GH Transcript Wednesday 5/11/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/11/05



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Emily: Arrest this bitch. Get my husband out of prison.

Helena: What are you arresting me for? Being alive?

Lucky: Well, you kidnapped Emily, for starters.

Mac: You also shot one of my officers twice, right, Lucky?

Lucky: Yeah, in the gut.

Emily: There has to be some law against what she did to Nikolas.

Luke: You lose, muffin.

Lucky: You know what?  Before the night's over, Nikolas is going to be released from prison and back with Emily. It's ok.

Lorenzo: Know what, we can't waste any time. Get the boys at Sonny's, but don't let on that anything unusual is happening. I need to get us across the border. I've already arranged for transportation from Quebec to Venezuela.

Carly: Lorenzo --

Lorenzo: With new identities, you won't have to stand trial; Michael will never have to testify against you. You'll have a life; we'll have a life.

Carly: I can't believe what you've done for me and the boys --

Lorenzo: Just got to figure out how to get Diego down there. But I'm willing to give up everything I've built here, Carly, in order to keep you safe.

Carly: Lorenzo, we can't go away with you.

Jason: There is just no way that this should've happened. Michael is an innocent kid. A.J. was screwing with his mind. I should've taken him --

Sonny: It's not his fault! It's not his fault! He didn't teach that little kid to be a killer. I did that.

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Luke: Yeah, it seems to all be here. Your Achilles' heel, my sweet -- cold, hard cash. That was a smooth move, by the way, disposing of the tracking device.

Lucky: Yeah, there it was on Rain Tree Road, right around the corner. Didn't take much to figure out where you'd bring Emily, being the sadistic witch that you are.

Helena: The scene of the crime. Isn't that right, Emily? Your crime against Nikolas? My grandson may be free, but what you did in this room will keep you locked up in this prison for the rest of your life.

Mac: Ok, come on, let's go.

Luke: Scorpio? How about a little quid pro quo here for my helping you snag the Marquis de Sade?

Mac: Depends on what you want, Luke.

Luke: It's simple. I'd just like a few minutes to take her for a little stroll in the woods; give her a personal goodbye.

Mac: Yeah, I'd love to, but if we're going to get Nikolas out, I've got to show a judge Helena alive and in one piece.

Luke: Maybe next time. It's not that I don't trust him, but I don't trust him.

Lucky: It's ok, Em, it's over, and Nikolas is going to be home in a few hours.

Emily: And then what do I do?

Carly: I could handle being a fugitive, but I can't do that to my boys.

Lorenzo: You'll be able to stay in their lives. Doesn't that take precedence?

Carly: It feels too much like what A.J. just did to Michael. I don't want to teach my children to be afraid. I don't want to teach them to pretend they're someone they're not. I can't do that to Michael.

Lorenzo: It's a way of keeping them safe.

Carly: Michael needs to heal. He doesn't need his life turned inside out again.

Lorenzo: What kind of life is Michael going to have if he sends his mother to prison? How's he going to heal from that?

Carly: It's -- it's all going to be over. It's not going to be a problem. They're going to find who really killed A.J. and it's going to be done.

Lorenzo: Well, then take your sons into hiding until they find A.J.ís murderer.

Carly: Ok, I just finished convincing him that I didn't kill A.J. If I take him and run from this trial, he's going to think I'm guilty all over again.

Lorenzo: You'll do whatever you have to do to protect your sons, Carly. Why won't you take this chance for them, if not for us? Oh. That's it. This is not so much about Michael and Morgan as it is about Sonny.

Carly: I can't take my boys away from their father. Lorenzo, you are such an amazing man for doing all this. I'll take my chances in Port Charles. But thank you.

Lorenzo: One of us is a fool.

Sonny: I'm a hell of a role model. My son watched me, learned my personal code of ethics. When someone hurts you; you hurt them back. When someone threatens the people you love; you make them pay. Parents teach from example. I taught mine to kill.

Jason: Sonny, this is not all on you. I didn't do any better for that kid.

Sonny: Well, there's plenty of blame to go around. A.J. hurt Michael. Michael believed that A.J. was a threat to Kristina and Morgan. But, you know, it's very easy to say a man deserved to die, but we're talking about a 9-year-old little boy. "I'm sure daddy -- you know, daddy would do it, Jason would do it." We might as well have put the weapon in his damn hands.

Jason: Listen to me -- you have been a great father. You've done everything you can to protect him from that side of the business.

Sonny: Kids don't miss a beat. Sometimes you don't even realize they're there. They see things, they hear things, and they understand. How can we blame Michael for what we would've done? He just beat us to it.

Jason: There's no changing what Michael did. Sonny, we can't change who we are.

Sonny: Sometimes, Jason, there's a moment in time -- you don't see it coming, sometimes you don't realize how much it's changed your life until later, sometimes years, but it's that -- it's that moment that defines everything from that point on.  The day Joe Scully killed my stepfather, I told him, I said, "Hey, you know, my stepfather beats up my mother and I wish -- I wish he was dead." And then he was. The justice Scully gave to me that day no one's ever given to me. And I've got to tell you, it felt so powerful. That was my moment. The point of no return.

Jason: Yeah, when -- when A.J. drove us into that tree, there was no looking back for either of us. I mean, even if I tried, there was nothing there. You know A.J. -- man, it messed with his head and all, in a whole other way. That was the point of no return. That's -- that's what it's going to be like for Michael if he has to take the stand and then he remembers what he did to A.J.

Sonny: He's just a little boy. He shouldn't have to be dealing with, you know, I mean, matters of life and death, his or anybody elseís. We got to figure out another way to protect him. Yeah. That's what we got to do. Jason? Jason? Protect them both.

Mac: Book her. I'll give you a list of charges, and don't turn your back on her.

Luke: Oh, I was hoping you'd forget that. Feel free to slap her around. She likes it rough.

Helena: Oh, you're so easy to please, Luke. One minor victory and look how happy you are.

Luke: I've been called a cheap date before, baby.

Helena: Before you celebrate, keep this in mind -- Laura may have a hold on your heart, but I have your soul.

Mac: Shut her up.

Helena: Lose me and you'll find yourself as vacant and helpless as that empty shell you used to call your wife.

Mac: I said get her out of here.

Luke: She's going to keep you on your toes, Mac.

Mac: You let me worry about that. And you'd better pray she stays healthy, because if she so much as gets a paper cut --

Luke: Oh, bubba, don't spoil this moment for me.

Ric: Mac? I got your call. I see the phoenix has risen. Oh, don't tell me we have you to thank for that.

Luke: I wish you did have me to thank. No, somebody's been siphoning funds out of the Cassadine accounts, and that's the one thing that gets her knickers in a twist -- messing with her money.

Ric: What do you know about it?

Luke: 15 million bucks, for starts.

Ric: From a Cassadine account? Any idea who did it?

Luke: Whoever it was deserves a medal and this town's eternal gratitude because it scared her enough to make her surface.

Sam: Hey. Well, I thought I would surprise you and put together a new sound system since you love dancing so much.

Jason: How's that going?

Sam: Well --

Jason: So, um -- you have any plans for tonight?

Sam: Tonight? No. Why? Do you have a lead on a suspect or anything? Is Michael ok?

Jason: Well, no, Michael is actually starting to come out of it a little. I got to spend some time with him, and he told me that he is glad to be home.

Sam: Wow. You must be relieved.

Jason: Yes, I am.

Sam: That is good.

Jason: But there's nothing else I could do for him tonight, so I came home. Just wanted to see you.

Lorenzo: Carly, you can pretend you have options, but you donít. If we never find the real killer, it'll be too late for you to escape. Both your sons will be taken away from you, you'll be sent to prison, and Michael will suffer for this all over again.

Carly: You offered to help find the real killer.

Lorenzo: What I'm offering is freedom, a chance for you, me, and your sons. But it all comes back to Sonny.

Carly: He's their father!

Lorenzo: He's the reason you're all fighting for your lives.

Carly: Ok, don't blame him --

Lorenzo: Look, denial doesn't suit you, Carly. It's one step away from stupid, and that's something I know you're not.

Carly: I just won't have you attacking him.

Lorenzo: Carly, open your eyes! Your world is crashing in on you and Sonny is the architect of that collapse. Bullets, bombings, kidnapping your children, enemies like Faith Rosco?

Carly: And you?

Lorenzo: I have never been your enemy. Everything I've done is out of love. But there's never enough because of this insane loyalty you have to Sonny.

Carly: It -- it was my choice, Lorenzo, to spend my life with Sonny. Like it or not, I wouldn't change a minute of it. Divorced or not, Sonny's going to be a part of my life.

Lorenzo: Well, you'll always take a back seat. You and your children's lives will suffer because of that.

Carly: I'm not even saying you're wrong. I'm just saying I can't help it.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Hello?

Sonny: Carly?

Carly: What is it? Is it Michael?

Sonny: No, no, just -- can you just come to the house? I -- ahem -- I need to see you.

Guard: Congratulations, Cassadine.

Nikolas: For what?

Guard: Well, the woman you supposedly killed showed up alive and kicking. Weíre letting you loose.

Lorenzo: Buy you a drink?

Skye: Oh. 245 days and 17 hours sober.

Lorenzo: Hmm. If you'd been sober the night my brother was murdered, they would've nailed his killer in a timely fashion.

Skye: If I'd been sober the night I slept with your brother, I wouldn't have slept with him.

Lorenzo: I get it.

Skye: Oh, in case you haven't heard, you'll be getting back the money you put up for Emily.  Helena was captured and Nikolas will be going home to his wife.

Lorenzo: Hmm. Don't you just love a happy ending?

Skye: Tell me it's none of my business, but are things not working out with you and Carly?

Lorenzo: More to the point, there's nothing I can do that can help Carly. Correct that -- nothing she'll allow me to do.

Skye: Well, I know what that's like. Can't save somebody who doesn't want to be saved.

Alexis: Heard the news. She's here? is it true?

Luke: In the scaly flesh

Alexis: Any way that I can get a face to face so I can gloat?

Luke: Get in line. Your husband's got her in there. Was thinking maybe you and I could slip something in her cosmopolitan come tonight,

Helena: My lawyer isn't here yet.

Ric: That's all right, just -- just one question.  You were winning, you know, you were succeeding at breaking apart Nikolas and Emily and you vanished once without a trace.  Why would you risk that to come back here?

Helena: Well, I don't know what that first nonsense is that you were referring to.

Ric: Right, of course.

Helena: But I came back to Port Charles to find out who was stealing from my family.

Ric: Yeah, that's right. Cassadine money had gone missing?

Helena: Lots of it.

Ric: Any idea who might've taken it?

Helena: Not the initial 500,000. The way that was done; it was someone who had inside knowledge of our financial structure. Since you're the law around here, why don't you uphold it? Why don't you catch the thief?

John: I got your money.

Alexis: That didn't take long.

John: Meet me at the courthouse, this whole thing will be over and done.

Alexis: I'll be right there.

Sam: Wow, Jason. My favorite imported beer -- how did you know that? -- And -- mmm, scallops. Did I miss something? Is it your birthday? No, no, it's not your birthday. Is it my birthday?

Jason: No.

Sam: I know it's not my birthday because I know when my birthday is.

Jason: It's bigger than that.

Sam: Seriously, Jason, come on, tell me what's going on.

Carly: I got here as soon as I could.

Sonny: I'm glad you came.

Carly: I know that smell. That's your marinara sauce. You've been in the kitchen.

Sonny: Cheaper than therapy.

Carly: Sonny, what's going on?

Sonny: The boys, they're fast asleep, and Leticia should be here at this point. Um -- I just -- I just thought you needed a break.

Carly: We all do.

Sonny: Yeah, but, you know, you've sacrificed so much over the years by, you know, loving me and being my wife --

Carly: Ex-wife. That's all history now.

Sonny: Yeah, you ever think you'd have been better off without me?

Carly: It's a little late for what-ifs. We are who we are and we have what we have.

Sonny: Yeah, two beautiful boys, right, the unbreakable link between us.

Carly: Until we die.

Sonny: You know, I was thinking about -- I was thinking about something else, you know? I mean, you being, you know, a woman and all, you know, egocentric -- I mean, not --

Carly: All right. Ok.

Sonny: No, I mean it in a good way, you know?

Carly: Ahem.

Sonny: You have -- you've always been there for me, you know, through everything, no matter what.

Carly: So have you. You've always had my back. Me and the boys'.

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: No matter how crazy I drive you.

Sonny: I know, I know, I know. But you know what? And I know a lot of -- we went through a lot of, you know, some bad times and stuff and a lot of good things were lost. I just want you to know that through all that, even though I don't show you that, you know, I mean, I'm grateful for everything that you've given me.

Carly: Is that what this is about? Gratitude?

Sonny: No, no, no, no. We got our son back, you know, and I just thought that, you know, we got a lot to be thankful for, and I just thought that tonight, you deserve to be celebrated, you know? A celebration of everything that I've loved.

Carly: Now I know why you're doing this.

Sam: You know, I'm not complaining, I'm not, because I don't want to complain, especially not to you, but you have to admit this is kind of all of a sudden, considering everything that's been going on lately and --

Jason: Yes, I know. I want to make up for, you know, what we've missed.

Sam: Well, that is very sweet.

Jason: Can you do me a favor?

Sam: Name it.

Jason: Ok, put the chopsticks down.

Sam: Ok.

Jason: Can you go and look out at the sky and tell me what you see?

Sam: I think I can do that.

Sam: It's dark.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: It's kind of funny how that happens at night. Um, there is a moon. It's almost full. Uh-huh.

Jason: Is it -- ahem -- you know, cloudy or is it clear?

Sam: Well, to me, it's clear. I think it's very clear.

Jason: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Are there any stars?

Sam: Um, one -- yeah, uh-huh. I think there's, like, millions of them. Yeah, uh-huh.

Jason: You said you wouldn't wear this until I put it on you.

Sam: Some starry night. I wish I had something for you. Is everything ok?

Jason: Yeah, you know, tonight when you walked in, I felt something I didn't quite recognize. Just a peace, contentment, happy to be home. And you give me that.

Sam: You know, I spent my life chasing nothing. So I understand what it feels like to be content now, too. You know, when I walk into a room that we call home, I finally -- Jason, I finally know what it means to be happy, you know? Which I would not -- I would not trade any of my life with you. None of it. Not for the world. And that to me is the real gift.

Carly: You've been really nice to me, and I'm not sure why. Is this a last meal before I go to trial?

Sonny: No, no, I don't walk to talk about trials. I just want, you know, all good things, you know, your favorite things -- except pizza and potato chips.

Carly: Right, right. The good old days when you wouldn't let me keep junk in the house.

Sonny: Right, right. So what do you miss most about the good old days?

Carly: Um, us. The way we would know what the other one was thinking without even saying a word.

Sonny: Well, we do sometimes.

Carly: Right, no, yeah, no, I know you want to strangle me, so, yeah.

Sonny: Or when you want to save me from myself.

Carly: We've had a connection that I don't think I'll ever find anywhere else. Like two hearts, two minds moving as one.

Sonny: Kind of like -- like dancing?

Singer: Expensive dreams before they take me out and leave me wondering baby it's just you and me we got a thing they can't shake maybe it's a little hard sometimes to take but I'll tell you something it's a life worth living just so you know I wouldn't give it up, no it is all a market war in this economy filling up headlines with our fantasies system falls hard and we fall apart sometimes but then you pull me back with your quiet smile baby it's just you and me we got a thing they can't shake and maybe it's a little hard sometimes to take but I'll tell you something it's a life worth living just so you know I wouldn't give it up, no just so you know I wouldn't give it up, no tonight, will you be able to catch a great night's sleep?

Lucky: Ready to go?

Emily: Yeah. Nikolas' release papers. All done.

Lucky: I'm going to go get the car, and then we'll head for Pentonville.

Emily: Right.

Lucky: This time when we come home, Nikolas is going to be with us.

Carly: I love the way Michael looks when he's sleeping, like he doesn't have a care in the world.

Sonny: It's going to be ok, you know, with everything -- you, Michael. You know that?

Vic: Car's ready, boss.

Sonny: Ok. Thanks, Vic.

Carly: At this hour? What -- why are you -- um -- sorry. Old habit.

Sonny: I know that.

Carly: Thank you for a really wonderful, unexpected evening.

Sonny: It was good.

Carly: Ok. I -- I'll call you tomorrow, see how Michaelís feeling, and maybe I'll spend some time with him.

Sonny: Yeah, you guys should spend a lot of time together, you know, especially now. Carly?

Carly: I just --

Sonny: No, no, listen, ok? Be careful going home.  Oh, man.

Sam: Jason? I never figured you for the kiss-and-run kind of guy.

Jason: It's business.

Sam: Would you miss something important if you kissed me goodbye?

Jason: Just don't wait for me.

John: I didn't want to risk withdrawing $500,000 cash, so I transferred the money to a ghost account. I wrote this check on that. All you have to do is deposit it back into the Cassadine account. It is completely untraceable.

Alexis: Like it never left.

Skye: Sure I can't tempt you to try one my way?

Lorenzo: I'm good. Won't think less of me, will you?

Skye: As long as you're not driving.

Lorenzo: Oh, I have a driver. You must be a woman of incredible discipline, surrounded by all this booze and gambling, and God knows what Luke has going on in those backrooms.

Skye: Yeah. Believe me, I have my weaknesses.

Lorenzo: Yeah, like what? Chocolate? Cough drops?

Skye: Unattainable hearts. And don't laugh. It's a real addiction.

Lorenzo: Tell me about it.

Skye: So how pathetic does that make us?

Lorenzo: Only if we let it. To hopeless romantics. Hey, tell me, are two people enough to start a support group?

Skye: I'd say two people are pretty much enough for anything.

Luke: Well. Mr. Alcazar.

Lorenzo: Hmm.

Luke: Blaze. I'm relieved to see you're not losing any sleep over my well-being.

Guard: Your ride's here, Cassadine.

Nikolas: Good to see you.

Lucky: Congrats.

Nikolas: Thanks. Emily?

Alexis: I hope you were sincere when you said we can forget that this thing ever happened.

John: Success in our business is all about keeping confidences. You know that all too well.

Alexis: Unfortunately, I have no choice but to trust you.

John: Alexis, you come out of this thing smelling like a rose. Like I said, the train's left the station; it's gathering speed. All we have to do is sit back and wait for Sonny to throw himself in front of it. Both of us get our daughters back. They'll be off his hook. Now, I suggest that you relax, enjoy the ride.

Ric: Hey.

Alexis: Hi.

Ric: You're a hard woman to track down with good news.

Alexis: Oh?

Ric: Yeah, Helena resurfaced. We -- we have her in custody.

Alexis: I heard that, actually.

Ric: Yeah?

Alexis: I'm really glad to hear that.

Ric: We were actually very surprised that she was so sloppy, though, but I guess money will do that to people.

Alexis: Money?

Ric: Yeah, apparently, somebody thought they'd be clever and try to steal money from her -- a nice ransom of about $500,000. Well, that's what piqued Helena in the first place. But after a while, they dipped a little deeper into the pot.

Alexis: Really?

Ric: Yeah. Half a mil, that just -- it just kept sticking with me.

Alexis: You know, you should be glad that Helenaís in custody.

Ric: Till I remembered that that was the amount of money that that mysterious someone offered John Durant to buy witnesses to help bring down Sonny. Mind you, this would be a real big puzzle if it weren't for one common denominator. Enter Alexis. Call me crazy, but that check that you just got from John Durant would prove my point. You're the mysterious benefactor who's been offering the bribe money to bring Sonny down.

 [Pounding on door]

Sam: Coming, I'm coming! Oh, gosh. Hey.

Carly: I have to see Jason.

Sam: He's not here. What's going on?

Carly: I don't know. That's why I have to talk to Jason. I just left Sonny. He was acting weird.

Sam: Well, what kind of weird?

Carly: Oh, like a gentleman, all sweet and flattering, the way he wanted me to dance with him. He told me he was sorry for making my life difficult.

Sam: Ok, wait a minute. Carly, Jason -- he ordered in dinner and he gave me this necklace.

Carly: Sonny didn't want to talk about the trial, he didn't want to talk about A.J.ís murder, just that everything was going to be all right. Like --

Sam: Like he was saying goodbye.

Carly: Oh, my God.

Jason: Hey. I need to talk to Mac Scorpio. I got information about A.J. Quartermaine's murder.

Officer: Take a number. He's got someone in there with him.

Sonny: Call off your dogs, Mac. Leave Michael and Carly alone.

Mac: I know you're worried about your family, Sonny, but until we get another suspect --

Sonny: Carly didn't kill A.J. I killed him.

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Skye: You're just in time.

Luke: What's the occasion?

Nikolas: Is Emily home?

Monica: She doesn't want to see you.

Alexis: It's not the way it seems.

Ric: Why don't you just admit it to me?

Jason: Sonny confessed to protect Michael.

Carly: If he has to testify, he will.

Jason: Michael put the pillow over A.J.ís face!

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