GH Transcript Wednesday 3/9/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/09/05



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Jason: Hey. Did you find anything else on the shooter?

Steven: It's more what we didn't find. The scope from the rifle was missing. I can't figure out why the shooter would take that.

Jason: Maybe it's traceable.

Steven: As in custom made?

Jason: Well, if the optics were adjusted because the shooter wore glasses, right?

Steven: That sounds like you have someone in mind. If you have any idea who shot Faith Rosco, I mean, you should go to the police with this right away.

Jason: I'll take care of it.

Lorenzo: I did not conspire to assassinate Faith.

Reese: Videotape of the shooting shows you stepping away from Faith right before she got shot. You were clearing a sightline for the shooter.

Lorenzo: That was coincidence.

Reese: I don't believe in them.

Lorenzo: Why would I kill Faith here?

Reese: You were working with her from the beginning and she was just about to give you up.

Lorenzo: I did everything I could to help you capture Faith.

Reese: You double-crossed her. You assumed she would die trying to escape. You know where Michael Corinthos is being held. You tell me right now and we can make a deal.

Lorenzo: Look, I realize this is a difficult case and that you want to close it and that you want someone to take a fall, but that is not going to be me.

Tony: Faith has regained consciousness. She's asking for Sonny.

[Monitor beeps]

Sonny: Tell me where Michael is. Where's my son? Do not die on me, Faith. Give me a name. Where is my son?

Faith: Ah--


Sonny: Tell me. Don't die. Do not die. Hey! Don't let her die! She knows where my son is!

Luke: Hey, Emily, we hear Faith has been shot; brought into the hospital. Is there any chance we can get in and talk to her?

Emily: She's in the E.R. in critical condition.

Skye: Oh, yeah, but if Michaelís still out there, Faith's the only one who's going to know where he is, and she'll probably want to talk to Luke more than anybody.

Emily: Yeah, well, from what I understand, Ric Lansing, Sonny, and a bunch of others want to question Faith first.

Luke: Yeah, but see, that's why we came to you. Being the daughter of the Chief of Staff and all, maybe you could arrange an unscheduled visit.

Emily: Yeah, well, I'm sorry, Luke, Iím not going to be able to sneak in there.

Skye: All right. You know what, I will talk to Alan. He should be able to get you in to see Faith.

Luke: You know, I can get in there on my own. I don't need Alan or anybody else's help.

Skye: Well, Michael is his grandson. I'm sure he'd trust you to get answers out of Faith more than Sonny.

Luke: Ok. I'll wait here.

Emily: So why don't you let Sonny and Carly worry about their son and you worry about yours?

Reese: This is Agent Marshall. I've arrested a suspect in the Corinthos kidnapping case. I believe he was also involved in the shooting of Faith Rosco. I need officers to escort him to the station. I'm at the courthouse. I'm in front of Courtroom Eight. Thank you.

Lorenzo: You are wasting our time. I had nothing to do with the shooting of Faith or the kidnapping of those children.

Reese: I don't expect you to confess.

Lorenzo: What motive do I have?

Reese: You're in love with Carly Corinthos. You've already proven you'd do anything to have her, from holding her hostage on your yacht to nearly blowing up this courtroom and trying to drive her husband insane.

Lorenzo: That's ancient history.

Reese: You wanted to redeem yourself. So you arranged for Faith to kidnap those children so you could come on in and save them and Carly, who's now single, would be eternally grateful. And it would have worked, except Faith got shot and decided to turn you in.

Lorenzo: None of that is even remotely true.

Ric: Where is Michael Corinthos?

Lorenzo: If I knew, I would have --

Ric: Where is he?

Lorenzo: I would have already brought him home!

Reese: Well, you were just waiting for the perfect moment, when Carly was losing all hope and would be most grateful.

Lorenzo: If you believe that I love Carly -- which I do -- why would I put her through that suffering?

Reese: The end justifies the means. Isn't that how you operate?

Ric: Look, you gave up Faith's assistant, Alcazar. You told us that he restored old churches. How are you going to know that if you weren't part of the operation?

Lorenzo: I told you --

Ric: Sit down!

Lorenzo: I was investigating the case on my own!

Reese: How, by having your man Rollo disconnect Sonny's security system?

Lorenzo: Rollo is not working for me.

Reese: Really? So then how would you know that Rollo and Peavy were in contact before the children were even taken? You set this whole thing up, Alcazar. You wanted to ruin Sonny and then have Carly to yourself.

Lorenzo: Once again, you're making a mistake.

Ric: You know what? You'd better hope that my nephew is still alive because if he's not, Iím going to see to it that you get the death penalty. Let's go.

Carly: Sonny, what did Faith say?

Sonny: I asked her to tell me where Michael is, and she gave me some kind of word, I don't know, then she died.

Courtney: What does that -- what does this mean?

Sonny: What it means is she's probably playing mind games with me is what it means.

Jason: Well, the guy who shot Faith might know where Michael is.

Sonny: What, you found him?

Ofc. Murphy: I've been sent to inform you we've arrested Faith Roscoís accomplice. It's Lorenzo Alcazar.

Jax: Hey, it's me. I know you're not home, but just in case you check your messages, I have your cell phone. You left it at your place. So Iím at my apartment, and --

[Knock on door]

Jax: Oh, maybe that's you now.  Hey.

Rachel: Are you ok?

Jax: Yeah. Why shouldn't I be?

Rachel: It's just that I saw what happened at the hospital today and, I mean, I know you're a strong and confident man, but still, it had to hurt to see your fiancťe with her ex.

Jax: Oh, no, no, Courtney wasn't with Jason. He was just, you know, comforting her because of Michael.

Rachel: Look, if you don't want to talk about this, we don't have to.

Jax: Well, that's probably a good idea. Can I -- I mean, are you off duty? Can I get you a glass of wine or something?

Rachel: Jax, look, I know this has to be painful, but making excuses for the situation isn't going to make it any better.

Jax: I'm sorry, what situation are we talking about now?

Rachel: Just the connection that Jason and Courtney have. I mean, I'm just a neutral observer, but it just seems really strong.

Jax: You know, I'm a pretty good observer myself, and what Iím observing right now is you doing your best to make me jealous.

Emily: You shut off Lucky's life-support. You went against the doctors' warnings and you bet his life that you knew better than they did. And you were right, Lucky woke up, but he might have done that on his own, Luke, without you taking the chance that might have killed him.

Luke: Emily, you are grossly misinformed for someone who works in a hospital. First of all, there were no warnings from doctors about shutting off the machines. In fact, they told me it was a decision I had to make. And as I recall, you were in court the day the judge granted my petition. So you see, you're wrong all the way around -- medically, legally, and in being willing to keep him tied to tubes for the rest of his natural life.

Emily: You still need to explain, to take Lucky through the reasons for your decision.

Luke: You know, how I relate to my son is not really within your jurisdiction.

Emily: Ok, look, Lucky is stuck in a wheelchair. You need to sit with him, Luke, let him know that his dad still loves him.

Luke: If it's so important to you, why don't you tell him?

Emily: He doesn't need to hear it from me! What, is Lucky just supposed to assume that you love him because you used to take him camping a few times when he was a kid? News flash, Luke -- it's been years since you did anything but judge, criticize, and push Lucky away.

Luke: Hey, hold on here.

Emily: Look, you have --

Luke: Don't lecture me about who and how I love!

Emily: You've been blessed with a wonderful son. He was almost lost to you, and miraculously he came back. Don't you think it's time that you started acting like Lucky mattered to you?

Luke: Oh, shut the hell up.

Emily: When Lucky gets out of here, he's coming to Wyndemere to live with me, and you'd better be his first visitor, Luke. It's the least he deserves.

Luke: You know, he deserves a hell of a lot more than to be in that mausoleum with a humorless little package like you, sweetie pie!

Elizabeth: Do you feel better now?

Sam: I am not sorry that Faith is dead. I only wish she lived long enough to tell Sonny where Michael is. Maybe she was just trying to clear her conscience.

Courtney: Or just hurt him one last time.

Sam: Or maybe Faith was trying to work out a deal by telling Sonny where Michael is.

Courtney: Look, I want to believe that Michaelís alive, too. I don't want of it to be true, but -- oh, God, the more time that passes, the less chance there is that Michaelís still alive.

Sam: Courtney, I think all of you get to hope for as long as you need to.

Courtney: Yeah, but what's the difference between hope and denial? God, I mean, when -- when are we supposed to stop pretending that everything is going to work out? When are we supposed to admit the truth and help them deal with their grief?

Sonny: Where's my son?

Lorenzo: I don't know.

Reese: I'll get him to talk.

Lorenzo: I swear on the soul of my dead niece I had nothing to do with kidnapping your children.

Ric: Get him in an interrogation room, please.

Carly: Listen, I will get him to talk.  D.A. Lansing said that I could speak to Mr. Alcazar alone.  I didn't believe that you could go this far.

Lorenzo: You believe this, that Iím monstrous enough to kidnap your children?

Carly: Lorenzo, there is a lot of evidence pointing to you.

Lorenzo: Agent Marshall is grasping at -- sit down.

Lorenzo: You believe that I love you?

Carly: Oh, Lorenzo, there are so many kinds of love.

Lorenzo: Yes or no?

Carly: Yes.

Lorenzo: Carly, I have dreamed of having that love returned; of spending the rest of my life with you by my side. But given all that, I would rather never see you again than cause harm to your children.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Lucky: You ever try punching a pillow?

Elizabeth: What?

Lucky: Well, it's the same principle as punching a heavy bag at the gym. It's what I used to do when I was so angry, I couldn't see straight.

Elizabeth: That's nice, Lucky. I'm not angry.

Lucky: You are such a bad liar. Just tell me. I guarantee you'll feel better.

Elizabeth: This patient, he wouldn't let me draw blood and he told me that I didn't know what I was talking about.

Lucky: Very nice. It's quick. Believable. Now, tell me what you're really going through.

Elizabeth: Your father made me upset.

Lucky: Join the club. What'd he say?

Elizabeth: Well, Emily was giving him a hard time because she wants him to reach out to you.

Lucky: Why'd she bother?

Elizabeth: And, of course, Luke got defensive and --

Lucky: What do you expect? Luke Spencer can't be criticized by anyone for any reason.

Elizabeth: I know, but I don't understand. Couldn't he see how fragile she is? I mean, ok, fine, maybe Emily was out of line but, God, he just should have bitten his tongue. You have no idea how badly I just wanted to tell him to back off, that Emily is dealing with being raped by Connor Bishop.

Jax: Are you familiar with the play "Othello"?

Rachel: Somewhat.

Jax: Well, the character Iago convinces Othello to become suspicious of his wife. He's one of Shakespeareís most despicable villains.

Rachel: Jax, I would never do anything to undermine your relationship with Courtney.

Jax: Then why would you bring up Jason?

Rachel: I was just about to say that the depth of Courtneyís attachments is one of her most attractive qualities.

Jax: Really?

Rachel: I mean, would you really want to be with a woman who could just turn her back on the love of her life? I didn't mean that. I -- and Courtney never said that. I wasn't saying that -- that Jason is the love of Courtneyís life. I --

Jax: Would you like a shovel, Rachel, so you can dig yourself a little deeper?

Rachel: I'm just saying that Courtney and Jason, they have a strong connection, and it's only natural that at a time of crisis they would seek each other out.

[Door opens]

Courtney: Seems like everywhere I go, there you are.

Sam: Tony? Tony, hey. I want to ask you some questions about Faith's final minutes.

Tony: Ok, I'll do my best.

Sam: Did she say anything at all before she asked to speak to Sonny?

Tony: No.

Sam: No? Well, were you with her the entire time?

Tony: Well, I stepped away to speak with the authorities about her condition, but there was a nurse beside her and she was certain that Faith was unconscious from the moment they brought her in until she asked for Sonny.

Sam: Is there any way you can give me the nurse's name?

Tony: Why are you pursuing this?

Sam: Well, Faith gave Sonny a name, or was trying to give Sonny a name, and maybe that could help us find Michael.

Tony: All right, the E.R. team is in the staff lounge on break right now. If you want to question them, you tell them I said it was ok.

Sam: Thank you. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Sam: Hey.

Brook Lynn: Look, Sam, is there any way I can help?

Sam: No, thanks. What Iím thinking, it'll probably just go nowhere anyway.

Brook Lynn: Come on, just tell me. Look, you never know.

Sam: All right, you know the night that Kristina was kidnapped, everyone, of course, thought that I did it, and all that time they wasted investigating me gave Faith the chance to kidnap Michael and Morgan.

Reese: Watch Alcazar. See how he steps out of the way right before Faith is shot?

Ric: He's clearing for the sniper.

Reese: Exactly.

Sonny: Ok, Ric, I asked Faith -- she was on the table, she was dying -- where Michael was. She said something like an "A".

Ric: You think that she was trying to say "Alcazar"?

Sonny: Well, what do you think?

Reese: What more do we need?

Lorenzo: Remember the night Morgan was born? That unbelievable storm, power lines down all over the city, you alone in that big, secluded house, frightened out of your mind?

Carly: Of course I do. You came in; you told me everything was going to be all right.

Lorenzo: That's right, I took you by the hand and I talked you through your labor. And you asked me to make a promise. Do you remember what it was?

Carly: I made you promise me that if Morganís life was in danger you would take him to the hospital, even if it meant leaving me behind.

Lorenzo: Right. I gave you my word that I would keep your child alive, even if it meant losing you. Now, Carly, tell me the truth. How could I make that promise and then kidnap your child -- or his brother and sister?

Sonny: Just before the kidnapping, Ric, I was on the island with the boys. I hadn't even moved into my place. Jason saw -- right -- saw Alcazar snooping around my place.

Reese: Enough?

Sonny: I'm just saying this; I'm not going to say it again. You either make him talk or I will.

Ric: Give me a minute. Did he tell you where to find Michael?

Carly: Jase?

Ric: Would you like to make a statement?

Lorenzo: If there's any way I can help with the investigation, I will. But I refuse to confess to a crime I didn't commit. The charges against me are false.

Carly: I know Lorenzo. He can lie to get what he wants, he can be ruthless, but he would not kidnap my kids.

Sonny: Carly --

Carly: I'm sure of it.

Sonny: Carly, when are you going to learn? I mean, Alcazar can get you to do anything.

Carly: Not when it comes to my children.

Sonny: There's evidence here. He probably -- you know, him and Faith working together, took the kids, and then he killed Faith so that way she would shut up.

Carly: Look, there was evidence -- there was evidence against Sam too, right, and it was all wrong. She was innocent, Jason, and you knew that, and I know this about Lorenzo, and investigating him right now is an absolute waste of time.

Jason: I don't think Lorenzo did it.

Skye: Hey, Emily? I have a great idea. Why don't the two of us go out to dinner?

Emily: Oh, God, you know, I'd love to, Skye, but I have to work.

Skye: Oh, you've been here all day. You're not an intern yet. You got to go home sometime.

Emily: Well, you know, the family is still frantic about Michael, and Iím just going to head over there as soon as Iím done.

Skye: Well, you still have to eat.

Emily: Yeah.

Skye: We can skip dessert.

Emily: I'm sorry, Skye, I canít.

Skye: Emily, I know there's a lot going on, you're worried about the people you love, but I really think that you need to take care of yourself.

Emily: What do you mean?

Skye: Well, I mean, you've just been under a lot of strain lately, and the person that you would normally turn to, your husband, is in prison, and I just think that you need to take the time to feel -- well, whatever it is that you're feeling. Otherwise, you're just going to drop from all the pressure.

Emily: You know what, thanks for your concern, Skye, but I'm handling it fine. All I have to do is just stay strong till it's over.

Skye: Yeah, well, even strong people need help.

Emily: Yeah, well --

Skye: Emily, please, I just wish you'd lean on me.

Emily: I'll call you if I need help, Skye. Don't worry. I'm doing ok.

Rachel: Look, I just came here because I was worried about you.

Courtney: You saw me at the hospital, Rachel. You could have worried about me there.

Rachel: And I went to the E.R., but you were just so busy with everyone that you just -- you didn't notice I was there.

Courtney: Look, I know that your intentions are good, and I'm sorry for jumping on you, but what I need most right now is time alone with Jax.

Rachel: Sure. Whatever you want.

Jax: What do you say to a world-class back rub, hmm?

Courtney: Do I look like I need one?

Jax: Yes. There's nothing wrong with that. You have every reason to be tense.

Courtney: I'm beyond tense right now, Jax. Michael is probably dead.

Jason: The sniper left his rifle. It's untraceable, but he took the scope.

Carly: Wait, why is that important?

Jason: Well, because if the scope's custom made, we can I.D. the shooter.

Sonny: Aaron.

Jason: That's exactly what I was thinking.

Reese: Peter Aaron, professional hit man. Very talented sniper who wears glasses and would need a custom scope.

Jason: Yes, and he's done work for Faith's dead husband.

Carly: So she was working with him?

Jason: Well, it's worth checking out.

Carly: Maybe that was the name that Faith was trying to say -- "Aaron."

Sonny: Or maybe Faith was trying to say "Alcazar."

Reese: We can't eliminate any possibilities. If Aaron was involved in the kidnapping, then he was working with Faith, and he'd need a place to stay in Port Charles. This is a list of the apartments and the houses that Faith has been known to maintain. We got to check them all out.

Carly: Maybe that's where they were keeping Michael.

Sonny: Ok, right there, right?

Jason: Mm-hmm?

Sonny: You know where to go.

Jason: Yeah, I'll check it.

Reese: No, I'll check it. You can come along, provided you follow instructions and you stay out of the way. You know, I don't want to get your hopes up, but it's worth pursuing. Ok.

Carly: This is it, Sonny. This is it. They're going to find the sniper and he's going to lead us to Michael.

Sonny: Aaron is a contract hitter. There's no reason for him to be involved in a kidnapping. So if he did the shooting, Alcazar paid him to.

Carly: It wasn't Alcazar, ok? It was a mistake to arrest him, and I think that Reese agrees.

Sonny: Ok, I'm not going to fight you on this. You know, you're Michaelís mother; I'm his father. We're both going through a lot. You go ahead and believe what you want to believe.

Skye: I know now why you and Emily were arguing outside of Lucky's I.C.U. room that day. You were insisting that she get help, and Emily didn't want to hear it. She didn't want to admit that she was raped.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, Skye, I just can't discuss this with you.

Skye: Elizabeth, I know the truth. I heard you talking to Lucky. I know that Connor raped Emily.

Elizabeth: Ok, but Emily doesn't want anyone to know, ok? And instead of dealing with this, she's losing herself in other people's problems.

Skye: Well, who knows besides you and Lucky?

Elizabeth: No one. No one. Emily doesn't even know that Lucky's figured it out.

Skye: Oh, my God. Emily is so sweet, so gentle. To be violated like that --

Elizabeth: Yeah, and the worst part is that she blames herself because she stayed at the safe house, and in no fashion did she give Connor any --

Emily: There's nobody to blame but the rapist. Rape is unforgivable. I swear, if Connor Bishop weren't dead, I'd kill him myself.

Luke: Ah, here you are. I understand you wanted to talk to me?

Lucky: Why were you rude to Emily?

Luke: Oh, I don't think it's particularly rude to point out when somebody's sticking their nose in where it doesn't belong.

Lucky: God, typical Luke Spencer, the man who's never wrong.

Luke: I've been wrong plenty of times. But it wasn't a mistake to unhook you so you could wake up.

Lucky: I don't want you bothering Emily. You understand? I want you to stay away from her.

Luke: Ok. I suggest you tell her to stop stalking me with her constant blathering about what's right and wrong and morally acceptable in her tiny little world.

Lucky: You know what, you should listen to yourself sometime. Anyone who disagrees with you is automatically wrong? Instead of flipping a switch and risking my life, Emily saved me, and I am grateful.

Luke: Wonderful. Move in with her at Wyndemere. When life's deadly dull, you can console each other with righteous indignation and bible studies.

Steven: What are you doing in here, Rachel?

Courtney: God, I want to believe that Michael is alive, but when Faith died without telling us where he was, my hope died with her. Oh, God, Jax. I love being Michaelís aunt. You know, I mean, buying him surprise gifts or taking him to awful movies. He'd talk all the way through them. People would be turning around giving us dirty looks, but Michael didn't even notice.

Jax: I wish I would have known him better.

Courtney: Michael was the heart and soul of our family. You know, from what Carly told me, he taught Sonny how to be a parent, you know, how to love in a way he never had. Oh, God, Jax, this is going to destroy them. Sonny and Carly are never going to be the same.

Jax: Well, they have you to support them.

Courtney: There's nothing I can do. I just -- I don't understand why this had to happen.

Jax: There is no answer.

Courtney: You know, every parent loves their child, but with Sonny and Carly, it went deeper than that. Michael was the best of both of them, and they knew it. You know, he was strong and responsible like Sonny. He was resilient and inventive like Carly, stubborn like both of them. Even when Sonny and Carly were at their worst, screaming and gouging and out of control, they would stop for Michael. They'd remember that they were his parents and he needed them. But they -- they needed him, too. And little Morgan is such a sweet little boy, and Sonny and Carly love him so much, but Michael was the center of their lives.

Jax: My heart goes out to them, and you.

Courtney: I'm just the aunt. Sonny and Carly, Jason -- they were Michaelís parents. Oh, God, you know, every big decision that Jason ever made had Michael right at the core of it. I don't -- I don't know what he's going to do without him.

Brook Lynn: Hi. The guards let me in. I hope that was ok.

Sonny: What can I do for you?

Brook Lynn: Actually, I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, you can pray for Michael. I'm sure that's enough.

Brook Lynn: I have been, seriously, since the day he was taken.

Sonny: Can I get you something to drink? Some soda?

Brook Lynn: No, thanks. No. You know, you probably already know this, but Michael thinks that you're amazing. The night that I was babysitting him, the night that Kristina was taken, he told me that no one was as cool as his dad.

Sonny: Yeah, well, he'll get over it by the time he's 15. He won't want to know me.

Brook Lynn: Um -- I also wanted to apologize again for leaving Kristina alone the night that she was kidnapped.

Sonny: She was sleeping in her father's house, so she was supposed to be safe.

Brook Lynn: I know, but I think if I was there, then maybe none of this would have happened.

Sonny: Did you throw a party? Did you leave the building?

Brook Lynn: No.

Sonny: Ok.

Brook Lynn: Look, I went into the hall, all right? I didn't want to wake Kristina up, and I just should have told Diego to call me back later.

Sonny: This is not your fault. All right? Faith Rosco and Lorenzo Alcazar wanted to kidnap my kids, and nothing was going to stop them.

Ric: It's possible that Alcazar wasn't involved in the kidnapping, but I can't ignore the evidence, Carly.

Carly: What evidence? The fact that Lorenzo took a couple steps to the left or the right? It doesn't prove anything.

Ric: He had a remarkable amount of information about Faith's people and their whereabouts.

Carly: Can I talk to him again?

Ric: It's up to you.

Carly: Lorenzo, Ricís coming around. He admits that you might be innocent.

Lorenzo: Does that mean he's going to release me?

Carly: Not yet.

Lorenzo: What has to happen first?

Carly: Listen, Reese and Jason went after the sniper that shot at Faith, ok? If they can get him to talk, then it can all be over really soon.

Reese: Wait here.

Jason: Hey, wait a minute!

Lucky: I'm moving into Wyndemere because Emily needs me. It's not a concept I expect you to understand.

Luke: No, I don't but, hey, it's your life to waste.

Lucky: And while you waste yours on what? An endless war with Helena while my mother sits in a mental institution? Oh, but I forgot, it is all about you, right, kind of like flipping a switch.

Luke: You know, they told me there was a danger you'd end up a vegetable, and I didn't believe them, but I'll tell you, today you're making about as much sense as a remedial rutabaga.

Lucky: And you were right. Aren't you, Dad? I mean, you know what you want and you never apologize. I mean, so what if your son's sitting in a coma. I mean, it's no fun trading quips with a coma boy, right? I mean, "Whoa, I got an idea -- let's turn off the switch. You know what, if he lives, hooray, Luke was right. If he dies, oh, well. Moving on."

Luke: You couldn't be more wrong.

Lucky: No, Dad, you couldn't be more wrong. Not that you'll ever admit it. I mean, no one's ever allowed to criticize you. No one's ever allowed to tell you to your face that you should be sorry. And you have so much to be sorry for.

Rachel: I was checking the postmortem of one of my patients. It's a 7-year-old named Scott Quinn.

Steven: Yeah, I heard about that. It's a sad case. Yeah, thank you. Bring that right in; put it right up front here, please. That's great. Thank you. I'm doing the autopsy on Faith Rosco. That's another sad case.

Rachel: Sad? Didn't she kidnap three children?

Steven: Well, that's one way to look at it. This was an attractive, intelligent female that threw her life away on a grudge against Sonny Corinthos. Just shows what happens when you get consumed with revenge.

Rachel: Well, I wonder if she ever tried to stop, if she ever thought maybe her life could be about more than just payback.

Steven: Well, if she ever thought that, she couldn't act on it. She lived for revenge, and in the end it killed her.

Courtney: Jason's not the most sentimental person. It's almost impossible to get him to look back or talk about the past, except with Michael. Jason told me that he used to hold Michael when he was baby and he'd talk to him till he fell asleep. I mean, he could describe the first time he rolled over; the first time he walked. You know, Jason had the sweetest story about the first time Michael tasted ice cream. Michael was just a little baby, and Jason gave him just a little taste. Michael got this look on his face like, "Mmm, I like that, I want more." Michael loved ice cream. Hold me.

Jax: You know, maybe -- maybe I'm not the man you need tonight.

Reese: It was self-defense. Aaron didn't give Jason a choice.

Ric: You sure Aaron was the sniper that tried to kill Faith?

Reese: Evidence is conclusive.

Ric: Well, then he might also be the person that Faith was trying to name.

Reese: That's what I thought.

Ric: So where does that leave us with Lorenzo Alcazar?

Reese: Well, we checked for ties between him and Aaron. It's possible that Alcazar paid for the hit, but I doubt it.

Ric: All right, keep me posted.

Carly: You're going to get cleared, ok? Ric already realizes that he made a mistake.

Lorenzo: I'm more interested in you.

Carly: Look, there was a time when I thought -- no. Ok? I take that back because even at your most ruthless, I never, ever thought that you could jeopardize or hurt a child.

Lorenzo: I'm glad you know that about me.

Carly: I do. Look, I just -- I just want all this to be over, you know? Jason -- he's going to find that sniper and he's going to tell us where Michael is.

Sonny: Are you wondering where your big brother is, Morgan, huh? You don't have to worry. You know why? Because --

Morgan: Ah!

Sonny: Yeah. He's coming home soon. Michael's coming home soon.

Reese: French passport, Canadian driver's license, different names.

Ofc. Murphy: I'll put them with the rest of the stuff.

Reese: Right. He was definitely on his way out of town. It's just impossible to know if killing Faith was a job or if he was her accomplice. Oh, wait.

Jason: What is that?

Reese: It's addressed to Sonny.

Jason: I'll take it to him.

Reese: No, it's evidence. I'm going to open it. Oh, my God.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Courtney: Why would you think I don't need you?

Jax: I went to the hospital.

Courtney: You saw me with Jason.

Carly: You have done so much to help. I'm sorry.

Ric: We may have just gotten a break.

Sonny: You got anything on my son?

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