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General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/28/05



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Lucky: I've only been awake for a few hours, and Iím so tired of tests. Tony, he keeps coming back --

Luke: Lucky.

Lucky: Dad. I was wondering when you would show your face.

Luke: I was afraid Iíd never hear your voice again! Oh. Oh, God!

Carly: Where are they?

Sam: Sonny's upstairs, Jasonís out. He's been looking for the kids. He should be back any minute. There he is.

Jason: Carly.

Carly: Jason. Ok, I got a cryptic message on the phone telling me to get down here right away. I'm down here. What is going on with the boys?

Jason: Michael called.

Carly: Is he all right?

Jason: He was -- he was about to tell Sonny where he was, and Faith took the phone away. The last thing Sonny heard was a gunshot.

Michael's voice: Dad?

Sonny's voice: Michael. Where are you?


Reese: Sonny. What are you doing?

Faith: So how are the little rug rats this morning?

Man: These two are too young to cause much trouble, not like the other one.

Faith: Forget about Michael. He won't be a problem anymore.

Lucky: Dad, I didn't even know Iíd been in a coma until the doctors told me.

Skye: Really? Think I like that. Must mean wherever you were, it couldn't have been too scary. So how are you feeling now?

Lucky: Not bad. Tired. Which is weird, since I've been unconscious for a few days. You look like hell.

Skye: Well, abject terror isn't much of a beauty treatment.

Lucky: I meant him.

Luke: What she said.

Lucky: I'm surprised by you. I mean, how many times have I heard you say it? Never underestimate a Spencer.

Luke: Well, that's been my position from the beginning. I knew if they gave you a chance, you'd make it all the way back when they were saying you'd never recover.

Skye: Luke, you don't have to do this right now.

Lucky: What? Do what?

Luke: They said that you couldn't breathe without the ventilator. But I knew if I gave you a chance, your survival instincts would kick in and you'd come back, and it worked.

Lucky: Gave me the -- gave me the chance?

Luke: I unplugged the machines. That's what brought you back.

Elizabeth: Here, Em, this one's ready to go. So how's it going?

Emily: Everything's fine, Elizabeth. Thanks for asking.

Elizabeth: I was wondering, did you ever get ahold of Nikolas and let him know that Lucky's going to be ok?

Emily: Nope. Bobbie handled that.

Elizabeth: Bobbie? Don't you think maybe you should've --?

Emily: Look, before you start, Elizabeth, I don't need to hear another lecture on what I should or shouldn't be telling Nikolas.

Elizabeth: Wow, you're really mad at me, huh?

Emily: No, I'm really tired of being pressured. You know, Elizabeth, as someone with her own experience with rape, I expected more empathy, more compassion from you. It is my right to decide who knows about what happened to me, and you of all people should respect that since I don't remember you shouting about rape from the rooftops.

Elizabeth: Ok, yeah, well, that's true, but I also had help. I had Lucky.

Emily: Who was available to you, Elizabeth. Nikolas is in prison. I don't want him in there imagining Connor Bishop violating his wife. I love Nikolas enough to protect him. You need to respect that, even if you refuse to understand.

Maria: Lorenzo!

Lorenzo: Hey, Maria.

Maria: I'm glad I ran into you. I was hoping we could discuss Diegoís education? I'd like to get him into a really good college, and --

Lorenzo: I'd love to, but I'm right in the middle of something.

John: Which from here looks like a tryst with your old girlfriend. Is this your idea of helping in the search for my grandsons?

Lorenzo: I'm doing my part.

John: Oh, yeah? Which is exactly what?

Lorenzo: I've put every resource I have into the search for Michael, Morgan, and Kristina. I've offered a cash reward --

John: Yeah, in other words, your promise of information on Faith and her associates was just your latest way to work Carly. You probably hope that those kids never turn up.

Lorenzo: What did you just say?

John: You may be able to charm my daughter, but you don't fool me. You want Carly vulnerable, grateful, and free of the children that represent a permanent tie to Sonny.

Jason: Carly, I know you're scared. Try not to give into it.

Carly: So what am I supposed to do? Faith is firing shots at my son, and I'm supposed to be analytical?

Jason: That's exactly what Iím telling you. Just think about it. Faith values her own life above anybody else's. Her only chance of staying alive is to keep those children alive.

Carly: So it was a trick? She was just doing it to torture Sonny; just to make things worse? I -- ok, fine, fine, Michaelís alive then. He's -- he's fine.

Reese: Carly. I didn't realize you were in Louisiana.

Carly: Jason told me to come. Don't ask me to leave, because --

Reese: I was going to say not a moment too soon. Sonny is upstairs. He's staring at nothing. He smashed a window, he deliberately cut his hand, and now he's completely unresponsive.

Carly: Which room?

Reese: Uh --

Carly: Which room?

Reese: Third door on the left, upstairs. Based on what I just witnessed, I think Sonny belongs in a psych ward. Unfortunately, Faith -- if she makes contact, she's going to want to speak to him. Is there a chance in hell that Sonny will be rational enough to negotiate?

Carly: Sonny.  Sonny, that looks pretty nasty.  Let me just bandage this up for you.

Sonny: Let it bleed.

Carly: Sonny, you don't want it to get infected.

Sonny: Ahem.

Carly: I mean, you can't search for Michael and Morgan if -- if you can't use your hand.

Sonny: Michael called.

Carly: I know.

Sonny: Then you know Faith shot him?

Carly: Sonny, we can't be certain about that.

Sonny: I heard it. I heard it. We had one brave little boy.

Carly: Sonny, you don't talk about him in the past tense.

Sonny: Michael escaped. He got to the phone. He was trying to tell me where he was. He was fighting for his life to get back to us. And that bitch -- that bitch killed him for it.

Lucky: The doctors let you -- let you shut off my ventilator?

Luke: Actually, their intention was to leave you hooked up to it indefinitely.

Lucky: And you could've been wrong.

Luke: Wasn't. You're back. You're going to be fine.

Lucky: I could've died!

Skye: Lucky, thankfully, that didn't happen. You see, the first thing Luke heard was that you weren't going to recover, and he just refused to give up on you.

Luke: Skye, don't argue with him. He's back. That's all I care about. I didn't expect him to wake up grateful. It was the right decision. My work here is done.

Lucky: Anyone -- anyone try to stop you?

Luke: Plenty of people, but they were all wrong. You're conscious now. You got time on your hands. Read the court records.

Lucky: You went to court? You got -- you got a lawyer to sue for the right to risk my life, knowing if you'd guessed wrong, it would've killed me?

Luke: I've made a lot of bad decisions in my life, son, but this wasn't one of them. I'd do it again. But please don't make me. You want to be a cop; this kind of thing is a constant risk. So if you don't want other people making those decisions, grow up, get your affairs in order, write a living will! Take responsibility for your own life and death. Don't leave it to me or your grandmother or your Aunt Bobbie or that group of self-righteous morality police that consider themselves your friends!

John: Agent Marshall doesn't deign to return my phone calls. Since you're the mother of one of the victims, I figured she's got to keep you informed, right? Any word?

Alexis: Only that they had kids somewhere in some rural county in Louisiana and they made contact with Faith last night, but she didn't make specific reference to Kristina.

John: Uh-huh. What about you? Any word from your ex-lover?

Ric: That was a long time ago, Durant.

John: Oh, yeah, well, Faith Rosco has a long memory. Yeah, I've been doing a little background research. She was in love with you; you threw it in her face. You know, perhaps Faith's real target of revenge is you.

Lorenzo: I have a lead on the man who's been assisting Faith. I'm waiting on a call to his exact location.

Maria: Well, it's good of you to help, Lorenzo, but I have to ask, why is it so important to you?

Lorenzo: I've had a lot of business dealings with Faith. And I've always known she was a nut, but I guess I never took her seriously as a threat. Even when she'd escaped from Pentonville, I did nothing to stop it. One phone call from me, this nightmare never would've happened.

Maria: But that doesn't make you responsible.

Lorenzo: It doesn't absolve me of responsibility, either. Carly Corinthos is living in a nightmare because I was too busy to intervene. This madwoman took her children. The least I can do is whatever it takes to help find them.

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: Excuse me. Do you have an exact location on Peavy?

Reese: All right, call water and power. Find out which houses and/or buildings recently had the utilities turned on. Start knocking on doors. Faith rented this place. She probably rented a backup, and we need to find it.

Officer: Yes, ma'am.

Sam: Hey, if you go anywhere, I want to go with you, ok?

Jason: I'm not going to back out, ok? I just got to wait till Faith gets desperate enough to make contact.

Sam: Jason, can you at least please, please try and get some rest?

Jason: I just -- you know, I just keep thinking about Faith --

Sam: No, no, no, donít. Don't do that. Michael is going to be ok. You're going to find him.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Hello?

Lorenzo: Faith's assistant, William Peavy, is about to move. He's waiting for a ride out of town, and I have the address.

Carly: Try not to go squeezing any more broken glass.

Sonny: Thanks.

Carly: Sonny, you want to know how you can thank me? You can thank me by believing what I am about to tell you. I would know. I would know if Michael were gone from this world. I would feel the loss. I would feel the emptiness, and there would be a hole inside of me that nothing could fill. It's not there, Sonny. I'm worried, Iím scared for the boys, but that hole, it is not there. Look at me. That's how I know Faith didn't shoot Michael. She didn't. Michael and Morgan are out there. They're out there, and they're waiting for you and me to find them so we can bring them home. That's what we're going to do. So you need to pick yourself up. You need to pick yourself up and you need to stop doing Faith's work for her. She wants you scared, Sonny. She wants you so scared that you can't think. She wants you so consumed with grief that she stops you in your tracks. Don't you let her win. Don't you do that, Sonny. Your children are waiting for you. You can't fail them.

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: All right.

Sonny: I've got to find my kids.

Carly: That's right.

Jason: Hey, we've got an address on Faith's assistant.

Sonny: All right, let's go.

Carly: I'm coming with you guys, all right?

Jason: No, you guys, can you just stay here and just distract Reese? Do whatever you have to do.

Sonny: Yeah. Listen, do what you got to do, keep her preoccupied, ok?

Carly: I thought that you wanted to cooperate with Reese.

Sonny: We don't have time to waste with F.B.I. procedures. We got to find Faith's guy and we got to -- Jason, we got to force him to tell us where he's keeping our children.

 [Knock on door]

Elizabeth: You up for a visitor?

Lucky: As long as it's you.

Elizabeth: Oh, Lucky, you have no idea how happy I am right now. I was so afraid you were never coming back to us. I sat by your bed for hours talking to you, just praying you would be able to hear me.

Lucky: Thank you. Just thank you for trying to stop my dad, you know, from taking me off the ventilator.

Elizabeth: People make mistakes, especially when their judgment is being clouded by grief and pain, and sometimes they only end up hurting where they meant to help.

Lucky: Listen, I don't want to spend one more minute debating my father's intentions. It doesn't matter anyway. He just always does what he wants, just like always. And in spite of it, I'm still alive.

Skye: Luke, don't leave!

Luke: Like I said, Skye, my work here is done.

Skye: Lucky completely misinterpreted what you did and why. You need to explain it to him. You have to tell him that you were giving him a chance to save himself.

Luke: I don't need to explain anything. Besides, he doesn't want to hear it anyway.

Skye: Oh, come on, he's hurt. He's lashing out -- which, by the way, is something that you've been known to do. I am telling you, the longer this goes on; the harder it will be to fix it. Now, go back there right now and you tell your son that you love him.

Alexis: Faith Rosco is an equal-opportunity avenger. She wants to get back at everybody who's wronged her.

John: You know, for a cool, professional, otherwise intelligent woman, you seem to have a glaring soft spot where your husband is concerned -- or maybe you're just not up to speed on Ricís history. So please, let me enlighten you. Have you noticed the interesting symmetry to Faith taking Ricís niece and nephew's? How it echoes the way he kidnapped Carly to take her unborn child?

Alexis: No, and it's absurd.

John: Is it? Faith tried to save you. She tried to get you out of town, get you away from Sonny's retribution, a prison sentence. How did you repay her? You prosecuted her. You know something else I find fascinating, the first child that was kidnapped was your stepdaughter.

Alexis: It was Sonny's biological child. Faith is after Sonny, not Ric. If she were after Ric, she would've contacted Ric.

John: No, that's only because he's the one who's been pursuing her, while Ric has been keeping you in bed, standing guard over you and the child you're carrying.

Alexis: That's it! Get out! Out, out, or Iím calling the Bar Association and have you cited for incompetence.

John: Lady, you do what you got to do. My only concern is getting my grandsons back home and safe, where they belong. Now, if that means asking some tough questions, Iíll do it. Somebody's got to.

Alexis: God, I hate that man. He's like Carly with a law degree. He's spiteful, he's vindictive, and he's self-centered.

Ric: Not to mention he's right.

Sonny: Don't even think about it! Where are my children?

William: How would I know?

Sonny: Next one's going to be in your gut! Now, you can beg for the ambulance while we slowly watch you bleed to death or you tell me where my children are.

Reese: I see you've located Ms. Rosco's accomplice.

Faith: The children are becoming a liability. As soon as it gets dark, we'll unload them. Can you picture it? It really doesn't get any sweeter than this. Sonny will spend the rest of his miserable life searching for his precious tots, and never even coming close to finding them.

Skye: I spent the first half of my life begging for my adoptive father's love, which is why I recognize the real thing when I see it. You love your son, Luke. You love him so much that you couldn't bear the thought of him existing in some twilight zone; caught between life and death. You wanted to give him that chance to save himself. That is what Lucky needs to hear.

Luke: I couldn't disagree more. I don't think he needs to hear anything from me right now. His anger is very healthy. In fact, Iím glad he's mad at me. The more P.O.'d he gets at me, the faster he's going to get up out of that bed. What I need to do -- because apparently Iím the only one who can -- is take care of this, take care of the cause of all this. I've been fighting Cassadines for over 20 years, and Iíve managed to kill or disable all of them but one. And in all that time, they never once put me in the hospital. So it's time to go get Helena, drag her back, and get Nikolas out of prison.

Emily: Excuse me, but it's the only thing that's going to make any of this worthwhile.

Luke: You're right, Emily. She's right. So Iíll call you when I get this done -- assuming, of course, you still want me to.

Skye: Luke -- I love you, even when you're making a mistake.

Luke: Blaze, get a dictionary. Look up the meaning of the word "mistake."

Lucky: Hey.

Emily: Hey.

Lucky: So good to see you.

Emily: You take that and you multiply it by about 100,000 and you'll have some idea of how wonderful it is to be having a conversation with you. I just saw Luke. Apparently, he's getting ready to go after Helena.

Lucky: You know, I may not be a good son for my father, but I'm a real good excuse for another round with Helena, you know? You're refreshing. Thank you.

Emily: For what?

Lucky: You just didn't dive right in to explain how much my father really loves me. You know, taking me off the ventilator, knowing it might kill me, you know, was a leap of faith instead of an ultimate ego trip. Luke Spencer knows better than any other doctor, and he'll even bet his son's life to prove it.

Emily: Lucky, listen, I wouldn't presume to judge or interpret someone else's actions. I can't even figure out my own. All I know is that sometimes things happen and there's no going back to the way it used to be. Everything that comes after is altered, you know, like glass in a broken mirror. You can't repair the damage. You can't make it whole again. And knowing that someone acted with your best interests in mind should lessen the pain, but it doesn't.

Lucky: That's exactly it. The life before, that happy childhood I spent with my dad, who also happened to be my best friend, just got shattered into a million pieces.

Emily: It helps a little knowing you understand.

Ric: I don't know, maybe Durant has a point.

Alexis: No, he doesn't.

Ric: No, look, when I saw Faith in the hospital and I tried to stop her, she told me right out that she took Kristina because she was trying to get back at me.

Alexis: She was trying to distract you; to throw you off your game.

Ric: Well, it doesn't mean she wasn't telling the truth, Alexis. Come on, she could've taken Michael and Morgan. That would've been enough to drive Sonny completely insane. She added Kristina because she happens to be my stepdaughter. I'm married to you, and if that means that Iím going to have some kind of happiness, she's going to end that!

Alexis: You're not responsible for some lunatic kidnapping my daughter!

Ric: No, there's something else that Durant said that -- my relationship, my involvement with Faith was intense and it was twisted. I used her. She was in love with me, and I knew it. I knew she was dangerous. I knew that she was unstable. I didn't care. For a lack of a better way to put it, I betrayed Faith and I just went on with my life, just like she was never even in it. Didn't have to pay for anything. I became the D.A.; I reinvented myself. The first opportunity that I had to put her in prison, I was all over that. Kristina would be in her room safe right now if it weren't for me.

Alexis: I don't believe that. And more importantly, I don't want you to believe that, either.

Maria: Instead of passing on the information about Faith's accomplice, you could've acted on it yourself. You could've found Faith and been the one to bring Carlyís children home. Why didn't you?

Lorenzo: There's too many variables. It's a volatile situation. Those are not my children to risk, especially for something as self-serving as playing hero to Carly. I manipulated her once. I'll never make that mistake again.

Carly: What if something went wrong? What if Reese walked in on Sonny and Jason putting a gun to some guy's head and she arrested them both?

Sam: I think we really would've heard something by now, Carly.

Carly: Not necessarily.

Sam: Well, you know more about this than me, but I can tell you one thing -- Jason is not going to let anything or anyone stop him from finding your kids.

Carly: You better be careful. You're starting to sound a lot like me. I like to say something over and over again to convince myself that it's true. By the way, Jason hates that. It drives him crazy. He likes fact over wishful thinking. Maybe that's what I'm doing. Maybe. Maybe I'm trying to convince myself that my kids are ok, and maybe I'm wrong. Maybe -- maybe I'm living in denial.

Sam: I know from denial. Carly, when I woke up in that hospital and Jason told me my daughter had died, I refused to believe him, even though deep down I knew it was true because I could feel her loss. You know, I could -- I could feel the lack of her in this world. Do you feel the same way about Michael and Morgan?

Carly: No.

Sam: Good. Good. Then you're on the right track. You're staying positive. You're sending love to your kids. That's what a mother is supposed to do. And don't forget, Faith needs your kids as bargaining chips. I know -- I know it sounds terrible, but it's true. She's not going to hurt them. And then Sonny and Jason, they are going to find this assistant of Faith's and make him give up her location. I am sure of it.

Carly: How did Jason find this guy, anyway?

Sam: Lorenzo Alcazar called and told him where to look.

Reese: No reason to call undue attention.

Jason: You alone or did you call backup?

Reese: I decided that other law enforcement personnel would only impede the interrogation process.

William: Wait a second. You're that fed, aren't you? Take me into protective custody.

Reese: Ooh, sorry. I'm not here in my official capacity. In fact, if anyone should ask, I'll deny being here at all.

William: Maybe you -- maybe you don't understand what's happening here. This isn't some friendly Q and A! These guys are going to kill me!

Reese: You're probably right. Unless you tell them where Faith Rosco is keeping Mr. Corinthos' children.

Alexis: You are too good of a lawyer not to recognize the syndrome where the victim of the crime turns around and blames themselves. You've seen that a million times. Don't do that. You did nothing, nothing to precipitate Kristinaís abduction. You didn't leave her unattended. You didn't send her off to Sonny's like I did with just Brook Lynn to watch her.

Ric: Ok, don't start now. You didn't do anything wrong.

Alexis: That's exactly my point. I didn't do anything wrong and neither did you. Faith is blaming you because she is trying to maximize her damage. Do not let her break you. Please. I need you too much.

Ric: I'm right here.

Lorenzo: I'm sorry I can't take the time to discuss Diegoís future right now. It's not from lack of interest.

Maria: I know that.

Lorenzo: As soon as Carlyís children are found, I'll call you, we'll get together.

Maria: That's fine. I can see how important it is to help Carly for you.

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm.

Maria: You love her, don't you?

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: Carly.

Carly: Hi. Um -- Sam just told me that you gave Jason a lead on Faith's assistant, and -- um -- I just wanted to say thank you and I wanted to let you know that Sonny and Jason are following up on it as we speak.

Lorenzo: You're welcome. Where are you?

Carly: I'm in Louisiana. And I'm in this house -- this house where Faith had my children, and -- they have to be ok.

Sonny: How much did Faith pay you to help her take my children from their home? Did you -- did you have fun? Did you enjoy your work? Did it give you a lot of satisfaction? Or were you in it for the money? Is your salary worth your life? You feel lucky tonight, huh? You feel lucky tonight?

William: You're making a mistake.

Sonny: Where are my children?

William: I told you I don't know.

Sonny: Bam!

William: Ugh!

Sonny: Now, Iím not going to ask you again. Where are my children?

William: St. Bartholomewís. It's an old, abandoned church at the end of Planting Field Road.

Faith: Well, I'm sorry it had to come to this. You really are kind of cute little moppets. You just happened to be born with the wrong sets of parents. You see, they all deserve what's going to happen to them, especially your father, Sonny. Yes, you see, he took my life apart bit by painful bit and piece by painful piece.

Morgan: Ah!

Faith: So you know what they say. What? That's the ceiling. You know what they say? What goes around comes around. Yeah. So, see, Iím just returning the favor. Anyway, I hope you won't be scared. Let's just think of this as going down for a little nappy. Hey, take the kids to the other room while you clean up any sign of them, all right?

Man: Now?

Faith: Uh -- yeah, we can't afford to wait. We got to cut our losses and get out. This isn't the end, but we are getting close. Come on, let's go. Go ahead. Go on. Go ahead. Go on.

Sonny: Ok, we got to get the kids out before Faith can use them as hostages.

Reese: Sonny, it may not be possible.

Sonny: Ok, we got to try because I'm not going to risk another hostage situation here and have Faith holding a gun --

Jason: Shh, shh, shh. Hey.

Sonny: What?

Jason: Faith and two men are inside. No sign of the kids.

Reese: Peavy said there's an annex at the back.

Sonny: All right, you stay here. Make sure nobody -- if somebody tries to go, and we'll go --

Jason: Ok. Come on! Come on!

Sonny: This is for my children.

Reese: Don't kill her! The children aren't here.

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Carly: Lorenzo.

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Sonny: Where are my children?

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