GH Transcript Monday 5/9/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/9/05



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Nikolas: I wasn't trying to escape. As I've tried to explain repeatedly, my wife needs me. I just need to get to her.

Guard: Quit your yammering. Restrain the prisoner.

Nikolas: I demand to see the warden.

Guard: He "demands."

Second guard: Must think he's a prince or something.

Helena: Keep fighting and I will shoot you. I'll take one of your little friends instead.

Emily: Come on, Luke, shoot her!

Helena: You're all interchangeable to me. I'm losing my patience. Leave that elevator alone!

Tracy: Do something.

Luke: I am.

Tracy: Oh, my God, you're standing there!

Luke: Look, my little neophyte, just pay attention. Watch and learn, huh?

Helena: Stay back! I want my money back in cash or she dies!

Lucky: Emily, hang in there! Elizabeth -- Elizabeth, what are you doing?

Elizabeth: I'm calling security to have them seal off the exits.

Luke: That's not going to help, Elizabeth. Security can't do anything. Helena's been moving in and out of this hospital longer than you people have been alive.

Skye: We can't just let her shoot Emily.

Luke: This is a game of strategy. Patience is key. The only way to save Emily is to give Helena exactly what she wants. And that's what we're going to do.

John: What's the status on the prep for Carly’s trial?

Alexis: He's serving the subpoena for Michael as we speak.

John: Oh, well, that is sure to ruin Sonny's night. Hey, we relish the small victories.

Alexis: He's not going to let it happen. He's not going to let Michael get up there and testify against his own mother. He will confess, he will go to prison, and then we can all go home to our relatively secure lives.

John: Mm-hmm. That's the part I like. What I don't like is Ric’s involvement.

Alexis: Ric is a professional and a very diligent prosecutor.

John: He's also Sonny's brother. Ric has conflicts of interest all over the place. Serving a subpoena on Michael -- that is not going to further his relationship with Sonny, and I don't think that Ric is looking forward to being the D.A. to put a poor traumatized kid -- Michael -- on the stand to testify against his own mother.

Alexis: I doubt that he is looking forward to that. But he will do his job. He is a professional and he will act appropriately. He's not going to blow the case.

John: Yeah, well -- yeah, but he could also recuse himself. And that would be very bad us, and you cannot let that happen. Your husband must be the one to prosecute Carly. Are we clear?

Carly: Alexis lost Kristina because she's a paranoid whack job who kidnapped Sonny's daughter and took her out of the country. Ok, Alexis wouldn't see it that way because she's way too arrogant to think she ever does anything wrong. So she has to blame somebody, so she blames Sonny or me -- it doesn't matter -- and one of us has to pay. And your brilliant solution is to come at us through Michael?

Jason: Carly, Carly, that's enough.

Carly: You want to drag a 9-year-old into court and force him to incriminate his own mother in a murder just so you can get back at Sonny? You know, you and your sanctimonious wife can go to hell because I will never let you hurt my son, just like I would never let A.J. hurt my son!

Jason: Carly, that's it.

Carly: No, let go of me. I will not let this pig be the next person in line to hurt Michael!

Jason: I said enough! Let's go.

Ric: You know, that temper of hers is not going to serve her very well in court.

Sam: What, is that what you're hoping? Huh? Are you and Alexis targeting Michael in some sort of power play to regain custody of Kristina?

Ric: No, as a matter of fact, we're not. But I don't expect anybody in this room to believe that.

Sam: Well, I would love to believe it, Ric. Kristina and Michael are brother and sister. They love each other. The adults in their lives should not be using them against each other.

Sonny: Sam, Sam, it's ok. That's enough. I just need to speak to my brother for a second, ok?

Ric: "Your brother," huh? That usually means you want something.

Sonny: The day of the memorial, when we thought -- no, no, no -- when we thought that Michael was dead -- yeah? Right? You offered to help in any way you can, so I know how you can help. You tear up that subpoena. Do not -- do not put my son through any more pain.

Reese: Michael? Can you look at me? Did you have a bad dream, buddy? They can be pretty scary and real sometimes. You know, sometimes it helps to tell somebody about it. Did you dream that you were in A.J.'s room? Was mommy there?

Michael: She said A.J. had to be stopped.

Reese: You heard mommy tell A.J. that he had to be stopped?

Michael: Before. She told you.

Reese: You mean outside your room the night that A.J. died? You heard Carly tell me that?

Michael: She said A.J. kidnapped Kristina and Morgan because of me. I'm the older brother. I should protect them. But I didn't, and they got kidnapped. Mommy said A.J. had to be stopped.

Reese: Oh, God, Michael. Come here, baby. Come here. Oh, I got you.

Alexis: Ric will do his job. He will do what is necessary-- he will prosecute Carly to the full extent of the law.

John: Well, he'd better. Because I'm not about to leave Carly and Michael’s fate to the not-so-tender mercies of an ambitious A.D.A. looking to make a conviction on a high-profile case. Consider this fair warning. If Ric does not prosecute here, if he steps down, I will do whatever I can to protect my family, up to and including giving full disclosure of our little relationship here, the legal definition of which is "obstruction of justice." You can be disbarred, maybe even convicted.

Alexis: I already hate being in collusion with you. Don't make it worse by making arbitrary threats. It makes me ill to think of Michael taking the stand against his own mother, and the only reason that I'm being a party to it is because I know it won't happen. I know that Sonny will step up and he will confess to A.J.'s murder.

John: Well, that's the plan.

Alexis: He will do whatever it takes to protect his son. I know the feeling because that's what I'm doing in dealing with you. I am going against every single principle that I have for the one thing that matters to me, which is my daughter's safety. And in order to ensure that, I would make a deal with the devil himself.

Jason: Carly! This has to stop. You can't go around attacking people left and right.

Carly: Ric deserved every word and more.

Jason: That's not the point, what Ric deserved. You ever listen to yourself? You practically came right out and admitted that you killed A.J. If you don't wake up now, you're going to wake up one morning in Pentonville locked away from Michael for good.

Carly: That bastard. Ric is really serious. He's going to -- he's going to haul Michael into court.

Jason: Do you see now why I didn't want Alcazar pulling strings to get your bail set? It made Ric look bad. He's angry. He's got more to prove so he's going to attack the place that you're most vulnerable, and that's Michael. And instead of letting Sonny just try to negotiate with Ric, you're yelling at him, you're calling him names, you're making everything worse!

Carly: What am I supposed to do? Just let Ric and Alexis take advantage of my son? Wait for Sonny to fix everything, if he can manage to pull himself away from the fed in his bed?

Jason: Hey, listen, if you're too jealous or too mad at Sonny, listen to me. You're in serious trouble right now, Carly, and I'm doing everything that I can to get you out of it, but you can't keep fighting me every step of the way.

Carly: Ok.

Jason: I don't know what happened. I mean, you used to trust me with your life. Can you do that now?

Carly: Only if you can trust me.

Reese: Do you remember going into A.J.'s room that night? Ok, why don't you tell me what you do remember?

Michael: I was crouching behind A.J.'s bed. The door opened. Mommy came in. She grabbed the pillow off the floor.

Reese: Ok, what about before mommy came in? Do you remember that?

Michael: I don't know how I got there. I was just there. A.J. was in bed. The door opened and mommy came in.

Reese: Ok, honey. It's all right. You don't have to tell me any more. Come on. Ugh, down. Let's hop into bed, ok? Go on. Let me get your pillow. I'll turn on the light here. You can sit up and you can read or color or -- or just fill your head with good stuff. Stuff like how happy you are to be home where people love you. And I'm here, too, and I'm your friend. And I promise you that I'm going to help you.

Ric: I have no desire to hurt Michael, but he's a material witness in a murder case. His testimony is crucial.

Sonny: Michael's a child who's been kidnapped twice by maniacs -- first Faith, then A.J. He's been lied to. He doesn't know what's a lie, what's the truth, what's a dream. And you can't expect him to.

Ric: Ok, Carly’s attorney can take up all of these issues at her trial. But in the meantime, the subpoena has been delivered. Michael has to testify.

Sonny: Is Carly right about you and Alexis? You're manipulating Michael? You're using Michael, right, to manipulate --

Ric: I don't use children as bargaining chips, Sonny, all right? I do believe, yes, absolutely, 100%, that Kristina and Alexis belong together. But whether you choose to do the right thing and return her or not makes no difference here. Michael is still going to have to testify. The only thing that's going to change that is if Carly decides to confess.

Sonny: It wasn't enough to kidnap Carly when she was pregnant and chain her to a wall?

Ric: Oh --

Sonny: Huh? Huh?

Ric: I'm not out to hurt Carly. A.J. kidnapped her children. He faked Michael’s death, Sonny, and left him lost inside of his own mind. I understand she was under emotional duress here. And I'm willing to plead her out to a lesser charge, maybe manslaughter. Ten years, she'll be out in five. Sonny, that's got to be a preferable solution to putting Michael up on the stand in front of the jury so that he could tell everybody that he saw his mother kill his biological father.

Nikolas: My wife's been dealing with a lot. Her emotions are all over the place. I just needed to reassure her that everything was going to be ok --

Warden Bradford: So you tried to escape?

Nikolas: And I gave in to an impulse. But I'm calm now. Everything's ok. If you would just allow me to speak to her, to call her, you would see --

Warden Bradford: You are a confessed murderer who just tried to break out of here. That doesn't buy you any privileges. It gets them taken away. You will make no calls, and I'm suspending any additional visits from your wife, since they only seem to agitate you anyways. Take the prisoner to solitary.

Helena: Put her there.

Emily: You know what? You gave yourself away, Helena. Enough people saw you at the hospital to convince a judge that you're alive and that Nikolas was wrongfully imprisoned.

Helena: You have more pressing worries, my dear.  Obviously you recognize the site of your tryst with Connor Bishop. Does my grandson know that you cheated on him with another man?

Luke: Helena wants money, we give her money. That's how it works.

Tracy: I don't have 15 million in cash, Luke. That money was wire-transferred into my account by you, thank you very much. It's not like I can just float right into a bank with a check made out to cash for 15 million. It is going to take days to convert those funds. Do you think Helena’s going to give us days?

Luke: I doubt we have more than an hour.

Tracy: Here's my reality, Luke. For some peculiar reason I won't pretend to understand, I still need my family. Now, I know that they are card-carrying lunatics, but they are my card-carrying lunatics, and I still need to be connected to them. I need to know that I can show up on that doorstep anytime, no matter what. Are you with me?

Luke: Riveted.

Tracy: If I have any part in Alan and Monica’s precious daughter getting killed, I won't be able to show up on that doorstep ever again. I will be exiled for life, and that thought doesn't appeal to me. And I don't particularly want Emily killed. She's harmless. Annoying, maybe, but if annoying was a reason to die, then there'd be nobody left on the planet. You need to come up with a plan.

Luke: We'll borrow the money

Tracy: Wow! That's brilliant. Who do we know with 15 million in cash, huh?

Skye: I can answer that.

Luke: Oh, him again.

Skye: Be nice. I've explained our situation to Lorenzo, and he has the cash on hand and has been kind enough to offer us a loan.

Luke: Well, that's generous to a fault. Did he mention the catch?

Lorenzo: You'll have to call the police and let them in on what you're doing.

Luke: Oh, forget it. I don't deal with no cops.

Lorenzo: Well, then I'll call them -- the way I should have the day you broke Faith Rosco out of prison. People I love are still paying for that mistake, and I won't be complicit in another one.

Carly: Maybe it's inconvenient, but it's a fact. I'm Michael’s mother. Since when do I have to get permission to see him? Who died and put Reese Marshall in charge of my son?

Jason: Michael -- Michael doesn't react very well to you right now. You upset him.

Carly: Ok, Michael is confused. He doesn't know what he thinks. But I can explain. I can get through to him if you just give me the chance. Do you have any idea how it tears at my heart when Michael screams at me to go away? How he flinches at my touch? How that makes me feel? But the only saving grace, Jason, is that I know he doesn't really mean it. Just like I know the only way to get through to him is to keep showing up; to keep trying. You were the first person who believed that I could be a good mother. You trusted in my love for him. You fought for me to be with him because you trusted my instincts. Please, Jason, let me be with him. Make Sonny understand that I have to be with my little boy.

Sonny: Carly didn't kill A.J. She's not going to be making any plea bargains or -- she's not going to be confessing to anything.

Ric: Well, then you know what has to happen.

Sonny: You're going to go through with it, Ric? You're going to put a terrorized little boy who you claim is your nephew on the stand to testify against his own mother, knowing how much pain he's going through? You look down on me because of what I do for a living. What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Ric: I offer you a way out, and you refuse to take it. You know what? Any pain that Michael feels from here on out -- that's on your head.

Reese: No matter what happens, Michael cannot testify.

Sonny: Why are you stating the obvious? Did he tell you something?

Carly: I saw a light in Michael’s room. Is he awake?

Reese: Yes.

Carly: I'm going to go up there.

Reese: Carly --

Carly: Ok, don't even think about telling me what to do.

Reese: I realize this is difficult for you, but Michael is really under so much stress right now. If you could just be a little patient --

Carly: Ok, stop telling me how to deal with my son. You're not a psychiatrist. You're a fed who's taking advantage of the agony that Michael --

Sonny: Carly, enough. Now.

Carly: Sonny, open your eyes. How do you think Ric found out that Michael saw me in A.J.'s room? She obviously went to a shrink who went straight to the cops.

Luke: I don't accept ultimatums from you, and we don't need your money. I've made a few calls.

Tracy: Luke, I say that we accept Mr. Alcazar's generous offer, and we repay him with the money you're expecting.

Skye: I agree. Listen, we don't need to have Emily in that witch's clutches one more moment longer than necessary, ok? We don't know the way Emily’s been acting lately. I mean, I wouldn't exactly call her docile, ok? She could look at Helena the wrong way or say something, and -- I don't even want to think about what might happen, ok, Luke? So please accept Alcazar's help.

Luke: How fast can you get the cash here?

Lorenzo: Within the hour.

Luke: Ok. But I don't talk to no cops.

Skye: Ok. I will. I've learned my lesson. Um, listen, I owe you an apology.

Lorenzo: Why is that?

Skye: Well, I made the mistake of assuming that you were just like your brother, and I couldn't have been more wrong about that.

Lorenzo: I'm not sure how to read that.

Skye: Well, please, just accept my thanks for your generosity and willingness to help.

Lorenzo: Well, call me a sucker for a beautiful woman.

Luke: Whoo. Oh, excuse me while I get some hip waders. Oh, God.

Skye: Are you insinuating that I wasn't being sincere?

Luke: Skye, I'm flattered. But really, you don't have to come on to another guy just to get my attention.

Tracy: Are you two having a flirtatious interlude on my time?

[Phone rings]

Luke: Speak.

Helena: Do you have my money?

Luke: Where do you want to meet?

Helena: I'll come to you. Oh, and Luke -- be alone or the consequences for Emily will be dire.

Luke: Ok. You two scram. She wants a date with me alone.

Tracy: What about the cops?

Luke: Skye was just placating Alcazar, and he bought it. He swallowed the whole thing.

Skye: Sorry to disappoint you, Luke, but that was no act. I'm calling the cops.

Luke: If you do, that call could get Emily killed.

Emily: It doesn't matter how much money you have, Helena. You're the biggest loser I know. No one loves you. And least of all, Nikolas.

Helena: Well, I blame you for that. Nikolas was so fixated on you that he allowed you undue influence. And you -- you alienated his affection. No, he was too besotted to see how weakened he was by you; how you dragged him down to your own level of mediocrity and banality. But don't worry. I'll make you pay for it dearly.

Emily: I'm not afraid of you, Helena. See, Nikolas is going to be out of prison soon. He's going to come home. He's going to be starting a whole new life. And without me in the picture, you will have nothing to threaten him with. You'll have no way to hurt him, see? You'll be powerless, and that's worth dying for. So go ahead, Helena, shoot me. My last gift to Nikolas will be freeing him of you forever.

Reese: I didn't go to a psychiatrist, and I didn't tell anyone what Michael says that he saw. I'm just trying to do what I've been trying to do all along, and that's help Michael.

Carly: It's not helpful to keep a little boy away from his mother.

Sonny: Michael's afraid of you. I mean, I don't know how else to say it.

Jason: She needs to show him there's no reason to be afraid, Sonny. Carly is Michael’s mother. It's not up to Reese or me or you to decide whether she sees him or not.

Carly: Please, Sonny, stop fighting me on this. It's just too exhausting.

Reese: Sonny, Michael is not ready for this.

Sonny: Tell him I love him.

Carly: Thank you.

Reese: It's a huge mistake.

Sonny: Why? I mean, what are you so afraid of?

Sam: Monica?

Monica: What?

Sam: Hey, hi. Can I ask you a question?

Monica: What?

Sam: Do you know of a doctor who would be willing to certify that a certain witness was medically unfit to testify at a trial?

Monica: What -- what witness are we talking about?

Sam: Michael has been subpoenaed to testify against Carly, and I think we have to do something to stop it.

Monica: Yes, we do. Definitely.

Carly: I'm so glad you're awake. I thought -- I thought I could read to you. How about a chapter of "Wizards and Magic"?  I know you're scared. And there's a lot you don't understand, but I love you so much. I know you understand that. I will never give up on you, just like I never gave up on you when they said you were dead. I opened my heart until I could feel you. And once I did, I never stopped looking for you. I will always find you, no matter where you are, no matter how lost because I'm your mom, and my love for you will never, ever end.

Sonny: I don't hear any screaming or crying. Maybe Carly’s getting through.

Reese: You know what I fear?

Sonny: What?

Reese: That with the best of intentions, Carly may cause Michael to withdraw again. I really think he should be under the care of a psychiatrist.

Sonny: We have a more immediate problem. How are you going to keep Michael off the stand?

Jason: We need to find out who really killed A.J., that's what --

Sonny: We need to find out -- we need to find out who the real killer is. What if it's a Quartermaine -- Monica or Emily? Could you give them up to protect Michael and Carly?

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Huh?

Jason: Hello?

Monica: Jason, I need to see you right away.

Jason: Where are you?

Monica: I'm at the hospital. Please, it's really urgent.

Jason: Ok, I'll be right there. That was Monica. Something's going on.

Sonny: Did you get a feel for --

Jason: No, no, no. She just sounded tense.

Sonny: Ok, listen to me.

Jason: What?

Sonny: Come here. What if Monica’s just about to confess to -- to killing, you know, A.J.? I'm going to ask you one more time. Would you be able to turn your mother in?

Jason: I am not going to let Carly take the fall for something she didn't do, no matter who goes down.

Sonny: Are we just grasping at straws here? Or is there a chance that we can find the real killer?

Reese: Unfortunately, I think I already have.

Luke: You can put the heat down, pumpkin. There's your money.

Helena: Well, that was fast, even for you.

Luke: I aims to please.

Helena: Well, what a lovely sight.

Mac: I see reports of your death have been greatly exaggerated.

Helena: Shame on you, Luke, involving the authorities in what was our personal matter.

Luke: What can I say, darling? I cheat at solitaire. There's no honor among thieves anymore.

Helena: All right. Come out wherever you are and enjoy the fun, handsome Lucky and dreary Skye. Honestly, Luke, why didn't you sell tickets? Mr. policeman, before you tell me that this boat is surrounded, be advised that unless I am allowed to take my briefcase and go, Emily’s throat will be slashed by a very reliable employee of mine who is a specialist in such things. Well, what will it be, commissioner? May I go, or do you want to embark on a very frustrating, long search for Emily’s lifeless body?

Mac: Take the money and get out of here. And if Emily is not back within the hour, there will be no place you can hide, Helena.

Helena: As usual, it was a pleasure, Luke.

Luke: Fish baited and hooked.

Emily: No!

Nikolas' voice: Hold on, Emily. I'm coming back to you. I love you. Nothing that happened will change how I feel. Nothing ever will.

Alexis: Mind if I join you?

Ric: Be my guest.

Alexis: Are you all right?

Ric: No. I served Michael’s subpoena.

Alexis: I don't imagine that was easy for you to do.

Ric: Of course, Sonny and Carly accused me of threatening Michael as a means of getting back at Sonny for trying to take Kristina away from you.

Alexis: You and I both know that you would never do anything vindictive or endanger a child's well-being, and neither would I. Michael being a witness has nothing to do with my custody issues with Sonny.

Ric: Lines are hard to see sometimes. You know, they're always so fraught. They're tangled up in these wounds that have never healed -- in the love and the hate that I feel for my brother; the guilt that I feel for what I did to Carly. You know what? Maybe the judge is right. Maybe I should just recuse myself from this case.

Alexis: Uh, you can't do that.

Monica: I went to A.J.'s room the night that he was killed, Jason. I mean, for the life of me, I don't exactly know why I did that. I -- maybe I wanted to look at him and see if I could find my son. I don't even know if it was as benign as that, but it didn't -- it didn't matter because when I got there, someone else was in the room. God help me, Jason, I saw who killed A.J.

Carly: It's ok. I'm so happy. Everything is going to be all right, Mr. Man. Everything is going to be all right.

Sonny: You have a suspect? When have you had time to investigate?

Reese: I didn't want to say anything in front of Jason.

Sonny: Ok. For my ears only? You can tell me.

Reese: When I went upstairs to check on Michael, he was staring out the window -- staring. And in his hands, he was clutching a pillow, Sonny.

Sonny: What is that supposed to mean?

Reese: Michael admitted that he heard Carly and me talking outside his hospital room the night A.J. was killed.

Sonny: All right.

Reese: Carly said that Morgan and Kristina were kidnapped because of Michael.

Sonny: Well, what are you saying?

Reese: Michael saw Carly pick up the pillow and stand over A.J., which means that he was in A.J.'s room before Carly even got there. Michael heard Carly say that A.J. needed to be stopped, ok? You know Michael considers it his job to take care of his little brother and sister, and he thought he failed and that somehow it all led back to A.J.

Sonny: No.

Reese: Maybe Michael wasn't traumatized by something he saw, Sonny. Maybe it was something that he did. And I hate to say this -- it just kills me -- but I think that Michael killed A.J.

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Skye: Emily's life is in danger!

[Door slams]

Alexis: It is your job.

Ric: I'm worried about restating my brother's son.

Sonny: There's no way Michael could have done it.

Jason: Just tell me. Tell me who killed him.

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