GH Transcript Monday 4/18/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/18/05



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Sam: Hey, we're getting close.

Jason: What the hell has A.J. done with him?

A.J.: Hey, you know what?

Michael: What?

A.J.: I'm going to miss this place, too.

Michael: Yeah, me, too.

A.J.: Hey, hey.

Michael: What's wrong?

A.J.: Just -- quiet, okay?

Courtney: Try -- try and breathe, Alan.

Alan: Where's my son?

Courtney: I don't know.

Alan: You actually heard A.J.ís voice?

Courtney: Well --

Alan: Did he know you were on the line?

Courtney: All he said was "Rachel." I was -- I was stunned. I was -- Rachel kept insisting that A.J. was still alive, but I just thought that she was trying to save herself from a murder charge.

Alan: You knew it was A.J.ís voice just by him saying a woman's name?

Courtney: Yes.

Jax: Alan, listen, you don't look well. You're in shock. We need to take you downstairs to get examined, okay?

Alan: This is fate.

Courtney: What do you mean?

Alan: I swear to you I could be dead by now. I was absolutely ready to throw myself off this building. I just couldn't take it anymore, what with A.J. being dead and everything else. But he's not dead? He's alive? That means I'm going to get another chance. And I swear to you by all that's holy, I'm going to make it right this time.

Michael: The bad guys?

A.J.: Yeah. Yeah, they found us. Okay, we got to get out of here.

Michael: What about our things?

A.J.: We'll get new stuff whenever we get where we're going. Right now we got to get out of here.

Michael: Wait.

A.J.: Whoa, whoa -- what are you doing?

Michael: I want to see what they look like.

A.J.: No. No.

Jason: Well, we might as well put this time to good use, okay? You take the luggage; I'm going to search the house. Maybe we can find some idea how Michael's been living or maybe where A.J. might take him from here.

Sam: Okay.

Michael: I want to see what they look like so if they ever show up again, I'll know to run.

A.J.: No, it's too risky, Michael. All it would take is for you to glance in the window and make some noise, we're toast. We got to get out of here now, fast -- let's go.

Jason: Sam, you know what? This is just taking too long.

Sam: What are you thinking?

Jason: Well, A.J. may have spotted us, and that means he's on his way to the airport and we're giving him all the time he needs to get away. I'm going, you stay here in case A.J. brings Michael back.

Sam: All right. All right.

John: Where's Maria Sanchez?

Lorenzo: I have no idea.

[John imitates buzzer]

John: Wrong answer. Try again.

Lorenzo: Maria is a grown woman. She doesn't report her whereabouts to me.

John: Maria is the one witness who can place Jason Morgan at the scene of the Sandoval shootings. Now -- no surprise here, considering who the hell I'm talking to -- she has suddenly vanished into thin air without a trace. Do not expect me to believe that doesn't give you pause.

Lorenzo: What you believe is of no concern to me. If Maria fled from anyone, it was you and your willingness to stoop to any level in your obsessive pursuit of Sonny Corinthos and who can blame her? You ran around like a cocked, loaded weapon. And just so we're clear, I have no intention of leading you to Maria so you can harass her again.

John: Ooh. Well, now, that sounds -- yeah, I'm pretty sure that sounds a lot like obstruction of justice I'm pretty sure of that. I could have you charged.

Lorenzo: Not without subjecting your own actions to scrutiny. You did a reprehensible thing, Durant. You framed Diego for selling drugs in order to coerce his mother into giving false testimony. Courts don't look upon that kind of intimidation lightly, especially from someone who's sworn to serve and protect.

John: Yeah, I got to tell you, you people slay me. You're so quick to assume the mantle of indignation when law enforcement employs the exact same tactics you use every day. And just so we're clear, I could care less about your moral judgments. My job is to prosecute criminals, of which you, amigo, are one. I'd watch my step if I were you.

Ric: I don't suppose you'd like to tell me what that was all about?

Lorenzo: A federal prosecutor who's out of control.

Ric: I tend to agree.

Lorenzo: There's a first.

Ric: So if you have anything in the way of proof against John Durant, I want to hear it.


Sonny: Hey -- someone's in the house.

Alan: How many times do I have to tell you I don't want to be here?

Courtney: Alan, you need to be checked out by a doctor just to make sure that youíre okay.

Alan: I am a doctor. I certainly know what's going on in my own body.

Courtney: Oh, and that only makes you less objective.

Alan: Look, the only thing that's going to make me feel better is if we get to Rachel, and then we can find out more about A.J.

Jax: It's not going to take long to have a doctor examine you, okay? You were gasping for air, Alan. You were clutching at your chest, and excuse me for saying so, but you're not as young as you used to be.

Alan: What is that supposed to mean?

Jax: Alan --

Monica: What's this about chest pains?

Alan: Nothing. Forget about that. I have something really important --

Jax: Hey, we found him on the roof --

Monica: What?

Jax: And he was gasping for air and he was clutching his chest.

Monica: What were you doing on the roof? Oh, my God, Alan, you were going to jump. Okay, all right, this has gone on way too long. Grieving is one thing, destroying your life is another. And you leave me no choice -- nurse? Call the psych ward, please. And I'm going to need a couple of orderlies.

Alan: Monica --

Monica: I am having my husband admitted for observation, and I want him to have a complete cardiac exam.

Alan: Will you shut up and listen?

Monica: Thank you.

Alan: A.J.ís alive!

Monica: Okay. Fine. All right. Well, we'll just add denial into the mix. Do you hear yourself, Alan? You need help. You need serious help.

Courtney: Monica, look, I know it sounds crazy, but he's telling the truth. A.J. really is alive.

Lorenzo: You remember that my son, Diego, was recently arrested?

Ric: Yeah, for possession of what turned out to be a bag of oregano. Durant did set that up, probably to pressure Maria Sanchez into I.D.'ing Jason Morgan.

Lorenzo: There's no "probably" about it. Maria called me. And before you ask, she didn't say from where. What she did say was that Durant threatened Diego with doing time unless she went straight to Agent marshal to I.D. Jason and implicate Sonny.

Ric: I'm surprised you're helping me. You know that undermining Durant ultimately does help Sonny?

Lorenzo: That is something I have no desire to do. But Carly's a fact of my life; Sonny is a fact of hers. So, if at all possible, I'd like to maintain a peaceful coexistence. Besides, I don't want Durant running amuck, hurting the people in my life. So someone has to rein him in. Maybe that person is you. Thank you.

Ric: Have you mentioned any of this to Carly?

Lorenzo: Why?

Ric: I just wonder if she realizes how far her father is willing to go to keep Sonny out of her life. Thanks for your help.

Sonny: What happened? Tell me it's not another security glitch, because I swear to you, heads will roll.

Max: Relax, all right? The system's fine.

Sonny: Right?

Max: The terrace doors were opened from the inside, probably by Carly.

Sonny: Carly? What do you mean, Carly?

Max: Yeah, she showed up, she wanted to see you. Vic let her in.

Sonny: Hold on, Max. Did Carly go upstairs?

Max: I don't know, all right? He let her in the living room, couple minutes went by. Alarm went off, I came in, Carly was gone. I don't know --

Sonny: What -- what are you doing?

Reese: Running for my life.

Courtney: Rachel transferred my fingerprints onto a letter opener so that they would have a murder weapon. Then she drew A.J.ís blood, added it, and then, presto, I'm being charged with murder.

Monica: We have official confirmation of A.J.ís death. Alan identified the body.

Jax: A.J. probably threw a lot of money around. All he really needed was a detective and someone in the coroner's office.

Monica: This is impossible.

Courtney: No, Monica, I heard him. I did. He called Rachel's phone and I answered.

Monica: You spoke to him?

Courtney: Not -- not exactly, but I -- I know A.J.ís voice, believe me.

Monica: Well, I mean, that could've been a recording. It could've been an impersonator. My son is dead, and I really think it's unspeakably cruel of you to try to make me believe otherwise. I mean, this is probably some scam of Rachel Adairís to keep herself out of jail. Alan -- come on, you know better than anybody. You identified the body. Tell them.

Alan: Monica, I saw his body in the morgue, but I didn't touch him. It could've been staged. He could've been drugged.

Monica: You hear yourself? Would you think your son A.J. could be so sadistic as to put us, the whole family, through this kind of torture? To let us believe that he was savagely murdered? What possible motive could he have?

Jason: I knew it. While we were waiting here, a charter took off with two passengers onboard.

Sam: Oh, no.

Jason: Their names were different, but the ground crew confirmed that it was a man and a little boy.

Sam: Well, let me guess -- there's no flight plan, right?

Jason: No, not that I could access. Okay, this place is all we've got, Sam. We're going to search every inch until we can figure out where A.J.ís taking Michael.

Sam: Jason, I found a letter. It's addressed to you. It's probably from Michael.

Jason: Can you read it?

Sam: "Dear Jason, Sonny doesn't want me anymore. He sent me to live with my real dad. A.J. says Mom doesn't want me, either, but I want to be sure. Please tell her to call me. Your friend, Michael. P.S. -- Don't tell Sonny or he'll be mad." Poor little boy. I mean, all this time he's thinking that Sonny doesn't want him, Jason. What kind of a monster would do that to --

Jason: The worst. A.J.ís a sick, lying bastard. And with enough time, there's no telling what he's going to do to Michael.

Lorenzo: Hey, Carly.

Carly: Hi.

Carly: Thanks for meeting me.

Lorenzo: It's the high point of my day. You seem motivated.

Carly: I want to start searching for Michael.

Lorenzo: I thought you agreed to lay low for a while.

Carly: I'm not going to sit around relying on other people for answers. I told Jason that in the beginning.

Lorenzo: And Jason told you how important it was for you to keep a low profile.

Carly: I know. I'm not going to do anything that would jeopardize my son's life. But I'm not going to be passive anymore. Anyone who doesn't like that can just stay the hell out of my way. I -- I'm going to need your help.

Lorenzo: You know I'll do whatever I can. Tell me what you need.

Carly: All your resources and connections.

Lorenzo: At your disposal.

Carly: Your brainpower.

Lorenzo: It's all yours.

Carly: And in return, I promise not to keep you in the dark. I won't run off without telling you and I will trust you with everything I know or find out.

Lorenzo: Deal. Now, tell me what has you so upset.

Carly: What?

Lorenzo: Something's bothering you and it's not about Michael. Did you go to Sonny?

Carly: That's incredibly annoying.

Lorenzo: That I know you so well?

Carly: Yeah. Right. Yeah, no, you're absolutely right. I -- ahem. Fool that I am, I went straight to Sonny.

Lorenzo: And I take it he didn't believe Michael was alive?

Carly: No, I -- actually, I didn't get a chance to tell him. Sonny was busy having sex with Agent marshal.

Sonny: Well, look, we were just in the middle of something, and then -- whoever's out there, you know, rigged your car to explode is still out there. Just -- let me take care of you. I'll keep you safe here.

Reese: No, no, no, I don't think so. Sonny, your security system was breached tonight.

Sonny: Right.

Reese: And if the person who did that was the person trying to kill me, then they know I'm here.

Sonny: The person who did that was -- Carly set it off.

Reese: What?

Sonny: Yeah, the guard didn't know that you were here and he let her in and --

Reese: Wait, wait, so Carly saw us?

Sonny: Well, yeah. Yeah, it's a pretty safe assumption.

Reese: Oh, God. Oh, my God!

Sonny: But, hey, wait, wait, wait -- you know what? She just didn't want -- she probably came up, didn't want us to see her, and then she went out through the terrace. The alarm went off, you know --

Reese: Wait, so -- hold -- just hold up for a second, okay? This door was open when the alarm went off.

Sonny: Yeah.

Reese: So Carly -- oh, my God, Carly was, what, standing in the doorway while we were in bed? Your wife was watching us.

Sonny: Ex. Ex-wife --

Reese: Okay, your ex-wife, with whom you are still intimately involved --

Sonny: Yeah.

Reese: Saw us two heartbeats away from making love. You're telling me that that doesn't bother you?

Sonny: Hmm -- it doesnít.

Reese: Liar!

Jax: You ask yourself why A.J. would do such a terrible thing? The answer might not be as complicated as you think.

Monica: Well, fine. Enlighten me.

Jax: Well, let's just say that A.J. didnít lose the money that he embezzled from your family, that he did quite well by it, better than he even expected. A.J.ís still a fugitive, so he has to be careful not to leave a paper trail. Because if your family ever caught up with him, you could reclaim every cent with interest. Not to mention send him to prison for a very long time, which is another motive. But if A.J. were legally dead, he could take on a new identity, transfer the money, and he could live whatever life he chose.

Monica: Look, I've never -- I've never put blinders on when it comes to A.J. I know that he is very troubled and very bitter, but I do know that he would never be so cruel as to deceive his family like this just for money.

Alan: It's not about the money. He wouldn't do that, he knows better. If he did, we'd hunt him down like a dog and then throw him to the wolves. The one unforgivable sin with the Quartermaines is "do not touch our money."

Monica: If A.J. went so far as to fake his death and torture this family -- well, that is so sick and twisted I can't comprehend that. I mean, no son of mine would ever do anything like --

Alan: You would prefer it if A.J. was dead?

Monica: What?

Alan: Then you wouldn't have to admit that you and the family drove him to such desperate measures. What a supportive mother you turned out to be. Hey, listen -- why don't you call Jason? I'm sure he'll be as disappointed as you that A.J.ís alive.

Jason: A.J.ís only had Michael for a few months. Sonny's had him most of his life. Michael knows that his parents love him; he knows that A.J.ís a big liar. How could this happen?

Sam: Michael is a little boy, Jason. He's no match for A.J. I mean, as far as cons go, this is one of the best I've ever seen -- the foresight, attention to detail. A.J. probably had some convincing lie in place from the moment Michael walked through that door.

Jason: If I get my -- when I get my hands --

Sam: No, no, no, no, no -- don't -- don't go there, okay? We need to focus on finding out where they're headed and that is all.

Jason: Okay, you take the luggage; I'm going to search the rest of the house.

Sam: Okay.

Carly: Don't misunderstand, I could care less who Sonny chooses to sleep with -- even if it is a fed who wants to send him away for 20 to life. I mean, if Sonny can't get his mind out of his pants long enough to show a little discretion, Sonny deserves what he gets.

Lorenzo: Not even a flicker of hurt or regret?

Carly: Not even one. I have more important things to focus on, like finding my little boy. And when I do, and Michael's home safe, I promise I'm going to shift my focus to my own happiness, starting with you.

Lorenzo: I'm getting a strong feeling of dťja vu.

Carly: How so?

Lorenzo: You turned to me before because you wanted to pay Sonny back for being with another woman. That ended up in disaster all the way around. Carly, I'm not going down that path again. If you and I are ever going to have a place in this world together, it has to be because you want me, not revenge against Sonny.

Sonny: Carly -- Carly and I will always be connected, you know, through our children -- through Morgan, and I like it like that. Carly, you know, is an amazing woman. We've been to hell and back 10 times over and I want her in my life -- as a, you know, co-parent, as a friend, because any more than that, we -- it doesn't really work out for us. But I don't -- you know, I don't owe Carly fidelity and I don't, you know, expect it from her. I mean, I don't feel guilty wanting you. Right? I'm a man, you're a woman. And I don't expect you, you know, to feel guilty about anything that I -- you know. You know what I mean?

Reese: Okay. This is a complete and utter violation of every professional and personal ethic that I have. It just puts me right in the trick bag. Seduce me and you virtually ensure that I can never testify against you, not with any credibility.

Sonny: Do you think this is what I'm trying to do -- this is all about compromising you?

Reese: I think it's a high probability. Sonny, look, I -- I don't want to doubt your motives here --

Sonny: Right.

Reese: And I don't want to second-guess my own motives.

Sonny: Right.

Reese: I just -- I don't want us to look back on this night -- or any other night -- and wish that it never happened.

Sonny: Right.

Reese: And then that's why, okay, even though I probably want you more than I've ever wanted any man, I can't sleep with you. Not tonight, and -- and not any night.

Courtney: I was just thinking about A.J. and how much he must hate me. It's -- it's unsettling.

Jax: You care about how A.J. Quartermaine feels about you?

Courtney: I just -- I care that, somewhere in the world, there is a very bitter and motivated man who obviously has nothing better to do with his time than dream up ways of making me suffer. Anyway, I don't know. It's like I -- I can't figure out how I could've loved him as much as I thought I did. It's --

Jax: Well, he sold you on a lie. And then he started believing it himself -- until you figured out the truth about who A.J. really was, and then he couldn't forgive you.

Courtney: That's very perceptive.

Jax: Well, I was there, remember? I watched him create a persona that you could fall in love with -- black sheep, lonely and misunderstood, just needed the right woman to turn his life around. I remember when you and A.J. eloped.

Courtney: Oh, God. Yeah, everybody but Alice the maid showed up and tried to warn me it was a mistake. But I didn't listen. God -- Jax, when I think about how self-righteous I was, you know, and insisting that you didn't know or understand A.J., when all of you knew him so much better than me.

Jax: I remember the look on his face when you were defending him.

Courtney: Huh.

Jax: Yeah. Yeah, it must've felt pretty good -- you know, a beautiful woman like you, happened to be Sonny's sister? That was probably the biggest high of his life. Of course, he wanted to continue that. That's why he set you up over and over again -- to prove your love. Until you finally figured it out, and then he turned on you, didn't he?

Courtney: Yeah, I thought -- well, I mean, at the time I thought that he was just jealous of Jason, you know? But you're right. You're right; it was so much more than that. I mean, I was supposed to be the good thing in A.J.ís life. I was supposed to go on thinking that he was wonderful, siding with him in all his fights, forgiving his flaws, explaining away his mistakes.

Jax: Yeah.

Courtney: I was supposed to enable A.J. forever, and when I stopped, well, I became the enemy.

Jax: I'm sorry you had to go through all that.

Courtney: Oh, hey, all the lies that A.J. taught me to see when the truth is right in front of me. I love you, Jax. I do. I'm so glad that we're going to spend our lives together.

Jason: You want to speak to Sonny?

Sam: Why?

Jason: Phone's about to ring. Put it on speaker and you'll understand.

[Phone rings]

[Phone beeps]

Sonny's voice: I don't want to have to keep saying this. It's done. Go away. I mean it. I never want to see you again.

[Phone beeps]

Sam: What am I missing?

Jason: There's a computer system set up in the spare room with digital recordings of Sonny's voice. Michael wrote that letter because he heard Sonny reject him. Michael heard his father say he didn't want him.

Sam: Now, that isn't human. A.J. claims to love Michael. Why would he hurt him like that?

Jason: A.J. doesnít love Michael. It makes him feel powerful to have fathered a son. He doesn't know or care about who Michael is or what Michael needs. All Michael is, is something to use against Sonny and Carly, nothing more.

Sam: At least we're on the right track. Michael is definitely alive.

Jason: Yeah. It's true. I was afraid, even though I knew.

Sam: I know.

Jason: Okay, Sam, we got to get Michael back. Did you find any passports or travel documents?

Sam: No.

Jason: No, come on.

Ric: John.

John: You have a report on your interview with Rachel Adair?

Ric: The only thing Rachel remembers about the Sandoval killings is that there were shots fired. There's no mention of a gunman, much less Jason.

John: What -- that's it, that's all?

Ric: I'm afraid so.

John: You know, you could've told me this on the phone.

Ric: I know, John, but I'd like a little face-to-face with you.

John: All right, here's my face.

Ric: You need to understand something. Rachel's statement is a matter of public record. Now, if that statement should suddenly change after a conversation with you, then my next trip is going to be to your superiors at the bureau, where I will tell them that you obstructed justice and suborned perjury in an attempt to frame Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos.

John: You know something, hotshot? You don't make the best witness --

Ric: Hmm.

John: Since you continually misuse your position as district attorney to protect your brother, a lifelong criminal. You know, your little plan could backfire on you. You could be the one facing obstruction charges. Who knows, maybe even RICO violations for failing to investigate when you know perfectly well that Sonny Corinthos is responsible for those shootings.

Ric: I know this is a concept that you either fail to realize and grasp or willingly choose to ignore, but knowing isn't enough. You have to have actual proof, John. That, as opposed to the fabricated kind that you've been so fond of lately. Indisputable proof. I suspect that Agent Marshall had quite a bit on you. That's why she called and left a message for me the day that her car exploded.

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Are we going to do this tune again? You accusing me of something here?

Ric: No, John, I'm not accusing you of anything. But you have been brought up on charges for obstruction once before. Now, if Reese was able to prove that you did it once again in service to your vendetta against Sonny, then I think you'd have quite a bit to lose. Right? Your job you've become so fond of, your hard-won reputation, your career -- such as it is. But mostly, and most importantly, your precious daughter. You and I both know Carly would never forgive you if you suddenly took Sonny out of Morganís life, especially now that Michael is gone. I'd say those are pretty strong reasons for wanting Reese permanently out of the picture. Don't you?

Carly: Accepting my marriage was over on an intellectual level was one thing. Seeing Sonny in bed with another woman was something else.

Lorenzo: That's why it's hard for me to believe it didn't hurt.

Carly: Okay, I felt a twinge, all right? A little stab of something, part habit, part conditioned reflex, part sadness. But at the same time, it was liberating. It set me free once and for all. You're skeptical. I don't blame you. Sonny and I have been over plenty of times and it never seems to take, but I -- I know this time is different. And if it takes you a while to get there, that's okay, I'll wait.

Lorenzo: Don't make promises you can't keep.

Carly: Okay, now's no time to be having this conversation anyway. I got to keep my focus on Michael. I'm going to go see Jason.

Lorenzo: About Michael, or to tell him that Sonny's sleeping with a Fed?

Carly: Jason has a right to know. Sonny's not just putting his own freedom at risk, he's compromising Jason's, as well.

Sonny: I won't be long, so, you know --

Reese: You're going after Carly, aren't you?

Sonny: I'm not, no. Talk about making things worse -- see, Carly has a temper like you wouldn't believe.

Reese: Yeah?

Sonny: If she's hurt or angry or both, which I think she is, she'll overlook the reality of our divorce and then she'll go straight to payback.

Reese: Oh, I feel so much better now.

Sonny: Well, you don't understand. See, when Carly lashes out, she usually -- the one she usually hurts is herself. But in this situation, she could be putting your life in danger, so I need to make sure that she doesn't tell anyone that you're here, you know, especially her nut job father.

Reese: But you just told me you're not going after Carly.

Sonny: I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not. I'm going to see Jason. Because usually when Carly goes off, he's the one that can keep her calm and quiet.

Reese: Okay. Fascinating.

Sonny: Thank you very much.

Reese: No, not you. The way you talk about Carly like she's a force of nature or something.

Sonny: Well, I mean, you know, she's been known to be.

Reese: It's obvious how much you admire her.

Sonny: Well, I got a thing for strong women. That's why -- that's why I'm attracted to you.

Reese: Oh, because I remind you of your ex-wife? Nice. That's just what every woman wants to hear.

Sonny: No, no. Actually, you know, you're strong, you know, in a different way. I mean, you got -- you got the fire, right?

Reese: Do I?

Sonny: But you got this -- this pain that's rooted deep inside. You ever get tired of hurting? Because I know I do. That's why upstairs I was starting to feel -- starting to feel real good, you know? For that one moment in time, the pain was just -- was just gone, you know? I can get used to that.

John: Thank you for meeting me here.

Man: Why the urgent request? Do you need more money to procure evidence against Sonny?

John: No, I need some answers. I've been keeping the pressure on Sonny. It wasn't so hard when he was standing in the ruins of his life, but now he is in control and he is fighting back, and I need to know who I can trust. I need some names. Who am I in partnership with here?

[Knock on door]

Ric: Hey, Max.

Max: Ric.

Ric: I'm here to see Sonny.

Max: He's not here right now.

Ric: That's okay, I'll wait.

Max: Would you just wait out here for him? Thanks.

Reese: Max?

Reese: Max, can you get me a glass of --

Ric: Well, well, Agent Marshall. Looks like you're staying with my brother after all.

Sonny: What -- what are you doing here?

Carly: Waiting for Jason. I wanted to warn him that you lost your mind and started sleeping with a Fed.

Sonny: So you saw us?

Carly: I saw it all.

Courtney: God, Jax, I feel so terrible for them. I mean, poor Alan is in some kind of state of denial where A.J. can do no wrong, and then Monica -- well, she either has to cling on to the belief that her -- her son's dead or accept the fact that he is heartless enough to plan his own murder.

Jax: Well, maybe Monica shouldn't get her hopes up. And I'm sure A.J. covered his tracks so well it'll be really hard to prove that he's still alive. I'm sure the authorities will try, but -- ahem -- you know, they certainly don't want to look incompetent trying Rachel for a murder that never happened. Even if there are witnesses and the Bahamian police and the coroner's office admit that they were bribed -- which I seriously doubt -- A.J.ís probably on the other side of the world by now, living under a different --

Courtney: Oh, my God, Jax.

Jax: What?

Courtney: It just occurred to me.

Jax: What?

Courtney: With everything that's been going on, I just didn't think of it, but until A.J.ís found, we can't get married. I'm still legally married to A.J.

Jax: No, no, no, don't worry. I already have a fix for that.

Sam: What are you looking for in that?

Jason: Well, some of these countries are circled. "Siena, Italy." That's got to be where A.J.ís taken Michael.

Sam: Oh, no, no. How could you be sure, Jason? There's, like, 15 different --

Jason: Because Michael had to do a report last year for school on Siena, Italy. He really got into it. If A.J. wanted to win --

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: That's it. We got to go.

A.J.: Hello, Dad. Long time no see.

Alan: A.J.

A.J.: It's me. Look -- I brought my son with me.

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Alexis: I think the answer is obvious.

Carly: Reese Marshall is a Fed.

Sonny: The real reason that you're mad is because you saw me with another woman.

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