. Get to it. I'll get the paddles.

Sam: Ok, that was relatively fast. What was the big emergency?

Jason: Carly has completely lost her mind. She told a lie that -- how she wants to seduce Sonny and have Reese walk in. The whole thing is just starting to really give me a headache.

Sam: Oh, come on. You love her to death.

Jason: Well, look, that doesn't mean that I'm going to drop my life with you and go running to her whenever she realizes she made a mess she can't clean up, ok?

Sam: Ok. You know, you being Carly’s on-call hero -- it has its upside. You know, it gives me the chance to make surprises for you.

Carly: I can't believe you bailed on all your other treatments.

Courtney: I just -- I don't know, Carly, they'd just be wasted on me. I -- I can't seem to relax. I just have this feeling of foreboding. I don't know, it's weird.

Carly: It's your instincts screaming out at you.

Courtney: Did something happen?

Carly: I -- I hate to say I told you so, but I really did warn you about him.

Courtney: Who?

Carly: Jax, your loving fiancé.

Courtney: Ok, ok, Carly, what now?

Carly: He's with Rachel as we speak.

Courtney: Sorry, I don't buy it.

Carly: I saw them.

Courtney: Where?

Carly: In the restaurant, lips locked like they were hermetically sealed.

Courtney: Ok, let me get this straight. You saw Jax kissing Rachel?

Carly: Yeah, kissing her, pawing her. It was disgusting.

Courtney: Ok, Carly. You wouldn't lie to me about something like this, would you?

Carly: Go see for yourself. They're probably still there if they haven't already gotten a room.

Courtney: All right, that's it. I am so done.

Jax: Hey.

Rachel: I've been going crazy since you left. What happened?

Jax: You were right.

Rachel: Oh, you're kidding. I would've thought Courtney would've come to her senses.

Jax: No, it was clear that they couldn't wait.

Rachel: You mean you actually saw them?

Jax: No, I spared myself that. I heard enough.

Rachel: Oh, Jax, that's so awful.

Jax: I don't know why I'm surprised. I mean, Courtney’s always -- she's always had a thing for Jason. You know? It's been why she's been hesitant about the wedding. I should've seen this coming.

Rachel: Oh, Jax, this is not your fault. You know, it's not Courtney’s fault, either. Some people -- they just don't ever get over their first love. You know, actually, it's better that you found out now before you married her.

Jax: Yeah, you're right.

Rachel: Look, I know you're in pain right now, but true love will find you.

Reese: Sonny wants a chance with me.

Ric: So that's what you want. What's -- what's the problem?

Reese: I've ruined any possibility of a future with Sonny when I slept with you.

Ric: No -- Reese, no, you didn't, ok? Sonny doesn't have to know.

Reese: Well, that makes for an awfully big elephant in the room. Oh, Ric -- oh --

Ric: Sorry wasn't an option for you last night. You -- you didn't think you were going to ever see him again, and Alexis and I had already ended. That's -- that's why we slept together, because we're trying to ease --

Reese: I was there. I know what happened.

Ric: I know.

Reese: And it's not that, Ric. It's just -- keeping secrets -- I -- it is just not who I am.

Ric: God -- I'm starting to learn that identity is fluid. It shifts and changes with all of us. Look, if you have the chance to be happy with Sonny, just take it, all right? Don't sabotage it by offering him information that he doesn't need to know, ok? Don't worry about me. My lips are sealed.

Reese: Thank you.

Sonny: What's all this about?

Monica: Maxie is stabilized.

Felicia: Oh, good.

Monica: We're now waiting for the results from the x-rays.

Felicia: Ok.

Georgie: Can I please see her?

Monica: Well, five minutes. But don't say anything to upset her.

Georgie: No, no, I -- I will never upset my sister again.

Monica: All right. As soon as we know anything definitive, we'll let you know, ok?

Felicia: Thanks, Monica.

Mac: Sit down.

Monica: I'm very proud of you. Did good work.

Emily: Thanks, mom. Oh.

Nikolas: Sounds like you did pretty good.

Emily: Yeah. You know what I realized?

Nikolas: What?

Emily: I didn't think about Connor or what he did to me once, Nikolas. You see? There's hope for me after all.

Georgie: I don't think I've ever been more frightened in my whole life. I thought I just killed my sister.

Maxie: Don't blame yourself, Georgie. We were fighting, just like sisters do.

Georgie: Just get better, ok? I really need my big sister around.

Skye: Maxie's stable.

Luke: Good.

Skye: Oh, Luke. What have we done?

Luke: Blaze, you are not going to start blaming us for that little girl's ticker problems.

Skye: No, I mean to us. That teenage girl was fighting for her life while we, the supposed grownups, are squandering ours. You're in this sham of a marriage to Tracy?

Luke: For a reason.

Skye: Right -- money -- great motivator. Meanwhile, I'm flirting my brains out with Lorenzo, trying to make you jealous enough to want me, and when you do, I push you away. All of this is crazy. This is -- it's wasteful, and I say it's got to stop right now.

Ric: I -- I just came by to warn you. I'm -- as you can expect -- no longer the D.A. but Durant’s put himself in that position.

Reese: Why would he do that?

Sonny: Probably thinks he's in a better position to come after me. Let him try.

Reese: What are you going to do, Ric?

Ric: Ah, the jury's still out on that one.

Sonny: Maybe I can help you out here. Ahem. I owe you for standing up in court the way you did. You kept me out of prison, and you gave Michael a chance to grow up without the stigma of murder over his head. Maybe this can help you out till you get back on your feet.

 [Music plays]

Sam: You know, you're hanging in for a guy who doesn't like to dance.

Jason: Yeah --

Sam: Or are you just suffering the agony because it's preferable to my cooking?

Jason: Hmm.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Jason: I don't like to dance, but I don't mind dancing with you.

Singer: You keep on running

Sam: I'm honored. Hey, what do you think our kids would be like?

Singer: All right all right

Jason: What do you mean?

Sam: What do you mean, what do I mean? I mean, like, you know, a little bit of me, hopefully, a whole lot of you -- a brand-new person, you know, wrapped up in one.

Jason: You know, I don't know. I don't really -- I don't really think like that.

Sam: Really? Well, then come sit down. Maybe with a little bit of prompting -- let's just say that we had a daughter, ok, and she was brave and practical like you.

Jason: Ok. Beautiful and stubborn like you.

Sam: Maybe you will pass down that neglected-doctor gene.

Jason: All right, maybe our kid will be him or herself and be like either one of us.

Singer: Can I show you? Isn't it great?

Sam: All I know is that our child -- be it boy or girl -- will be conceived in so much love.

Singer: So far from me your love

Jax: I feel like such a fool.

Rachel: No, Jax, you are an amazing, giving, wonderful man. You know, it's Courtney that's the fool who'd even risk losing you. I mean, for her not to realize how rare and precious love is? If I was in her position, I would -- I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I shouldn't even put myself in this equation.

Jax: Why not?

Rachel: What are you saying?

Jax: Well, I'm not oblivious, Rachel. I know that you're attracted to me. Your beauty certainly hasn't escaped me.

Rachel: Where are you going with this?

Jax: Why don't I show you?

Courtney: You two-timing bastard!

Jax: Yeah? What about you? What about you and Jason?

Courtney: What about -- there is no me and Jason, Jax! Now there's no me and you! And you know what? I'm going to make sure there's no you and anybody else.

Carly: Courtney, stop!

Skye: Oh. Oh, I miss that.

Luke: There's a lot more where that came from.

Skye: Oh, Luke. What if someone sees us?

Luke: Oh, what if they do?

Skye: Come on. Need to be practical, you know? Like it or not, you are married to Tracy, and in order for it to be worth the sacrifice, you have to keep the upper hand.

Luke: Upper hand? Yeah, well, looks to me like the place is closed and the coast is clear. The teenyboppers are gone. It's just you and me, and I see no reason why we shouldn't take advantage of that. What do you think?

Skye: Ok, I'm convinced.

Tracy: Oh, oh, oh. Men -- got to love them. They're so predictable. Oh, I'll see you in divorce court, sucker.

Bobbie: According to Maxie’s x-rays, her heart is significantly enlarged.

Monica: Which reduces its ability to pump effectively. Now, physical exertion, emotional distress, even an infection can exacerbate the condition. It can cause dizziness. It can cause her to actually collapse.

Felicia: But she'll be ok? Monica, she's going to be ok?

Monica: Well, unfortunately, Maxie came in with a low-grade fever, which indicates an infection, which we are treating. But she is not out of the woods. Now, the best case would be that we clear this up and she's just back to normal in a couple of weeks.

Mac: And the worst?

Monica: The worst would be that her condition deteriorates and -- and she needs a new heart. But we'll just pray that that doesn't happen.

Felicia: Ok, ok.

 [Phone rings]

[Answering machine beeps]

Dr. Meadows: Sam, it's Dr. Meadows. I realize it's late, but you were anxious for your test results.

Sam: Hello? Hi. I'm here. Ok. Yeah, I understand. Bye.

Jason: What? What's wrong?

Sam: Dr. Meadows says if I don't wait at least a year to have a baby, that I would be putting myself and our child at risk.

Jax: You don't want to do that.

Courtney: Oh, yeah? Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t.

Rachel: Tell her.

Courtney: Tell me what?

Carly: Jax didn't do anything, all right? It was a setup. You were supposed to think he was coming on to Rachel.

Jax: Oh, and I was supposed to think that Courtney was having sex with Jason?

Carly: Bingo.

Courtney: Come on, Carly. We know what you were up to. You're supposed to be my friend. How -- how could you do this?

Carly: I wanted to stop you from making a mistake!

Courtney: Carly, that is not for you to do, ok? It's not. This is my life, and I get to choose who I'm going to marry. No, don't, don’t. Don't even try to defend yourself, ok, because this is inexcusable. I love Jax, and nothing -- nothing is going to stop me from marrying him.

Ric: It's a lot of money.

Sonny: You did me a lot of good, Ric. Take it.

Ric: Thank you, but -- no, I didn't -- I didn't throw the case for money or to try to get close to my brother. I did it for Michael. Just for the record, I lost 10 times what you're offering right there. But I appreciate the gesture. I know it's sincere. Night.

Sonny: Got to hand it to Ric. Sometimes he's just full of surprises.

Reese: I completely misjudged him. I thought Ric was, well, nothing like what he is.

Sonny: I know what happened between you two.

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Bobbie: It's a good heart, and Maxie’s going to beat this thing.

Courtney: I don't want you anywhere near me or my wedding! You blew it.

Sam: I don't care about the risks.

Jason: I do.

Reese: There's nothing between me and Ric.

Sonny: Was it worth it?

Ric: Don't tell me Sonny knows.

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