GH Transcript Wednesday 5/25/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/25/05



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Carly: I'm here to see Jason.

Sam: You're always here to see Jason, Carly. Rain or shine, 10:00 A.M., 2:00 in the morning, it doesn't matter. You can't just barge into someone else's home and expect them to drop everything.

Carly: We're friends.

Sam: Yes, and I respect that. I respect that more than you could ever comprehend. I was completely understanding when you lost your boys and were looking for them, when you were grieving for Michael, even when you were a suspect in A.J.'s murder trial. But enough is enough. Jason is not alone anymore. We -- him and I -- we live here together. You cannot just come in anytime you feel like you need someone to vent to.

Carly: Are you finished? Because this is important. Jason, Sonny's in bed with the F.B.I., literally. What are you going to do?

Jason: Nothing tonight.

Carly: Are you throwing me out?

Jason: I'll call you tomorrow.

Carly: No, no, don't bother. Sam might get her feelings hurt.

Sam: Maybe. Not. I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry. I'm sorry for going off like that. I do not ever want to put you in the middle of your friends, and --

Jason: Come here. You were right. You're right, this -- this is our home. You've been patient. You know, Carly can't just slam in here anytime she needs me. But I do know that she's hurt and she's angry, and she's going to do something crazy.

Rachel: Courtney --

Courtney: Go away, please.

Rachel: Look, I'm sorry that you misunderstood what happened with Jax. He just asked me to join him while I was waiting for a colleague. It was nothing.

Courtney: Yeah, it never is with you, is it?

Rachel: Look, I can see that you have a problem with me, but you don't need to take that out on Jax. He was just being gracious.

[Phone rings]

Courtney: I'm sure you have to take that.

Rachel: Hello?

Carly: Rachel Adair?

Rachel: Yes? Who is this?

Carly: This is Carly Corinthos. Do you remember me?

Rachel: Yeah.

Carly: We have a lot of mutual acquaintances and some mutual goals. I'd like to meet with you to discuss some of them.

Maxie: What did you just say to me?

Diego: I said that you can trust me.

Maxie: No, no, you didn’t. You said something about my eyes.

Diego: Oh, you speak Spanish?

Maxie: Well, I know "ojos" means "eyes."

Diego: And "azules" means?

Maxie: "Blue."

Diego: Ok. And what I said was that I could never lie to eyes as blue as yours.

Maxie: Oh. You're good.

Diego: Just telling the truth.

Alexis: I'm not having a very good day today. Why don't you come back some other time?

Sonny: You're going to tell me about your bad day after my son was put on the witness stand because of you?

Alexis: What do you want?

Sonny: I don't know what? Maybe to see you pay.

Reese: Thank you.

Ric: Are you all right?

Reese: Yeah, as soon as I get off these perilous heels.

Ric: Whoa, ok, he. It's all right, I got it.

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Rachel: I don't quite understand what you're asking.

Carly: I want to meet with you right now. I think we can help each other get what we want. Can you be at Kelly’s in 10 minutes?

Rachel: I'm here now.

Carly: Great, I'll be right there. Just don't tell Courtney you're meeting me.

Jason: Whatever it is you're planning, don’t.

Emily: I've left 10 messages on Nikolas' cell, Elizabeth. I've been over to Wyndemere twice, but he's staying somewhere else.

Elizabeth: He's just trying to give you some space. Look, Nikolas is really struggling with what happened during the role-playing therapy with Dr. Winters. He feels like he pressured you into it and it hurt you even worse.

Emily: Having Nikolas pretend to be Connor was difficult. You know, it brought up all of my anger, all of my fear. It was almost like being raped all over again. But in the end, I felt better.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but he doesn't know that.

Emily: Listen, Connor hurt me. There's no getting around that. But I'm not going to let it ruin my life or destroy my relationship with Nikolas.

Elizabeth: Good, good. Now you need to go tell him in person.

Emily: I mean, he's trying to avoid me, Elizabeth. I've called every hotel in Port Charles, and I thought he might be registered here under an assumed name, but the manager won't tell me.

Elizabeth: Well, you're in luck, because not only does Jax own the hotel, he can't resist a woman in distress.

Courtney: Stay away from Jax.

Rachel: That was an innocent phone call.

Courtney: Nothing about you is innocent.

Rachel: Look, I have apologized repeatedly for what I did to you in the past, but I don't have any reason to say I'm sorry this time, Courtney. That was an innocent phone conversation, and it was a harmless conversation with Jax earlier.

Courtney: You were practically drooling all over him, Rachel. I'm surprised you weren't sitting in his lap.

Rachel: Look, he was being polite. Why does that threaten you so much?

Courtney: I don't trust you. You already told me you want Jax, and don't you dare give me that psychobabble about A.J. manipulating you.

Rachel: Look, you've got bigger problems than me. And if you keep acting like a possessive wacko, well, you're just going to scare Jax away yourself.

Courtney: I'm the wacko? Yeah, ok. You know what -- whatever happens between me and Jax is our business. Stay away.

Diego: Ok, I don't understand why you're so upset.

Brook Lynn: I'm not.

Diego: Is it because of that girl?

Brook Lynn: Oh, there was a girl, huh? Funny, I didn't notice.

Diego: Look, that is Georgie’s sister, Maxie, ok, and all I did was give her a ride.

Brook Lynn: Oh, that's nice, nice. Did you, what, help her with her seat belt, too?

Diego: Look, I asked you first, Brook. Ok, and you're still the one I want sitting next to me, ok?

Brook Lynn: Would you just stop? Just stop, Diego. With these new clothes, your new fancy car, you can have any girl you want. You can, ok, so just go. Go, have a good time, because I just don't care.

Bobbie: Oh, Maxie, I'm so happy you're home!

Maxie: Me, too.

Georgie and Maxie: Hi!

Mac: Nobody is happier than me.

Felicia: Since when is happiness a contest? I'm your mother. I'm the happiest.

Mac: Ok, then I'm the proudest.

Felicia: Oh, no, you're not. All of us are so proud of the way you brought up your grades in prep school and got accepted at P.C.U.

Maxie: And I get to go through all the graduation ceremonies at the high school at this year.

Georgie: Yeah, you're going to be graduating with Dillon and Brook. Kind of jealous.

Maxie: I don't know why. It took two tries at my senior year, and at the rate you're going, you're still going to be valedictorian next year.

Felicia: I'm proud of both of you, and I'm thrilled that we're all together. I'm glad you're back. The family isn't complete without you, sweetie.

Carly: I can't wait for you and Sam to have a baby. Maybe then you'll stop watching everything I do.

Jason: See, now you're just trying to distract me.

Carly: I'm trying to get you off my back.

Jason: I know the signs, Carly. You walked in on Reese and Sonny again, and now you're hurt and you're looking to hurt back.

Carly: I haven't done anything except make a phone call.

Jason: See, now you're lying to me, which means I know that you're up to something, so whatever it is, I'm asking you, stop. Everyone's lives are getting back to normal. We don't need you to blow it up all over again, ok?

Carly: Ok, I'm sorry Sam is so boring that you feel the need to get involved with my business, but that's not my problem.

Sam: Well, you obviously caught up to her because I could hear half of your conversation. Jason, you do know that she is acting out to get your attention?

Jason: Yeah, when Carly acts out, people get hurt.

Sonny: Michael has been asking about Kristina. How am I supposed to tell my little boy that you're doing everything possible to keep her out of his life?

Alexis: Michael is welcome to visit here anytime he likes.

Sonny: You had Michael subpoenaed. You tried to force him to testify against his own mother. I mean, what --

Alexis: Why are you here? What are you complaining about, anyway? I should be the one complaining. Ric's gone and you are not.

Sonny: Well, do you blame Ric after everything you've pulled?

Alexis: Protecting Kristina from the violence that surrounds you was and still remains my only objective.

Sonny: See, this paranoia, it's just -- it's amazing. I mean, look, it's already cost you your husband. You keep it up; you're going to end up losing your daughter.

Alexis: I am terribly sorry for any pain that I may have caused Michael, but it is nothing compared to what he has experienced growing up with you and the violence that you have exposed him to. It has turned Michael into exactly what you are -- the killer.

Felicia: Into the dining room, everybody, before the pizzas get cold.

Maxie: Oh, did you order the ones with the grilled vegetables?

Felicia: I sure did, yep.

Georgie: Why?

Maxie: Because it's healthier.

Georgie: Well --

Mac: Nobody orders pizza for the vitamins. We'll pick them off.

Georgie: Nice.

Felicia: I heard that.

Bobbie: Maxie? I just want you to know how proud I am of you. Not only are you beautiful, but you have grown into a very responsible young woman.

Maxie: Thanks, Bobbie. I want you to know that I never forget that I'm alive because of B.J., that it's her heart beating inside of me and it's not just a gift, it's a responsibility. I'm living for the both of us, and I want to make the most of it.

Bobbie: I think B.J. would be very happy to hear that.

Jason: Sonny's acquitted a couple hours ago; Carly's already making trouble. When I said I wanted things back to normal, this isn't what I meant.

Sam: Well, you know, speaking of normal --

Jason: Yeah?

Sam: Yes, you know how I said that when Michael got home safe and sound that I wanted to, you know, maybe get a job?

Jason: Yeah, yeah. Did you think about what you might want to do?

Sam: What I know, yeah. Salvage. What else? I mean, come on.

Jason: Salvage? All right. So I guess you'll need a ship, right? So I can get you one -- or I'll loan you the money.

Sam: Thanks.

Jason: Wait a minute. Wait, wait. But if you still want to get pregnant, won't salvage work be kind of strenuous? What are you doing?

Sam: That is exactly what I was hoping you would say.

Jax: Thanks. You were right. Nikolas is registered in the hotel under a different name. His room is 457.

Emily: Ok. Thank you, Jax. I really appreciate this.

Jax: I hope things work out for you.

Emily: Ok. So what do I do now? Do I knock on Nikolas' door or wait for him to call me?

Courtney: You want to know my least favorite thing in the world?

Jax: Ok.

Courtney: Fighting with you. I came back because I love you, Jax. And whatever issues we have, we can work them out. But what I can't do is live without you.

Carly: Hi.

Rachel: Hi.

Carly: Courtney's my best friend. I'll never forgive you for what you did to her.

Rachel: Well, so much for mutual goals.

Carly: At the same time, you told the truth about A.J. being alive, which led to Michael coming home. So -- ahem -- I've decided to give you a reward.

Rachel: Well, that won't be necessary.

Carly: You might reconsider when you hear the details. He's tall, handsome, has sparkling blue eyes. He has money and loves to spend it.

Rachel: You're talking about Jax?

Carly: How would you like to have him for yourself?

Reese: You ok?

Ric: I think I'm the one who's supposed to ask that, right?

Reese: Tomorrow I'll be back in Washington. I'll be starting on a new case. Ugh. But you have a wife and, my God Ric, a baby on the way. I'm so sorry. Do you think maybe you could fix things?

Ric: Wait a minute. Wait. If I thought my marriage was fixable, I wouldn't be here.

Reese: So, what, no regrets?

Ric: Look, I think that we just needed to just drown ourselves, you know, first in scotch and then -- then each other. Ok, on that level, I think the evening was a success.

[Phone rings]

Reese: Excuse me for a sec. It's the airline. Reese Marshall. Uh-huh? Yeah, that's -- that would be fine. Thank you so much for calling. Great. Good night. So they put me on a 6:00 flight in the morning because my flight was canceled.

Ric: All right, I think I should probably go.

Reese: No, no, no, no, no. Don't go yet. Don't go yet. Stay for a little while.

Sonny: Wherever you got this story about Michael, you know, it doesn't matter. It's not true.

Alexis: Stop lying, stop lying. Ric told me the truth. He had to give me some sort of explanation for why he let you go free and why Kristina wasn't protected any longer.

Sonny: Have you told anybody else?

Alexis: Of course not, nor would I. Michael is a sweet little boy and he doesn't deserve any of this, and he's been hurt enough.

Sonny: Michael didn't -- he didn't know what he was doing, Alexis. You know, A.J. traumatized him.

Alexis: There's no excuse for what A.J. did, but the child of a schoolteacher wouldn't have responded the same way that Michael did. A child of a stockbroker or, say, an accountant might have been as confused as Michael, but wouldn't have committed murder. You see, A.J.'s death is on your hands because you taught Michael to kill.

Sonny: Think what you want, but I'm still Kristina’s father.

Alexis: I'm quite aware of that, and I'm also aware of the fact that you refuse to act in her best interest.

Sonny: Well, we both disagree on what's best. I mean, you want me out of Kristina’s life.

Alexis: I want you to change your life for her. I want you to love her enough to do that. I want you to love her enough to keep her safe.

Sonny: No, no, you want everything your own way. You keep, you know, singing this song over and over again about wanting to protect Kristina, but I remember when you were pregnant how many times that you wanted to tell me, and now I know why you didn't -- because I went back to Carly.

Alexis: Oh --

Sonny: No, no, no. And you lied about my child as payback.

Alexis: I lied to you because you're a threat to everyone around you.

Sonny: Yeah, well, but you still slept with me and you hung around, you know, giving me advice and giving me reasons why it's not going to work with Carly. You remember that? Hey, if -- if I hurt you, I am sorry. But I'm not sorry enough to let you keep me from my daughter.

Alexis: Do you honestly think that I would keep a child away from her parent because my feelings were hurt? Do you have any idea how asinine that sounds? Stop trying to alleviate your guilt for who you are and what you do by blaming me for the fact that you are an incompetent parent. And as far as Carly is concerned, I personally think you two are perfect together. I think you belong together and I think you should continue to do your twisted little sick dance until death do you part.

Elizabeth: After your therapy session, Nikolas saw you crumpled up on the floor in tears. He never heard how it helped you, so he thinks you'll be happier without him.

Emily: What, he told you that himself?

Elizabeth: Sound familiar? Nikolas is acting just like you did, keeping his distance to protect you when what you both need is to just be together. You need to go see him, Emily.

Courtney: I understand why you have a problem with Sonny and Carly, I do. But they are my family and they're not going away.

Jax: Well, I never thought that they would.

Courtney: I’m not just putting this on you. I'm not. Sonny, Carly, and everyone else in my life is going to have to respect you and accept you, too. I just want to believe that we can all exist together.

Jax: Yeah, I want to believe that, too.

Courtney: Yeah. Well, then let's go ahead with the wedding.

Rachel: Jax is the love of Courtney’s life. Why would you want to break them up?

Carly: Jax will never make Courtney happy.

Rachel: Well, he's done a pretty good job so far.

Carly: I know, that's what it seems like on the surface, but deep down, Courtney knows it's not working. That's why she's just postponing the wedding.

Rachel: Ok, but weren't there other circumstances?

Carly: Yeah.

Rachel: I mean, your son was kidnapped.

Carly: Yeah, Courtney’s a very supportive aunt and friend but, you know, if Jax and Courtney really wanted to get married, they would've eloped. That's what people do when they really want to get married. Nothing stands in their way.

Rachel: Yeah, you have a point there.

Carly: And Jax is already running Courtney’s life. He's making her choose between him and her family.

Rachel: Meaning you.

Carly: And Sonny, Courtney’s brother, who Jax has hated for years. Believe me, this marriage is doomed before it even starts.

Rachel: Have you told this to Courtney?

Carly: Courtney is stubborn. She just -- when she gets an idea in her head, there's no talking her out of it, and I can't stand by and let this happen.

Rachel: Look, Courtney already thinks that I have it in for her. And now you want me to go trash her engagement? Carly, I'm sorry, but I have to say no.

Carly: Rachel? Do you feel guilty about your part in Michael’s kidnapping?

Rachel: Yes.

Carly: And trying to frame Courtney for murder?

Rachel: Very.

Carly: Well, this is your chance to make up for both those things. And you get a great guy in the meantime. Courtney told me how bad you have it for Jax. This might be your last chance to make that happen.

Rachel: So what happens to Courtney? What, she ends up alone?

Carly: No. Courtney and Jason are the perfect couple. If my plan goes right, Courtney ends up spending the rest of her life with the man she really loves. So what do you say? Are you in?

Rachel: Yes.

Sam: See, if you secretly didn't want me to get pregnant, you would have encouraged me to go back to salvage work, hoping -- hoping --

Jason: Mm-hmm?

Sam: That it would make it harder for me to conceive a child. But you didn't, Jason, you didn’t.

Jason: Which --

Sam: Which means you really do want me to get pregnant.

Jason: Ok, why didn't you just ask me how you felt?

Sam: Really? Come on.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: You would've said exactly what I wanted to hear. Didn't I explain that?

Jason: Ok, this is what I'm going to tell you. I want to have a child with you. Ok? And if you need me to tell you every day, I will.

Sam: Well, I would much rather be doing something about it.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Just let me see who it is. It's Michael. Michael, what's wrong?

Michael: I'm sorry to bother you, Jason, but my mom and dad aren't here and I need to talk to somebody.

Jason: You're alone?

Michael: Max and Leticia are here, but I had a nightmare.

Jason: Ok, buddy, I'll be right there.

Alexis: You don't want to go to sleep? Sweetie, I know you miss Ric. How about we give him a call and you can say good night, ok?

Ric: I should call the airline.

Reese: See if you can get on a different flight?

Ric: Yeah. I'm just not sure I want to.

Reese: You having second thoughts?

Ric: About leaving town. Not about this.

[Knock on door]

Reese: I'll get rid of them.

Ric: Yeah.

Reese: Coming.


Reese: Just a second.

Sonny: Hi.

Reese: Hey.

Sonny: Can I come in? I just -- I just want to talk to you about something.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: You going to -- you going to answer it?

[Phone rings]

Reese: It's no one I want to talk to right now. You know, Sonny, I don't have much time right now. I'm catching a flight to Washington in the morning.

Sonny: Well, I -- I'd like you to reconsider. Everything about us is wrong -- I mean, you know, you being F.B.I., what I do, the whole -- but I -- I just -- I want you in my life.

Michael: Will I go to hell for killing A.J.?

Jason: Michael, no.

Michael: But killing's a mortal sin.

Jason: Well, you didn't understand what you were doing. You couldn’t. There's no way. A.J. messed with your head. He lied to you, he hurt you, he hurt your brother, he hurt your sister, and he hurt everyone who knows and loves you.

Michael: I just wanted him to leave Morgan and Kristina alone. I didn't mean to kill him.

Jason: God knows that, buddy. He knows everything that happened, and he knows how good you are inside. So you don't have to be scared. You're not going to hell. God forgives you. You just have to try to forgive yourself.

Courtney: Ok, so I want to rebook the restaurant for June 3, same menu as we discussed.

Maitre d': Ok.

Courtney: I'm going to call the florist tomorrow. I'm rethinking the centerpieces, but the wedding is going to take place as planned.

Rachel: We can't just trick Jax into thinking that Courtney’s been unfaithful. He's too smart and too loyal for that.

Carly: Trust me; the quickest way to get a man into bed is revenge.

Rachel: Revenge for what?

Carly: Jason sleeping with Courtney.

Rachel: But she isn’t.

Carly: I'll make Jax think she is.

Rachel: Ok. Well, even if Jax believes that Courtney has been unfaithful, I just don't see him running to me for comfort.

Carly: Obviously, you don't understand men.

Rachel: Well, enlighten me.

Carly: Well, here's an example. Sonny knows I'm interested in someone else, and even though we're divorced, he hates it. So what does he do? He jumps into bed with the nearest warm body.

Rachel: Ok, that's too much information. But, yeah, I get your point.

Carly: All we have to do is convince Jax that Jason’s sleeping with Courtney. Once he buys that, he's all yours.

Reese: I've already made plans to leave, Sonny. In my mind, I'm already gone.

Sonny: You know what? No one would blame you for walking out that door, not even me, but even you have to admit that we got something.

Reese: That doesn't mean that we could make it work.

Sonny: Yeah, well, you can go back to Washington anytime you want to go back there. What I'm saying is I'd like to just try, give us a chance, whatever, you know, I mean --

Reese: So would I.

Sonny: Ah. I didn't even have to work that hard for that. Come over here for a second.

Reese: You know what?

Sonny: What?

Reese: I really have to call Washington and I have to tell them that I'm not coming back.

Sonny: All right.

Reese: And I have to catch my breath.

Sonny: You all right?

Reese: And I have to have a serious conversation with myself. How about dinner on Friday? Is that all right?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, that sounds good.

Reese: Sonny.

Sonny: All right.

Reese: Ok.

Sonny: I'm going to go.

Reese: All right, you go.

Sonny: All right.

Reese: Oh, my God.

Mac: All right, listen, I've got a great idea. Why don't we all get up early, we'll go out to Taylor Ranch, we go horseback riding all morning, and then we go have a picnic under the oak grove by the stream.

Felicia: Oh, that sounds like fun to me.

Maxie: Sounds good to me, too.

Felicia: Georgie?

Georgie: It's Dillon’s birthday tomorrow and he's having a party.

Mac: And you're going to be spending the day with your family.

Georgie: Dad, please.

Mac: Maxie just got home. It's important we spend time together.

Maxie: Dad, no, you know what, it's ok. We could go riding on another day.

Georgie: There. See?

Mac: I'm not going to postpone a family outing because of Dillon’s birthday.

Maxie: Yeah, but Dillon’s going to film school in the fall and these are, like, the last few months that Georgie has to spend with him.

Mac: Georgie's spent enough time with Dillon. It's about time she started thinking about someone else.

Georgie: Mom?

Felicia: Well, I'd kind of like to have you spend the day with us.

Maxie: Ok, how much fun is it going to be if Georgie wants to be someplace else? So why don't you just let her go to Dillon’s party, and we could go riding on Saturday and really have a good time.

Mac: Ok, fine, you can spend --

Georgie: Yes, dad! You are awesome! Thank you so much!

Mac: You know what? You need to thank your sister.

Georgie: Thanks, mom. It is so good to have you home.

Alexis: She misses Ric. I thought maybe you could fill in for a little bit?

Jax: What's an honorary uncle for? I love spending time with Kristina.

Alexis: You have a positive attitude all the time, which is why people are so drawn to you.

Jax: That, and I'm always good for a stuffed animal. Look at this, Kristina. Look what I have! This is your very own magic pony. Her name is Sugarplum. Here, you take her. I'll tell you the story of Sugarplum. When you dream, Sugarplum will take you anywhere you want to go. She will take you to the highest mountains, all the way up the sky, where you can play hopscotch on the clouds. And then when you get tired, you climb right back on Sugarplum right there, sit right there, you climb back on Sugarplum, and she'll take you all the way back home. Because that's the best magic of all -- the kind that brings the people that you love together.

Reese: I must be crazy, agreeing to stay here to be with Sonny.

Ric: You can always back out if you think it's a mistake.

Reese: It's too late. I can't walk away from Sonny.

Ric: Then I wish you the best.

Reese: Thanks. Ric, what happened between us tonight --?

Ric: No, no, listen -- as far as I'm concerned, we were two people that were reaching out for comfort. Ok, what happened between us is -- nobody ever needs to know.

Reese: If Sonny found out, he would see it as a betrayal by the both of us.

Ric: Mm-hmm. Oh, yeah.

Reese: So what do I tell him?

Ric: No, no, no, no, no. No. No, I don't want to -- I don't want to do anything to jeopardize your relationship with Sonny -- or mine, for that matter. I mean, not that there is one, but at least it's been moving forward, and I'd like it to keep it that way.

Reese: Then I guess this is our secret.

Ric: Tonight never happened.

Jason: Hey. Michael -- Michael had a nightmare.

Sonny: What?

Jason: Yeah, he -- uh -- he asked me if he was going to go to hell for killing A.J. You know, I did my best to calm him down.

Sonny: Is he still -- is he still awake?

Jason: No, no, he fell asleep a little while ago, but he needs help, Sonny. I hate to even say it, but maybe you should, you know, think about a therapist.

Sonny: Michael doesn't need a shrink; he needs his family. I'm sorry that I wasn't there.

Jason: Well, Carly told me what happened.

Sonny: Ok, she barged in, right? Reese and I were in the bedroom, ok, and you know how Carly would react. She started talking a lot of garbage and drove Reese away.

Jason: Well, does that surprise you?

Sonny: Well, you know what; it's typical Carly, right? Then I went to Reese’s hotel room, ok, to tell her that I didn't want her to leave Port Charles. Jason, ok, like it or not, she's -- I know she's an F.B.I. agent, but she's --

Jason: Does it --

Sonny: No, but she's a good person, ok? I need that right now, especially with what I'm going through. Carly and I, we fought, ok, like we used to fight, and I can't -- I can't do that anymore, man. I'm not going to go down that road again.

Alexis: She went to sleep in about 30 seconds, and she wouldn't let go of that pony.

Jax: She's a sweetheart. You're doing a really good with her, you know.

Alexis: I didn't do a very good job tonight. I couldn't settle her down because I was a bit of a mess myself.

Jax: Why, what's going on?

Alexis: I seem to have driven another one away.

Jax: Oh, Alexis, he'll be back. No man is crazy enough to let you go. Take me, for example. We were just married for convenience, and I still can't get enough of you.

Alexis: Yeah, well, you and I didn't marry for love, and I'm starting to think maybe that's the way to go.

Jax: I assumed that you and Ric were happy.

Alexis: We were.

Jax: Hey. Hey.

Ric: Thanks.

Reese: Good night.

Ric: Night. Yeah, I guess there's nothing much more to say but that, right? Yeah. Hey -- um -- you know, I know I said that I wouldn't say anything about what happened, and I won't, but I'm not going to forget what went on between us.

Reese: Neither will I.

Ric: If you ever need anything, you know --

Reese: Same here. Ric --

Ric: Me, too.

Jason: All I'm saying is we've been down this road before. Reese is a fed. We would all be better off if she was back in Washington.

Sonny: Is that your way of telling me to let her go, Jason?

Jason: I'm not going to tell you what to do, Sonny.

Sonny: Well, you're saying that if I'm with Reese, it's going to make Carly crazy.

Jason: Well, of course that's going to happen.

Sonny: Well, I can't live my life around what Carly wants. I mean, we've been fighting too long. All we do now is figure out ways to hurt each other. I can't go down there. You know what? We were married. We had a great time. It was great together, but we're done. And nothing Carly’s going to do is going to change that.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: I finally understand there's no coming back from what Connor Bishop did.

Alexis: I'm here about the divorce. Is this really it?

Rachel: They look really happy.

Carly: Are you clear on what to do?

Jason: Michael needs help.

Sam: Sonny and Carly.

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