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General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/21/05



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Man: A chop shop pays big for parts on these babies.

Second man: Check the trunk.

[Phone rings]

Elizabeth: Two East.

Nikolas: Hey, Elizabeth, it's Nikolas.

Elizabeth: Nikolas, hey. How are you?

Nikolas: Ok, I guess. Just got out of solitary. Is -- is Emily around? I want her to come visit me as soon as possible.

Elizabeth: She's in a class; she's in the lab doing something for her class. Hold on and I'll get her for you, ok?

Nikolas: No, no, no, I canít. I don't have that much time on the phone. Will you just tell her to come up here and tell her I can't wait to see her?

Elizabeth: Ok, I will. Bye. Em. Hey, Nikolas just called.

Emily: He's out of solitary?

Elizabeth: Yeah, and he wants to see you, right away.

Carly: Courtney? Courtney, my God, what happened?

Courtney: I can't go through with this.

Jax: I come bearing gifts.

Rachel: Jax. I didn't realize that you were coming over.

Jax: What are you doing here?

Rachel: I live here. Didn't Courtney tell you?

Jax: No.

Rachel: Oh. Well, we are going to be seeing an awful lot of each other. Should we take this opportunity to get to know each other?

Jason: This is where Faith planned the kidnapping.

Sam: Ok, there's no kids. Let's go.

Jason: Sam, don't -- don't move.

Man: If the money's in there, we got no reason to keep the girl. Come on. Let's go.

Sonny: Where's my daughter? Where's my daughter? What the hell did you shoot him for?

Reese: He was coming after you.

Sonny: You killed him! This guy could've been our last chance to get my daughter back!

Rachel: Well, the job at the hospital just came up so quick. I was going to get a hotel room or something while I looked for an apartment, but then Courtney just insisted that I stay here.

Jax: Well, I'm just a little surprised, that's all.

Rachel: Well, you know, we were really good friends back in Atlantic City.

Jax: Well, it's just that we're about to get married.

Rachel: I know, but you know how Courtney is. She just always has to help someone in need.

Jax: Yeah, you're right about that.

Rachel: But it's just temporary. You won't even know that Iím here. But Courtney is going to be back soon, so you're welcome to wait.

Jax: Oh, ok. I'll do that.

Rachel: I can throw on some clothes and go to a coffee shop or something if it'd be better that I wasn't here when she got home.

Jax: No, no, that's fine, just stay. You know, Courtney hasn't really told me that much about growing up in Atlantic City. Why don't you tell me a little about that?

Luke: No change.

Skye: No.

Luke: There's not going to be either, you know, until I do what has to be done.

Skye: I don't accept that Lucky doesn't have a chance to recover.

Luke: I don't either.

Skye: Luke, I was comatose once, years ago, in Pine Valley. I'd be happy to sign a release so you can read all about it in my medical records and you can read about how the doctors feared that my condition might be permanent. But obviously, the doctors were wrong. I woke up. And maybe Lucky can, too, if you just give him a chance.

Sam: That is a bomb with a timer attached, so unless you are curious about the make and model, I say we get out of here.

Jason: We tripped the timer when we came in.

Sam: Ok, Jason, why aren't we running, then?

Jason: Because it's wired to the bomb. We go out the door, it triggers the explosion.

Sam: Ok. I'm open to suggestions, ok?

Jason: I have to try to disarm it.

Sonny: We've got nothing. No leads, no clues where Kristinaís being kept.

Reese: He was about to use your head for batting practice. I saved your life.

Sonny: You saved my life and you cost Kristina hers.

Reese: We'll find her.

Sonny: Yeah, how, Agent Marshall? The guy I was following was headed towards the kidnapper right now to tell her that this was all a double cross. You know what; I should've never, ever trusted you!

Reese: Sonny, this thing isn't over.

Sonny: How do you know it's not over? How do you know? You're a hotshot agent! And you know what; my daughter could end up dead because of you!

[Phone rings]

Reese: Wait. He didn't have a cell phone on him.

Sonny: Must have fallen out. I got it.


Sonny: Yeah?

Faith: Where are you? If you've botched this, don't even bother coming --

Sonny: Faith? Where's my daughter, Faith? Where's Kristina?

Faith: What the hell happened? Sonny just answered Brendanís cell phone! He knows that I took Kristina!

[Phone rings]

Faith: Sonny?

Sonny: I want my daughter, Faith.

Faith: There's an abandoned cemetery at the base of Mulcahey Point. Be there in 30 minutes -- alone this time, or I will kill her.

Reese: What did Faith say?

Sonny: She agreed to meet.

Reese: Where? Faith's plan is starting to unravel, Sonny. She's vulnerable and we need to use it. We'll set up a perimeter. We'll get Kristina back and bring Faith in.

Sonny: We're not going in with an army.

Reese: I'm talking about a team of handpicked officers --

Sonny: That will scare Faith just like last time.

Reese: We need manpower, Sonny.

Sonny: All we need is one person.

Carly: What are you doing back here?

John: Well, I think the appropriate greeting might be "Hey, Dad, nice to see you again."

Carly: Why'd Leticia let you in?

John: Because I'm Michael and Morganís grandfather? Look, Carly, I know the only reason you let me come over here earlier is because you wanted to get me out of that park, get me away from Sonny and Agent Marshall, but it's true -- I am the boys' grandfather, and, quite frankly, Michael beat me at Battle of Planet Zoid, and now it's my turn to beat him.

Carly: You never quit, do you?

John: Carly, come on. I love you; I love the boys. I want to be a part of your lives. That was our agreement.

Carly: John, you have been reinstated as federal prosecutor. I mean, it's your job to hunt down criminals, right, and Sonny's first on the list, so how's this going to work? I mean, are you going to stand there, you going to tell me that you're not going to investigate Sonny so you can get to know me and the boys?

John: Yeah, Carly, that is exactly what I am going to tell you. The last thing I want to do is take my grandchildren's father away from them.

Sam: All right, you got a red, white, and green. Which one stops the timer?

Jason: I don't know.

Sam: Great, Jason, this is just like in the movies.

Jason: Ok, Sam, Sam, please, just let me think for a minute. Ok, I'm going for the white one.

Sam: No, no, no, no, no, no! Bad idea. Normally, the white one is the ignition wire, and if you --

Jason: No, the white one --

Sam: If you cut it, it's going to trigger the whole --

Jason: The white one is not the ignition wire.

Sam: But by the way it's set up, they will make you want to think that the white one --

Jason: Ok, Sam, please, I need to make a decision!

Sam: What the hell, go ahead, do it.

Jason: Ok.

Sam: Jason, I love you. You don't have to say it back. I just wanted to let you know.

Jason: I love you, too.

Sam: Thank God. Ok, Jason, what do we do now?

Jason: We got to go through all this stuff, see if there's any clue to where they're holding Kristina.

Luke: You were in a coma? God, it seems like everybody in town's been comatose but me.

Skye: Luke. Will you just trust me on this and give him another chance to recover?

Luke: You're not listening to me. Tell me something honestly -- what was your prognosis? Did the doctors tell you the same thing that they're telling me about him? That no one with his profile has ever recovered; that he's slipping further and further away? You look me in the eye and you tell me it was the same thing, Skye. It wasnít. It isn't, and you know it. You're not even trying to understand my point of view. You're only interested in getting me to do what you think is the right thing for Lucky and you're completely ignoring what I think is right for my son. Every second --

Skye: What if you're making a terrible mistake? Luke, he's not in any pain. What is the harm in keeping him hooked up to machines?

Luke: How do you know he's not in any pain, Skye? Take out your medical diploma; let me take a good look at it, because the doctors are telling me they don't know, they're not sure, they think he's not in pain. And as far as those machines go, you're saying that there's no problem with the machines? The doctors tell me that every second he's on the machines, his body moves further and further away from remembering how to function without them! Everybody's so busy in this town taking everybody else's moral pulse that my son is dying. All this righteous posturing is robbing him of the last chance he has to survive. How long would you have me wait, Dr. Blaze?

Skye: I don't know, Luke. We could pick a date. Say a year from today?

Luke: A year? A year of him being on these machines, worrying that they might break down and he'll die, or terrified that there will be a power outage? A year of minute-by-minute monitoring? A year? A year of misery and fear while my son dies little by little? No, Skye. I don't think so.

Rachel: So Courtney and I got these part-time jobs at a coffee shop in one of the casinos, and you know how Courtney is, always doing the right thing, very reliable, a good girl. Except this one time. But I shouldn't tell you that because I don't want to ruin her pristine image.

Jax: Oh, come on, Iím sure I can handle it.

Rachel: Ok. So this one day, these frat boys come in from Rutgers --

Jax: Mm-hmm?

Rachel: And they invite us to a frat party, not knowing that we're just high school girls, right, and we go and we just end up tanked on the punch that they were serving. Have you ever seen Courtney drunk?

Jax: No, just a little tipsy perhaps.

Rachel: Ok, well, then you know that she just gets friendlier. So pretty soon, she is up on the bar dancing in this little black dress, and all the boys are just going crazy. So by the end of the weekend, it is just legendary about this "little black dress," and we had boys coming in by the busloads to see "the little black dress." I swear, she must have boosted revenues for that casino to an all-time high.

Jax: Oh, that's quite a story.

Rachel: Oh, I haven't disillusioned you, have I?

Jax: No, of course not.

Rachel: Oh, ok. Well, then in that case, I think I know a few more little dark secrets about your angelic fiancťe.

Jax: Hmm.

Rachel: And all it's going to cost you is one more glass of this delicious champagne. Mmm.

Jax: Ok.

Courtney: Jax, what's going on?

Jax: Hey, your friend Rachel was just -- ahem -- telling me about your high school glory days.

Courtney: Oh, don't believe everything you hear.

Jax: I'll check the facts with you later.

Courtney: Ok.

Jax: You know, I brought some dessert, but I left it in the car.

Courtney: This is insane.

Rachel: What, we're supposed to be best friends, right?

Courtney: I don't want you talking to Jax.

Rachel: Oh, I was just telling him a little story -- you know, the Rutgers little black dress?

Courtney: Wait, how did -- how did you know that?

Rachel: I've done my homework. I know all sorts of juicy details about you.

Courtney: Rachel, you are pushing this too far.

Rachel: Oh, don't be such a spoilsport.

Courtney: If you don't stop this, I swear to God --

Rachel: What, what, you're going to tell Jax how we really met?

Courtney: Maybe I will.

Rachel: I've already killed one of your husbands. I can very easily make sure the next one never makes it to the altar.

Courtney: Is that a threat?

Rachel: What, do I have to spell it out for you? I already killed A.J.; Jax will be the next to go unless you stick to the plan.

Jax: You know, I'm really starting to like these gingersnaps with champagne.

Rachel: I'm going to go get dressed.

Courtney: Hmm.

Jax: So, why would you decide to take on a roommate at a time like this?

Courtney: Oh, Jax, it's just, you know, Rachelís new in town. She didn't have a place to stay, so --

Jax: What about the wedding? Don't we deserve a little privacy before we get married?

Courtney: Hey, ok, look, call me old-fashioned --

Jax: Mm-hmm?

Courtney: But I think that we should abstain from having sex until after the wedding.

Jax: You're kidding, right?

Courtney: No, no, really --

Jax: You're joking?

Courtney: No, look, I know it'll be hard to abstain, but, you know, having Rachel here will help and she's the perfect deterrent, and then plus we can both plan that dream wedding that we always wanted when we were in high school.

Jax: Why are you lying to me?

Carly: So from now on, Mr. Durant doesn't get to see the kids unless I say it's ok.

Leticia: I'm sorry; I just let him in to wait. Michael hasn't said but two words to him. He's upstairs in his room doing his homework, but I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow morning at 8:00.

Carly: Ok, thanks.

Leticia: Yeah.

Carly: So --

John: Don't you think you're being a little hard on the nanny?

Carly: No, I don't think so. I just don't want there to be any more misunderstandings, which is why I think you should leave.

John: Carly, Iím pretty sure that would be in violation of our agreement.

Carly: I don't really get you. I donít. I don't understand you. I mean, why would you risk your entire career to have a relationship with a daughter that you never even knew you had?

John: Because I like having a daughter. I like seeing myself in you -- and I do, Carly, and not just the way you love junk food, but I see it in your intelligence, in your stubbornness, in your unbelievable capacity to carry a grudge. That's me. I see that. And I'll tell you this -- if you did to me what I did to you, I would be furious.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

John: But I'd also be testing to see if the person cared enough to keep coming back. Well, this is me coming back.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Yeah, hello? Hey, Mom. Uh -- I canít. I can't leave the kids. I'm here with them.

John: Hey, Carly? I can stay if you want me to.

Carly: Uh, would you just hold on a sec? John, I'm not comfortable having you stay with the kids.

John: It's obvious your mother needs you. You got, what, last I counted, what, three bodyguards out there? I think Michael and Morgan are safe. Why don't you just this one time -- one time -- just trust me and let me do this?

Carly: Uh, Michael, honey, how would you feel -- grandma needs me, and would you be ok if John stayed with you until I got back?

John: Unless, of course, you're scared I might take you in the big battle around 10:00.

Michael: Cool with me.

Carly: Um, I figured something out, ok? I'll be there soon.

Michael: Dibs on the black one.

John: Bring it on.

Sam: Ok, there has to be hundreds of pictures here.

Jason: We need to look at every one.

Sam: Well, do you really think Faith actually kept a picture of where she's holding Kristina?

Jason: Well, the only way to know for sure is to check. Look at that.

Sam: Yeah, it's a park.

Jason: No, no, no, look at the bottom, the corner.

Sam: Yeah, yeah, I see two people.

Jason: Right there. I got to try to enlarge this.

Reese: What are you planning?

Sonny: You'll see.

Reese: Sonny, Iím the professional here.

Sonny: Yeah, right.

Reese: And I'm also objective. I won't make mistakes because my --

Sonny: I got it covered.

Reese: Emotions get in the way.

Sonny: I got it covered.

Reese: You're going to lose it with Faith. Now, just admit it, you need my help.

Justus: Hey, hey, get off me! I got feet of my own!

Reese: Ok.

Justus: Tell your guard dog here to stop mauling me.

Sonny: Thanks, Max.

Justus: I've already told Jason, I don't know where Faith is.

Sonny: I do. I do. And you're the key to getting my daughter back.

Skye: Lucky, do you know how much your father loves you? How deeply he's grieving? How hard he's trying to do what it is that you would want? I don't know. Maybe Lukeís right. Maybe you are gone. It'd be an act of mercy to let your body follow your spirit. But I don't want to see Luke live like that. I don't want to see him haunted by that moment of seeing his hand on that switch and wondering if he should've just given you one more chance to breathe; just one more chance to open your eyes. Oh, Lucky, please don't do that to your father. He needs you now. Lucky, if you can hear me, please come back. Do it now, please.

Luke: The only thing that would ever haunt me is knowing that I stood by and did nothing.

Jax: I know what's going on. Your childhood friend arrives and you're using it as an excuse to test me. That's why you suddenly want us to stay celibate until we tie the knot.

Courtney: Jax, Iím not testing you.

Jax: No, that's ok. You know, you want to make sure that Iím -- that Iím committed; that Iíll put up with any pre-wedding jitters. Well, I will, to a point. I love you, and I want to make love to you before and after the wedding. If you're honest, you'll admit that you want the same thing.

Courtney: Of course I do.

Jax: Well, good, then it's settled. Then it's settled. If you insist on having a roommate, I suggest spending a lot more time at my place.

Courtney: Ok. Sounds like a plan.

Jax: All right. Don't expect to see too much of your roommate. I'm onto you, Rachel.

Courtney: Keep your hands off my fiancť.

Sonny: Faith has Kristina. We're supposed to bring the ransom to an abandoned cemetery. You're the one person in the world Faith gives a damn about. I need you to help me get my daughter back.

Justus: I'll do whatever I can to help bring back Kristina.

Nikolas: Come here. Oh. I've missed you so much. Hi. You ok?

Emily: Uh, yeah, it's -- it's Lucky. The judge granted Lukeís petition to take him off life support.

Nikolas: Oh, he won't go through with it.

Emily: You didn't hear Luke. He honestly believes that he -- he'll be setting Lucky free.

Nikolas: Well, I'm sure he meant what he said at the time, but I think when he's actually standing over Lucky, watching him breathe --

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: I mean, he loves Lucky too much to give up. He won't turn off those machines.

Emily: I'm praying that you're right. I can't lose Lucky, too.

Nikolas: Hey.

Emily: I'm sorry.

Nikolas: For what? What's wrong?

Emily: For, uh -- for not holding up as well as I should. I've been trying not to fall apart, but sometimes it's -- sometimes it's really hard.

Nikolas: Come here.  Oh, I've missed you so much. I've been living for all of your letters. I think about you all the time, you know that?

Emily: I think about you, too.

Nikolas: Oh. It's ok. Please don't cry.

Emily: It's just been -- so awful. Worse than you know.

Nikolas: Yeah, I know. Let's not try and think about the past right now, ok, or the future. Let's just -- let's just be together in this moment right here and forget about the rest of the world. You know, kind of like the way we did the last time we were in this room --

Emily: Nikolas, the real world isn't going away.

Nikolas: Ok. Well, do you think we can imagine that it will, just for a --

Emily: No, we can't! Your brother could be dying. Luke could be taking him off life support, and you can't stop it because you're trapped here in prison. Nikolas, it's not fair! None of this is fair!

Nikolas: I know what's happened.

Justus: I don't see anything. What now?

John: Oh!

Michael: I win!

John: I'm getting better, though.

Michael: Eh. I'll give you some tips on how to get through the maze a lot faster.

John: Very tempting. But I did promise your mom that I would make sure you finished your homework, so off you go.

Michael: Oh, man.

John: Go on, go on. I'm here if you need me.

Michael: Ok.

[Knock on door]

John: You're late.

Luke: Well, cowboy, I know you're in there. You've just lost the trail, but I know you can find it back. You can find it back, because I'm here waiting for you. You know, first, maybe we should go back, you and I. Back before all the arguments and the anger and the disappointments. Back to when you and I were the best of friends. Back to when it was just me and you and your mom, living out on the road, on the run. Living by the rules. You remember the rules? You could recite them when you were 4 years old. Rule number one -- always be on the lookout because they'll never stop chasing us. Rule number two -- never hesitate. That gives them the upper hand. Rule number three -- when the alarm sounds, run. Don't look back. Just run as fast as you can. You remember wherever we were in the world; we always had another city, another city that we would get to if we got separated? And you were always told the route and how to get there. I remember the first time you sounded the alarm. You were 7 years old and we were in Istanbul, and you heard those guys talking near the Hagia Sophia, two men asking questions. You knew it wasn't right. You rushed to the rug salesman, but we had left, your mother and I. We'd gone somewhere. I don't remember where. And you followed the rules. You acted like a pro. You lit the lamp, you took the money from the nest egg, and you hopped a bus. 15 days alone, all the way to Seville. You stowed away on boats, you jumped trains, you hid in trucks, you avoided border guards, and conned tourists. And then you missed the train from Brindisi to Rome and you were eight hours late, and you knew the rule -- if you're late, you get left behind. Your mother and I were there at the Santa Justa terminal, waiting for you. And you didn't come. Those were the rules. You had to be left. Your mother begged me, but I sent her on ahead and I stayed. I stayed for eight hours, standing in the rain on that terminal, waiting for you. And when the train pulled in, you came running into my arms and you were a child for the first time in over two weeks, and we held each other so tight, neither one of us could breathe. And I told you then I will never leave you. I will never leave you behind -- not then, not now, not ever. Not ever. I'm not going to leave you behind now, pal. You're in there. And you're in danger. Run, Lucky. Run. I'm standing here in the rain and I'm waiting for you. Run to me. Run. Run.

[Monitor beeps]

Luke: ďOh, give me land lots of land under starry skies above don't fence me in let me ride through the wide-open country that I love don't fence me in let me sit by myself in the evenin' breeze listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees send me off forever but I ask you please don't fence me in.Ē Hear me talking to you, son? ďDon't fence me in.Ē  I'm here waiting for you, cowboy. ďDon't fence me.Ē

[Beeping stops]

Luke: Breathe. Breathe. Breathe, damn you. Breathe.

Nikolas: Look, I know how difficult it is for you to come up here and see me like this.

Emily: You're the one that has to deal with prison life day in and day out.

Nikolas: I know. And it's changing me, in ways that -- in ways that Iím not aware of, but I see that you notice it and it's making you distant, like you don't know me the way you used to know me.

Emily: No, Nikolas --

Nikolas: It's ok, it's ok.

Emily: It's not you. You're the same wonderful man that I married. I'm just -- I'm just so afraid.

Nikolas: Hey. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. I'm going to get out of here soon and we'll have our lives back. I promise. Promise. Hey.

Emily: Don't! Don't touch me! Just leave me alone!

Jason: It's Michael and Morgan.

Carly: Where are the boys?

John: They're gone. Where's my daughter?

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Nikolas: What did I do wrong?

Emily: Everything's changed. I can't be with you.

Nikolas: What?

Luke: You can do this.

Jason: Don't let Michael or Morgan out of your sight.

Carly: Michael and Morgan are already gone.

Sonny: We had one lead to find Kristina, now it's gone.

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