GH Transcript Friday 4/8/05

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/8/05



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Skye: It was a private conversation between me and A.J., and thatís how I knew when you went down to the Bahamas to confront him. He wouldnít give you a divorce. And thatís why I thought you killed him.

Courtney: Great. So A.J.ís  endless love makes me look even guiltier than ever.

Jax: No, not necessarily. I mean, once Skye learned more about what happened, she changed her mind about you killing A.J.

Skye: Absolutely.

Jax: Have you mentioned any of this to the police?

Skye: No. And I wonít.

Mac: You're hiding something from the police. You want to tell me what it is?

Skye: Uh -- itís not really what you think. Um --

Courtney: No, Skye, donít. Donít lie for me. I have nothing to hide. Just tell Mac everything that A.J. told you.

Carly: Michael doesnít want me to let him go.

Lorenzo: How can you be sure?

Carly: I donít know exactly, but itís -- itís the way he looks at me. Itís the things he says. Itís not like heís leaving me, itís -- itís --

Lorenzo: What?

Carly: Oh, heís alive.

Lorenzo: All right, Carly, grief is a powerful emotion. It plays tricks with your head sometimes.

Carly: No, no, no, I'm not imagining this. Lorenzo, heís alive. Heís just trying to tell me where he is.

Jason: I'm trying to find a little boy who was kidnapped by people working for Faith. And the cops thinks heís dead, I donít.

A.J.: Hey, you like going down on the water at night?

Michael: Yeah, itís fun.

A.J.: Yeah? You hungry?

Michael: Yep. Letís go eat.

A.J.: All right.

Sam: So if thereís anything else you can remember, please -- please, let me know, okay?

Reese: You cannot blame Sonny for Michaelís death.

Alan: Sonnyís enemies murdered Michael, this little boy that never did anything to anybody. This beautiful, innocent child. Oh, what the hell do you care? To you, heís just another dead little boy!

Reese: You donít know anything about me!

Alan: I know so much more than you think. You're not going to arrest Sonny because you're having too much fun in his bed! You're nothing but a whore with a badge!

Sonny: Alan, back off.

Alan: Oh, are you going to blow a hole in me?

Sonny: Could happen. You hit an innocent woman.

Reese: Sonny --

Sonny: One way or another, I'll make sure you never do it again, Alan.

Reese: Sonny, donít. Everything he said about me was true.

Alan: You're such a big man. Such a tough guy when you're the only one with a gun.

Reese: Just donít, Sonny. The man hasnít called me anything I havenít called myself.

Sonny: You know better, Alan, than to hit a woman.

Alan: Donít you lecture me.

Sonny: You donít think I know something about grief? You say things you shouldnít say, you do things you're going to regret. Look, you need to go to another bar and drown your sorrows, Alan.

Alan: Drop dead, Corinthos.

Sonny: Thatís right. Alan blames me for two sons that he lost, Jason and the not-quite-so-human one. But we both know the truth, now, donít we, Alan? Look in a mirror. You'll know who to blame. Now, get out of here before I say something I shouldnít say.

Alan: You're a punk.

Sonny: You okay?

Reese: What are you doing here, Sonny?

Sonny: Carly told me about your son, the boy you lost.

Reese: Well, I donít want to talk about it, okay, especially not with you. Now, go.

Sonny: Come here. Get -- get your stuff. Letís go.

Carly: Sonny says I have to let Michael go, but itís --

Lorenzo: Itís too soon, isnít it?

Carly: No. Michael wonít let me. Look, the first time I saw him, at the playground dedication, I just -- I thought I was just so tired and I was so unbearably sad, it was just my heart. My heart was seeing what it wanted to. All right? But then I was at Sonnyís. And I was in his living room, and Michael showed up again, and he was standing there. He was just smiling. It was like -- it was like I could touch him.

Lorenzo: Michael had a very powerful spirit. He got that from you. Makes sense that you'd see him in familiar places.

Carly: Okay, right, maybe -- maybe the first time, okay? Because I thought I'd never see him again. But -- but I've seen him since, and he spoke to me. Itís -- itís different than it was with Reese.

Lorenzo: Agent Marshall?

Carly: She lost a child, too. And she told me that she used to see her son right after he died. But it was not like this. Lorenzo, she didnít see him vivid. She -- she never heard him speak to her. This is different. This is different. I'm his mother. I know it is.

Lorenzo: All right, what did Michael say to you?

Carly: He just -- he needs me. Lorenzo, he thinks that I've abandoned him, and I need to listen to that voice. I need to hear him, and I need to find him. I just -- I donít know where to start.

Lorenzo: You -- you're not crazy.

Jason: Okay, the manager remembered Faith, but he couldnít tell me anything about her visitors, so heís just going to go question the staff. He also said that thereís this dive bar down by the wharf where the cabbies hang out, so --

Sam: Okay, good. So maybe someone will remember that Faith was in her cab --

Jason: Right.

Sam: And if she had company. And then -- I'm going to go change right now and I'm coming with you, Jason.

Jason: No, you're not.

Sam: Yes.

Jason: I'm going to do this alone.

Sam: Why, are you afraid I'm going to get all the attention?

Jason: No, I'm afraid that I'll have to hurt somebody.

Sam: Really? Is it my imagination, or are you trying to hit on me right now?

Jason: Itís your imagination.

Sam: Okay, look, seriously, I really think that you running into all these skanky bars by yourself --

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Itís going to take a lot longer than if I go with you.

Jason: Oh, hold on one second. Just put it on our tab, thank you. Okay, this is a vacation. Especially right now, it is a vacation, while I go do this by myself, so have a seat, okay? Hereís your drink. Stay out of trouble, and I'll be back.

Man: Thatís no way to treat a lady. I've seen them all and it still upsets me. Rich women, sad women, beautiful women that look like you should never be left behind.

Sam: Sam.

Man: Cristoff.

Sam: You work here, Cristoff?

Cristoff: I do. Every day is a paradise -- with, of course, fringe benefits.

Sam: And what is it that you do when you're not comforting abandoned women?

Cristoff: I take care of the guests by the pool. You know, I'm known for my service -- friendly --

Sam: Hmm.

Cristoff: Discreet.

Sam: Oh, something tells me itís not just fluffy towels and mojitos with you.

Cristoff: Depends on what you want.

Sam: Information.

Cristoff: Fine dining? The best nude beach? Cristoff is a wealth of information.

Sam: You know, a friend of mine stayed here a while back. Beautiful, blonde, rich -- very rich.

Cristoff: Hmm.

Sam: Her name is Faith Rosco.

Cristoff: I might know her.

Sam: Really?

Cristoff: Hmm.

Sam: Can I trust you to kiss and tell?

Cristoff: Right here, right now?

Sam: Why not?

Cristoff: Okay. What do you want?

Sam: Well, I want us to get to know each other a little better, and you tell me everything you remember about Faith.

Skye: A.J. had it in his head that he was still in love with Courtney, and he said that hell would freeze over before he'd give her a divorce.

Mac: Well, that doesnít help your case, Courtney.

Jax: Oh, come on, Mac, what difference does it make?

Mac: Look, the way Courtney tells it, A.J. was out for revenge and a chunk of her fortune. But if what Skye says is true, then A.J. was just trying to reconcile. And you killed A.J. because his love was in the way of your future with Jax.

Jax: Oh, come on. A.J. was a manipulator. He'd do anything he can to make himself look like a victim.

Mac: All I can do is follow the facts and physical evidence. Look, with no one to back up Courtneyís version of things -- if Rachel doesnít wake up and confess to A.J.ís murder, then I'll have no choice but to charge Courtney.

Courtney: Huh. Wow. Well, Rachel was right about one thing. This is the perfect crime. Because if we canít find a connection between Rachel and A.J. -- some kind of motive she would have had to kill him, I donít stand a chance.

Skye: Courtney, believe me, I know how you feel. I went to prison for a crime I didnít commit, but I had someone to fight for me. And you have Jax. Couldnít ask for a better person to be on your side, okay? Well, I'll let you two figure it out. If you need any help, just let me know, okay?

Jax: Okay. Thanks.

Courtney: It makes me furious to know that A.J. said those things to Skye. He never really loved me.

Jax: Well, his loss.

Courtney: This -- Jax, this -- this is just his revenge, because I had the nerve to fall in love with his brother. God, A.J.ís probably doing a little happy dance in hell knowing that I am left with nothing but his alleged blood on my hands. Sorry. I mean, I have you, Jax, but for how long? You know? I mean, I keep -- I keep trying to see whatís coming. And all -- all thatís there is this big black hole. This whole thing has been set up so perfectly, thereís no way out.

Jax: You know, thereís no such thing as the perfect setup. Now, A.J. and Rachel -- they may have had an affair. And I believe thatís the key to everything. But the more I think about this, the more I know that it doesnít make sense.

Courtney: What?

Jax: A.J.ís death.

Sam: And thatís the last time you saw Faith?

Cristoff: Yes.

Sam: I cannot tell you how helpful you've been. I thank you. Thank you so much.

Cristoff: Well, you can show me over dinner. I know one of the most romantic spots on the island.

Sam: Hmm. I -- I bet you do.

Cristoff: You see those lights? My friend owns a cottage on that island. Itís the most ideal place to watch the moon rise. And if everything goes well, we could watch the sun rise in the morning --

Jason: Thatís it. You start swimming, you might make it.

Sam: Thanks for the help, Cristoff.

Jason: Well, at least somebody was helpful. Mine was a waste of time.

Sam: Well, thatís good. Because while you were out at the bars, I went fishing, and, Jason, I reeled in a big one.

Carly: You believe me? You believe that Michaelís still alive?

Lorenzo: I'll be honest. I donít generally buy into premonitions or otherworldly messages from people we love.

Carly: Because you're a realist.

Lorenzo: I'm a fatalist. I'm also practical. I believe in what I can see and what I touch. And right now, I see you. And I see that look in your eyes. You really believe that Michaelís out there.

Carly: You're not just humoring me, are you?

Lorenzo: God, no. I know what it would mean to have your child back. And I also know you're not the kind of person who hides from the truth, no matter how painful. You're not going to delude yourself with some false hope, Carly. So when you tell me that you sense that Michael is alive, I trust thatís real.

Carly: Even though thereís no proof?

Lorenzo: Carly, I'm not going to pretend that I understand the way your mind works. You are capable of the deepest love I have ever seen.

Carly: I'm going to find Michael. Heís out there. I am -- I donít know how I'm going to find him. I donít even know how I'm going to start, but I am going to bring my baby home.

Lorenzo: Yes, you are, because I know that look on your face when you are determined to do the impossible.

Carly: It drives most people insane.

Lorenzo: I'm not most people. The only way to control a spirit like yours is to break it. I would die first.

Reese: I didnít ask to come to your house. I have a home of my own, Sonny.

Sonny: Max, make a pot of coffee. Will you make it strong?

Max: You got it.

Sonny: Have a seat here; make yourself comfortable because you're not going anywhere.

Reese: So, what, now you're holding me hostage?

Sonny: Get over it.

Reese: Next, you'll demand ransom.

Sonny: No, just answers. You come at Jason, ranting about how you can arrest all of us. Apparently, you donít. You accuse me of being ungrateful for some imagined sacrifice you made on my behalf. You're drinking -- you're drinking bourbon like itís going out of style. And you go after a time bomb like Alan Quartermaine. I just want to know why.

Reese: You just donít get it.

Sonny: I donít get it?

Reese: No.

Sonny: Well, then tell me. Look, I'm -- I -- I --

Reese: If I'm so annoying, why didnít you just leave me at the bar?

Sonny: Because I wanted to apologize, thatís why. I didnít -- I said things I shouldnít have said. I didnít know about your son.

Reese: Hey, that is not up for discussion! Do you ever listen to me?

Sonny: I'm listening now. Just tell me. What is it you need to tell me?

Reese: I have evidence that you ordered the Sandoval massacres, which means that itís my duty to arrest both you and Jason.

Sam: According to Cristoff, Faith was a very busy woman on the island.

Cristoff: Letís go to your room.

Faith: Letís not.

Cristoff: But someone could see us.

Faith: Yeah, I know. Donít spoil all my fun.

[Phone rings]

Faith: Oh. What?

A.J.: I've been waiting for your call.

Faith: Well, I've been waiting for your cash. Take me to dinner. We can work it out over lobster and champagne.

A.J.: I canít make it.

Faith: Oh, right. You canít be seen with me in public.

A.J.: Donít get your feelings hurt. Just tell me when you're ready to move, and I'll wire the money into your account.

Faith: Honey, I was born ready.

A.J.: Then we're in business.

Cristoff: So whoís the big-shot boyfriend who keeps interrupting our time together?

Faith: Thatís no boyfriend. Itís just a very rich friend from a very cold, nasty place called Port Charles.

Sam: And then they went back to what they were doing, which was already way too much information --

Jason: Did Cristoff hear her say the guyís name?

Sam: And he was paying attention? Come on.

Jason: A rich friend from Port Charles -- who?

A.J.: Yeah, that was fun. You know, I think my favorite was the amusement park and seeing the Ferris wheel from the back of the boat. So what was yours?

Michael: Hmm. I'd have to say the dolphins.

A.J.: Uh-huh. Thatís cool. Yeah. Itís just a little ice cream, so --

Michael: Itís not ice cream, itís gelato. By the way, I donít want anymore.

A.J.: Oh, arenít you the gourmet?

Michael: Dad buys it every time we go to his island.

A.J.: You mean Sonny, right?

Michael: We woke up every morning and played footprints in the sand.

A.J.: I donít -- I donít think I know that game.

Michael: Itís where you walk in the wettest part of the beach and you try and see how many waves it takes for your footprints to get washed away. Yeah. Dadís always last the longest because he weighs a lot more than me.

A.J.: Hmm.

Michael: Sometimes, it -- it was like I was never there. And then we'd go get shells for Mom.

A.J.: Hmm. Yeah, well, the morning is definitely the best time for shells. Hey. Come on. You know, you're going to feel a lot better if you donít think about Sonny and Carly and what they did to you. I mean, you're here now, with me, your father. Okay? And anything you need, anything you want, just ask. You name it.

Michael: I want to go home.

Carly: One day, I'm going to take Michael to this playground. And we're going to play on the new swings, and I am going to tell him how much I believed in him, and how much you believed in me. Oh, Lorenzo, thank you so much.

Lorenzo: So now what? You have to convince Sonny?

Carly: No. No, I donít want to open him up to some more pain just based on some feeling that I have.

Lorenzo: I will hire investigators, and I will put together a search of my own, and I will dig into Faithís final months --

Carly: Lorenzo, thank you so much for that, but I canít put you in the middle of me and Sonny again. I canít do it. I have to go to Jason with this.

Max: Here you go.

Reese: I want one of those.

Sonny: Oh, I think you've had enough. You think you can sell me the same line of bull you laid on Jason?

Reese: You're just not getting it.

Sonny: No, I get it. You're a fed looking for a major bust.

Reese: And you're a bad boy with trust issues.

Sonny: Tell me something I can believe.

Reese: You want to hear the truth? Can you handle it? Durant has been on my case since day one, and itís all about you, Sonny.

Sonny: Durantís been looking for somebody to do his dirty work.

Reese: Yeah, well, he had a really good plan. It wasnít bad. I get close to you; I take advantage of the circumstances. You know how it goes. Your kids are in jeopardy, so you're willing to say anything you can to get them back. I just take notes. I write it all nice and -- and neat for my report. And then when your kids come back and they're all in your arms safe, I take everything right down to the prosecutor. Sweet, clean, pin a medal on me.

Sonny: Is that where we are now?

Reese: I refused. I was sent here not to bust a mob boss, but to help get his kids back. Unfortunately, only two of them came back. But who knows? Maybe things would have been different if Michael came home, too.

Sonny: Yeah, we'll never know.

Reese: But I saw something in you then, Sonny. Something that I recognized. So I took every shred of incriminating evidence out of my report, everything that Durant could have used against you -- gone. I compromised myself for you. And I was ready just to walk out that door, all because I -- oh, forget --

Sonny: Because of what? Am I supposed to now get on my knees in gratitude?

Reese: I did what I did and I walked away. It wasnít my finest hour, but we got Kristina and Morgan back.

Sonny: I -- I'm grateful for that. You know that.

Reese: And so I just left you to pick up the pieces of your life. But they wouldnít let me go home, Sonny. They gave me my next assignment, and it wasnít you that I wanted to have to investigate. But thatís what they wanted me to do. There you go. And thatís when I started to see it build -- the pain, the anger, the disappointment. I knew exactly where you were going before you did. You were headed straight off a cliff. And I begged you not to do it, but you wouldnít listen to anybody, especially not me. And now, itís too -- too late, Sonny. And I have exactly what they sent me here to get. I have solid proof that you planned the murders of nine people.

Sonny: Then why not lay it at Durantís feet, instead of mine? Why go out, get drunk, pick fights, and act like an amateur?

Reese: Mm-hmm. Thatís my business.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, you got nothing. Except Durant and the big boys breathing down your neck. You're so desperate, you're probably hoping that I'll spill my guts. Right? Incriminate myself. You're probably not even drunk.

[Reese chuckles]

Sonny: Yeah?

Reese: Yeah, right. I just love looking this foolish.

Sonny: You'd better figure out another plan, Agent Marshall. Because this one ainít working. And you can tell that to whoever is listening at the other end of that wire that you're wearing.

Reese: What?

Sonny: Yeah, I've been there, done that.

Reese: Oh!

Reese: Are you happy now, Sonny? See anything you like?

Sonny: All right, take -- I'm backing off. Put the gun down. Put -- put the gun down.

Reese: I thought Alan Quartermaine was the pig, but not compared to you.

Sonny: Donít even go there. I listened. I listened to what you said. I just -- I'm trying to figure out what it means.

Reese: It means that you actually have to hear what I say, instead of shoving me into this little box that you made for me. Me, the ruthless, cunning, wired-for-sound F.B.I. agent who doesnít -- doesnít care about the grieving father, who just wants to take home the prize, right?

Sonny: I believe thatís how you first introduced yourself.

Reese: Right.

Sonny: Tell me you've never -- you've never, you know, seduced someone to make a case, found their weaknesses, and used it against them.

Reese: No more than you. God, Sonny, you should just try to look and find another dimension. I did. I thought I saw an actual living human being behind the control freak in the Italian suits. I actually believed that there was a loving father and a caring man. But thank you so much for setting me straight, because I almost threw everything away for an illusion. I'm not going to make that mistake again.

Carly: I hope you're not taking this personally. I just -- I have to let Jason do this.

Lorenzo: Well, you trust him.

Carly: And heís not going to let his concern for me get in the way of the facts. I know you want to find Michael for my sake.

Lorenzo: Of course.

Carly: Thank you. And thank you for understanding.

Lorenzo: You're welcome.

Carly: Hmm.

Lorenzo: Itís getting late.

Carly: I donít care. I want to stay here.

Lorenzo: You want to see Michael again?

Carly: Maybe.

Lorenzo: All right. I'll leave you alone. Call me if you need me.

Carly: Oh. I know you're out there, Mr. Man. I do. You just have to tell me where.

[Michael snickers]

Carly: Michael?

John: Carly?

Carly: God, why do you have to sneak up on me like that?

John: I wasnít. I -- I was just passing through. What are -- what are you doing out here so late?

Carly: Itís where I see --

John: Where you see what?

Carly: Itís where I see all the good that Sonny and I are doing, building this playground in Michaelís memory. But I'm going to tell you, if I have to see you every time I'm here, it will ruin it for me.

Jax: Do you trust me?

Courtney: With my life.

Jax: I can buy us the time that we need. In one hour, my jet can be ready. And we -- we donít have to pack anything. We can just disappear.

Courtney: Jax, I --

Jax: No, no, just --

Courtney: Donít think thatís a good idea.

Jax: Just hear me out, okay? We can deal with this -- this whole mess, with Rachel and A.J. from wherever we are.

Courtney: What if thereís nothing to find?

Jax: Then we'll stay disappeared. We'll live our life in the most exotic corners of the world.

Courtney: Spend our lives looking over our shoulder?

Jax: Whereís your sense of adventure?

Courtney: God, I just -- I canít believe that you would give up everything.

Jax: You're everything. I'd be giving up nothing that matters.

Courtney: Jax --

Jax: Look, you donít have to make a decision right now. You can just -- just take my hand and follow me.

Courtney: We could be running from a crime that I didnít even commit. I mean, Jax, it would be the same as just handing Rachel and A.J. a win.

Jax: Look, A.J.ís dead. And Rachel -- she might not make it. But we have each other.

Courtney: I canít let you do this. I canít. I have been letting this whole thing overwhelm me, but it stops now. No, we have to stay and fight this.

Jax: Okay, okay. Then we'll fight it together. And we'll win. You have my word.

Steven: Rachel is waking up.

Mac: Dr. Adair, I'm Police Commissioner Scorpio. How are you feeling? Look, I know itís difficult to speak, so I'll make this brief. Do you know who killed A.J. Quartermaine?

Steven: Well, well, look whoís back. Itís nice to see you. We were worried.

Mac: Rachel, I need you to answer my question. Did you kill A.J. Quartermaine?

Rachel: No.

Jason: Hey.

Sonny: Sorry to cut your trip short.

Jason: Ah, made the most of it.

Sonny: Whereís Sam?

Jason: Sheís doing something.

Sonny: Okay, I'm going to leave it up to you whether you want to take her or not.

Jason: What -- take her where, Sonny?

Sonny: Away. Okay, I donít even want you to unpack. Take the jet, leave the country.

Jason: Leave -- for how long?

Sonny: As long as -- when I tell you itís safe --

Jason: No, no, Sonny -- Sonny, thereís too much going on right now. Itís not a good time for me to disappear. I'm still looking for things --

Sonny: You need to look for -- thereís nothing to look for. You donít have a choice. Agent Marshall has evidence that ties you to the Sandoval case. And I'm telling you right now, sheís about to blow the lid off.

[Phone rings]

John: John Durant. Donít ever call me on this line again. I could be at the courthouse, the police station -- anywhere. Yes, I understand this is about Corinthos. Have you got the money? Very well. You know where to meet me. I'm on my way.

A.J.: Hey. Want to go to a movie? Huh? Or the arcade?

Michael: What part of "I want to go home" donít you understand?

A.J.: Whoa. Okay, I'm guessing that the bad attitude is all about your family not wanting you. And I understand. Believe me, I've been there, Michael. But donít take it out on me, okay? I'm the one who wants you. Look, if I thought Sonny wanted you back for even a second, I'd put you on the next plane. Okay? But thatís not the case. The bottom line is they have a family of their own now, with Morgan. Look, Sonny made that very clear on the phone. You heard him.

Michael: All my stuff is there. My dad bought a house so I can have my own room, and a tree house in the backyard.

A.J.: Hmm. He told you that? Oh, that is -- thatís cruel. A real father would never do that, Michael. A real father would do whatever it took to rescue you from -- from the kidnappers. A real father would keep you alive after the plane crash, even when he was hurt. He'd nurse you through an insect bite that nearly killed you. And then, he would bring you to the most amazing place in paradise. Now, I did all that, Michael, because you are my son. My son. I'm your real father. You need to know, I didnít do anything because I feel sorry for you, or because Sonny and Carly donít want you. You're my son. I love you, and I want you to be happy. But if thatís not good enough -- if you donít want to stay here with your dad, then if you'd rather be someplace you're not wanted --

Michael: I want to go home.

A.J.: Donít come crying to me when things donít work out. Ahem.

Mac: Courtney says that you two met on a plane from the Bahamas to Miami. That you returned to the island where you stabbed A.J. and came back to Port Charles to blackmail her. She says you threatened to frame her using trumped-up evidence if she didnít return the favor and kill Dr. Steven Webber. Does any of this ring a bell, Rachel? Did you threaten to hurt Jax if Courtney went to the police? Did you tell her that if anything happened to you, the murder weapon with her manufactured fingerprints would wind up on my desk? Did you kill A.J. Quartermaine?

Rachel: I -- I didnít kill him.

Sonny: Reese said she had evidence to bring us both down.

Jason: Yeah, Sonny, sheís been saying that a lot. She doesnít say what it is.

Sonny: I know that, but I thought it was a trap. I thought she was wearing a wire to try to get me to incriminate myself, so I went to her. I -- things were getting too familiar. I opened her blouse -- no wire.

Jason: How'd you leave that?

Sonny: I lost it, okay? She was drunk, so she was kind of --

Jason: Kind of what?

Sonny: She felt betrayed, and maybe I -- thereís a bit of me inside that feels the same way.

Jason: How could -- how could she feel betrayed? I donít understand that.

Sonny: Maybe she was telling the truth the whole time. Maybe she was on my side, okay? She put herself on the line for me. And I just -- I just threw it back in her face.

Man: We've put money in your account as a show of good faith. The rest will be delivered after you tell us how much this will cost.

John: Betrayal doesnít come cheap. To get witnesses against Corinthos --

Man: We're prepared to finance this fully. Port Charles needs to get rid of this blight on the community.

John: Sounds like we're on the same page.

John: Agent Marshall.

John: What are you doing here?

Carly: Oh.

Sam: I'm sorry; I didnít mean to scare you.

Carly: No, no, no, itís okay. Actually, I'm glad. I was -- I was going to come find Jason. I need -- I need his help with something.

Sam: You want to tell me?

Carly: No, because you'll think I'm crazy.

Sam: Well, why donít you try me?

Carly: I believe Michaelís alive.

Sam: You're not crazy, Carly. Jason and I -- we know he is.

A.J.: I packed some stuff that I bought for you, you know, clothes, video games. Your ticketís at the airport. Thereís a car waiting for you outside.

Michael: Thanks.

A.J.: Yeah. Itís too bad it didnít work out. Thought it could have been great for us, you know? You're a big boy now. You know whatís waiting for you in Port Charles. I just hope if they slap you in the face, it doesnít hurt too much.

Michael: Bye, A.J.

Mac: I need to get someone in here and take a statement. I need Dr. Adair to answer questions about the Sandoval hit, too.

Steven: Donít worry, Rachelís not going anywhere.

Mac: No one is, right, Courtney?

Rachel: I need to talk to Courtney and Jax.

Steven: No, I donít think that thatís a good idea.

Jax: She'll be safe. Courtney doesnít have it in her to hurt someone.

Rachel: I made a terrible mistake, and I had no idea that it was going to go this far. And I wanted to tell you guys everything at the restaurant --

Courtney: Then tell me now, Rachel.

Rachel: Look, I'm not who you think I am. I didnít kill A.J. I didnít kill anyone.

Jax: Well, then who did?

Rachel: No one. A.J.ís alive.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Rachel: He tried to set you up.

Courtney: I am so sick of you. You murdered A.J., and now you're going to pay.

A.J.: Do not take him to the airport.

Man: Michaelís not with me.

Sonny: Sheís got to be working me.

Jason: Sheís done everything to protect you.

Reese: I'm here about Sonny Corinthos.

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