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General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/23/05



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Luke: And then in Dublin, your mother put together that incredible birthday party for you, where she found all those little people and talked them into putting on those leprechaun costumes. Remember? Do you remember that? She made that enormous rainbow out of the colored balloons and put your gifts in a big old stew pot that she painted gold. And the musicians came down from the pub and sang sea shanties. It was great. We were happy in Ireland. You loved the Emerald Isle, remember? So many good memories, cowboy, a lifetime ago. Just find those memories and hang on to them, follow them back. They'll bring you home. You're breathing on your own now, but you've got to make it the rest of the way back.

Skye: He will. You have to believe that.

Ric: I don't want any public discussion about the kidnapper. The lives of three children are at stake here. We can't risk leaking any inside information to the media. Is that understood?

John: You're too late, Lansing. The kidnapper's already a celebrity, catchy nickname and all.

Lorenzo: Ric? I told Agent Marshall I'd give the F.B.I. all the information I have on Faith Rosco.

Ric: You're working with law enforcement?

Lorenzo: I'll do whatever I can to bring those children back safely.

John: If you think you're going to use this kidnapping to further your agenda with Carly, that ain't going to happen, pal.

Faith: Is everybody happy? Enjoying all your fun, new toys?

Michael: I --

Faith: Keep the noise level down. We don't want to wake your sister while she's napping.

Michael: I think my brother has a fever.

Faith: Looks ok to me.

Michael: You should feel his forehead.

Faith: He feels fine. Agh! Ah! Oh!

[Morgan cries]

Faith: Don't let that brat get away!

Carly: Sonny, has there been any word?

Sonny: Nothing.

Carly: I thought Agent Marshall was supposed to be this --

Sonny: Agent Marshall wanted to set up a perimeter at the ransom drop and I refused. So now Justus is fighting for his life, all three of my children are gone, and Iím standing here not knowing what to do next.

[Knock on door]

Max: Alexis Davis wants to see you.

Sonny: Let her in.

Alexis: Faith's vanished, hasn't she? She stayed in town just long enough to get your kids along with Kristina --

Carly: Alexis, this isn't helping.

Alexis: Your children have been kidnapped; my child has been kidnapped because of her vendetta with him.

Sonny: Don't you think I realize that my kids are paying for what I've done? Don't you think I'd give my life to get them back?

Jason: We got a lead.

Emily: Mr. Brentlow is checking out today.

Elizabeth: Hey, Em -- um -- I heard that Carlyís children have been kidnapped. I'm sure the Quartermaines are going out of their mind with Michael.

Emily: Yeah, of course we are.

Elizabeth: Ok, do you have a minute, because I'd really like to clear the air between us.

Emily: You threatened to tell Nikolas that Connor raped me. Elizabeth, that's not my idea of support.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry I said that. I could've handled it differently, but I didn't like lying to Nikolas when he called to ask me what was troubling you.

Emily: Look, Nikolas is serving a life sentence for murder. His brother is in a coma. He has enough on his mind without having to worry about me.

Elizabeth: He can still help you, Em, even from prison.

Emily: I don't need Nikolas or anyone else to help me get through this, Elizabeth, because there's nothing to get through. It's over. Connor Bishop is dead, and there is absolutely no reason to dwell on what happened.

Elizabeth: So you're just going to close your eyes and hope the pain goes away? Because it doesn't work like that, Em. Even though Connor Bishop is dead, he is more alive to you than ever. I know he still lives in your mind, in your dreams, and he's going to stay there until you get the help to drive him out.

Emily: Look, every woman who gets assaulted handles it differently and I know what is right for me. I don't need a public confession.

Elizabeth: Em, you have a husband who loves you. Why can't you just go to him --?

Emily: But can Nikolas change what happened? Can he make it so that I wasn't assaulted; so that I didn't kill Connor? This is my problem, Elizabeth, and I'll deal with it myself.

Monica: Thank you.

Edward: I can feel Mary Mae blaming me for letting this happen.

Monica: On the contrary, I think that Mary Mae would have been very proud of Justus.

Edward: Monica, he was irresponsible and reckless. Bringing ransom to a kidnapper, using himself as bait for Faith Rosco -- why would he let Corinthos talk him into that?

Monica: Edward, I think that Justus felt he could save Kristina. Now, I have to see another patient. Behave yourself.

Edward: I hope you learned something here.

Dillon: What?

Edward: You get involved with criminals, that's how you wind up.

Emily: How can you be so selfish?

John: You're trying to find those children so you can worm your way back into my daughter's life, right?

Lorenzo: Isn't that your game, Durant?

John: Michael and Morgan are my grandsons.

Lorenzo: Yeah, and they were kidnapped while you were supposed to be watching them.

John: What the hell kind of --

Ric: All right, all right, that's enough! Look, I don't care where the information comes from or why, as long as those children are found.

Lorenzo: Finally, a voice of reason.

Ric: Listen, we all have our own specific reasons for wanting those children to come home safely. We got to work together; put our differences aside. That way, this nightmare is going to come to an end.

Jason: We found where Faith planned the kidnapping.

Sam: Yeah, Sonny, there were hundreds of digital photos, including one that was taken from a moving car, and we noticed a road sign in the distance. We had it enlarged, and it said "Julinette."

Alexis: I don't know that. Where is that?

Sam: It's not here in Port Charles.

Alexis: Oh, my God, where has she taken them?

Jason: I had Stan run a check. There are seven roads with the name Julinette; some in this country, some in Canada.

Sonny: So it's a road? Who cares?

Jason: Well --

Carly: All right, Jason, what are we supposed to do, huh? We supposed to drive all across North America looking for this road?

Alexis: If we have to, yes.

Sam: No, no, no, no, no. Hopefully, that won't be necessary. There was also another name on the corner of the road sign and it -- we couldn't see it, so Jason is having Stan work on it right now.

Carly: Ok, it's probably the name of a county or a state.

Sam: Yes, that's -- yeah, that's what we're hoping.

Jason: Right.

Alexis: We need to call the F.B.I.

Jason: No, no, no, no, not yet.

Alexis: No, I'm not listening to you anymore, and I'm not listening to you, because the more you do this on your own, the worse this gets. I'm -- Iím going to do it. If you're not going to do it, I'm going to do it.

Reese: It sounds like you have news.

Emily: Justus is fighting for his life. This is not the time to be using him as an example of bad behavior.

Edward: Darling, I was just acknowledging the truth, which isn't pleasant for any of us.

Emily: You implied that he deserved what happened to him!

Edward: Emily, it's nothing I wouldn't have told him straight to his face. I spent years pulling Justus back to the family and away from those --

Emily: You mean that you have tried to run his life, but Justus wouldn't let you.

Edward: Honey, he's fighting for his life. The Quartermaines wouldn't let him get shot down.

Emily: Right. Instead, he could waste the rest of his life trying to please you. You have never respected Justus for who he is, only for what he represents. He's just another tool, grandfather, like A.J.  How long would it be before Justus was driven to run off with the family fortune and get killed like -- oh, my God, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, grandfather, I shouldn't have said that.

Edward: Ok. New lesson -- don't listen to a word I say.

Skye: Have you thought about what you're going to do next? If there's no improvement, you might have to give some thought about moving Lucky into a care facility at some point.

Luke: No. No way. No way. He's on his way back. He's going to make it all the way. He's not going to any care facility ever. I'd pull all the other plugs before Iíd let that happen. And you -- you and nobody else is going to convince me otherwise, Skye. I'm sorry. I guess I'm a little punchy.

Skye: Luke, you've been here all night. Please, why don't you go home and get some rest. I'll sit with him for a while.

Luke: No. No, darling, I don't want to leave. Not yet.

Alexis: Sam and Jason have a lead.

Sam: No, it's nothing. We're just guessing.

Sonny: Tell her, Jason. Tell her all of it.

Jason: She'll get in the way, Sonny.

Sonny: I tried to do it on my own. Faith managed to take Michael and Morgan. From now on, Agent Marshall gets full cooperation.

Alexis: I know that was difficult for you to do. But we need the help, and I'm glad you accepted that.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Alexis is right. I couldn't protect Kristina or the boys.

Carly: Sonny, if you're to blame for what happened, then so am I.

Sam: Did you see the look on Sonny's face when we were talking about the photos? It was like he was barely even paying attention.

Jason: Sonny's getting desperate. There's no other reason he would start trusting the F.B.I.

Stan: Jason, I think I know where Faith took the kids.

Michael: Let me go! Let me go! Ugh! I said let me go! Ugh! Let me go! You guys are in so much trouble!

Faith: You shut up! I hurt my neck because of you. I've got a good mind to let you escape.

Michael: Why would you want to do that?

Faith: Didn't you notice what was outside? Huh? Miles and miles of swamp. It's called a bayou, and it is chockfull of snakes and alligators and bugs big enough to swallow you whole.

Michael: You want money? My dad will give you money.

Faith: I've already got your father's money. Now I want something else.

Michael: Then let them go and you can keep me. I promise I'll cooperate.

Faith: Oh, yeah. I'm supposed to take your word for that, hmm, after you have caused me nothing but trouble? No way. Besides, for what I've got in mind, I need all of Sonny's children.

Emily: Skye? Wait. I saw you in with Luke. How's Lucky doing?

Skye: Well, you heard that he's breathing on his own, right?

Emily: As of last night.

Skye: Yeah, well, I thought maybe that was a sign he was coming out of the coma, but I'm afraid the doctors don't agree.

Emily: So then Lucky's shown no other signs of recovery?

Skye: None. And I'm really trying to be hopeful here, but I'm starting to fear that Lucky might be in this coma for the next 20 or 30 years. If that were to happen, I don't know how Luke would be able to endure that.

Jason: "Lafayette Parish"? What is that?

Stan: It's a county in Louisiana. It's the southwest part of the state. I made you a map, but it doesn't show much.

Jason: That's a place for us to start.

Sam: We should tell Sonny about this.

Jason: No, no. Not until we know for sure. You got to keep this to yourself.

Stan: Whatever you want. Good luck.

[Door closes]

Sam: Are you sure about this?

Jason: It's a long shot. So I don't want to get Sonny's hopes up or call in the F.B.I. until we have something definite.

Faith: Oh, this is the best part. "And the greedy townsfolk, deep in debt to the piper for the rats he set upon the course into the river, could all but stand in shock and shiver and watch their children march. March behind the piper's song, down the Hamlin streets so long and on toward the mountain wall, children short and children tall as if they weren't there. And like a flower opening wide, a hole bloomed in the mountainside, and into it the piper played his sweetest songs, and soon it made the children want to run. Run as the village cried in shame, to that they were all to blame. Instead of gold, the piper'd won their treasured daughters and their sons with no way left to stop him." Isn't that beautiful?

Michael: I hate it.

Faith: Do you even know what it means?

Michael: The piper felt cheated, so he stole the kids.

Faith: Oh. Very good. I'll give you an A for the day -- A for "abducted." I have got to hurry. Don't let him go anywhere while Iím gone. Oh -- extra-credit question -- do you know what happens to the children at the end of the story?

Michael: Who cares?

Faith: The children's parents never see them again. If I were you, I would think about that.

Carly: We took every precaution. We never left the boys unattended or unprotected. It still happened. I mean, I shouldn't have left John alone with them. I should've told my mother no.

Sonny: If you were home, you would've been knocked unconscious or worse. Nothing was going to stop Faith from taking our boys.

Carly: Oh, she must've been watching my apartment, just waiting for the moment.

Sonny: She had inside help. Faith had inside help. That's the only way this could've happened.

Carly: Someone other than Rollo?

Reese: Excuse me. I need to speak to Carly.

Sonny: Why?

Reese: I -- I have personal questions.

Carly: About what?

Reese: Your father.

Carly: Well, I already told you everything I know. John came to when --

Sonny: Hey, wait, Durant -- Durant claims he was hit over the head, he never saw who took the boys. You think he's lying, don't you? You think he was in on the kidnapping.

Luke: What do you want?

Dillon: Nothing. I was just going to ask if Lucky's ok --

Luke: Oh --

Dillon: See if you needed anything.

Luke: Sorry, young Spielberg, I'm a little edgy. I already got Skye hovering over me. Thanks, anyway, but I don't need you, too.

Dillon: Yeah, ok.

Luke: Hey, wait. Wait a minute.

Dillon: Yeah?

Luke: There is something you can do.

Dillon: Yeah, name it.

Luke: Tell me something honestly. If you were in this bed, comatose, and the doctors said you were likely to remain that way, what would you want your father to do? Would you want him to sit here and wait for you to wake up, or just sit here until you slip away forever? Would you want him to put you in a care facility? Would you want him to petition the court to take out your feeding tube so that you starve to death? What? What?

Dillon: Wow. Um -- I can't answer that question because I don't have a father. I mean, biologically I do, yeah but, you know, he split and left me with my mom before I was, like, 1. He went off to start a new family, never met him, never heard from him, and somehow I doubt that if I fell into a coma tomorrow, he'd care. But if I had a father like you, who loved me and cared for me no matter what, even when we were fighting, if I had a father whose heart was breaking at the sight of me, I think I'd want him to be ok.  I'm just saying that if he wanted to leave me in a ward somewhere, I would understand that. And if he wanted to let me die, I think I would understand that, too. But the one thing I would not want is for him to spend his life trying to care for me. I would not want him sitting in a hospital week after week, month after month. I'd want him to live for the both of us. That's what I think.

Skye: Emily, you and Lucky have been friends since you were kids. In a lot of ways, you must understand Luke a lot better than I do.

Emily: Oh, gosh, I doubt that, Skye. Luke intimidates me. It took me years to stop calling him "Mr. Spencer." But what I do know is that he loves Lucky, and even when they're fighting, he believes that they're alike.

Skye: Yeah -- "Freedom at all costs." "The closest thing to paradise is the open road," etc., etc.

Emily: I guess. See, you know all of this.

Skye: Yeah but, you know, I just -- I don't seem to know how to help. Luke's just been through so much -- watching Laura slip away before his eyes, Lucky getting shot and slipping into a coma. I just -- it's tearing him to pieces, Emily. And as much as I seem to want to reach out to him, he doesn't know how to turn to me for comfort.

Emily: Well, I think, you know, when we get to a place where we feel violated by life, no one can help us.

Skye: Are we still talking about Luke, because all of a sudden, it seemed like you were talking about yourself.

Emily: Yeah, of course I'm talking about Luke. Just -- be patient with him, Skye. Nothing makes sense to him right now.

Lorenzo: I need to see Dr. Webber.

Steven: Why?

Lorenzo: D.A. Lansing knows Iím here. I'm helping with the investigation.

Steven: It's ok, let him in.

Lorenzo: Have you found anything?

Steven: You can read my report after I give it to the D.A.

Lorenzo: Don't be an idiot, Webber. I can help you find those children.

Steven: Two of whom are Carlyís. You don't think people are going to notice this, Alcazar? You're just doing this to impress her.

Lorenzo: I offered my help as soon as I found out Faith was the kidnapper. I've had numerous dealings with her in the past.

Steven: Do me a favor -- stay out of my way.

Lorenzo: Try to grasp this, Webber. I've done a lot of work with Faith. I know how her mind works.

Steven: Then explain this to me. How does Faith -- or whoever she hired -- take out three bodyguards without a sound?

Lorenzo: Isn't it obvious? She had inside help.

Carly: My father and I may not be close, but I have no reason to believe he would help kidnap my children.

Reese: My people did a sweep of the room where Sam and Jason found those photos. The place was wired to explode, and the incendiary device was unusual.

Alexis: How so?

Reese: The timer starts when the door is opened. When the door is closed, a second fail-safe device is activated. If the door is reopened, say, when someone tries to flee, the bomb explodes.

Carly: And what does that have to do with my father?

Reese: Well, a couple of years ago, Durant prosecuted a bomber who used the same device. For some unexplained reason, the perp got off with a light sentence.

Carly: It doesn't prove a thing.

Alexis: It merits a follow-up investigation, which I believe is what she's trying to do.

Carly: She's wasting time.

Reese: Look, I realize this is not what you want to hear right now, but we still have to look at it.

Carly: Sonny, can we get another agent on this case?

Alexis: Carly, Durant was with the kids when they were taken. Is it possible -- is it possible that he looked the other way?

Carly: For what reason?

Sonny: He gets to rescue them, become the hero to the daughter he doesn't want to lose.

Alexis: He's done it before. He has confessed to illegal search and seizure in an effort to hold on to you. He's bent the rules before. Maybe he let the children go so that he can be the one that finds them to secure your everlasting gratitude.

Ric: That's not what happened. If Durant had anything to do with kidnapping those children, he would've been a lot more careful about protecting himself.

Alexis: He had motive -- Carlyís affection -- opportunity, and now we find out that the bomb that Faith left in -- in the place that she planned the kidnapping is the same bomb that was used in a case that Durant prosecuted.

Ric: Durant would've seen this line of inquiry coming and he would've had the perfect alibi in place. He doesn't. I don't think he had anything to do with this.

Reese: Would you all excuse me? I have a few things I need to check out. If there are any new developments, I'll be in touch.

Sonny: You do that.

Carly: Where are you going?

Sonny: I'm going to go out for a sec.

Carly: Sonny, if you --

Sonny: I'm going to call you if -- I'm going to call you.

Ric: I thought you were going to stay in bed.

Alexis: I said that I would try. My daughter is missing and I need to do everything that I can, so I -- I checked out.

Ric: Ok, I understand.

Carly: Alexis? What is it that you hope to accomplish by coming here? Did it make you feel better to tear into Sonny, because from what I can see, it didn't help us get closer to finding our children. You should've stayed in bed.

[Door opens and closes]

Alexis: Please don't agree with her.

Ric: The only thing that I agree with is that by coming here, you placed the child that you're carrying at risk.

Sam: They did say a blonde woman was entering this house with a child. Now, let's just hope it was Faith, right?

Jason: Yeah. You know, you could probably help me if you just wait out here, make sure nobody makes a run for it?

Sam: Ok, all right.

Jason: Hi. I'm sorry to bother you. Um -- I'm looking --

Woman: You look like a lot of things, but a "bother" isn't one of them. Come on in. What can I do for you?

Jason: I'm looking for a blonde woman who --

Woman: Well. Ain't that just too bad for me? But you came to the right place.

Steven: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Ok, you were right. One of the bodyguards who was knocked out last night has already gone missing.

Lorenzo: He took out the other two, most likely with a tranquilizer in the evening meal.

Steven: Is that standard business practice for you and Faith?

Lorenzo: That's how she thinks. You find that bodyguard, Dr. Webber, you could have a lead on Faith.

Reese: Good morning.

Lorenzo: Morning.

Reese: When you offered to help, I assumed you meant by giving us information, not on-site input.

Lorenzo: I know how Faith operates. I'm trying to help.

Reese: You're also contaminating a crime scene. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Lorenzo: Your call.

Reese: Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Alcazar. If we need anything further, you'll be hearing from us. All right, I want you to walk me through everything that happened in this apartment when Michael and Morgan were kidnapped, every detail. I think it'll help us.

Steven: Ok, well, Durant was in the kitchen. He's serving pizza. It's one he ordered for him and Michael. He gets hit on the head, 60-degree angle, a blunt instrument -- I think it's a blackjack.

Reese: So is it possible he didn't hear anybody come in the door?

Steven: Well, it's a very well-oiled hinge, and if he was setting the places like he said, then there's a real good chance he wouldn't have heard anything.

Reese: All right, so the kidnapper enters, knocks Durant unconscious. Then what?

Steven: Then the kidnapper goes to Carlyís room.

Steven: Ok, look at this. Door was locked from the inside and somebody kicked it in.

Reese: Why would the door be locked?

Steven: Michael knew there was trouble.

Michael: Shh.

Reese: Ok, so the door is locked, and if Iím Michael, I want to know what's going on out there. He hears a commotion, but he doesn't recognize any of the voices. But Michaelís a smart kid. He knows there's trouble, so he knows he has to do something fast. So he looks at the fire escape to see if he can get down, but he realizes there's no way he can carry Morgan down and get away before the kidnappers enter the room. So he has to improvise.

Steven: Yes, improvise with what?

Reese: Michael had to find a way to leave a clue.

Luke: Lulu wants to go ice-fishing. It'd be so great if you came back before the spring thaw. I mean, I could take her, but it wouldn't mean as much to either one of us. And she'd ask a lot of questions that I can't answer, like what happened to you and when are you going to wake up. What should I tell her, cowboy? Should I tell her what I believe? That you're breathing now and that means you're on your way back, you're going to make it all the way home? Or should I tell her what I'm most terrified of? That this is all it'll ever be -- breathing?

Skye: How's he doing?

Luke: No change.

Skye: Hey, Lucky. It's Skye. Breathing on your own now. That's pretty remarkable progress. You keep trying, ok? There are so many people here waiting for you to come back, including your father. You know, he's barely left your side. In fact, I am here to volunteer to sit with you a while so he can take a break.

Luke: I'm ok, Blaze. Why don't you go over to the Haunted Star, see if that ship's been stolen yet? Maybe you can check the books and see just exactly how badly Iím being ripped off.

Skye: Should I be offended? It seems like you're determined to get rid of me.

Luke: No. Never, never.

Skye: Ok. I'll tell you what. I will go make sure the Haunted Star is still in the harbor. I will even go over the books to make sure we have enough operating capital to be in business. But when I get back in a couple of hours, I want you to take a break, even if I have to wrestle you out that door, ok?

Luke: Ok, that sounds like a deal -- wrestle me out the door.

Skye: Yeah.

Luke: Thanks.

Skye: You're welcome.

Emily: I wanted to apologize for what I said before. Oh, no, I didn't mean to startle you.

Elizabeth: Oh, it's ok, it's ok, it's ok.

Emily: Oh, no, it's all right. I'll get it. You're writing Nikolas to tell him that Connor raped me?

Reese: Look at this -- a crayon.

Steven: It's away from all the others.

Reese: All right, Iím Michael and I've written a note. Now, where am I going to hide it? The kidnappers are probably at the door by now, so I have to move fast. I'm looking for something familiar; something that I know will make a good hiding place.

Reese: Jackpot. It says "Louise" and "Anna."

Steven: Women's names? That doesn't make any sense.

Reese: Unless he overheard the kidnappers talking and he didn't realize what he heard. Read it fast.

Steven: "Louisiana."

Woman: I'm sorry it took so long. I wanted to make sure you had a good selection.

Madam: Take your pick, handsome. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Jason: You know what? Maybe I didn't -- I didn't make myself clear. I'm looking for a blonde woman who -- On second thought, I'll take her.

Faith: Hello, lover.

Alexis: You can't keep doing this to me. You canít. You can't keep making me feel guilty because Iím not lying in the hospital bed.

Ric: I just don't think that John Durant tried to kidnap his own grandchildren. I don't want to waste any time pursuing it.

Alexis: No, you're demanding that I sit in the hospital bed, and I can't do that because --

Ric: I requested that you stay in bed per your doctor's --

Alexis: And you've requested it ad nauseam and I'm telling you I can't do it right now, all right? I'm doing the best that I can. I'm sorry. I -- I don't know what to do.

Ric: All right, you're worried about your daughter. But you know what, Alexis, so am I. We are going to find her.

John: Yeah, thanks for the tip. I'll keep my eyes open. Hey, Sonny, listen --

Sonny: You got three seconds to tell me where my children are.

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Emily: If you breathe a word about what Connor did, I will never speak to you again.

Nikolas: Hey, I need you to come up here as soon as possible. I know what happened to Emily.

Madam: Who are you and how did you get in here?

Justus: If you're here to finish me off, go ahead.

John: Back off.

Sonny: Where are my children?

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