GH Transcript Monday 5/23/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/23/05



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Georgie: So what do you think? Do you think it was a good idea to do our little Vegas honeymoon elopement?

Dillon: Well, I can't believe I got suckered into another Spencer scheme. That's fun.

Georgie: That's it?

Dillon: Well, telling off my mom and letting her know how we feel did feel pretty good.

Georgie: Yeah, it did.

Dillon: I meant every word of it, you know. And just because I'm going to film school doesn't mean that my feelings will change.

Tracy: The only way you're getting to film school is if you prove you're a cameraman right here in this house.

Dillon: Oh, that's ominous.

Tracy: I want a divorce from Luke. It is your job to get a picture of him cheating with Skye.

Skye: What are you doing here?

Luke: Just because I'm married to Tracy doesn't mean I intend to be faithful to her.

Skye: Oh, well, that's a nice, jaded attitude.

Luke: I'm in this for the money and you know it. So to deaden the pain of calling Tracy my wife, I've decided to commit adultery -- with you.

Ric: Sonny Corinthos is perfectly capable of killing almost anyone to protect his children. No doubt about it. But he did not kill A.J. Quartermaine.

Sonny: Ric, Ric, don't do this.

Justus: Sonny, you can't --

Sonny: Don't do --

Ric: Sonny, the truth has got to come out.

Judge: Mr. Corinthos, take your seat or you'll be restrained.

Jason: No, no, no -- Carly, Carly, Carly, don't --

Carly: I got to stop Ric from telling about Michael.

Jason: Just -- just give Ric a second.

Ric: For you to return a verdict of guilty, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Sonny Corinthos -- and he only -- entered A.J. Quartermaine's room the night of April 25 and smothered him. The prosecution has failed to prove its case and therefore, you must find Sonny Corinthos not guilty.

[Gallery buzzes]

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Quiet. Order in this court!

John: Objection.

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Dillon: Mom, get your own pictures.

Tracy: Sweetheart, Luke and Skye will see me coming a mile away. They trust you. They'll let their guard down.

Georgie: Do you expect Dillon to betray his friends?

Tracy: It is your only way to save your film career.

Georgie: By doing something as sleazy as spying?

Tracy: Dillon, Luke tricked me into marrying him, aided and abetted by you, I might add. This is your chance to redeem yourself, sweetheart.

Dillon: Mom, Luke and Skye don't get busy in front of me, ok?

Tracy: Use your imagination.

Dillon: Ew.

Tracy: You used it to get into film school. You can use it to get behind their closed doors.

Dillon: No, I can't do -- no, I can't do this, ok?

Tracy: You can't do it? Ok, let me think about this. Um -- a life of glamour and achievement, a life in the E.L.Q. mailroom -- hmm, tough decision.

Dillon: I'll get what you want.

Luke: Now, what do you want to go and do that for?

Skye: The more clothes between us the better.

Luke: Ok, but here are the rules -- what you put on, I get to take off.

Skye: Oh! Go away.

Luke: You don't mean that.

Skye: Yes, I do, Luke. I want you to go right now. I want you and your huge ego out that door.

Luke: Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?

Skye: Were you not paying attention downstairs? I told you I am involved with Lorenzo Alcazar.

Luke: Well, what yours and mine don't know isn't going to hurt them.

Skye: Luke --

Luke: Come on, think about how exciting it'll be. Illicit love, sneaking around, the danger of getting caught at any moment.

Skye: I told you -- I am done with you and your ridiculous capers, ok? I am a changed woman.

Luke: Then prove it. Throw me out.

Skye: In a minute, I will.

John: The jury has been prejudiced by D.A. Lansing's grandstanding. I move for an immediate mistrial.

Ric: The jury has a right to know that according to the laws of the state of New York, the prosecution has failed to prove its case.

Judge: You include yourself in that statement.

Ric: Yes, your honor, I understand that.

Judge: While it is highly unorthodox, it is not technically illegal for the prosecutor to argue in favor of acquittal.

John: The prosecuting team is expected to be in agreement, not working at cross-purposes.

Ric: You should remember that.

Judge: Objection overruled. D.A. Lansing will be allowed to continue his summation.

Ric: Thank you, your honor.

John: You'd better turn this thing around or you can kiss your legal career goodbye.

Ric: The jury has a right to know the truth, Durant. What are you afraid of?

John: I'm going to bury you, Lansing.

Alexis: You can still stop this -- for Kristina and for us.

Ric: I know what I'm doing.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Court is back in session. Mr. Lansing, you may continue.

Ric: Thank you, your honor.  Before I continue, I would like to acknowledge the fact that though this seems highly irregular, there is a purpose. That is why we are here. As Mr. Durant so aptly and passionately expressed in his final summation, we are here because we value justice. We're also here because we need to uncover the truth. My co-counsel for the prosecution has made much of the fact that Mr. Corinthos here has confessed, when the fact is that fully 40% of all defendants charges in criminal proceedings initially confess and then later recant, and then many of those are found innocent, but I digress. People confess for many different reasons. Some confess because they are pressured by the police or because they feel guilty for hating someone or wishing them ill will. Others confess for the reasons that Mr. Corinthos did -- to protect someone else. In this case, it was Mr. Corinthos' son Michael. When Michael Corinthos was subpoenaed, he was in the throes of a posttraumatic stress. The child could not speak and he had difficulty distinguishing between dreams and reality. The boy had been traumatized for months. So Mr. Corinthos confessed -- to protect his child from further anguish. I'm sure those of you who are parents would've done the very same thing. A case built on questionable confession and no corroborating evidence should be withdrawn. This particular case went forward because John Durant was so eager to prosecute. He was willing to imply that his own daughter, Carly Corinthos, had killed A.J. Quartermaine to draw Mr. Corinthos out and pressure him to confess.  This has not been a murder trial. This has been an exercise in intimidation on the part of a man who simply just doesn't like his ex-son-in-law. He's so determined to keep Sonny Corinthos away from his daughter that he was willing to put his own grandson on the witness stand and badger him and bully him to the point where he would incriminate his own father. But it didn't work. Little Michael Corinthos stood up.  Stood up for his father, and he stood up to John Durant.  You all have that opportunity now. You have the opportunity to uphold the law, to show that this case has not been proven, and to acquit Sonny Corinthos with a verdict of not guilty.

Ric: Thank you.

Judge: Is the defense prepared to give its closing arguments?

Justus: D.A. Lansing's statement is complete, your honor. The defense rests.

Brook Lynn: You're late.

Diego: How do you know who this is?

Brook Lynn: Um -- I'm sorry, but don't you think I would know my own boyfriend? Ok.

Diego: What do you think? Nice, huh? And this.

Brook Lynn: Ok, so what happened to you?

Diego: Oh, my father took me shopping. You like it?

Brook Lynn: So, who is this? What did you do with Diego?

Ned: Your secretary said you'd be here. Let me guess -- you're meeting Courtney after the trial.

Jax: You been following Sonny's trial?

Ned: Yeah. No matter what I thought of A.J., he was my cousin, my family, and I want to know who killed him.

Jax: Mm-hmm. And what if it was Sonny? Do you think that he should pay?

Ned: If Sonny did do it, he acted as a protective father. But I would also argue that A.J. did what he did because he was acting as a protective father. The whole thing's a tragedy.

Jax: Yeah, Sonny could end up spending the rest of his life in prison.

Ned: Ironic, isn't it? After all the crimes that Sonny's gotten away with over the years, the one crime that may trip him up was one that was committed for the purist motive.

Jax: Yeah, well, I've stopped caring about what Sonny does and why.

Ned: Unless, of course, it affects Courtney.

Jax: Yeah, you know, no matter what she does to try to distance herself from her brother, she just gets pulled right back in.

Judge: If you find the evidence inconclusive or have any doubt as to the guilt of the accused, you must acquit. You may begin your deliberations. Court is in recess.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Carly: What is Ric trying to pull?

Courtney: I don't know. Maybe he realized that A.J. had done enough damage, and making Sonny or anyone pay for his death would give A.J. power he doesn't deserve.

Sam: Hopefully Ric has convinced the jury.

Courtney: Yeah.

John: Go ahead; congratulate your brother on a job well done. Kiss, kiss. Hug, hug. I'm sure the jury will see this farce for what it is -- a trial thrown by a corrupt D.A.

Sonny: Thank you.

Ric: We both know you were innocent.

Sonny: No matter how it turns out, I'm grateful.

Alexis: Congratulations.

Ric: I did what I thought was right.

Alexis: You did what you thought would gain acceptance from Sonny. Well done. You are now officially Sonny's brother.

Georgie: Dillon, I cannot believe that you are going to take a picture of Luke and Skye in a compromising position.

Dillon: I'm not.

Georgie: Dillon, hello? We are standing -- we are standing outside of Skye’s bedroom lurking!

Dillon: I know. I'm just going through the motions so my mom will sign the tuition check.

Georgie: She's waiting for a picture.

Dillon: She's going to get a picture of Luke and Skye just standing around doing nothing, and I'll say that I couldn't prove that they were cheating.

Georgie: Ok, and what if your mom finds out? What if she finds out that you tricked her?

Dillon: He's doing this for the alimony. That's it.

Georgie: I know -- so that he can get back the money that she stole from the Cassadines. I know.

Dillon: I know, but I'm saying that he's not going to jeopardize all that by fooling around with Skye on his first night being married. He's not. Ok?

Georgie: Ok.

Dillon: All right.

[Skye gasps]

Brook Lynn: So you don't want Alcazar in your life, and then one day you just wake up and go on a shopping spree?

Diego: No, he -- you know, he's trying. He wants to get to know me.

Brook Lynn: I know, but by buying you? Come on.

Diego: He's got money. If he wants to spend some of it on me, it's no big deal.

Brook Lynn: Ok, so, what else did he buy you, a Mercedes?

Diego: No -- a Porsche.

Brook Lynn: Oh.

Diego: Look, it's parked across the street. Look.

Brook Lynn: Come on -- no, please, Diego.

Diego: What?

Brook Lynn: Come on, you haven't sold out completely?

Diego: Wait a second; you were the one who told me to give my father a chance, right?

Brook Lynn: Yeah -- by spending time with him, not money.

Diego: But we're doing that.

Brook Lynn: No, Diego -- ah --

Diego: Ok, look, look --

Brook Lynn: No, you don't even get this.

Diego: Look, do you want to go for a ride; have dinner outside the city?

Brook Lynn: No, I don't -- I don't want to go for a ride.

Diego: Ok.

Brook Lynn: Come on, I don't even know you anymore. You're like a look-alike from some parallel universe or something.

Diego: Why, why, because I'm not poor anymore?

Brook Lynn: You -- you're from the streets. You know, it was me and you against the world. I defended you in front of my parents, but for what? For what? Because why?

Diego: Because you wanted to get back at them, to be with someone they disapproved of.

Brook Lynn: No, Diego -- no, that's not true.

Diego: Admit it, Brook.

Brook Lynn: No, it's not --

Diego: Admit it, Brook --

Brook Lynn: No, it's not!

Diego: You wanted to drive them crazy, ok? It was about getting back at them. It was never about me.

Brook Lynn: That's not true.

Diego: Look, you expect me to stay frozen in time and be the person I used to be when you met me. That's not happening, ok? This is who I am now, and if you don't like it, no big loss.

Ned: Lorenzo Alcazar has managed to acquire 30% of E.L.Q.

Jax: How did that happen?

Ned: Well, unfortunately, there hasn't been any real leadership over at E.L.Q. for a while now.

Jax: I thought your mother was running the joint.

Ned: My point exactly.

Jax: So Alcazar's planning a takeover?

Ned: He's asked for a board meeting the first week of June. Now, if the Quartermaines are going to stop him, we need the support of E.L.Q.'S second-biggest outside shareholder.

Jax: And that would be me?

Ned: Can we count on you?

Jax: You know, to tell you the truth, I don't really like Alcazar.  I have no use for him so you can count on me to vote against him.

Ned: Do I detect some bad blood between the two of you?

Jax: Well, Courtney had a bad experience with the man, and I simply don't trust him.

Ned: Well, if I were you, I'd be more worried about her family ties. I mean, between brother Sonny and best friend Carly --

Jax: Yeah.

Ned: Courtney will always be linked to your least favorite people.

Jax: Yeah, I've thought about that.

Ned: You know, I'm having a really hard time picturing you, Courtney, and the Corinthoses --

Jax: Oh --

Ned: Celebrating birthday celebrations and holidays together.

Jax: Thanks, Ned. Yeah. Not to mention Courtney running down to the PCPD every time Sonny gets arrested for some silly little thing. Then, of course, there's Carly’s constant drama.

Ned: Are you sure you're ready to get married to her?

Jax: I don't know. I think that Courtney and I have to have a little talk, you know, find out exactly where her family ranks on her list of priorities.

Courtney: You know, the jury could take hours to deliberate. Why don't you let me take you home?

Carly: You know what? I think I'm going to stick around. Plus, I think the jury is going to be quick.

Courtney: Yeah, I should probably find Jax.

Carly: Go ahead. Go ahead, if you want.

Courtney: You know, all I'd be doing is worrying about the verdict. I'd rather stay here and keep you company.

Carly: Thanks. My stomach's been doing somersaults all day, and the waiting is driving me crazy.

Courtney: I'll stay here as long as you need me, ok? I just hope Jax understands.

Carly: He will, he will. Please, you're family. We're your family. His family's always been so important to him. It'll be ok with him.

Alexis: Durant was on the verge of getting a conviction when you threw the case.

Ric: Durant's case was based on nothing more than speculation and innuendo.

Alexis: Isn't that for a jury to decide?

Ric: Alexis, there was no real evidence. My closing statement was accurate.

Alexis: Why don't you just admit it? Admit that you wanted Sonny to go free.

Ric: I do not believe that Sonny killed A.J.

Alexis: That wasn't my question.

Ric: All right. Yes. I wanted Sonny to go free.

Sonny: How did you know Ric was going to try to exonerate me?

Reese: I didn't believe he'd want to send you to prison for a crime you didn't commit.

Sonny: Ric and I have a complicated history. I would've -- I would've bet he would have, you know?

Reese: He cares about Michael -- and you, too.

Sonny: Watch yourself here because --

John: This latest breach of ethics --

Reese: Mm-hmm.

John: This is the one that's going to cost you your badge.

Reese: I was assigned to investigate A.J.'s murder and I did.

John: You twisted the facts like everyone else to protect Sonny.

Reese: Or maybe you twisted them to make Sonny look guilty.

John: He is. Let me tell you something --

Sonny: Hmm?

John: If this jury comes back deadlocked --

Sonny: Mm-hmm?

John: If they come back deadlocked --

Sonny: Yeah?

John: You want me to say it louder for you?

Sonny: Yeah, say it louder.

John: And they can't return a verdict, I fully intend to retry this case in another jurisdiction where you can't pull in favors --

Sonny: Do whatever you got to do.

John: And I'll tell you something else -- I will put Michael back on the stand, and I will make that little boy tell the world --

Carly: Do not get within 10 feet of Michael or anyone else in my family ever again!  I wish I had never come looking for you. I was looking for a father who would care about me and my children!

John: Carly -- Carly, I do care about you. What you don't understand is that everything I do is for you.

Carly: You're a liar, John! You will do anything for a win no matter how despicable. I'm ashamed to know you, and I will never forgive you for any of this, especially for putting Michael on the stand. I am going to make it my business to ruin your life, just like you tried to ruin Michael’s.

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you're -- you're threatening me after I put my career on the line to protect you and your sons from this dirtbag that you married?

Carly: Ok, I never asked you for your so-called help!

John: Oh, yes, you did. Yes, you did. When you came looking for me, you were crying out for help, and I answered. I answered big and I continue to do so. But once again you choose Sonny over me, over a safe and decent life for you and your children. You should be ashamed of you, yourself -- that's who you should be ashamed of, not me, and let me tell you something else. You turn a blind eye once, that's naive. Turn a blind eye twice, that's hope. You do it again and again and again, and, Carly, you deserve what you get.

Carly: Ok.

Sonny: Hey, Carly? You ok?

Carly: No -- yeah, no -- you know what? You were right. I don't need a father in my life. Ok? My life is a whole lot better without John in it.

Bailiff: Take your seats, please. The jury has reached a verdict.

Luke: Why are you putting your clothes back on?

Skye: Oh, hello. Dillon just took a picture of us, Luke. You need to go after him.

Luke: What, and spoil this magical mood?

Skye: Oh -- you need to stop Dillon before he shows Tracy that picture!

Luke: Oh, baby, do that hair-flip thing again.

Skye: Oh! First of all, it was a mistake to kiss you.

Luke: You didn't think that five minutes ago.

Skye: I got a little carried away.

Luke: Well, let me carry you away, baby.

Skye: Oh. Second of all, I am not sleeping with you now or ever!

Luke: You want to make a small wager on that?

Skye: Ugh! And third -- and most important -- you will not be getting a dime of alimony from Tracy, ok -- much less getting back that fortune she stole from the Cassadines -- if she can prove that you're unfaithful.

Luke: Well, I haven't been --

Skye: What --

Luke: Yet.

Skye: Dillon's probably showing her the picture as we speak!

Luke: Nah.

Skye: Luke, listen to me. Dillon's dream of his entire life is to be a film director, ok? If Tracy doesn't pay for his tuition, he's going to lose his place in class this year, which means his whole dream will go up in smoke. So I ask you, what's more important to Dillon, hmm? His loyalty to us or his dream to be a director? You better stop him, or you're going to be married to that barracuda for nothing.

Luke: Since you put it like that -- Dillon? Dillon!

Georgie: Dillon? You have to get rid of that picture. Thank God that's a digital camera -- you can delete the image.

Tracy: What image would that be?

Georgie: It's something personal between me and Dillon.

Dillon: Yeah.

Tracy: May I see it?

Dillon: Uh --

Georgie: No.

Dillon: Uh-uh.

Georgie: Far too embarrassing.

Dillon: Intimate, intimate stuff, really.

Tracy: Well, not only is your girlfriend a really bad liar, you have that deer-in-the-headlights look that I know so well. You have the dirt on Luke and Skye, hand it over.

Luke: Don't do it!

Judge: Have you reached a verdict?

Foreman: Yes, we have, your honor.

Judge: Will the defendant please rise?

Foreman: In the matter of the people of the state of New York vs. Michael Corinthos Jr. in the death of A.J. Quartermaine, on the charge of second-degree murder, the jury finds the defendant not guilty.

[Gallery buzzes]

John: You will pay for this.

Carly: Thank God it's over.

Tracy: It's too late; you've been caught in the act.

Luke: Don't listen to her. Make your own choice.

Tracy: He did. My darling son and I have a mutually beneficial agreement, don't we, darling?

Luke: Do the right thing, Dillon. Hand me the camera.

Tracy: What is that expression – “The truth shall set you free”? I'm going to take that picture to my divorce lawyer. I get a divorce; you get nothing.

Luke: Don't listen to her; don't cave in to her blackmail. Be a man, stand up, give me the camera.

Tracy: Sweetheart, don't even think about it.

Skye: Don't give in to fear.

Tracy: Oh, he's not afraid of his mother.

Dillon: Are you kidding?

Skye: Once you let yourself become intimidated, it becomes a vicious cycle. One day you're going to wake up and you're going to realize, "I'm not living the life that I was meant to, I'm living the life that Tracy chose for me."

Tracy: One day he's going to wake up with an academy award in his hands, and he's going to thank God that didn't listen to your drivel. Now hand me the camera.

Georgie: Ok, ok, that's it. Leave Dillon alone.

Tracy: Whoa! Do not shove me, or I will have you charged with assault.

Georgie: Dillon and I are not going to cave to your threats.

Tracy: Sweetheart, give me the camera, you're on your way to Hollywood, away from this pathetic town and these ridiculous people!

Georgie: Dillon, follow your heart. You can make your dream of film school come true some way, somehow, but somehow selling out to Tracy is not the way.

Tracy: Oh, traitor!

Luke: Hero. Oh, what a standup guy.

Tracy: With a film career that just went up in smoke.

Luke: Don't you be so hard on the boy, spanky buns. He's only trying to preserve our matrimonial bliss -- which shall continue, I swear to God, until you cough over that cash or until one of us drops dead. I really don't care which happens first.

Michael: What happened?

Sonny: I was found not guilty.

[Carly laughs]

Michael: That's great!

Carly: It's over!

Michael: I'm glad you're ok.

Carly: We never have to worry about it ever again.

Michael: I'm just glad you're ok.

Sonny: And you know what?

[Carly laughs]

Sonny: You know who helped me out?

Michael: Who?

Sonny: Reese, Ric. But you know who helped me out most of all?

Michael: Who?

Sonny: You and your mama.

Ric: There you go, Jack.

Jack: Thank you.

Ric: Thank you.

Alexis: I don't know why I waited. I guess I just wanted to know why.

Ric: I had to tell the truth.

Alexis: The truth is a very blurry concept when Sonny is involved.

Ric: It was clear in this case.

Alexis: What's clear is where your loyalties lie -- not with my daughter, and not with me.

Ric: We can still have a life together, Alexis.

Alexis: It appears that you've taken away that chance.

Ric: You know what? Just because you issue an ultimatum doesn't mean you have to go through with it. Now, we can go home, and we can have dinner with Kristina. We can put her to bed. We can sit around all night and argue about names for our baby. We can forget that this day ever existed, and we can start to focus on our future together. That's what I want, and I hope with all of my heart that that's what you want, too.

Sonny: Go on.

Michael: What's up?

Jason: Hey! What's up? Oh!

Carly: Hey!

Sam: Hey!

Carly: What should we do to celebrate?

Michael: We could go out on the boat, and we could ride the carousel. We could eat pizza. We could have ice cream!

Sam: Wow.

Carly: Ok. All right, take it easy. All right, we're going to -- let's just pick one.

Michael: Ok.

Carly: Let's pick one thing.

Michael: Everyone gets a vote.

Jason: Everyone does?

Michael: Yep.

Jason: Ok.

Michael: Jason, what do you want to do?

Jason: Oh. Thank you.


Jason: I think I'll pick something boring like the park.

Carly: How about we go to that -- how about we go to that movie about the relationship between the boy --

Michael: Sorry, no relationships.

Jason: I'm not going to any relationship movie.

Sam: No, that's the last thing --

Michael: Yes.

Jason: Ever.

Michael: Action movies we can go to, but --

Reese: I'm sorry to interrupt.

Sonny: No, I -- I asked you to come over here because I just wanted -- I didn't get a chance to properly thank you in the courtroom, you know? I'm a -- well, I'm a -- I'm a free man because of you.

Reese: Well, a lot of people helped you, Sonny -- Ric --

Sonny: Well, Ric -- look, what Ric -- how he stood up for me, I could've never anticipated. I'm grateful for that. But, I mean, you -- you made all this happen, you know. You helped Michael through everything and, I mean, for whatever reason, he trusted you when he wouldn't trust anybody.

Reese: I've had experience dealing with trauma.

Sonny: Yeah, I know, I know, I know, but, you know, you knew that he was going through a terrible thing and, you know, he was keeping this secret. And then when I wanted to confess to protect Michael, you refused to let that happen, so --

Reese: I couldn't let you go to prison.

Sonny: I'd have died in prison. So I guess, you know, you saved my life, in a sense.

Reese: Maybe I -- maybe I just wasn't ready to say goodbye.

Sonny: Yeah, maybe I'm not ready to say goodbye.

Sam: I think that Jason had the best idea -- whoa, whoa, whoa. You had a good idea -- we should go to the playground, check out the new construction, have fun there. I know it might not sound like a lot of fun, but we could have fun.

Michael: It actually sounds better than a movie, doesn't it, mom?

Carly: Yeah. It does. Much better.

Michael: Hey, dad has to go, too. Where'd he go?

Carly: Oh -- hmm, I don't know. All right, well, you guys go ahead, and then I'll --

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: I'll get your dad and we'll be there.

Sam: Ok. Come on.

Jason: Come on.

Sam: Let's go, sport.

Michael: Hey. See you later, ma.

Carly: Bye.

Dillon: You look how I feel.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, um -- guys, think I just broke up with Diego.

Georgie: What? What happened?

Brook Lynn: I don’t know. It's like he went on this shopping spree, right, and in eight hours flat -- I'm serious -- he turned from the guy that I know and love to some poser that I don't even know anymore.

Dillon: Wow.

Brook Lynn: What happened to you?

Dillon: Me? Uh -- well, in those same eight hours, I managed to throw my entire film career down the drain.

Brook Lynn: Wait, you're not going to film school?

Dillon: No. I'm pretty much staying in Port Charles for eternity.

Brook Lynn: Um, sorry, but why are you smiling?

Dillon: Yeah. Is there some good news that you should maybe tell us about, because that would be really nice.

Diego: Are you lost?

Maxie: No. I've just been away for a while, and it's good to be back.

Diego: Well, how long is "a while"?

Maxie: Since September.

Diego: September? Wow. Well, a lot's changed since then.

Maxie: It has?

Diego: Mm-hmm. You know, my car is parked across the street. Maybe I could drive you around.

Maxie: And what, show me the sights?

Diego: Well, there's a new bakery on Fifth and Main, and the movie theater on Lincoln was torn down. You know, these are things you need to know, right?

Maxie: Oh, we only have one problem.

Diego: What's that?

Maxie: I don't get into cars with boys I don't know.

Diego: Ok. I'm Diego. And you are?

Maxie: Maxie.

Diego: Nice to meet you, Maxie.

 [Phone rings]

Woman: Jasper Jacks Enterprises.

Courtney: Hey, Sheila, it's Courtney. Look, I'm here at the park and I'm trying to make some wedding decisions and I need Jax’s opinion, but he's -- he's not picking up his cell phone. Do you know where he is?

Sheila: At the Metro Court. He asked me to clear his schedule, so I assume he's planning something romantic.

Courtney: Really? Do you know what it is?

Sheila: No, and I wouldn't tell if I did.

Courtney: Oh, ok. Well, I guess I'll just have to find out for myself. You know, Jax loves to surprise me.

Rachel: Hi. I'm just meeting a colleague, but I thought I'd give you a quick hello, so --

Jax: Well, I'm glad you did.

Rachel: Really? So you don't completely despise me?

Jax: A.J. was a master manipulator so, no, I don't despise you.

Rachel: Oh, that's a -- that's a big weight off my mind.

Jax: You have a minute?

Rachel: Um -- well, yeah, my colleague's not here yet.

Jax: Why don't you join me?

John: Richard Lansing has no respect for the law. His only loyalty is to his brother, Sonny Corinthos. Time and again, D.A. Lansing has shown a flagrant disregard for the law, and that is way I'm calling upon the mayor to remove Richard Lansing from his position as district attorney, effective immediately.

Alexis: I don't want to lose you. But I don't really see what choice I have.

Ric: There's always a choice, right? You made a choice when you made that deal with the devil and conspired with Durant to go after Sonny. You acted first and you regretted it later. Just don't ever do it again. I'm not going to leave you, Alexis. You're going to have to be the one to leave me. Now, I know you have no problem doing that. But you need to ask yourself, is that what's best for all of us?

Sam: Oh, wow!

Jason: Ooh, he caught it, too. Throw it back. Good one!

Sam: Good job!

Michael: Here it comes, Morgan.

Jason: You are getting strong.

[Michael laughs]

Jason: Go ahead, throw it back. One more. Give it to him. Throw it. There you go!

Michael: Yeah!

Jason: Good job. You play catch with your brother.

Michael: Yep.

Sam: You are really great with the boys.

Jason: Yeah, I love being with them.

Sam: You're going to be a wonderful father someday -- hopefully soon.

Jason: Wow.

[Sam giggles]

Carly: Where'd Sonny disappear to, Enzo?

Enzo: I'm not sure.

Carly: But he's in the house.

Carly: Did Sonny get a call?

Enzo: No.

Carly: Then what? Did he have a meeting?

Enzo: Sort of.

Carly: With who? Michael wanted you to join us at the -- oops. Looks like I'm interrupting.

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