GH Transcript Friday 4/15/05

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/15/05



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Carly: I want Michael back, John. I don't care how.

John: Carly, your son, my grandson -- he's gone. I barely, barely got to know Michael. I really wanted to. I hate what happened to him.

Carly: But you know that he was the key to my heart. You know that, and you know that I'd love anyone who brought him back to me. Did you do it, John? Did you steal my son?

John: No. Carly, no. Michael is not missing. He is dead. It's because of Sonny. I've offered you money, a place to live, legal representation. I have risked my career. Obviously, I would do anything to keep you safe from Sonny.

Carly: John, how far would you go? Would you kill him?

Sonny: Tell me about your son.

Jason: Hey. You were great just now.

Sam: You know I miss my little girl so much. Being pregnant, it changed me, Jason. I just kind of felt like my whole world just calmed down for a minute. You know, I didn't feel put upon or hurt. Nobody -- and nobody could make me into a victim. I wanted to put that life ahead of my own. And my world fell away and I -- I knew real love.

Jason: Do you want that again?

Sam: Yeah, more than anything. I know that we are focusing on finding Michael right now, but as soon as he comes home -- could we?

Jason: I promise.

Sam: I can't imagine a family of our own, Jason. It just --

Jason: That would be great.

Sam: Yeah.

Ric: Excuse me. Don't mean to interrupt, but Agent Marshall has gone missing.

Jason: Oh.

Sam: What?

Ric: Well, she never checked out. Nobody's seen her. As a matter of fact, nobody's seen anything. Why do I think that you have something to do with this?

[Phone rings]

Jax: Uh -- not so fast.

Rachel: No, this could be A.J.

Jax: Exactly. That's why I want Courtney to answer it, end this once and for all.

Courtney: Hello?

A.J.: Rachel?

Courtney: A.J.? A.J., I know it's you. Say something. How could you pull a stunt like this? Your dad is losing his mind right now. Do you even care? Come on, A.J., stop being a coward. Say something! Where are you? What, are you in -- ugh! He hung up.

Jax: You don't really believe that was A.J., do you?

Courtney: No, Jax, it was. A.J.ís still alive.

Jax: What makes you think that was A.J. on the phone?

Courtney: Because I know his voice, Jax.

Jax: What did he say?

Courtney: He said "Rachel."

Jax: That's it?

Courtney: Well, he hung up when I started yelling at him.

Jax: You recognize his voice from one word?

Courtney: Yes.

Jax: This -- it's a scam. I mean, think of all the things that Rachel has pulled off so far. Taping A.J.ís voice while he was still alive and then setting up a phone call like this is nothing compared to what she's already pulled.

Rachel: Look, I didn't set up that phone call.

Jax: That's why you wanted her to come to the hospital, isn't it? That's why you wanted Courtney to answer that phone. That call could've come from a computer anywhere in the world. Rachel's just getting desperate. She's trying to cover for herself.

Courtney: You have lied, you have done some terrible things, but you're not lying now.

Rachel: Thank you.

Jax: Did you hear anything in the background?

Courtney: No.

Rachel: He's probably calling from the Bahamas. A.J.ís hiding out so that his family won't take his money. That's why he set up Courtney.

Mac: You called me all the way down here for this?

Jax: Yeah. If I would've known, I would've saved you the trip.

Rachel: Look, tell him.

Jax: This scam is just getting a little more elaborate, that's all.

Rachel: There is no scam. Courtney, tell him!

Courtney: Mac, A.J.ís alive.

Mac: Uh-huh.

Courtney: No -- look, I know it doesn't make any sense, but I know. He just called, okay?

Mac: What did he have to say for himself?

Courtney: He just said one word.

Jax: "Rachel."

Mac: Imagine that.

Jax: Yeah.

Courtney: I know it sounds crazy, Mac. I know, okay, but I know that it was A.J.

Mac: You're a good person, Courtney. I have a lot of respect for what you're doing with your life, but you tend to trust the wrong people.

Courtney: Not this time.

Mac: It is so obvious. Why can't you see that Rachel is setting you up?

A.J.: Michael! Hey! Michael!

Maid: He's off playing with his new friend.

A.J.: Wait a minute; you let my son leave the property?

Maid: It was your idea, Sir. He's with that sweet little girl from next door. They're playing out on the wharf.

A.J.: I'm going to go get him and you better hope he's still there.

Maid: You gave him permission, Sir.

A.J.: You spare me the attitude and go pack my things. We're leaving tonight.

John: My job, my calling in life, is to enforce the law, not break it. But if Sonny ever had you cornered, if he ever raised a hand to you, yes, you can believe this -- I would kill him.

Carly: Sonny would never hurt me.

John: He already has. But I understand why you're not ready to admit it. I can't blame you. You've given -- you've given years of your life to the man, all of your dreams, two beautiful children, and what has he done in return? Huh? He almost killed you the day Morgan was born. He made life unbearable for you while you were trying to recover. And then he humiliates you with other women. And now Michael. It doesn't matter. It'll all be over very soon.

Carly: Really? Why are you saying that?

John: Because Sonny's world is collapsing in all around him. He is responsible for Michael's death. He knows it, and that is why the man is grieving so hard. He knows that Michael would be here, he'd be alive and well today, if he'd been man enough to just walk away from organized crime.

Carly: Oh, my -- Sonny has never been convicted of anything.

John: That's right. That is exactly right, and that's why he is paying the price himself, because he knows the court won't -- at least not yet. That's why the Sandoval massacre was such a -- it was sloppy.

Carly: Oh --

John: It was unprofessional. Do you understand that Sonny Corinthos is begging to get caught?

Carly: Oh, my -- he had nothing to do with that, John! Nothing!

John: Carly --

Carly: What?

John: The father of your children ordered a multiple homicide in public, in broad daylight.

Carly: No, he didnít. The Sandovals are drug dealers.

John: Maybe.

Carly: They put kids on the street as prostitutes.

John: Maybe. Carly, do you understand that nobody in the Sandoval crime family has ever been convicted of a crime, either? What is it going to take, Carly, for you to finally understand, to grasp what kind of monster Sonny really is?

Carly: Oh, I know exactly who Sonny is!

John: How long do you think he is going to stay in power? How long do you think he's going to get to decide who gets to live and who gets to die? Faith Rosco might not have been so dangerous if he had not made her husband disappear. His surviving children might not be at risk if he could just quit the business, but he won't.

Carly: He can't!

John: That's right. Because he's not willing to pay the price. And why should he? He's got everybody else in this town paying the price for him, and do you understand who has paid the greatest price of all? You.

Carly: You don't understand about me and Sonny.

John: I understand that my smart and stubborn daughter, who was so once full of life and full of fire, is now a woman who is grieving the death of her firstborn child. A woman who has been kicked to the curb because a better package came along. A woman who will not turn against a man who has betrayed her and got her son killed.

Carly: It's not -- it --

John: Carly, when did you teach yourself to just not speak? When did you learn that it was okay to leave a room with nothing more than that -- that look? Why do you allow Sonny Corinthos to take over your entire life?

Carly: You may never understand what Sonny and I had, but you understand this, okay? If you ever hurt him, I will deal with you.

John: You'll what? Kill your own father for a man who doesn't love you? Never will?

Ric: So you haven't seen Reese? You have no idea where she is, if she's all right?

Sam: Ric, why are you doing this?

Ric: Do you know where she is?

Jason: You know who's after Agent Marshall, Ric. You're the one who told me.

Ric: Yeah, John Durant. Jason, the man is a federal prosecutor. Do you realize how desperate he's got to be to be able to take out an FBI agent?

Sam: And people get desperate when they have something to hide. Doesn't that sound like Durant to you?

Sam: You know where Agent Marshall is, don't you?

Reese: I usually spin the story.

Sonny: In other words, you lie.

Reese: The details aren't true, but the feelings are. I pretend that Jamie was my first case.

Sonny: The kid that died, you told me about?

Reese: Yeah, I -- I act like he died because I got too cocky, because I looked in the wrong place. Actually, that part is true. I was reaching into my purse for money, and I let go of his hand for a split second. And when I looked back, he was gone.

Sonny: Where were you?

Reese: We were at this little amusement park that we'd gone to all the time.

Sonny: Just you and your son?

Reese: Yeah.

Sonny: Where was his father?

Reese: It was one of those law school marriages, you know. So, I was on the fast track to partnership, he wasnít. He wasn't comfortable with that. He left. You know, I didn't even tell him that I was pregnant. I just didn't -- I didn't see the need, you know? At that point in my life, I didn't even understand how intense it would be to have a kid. But my life changed completely from the moment I saw my little boy. I just wanted to spend every moment with him, you know? Maybe somewhere inside I knew that I wouldn't have that much time. But we had four years, four really good years, and that's like college or at law school with an internship.

Sonny: Is that how you measure time, by school?

Reese: Yeah. I guess most parents measure time by their kids, huh? You know, when Jamie disappeared, my life as I knew it then was over, and I just don't want other parents to go through that, you know.

Sonny: Do you know who took him?

Reese: No. And that's one of the reasons that I joined the FBI, because I wanted to find that kidnapper. But I couldn't even come up with a decent profile. So now every case that goes badly, like Michael, it just all comes rushing back to me, you know? And maybe that's why I don't want this case to end, because I don't want to lose Jamie again. I don't -- I don't want to feel alone, you know?

Courtney: If you think I'm stupid, fine.

Mac: Look, I didn't say that.

Courtney: I don't blame you, Mac. I know I have made some stupid choices.

Jax: Hey, hey, come on, stop it.

Courtney: No -- I mean, come on. Seriously, look at the way I let A.J. treat me. I fell for that whole stalking thing. I worked as a stripper to keep him from being charged for drunk driving. What can I say? I have done some stupid things. But I know A.J., Jax. I know him, and that was him on that phone. He heard my voice and he panicked and he hung up. That is what happened, so deal with it.

Mac: Do you realize this could help Rachel?

Courtney: Okay, she's done some terrible things, but she did not kill A.J.

Mac: Did you try to call him back?

Courtney: There wasn't any caller I.D.

Mac: That's convenient.

Rachel: Well, you should've tapped the phone when I asked you to.

Mac: You're charged with murder. You're under house arrest. You don't run the investigation.

Jax: Look, Rachel's trying to take advantage of your good nature. She knows that you have the need to want to fix things. If A.J.ís alive, then problem solved, right?

Courtney: I know what I heard, Jax.

Mac: I'll see if I can get a tap on that line. We'll take it from there.

Rachel: A.J.ís never going to call back now, now that he's heard Courtney's voice.

Mac: It's my best offer. And just so we're clear, once you're out of the hospital and in police lockup where you belong, we'll all be better off.

Rachel: Well, the police are never going to believe us now.

Courtney: What do you mean, "us"?

Jax: You're really -- you're trying to stall this police investigation any way you can, aren't you?

Rachel: No.

Courtney: Of course you are, Rachel. But that was still A.J. on the phone. I just wish you could believe it, too.

Tracy: Oh, would you stop that?

Alan: No.

Edward: Go ahead. With A.J. gone, the family needs a falling-down drunk.

Emily: Oh -- that was mean, Grandfather.

Edward: Can anybody tell me why we were called for this meeting?

Tracy: God knows.

Dillon: We're broke again.

Justus: Maybe it's about A.J.

Ned: Is there a development in the case?

Justus: Well, I proved Courtney didn't do it.

Ned: Does Alan know that?

Justus: I don't think it would matter. Mac charged Rachel Adair with first-degree murder. You ought to hear her defense -- my God.

Tracy: Oh, Monica, make it fast, please. We are very busy.

Emily: Well, I'm glad you called this meeting. I think we should have them more often.

Monica: Well, it's a little late for that. Okay, short and sweet, I'm putting the house on the market.

Alan: What?

Dillon: Ooh. Why?

Monica: Well, this place is just too big.

Tracy: What about the family?

Monica: Oh, I think we stopped being that a long time ago. Now it's time for us to accept it and go our separate ways.

Jason: Durant came to the E.R. looking for Agent Marshall, okay, but Max and I had her out by then.

Sam: All right, well, maybe he just wanted to question her.

Jason: I don't think so.

Sam: Are you sure he didn't set the bomb?

Jason: Well, you know what? I can't be sure, but I know that he thinks that Agent Marshall has evidence that can put Sonny and me away.

Sam: Is he right?

Jason: Not as far as I know. Sonny burned the evidence.

Sam: And he just won't accept it. Yeah, I swear, Carly's dad is worse than the people he's trying to catch.

Jason: You know what? We're going to let Ric deal with him. We need to focus on finding Michael.

John: Sonny isn't your flesh and blood, Carly, I am. And no matter how much you hate me, that bond will always be there. You could no more hurt me than you could one of your own children.

Carly: Oh, try me.

John: Yeah, see? There, that's that spark I'm looking for.

Ric: Durant? You don't pick up your messages anymore?

John: What, is there a problem?

Ric: Reese Marshall is missing from the hospital.

Carly: Maybe it's called checking out, Ric.

Ric: No, not this time. You have any idea where she might be?

Carly: Well, I'm going to let you two deal with this.

John: You think about what I said, huh?

Ric: You know, she'll probably go tell Sonny.

John: Yeah, probably.

Ric: Yeah, I'm not so sure that he's involved this time. When's the last time you saw Agent Marshall?

John: Agent Marshall is a good agent who got too involved with a man she is supposed to bring down, but that's how Sonny operates. He's smart. He knows how to manipulate women, law enforcement, even his own brother. Sonny took Agent Marshall from the hospital, and if he hasn't killed her by now, he will soon.

Reese: You know, I shouldn't -- I shouldn't have told you all that.

Sonny: Why?

Reese: You know, what difference does it make? And I -- I shouldn't even be here.

Sonny: You need to rest. I mean --

Reese: I mean here with you. You're still the bad guy.

Sonny: Oh, I'm -- I'm the bad guy?

Reese: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah?

Reese: You know, I could've lost my job -- I still might lose my job. First, I'm nearly blown up, and then I'm spirited out of the hospital by people that I should be putting in handcuffs.

Sonny: Nobody's going to expect you to be here.

Reese: Don't be so sure.

Sonny: Well, how come you're a little bit on edge all of a sudden?

Reese: Sonny --

Sonny: What?

Reese: I have a huge request.

Sonny: You want me to get you a little bit of wine --

Reese: No.

Sonny: Little bit of bread, little bit of food, little --

Reese: That -- stop smiling.

Sonny: Is that your request?

Reese: Yes.

Sonny: Why?

Reese: Do you want me to feel better or not?

Sonny: Yeah, I want you to feel a lot better.

Reese: I have devoted my life to putting men like you in prison.

Sonny: You don't know any men like me.

Reese: I'm a good agent, and I can put together a very clean case.

Sonny: I'm sure you can.

Reese: Stop --

Sonny: What?

Reese: Smiling. Just stop that! No wonder you've never been convicted of anything.

Sonny: Why? Why do you think I haven't been convicted?

Reese: Dimples.

Sonny: Oh.

Reese: I've never counted on dimples. There's nothing in the FBI handbook that says anything about dimples. How could a bad guy have dimples?

Sonny: Oh, so I'm still the bad guy?

Reese: I got to go back to the hospital.

Sonny: It's dangerous. I'm telling you --

Reese: No, you're dangerous.

Sonny: Durant's out there. You know, he's -- he's after you, so --

Reese: Yeah, he's not the only one.

Carly: Jason, have you heard from Sonny? He's not picking up his phone.

Jason: Well, he's probably home. Did something happen?

Carly: Well, I was just --

Jason: What's going on, Carly?

Courtney: You're not going to believe this. No one else does.

Carly: Are you okay?

Courtney: Look -- um -- A.J.ís alive.

Carly: Wait -- he's what?

Jason: Okay, why -- why would you even think that?

Courtney: He just called Rachel. I picked up her phone. I am sure it was him. I know it.

Jason: What did he say?

Courtney: Just "Rachel."

Jason: That's it?

Carly: Are you sure it was him?

Courtney: Carly, there is no question in my mind. I know it.

Jax: Hey, maybe you shouldn't tell everyone about the phone call.

Carly: Why, you don't believe her?

Jax: It's a long shot.

Carly: Yes, because you don't know what a twisted slime A.J. is.

Jax: You know, I could use a cup of coffee and some fresh air. Come on.

Courtney: I'll call you there.

Carly: Okay. Okay, are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?

Sam: Yeah -- A.J. Is the rich guy from Port Charles.

Jason: It's all been a setup. It has to be -- faking his own death, hiring Faith. And Kristina and Morgan were kidnapped to cover what -- what Faith was doing. She was stealing Michael for A.J. A.J.ís alive and he's got Michael.

Michael: You said I could play by the water.

A.J.: You can play by the water when we get back. Listen, everything came together sooner than I expected. It's going to be great.

Michael: I'm not going anywhere.

A.J.: What? Why not?

Michael: I found a friend.

A.J.: You'll make friends on our trip.

Michael: I changed my mind.

A.J.: Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's too late. Come on, little man, we have planned everything. We'll go to every place you've ever dreamed of.

Michael: I'm not going anywhere.

Rachel: Where's Courtney?

Jax: Courtney isn't your concern, I am.

Rachel: You are never going to believe me, are you?

Jax: It doesn't matter what I believe. I'm here to ask you -- I'm here to insist that you stop manipulating Courtney.

Rachel: I am not manipulating her.

Jax: You've put her through enough pain.

Rachel: Look, I understand that it looks bad, but that day at metro Court, I went there to tell you and Courtney about A.J., and then I got shot.

Jax: Do you expect me to feel sorry for you?

Rachel: No, I donít. It's just I'm trying to do the right thing.

Jax: You've raised hell in Courtney's life. You damaged her foundation and you upset her terribly when she was grieving for Michael. And for what? Because Steven Webber dumped you?

Rachel: Look, you don't know what it's like to be dumped. You have no idea what it's like to have your entire life turned upside down, to be completely betrayed and brokenhearted.

Jax: You don't know me, and we'll keep it that way. But from now on, you'll leave Courtney alone. You understand?

Rachel: Look, I've made mistakes, but I am trying to fix them.

Jax: You're trying to keep yourself out of prison at Courtney's expense.

Rachel: You know what? You may never forgive me, but I am telling the truth right now, and that has to count for something.

Monica: We aren't a family, and this house isn't a home. Actually, it's a building that we all just live in sometimes.

Tracy: Monica, what else is new?

Ned: Why are you selling it now?

Monica: Because this family was sinking even before Lila died. Then A.J., now Michael.

Emily: Well, that's why we should be pulling together, Mom.

Monica: Yes, we should, but we aren't, Em. Look at you. You would rather live in some other mausoleum than this one.

Emily: I'm married.

Monica: Yes, and sadder than I've ever seen you in my life. But do you want to seek refuge here? No. No. And neither do you, Dillon. You'd rather live on somebody's boat, for heaven sakes, any place but here.

Ned: I live here.

Monica: Yeah. And you and Lois treat this as sort of an apartment complex with servants. So does Brook Lynn. And it isn't your fault, really. You're not to blame. It's just what's happened to this house.

Edward: Where would you propose that we go?

Monica: Well, that's up to you.

Tracy: This whole idea is absurd.

Ned: Why? You afraid you may have to fend for yourself?

Edward: What about the family? What about the family?

Monica: We haven't been that in a long time.

Alan: Well, I think it's a fine idea.

Edward: Of course you would, and you'd be wrong, as usual.

Emily: All right, Grandfather, stop!

Alan: It is going to feel so good not to have to face you or your insults every day. Monica, this is one of the finest ideas that you have ever had. I think you ought to accept the first offer, or possibly we should just burn the house down. I'm going to go and pack.

Emily: Dad, wait --

Monica: Uh-uh-uh-uh, Emily, Emily -- Emily, let him go.

[Knock on door]

Man: Mr. Corinthos?

Sonny: Uh -- not now.

John: It's the police. Open the damn door!

Brook Lynn: Hey. What are you here for, the family meeting?

Dillon: Yeah. Why? Weren't you?

Brook Lynn: God, no. I try and run from our family when we're in bigger groups than one or two, especially when Granny's involved. Have you seen my physics book anywhere? I can't find it.

Dillon: If Alice found it, she probably put it in your room already.

Brook Lynn: I hope so. So, what was that big family meeting about anyway, huh? Just another reason to fight, or what's going on?

Dillon: Monica's selling the house.

Brook Lynn: This house?

Dillon: Yeah. That's what she said.

Brook Lynn: Oh. Well, why do I feel bad about that? You know, it's like all I do is sit here and complain about having to live in this place and live with these crazy people that are still called my family, so why aren't I relieved, you know?

Dillon: Maybe it's because, weird as it feels, this place is still home to us.

Brook lien: Home? Then why don't you live here?

Dillon: Me? Uh -- way too close to my mom.

Brook Lynn: Uh-huh.

Dillon: But, you know, I come back all the time. I'm always around here because I'm one of them, even if I don't want to be.

Brook Lynn: Hey, did Monica happen to mention why she was going to sell the house or --

Dillon: She gave some reasons, but really it's because of Michael and A.J. Mostly A.J., because he grew up here. You know, he lived here half of his life, so --

Brook Lynn: She must see him everywhere.

Dillon: I think she believes that she won't miss him as much if she moved to someplace new. But that's not the case. You know, we both know that, and we both know that she'll still be A.J.ís mom and Michael's grandmother, and they'll still be gone.

Michael: I'm beginning to like it here. Why do I have to leave?

A.J.: Well, when are you ever going to get a chance to take a trip around the world again?

Michael: Whenever.

A.J.: Want me to go without you?

Michael: You wonít.

A.J.: Michael, you will make friends wherever we end up, okay?

Michael: We're not coming back here, are we?

A.J.: We'll discuss it on the way. Come on.

Michael: No, we'll discuss it now.

A.J.: Okay, fine. I was -- I was going to wait for a better time to tell you. You're right, we're not coming back here.

Michael: Who are you running from?

Carly: You're saying A.J.ís alive?

Rachel: He is, but I don't expect you to believe it.

Carly: No, we believe you.

Rachel: You do?

Jason: Where is he?

Rachel: I don't know.

Carly: Yeah, you do, and you're going to tell us.

Rachel: Look, Courtney picked up the phone a while ago. He heard her voice. He could be anywhere by now.

Jason: Where was A.J. the last time you saw him?

Rachel: The Bahamas.

Sam: Where in the Bahamas?

Rachel: He's got a villa just down from the Tropic Imperial hotel. I don't know the address.

Jason: Okay, just describe it. Three stories, two stories, modern -- what kind of architecture?

Rachel: It's a three-story. I guess it's colonial architecture, you'd say. It's cream colored. There's a big magnolia tree.

Carly: Is that enough for you to go on?

Jason: We'll find it. Let's go.

Sonny: Just out of curiosity, what are you guys looking for?

Ric: Reese disappeared from the hospital.

Sonny: Why are you bothering me?

Ric: Well, we have reason to believe that you're hiding her here in your house.

Sonny: What? Come -- Ric, come on. Why would I be hiding Agent Marshall?

Ric: To protect her, Sonny, from the person who set the car bomb.

Sonny: "Person who set --" why would I do that?

John: All right, let's go upstairs.

Sonny: No -- hey, you're not going anywhere until I see a warrant.

John: You killed Reese Marshall, didn't you?

Sonny: Agent Marshall is a complete waste of time. She couldn't find my son. I don't know what the hell happened to her, but I tell you what. Whoever made her disappear should get a medal, because, if you ask me, she's a cold-blooded bitch and she got what she deserved. I still don't get it.

Sonny: Would you like me to help you search for Agent Marshall?

John: No. She better hope that we find her before you do.

Sonny: We're finished here.

Ric: If you happen to hear anything --

Sonny: Good night, gentlemen.

Sonny: Okay. Now I don't want to be disturbed, no matter who it is. You understand what I'm saying?

Man: Yes, Sir.

Reese: You sounded pretty convincing. I hope it wasn't true.

Sonny: Yeah. Every word.

Reese: So you want me to get what I deserve?

Sonny: Yeah.

Emily: I miss Grandmother.

Monica: So do I.

Emily: She'd never want us to sell this house, Mom.

Monica: I know.

Emily: Oh. You know, I haven't even walked through her rose garden this spring. Makes me too sad.

Monica: Well, fortunately, the gardeners are taking care of it.

Emily: Yeah, but they won't if you sell the house, Mom. It'll be gone forever, and so will all the fun we had here. You remember when Reginald got into feng shui?

Monica: Yeah.

Emily: He decided to move everything around? What about all the pizza we had for thanksgiving dinner?

Monica: Practically every year.

Emily: And Lucky, he -- he taught me how to skateboard in the halls upstairs.

Monica: Yes, and Alan tried to arrange to have the nursery fall on my head.

Emily: Look, if that isn't love, what is?

Monica: Yeah. Well, Alan's a different person now.

Emily: Yeah. I'm really worried about him.

Monica: So am I.

Emily: Mom, do you really think that selling this house is going to help?

Monica: Alan is responsible for his own sobriety, so selling this house isn't going to make any difference one way or the other.

Emily: Isn't there something in A.A. about "fake it till you make it"?

Monica: Is that what you want this family to do?

Emily: Would it be so terrible if we could just pretend that -- that everything's all right, just for a little while?

Monica: Is that what's going on with you and Nikolas?

Emily: Mom, I wanted a family with Nikolas, and I don't think that's going to happen. And I need this family, no matter how much we fight. If you sell this house, the only family we have is going to fall apart.

Monica: Or it's going to learn to stand on its own two feet.

Emily: Maybe -- maybe we can't all do that right now. Maybe we need to lean on each other until we can find a way to stand together.

Courtney: I just need some fresh air. This whole day has just -- Alan?

Alan: Go away.

Jax: What are you doing?

Alan: I'm looking down. Is that a problem?

Jax: Why don't you -- why don't you have a seat?

Alan: Go away. Just forget you saw me.

Courtney: Alan, wait.

Alan: Get out of here.

Courtney: A.J.ís alive.

A.J.: My family hates me.

Michael: You keep saying that.

A.J.: Yeah. Well, I had to get away from them and start over. I made some bad business deals, and my partners were embezzling -- that means "stealing" --

Michael: I know what "embezzle" means. How much did they take?

A.J.: A lot.

Michael: Weren't you paying attention?

A.J.: I'm not perfect. And I think they're coming after me.

Michael: Take them out.

A.J.: You know what? I can't -- I can't go after the bad guys because if I do, I'm going to put you in danger, and I can't do that.

Michael: Are they in town?

A.J.: I'm not sure.

Michael: Do they know where you live?

A.J.: Maybe, okay, which is why we got to get out of here. Let's go.

Michael: I want to say goodbye to my friends and take another ride on the boat.

A.J.: Ahem. Okay. Okay, we'll do it your way, little man. We'll leave tomorrow.

Carly: It'll be okay.

Man: Sonny said he's calling it a night.

Carly: It'll be okay. Look, it's important. Sonny won't mind.

Man: He'll mind.

Carly: Sonny?

Alan: A.J. can't be alive.

Courtney: He is, Alan. I swear, we talked on the phone.

Alan: You heard his voice?

Courtney: He sounds good. But, Alan, you -- you don't look so good right now.

Jax: You know, I think you're in a little shock. Why don't you sit down?

Alan: My son's alive?

Jason: Michael? It's Jason. Where are you?

Sam: Michael, it's okay.

Jason: You don't have to hide, buddy.

Sam: They're almost out of here, Jason.

Jason: Michael loves these games.

Sam: Hey, we're getting close.

Jason: What the hell has A.J. done with him?

A.J.: Hey, you know what?

Michael: What?

A.J.: I'm going to miss this place, too.

Michael: Hmm -- me, too.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Alan: Oh, my God. My son's alive.

Courtney: Alan?

Alan: Oh.

Jason: I'm going to search the house. You stay here.

Sam: Okay.

A.J.: Be quiet, okay?

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