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General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/11/05



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[Knock on door]

[Door opens and closes]

John: Carly?  Hey. The bureau called and notified me about Michael. I'm so sorry.  Is there anything I can do?  Come here, come here, come here.

[Door opens and closes]

Bobbie: Where is he? Where's Sonny? I want to see him.

Carly: Mama, you canít. He's not seeing anyone.

Bobbie: That is about to change.

John: Whoa, Bobbie, Bobbie -- whoa.

Carly: Mama, donít. Ok?

Bobbie: Let me go!

John: Calm down!

Bobbie: I want to confront the man who got my grandson murdered!

John: Bobbie, come on, come on.

Sam: Excuse me, Alan. Do you have a minute?

Alan: Barely.

Sam: Look, I am really sorry to have to tell you this. It's about Michael. They found proof that he is dead.

Alan: Old news.

Sam: I'm sorry?

Alan: My grandson's been dead for years. He died the moment that Jason stole him from A.J.

 [Knock on door]

Emily: Jase, it's me. I know you're in there. The guard told me. Jase, please, come on. Jason? Jason, please, open up.  Jase, I've been so worried about you. Did you get any of my messages? I must have left about a half a dozen.

Jason: No, no, I haven't checked any.

Emily: Something's happened. Tell me.

Jason: Michael. He's gone.

Reese: Here it is, my final report on the Corinthos kidnapping case. According to my superiors, that wraps it up.

Ric: Obviously, you don't agree.

Mike: Hey, Dillon. French fries all around?

Dillon: No, we're good. We're good. Do you have a minute?

Mike: Hey, Iím running a special today. You got five. What's up?

Dillon: There's something you need to know.

Mike: Sounds serious.

Dillon: Michael is dead.

Sam: Excuse me, Alan, but I don't think you understand. There has been official confirmation. The police have recovered a photograph of Michael dead.

Alan: I understand all too well. What I don't understand is how women like you condone the murder of a child.

Sam: I realize you are in terrible grief, but I think you are way out of line right now!

Alan: You and Carly and Emily, God help her -- you believe that Sonny and Jason can do no wrong, even though they leave a path of death and destruction in their wake. I mean, they're what, exactly? You're his latest. Give me some kind of insight. How do you stay with him, knowing the kind of man that he is? Knowing that if he hadn't interfered, Michael and A.J. would be alive?

Sam: You know what, Iím going to treat that as a real question, and I'm going to give you an answer.

Alan: Ah, good, I can't wait to hear it. I'm just dying to. Excuse the pun.

Sam: I stay with Jason because of, not in spite of, who he is. He is a good man who is kind and strong, and he does believe in family.

Alan: Tell that to someone who didn't raise him.

Sam: He is loyal and solid, Alan, and I do feel safe with him.

Alan: Now you're really deluding yourself. No one is safe with Jason and Sonny, especially defenseless children.

Sam: I realize you are in terrible grief over the loss of Michael. We all are. But I am asking you to remember something. That is your flesh and blood you're talking about. Jason is your son, too.

Alan: A.J. is my son. Jason stopped being a Quartermaine the minute he picked up a gun and started killing for Sonny! That's what he is. He's a cold-blooded killer, and now he's killed Michael.

Emily: Are you sure? There can't be some mistake?

Jason: No. There's a photo of Michael in the swamp, just like they said.

Emily: Oh, Jason. I don't know what to say.

Jason: There's nothing to say, you know?

Emily: Have -- have you eaten? I'll make you something.

Jason: No, Emily, you don't have to take care of me.

Emily: Jase --

Jason: You just need to go home.

Emily: I don't want to leave you alone.

Jason: I'm -- Iím fine. I'm going to be all right.

Emily: I loved him, too. You know that, don't you?

Jason: Yeah.

Emily: Ok.

Jason: Yeah, Michael knew that, too.

Emily: Ok. I'm going to go tell the family. If you need me --

Jason: Yeah, I'll just -- yeah, I'll call you.

Emily: You promise?

Jason: Yeah.

Emily: Ok.

John: Bobbie --

Bobbie: Oh, in my heart, I knew this would happen! I knew that someday Sonny could cause this!

Carly: Mama, Sonny didn't cause this.

Bobbie: Oh, stop it! Sonny is a criminal, and he has enemies around every corner, just waiting to pounce on any weak spot he has, including you, including his children.

John: Bobbie, come on. What do you expect to accomplish by confronting Sonny?

Bobbie: I am surprised you even have to ask me that. I'm going to warn him that if any harm ever comes to Carly or to Morgan --

Carly: Mama, no harm is going to come to us.

Bobbie: You don't know that! You don't know it, and I don't want to wake up one morning and be looking at some picture in the newspaper of you and Morgan dead somewhere in some swamp!

Carly: Mama, my son is dead! Michael meant more to me than my life, and I know you are hurting. I know that, but I can't handle you coming in here and laying blame!

Bobbie: Honey, Iím sorry. I'm sorry.

Carly: I know. I know, I know.

Bobbie: I'm so sorry.

Carly: I know. Oh.

Ric: Why do you think this case should stay active? Morgan and Kristina were found. Michael is -- Michaelís gone.

Reese: And we got a $6 million loose end. What can I say? It bothers me.

Ric: What, the money that was filtered through Faith's accounts?

Reese: Exactly. $2 million the night Kristina was grabbed. 4 million the night that Michael and Morgan were taken. Are we just supposed to accept that Aaron, however well paid he was, set aside $6 million to kidnap Sonny's kids?

Ric: I don't know, maybe the timing of the deposits was just a coincidence. Maybe Faith was gathering Aaronís fee.

Reese: And she got the money from who, another mysterious accomplice?

Ric: I don't know.

Reese: Maybe I'm just chasing down blind alleys, looking for anything to help make sense out of the death of a little boy, and it's an exercise in futility because nothing ever will. According to my superiors, this case is closed. Therefore, it's closed. As soon as I wrap up some paperwork, Iím on my way back to D.C. for reassignment.

Ric: Sonny know about your leaving?

Reese: I haven't told him.

Ric: Well, yeah, but you're going to, right? Look, Reese, you worked very closely with Sonny on helping him to find his children. You won his trust. That's not something that happens easily or often. I think you should say goodbye.

Reese: I don't think it's such a good idea.

Ric: I don't understand. Oh, yeah, I do. He got to you, didn't he?

Georgie: Mike, are you ok?

Mike: "Ok"? Uh -- it's no secret that I wasn't a good father to -- to Sonny. There was always something more important, like my gambling problem. I wasn't there in his life when a boy needs his father the most. I never helped his mother. I was weak and I was selfish. But none of my limitations meant that I didn't love my son. I did. He just had no way of knowing it. When Michael and Carly came into his life, I thought here it is -- that second chance that we never get to -- to have. It's a trap. You start to think that you have the time, and you take the people you love for granted. Then time runs out. Diego, close the place down for me, will you? I -- there's something I have to do.

 [Door opens]

Sam: Hey. What are those?

Jason: Some old -- old pictures.

Sam: Is that Michael?

Jason: At his christening.

Sam: That is really cute. Look at that one. He's got a little carrot-top head poking through the back of the leaves there. These are really cute, Jason. How come Iíve never seen these before?

Jason: I've never shown anyone before.

Sam: Is it ok if I look?

Jason: There's no point to this.

Sam: Look, I understand that you and Carly and Sonny are -- are probably in no shape to plan a memorial service, so I was thinking maybe that's something that I can do.

Jason: Yeah, yeah, that's -- that's a good idea.

Sam: Ok.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: All right, Iím going to call the Queen of Angels, then, and I'm going to set up a time and maybe blow up a picture or two. Maybe -- like the one of Michael and Carly in the snow. I think that one would probably be really good, right?

Jason: No. No, no, that one -- Carly used it as a Christmas card one year, so -- I don't --  this one? Yeah, this one's good.

Reese: I don't have a personal relationship with Sonny. Yes, we got close searching for his kids, but that's how I work. I get involved with my families. I learn what's inside their heads and their hearts, because that's where I find what I need to solve a case. Once the case is closed, I move on.

Ric: Glad to hear it. I mean, I know how Sonny can get under a woman's skin. You wouldn't be the first one to claim that you're immune with no follow-through.

Reese: I'm not like other women.

Ric: So you say.

John: Carly, it's best that you take Morgan and you get him away from here.

Carly: It's not really a good time for a vacation.

John: That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about leaving for good -- you and Morgan getting as far away from Sonny as humanly possible. Now, look, Iíve made some preliminary calls.

Carly: Preliminary calls? What -- about what?

John: Witness protection program. I'm not saying that you have to -- don't worry. You don't have to testify against Sonny. You simply relocate with Morgan under assumed names with a different past. You have a shot at a new future. You say the word. I'm going to give you a whole new life in a matter of seconds.

Carly: I cannot believe you would suggest such a thing. Actually, I take it back -- I can because you are completely out of control.

John: What, for wanting my daughter and my remaining grandson to stay safe? Look, Carly, Iíll take that rap, any other one you want to throw at me, if it means breaking this unnatural attachment that you have to Sonny.

Carly: "Unnatural"? He was my husband! He is the father of my children!

John: And now you are divorced, and one of your sons is dead. Carly, it is time to cut your losses. It is time for you to focus on the one thing that you got left. All that matters is that little boy up there.

Carly: You know what, John? That is cruel and it's manipulative, even for you.

John: Carly, Bobbie, Iím just stating the hard, cold facts here. Obviously Sonny cannot protect his family. The only thing he can do is make you and Morgan more vulnerable.

Carly: John, that's not going to happen, ok? It's not. I'm not taking Morgan away from his father and that's it.

John: All right, look, fine. I'm -- Iím going to let it go for now.

Carly: Good.

John: You know where to find me if you need me, hmm?

Carly: You would think on this one horrible day that he could stop with his own agenda and he could just be my father.

Bobbie: Hey, honey? You know, I happen to agree with everything your father just said.

Sam: Where was this one taken?

Jason: Sometime in the winter.

Sam: Is that a very short snowman?

Jason: No. That's a snow dog. Yeah. Michael wanted a puppy, Carly said no, and I tried to split the difference, so we made that one in the park.

Sam: Beach house on Sonny's island, huh?

Jason: Yeah. Yeah, Michael dumped a bucket of sand in my hair, and I was chasing him.

Sam: Now, Jason, these are the things that people need to hear at Michaelís memorial. Maybe you could speak there and -- and maybe share some of the pictures and some of your -- you know what? It's ok. It's ok. You don't have to, ok?

Jason: No, it's not that I don't want --

Sam: No, no, no, you don't even have to explain to me. Ok? It's all right.

Jason: I don't think I can get through this alone.

Sam: Hey. Look at me. You don't have to.

John: Yeah, they tell me you're on your way out.

Reese: That's right.

John: Well, I'm surprised, Agent Marshall. You usually bail on a case before it's over?

Reese: This case is over. Sonny's children were found.

John: Yeah. Unfortunately, one was dead because of Sonny's business dealings.

Reese: Well, that may be, but it has nothing to do with me.

John: Yeah, unless you want to step up to the plate.

Reese: What are you getting at, Durant?

John: During the course of this investigation you got close to Sonny; closer than you probably anticipated. You're privy to inside information that could be used to take Sonny down. If you want to punish the person who's responsible for Michaelís death, then punish Sonny Corinthos.

Bobbie: Carly, I would -- I would rather never see you and Morgan again than bring flowers to your graves.

Carly: Mama, I can't do this right now. I just lost Michael.

Bobbie: Because of Sonny's work.

Carly: Ok, I am not having this conversation with you right now, ok? I'm not taking Morgan away from his family, away from his father and everything that we know. It's final.

Max: Ahem. Mr. Alcazar to see you.

Lorenzo: Am I interrupting?

Carly: Please. Please do.

Bobbie: Carly's father has arranged for her to go into the witness protection program with Morgan. They have a chance for a brand-new life free from all of this constant danger. So if you really care about my daughter the way you say you do, will you talk to her about doing what's best for herself and her son, instead of sacrificing one more thing for Sonny?

Carly: Oh, God, please don't tell me you agree with them. Please don't tell me you think I should take Morgan and we should go away.

Lorenzo: I'm here to comfort you, not tell you what to do. You suffered a horrible, devastating loss, Carly. You shouldn't have to decide whether you want butter on your toast, much less all the decisions that go along with starting a new life. But I don't think you should take Morgan away from Sonny. He needs his son now more than ever.

Carly: Wow. Just when I think you can't surprise me again, you do.

Lorenzo: Why? Because I'm capable of empathizing with Sonny?

Carly: Well, it's --

Lorenzo: Well, I guess I'm learning there are times in life when the only comfort to be found is in the eyes of your children.

Carly: Mike.

Mike: Baby.

[Carly sobs]

Mike: Shh. Oh, Carly. Oh, honey, Iím so sorry.

Carly: I know.

Mike: Listen, I --

Carly: I know that.

Mike: I need to see my son, so please don't tell me it's a bad time.

Carly: Listen, Mike, he doesn't want to see anyone. He doesn't, but I think you should just go up there and you be persistent, ok? He could use his father.

Monica: I just wanted you to know how deeply sorry I am.

Jason: Thanks -- thanks for coming.

Monica: Is there anything I can do?

Jason: Not really.

Monica: If it's any help, Michaelís life was a lot better with you in it. I've never said this -- I felt disloyal -- but it's what I believe. You were the father that Michael belonged with, not A.J. Hmm, lightning didn't strike.

Jason: Thank you.

Monica: There aren't any words, Jason. Not adequate, anyway. But if it gives you any kind of peace at all, just keep that memory of the last time you were with Michael; keep that right here in your heart. Keep it close; carry it with you. Got to let each other know how we feel. I love you, Jason. I want you to know that. And -- uh -- thank you. Thank you for caring for my son.

Sam: Well, he didn't give me much of a choice.

Monica: Yeah. See you.

Jason: I can't remember the last time I saw Michael. You know, Christmas, Kristina was taken after that. Everything was just -- just a blur. What if I can never get that moment back?

Reese: So what's the plan? I stick around Port Charles on the pretense of tying up loose ends, work the sympathy card on Sonny, use his trust to gather more evidence to bring him down?

John: Oh, I suspect you already have that.

Reese: Sorry. I'm not the kind of person who takes advantage of a father who's mourning his dead son.

John: Spare me the hearts and flowers. You're an F.B.I. agent. I'm sure you've done a lot worse to get what you want.

Reese: This is what you want, Durant. Agent Marquist has already informed me of my reassignment, and I take orders from him, not federal prosecutors. Oh, and for the record? Sonny is no more responsible for Michaelís death than you or me. The man is suffering enough. Let him be.

Dillon: You -- you still cold?

Georgie: Freezing.

Dillon: Maybe I ought to get you home. I mean, you know, technically, we're not supposed to see each other anyway, so --

Georgie: We're no different, are we?

Dillon: Than what?

Georgie: We said we wanted to connect with our parents, but we aren't connecting with each other, either.

Dillon: What, you and me, like, us? Well, I don't think that's true.

Georgie: I mean, we connect as friends, best friends. But whenever we try to make it something a little bit more, we retreat to separate corners.

Dillon: Oh. Well, we said we'd wait, so --

Georgie: I know. For what?

Dillon: What --

Georgie: Look, all I'm saying is that tomorrow -- it isn't promised. What if on my way home tonight I -- I don't know -- I get hit by a bus or something like that?

Dillon: Whoa, wait a minute. Hey, stop. What are you -- what are you saying?

Georgie: I'm saying I don't need a fancy hotel room and I'm saying that I don't need that perfect full moon, and I don't need any of the other things that you see in those fancy movies. I just -- I just need you -- now.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Lorenzo: Hey.

Brook Lynn: Look, I'm sorry. We're kind of closed right now.

Lorenzo: Just hoping to get a cup of coffee. I can take it to go.

Brook Lynn: Ok, look, there's a fresh pot on the counter and you can help yourself to it.

Lorenzo: Thanks.

Brook Lynn: Diego, what, that's it? No, seriously, after everything that Mike just said, that's it?

Diego: What do you want from me?

Brook Lynn: Diego, go. Come on; go make a connection with your father.

Diego: Why? What's the point?

Brook Lynn: Oh, God.

Diego: What do you -- no, Brook --

Brook Lynn: No, what is it with you two?

Lorenzo: Beg your pardon?

Brook Lynn: Look, Mr. Alcazar, Diego is your son and you are his father, and I really believe that the two of you could really use each other right now, all right? But, please, come on, somebody is going to have to stop hiding between this macho crap and just connect with the other one. You know what? Sorry. What do I know?

Diego: Don't leave.

Lorenzo: Wise girl.

Carly: Jase. Oh, God.

Jason: Huh.

Carly: Michael loved you so much.

Jason: He's the -- he's the best thing that ever happened to me. It's because -- it's because of you.

Carly: Oh, my God.

Carly: I don't know how to handle this, Jase. I don't know, really. It's like I think I'm dreaming, and then I hear this -- this sound or there's an image or something and I realize it's real. I'm here, and Michaelís gone.

Jason: What do you -- what do you want me to do?

Carly: You can't fix this. You can't, Jason. You can't because, for once in your life, you can't catch me. There's no bottom. There isnít. There's -- there's no way it's going to be fixed. Because we're just going to go on missing him forever. Oh.

Diego: Um -- there's probably some stuff we could talk about.

Lorenzo: Yeah. I'm sure there's some things we could work on.

Diego: Yeah. Well, like what?

Lorenzo: I don't know.

Diego: Cool.

Lorenzo: Diego, I wasn't very close to my own father. I used to think about all the things I wanted to do with him and never got the chance. Has that happened to you?

Diego: Yeah, I guess.

Lorenzo: Anything in particular?

Diego: Uh -- well, I guess -- I don't know, when I was a kid, when I went home I used to go by this sandlot, and one of the kids in the neighborhood was always playing ball there with his dad and I thought that was pretty cool, so -- and pretty lame, huh?

Lorenzo: Not at all.

Diego: Well -- anyway.

Lorenzo: Hey -- heads up.

Diego: Yeah, well, that's something we could probably work on.

Lorenzo: Yeah.

Singer: After the big parade when all the limelight fades Iíll be the one to kiss your eyes the roar fades in the air like hope from a lover's prayer the light from my heart begins to rise and they said I couldn't love you and that it would never last he's just a crazy boy just look at his past and they said I couldn't love you but that was just a lie I couldn't love you more if I tried

Singer: I was the lucky one the one having all the fun running into the sun the party never ends and you waited there for me so loving and patiently shutting out sad words from your friends and they said I couldn't love you and that it would never last

Reese: I don't understand. What are you doing here? You just called me to Washington for a new assignment.

Agent Marquist: There's been a change of plans. I am reassigning you, but your new case is right here in Port Charles. I want you to bust Sonny Corinthos.

Reese: But this is something that we never even discussed.

Agent Marquist: Never been in position before. You've made perfect inroads. It's time to use them. You have your orders. They're not negotiable.

Sam: Jason and I were talking, and I was thinking maybe if you wanted, I could help you with the memorial service.

Carly: Um -- thanks. Wow, I know there's things that I should be doing. I just -- I -- I just keep going around in circles in my head.

Sam: Hey, have you called the church yet?

Carly: No. No, I didn't. I can't imagine that Sonny did it, either. It's like we're all stuck, you know? And I just keep wondering why Michael -- why is my little boy gone?

Sam: I wish I had the answers for you.

Carly: Well, they don't exist. They don't. It just happened because it happened. Listen -- um -- thank you for your offer, but I'll call Father Coates. I'm Michaelís mother. I should plan the memorial.

Michael: What's it like in heaven?

Jason: Well, I -- I don't know. I've never been.

Michael: Come on, Jason. You know everything. Where do people go when they die?

Jason: Uh -- I can't -- you know, I can't say for sure but, you know, people have a theory that you become one with the universe -- the sun, the rain, the leaves.

Michael: Even snowflakes?

Jason: Yeah, even snowflakes. See, that way, you're around the people you love whenever they really miss you.

Michael: Cool.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Reese: I will do my duty, but I'll do it my way.

Sonny: I thought you'd be on your way back to Washington. The case is closed.

Reese: I can't just walk away from the case or from you.

Sam: Hey --

Jason: Michael was calling me. It was like he was right there alive.

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