GH Transcript Monday 4/4/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/4/05



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[Knock on door]

Mac: Courtney Matthews, I have a warrant for your arrest.

Courtney: Mac, I didn't do anything wrong.

Mac: The evidence says otherwise.

Jax: Mac, Courtney’s innocent.

Mac: We have the murder weapon -- a letter opener with Courtney's fingerprints covered in A.J.'s blood.

A.J.: Gotcha.


Steven: We got a code! I need a cart in here! Okay, we got a patient unresponsive post-op due to a bullet wound to the chest. She was seeming stable, but she's gone into v-fib. I need those paddles and I need them charged to 200.

Nurse: Charged and ready.

Steven: All right. Clear!

Sam: Jason, Michael is okay. He's alive somewhere and you're going to find him.

Jason: Now we need to figure out who Faith was working with --

[Knock on door]

Jason: And we --

Carly: Jason, open up. Jase --

Jason: What -- what's wrong?

Carly: It's Michael.

Alexis: Dr. Winters is going to be evaluating our fitness as parents for the family court.

Sonny: Okay. First, we're meeting at a bad time. I just found out Alexis is cutting me out of my daughter's life again. She cannot accept that Kristina is my daughter and no one will stop me from being her father.

Jax: Mac, you can't be -- can't be serious about taking Courtney into custody.

Mac: A forensics team is already on their way to the apartment.

Courtney: I didn't kill A.J. Rachel did.

Mac: There's no indication that Dr. Adair even knew A.J., Courtney. All the evidence points to you.

Jax: Mac, Courtney -- Courtney's not a killer.

Mac: She had means, motive, and opportunity, and now we have the murder weapon.

Jax: Which I assume was forwarded by an anonymous third party? Doesn't that seem a little convenient?

Courtney: Mac, Rachel and I -- we were on the same plane back from the Bahamas. If I had time to go back and kill A.J., so did she.

Mac: Why?

Courtney: Look, Rachel killed A.J. so she could pressure me into killing someone for her.

Mac: Who?

Courtney: Dr. Steven Webber.

Steven: Okay, that's it, guys. Take her down, find an open O.R., come back, tell me what room it is. I need to know. Nurse, I need you to page Monica Quartermaine. Dr. Adair's bleeding internally, needs emergency surgery.

Reese: Steven, what are her chances?

Steven: Well, she's bleeding internally. We need to stop it right away. She's critical.

Reese: Well, do everything you can. That woman is a pivotal witness in the Sandoval shootings.

Steven: Oh -- okay, can you believe her?

Elizabeth: I --

Steven: Rachel's hanging on by a thread and she's worried about how she relates to Sonny Corinthos? It's --

Nurse: Dr. Webber, Dr. Quartermaine is in surgery.

Steven: Well, that's fine. Page one of the on-call surgeons.

Nurse: They're all with patients. You're the only available surgeon.

Steven: Tell the team I'll meet them in the O.R.

Elizabeth: No, Steven. Steven, you can't do that.

Steven: Look, I'm sorry, Liz. I have no choice right now.

Elizabeth: No, you have a history with Rachel -- you have a relationship with her. You -- what if you freeze up and make a mistake?

Steven: It might happen, but I'm the best chance she's got.

Elizabeth: Well, have you done this surgery before?

Steven: Yeah. Yeah, I did it once and it was very early in my career.

Elizabeth: I take it it didn't go well.

Steven: The patient didn't make it.

Elizabeth: Okay, well, all the more reason you need to find somebody else to do it.

Steven: There is no one else, Liz. And every second we waste is another chance Rachel could die. I can save her, Elizabeth.

A.J.: We went over this. They don't want you, Michael. Sonny told you that himself.

Michael: I want to call Jason. He'll want me. I'll live with him.

A.J.: He took you away from me once before. I won't let that happen again.

Jason: Carly, what about Michael?

Carly: I just -- I need to talk to you about him.

Sam: I'm going to leave you two alone.

Jason: Okay, thanks.

Sam: Okay?

Jason: Sit down.

Carly: I just miss him. I miss him so much, Jase.

Jason: So do I.

Carly: Would you take me and Morgan to the playground construction site tomorrow? You know, Morgan’s at this age where anything with wheels excites him and I just -- I want to make sure they get a good start.

Jason: Yeah. Yeah, I'll take you.

Carly: I'm just trying to get used to living in this world without him. I know you loved him as much as I did.

Sonny: Did Alexis tell you my son was kidnapped and murdered?

Louise: The circumstances of his death figure prominently in Mrs. Davis' petition for sole custody of Kristina.

Sonny: My son loved, you know, his brother and sister. He risked his life to protect them. And you're going to -- you're going to spit on his sacrifice, on his memory, by taking Kristina away from me?

Alexis: A 9-year-old boy shouldn't have to protect his siblings from anything worse than a bully on the playground. You know that I'm just trying to protect her; you know that your business puts these kids in jeopardy every day -- you know that. And I am asking you for once to put her first.

Sonny: Don't worry about it. I'm going to keep Kristina safe from you and your paranoia. Okay, you got to understand something -- she's going to come up with every excuse she can to keep my daughter from me.

Louise: I'm not a judge. I'm a doctor assigned to evaluate your fitness as parents.

Sonny: I'm going to have my lawyer contact you, set an appointment up.

Alexis: I am concerned about my daughter's well-being. He is involved in an illegal, brutal business where scores are settled with murder. He's prone to ungovernable rages. I believe that my daughter -- I believe that her well-being is threatened in every conceivable way.

Courtney: The first time I saw Rachel, she was on that plane with me coming back from the Bahamas.

Mac: The night A.J. died?

Courtney: We were strangers, Mac, but we talked the whole flight. I was venting, you know? I told her how A.J. refused to give me a divorce. I even said that I wished he were dead. But when that plane landed in Miami, Rachel and I went our separate ways.

Jax: Yeah, and then later Courtney found out that A.J. had been murdered.

Courtney: Not long after that, Rachel showed up here saying that she had killed A.J. and that she expected me to kill Steven Webber in return.

Mac: Do you realize how contrived all this sounds?

Jax: Too contrived to be made up?

Mac: How did your prints get on the murder weapon?

Courtney: Rachel stole the glass that I was using on the plane.

Jax: Yeah, Rachel admitted to Courtney that she transferred the prints and she warned her if she wouldn't cooperate, she would send the murder weapon to the police through an anonymous source.

Courtney: Now it looks like she might die, Mac, which means that whoever was holding that letter opener must've known and they sent it to you.

Mac: I wish I could believe you, Courtney. I mean, you've done a lot of good for a lot of people in this city.

Jax: Yeah, I mean, she's also telling the truth, Mac.

Mac: Until we investigate further, I have no choice. Turn around, Courtney. You're under arrest for the murder of A.J. Quartermaine. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Sam: Carly gone?

Jason: Yeah. She just -- you know, she really misses Michael.

Sam: But you didn't tell her we think he might be alive, right?

Jason: No, I couldn't. If Carly knew, she would start searching for Michael, pounding on the door of every one of Sonny's enemies.

Sam: Right, right. In other words, she'd make so much noise that whoever has him would know to disappear.

Jason: Exactly.

Sam: Jason, I know this is really, really difficult for you, and Carly is grieving. You could've given her hope. I --

Jason: Carly and Sonny will understand once we bring Michael home, but for now, the kidnapper can't know we're onto him.

A.J.: Michael, the first year of your life when you lived with Jason, it was -- it was a lie. You were my son and Jason was telling everyone that you belonged to him. He stole so many moments from me. You know, he -- he even chose your name?

Michael: Jason loves me.

A.J.: No. No, Michael, he was -- he was using you against me. He's never wanted me to be happy. That's why he stole you from me. And then, when he got tired of changing you and feeding you and listening to you cry, he gave you to someone else.

Michael: He wanted me to be happy.

A.J.: He was trying to hurt us both. Michael, as soon as I found out that you were my son, I fought like crazy to get you back, but no one, no one would help me, because I wasn't Jason, the golden boy who everyone cared about. I was the other son who could never do anything right. No one cared that -- that I loved you and that it was killing me to be without you. Even my own mother told me to let you stay with Jason as if you were some kind of prize that he deserved, a reward for being better than me.

Ric: I got your call. What was so urgent?

Sonny: Just came by from seeing your wife.

Ric: Well, you had to know that she was going to revisit the custody issue.

Sonny: Yeah. Hmm. When I went to confront her, the court-appointed shrink was there.

Ric: And I gather you gave less than a favorable impression.

Sonny: Alexis set me up, Ric. I want you to take a message to her.

Ric: What, are you going to give me an order now or you want my help?

Sonny: Okay, you were willing to compromise over Kristina’s custody.

Ric: Yeah.

Sonny: Alexis didn't make that possible, all right? She wants a fight, I'll give her a fight because I'm going to break her. There's not going to be an 11th-hour change of heart or what's good for the kid -- she's gone way too far this time. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get sole custody, and when I do, Alexis will never see her daughter again.

Carly: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm late.

Lorenzo: It's all right.

Carly: Thanks.

Lorenzo: You upset?

Carly: I saw Michael again. This time, it was outside of the old penthouse. And for a minute, it was so real it was like I could touch him. It's like my heart just won't accept that he's gone.

Lorenzo: Well, Carly, you got to give yourself time.

Carly: You know, I was on my way to Jason's and I wanted to tell him. The second I knocked on that door, I wanted to tell him that I'd seen Michael. But I couldn't, though, because he loved Michael so much, he was like a son to him and I know he's missing him. I don't want to bring him any more pain than he already has. Oh, Lorenzo. You know, I know that the visions aren't real. I know that, but I don't want them to stop because for the minute that Michael's there, it's like I have no more pain and I don't care if it means I'm crazy because when he looks in my eyes, I feel like I'm whole again.

Lorenzo: That's beautiful.

Carly: Oh, can you just give a minute?

Lorenzo: Of course.

Carly: Okay.

Alexis: My pregnancy with Kristina was completely unplanned. It resulted from one single encounter.

Louise: Is that why you didn't tell Mr. Corinthos he was Kristina’s father?

Alexis: Dr. Winters, I didn't tell him because I was afraid. I was afraid because his business, his emotional problems, his relationship with his wife is -- it's dysfunctional and unstable. There's a myriad of reasons why I didn't tell him and that I'm afraid that Kristina’s well-being is jeopardized.

[Monitor beeps]

Steven: Yeah, I've isolated the source of the bleeding. Start suction. Okay, start a dopamine drip. I'm going to try and ligate this vessel.


Nurse: Her blood pressure's falling, 90/42.

Steven: Okay, traction.

Nurse: Dr. Webber? Dr. Webber?

Steven: Okay, give me a clamp and some sutures. We can still save her.

A.J.: Listen, Michael, imagine -- imagine you're still living at home, okay? And your mom took away all your toys when Morgan was born and then gave them to him. Imagine your mother telling you that Morgan was better than you, smarter, stronger. Michael, would you still love your brother if he stole everything away from you, your whole life? Because that's what Jason did to me. He stole my family, my wife. He almost stole you. But we can't let him. We can't let him win. Buddy, it's -- it's you and me against the world now.

Lorenzo: Hmm, you're looking a little calmer.

Carly: Oh, yeah? Well, anger has that effect on me. So Alexis is taking Sonny back into family court. She wants sole custody of Kristina again, and that woman she's sitting with over there -- that's a shrink. You should hear what she's saying about Sonny.

Lorenzo: I'm sure Sonny can handle Alexis.

Carly: You know what? Sonny needs his children, they need him, and if Alexis wasn't such a selfish, sanctimonious witch, she would understand that.

Louise: Thank you.

Alexis: Thank you.

Carly: She's leaving. Will you excuse me a minute?

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Don't put your phone away -- you've got another call to make to your lawyer. Call him back, tell him that you're taking the petition away for sole custody because if you don't, you are going to lose Kristina -- for good.

Ric: So is this the next step in the negotiating process, Sonny? You and Alexis refuse to compromise first and then you decide to hurl threats at one another until one of you backs down first?

Sonny: I'm not backing down, Ric. I'm going to do what I can at any means necessary to keep my kid.

Ric: Kristina loves Alexis.

Sonny: Great. Kristina loves me, too.

Ric: Alexis -- Kristina wants to be with Alexis -- her mother.

Sonny: Well, you know, kids want a lot of things, Ric, that aren't good for them.

Ric: Alexis has her faults, Sonny, all right? Granted -- we all do. I mean, look at the two of us. We've never had a good relationship and recently, I think we've made some kind of progress. I mean, we've actually even given each other the benefit of the doubt once or twice.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Ric: All that is going to stop the minute you try to take Kristina away from her mother. I have to side with my wife.

Sonny: Ric. I'd rather not have you as my enemy. I may be doing you a favor. Once I break Alexis, you may have a shot at getting sole custody when your kid's born.

Ric: I'm not going to separate my child from its mother the way I was separated from ours.

Sonny: If you were standing where I am, you might change your mind.

Reese: I'm here. What's the big emergency?

Ric: What, did you bring Reese in on your plan now?

Reese: What plan?

Sonny: No -- my brother, he was just leaving.

Ric: "My brother."

Sonny: Well, you're my brother.

Ric: I'm glad -- I'm glad you can say that now knowing full well that I'm in the middle of this whole thing between you and Alexis.

Sonny: Well, I just thought I'd say it once because -- you know, before we start hating each other.

Ric: I don't hate you, Sonny, but I'm not going to deliver some kind of a message to Alexis. I'm going to tell her the same thing I'm telling you -- I think that the custody agreement should stay exactly the same. Kristina is best served by having both of her parents in her life no matter how flawed.

Sonny: Well --

Ric: All right.

Reese: What was that all about?

Sonny: Well, you could decide if I get to keep my daughter.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Steven: Hey.

Elizabeth: How's Rachel doing?

Steven: Well, she's stabilized, so there's a pretty good chance she's going to recover.

Elizabeth: You did it.

Steven: Yeah, barely.

Elizabeth: But I can't imagine operating on somebody I've had a relationship with. I mean, it would be tough enough having a stranger's life in your hands.

Steven: A life is a life.

Elizabeth: You're an excellent surgeon, Steven. But I saw you freeze up in there.

Steven: Yeah. Remember when I told you that I had performed this operation before when I was a resident? Rachel and I did it together and we botched it and that's when the patient died. And then when I was looking down at Rachel and she was lying on that table, she was in the same condition, it just felt like our lives had come full circle.

Elizabeth: You were afraid you'd make the same mistake? But you didn't. I mean, she pulled through.

Steven: I was so afraid, Liz. I was afraid that I was going to kill her.

Elizabeth: How come you never told me about this before? I thought you had a perfect record in the operating room.

Steven: Technically, I still do. No, Rachel stepped up and she took full responsibility, so I guess I owe her my career.

Courtney: You know, that was really decent of Mac to push through my paperwork and get me out on bail.

Jax: He knows you're not going to run. He knows that you're innocent.

Courtney: Now I just have to prove it. Where's Rachel?

Elizabeth: She had emergency surgery.

Steven: She's -- she's in recovery.

Elizabeth: Steven saved her life.

Courtney: That's almost too ironic for words.

Steven: I'm sorry?

Courtney: Rachel wants you dead, Steven. She asked me to kill you.

Alexis: Carly, I'm sure you've heard -- I'm very worried about my daughter. I'm seeking permanent custody.

Carly: Michael just died. And you were going to deprive Sonny of contact with his only daughter?

Alexis: This isn't about Sonny, this is about his children. You have always put him first, Carly -- his happiness, his sense of ownership -- sometimes over the well-being of your own children.

Carly: Sonny isn't a danger to his children and you know that, Alexis. It is an excuse that you use when you are feeling insecure. You're doing this out of an obsessive fear of losing Kristina’s love and you are so determined to be the only important person in her life. You cling to her, you make sure there are no other options because you cannot put the needs of your daughter ahead of your own.

Alexis: I believe that Morgan’s life is in jeopardy. I believe that Michael may have died because you allowed Sonny to adopt him and it breaks my heart that I can't protect Morgan, but I will damn well do what I need to do to protect my daughter.

Carly: Okay, you know Sonny could've taken Kristina away from you before and he didn’t. But you know he is not going to hesitate now, and when the dust settles and you've lost Kristina for good, you are only going to have yourself to blame. Oh.

Lorenzo: Feel better?

Carly: Arguing with Alexis is a waste of breath. You know, that woman is so sure of her own superiority. She is so convinced that she is right about everything, nothing penetrates. The only way to stop her is to hit her where it hurts.

Sonny: Alexis got a judge to bar me from seeing Kristina until the new custody agreement is reached.

Reese: Sorry.

Sonny: Yeah. She's going to attack my whole life, you know, try to prove that I'm a criminal.

Reese: Well, so far, nobody's been able to prove that.

Sonny: Yeah, and she's going to try to get you to testify because I'm being investigated in the Sandoval shootings.

Reese: Oh, right. Well, I tried to warn you against moving on the Sandovals in the first place, you know? Didn't I?

Sonny: Yeah. Yeah, you did. What are you going to say if they call you to testify?

Reese: Oh. I'm going to tell the court that -- that you're a loving and dedicated father and that you've been the subject of several F.B.I. investigations but no proof linking you to organized crime or the Sandoval shootings has surfaced. I'm going to say that in the eyes of the law, you're innocent.

Sonny: Thank you.

Reese: I'll only be telling the truth, Sonny. You should try it sometime.

Steven: All those times I questioned you about Rachel, you never said anything.

Jax: She's been blackmailing Courtney.

Courtney: Look, when Rachel thought I was going to tell someone the truth, she poisoned Jax. He had a seizure.

Elizabeth: Oh, that's horrible.

Steven: Well, Rachel's hated me all these years.

Elizabeth: I don't understand. If Rachel hates Steven, why did she kill A.J.?

Steven: Okay, Rachel and A.J. are complete strangers, so it would be almost impossible to pin a murder on her because she would have no motive.

Courtney: And no one would suspect me of killing your brother.

Jax: Yeah, Rachel was trying to orchestrate two perfect murders with no repercussions.

Courtney: Well, she set it up really good. I mean, the police believe that I had means, motive, and opportunity to kill A.J.

Jax: And they also have forensic evidence.

Steven: Which Rachel may have contaminated. She was around the day I received the forensics on A.J.'s murder.

Jax: She had access to it?

Steven: Briefly.

Jax: Well, you have to go to Mac with this information.

Steven: Look, I'm sorry, but this all just seems so unbelievable. Okay, Rachel's -- okay, she's always been a little high-strung, but I just don't believe that this is a woman who is capable of murder.

Courtney: Well, believe it. Rachel killed A.J. in cold blood.

A.J.: Still thinking about Jason?

Michael: I want to call him.

A.J.: Fine. But, Michael, I want you to know if he comes to get you, it's not because he loves you. It's because he wants to take you away from me again.

Michael: It's not true. Jason loves me.

A.J.: Why do you think that? Hmm? Is it because he gives you big presents?

Michael: No. It's because he explains stuff, never gets mad, and he read to me about the world when I was a baby.

A.J.: That's not true. Jason -- Jason didn't read to you, Michael.

Michael: Yes, he did.

A.J.: No. I did. Look, there was a time, right, when you were little, you lived with me at my parents' house and every night, I would sit up with you and I would read to you from books just like this one.

Michael: Mom said Jason read to me.

A.J.: Yeah, well, she lied about that, too. I know this is -- this is tough to hear. But the only one who has been honest with you the whole time is me.

Jason: Okay.

Sam: Hey.

Jason: Hey.

Sam: Any other leads?

Jason: Well, there's a credit card payment here and I think if Stan can access this particular record, we might have an idea where Faith was spending the money.

Sam: Okay, so if we can figure out where Faith was staying, we might be able to trace who she was meeting with --

Jason: Right.

Sam: And that will hopefully lead us to Michael.

Jason: Right.

Sam: Right?

Jason: Oh, this is -- it's like a miracle, you know? I can't believe it. I can't believe that we actually know he's out there alive, knowing there's a way to find him and a lot of it is because of you.

Sam: No.

Jason: Yes.

Sam: No, Jason, it is because of you.

Jason: No.

Sam: You would not give up.

Jason: No, Sam.

Sam: It is you.

Jason: You stayed objective, I didn't, and you helped me find the proof.

Sam: Well, the proof was in his eyes -- literally.

Jason: Yeah, but I was so -- I was so tired of looking at that picture. And it's because of you that I know Michael's alive.

Reese: Alexis.

Alexis: Thank you for coming.

Reese: I was just leaving Sonny's and I got your message. I -- I know you're petitioning for sole custody of Kristina.

Alexis: I know by now you're aware how dangerous his life is. I'm afraid for my daughter's life, Agent Marshall.

Reese: There has been a lot of mob activity recently but Sonny hasn't been implicated.

Alexis: I don't need hard evidence.

[Reese sighs]

Alexis: If you would testify that he is a prime suspect in an ongoing case, it would create reasonable doubt about his care-giving at this point.

Reese: There's been no proof, Alexis.

Alexis: There never is. You and I both know he was involved in those shootings.

Reese: In this country, Sonny is innocent until proven guilty.

Alexis: The person that is innocent is Kristina. She's just been taken out of her home for weeks by a stranger and you're the one who brought her back.

Reese: And I am glad Kristina is safe.

Alexis: How long do you think that's going to last? I need you to help me give my daughter a fighting chance by testifying against Sonny.

Carly: Oh. Sonny, we are going to beat that ice-cold, vindictive little --

Sonny: I guess you've heard about Alexis' petition for sole custody of Kristina?

Carly: Oh! I overheard her talking to the court-appointed shrink.

Sonny: Yeah, Dr. Winters. Alexis and I -- we're both supposed to be evaluated by her.

Carly: Oh, really? Well, she was doing quite a hatchet job on you. I set her straight.

Sonny: Okay, you didn't fight with her in front of the doctor, right?

Carly: Are you kidding me? No way -- allow her to paint herself as the martyred mother? No way.

Sonny: Okay.

Carly: I waited until that shrink left and then I tore into her.

Sonny: You don't have to fight my battles now, Carly. You know that.

Carly: Sonny, it's not your battle anymore -- it's my battle, too. You know what Alexis said?

Sonny: What?

Carly: She said that I was a bad mother for letting you adopt Michael. She said that's the reason he was killed. And then she went on to lecture me about how she felt so bad for Morgan and her heart was breaking because he is in jeopardy from his parents. I want to kill her, Sonny. I want to -- I want to grind her into tiny, little bits!

Sonny: Okay, calm down.

Carly: No, Sonny, I don't need to calm down, you see? I'm not the one who needs to be calm -- you need to be calm. You need to -- you need to embrace Zen, okay, because you need to give the most flawless presentation of sanity and emotional stability that psychiatrist has ever seen, and I'm going to coach you.

Jax: Whoa.

Courtney: You can't accuse Mac’s team of being lazy. They practically tore up the floor.

Jax: Well, I'll just send someone to clean tomorrow. We'll just stay at my place tonight.

Courtney: No, Jax -- look, I don't want to run away from this. This is my home, I'll fix it.

Jax: Yeah, you're doing it again.

Courtney: What?

Jax: Turning away the person that wants to help, you know, forcing yourself to be independent. Ahem. Part of loving someone is to let them in, Courtney.

Courtney: You're right. You're right. I mean, I could've avoided this whole nightmare if I had just been honest with you from the beginning. You know, in a way, Jax, asking you for help was even harder than dealing with Rachel.

Jax: Well, you didn't have anyone for a long time to help you, and now you have me. And I love you and I want to help, and I know that if the positions were reversed, you'd do the same for me.

Courtney: I hated keeping this secret to myself, Jax, I did. But the worst part was thinking that I could lose you.

Jax: You won't lose me.

Courtney: I'm starting to believe you.

Jax: Good. Because together, we can do anything.

Courtney: Yeah.

Mac: Do you believe Rachel could've contaminated evidence in the A.J. Quartermaine investigation?

Steven: She had the opportunity.

Mac: Courtney says Rachel killed A.J. as a way to blackmail her. She says Rachel wanted you dead. Do you know why?

Steven: I know exactly why Rachel would be willing to kill A.J.

Jason: Hmm.

Sam: Look, not to be pushy or anything --

Jason: "Pushy"? Since when?

Sam: But when was the last time you slept for more than three hours straight?

Jason: I didn't want to sleep. I'm excited about Michael. I kept dreaming of him.

Sam: I know, I know, I know, and I didn't want to pressure you, but I think it's time for you to relax.

Jason: Oh, that's what you want me to do, relax?

Sam: Well, maybe. Yeah.

Jason: Uh-huh.

Sam: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Might be about Michael.

[Sam sighs]

Jason: Hello? Yeah, yeah. No, just email me the records right away. All right? Thank you, Stan.

Sam: Well? Well, that sounded good.

Jason: Yeah, Faith's credit card shows hotel charges in the Bahamas. That's where she met whoever's got Michael.

A.J.: We're going to go to Egypt someday -- and all the other places that we talked about. Hey. Oh. Hey, we're going to go on so many adventures, buddy. We're going to travel the world as father and son. And no one will ever find us.

Reese: I can only state the facts in court.

Alexis: I know you feel sorry for him, which is why you're protecting him.

Reese: Sonny's son was brutally murdered. Of course I feel sorry for his loss, but I can't take sides in a custody issue.

Alexis: You got close to him when the children were missing --

[Reese sighs]

Alexis: And you saw something in him, something that you think you can change. Believe me, I understand that. You are never going to be able to halt the cycle of violence. He's not going to leave the mob. He can't. It's a part of who he is. He feeds on the power. And so for the rest of his life, everyone around him is in danger, particularly members of his family. I don't think I fully understood that until I became a mother. And maybe that's why you can't, because you aren't one.

Reese: I used to be. Excuse me.

Sonny: Oh, okay --

Carly: Come on, come on, sit.

Sonny: Okay, first of all, you're not really qualified to coach me on being stable.

Carly: I've been committed!

Sonny: Oh, there's an endorsement.

Carly: Sonny, I faked being crazy so I could avoid a prison term, and then I had to convince doctors that I was cured so they'd release me. I sat through hours and hours of therapy with a team of shrinks. I know what they want to hear, and I'm your best bet to beat Alexis.

Sonny: I'm in serious trouble.

Carly: Oh, fine. You want my help or don't you?

Sonny: Okay, help away.

Carly: Okay, good, because -- now, pay attention because what I was thinking was we could end up --

Sonny: What is it? Carly?

Sonny: Hey, what happened?

Carly: I saw Michael again. He was standing there. He was just smiling at me and –

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Michael's voice: "Dear Mom, why did you and Dad stop loving me?"

A.J.: Michael?

Steven: How did it come to this? Were you ever going to tell me the truth?

Jax: She didn't do it.

Alan: Well, the police have evidence -- you're going to prison, little girl.

Alexis: Why don't we just get this over with?

Sonny: Not yet.

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