GH Transcript Thursday 4/7/05

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/7/05



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Courtney: Elizabeth. Hi.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Courtney: We need your help.

Elizabeth: Okay. Whatís going on?

Jax: We want to research Rachelís background -- employment records, correspondence, anything the hospital might have on file.

Courtney: We're just hoping that we might find something that'll prove that she killed A.J.

Alan: These people are not to have access to any records whatsoever.

Jax: We're trying to find out the truth about who killed A.J.

Alan: What you're trying to do is pin A.J.ís murder on Rachel even though the entire town knows that Courtney killed him.

Carly: Michael needs something from me. I know it. You think I'm crazy.

Lorenzo: I think if Michael could come back to you, he would.

A.J.: Michael? Hey, I got a great idea. Itís a beautiful night. Letís take a boat ride.

Michael: No, thanks.

A.J.: Are you sure, hmm? You can drive the whole time. Hey, look, I know that itís tough when your parents reject you. But you have to remember one thing -- they may not want you, but I always will.

John: Itís going to take inside information to convict Sonny. I'll need the money to pay for it.

Man: Corinthos must be stopped. You'll be provided with whatever you need.

Reese: No one is too good to be caught -- not you, not Sonny. You had a good run, but you finally made that fatal error, the one that you canít cover up.

Sonny: Then arrest him or leave! Stop playing games here.

Jax: Courtney didnít kill A.J. She was set up.

Alan: Really? Murder kind of runs in her family. Her brother probably gave her pointers.

Courtney: Alan, I told you and the rest of the Quartermaines after it happened, the last time I saw A.J., he was alive.

Jax: Look, you donít need to defend yourself, and you can believe whatever you want, but we just found out that Rachel was living in the Bahamas six months prior to A.J.ís death.

Alan: So what?

Courtney: So it proves that she was lying to me on the plane. She said that she was there for vacation.

Alan: Thatís your word against hers. Who do you think I'm going to believe?

Jax: A.J. was your son. You'd think you'd want to know the truth about who killed him.

Alan: No, what you want me to do is kind of turn my back so you can pin A.J.ís murder on Rachel. You get hold of the file, plant some phony information tying her to A.J.

Jax: We believe that the information is already there. All we're asking for is a chance to review it.

Alan: Request denied, and stop harassing my staff.

Elizabeth: They werenít.

Courtney: Look, if it'll make you feel any better, Alan, you can watch while we read Rachelís file.

Alan: What is going to make me feel better is watching you go to prison. Now, get out of the hospital before I call security.

Courtney: What are you afraid of, Alan? Are you afraid that we're going to find out Rachelís guilty?

Alan: I am neither afraid of you or your psychotic brother. You killed my son, and now I'm going to make sure you pay for it.

Jax: You know, Courtney has had nothing but respect for you and your entire family. The least you can do is treat her the same way.

Alan: You better be careful, Jax. You donít get her acquitted, she may kill you, too.

Jax: All right, watch it, Alan, because thereís only so much of this I'll take.

Monica: Whatís going on here?

A.J.: The hurt feelings you have right now wonít last forever. Little by little, you'll start to feel better; you'll start accepting the life you have now. And when that happens, we are going to have a terrific time.

Michael: Could you leave me alone for a while?

A.J.: Okay. But only for 20 minutes, because thatís all it takes for me to gas up the boat.

Michael: I donít want to go on the boat.

A.J.: Michael, you -- you're a great kid. You deserve to be happy, and you know what? I have never seen you happier than when you're out on that water behind the wheel of that boat. I'll see you soon, captain.

Lorenzo: You had a powerful bond with your son. You were very connected.

Carly: But you donít believe that I saw him.

Lorenzo: I think you needed to see him and that was enough.

Carly: Oh, I wish you were right, Lorenzo. I really do, because it would be a lot easier to believe that I was just having visions. Itís more than that. Lorenzo, I know.

Lorenzo: All right, describe it to me.

Carly: Look, itís not like I willed Michael to appear. He just showed up on his own. He needs something from me.

Lorenzo: Maybe he wants you to go after the people that took him away from you.

Carly: No, uh-uh. No, itís not -- itís not about revenge. Itís positive. I just -- oh, God, I canít figure out what it is.

Lorenzo: Michael loved his brother, Morgan. Maybe itís as simple as him saying he wants you to protect him.

Carly: Itís possible. God, Michael loved him so much. He took care of him, you know? Always saying, like, "Mom, I think Morganís hungry," "Take his temperature, heís got a fever." They could have been the best of friends, but now Morganís not even going to remember him.

Lorenzo: Michael knew how devoted to him you were. Maybe wherever he is, he wants you to know that itís okay to let him go.

Carly: I canít. I wonít.

Lorenzo: Carly, his life is over. He wouldnít want yours to end, too. Come on, I'll walk you out.

Carly: Know what, Lorenzo, itís okay. You can go. You can go. I know you've got business you need to take care of.

Lorenzo: Nothingís more important than making sure you're all right.

Carly: Thanks, Lorenzo, but I'm fine. I'm fine here by myself.

Lorenzo: Call me if you need me.

Sonny: You've been hanging around, trying to show me how sorry you are over Michaelís death. Your heartís breaking because of what happened to Michael. It hurts you deeply to see what I'm going through?

Reese: I'm not just a badge, Sonny. I do have feelings.

Sonny: I know what your feelings are. You're waiting for Jason or me to say something so you can incriminate us so you can use against us.

Reese: Look, I understand your need to protect yourself.

Sonny: You donít understand!

Reese: I'm not your enemy, Sonny!

Sonny: You donít understand what I'm going through! You donít know what itís like to lose a child! You donít know that! The pain that I go through every day when I get up in the morning, the emptiness I have to -- I donít want your sympathy, I donít want your help, I donít want your understanding. You donít have enough to arrest us, get out of here.

Reese: Excuse me.

Jason: That might have been a mistake.

Alan: Courtneyís trying to pin A.J.ís murder on Rachel because she knows there isnít a jury in the world thatís going to buy that victim story, especially after they find out what she did for a living, taking her clothes off.

Jax: Okay, you know what? Thatís enough.

Alan: Hey, Jax, I thought you wanted to know the truth. I mean, donít you even know who you're marrying?

Jax: I know that Courtneyís incapable of murdering anyone.

Alan: Oh, please. Sheís as bad as her brother, maybe worse. At least Sonny admits that heís a gangster. She hides behind these charitable institutions where you're supposedly helping little children.

Courtney: I am not hiding behind my foundation, Alan.

Alan: Once you found out you were Sonnyís sister, you couldnít wait to get into bed with the mob. Unfortunately, my former son couldnít wait to get in there with you.

Monica: Courtneyís marriage to Jason has nothing to do with this.

Alan: Jason probably taught her how to kill.

Monica: Stop it, Alan.

Alan: Tell me something, Courtney. Do you ever have any regrets about the moment when you shoved the letter-opener in between A.J.ís ribs?

Courtney: I did not kill A.J., Alan!

Alan: Or was it just business as usual? Another day, another dead Quartermaine?

Monica: Alan! Come with me, please.

Alan: I'm not going anywhere.

Monica: Alan, please. Sit down. You have got to calm down. You are completely out of control.

Alan: I'm not saying anything that I shouldnít. She deserves everything that she gets.

Monica: I have seen you like this, Alan. You are drinking, you're trying to hide it, and you're lashing out.

Alan: This has nothing to do with drinking. For Godís sake, Monica, Michael and A.J. are dead.

Monica: And the fact that you are grieving doesnít give you the right to attack people in public.

Alan: I canít look at her without seeing my sonís body on a slab in the morgue!

Monica: Courtney did not kill A.J. Rachel did, and she is trying --

Alan: How can you pretend that? Why? Because Courtney is tied to your precious Jason?

Monica: Okay. I want you to leave this hospital and go directly to an A.A. meeting.

Alan: I have a consultation in 20 minutes.

Monica: Oh, do you really want people to see you like this? Hmm?

Monica: I -- sorry about that. Heís not handling his loss very well. But could you tell me specifically what it was that set him off?

Courtney: We were trying to get access to Rachelís files. We were hoping we'd find something that would tie her to A.J.ís murder.

Monica: Oh, well, I think thatís a very good idea, and I will take responsibility for it. Elizabeth, will you please give them any files we have on Rachel Adair?

John: I want an update on Rachel Adair.

Mac: Thereís been no change, John. Sheís still unconscious.

John: Mac, look, we need her to pull through. She was at the Sandoval shootings. She might have seen Jason Morgan.

Mac: Well, I hate to break this to you, but that still wonít help us nail Sonny.

John: Oh, but it might.

Mac: Jason will never roll over on his boss.

John: You see, Mac --

Mac: Sonnyís going to walk away from this like he does everything else.

Mac: Mac, right there. That is exactly the problem with your department. Sonnyís been telling you for so long heís untouchable, you've started to believe it.

Mac: I want to nail Sonny just as badly as you do. The only difference is I play by the rules.

John: Yeah, and you lose to him year after year, until it starts to feel that thatís the way itís supposed to be. Well, Sonny Corinthos belongs in prison, and I will not rest until heís there for good.

Jason: Reese might have proof that ties us both to the Sandoval killings.

Sonny: She told you?

Jason: She let me know without saying it.

Sonny: Sheís bluffing, or else she would have used it.

Jason: Hey, you know what? Thatís what I said to her. But she knows that you're hurting over Michael, and it doesnít seem to me that she wants to make things worse for you.

Sonny: I'd love to believe that Reese is a good person, that, you know, sheís seen what I'm going through with Michael, but I canít take that chance. So --

Sam: Hey, I got the plane ticket.

Sonny: Where you going?

Jason: Sam and I are going to the islands.

Sonny: To do what?

Sam: You know what, Sonny? It was my idea. I thought that Jason really needed a rest, you know?

Sonny: A rest? He hasnít slept?

Jason: No --

Sam: No, he hasnít slept. Heís been staring at this computer day and night, and he wonít get off of it. Heís looking for clues about whoís working with Faith and all that, and I just really thought that --

Sonny: Well, you know, William Peavyís in jail. What else you got to check on?

Jason: Thereís others, Sonny. I want to know who they are. I want to know.

Sam: Excuse me --

Sonny: What?

Sam: Can we please not talk about this right now? I donít -- I know itís going to end up in a fight. Jason really needs to rest. I think we should just --

Sonny: All right. All right. Look, I think sheís right. I'm glad that you're there for him and that whole thing, and I'll see you guys later.

Sam: Okay.

Jason: I donít like keeping things from Sonny.

Sam: I know. I know. But look, in Sonnyís eyes, we donít have any real proof. Heís going to think that we are acting on false hope, so letís just keep doing what we're doing. We're going to go to the islands, we're going to get clues, we're going to find Michael, and hopefully we're going to bring him home.

Michael: Mom, I miss you. I really want to come home.

Carly: Michael, are you here?

Carly: Come on, I just need to see you one more time.

[Dog barks]

Michaelís voice: I miss you, Mom. I want to come home.

Courtney: We canít use any of this. Itís just a bunch of glowing recommendations from Rachelís superiors.

Jax: Yeah, itís the same here. No connection to A.J.

Courtney: What are we going to do? This --

Jax: Just keep looking. We'll find something.

Courtney: Oh, no.

Jax: What is it?

Courtney: Rachel volunteered at a childrenís hospital. They're letters from the kids, thanking her for helping them. I donít stand a chance, Jax. I mean, seriously, she looks brilliant and compassionate. No one in the world is going to take my word over hers.

[Door slams]

A.J.: Okay, the boat is fueled, the cooler is full. I'd say we're ready to rock.

Michael: I donít feel so good.

A.J.: Really? Let me see here. Well, you donít have a temperature.

Michael: Itís my stomach. I think I should stay here.

A.J.: Okay. Cool. We can go out tomorrow. Something I want you to know -- life, it isnít fair. I know people who spend their whole lives being angry about that, and then there are those who learn how to deal with it and accept it.

Michael: How?

A.J.: Well, I think the trick is to look at what you have instead of what you donít have. Sonny and your mom donít want you to live with them anymore, and thatís sad, itís awful. But on the other hand, you have all of this. You have a speedboat outside that you can drive anytime you want.

Michael: I'd rather be with my parents.

A.J.: Of course you would. Of course, Michael. But thatís not happening, so what are you going to do? Are you going to sit here and feel sorry for yourself, or are you going to get out there on that water and have a good time? Listen, you can take these bad feelings, these sad feelings you have and you can heave them overboard, and then you wonít have to feel this way anymore.

Michael: I guess I could give it a try.

A.J.: Good decision. Huh? All right, come on. We're going to have some fun.

John: Sonny is a genius at public relations. He makes a big show of loving his children. He gives to all the local charities. He actually has this city convinced that he is a decent human being.

Mac: Look, I've known Sonny a long time. The generosity is real, and so are the crimes.

John: Well, then why havenít you brought him down?

Mac: You're the federal prosecutor, John. Why havenít you?

John: One reason -- I've never actually been able to find someone who is willing to risk their life to go on record against Corinthos.

Mac: Yeah, thatís because Sonny takes care of his people. Donít you understand? Even after they've stopped working for him, they wonít give him up.

John: Everyone has a price, Mac. All you got to do is find it.

Carly: What are you doing here?

Sonny: I just came by to, you know, see the construction, see how much they got done.

Carly: And to be close to Michael? Itís okay to say it, Sonny. Thatís why I'm here myself.

Sonny: Yeah. I -- I came by to be close to my little boy.

Carly: I was hoping that I'd see Michael again, you know, that if I sat on the swings he'd come and join me.

Sonny: You didnít see him, Carly. Itís your mind, you know, wishing that he was there.

Carly: Uh-uh. I donít agree. But I wonít try and convince you.

Sonny: People have been very sympathetic, you know, but whatever they say to me doesnít sink in, itís just a bunch of words, you know, because they cannot feel what I feel.

Carly: Sonny, it helps me to see Michael. It helps me. And Reese said I should cherish these moments because they would fade. She said itís what happened with her son.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Carly: I thought you knew. Reese lost a child of her own.

Reese: Bourbon. No ice.

Reese: Another.

Carly: Reese was a lawyer. She was a single mother, and her son was taken from her in broad daylight.

Sonny: She get a call, a note? A call, anything?

Carly: I donít know, but they found her child dead. They never found the person who did it.

Sonny: How old was the little boy?

Carly: I donít know.

Sonny: Oh, thatís probably when she joined the F.B.I. specializing in kidnapping.

Carly: Hmm.

Sonny: I canít believe that.

Carly: Yeah, you know, itís probably like what we're trying to do here with this playground, you know? Itís like you canít have what you want, you canít have your child back, so you do what it is that you can to compensate and you go on.

Sonny: I told her she -- she didnít understand what I was going through. I'm going to have to apologize to her.

Carly: No, no, no, Sonny, but she did know what you were going through, and so she understands. It was really good to hear her story, Sonny. I mean, it made me realize I'm not out of my mind. I'm not. But Reese stopped seeing her little boy, and I donít want that to happen with Michael. I'm not going to let it happen with Michael. Heís not going to become some picture that I keep on a refrigerator or something, something that I hardly look at. I want to remember Michael how he was.

Sonny: Heís -- heís gone. You have to accept that.

Carly: Why?

Sonny: Why?

Carly: Why? Because people say we're supposed to?

Sonny: Because you have no choice.

Carly: Yes, we do. I have a choice. You have a choice, too, Sonny. I've been sitting here and I have been trying to encourage Michael to come here, to come visit again, and maybe if he knew that you were here, too, and you wanted him to come, he'd visit us.

Sonny: I'm not going to sit here talking to Michael or waiting for him to drop by and visit, because itís not going to happen. Michaelís dead, and nothing we can do will bring him back.

Michael: Wait.

A.J.: What?

Michael: How are we supposed to see where we're going in the dark?

A.J.: Okay, the boat has a satellite compass. You set it and then it beeps when you get off course.

Michael: Cool.

A.J.: Yeah. Hey, this terrace? Itís the Tropic Imperial hotel, okay? This is one of the coolest places in the Bahamas. This is where all the big-shot movie stars come when they want to get away from everything.

Michael: Cool.

A.J.: Yeah, cool. Isnít that what I just said? Come on.

Michael: Hey, can I go swimming?

A.J.: Maybe.

Jason: This is where Faith stayed before she kidnapped Michael. Hopefully, someone or something here is going to tell us where Michael is now.

Courtney: Jax, if you were on a jury, who would you believe, Rachel, a woman who has devoted her life to healing children, or me, an ex-stripper, the sister of a notorious criminal?

Jax: Thatís not your fault.

Courtney: Answer the question.

Jax: What you did in the past, it doesnít matter. People -- they will see you, they'll look at you, they'll listen to you, and they'll know that you're not a murderer.

Courtney: Yeah, and they will also see that I had motive to kill A.J.

Jax: Well, motive isnít the same as guilt.

Courtney: Jax, I was married to Sonnyís second in command, a man who is practically synonymous with killing.

Jax: Yes, and you left him because you wouldnít tolerate his lifestyle. Look, once we establish a connection between A.J. and Rachel, then everything will just fall into place.

Courtney: Okay, what if we donít? Itís my word against a murder weapon with my fingerprints.

Jax: I donít think this is going to go to trial, okay? And if it does, the jury will see the woman that I see, someone who ran into a burning building to save an old woman and her dog.

Courtney: Jax --

Jax: What?

Courtney: It was instinct. I didnít even know what I was doing.

Jax: And then when that woman gave you millions of dollars, what did you do with that money? You threw a big party for your friends, covered yourself in diamonds? No, you started a charitable foundation for children. Now, Rachel, she may have degrees and recommendations, but your heartís bigger, and people will see that.

Courtney: What if itís not enough?

Jax: And you've got me. And thatís all that matters. Rachelís plan will fail. You wonít go to prison. I simply wonít allow it.

Alan: Give me a double bourbon.

Coleman: Donít run out. Peanuts, big Al?

Alan: No. Leave the bottle.

Coleman: You got it, man. So you doing a little research on your next case there? I mean, we can watch it in the back if you want to take a look.

Reese: This tape is none of your business. I'll take another drink.

Coleman: Yes, ma'am. So whatís his name?

Reese: Who?

Coleman: The dude that broke your heart.

Reese: Donít you have glasses to wash?

Coleman: When folks come in here and start knocking back drinks, they've usually got a story to tell, and most of them feel better once they've told it. Suit yourself.

Reese: Itís about my job.

Coleman: You didnít get canned, did you?

Reese: These people I work with, these law enforcement professionals, they absolutely have no morals, no conscience. They'll do whatever they want to get what they want, and they donít care who they hurt. And then on the other side of the law, thereís people I actually respect. And here I am in the middle and I donít know what the hell to do about it.

Coleman: Yeah, I see your problem.

Reese: You know, donít worry about it.

[Phone rings]

Reese: What?

Sonny: Where are you?

Reese: Why the hell do you care?

Sonny: I want to meet with you face to face.

Reese: What makes you think I want to listen?

Coleman: How you doing on that bottle, big Al?

Sonny: Look, I -- I said some things I shouldnít have, and I was wrong. I just want to know if I can just --

Reese: Yeah, I heard what you said, Sonny, loud and clear. I'm the enemy. You donít trust me. You never will. Fine, I get it. You donít need to tell me again.

Jax: Thanks for coming so quickly.

Skye: Yeah, well, you sounded like it was urgent.

Jax: Well, I think you might be able to help clear Courtney of A.J.ís murder.

Skye: How?

Courtney: Good question.

Jax: Well, we've been looking at A.J.ís murder inside and out, trying to figure out what happened, and Courtney came up with a theory. Why donít you tell it to Skye?

Courtney: I think A.J. and Rachel were romantically involved.

Skye: Based on what?

Courtney: Well, Rachel claims that she killed A.J. simply because she met me on the plane and heard how I felt about him. I mean, even for a lunatic, that seems a little extreme.

Skye: Okay. Good point.

Courtney: Anyway, it got me thinking, you know, of other reasons why Rachel might have wanted A.J. dead. And it seems logical that the two of them had an affair and it ended badly. Maybe Rachel got hurt. She felt like it was like with Steven Webber all over again. She lost it, she snapped, she murdered A.J., planned to meet me on the plane and frame me for the murder.

Skye: Well, thatís quite a story.

Jax: Well, we need proof. We're trying to establish a connection between A.J. and Rachel. We know that Rachel was living in the Bahamas for six months prior to A.J.ís death, but we need more.

Skye: How can I help?

Jax: Well, you talked to A.J. when he resurfaced. We want to know if he said anything about a relationship with Rachel.

Skye: I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to tell you what you want to hear, because up until the day he died, A.J. was still in love with Courtney.

Sam: All right, Jason, I think we should split up, okay? You should take the staff, and I will take the guests.

Jason: Why?

Sam: Why? Because guys are more likely to talk to a woman if they think they have a chance of flirting with her, and women obviously confide in other women.

Jason: Okay, just go back to the flirting part for a second.

Sam: Look, Jason, why do you think I brought all these bikinis? It certainly wasnít to go swimming on the beach, okay? Guys talk a lot when they want to get with a woman, and I just think -- you donít think itís a good idea.

Jason: Not really.

Sam: Not really? Itís going to work, okay? Will you just trust me? Itís all that matters right now. Somebody here knows something about Michael.

Sam: Hey.

Reese: Donít you see my glass is empty?

Coleman: Well, excuse me. That little wrist is getting a workout tonight.

Reese: Itís like this, man -- life is not a western.

Coleman: Tell me about it.

Reese: You remember those old-time movies, right, the westerns where the bad guys wore the black hats and the good guys wore white?

Coleman: Yeah, sure.

Reese: Well, life is a hell of a lot more complicated than that.

Coleman: Tell me about it. Anything you say stays between us, by the way.

Reese: Okay, so letís see if you can answer a question. A bad guy gets his son kidnapped and killed and heís out of his mind with grief. Is he still a bad guy?

Coleman: Thatís a tough one.

Reese: So how about this one. A good guy is just a snake in the grass and he is only out for himself. Is he still a good guy?

Coleman: Tricky.

Reese: And then thereís me, a federal agent who is stuck in the middle, and what the hell do I do? I mean, do I follow the rules, do I slap a grieving father in jail, or what, what, do I give him a pass and wait until heís finished grieving his dead son and then put the guy in jail?

Coleman: I'm flummoxed.

Reese: Yeah, well, so am I. My job is to bring the bad guys to justice. What kind of justice puts a loving, grieving father in jail?

Alan: I will not stand by and listen to you make excuses for that killer.

Skye: The last time I spoke with A.J., he told me he never stopped loving Courtney. In fact, the reason he faked your divorce was because he couldnít bring himself to let you go.

Courtney: Why didnít you ever tell me this?

Skye: Well, it was a private conversation between me and A.J. Thatís why when you flew to the Bahamas to confront him I was afraid that he wouldnít give you a divorce and thatís why I thought you killed him.

Courtney: Oh, great. So A.J.ís endless love makes me look even guiltier than ever.

Jax: Oh, not necessarily. Once she learned more about what happened, Skye changed her mind about you killing A.J.

Skye: Absolutely.

Jax: Have you mentioned this to the police?

Skye: No, and I wonít.

Mac: You're hiding something from the police. You want to tell me what it is?

Sam: Really? You made all that money on one little stock?

Man: What can I say? I've had good instincts. Why donít you come up to my penthouse and I'll show them to you.

Sam: Well, you know, that sounds like fun. I just want to finish my drink. So you must meet a lot of people here on vacation. I'm wondering if you've ever run into a friend of mine. Her name is Faith Rosco.

Jason: Her name is Faith Rosco.

Man: I recall the name, but not the face. I believe she stayed here for several weeks.

Jason: Okay. Look, I need to know everyone -- I need to know everyone who called Faith and their phone numbers, if you can get them, too.

Man: I -- I'm sorry --

Jason: Please, please, I just need the names and descriptions of everyone who visited her. Just ask the room-service waiters. They're probably the most likely to remember. Please, this is so important to me.

Man: Why?

Jason: I'm trying to find a little boy who was kidnapped by people working for Faith.

Man: Okay.

Jason: Okay, the police think heís dead. I donít.

Lorenzo: You still waiting to see Michael?

Carly: Yeah. I am.

Lorenzo: I'm worried, Carly. I know these visions, they give you comfort, but --

Carly: But what? You think itís all in my mind.

Lorenzo: I think you're doing everything you can to hold on to your son.

Carly: Michael doesnít want me to let him go.

Lorenzo: How can you be sure?

Carly: Look, I canít tell exactly, but itís -- itís like the way he looks at me, you know, the things he says. Itís -- itís like heís --

Lorenzo: What?

Carly: Heís alive.

Alan: You talk about Sonny like heís a saint, a great man, a wonderful father.

Reese: Go away, Dr. Quartermaine.

Alan: Not until I straighten you out about Corinthos. Heís a killer. Heís a cancer. He poisons everything that he touches.

Reese: Fine. I'll make sure I donít invite the two of you to the same dinner party.

Alan: What do you think, this is funny? You think itís funny that heís left a trail of corpses from one end of this city to the other? And who are his latest victims? My son and my grandson.

Reese: You cannot blame Sonny for Michaelís death.

Alan: Sonnyís enemies murdered Michael, this little boy that never did anything to anybody, this beautiful, innocent child -- oh, what the hell do you care? To you, heís just another dead little boy!

Reese: You donít know anything about me!

Alan: I know so much more than you think. You're not going to arrest Sonny because you're having too much fun in his bed! You're nothing but a whore with a badge!

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Alan: You're a punk.

Sonny: I'll make sure you never do it again.

Lorenzo: Grief is a powerful emotion.

Carly: I'm not imagining this. Heís just trying to tell me where he is.

A.J.: You hungry?

Michael: Yep.

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