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Justus: You know, asking me over here is not going to change my mind. I'm going to confess to my part in helping Faith escape from prison.

Luke: You expect us to jump off this cliff with you?

Justus: I promised that I would keep you and Skye out of it, and I will.

Luke: That's nice, but Justus, I still don't understand why you want to do this to yourself.

Justus: Our situations are completely different, Luke. Skye was convicted of a crime she didn't commit. She didn't want to live the life of a fugitive.

Luke: I still think you're making a ridiculous mistake.

Justus: Three children's lives are in jeopardy because of me! Confessing is the only way I can live with myself.

Luke: The bar's closed.

Sam: I'm here to discuss Faith Rosco.

Justus: Last we heard, she was in -- in critical condition.

Sam: Well, she's strong enough to be flown back to Port Charles.

Luke: What about the kids?

Sam: Well, Morgan and Kristina are safe, but there's still no sign of Michael, which is why I'm here, and this is why I need your help. You were obviously Faith's business partner and you were her lover. Now, where would she send Michael?

Carly: Morgan's just fine. Not even a scratch.

Bobbie: I was praying that he would come home safe. And Michael will, too, honey. He will.

Carly: I know, I know. Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: Hey.

Carly: You didn't have to come to the hospital.

Lorenzo: I knew Morgan was getting his checkup. How's he doing?

Bobbie: Dr. OíDonnell says he's going to be just fine.

Lorenzo: That is good news.

Bobbie: It's the best.

Lorenzo: Did Jason come by to check up on Morgan?

Carly: Why?

Lorenzo: I want to tell him something.

Carly: Mama, can you hold Morgan?

Bobbie: Of course.

Carly: I got to speak to Lorenzo. Go see grandma. Go see grandma. She's got the stethoscope. Look, darling, it's ok. It's ok.

Bobbie: It's all right -- just while Mommy's over there. Let's go for a walk.

Lorenzo: I don't mean to worry you.

Carly: Well, it's too late. Be honest. Lorenzo, you stayed in the E.R. after we went to go get the kids. Did you talk to Faith?

Lorenzo: I want to talk to Jason before we get into --

Carly: Lorenzo, tell me now!

Lorenzo: I'm sorry, Carly. Michael's gone.

Reese: You can't be here right now.

Jason: You're waiting for the helicopter to arrive with Faith. I need a favor.

Ric: Agent Marshall is in position waiting for the helicopter. Mrs. Rosco is being charged with several crimes, including kidnapping and murder. There's a lot of people that want her dead. It's your job to make sure that she gets to her room alive.

Jason: Once Faith lands, your men can take her downstairs. They set her up in her room, then they just have to leave the room.

Reese: With a full compliment of guards outside.

Jason: The guards can come back in five minutes after I talk to Faith alone.

Reese: I'm not letting you anywhere near Faith.

Ric: You will be posted in the corridor outside of Faith's room. She's to be watched at all times. One mistake, she will be assassinated. Let's go.

Reese: Faith is the only one who knows where Michael is. If we let her die, we'll never find him.

Alexis: That's good, yeah.

Elizabeth: Hi. So, Steven ran a complete screen on Kristina, and she's in perfect health.

Alexis: Great. When can I take her home?

Elizabeth: We're waiting on one more test. I'm sure it'll be fine, and then you have paperwork to do, and that's it.

Alexis: Good. Thank you, Elizabeth. Do you hear that? I'm going to go tell Ric we're going home, huh?

Elizabeth: Alexis, congratulations on being pregnant.

Alexis: Elizabeth, thank you. Dr. Meadows was a little worried that it'd be compromised because of the stress, but I think it'll be ok.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, you need to take it easy and get some rest.

Alexis: Ric's been very overprotective. And I know why, and I understand that the two of you lost your first baby and I'm very sorry.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, Faith pushed me down a flight of stairs.

Alexis: I think everyone here wants Faith to pay for her crime.

Elizabeth: I'm not really sure that's possible. Punishing Faith doesn't lessen the damage. Here's your paperwork.

Alexis: Thanks, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Bye, Kristina. Hey.

Emily: Hey.

Alexis: Hey, look who's here, huh? Emily.

Emily: I just heard you were here. How's my favorite little girl doing?

Alexis: She got a clean bill of health.

Emily: Oh, finally, some good news, huh? How are Morgan and Michael? Jason must be so relieved.

Alexis: You didn't hear?

Emily: Didn't hear what?

Alexis: They found Kristina and Morgan unharmed, but Michael is --

Emily: Was he hurt?

Alexis: He hasn't been found.

Carly: What do you mean, gone? What do you mean? What did Faith to do my son?

Lorenzo: Faith told me Michael was dead.

Carly: She's lying. She's lying. She is. She has to be because if he was, we would have found proof.

Lorenzo: You don't want the details, believe me.

Carly: What did she do to my son? Lorenzo?

Lorenzo: She told me that she shot Michael and left him in the swamp.

Carly: She's playing a game. She just wants us to suffer. You said it yourself, Lorenzo. She wants to --

Lorenzo: The game ended when she got caught, Carly.

Carly: She's buying time.

Lorenzo: Carly, confessing to Michaelís murder is tantamount to suicide. If she wanted to stall, she would have said that Michael escaped or that she sent him away and only she knew where he was. That way Sonny would need her alive.

Carly: It's not true!

Lorenzo: I'm so sorry.

Carly: It's not true! No, my son's not dead! No! No!

Reese: The proof of Michaelís supposed death is circumstantial. When Michael called, Sonny heard a gunshot. That could have been staged. The muddy shovel, the grave, the small amount of Michaelís blood -- yes, it's frightening, but it's ultimately inconclusive, Jason. No. Something else is going on here.

Jason: That's why I need to talk to Faith!

[Helicopter approaches]

Sam: Sonny and Carly need some kind of closure after the kidnapping, even if it's bad. You and you, Luke, were the last people in Port Charles to deal with Faith. You knew her.

Justus: I want to help, Sam.

Luke: Hang on, Justus. What makes you think we can help?

Sam: Well, Justus sent us to one of Faith's hideouts, and that's where we found the surveillance pictures that pointed to Louisiana. Now, if there is anything else you can think of to help trace Faith's plan -- maybe someplace she might've left Michael?

Luke: Well, I was intimate with Faith's money, but I had no interest in her beyond that.

Sam: Justus, you loved her. Maybe if you appealed to her, she would tell you where Michael was.

Justus: Faith risked everything -- I mean, everything -- to come and visit me in the hospital, ok? After I pulled the alarm on her, she'll never trust me again.

Luke: Sorry, Sam.

Sam: Well, just so you know, Sonny and Jason know that you helped her before.

Skye: You told her? Sonny knows what we did?

Ric: All right, it's clear. Let's go.

Sonny: What are you doing?

Jason: What are you doing? Don't do this!

Sonny: Faith -- she stole my kids. She killed Michael. She's got to pay for this.

Jason: Yeah, not yet. She has still has something that we need.

Sonny: What?

Jason: Michael.

Alexis: Michael got ahold of Faith's cell phone, and he was about to tell Sonny where Faith was holding them, and then there was a gunshot and the line went dead.

Emily: Ok. That doesn't mean that Michaelís dead. Faith could have been trying to scare him -- or Sonny, too.

Alexis: That's what we're all hoping. But when they found Faith, she had already had the children moved. And now she's been shot, and she lost consciousness before she was able to say anything.

Emily: But you found Morgan and Kristina?

Alexis: We found them at the local airport. She was going to sell them to the black market.

Emily: Oh, my God.

Alexis: Those kids wouldn't have remembered who their families were.

Emily: Ok, they just brought Faith to the hospital. When she wakes up, we have to find out what she did with Michael.

Alexis: Ric is on it, but so far no one's had the opportunity.

Emily: Ok, so this means that no one's told my family?

Alexis: I'm sure that at some point someone will tell the Quartermaines what's going on.

Emily: Listen, Michael is my nephew, Alexis. I have to tell the family about this myself.

Luke: Sonny had to have known that we were laundering Faith's cash through the casino.

Justus: She thought that maybe we'd know something that would help them find Michael. He's the only one of the children that's still missing.

Luke: Yeah, he'll turn up. They always do.

Skye: Yeah, well, I'm -- I'm very sorry about everything that's happened since Faith escaped, and I'm --

Luke: Well, if we come across anything that we think is going to be useful, Sam, we'll get in touch with you right away.

Sam: All right, thanks.

Skye: When Sam said Sonny knew, I just assumed that --

Luke: Just relax. He doesn't know anything.

Skye: They finally got Faith. She's being flown to G.H., except there's no word about Kristina and the boys.

Justus: Kristina and Morgan are with their parents.

Skye: Oh, thank God. Michael is Alanís grandson, A.J.'s only child, and if he's dead and Faith killed him, then I --

Luke: Hey, please don't go there!

Skye: How can I not, Luke? Faith was a monster bent on revenge, and we helped put her out on the streets. Except she didn't come after you or me or Justus. No, she targeted some innocent little kids. Because of us right now, my nephew could be dead.

Sonny: It's Faith's turn to die.

Jason: I -- I just talked to Reese, and what she said made sense. Until we have proof that Michael is gone, Faith is our only link to him.

Sonny: Reese is just trying to cover her butt. She hates the fact that she messed up her record of saving kidnapped victims by not being able to save Michael. Get out of my way, Ric.

Ric: No, Sonny --

Sonny: Get out --

Ric: No, Sonny -- look, the whole world is looking at Faith right now. You go in there and you kill her, you're going to bring the authorities down on you.

Sonny: I don't give a damn. I don't give a damn.

Ric: Jason, you know I'm right.

Sonny: I don't give a damn. I don't --

Ric: Listen, listen, I know what you want to do. I know.

Sonny: I --

Ric: Jason, you want to protect your boss, you make sure Faith stays alive.

Sonny: I have to make this right.

Jason: Not until we find out what Faith knows.

Sonny: What if Faith tells us that she killed Michael?

Jason: Then I will kill her myself. But for now, Faith is the one person that can bring Michael back to us.

Sonny: Do you believe Michaelís alive?

Jason: I don't -- I don't know.

Sonny: What? What? What is it?

Carly: Michael's not coming back.

Alexis: Here you go.

Ric: There you go.

Alexis: Oh, aren't those pretty? Pretty colors, huh?

Ric: I'm never going to get tired of seeing that smile.

Alexis: We're just waiting for the discharge papers.

Ric: Uh-huh, that's right. And then we go home, huh? All four of us.

Alexis: I knew this day would come. I knew that we'd find her.

Ric: That's right, we did, hmm?

Alexis: I'm so relieved to have her here. It's just that when I think about Michael --

Ric: We're all praying.

Kristina: I want the balloons.

Ric: Yeah. You want the balloons, honey?

Alexis: You can have them, sweetie.

Ric: Alexis, you can let go now. You can feel glad that your daughter is back, and we can all hope for Michael to come home.

Alexis: Love you.

Carly: Lorenzo spoke to Faith when she regained consciousness. She said she killed Michael and she threw his body in a swamp. I don't want to believe it, but why -- why would she be lying?

Sonny: Ahem. There's something I'm going to take care of real quick here.

Carly: Sonny --

Bobbie: Morgan wants to go home, and I thought maybe his mom and his dad could take him.

Carly: Come here.

Bobbie: Go with Mommy, honey.

Carly: Come here.

Bobbie: There you go.

Carly: Look -- look who's here. Look, it's Daddy. Go to Daddy. Come on, honey.

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: Say hi. Can you feel him?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Morgan is still here, and he is with us and he's alive and he's well and he is full of love. I need you to take him home with me.

Sonny: Yeah.

 [Monitor beeps]

Reese: Kristina Davis and Morgan Corinthos are safe with their parents, not the families that you planned to sell them to in Arizona. It's over, Mrs. Rosco. You're going to a maximum security prison for life, and they don't like kidnappers in there. Even felons have children on the outside. Of course, you could make up for some of the havoc you caused by telling me how you arranged all this -- at the very least, who you're working with. Michael Corinthos is still missing. Where is he?

Officer: No visitors.

Reese: It's ok, officer. I asked Mr. Morgan to join us.

Faith: You really think I'm going to fall for this?

Reese: Take a break, both of you. We need some time alone with Mrs. Rosco.

Faith: You can't leave me here with him!

Reese: He'll do what I say. I'm running out of patience. I want to find Michael Corinthos.

Faith: You won't get any help from me.

Reese: Get the information we need by any means necessary.

Faith: I'll scream. I'll call for help.

Reese: Oh, good point. You scream all you want. This whole corridor is empty because you pose a threat to any and all innocents. I don't mind if you enjoy it.

[Door closes]

[Monitor beeps rapidly]

Faith: Stay away from me. Stay away from me! Don't -- ok, ok, I'll tell you! I'll tell you where he is. I'll tell you where Michael is.

[Faith gasps]

Jason: You better tell me the truth, Faith!

Faith: Look, I had no choice. I had to cut my losses.

Jason: Where is he?

Faith: You want to know the truth? I dumped him in the swamp.

Jason: You -- you left Michael alone in the wild?

Faith: I dumped the body, Jason.

Jason: Shut up!

Faith: The brat was dead. It's true. I did it. I killed Sonny and Carlyís precious little boy, the one you swore to protect. What was all that work for? Huh? He's gator food.

[Faith gasps]

Reese: She's lying! Faith didn't kill Michael! She's deliberately trying to provoke you. She has to know you'd kill her for what she just said to you. Murdering Michael and boasting about it -- it just doesn't make sense, Jason. What's her motive?

Jason: She -- she said the same thing to Alcazar.

Reese: Yeah, because she wanted it to get back to Carly. Why are you doing this, Faith?

Faith: I'm just crazy that way.

Reese: You know exactly what you're doing, and you have all along -- deliberately trying to convince us that Michaelís dead. But if this were about revenge, you'd want to give us proof. You'd show us the body because you know that's exactly what would tear Sonny's heart out. Michael Corinthos is still alive, and I'm going to do everything I can to bring back that little boy while you rot in jail.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey, what happened?

Jason: Faith claimed that she killed Michael.

Sam: Jason --

Reese: Look again! I want every inch of that swamp searched. Call me if you find anything.

Sam: Wait a minute. Jason just told me that Faith said she killed Michael.

Reese: Did he also tell you that I think Michaelís alive?

Sam: Alive?

Reese: My team is searching the swamp. So far they've found not a sneaker, not a sweater, and definitely no body.

Sam: Good. Good, good, good. That's good, that's good, Jason.

Reese: Well, my instincts -- I got to trust them -- my instincts tell me that Michael is still alive.

Sam: What do you think?

Jason: Uh, you know, a lot Faith said didn't make any sense, but she was just so, you know, brutal about talking about Michael. I just -- you know what? I can't even think about it right now.

Reese: That's exactly the result that she wanted. Faith -- there's something that she's not telling us, and I can't figure out what it is. But until I do, we have to keep Sonny away from her.

Carly: Sonny, I'm going to give Morgan a bath before I put him down. Do you want to -- you want to help?

Sonny: I'll be up there in a minute. Hey, wait, wait, wait a minute. Hey, baby. Hey. It's all right.

Carly: Come on.

Justus: You realize the truth is going to come out? Thank you.

Luke: So much for your promise to keep me and Skye out of this.

Justus: Michael is Skyeís family, ok? She's going to admit the truth to the Quartermaines, to the police. How long do you think it's going to take for anyone to figure out that you and Skye are the ones who helped break Faith out of prison?

Luke: Somebody steal that "closed" sign again?

Lorenzo: I need your assistance.

Luke: Everybody does.

Lorenzo: I'm willing to pay.

Justus: You think Michaelís still alive?

Lorenzo: Faith claims she killed him.

Luke: Maybe she did.

Lorenzo: Which is why I want to go back to the beginning, see if I can't understand Faith's motives better.

Luke: Revenge against Corinthos doesn't work for you?

Lorenzo: Faith had this well-planned. But the end result does not make sense. Now, you and Skye broke her out of the prison. I need to know everything Faith said to you at that time.

Alexis: Play with your friends there, huh? She's sitting there acting as if nothing ever happened to her, and I'm not sure how to rationalize that.

Ric: Well, then just be grateful for it.

Alexis: Why do you think she let Kristina go and not Michael? She hated Sonny as much as she hated us.

Ric: Look, there are no logical reasons for what happened to the kids or why Faith did what she did.

Alexis: Michael was such a good brother to Kristina.

Ric: We can honor Michael by letting Kristina know how much her brother cares about her. We go on with our lives, Alexis. Ok? We hope and pray that Michael comes home safely. But we also need to be happy for Kristinaís return, ok? Our daughter deserves that much.

Alexis: You're right. I'm not going to waste another second with her. I'll tell you something else; I'm not going to take my eyes off of her again. Hi. Hey.

Alan: Hi.

Monica: Oh.

Alan: Hi.

Monica: Hi. Hi.

Alan: Why are you home from the hospital so late?

Monica: I wanted to see a heart patient through recovery. He's only 42 years old.

Alan: How's he doing?

Monica: Well, fortunately, he's going to be ok. His family is so relieved.

Alan: It's good to have a family at times like this.

Monica: Yeah, it is. And we as a family have got to stop taking each other for granted, Alan. We've got -- we've just got to learn to love better!

Alan: You're thinking about the way A.J. died, aren't you?

Monica: Yeah, he was alone, Alan. He didn't think anybody loved him.

Alan: I loved him, and he knew it. And I'm going to make sure that Michael knows that we love him when he gets home.

Monica: I certainly hope so.

Edward: Hey, look who I found in the foyer.

Alan: Hi, sweetie. Listen, if you came for news about Michael, we don't have any.

Emily: I do.

Edward: Tell us.

Emily: Ok. Listen, there's no easy way to say this. Michael may be dead.

Monica: Oh, my God.

Sonny: Michael used to drive the guards crazy with this thing.

Carly: Yeah. He said it was his favorite toy this Christmas.

Sonny: I keep -- keep hearing his voice, you know? He thought I was going to come get him.

Carly: I just keep hoping that he didn't know what was happening, that it happened too quick, that he couldn't think.

Sonny: I had so many reasons to eliminate Faith. And everybody, you know, just kept talking me -- you know what? I don't think -- I think this is a life for a life --

Carly: No! Sonny, wait.

Sonny: And --

Jason: Hey, hey, hey, hey! What's going on?

Carly: Sonny wants to go. He wants to kill Faith right now!

Sonny: I'm not going to discuss this. We both -- we all know now, ok? Faith shot him, threw his body into the swamp, and I'm going to go!

Carly: Sonny, stop it!

Jason: Sonny, Sonny.

Sonny: No! A little boy had his whole life ahead of him!

Jason: It doesn't make any sense. Why would Faith admit that? She's hiding something. Michael is not dead.

Carly: Sonny, it's possible.

Sonny: Don't listen to him. He's in denial.

Carly: Sonny, come on; we owe it to Michael. We can't stop until --

Jason: Listen to Carly, Sonny. We're not thinking clearly here. Nobody is. We need to step back, we need to retrace Faith's movements, and you need to assume that Michaelís alive and figure out where she sent him!

Sonny: All right, all right, all right. I know where to start.

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