GH Transcript Wednesday 4/27/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/27/05



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Tracy: You have no right to grieve A.J.

Skye: Leave me alone.

Tracy: If you hadn't gotten Faith Rosco out of prison, none of this would have happened.

Skye: I'm aware of that.

Tracy: You're as responsible as Jason. You must have known that A.J. was on a suicide mission.

Skye: He's supposed to recover, all right?

Tracy: Not so much. I just talked to the hospital. A.J. is dead.

Steven: Without going into detail, I'll give you the broad strokes. A.J. didnít die from the fall. He was murdered.

Emily: How could anyone think that A.J. was murdered? He was in a hospital room. He was surrounded by doctors and nurses.

Monica: Did you rule out embolism?

Steven: Yeah.

Reese: So do you have a cause of death?

Steven: Suffocation.

John: Signs of struggle?

Steven: Well, that's inconclusive, but A.J. wouldnít have been able to put up much of a fight.

Emily: If he didn't struggle, then why do you think that he was murdered? I mean, it could have been a reaction to the medicine or an asthma attack or --

Steven: Look, the forensics are conclusive. Somebody put a pillow over A.J.'s face and held it there until he died.

Elizabeth: A.J. was sedated. Someone murdered him in his sleep.

Carly: I went to see A.J. In his hospital room and he was lying there tied up, still spewing threats. He said he was going to try file for visitation. He said he was going to do anything that he could do just to stay in Michaelís life. Okay. It's all right, it doesn't matter anymore. Michael's safe.

Jason: Did you leave A.J.ís room while he was still breathing?

Carly: Absolutely. Elizabeth came in to give him a sedative, so I left. I don't know why the doctors just don't leave this alone. Whatever, so he fell, broke his back, end of story. But, no, they had to do an autopsy.

Jason: Okay, Carly, Carly, listen to me. You left A.J.ís room when Elizabeth came in. Did you go back?

Carly: Yes.

Jason: Carly. What'd you do?

Carly: Okay, so, yeah, I went back in there to kill him, but Ė

Skye: A.J. was my brother.

Tracy: No, he wasnít.

Skye: Well, in my heart he was.

Tracy: You encouraged all his worst tendencies.

Skye: You barely even knew A.J.

Tracy: Is that true? Let me see. I knew him when he got kicked out of boarding school. I knew him when he never caught a ball that was thrown by his brother, Jason. I knew him when he was little and he wouldn't finish his dinner, and I knew him when he was a teenager and he got drunk on his parents' alcohol. And you are an alcoholic, just like him, and you brought out the worst in each other.

Skye: Well, I loved A.J. Not that I'd expect you to understand that.

Tracy: Did you help him embezzle the Quartermaine fortune?

Skye: What? No!

Tracy: Well, he squandered every dime the Quartermaines ever had, and now it's up to me, once again, to try to rescue E.L.Q.

Skye: A.J. quadrupled the money that he stole. Did you know that?

Tracy: I'll believe it when I see it.

Skye: Yeah? Well, good luck tracking it down.

Tracy: Do you know where it is?

Skye: That money meant nothing to A.J.

Tracy: Well, then I'm sure he won't mind when you tell me where he stashed it.

Skye: All he ever wanted was a decent life and his child back.

Tracy: Is it offshore?

Skye: You know what? You don't care about A.J. at all. You don't care about anybody. You never have in your whole entire life.

Tracy: I managed to raise two sons that aren't criminals.

Skye: They also happen to hate you.

Tracy: Maybe. But they're capable of functioning in the world. They're reasonably happy. They're not addicted to anything. Their only faults are questionable music and bad hair. That is if you don't count ex-wives and girlfriends. Is the money in Switzerland?

Skye: A.J. wouldnít want you near it.

Tracy: You don't need to speak for my nephew.

Skye: Well, maybe not, but you're not going to find a dime.

Tracy: I guess that makes you a thief, just like A.J., doesn't it? You're a parasite, a leech. You can't hold on to anything -- not a family, not a job, much less a man. You wasted Nedís time, you let Jax get away, and you practically drove Luke Spencer from Port Charles.

Skye: Go away.

Tracy: You glommed on to my family like it was your own. But thank God you're never going to be a Quartermaine. Of course, we let you stick around because you're pathetic. Makes us feel a little better about ourselves, like taking in a stray cat. But make no mistake about it, Skye -- you're nothing to the Quartermaines. Nothing. And no matter how kind my dear, deluded brother may be, he knows you are responsible for A.J.ís loss of life. And in your heart of hearts, you know it, too.

Luke: Tracy's playing rough tonight.

Luke: Did you miss me?

Courtney: Hey, kiddo.

Courtney: Hey, are you comfortable in here? I was just wondering if you wanted me to bring you any gingersnaps. How's that sound? Oh, Michael. I know you're not feeling well, honey, but we are so, so grateful, so happy that you're home.

Courtney: Oh, Michael, we love you so much, honey. Me, Jason, your mom and dad. We do. So listen, you rest here as long as you want, okay, because we don't mind waiting.

Jax: How's he doing?

Courtney: He's just gone. God, Jax, there's just -- there's no light in his eyes, there's no expression on his face. A.J. broke his heart, broke his spirit, too.

Jax: He just needs time, that's all.

Courtney: How much time, Jax? What, a week, a month? He's just a little kid. He should be at a park running around, riding his bicycle, playing basketball.

Jax: Hey, he will be.

Courtney: Gosh, it's just when I think about what that psychopath did to my nephew -- I am so -- I'm glad that A.J. is dead. I am.

Ric: Looking for Sonny?

Reese: Why would Sonny be here?

Ric: Oh, I don't know. Just seems sort of odd the way he disappeared. Was that before or after Steven read the autopsy report?

Reese: I have no idea.

Ric: So what are you doing here, hmm? Looking to see if he left any evidence behind?

Reese: I'm checking out the crime scene before your people come in. Is that all right?

Ric: Fine. Fine. Just, if you happen to see Sonny, say, in the house that you've been living with him lately, let him know I want him to cooperate with the investigation.

Reese: So you're assuming that Sonny did it?

Ric: Sonny's children were kidnapped, Reese, okay? He believed that Michael was dead, and now he may be psychologically damaged, all because of A.J.

Reese: That's right.

Ric: Sonny had every reason in the world to want A.J. dead.

Reese: So did you.

Steven: So what'd you think of that?

Rachel: I think it's terrible. I don't understand how something like that could even happen in a hospital.

Steven: People die in hospitals all the time. You know that.

Rachel: Yeah, and sometimes the person responsible never pays.

Steven: Huh. You weren't that happy with A.J. the last time you saw him. Where were you when he died?

Monica: You told your father that A.J. had died. You shouldn't have to tell him that he was murdered.

Emily: Mom, you've already been through so much tonight.

Monica: Well, no matter what, he's got to be told before someone else gets to him.

Emily: Okay, so why don't we tell him together?

Monica: Are you up for that?

Emily: I've always been stronger than I look.

Monica: Well, at least we can tell him that A.J. will never hurt him again.

John: I'm sorry for your loss.

Emily: Thank you.

John: If there's anything I can do to help --

Monica: We appreciate your concern.

John: Michael is my grandson, too. We're all angry at A.J. for what he's done to him. But it must be particularly difficult for you, knowing that one of the prime suspects is your only surviving son.

Carly: Michael needs me. I can't just go off and leave him.

Jason: Carly, I'm just trying to help you.

Carly: By dragging me out of the hospital? You're making me look even guiltier than I already do!

Jason: I need to know everything that happened, everything that you touched in A.J.ís room, anyone who might have seen you.

Carly: I know, okay, I panicked, okay, but it's all right. No one saw me. I'm pretty sure no one saw me leave A.J.ís room.

Jason: Oh, you're pretty sure? "Pretty sure" isn't good enough. If anyone saw you in that room, you could be charged with A.J.ís murder.

Luke: A.J. shot his father in the back?

Skye: It was terrible.

Luke: Well, there's something Lucky hasn't tried yet.

Skye: Lucky's the least of your problems. A.J. poisoned Michaelís mind against his parents.

Luke: Been there.

Skye: Michael may never recover, Luke. See, that wouldn't have happened if we hadn't let Faith out of prison in the first place.

Luke: Oh. How am I ever going to get you off the hook if you just keep jumping back on? A.J. did the damage and he paid the price. Now for God's sake, let it go.

Skye: I just -- I can't believe A.J.ís really dead.

Luke: Red, you need a project.

Skye: A project?

Luke: Helena's on her way back to Port Charles.

Skye: No.

Luke: Yes. I've been tracking her for weeks.

Skye: No, what I mean is, no, I'm not going to go after her with you.

Luke: Did I ask you to go after her?

Skye: You were about to. You were about to make us create some crazy scenario about dressing up as goatherds and then going after her.

Luke: I'm not so keen on the goatherd.

Skye: My point, Luke, is you're on your own.

Reese: Maybe you didn't plan to kill A.J., but you're an opportunist, and you saw a chance and you took it.

Ric: I see.

Reese: I'm not saying I blame you, Ric. Kristina was the first one to be kidnapped. You must have been in agony, especially Alexis. I mean, A.J. knew how hard she worked to get custody. Actually, didn't he try to grab Kristina at one point, too?

Ric: Wow. You've really done your homework, haven't you?

Reese: So here's A.J., he's playing upon your wife's worst fears, and you kill him to make her feel safe.

Ric: Well, that's an interesting theory, Reese. It's wrong, but it's interesting.

Reese: Where is Alexis, anyway?

Ric: You know what? I understand that you're trying to protect Sonny here --

Reese: Hmm, you know, nice dodge, but that's not the question I asked. Does Alexis even know that A.J. is dead? When was the last time you talked to her?

Ric: That's none of your concern.

Reese: You have no idea where your wife even is, do you?

Ric: Alexis is fine.

Reese: Are you even looking for her?

Courtney: How could A.J. do this to any child, much less his own flesh and blood, Jax? I mean, Michael must have put up some kind of fight, you know? I mean, he probably -- he probably tried to call or tried to escape. He must have cried. How could anyone deliberately make a child believe that his parents don't want him, make him feel unloved? I am so glad that A.J. is dead. I'm glad, I'm glad. Whoever did it deserves --

Jax: Hey, hey, hey, hey! That's enough.

Rachel: I didn't kill A.J. Quartermaine. I've been in my room almost all night.

Steven: Almost?

Rachel: Do you even know when the time of death was?

Steven: Very nice try, but I'm not telling you anything.

Rachel: Why would I kill A.J.?

Steven: Why would you kill A.J.? Because you don't handle rejection well, because you're vindictive, or maybe A.J. had something on you that we can't even imagine.

Monica: You have no right to accuse my son of anything.

John: Somebody has to keep an eye on the investigation.

Emily: Jason didn't kill A.J.

Sam: No, he couldn't have. He was in the E.R. with me the entire night.

Emily: Thank you.

John: Well, let's hope the E.R. staff can back that up then.

Sam: Oh, well, you don't have to worry because they will.

Emily: Okay. What is wrong with that guy?

Jason: All right. Carly, you need to tell me everything, from the time you left A.J. with Elizabeth until you came to see me in the E.R., okay? And do not leave anything out and please don't lie to me.

Carly: Fine, fine. Okay, I went to A.J.ís room and I told him that I was going to -- that I was glad that he was going to live because it would have given me the satisfaction of killing him myself.

Jason: Oh, did anyone hear you say that?

Carly: Well, A.J. did. And I told him that Michael was strong and was going to recover, and that he would never get out of that bed because I was going to come in there in the middle of the night and end it once and for all. And then nurse Lizzie came in with a sedative.

Jason: Okay, did Elizabeth hear you threaten A.J.?

Carly: A.J. told her. He said he didn't want a sedative, but she gave it to him anyway, doctor's orders. And then I left, and I told him "sweet dreams" when I left.

Jason: Okay. And then what?

Carly: Well, I went down to the -- I waited in the corridor and I watched Elizabeth leave, and I walked all the way down to the opposite side of the corridor, all the way to the east side to give the sedative time to work.

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Carly: And then I went into A.J.ís room.

Jason: Okay, keep going.

Carly: I saw a pillow on the floor and I thought, "Great, this is a perfect murder weapon. This is a sign." And so I picked up the pillow and I was just about to put it over A.J.ís face.

Jason: Okay, you picked up the pillow?

Carly: Yeah. And then I noticed that A.J. wasnít breathing. So I dropped the pillow and ran out.

Jason: Anything else?

Carly: What difference does it make? You killed A.J. before I got there, didn't you?

Luke: I can do "on my own." In fact, I like "on my own." I'm good at it.

Skye: I know.

Luke: I had planned to be on my own the rest of my miserable life. And then this stunning redhead stepped out of the flames.

Skye: Please don't say, "and into my heart."

Luke: Hey, I shun clichť. I'm trying to be charming here.

Skye: And you are. Nobody makes me laugh the way you do or makes me appreciate every single moment of every day. You have no idea how glad I am to see you.

Luke: Me, too.

Skye: Luke, we just can't go back to where we go.

Luke: Why not?

Skye: It's dark.

Luke: I like dark.

Skye: It's dangerous.

Luke: Maybe. Oh, R ed. You like dark almost as much as I do. You know light is an aberration. It's a mistake. And you know your way around in the dark. You just keep dancing.

Skye: Oh, you're good.

Luke: You liked that dancing part, huh? Me, too.

Skye: But I can't go back into the dark, Luke. I can't -- I can't take another drink or drug or cigarette or you. I'm sorry.

Luke: You have dragged me out of more than one death trap and put me back in the land of the living. Did you think I could just -- just walk away?

Skye: Yes. So did you. You changed your mind.

Luke: So did you.

Skye: I can't do this, Luke. I'm sorry, it's over.

Luke: My, my. Hey, Blaze? You're not rid of me yet.

Jax: Now isn't the time to vent about A.J.

Courtney: I wish I had thrown him out the window of that hotel in the Bahamas.

Jax: Okay, don't say -- don't say that.

Courtney: I do, Jax. I wouldn't have killed him. I would have just broken both of his legs and let a garbage truck back over his head.

Jax: Hey, hey, hey, I understand that you're upset, but you don't want to look guilty here right now.

Courtney: Oh, please, Jax, if I were going to kill A.J., he would have been dead long before now.

Jax: Okay, that's exactly the thing that you shouldn't say at the moment.

Courtney: I know, okay? I know. You're right.

Jax: This hospital is full of police. You really don't want to draw attention to yourself.

Courtney: It's just when I see Michael suffering --

Jax: Okay, you know what? Just take a breath and ride it out.

Reese: Are Sonny and Carly around?

Courtney: No, they were gone when we got here.

Reese: I'm surprised they left Michael alone.

Courtney: Well, Dr. OíDonnell told them that they needed to give Michael a long time to process.

Reese: Yeah, poor kid.

Jax: Yeah, we should probably get going as well, okay?

Reese: Do you guys have any thoughts about A.J.ís murder?

Jax: Yeah, it's a dreadful business all around. Excuse us.

Reese: Michael? You awake, buddy? You know, when my son was upset, he had not much to say, either. But you know what? He liked me to sit with him. Sometimes I'd talk and sometimes I wouldnít. So, what do you think? Can I hang out with you here for a little while? Would that be okay? Hmm?

Sam: Hey, Jason, you won't believe what it takes to get -- you out of here.

Carly: Thanks so much for listening. I feel so much better now. I'll just get Max to take me back to the hospital.

Jason: No, that's the last place you need to be.

Carly: I'm not going to let Michael stay overnight by himself.

Jason: Carly, you need to think. Elizabeth heard that you threatened A.J. You left your fingerprints all over the murder scene. Anybody could have seen you leaving that room after A.J. was dead.

Carly: I don't care. Michael needs me!

Jason: Well, you should have thought of that before you decided to try to kill A.J. You are in deep this time. You know what? I don't know if I can get you out of this. I'm going to do everything I can. But from this point on, you need to do exactly what I say.

Ric: Was there anyone around when you gave A.J. the sedative?

Elizabeth: You mean, like, in his room?

Ric: Yes, were you -- were you alone with him?

Elizabeth: Carly was there when I came to the room.

Ric: They have an argument?

Elizabeth: She seemed calm. She said, "Sweet dreams, A.J.," and then left.

Ric: What about A.J.?

Elizabeth: He was nervous. He didn't want the sedative, but, you know, doctor's orders.

Ric: Steven gave the order?

Elizabeth: Yes. I had no choice. I had to give him the medication even though he asked me not to.

Ric: Why would he do that?

Elizabeth: A.J. said that Carly threatened to kill him.

Ric: Looks like she might have gone through with it.

Carly: Uncle Jason says I have to stay here, but that's okay because at least we can be together. So we're just going to hang around here and wait for Michael, okay? You can do that, can't you? You want to sit on my lap? Oh. Michael had a tough time, sweetie, so we just have to be patient with him. You can do that, can't you? Michael's going to take one look at you and feel so much better. Michael was hurt because mommy wasn't there to help him. But that's okay because I'm here now, and I'll do anything to protect my little boys.

Elizabeth: You can't investigate Carly based on what A.J. said to me.

Ric: Well, I can't ignore it, either.

Elizabeth: I'm sure he was lying. I mean, look what he'd already done to Carly and Michael, his entire family. The man was pathological.

Ric: Well, that could be an excellent reason as to why Carly would be mad enough to want to kill him.

Elizabeth: Come on, can you really blame her? I mean, if somebody had hurt Cameron the way that A.J. hurt Michael, I'd want to kill him, too.

Ric: Yeah, but you wouldnít.

Elizabeth: Well, it might be my first impulse.

Ric: Well, Carly is very impulsive.

Elizabeth: I don't believe she would risk being cut off from her kids. She wouldn't give A.J. the satisfaction.

Ric: Do you think she would have thought it through that much?

Elizabeth: She's a manipulator. She just wanted to scare him. I mean, why should A.J. get to sleep while poor Michael is sitting in the same hospital, staring at the walls?

Ric: Yeah, I guess she would have thought of it that way.

Elizabeth: Come on, Ric, what if Kristina had come home in the same state that Michaelís in? What would you have done?

John: Hey. I want access to all the forensics in this case, and you'll keep me apprised of the entire investigation.

Steven: Why would I do that? You've already decided Sonny's the one who did it.

John: Not at all. I'm completely open and objective.

Steven: Oh. Right.

John: Sonny isn't the killer. Jason is.

Reese: My little boy was only 4, but he loved soccer as much as you do. I used to take Jamie to this park. It was in Bethesda. That's outside of Washington, D.C. And we would watch all the big kids -- you know, kids your age -- playing soccer, and he wanted to be exactly like them.

Reese: Honey, will you excuse me for a second? There's somebody I need to talk to outside. Okay, I'll be back in a little while.

Jason: You're good with Michael.

Reese: Where's Sonny?

Jason: I don't know.

Reese: He left when Steven was given A.J.ís autopsy report. A.J. was smothered. You don't seem that surprised. Did Sam tell you about it? Do you know who killed A.J.?

Jason: No, I donít.

Reese: Are you sure? Because if Michael finds out that somebody he loves killed A.J., he could be damaged beyond repair.

Emily: Hey, sleepyhead.

[Alan groans]

Alan: Hi, Em.

Emily: Hi. Dad, you're out of surgery. You did fine.

Alan: Hmm. I'm in the hospital?

Emily: Yeah.

Alan: Hmm. I thought I was at home. A.J. was there, happier than I'd ever seen him in years. He was running up and down the stairs.

Emily: I hope A.J.ís in a better place now.

Monica: So do I.

Emily: Dad?

Alan: Hmm?

Emily: We have to tell you something.

Alan: What happened? Come on, tell me.

Monica: A-- A.J. was murdered.

Emily: He was smothered in his sleep.

Alan: No. No! No!

Monica: Stay calm, Alan. Alan, be calm.

Alan: Get out! Get out!

Emily: I know how much this hurts.

Alan: Oh, neither of you cares! It wasn't Jason, was it? Go on, get out of the room!

Monica: Of course we care!

Alan: Get out of the room! Go on, get out of the room!

Monica: All right. Okay, all right.

Alan: This is Dr. Alan Quartermaine. Is Mac Scorpio in the building? You tell him to get up to my room immediately.

Courtney: Look at all the champagne. Oh, Jax. You're so sweet. It's the perfect thing to get my mind off all my troubles.

Jax: I wish I'd thought of it.

Courtney: Well, who's it from?

Jax: The sommelier at the Metro Court. See, we have to choose champagne and wine for the wedding.

Courtney: Well, we have plenty of time.

Jax: May 20.

Courtney: Oh, my God. You're right; we have less than a month.

Jax: Why, do you want to postpone the wedding?

Reese: Excuse me. Where's Michael Corinthos?

Orderly: Oh, his family's just checking him out.

Alan: I spoke to Jason down in the E.R. I told him that I had helped A.J. and that it was wrong and I -- I apologized to him. I begged him not to kill his brother, and all I got back were these cold, dead eyes without any mercy.

Mac: Did Jason threaten to kill A.J.?

Alan: He didn't have to. There's no doubt in my mind that Jason killed my son.

Monica: Okay. I want you to leave. You're not going to interrogate a man who's just come from surgery.

Alan: I asked Mac to come up here.

Monica: He's on pain medication, and if you try to use that statement against Jason, I swear I will sue the police department.

Alan: You know that Jason did it. That's why you're so angry.

Monica: Oh, did Jason shoot you in the back and leave you to bleed to death? Did Jason steal every single penny you have? Did Jason traumatize Michael and steal him away from the people that love him the most?

Mac: Jason's not the only suspect. I'll be in touch.

Monica: I will never forgive you for this!

Alan: You're glad Jason killed A.J., aren't you?

Monica: All right, that's it. That's it. I want a divorce.

Reese: Michael's family checked him out of the hospital.

Ric: We got to move fast.

Reese: Why?

Ric: Carly threatened to kill A.J. just a few minutes before he actually died.

Reese: Who told you this?

Ric: Elizabeth.

Reese: She actually heard the threat?

Ric: A.J. told her, all right? Carly was standing right there. It's my guess Sonny's probably trying to get Carly and the kids out of the country right now.

Reese: I'll be in touch.

Ric: Alexis, where the hell are you? Call me back. A.J. Quartermaine was murdered.

Carly: Michael. You brought him home.

Jason: Just --

Carly: Thank you.

Jason: Just give him some room, okay?

Carly: Hey, there, Mr. Man. I waited for this day for a long time. We all did. And it's finally here.

Carly: This house felt so empty without you.

Jason: What is it?

Sam: A.J. was murdered. Durant thinks that you killed him, and I told him that you were in the E.R. with me the entire time.

Jason: Okay, if he asks again, just -- you know, just tell him the truth, that you don't know where I was during the time of the murder.

Sam: Jason, that's going to make you look guilty. Wait a second. That's why you left the E.R. without telling me. That's why you brought Michael here. Carly killed A.J., didn't she, and you're going to cover for her.

Tracy: This is ridiculous. What's the problem? You have to have some reference on A.J. Quartermaine. He was dead, then he wasn't, now he is. Never mind. He's got a great deal of money, probably in an offshore account somewhere. I want you to find it. No, I do not want you to put me on hold!

Luke: Scotch.

Tracy: Oh, my -- Luke Spencer, have you heard of knocking?

Luke: Take it easy, Tracy.

Tracy: I'm sorry. Is that for me?

Luke: Please. So, how have you been?

Tracy: Stressed. Why is that in the middle of my living room?

Luke: I haven't a clue.

Tracy: Maybe the paramedics left it after the, you know --

Luke: Oh. Yeah, I heard you had quite a night here at the big house. Well, there's to A.J. Let's hope the devil is happy to see him.

Tracy: Skye is off sulking, if you care.

Luke: I'm here to see you.

Tracy: Now I know you're lying.

Luke: No.

Tracy: Why do I --

Luke: There we go.

Luke: Okay, Miss Quartermaine. Let's get rolling. The night is young and our time together is just beginning.

Courtney: You know, why should I postpone my wedding because of A.J. Quartermaine? I mean, haven't I lost enough of my life to him? Why should I let him steal the greatest day of my life, especially now that he's gone? I could use a celebration. I'm sure you could, too.

Jax: Depends on what we're celebrating. We celebrating A.J.ís death here or our wedding?

Courtney: Jax, will you marry me on Friday, the 20th of May?

Jax: Yes, I will marry you.

Ric: Let's go over everything that you've got on A.J.ís murder.

Mac: I can't divulge that.

Ric: Why not?

Mac: You're a suspect.

Ric: Oh, come on. Mac -- Mac, why would I want to kill A.J.?

Mac: Where do I start, Ric? Look, he kidnapped your niece/stepdaughter, Michael Corinthos is your nephew.

Ric: That doesn't mean that I had anything to do with it.

Mac: Don't make me call a judge at this hour.

Ric: Okay. All right, this is me stepping back. But I can assure you I had absolutely nothing to do with A.J.ís death.

Steven: Mac. Hey. I think I might have something.

Mac: What have you got?

Steven: Well, there's D.N.A. -- It's unidentified -- on the pillow that was used to smother A.J.

Mac: You started the analysis?

Steven: Oh, yeah, just a short while ago.

Mac: Listen, have you seen Alexis Davis in the building?

Steven: No, not for a while.

Mac: She killed Luis Alcazar to protect Kristina and she got away with it.

Steven: Well, maybe now she's decided to go after her daughter's kidnapper, too.

Mac: Yeah, well, we can't rule anyone out. Look, I'm going to request D.N.A. samples on Ric, Alexis, Courtney, Jason, Monica, Rachel, Sonny, and put Michaelís mother at the top of the list.

Steven: Right.

Carly: Morgan loves finger-painting. He's very proud of these. He reminds me so much of you. Maybe we could dig up some of your old ones and show them to him. What do you think? Okay. That's all right. There's no hurry, Mr. Man. The important thing is that you're home safe, and we have all the time in the world.

Jason: Carly didn't kill A.J.

Sam: All right. Well, then why would you bring Michael and Carly back here?

Jason: Because she was in A.J.ís room and the cops are going to think that she's the murderer, and I don't know if I can prove that she's innocent.

Sam: And, naturally, proving she's innocent would be your job.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jason: I just wanted you to know that I love you.

Carly: My son won't even make eye contact with me.

Sonny: He's going to find his way back. Unfortunately, time is a luxury you don't have.

Steven: I think we found our killer.

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