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General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/18/05

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Courtney: Why were you talking to the district attorney?

Rachel: I'm new in town; I want to meet new people.

Courtney: Oh, bull. You knew exactly who Ric was when you approached him.

Rachel: Don't worry. Our conversation had nothing to do with you killing A.J. -- this time.

Steven: I've got enough dramas going on in my life right now, Elizabeth, and I don't need another.

Elizabeth: Sometimes the past repeats itself and maybe you and Rachel aren't as over as you think.

Steven: Rachel and I grew apart. That's all there is to it.

Elizabeth: But you still have feelings for her.

Steven: You're reading way too much into this. I haven't talked to Rachel in years, and all of a sudden she shows up with a job at the same hospital? It freaked me out; it threw me.

Elizabeth: Hmm.

John: Rachel is here, huh? The Rachel?

Alexis: Is it really necessary for me to stay in this wheelchair? I think I could release a lot more stress if I could get up and pace.

Nurse: Another nurse will meet you upstairs.

Alexis: Thank you.

Carly: Hold the elevator.

Alexis: Carly, there will be another elevator -- never mind.

Carly: Well, I'm in a hurry. They have the slowest elevators in the world. Oh.

Alexis: Oh, God. Not again! This can't happen.

Carly: It's all right; it's all right, all right. Let's just call for help and -- do me a favor -- just don't tell me any deep, dark secrets while we're in here, ok?

Alexis: I probably shouldn't talk to you at all. The doctor said I'm supposed to avoid any more stress.

Carly: I'm probably supposed to ask why.

Alexis: I'm pregnant.

Ric: So let me guess -- the feds didn't find out anything, so the two of you are going to run off and find Kristina on your own, huh? I may have a lead for you.

Sonny: Open up!

Kristina: Daddy? Daddy.

Sonny: Hey. Hey -- she can hear me. Kristina?

Reese: She's on webcam. That means she's all right

Kristina: Daddy.

Sonny: Daddy's going to come get you, ok? Ok. I'm going to bring you home, all right? All you got --

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hello.

Faith: You've got your proof -- live coverage of Kristina happy and healthy, for the moment.

[Altered voice] Now get rid of the fed or you'll never see your daughter again.

Sonny: Don't threaten my daughter.

Faith: Negotiations won't continue until we're alone. Don't test me.

Sonny: Wait, hey. Tell me where I got to go and I'll be there. Damn it!

Reese: She'll call back with instructions. Did you recognize the voice?

Sonny: It was distorted.

Reese: Well, at least we know Kristinaís ok.

Sonny: Leave. Don't come back.

Reese: Sonny, that's not a good idea.

Sonny: They want my daughter. They want me alone.

Reese: I'm an F.B.I. agent. I can't just walk away.

Sonny: I'm Kristinaís father. It's my call.

Reese: And that's what makes you too emotional. Once you calm down, you'll --

Sonny: It's not up for debate! Go!

Reese: We'll do this your way.

Sonny: That's right. We'll do it my way.

Reese: This has become personal for me, too, Sonny. I'm really worried about you.

Sonny: All that matters is getting my daughter back.

Reese: Well, you'll get Kristina back and we'll all go on with our lives. Ok? I'll be close.

Sonny: She's gone. Agent Marshallís going to keep her distance. Now, you need to tell me what I got to do to get my daughter back. I did what you asked. You call me. I want my daughter.

Ric: They're fairly certain the kidnapper is a woman. Now, the woman who is motivated to hurt Sonny, me, and Alexis the most and who is capable of kidnapping a child is Faith Rosco. Now, Iíve done some checking and I have come up with a lead. Jason, I know that you don't normally work with authorities or with the police --

Jason: No, Ric, no way. No deal. No, Ric.

Ric: Do you have any idea where Faith might be? She's been gone for months. I have valuable information that could save you time.

Jason: This is a setup.

Ric: I would never risk Kristinaís safety. Now, the five families are meeting tonight. Now, I can't get into that meeting, but you can.

Alexis: I'm sorry. I can't help it.

Carly: It's ok. I assume Ricís the father.

Alexis: Yes.

Carly: Is that why you're so upset?

Alexis: The doctor said that I have to stay here or otherwise, I'm going to lose this baby!

Carly: Ok, well, then, just stay here.

Alexis: But if I don't get up, I can't -- I can't try to save my daughter!

Carly: Alexis, listen -- there are plenty of qualified people out there doing everything they can to find Kristina. All right? You need to do what you can and you need to take care of yourself and this new baby.

John: As I understand it, Rachel had a crush on Steven from the first time they met.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, I can see why.

John: Oh, sure. A couple of young doctors surviving their residency together.

Elizabeth: You seem to know an awful lot about this.

John: Oh, Stevenís told me a little bit about his misspent youth. Right, doc?

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, all I know is that from all the emails you seemed pretty serious about her.

Steven: Ok, look, whatever Rachel and I had, whatever the relationship was, it ended years ago. Could we just leave it at that, please?

Elizabeth: I guess. But obviously, there's more to the story, so when you're ready to fill me in, you find me.

John: Ooh, I'll say there's more. You and Rachel botch up an operation; she takes the blame for it. So why do you think she's shown up in Port Charles, doc?

Courtney: What you're asking is impossible. I would never kill anyone.

Rachel: After everything I did for you.

Courtney: Oh, stop it. Listen to me -- I never asked you to kill A.J.

Rachel: We've been over this. You told me on the plane from the Bahamas that you wanted A.J. dead.

Courtney: I was just venting. I was upset.

Rachel: And I helped you. Look, A.J. was trying to ruin your life and I got rid of him, and now all I'm asking is that you do the same thing for me.

Courtney: You are asking me to kill Steven Webber. It's just not rational, ok? People don't casually commit murder because someone hurt them.

Rachel: There's nothing casual about it. Steven deserves to die for what he did to me.

Courtney: Whatever happened with you and Steven is in the past, ok? Look, it looks like you're doing really great now. You're a doctor. You have a great career. I'm sure men are interested in you all the time.

Rachel: What does this have to do with you killing my ex?

Courtney: You need to move on, ok? You are successful. Why don't you try and enjoy that instead of living in the past?

Rachel: You're right. You know what? Things are going pretty good for me. I mean, I'm working in pediatrics, I moved to this lovely new city, Iím making new friends. I have almost everything.

Courtney: Almost?

Rachel: I still need a place to stay, so I'm moving in with you.

Ric: Look, the families still want revenge on Faith for the hit that she put out on their leaders on Halloween of 2003. If there's even the slightest possibility that she is back in the country, they will know about it.

Sam: So Jason is just supposed to walk in there and ask how to find Faith, assuming that she's even the kidnapper?

Ric: It's a start. Look, I can send police investigators in there, but the five families are not going to talk to them. They may talk to you, Jason. Look, Jason, I know you don't like me and I'm none too crazy about you, but this is about Kristina. She is the one that matters here.

Jason: Where is the meeting?

Ric: The old foundry warehouse on Vista Avenue.

Sam: You'll keep the police away?

Ric: Absolutely. Jason, you do whatever you have to do to get Kristina back.

 [Phone rings]

Sonny: It's about time.

Faith: [Altered voice] You don't give the orders. But it was a nice gesture of cooperation getting rid of the fed.

Sonny: I want my daughter. What do I do next?

Faith: [Normal voice] Bring my money to the alley behind Malloyís Tire Store. Place it in the green dumpster. You have seven minutes. Go.

Alexis: I'm tired and I'm scared and I don't know that I have what it takes to carry this baby to full term.

Carly: Look, you never gave up on Kristina. You're not going to give up on this baby, either. You have reserves of strength that you haven't even tapped into. You use those to fight for both of your kids.

Alexis: I don't know if I know what to do.

Carly: Well, we're saved. We're moving again.

Alexis: Carly? Thank you.

Carly: You're welcome.

Ric: What the hell is going on?

Rachel: This is perfect. I'll move my stuff in tonight.

Courtney: Jax is coming over. He's staying with me, so --

Rachel: Well, it's perfect. I'll be like a big slumber party.

Courtney: Ok, look, Rachel, I am engaged. How am I going to explain the sudden decision to have a roommate? I mean, Jax already thinks that I overextend myself help people.

Rachel: Yeah, and that's what he loves about you.

Courtney: Jax is smart. He is going to know something isn't right.

Rachel: Then get creative.

Courtney: Ok, you know, connection. I mean, if Steven turns up dead right after you move in with me, the cops are going to know that you were involved.

Rachel: Let me worry about that.

Courtney: I can't go through with this, Rachel.

Rachel: I have the murder weapon that killed A.J., and your fingerprints are all over it. That means you will.

Courtney: Where are you going?

Rachel: Human resources. I got to give them my new address. See you later, roomie.

Steven: Rachel's here for a job.

John: Oh, you think the fact that she paid for your mistake, what, just slipped her mind?

Steven: What happened was an accident.

John: Yeah, or maybe the result of incompetence. Now, nobody really knows your part in it for sure, do they, because you let Rachel take the blame? Now, that's either love or stupidity.

Steven: Why are you pressing this?

John: You need to face the facts, doc -- Rachel jeopardized her career to save yours.

Steven: I never asked her to lie.

John: Yeah, but you never really stopped her either, did you? All you had to do is explain, but you let your ambition get in the way. You knew that it would take years to get over a controversy like that, so you let it tarnish the promising career of another young doctor whose only true crime was to fall in love with someone too selfish to be responsible.

Steven: Are you trying to blackmail me?

John: For what?

Steven: Because you want to nail Sonny and because you want to nail Sonny while keeping your name out of it.

Rachel: Hello, Steven.

Steven: Rachel, meet John Durant.

Rachel: Rachel Adair. I am an old friend of Stevenís and a new doctor at G.H.

John: Ah. Well, congratulations. Very nice to meet you, Rachel. Oh, doc and I have a little bit of history ourselves.

Rachel: Oh, I bet it's not as interesting as ours.

John: Hmm, maybe time will tell. Doc does a little forensics work for me.

Rachel: Hmm?

John: I'm a federal prosecutor.

Rachel: I'm impressed.

John: Anyway, I would imagine you two have a lot of catching up to do, so if you'll excuse me. Rachel, very nice to meet you, and, doc, I'll see you around the block.

Steven: Bye, John.

Rachel: Well, you have impressive friends. And you work with the Justice Department?

Steven: I'm just a consultant, that's all.

Rachel: Oh, don't be modest. You've obviously made a really good life for yourself.

Luke: What do you think the chances are that the judge will allow me to take Lucky off the life-support machine?

Man: I can't guarantee a win, but you'll have an opportunity to make your case.

Skye: Bobbie's bringing Lulu by to see you.

Luke: Yes. I told her Iíd take her in to see him.

Lesley Lu: Hi, Daddy.

Luke: Hello, pumpkin. Hi, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Hi.

Lesley Lu: Is Lucky still sleeping?

Luke: Yes. He is. But we can go in and see him.

Lesley Lu: Will I wake him up?

Luke: I don't know, sweetheart. Let's go in and talk to him.

Lesley Lu: Doesn't that tube hurt his throat?

Luke: No. Don't worry, sweet pea. I talked to the doctors and they say that it doesn't.

Bobbie: Let's hope this works.

Skye: It has to.

Jax: Well, hello to you, too.

Courtney: Thank you for meeting me.

Jax: You sounded stressed. Is there anything you need?

Courtney: I want you to take me away.

Jax: Away?

Courtney: Yes, yes, yes. Like we used to, you know? I mean, we could -- we could go to Spain for breakfast or Rome -- I don't care.

Jax: What about Sydney?

Courtney: I don't care; I don't care, as long as it's a place where -- where we can elope.

Lesley Lu: Do you think Lucky's dreaming?

Luke: Sure, pumpkin. I think he's dreaming about his beautiful little sister.

Lesley Lu: And Nikolas, too.

Luke: And Mom and all the good times.

Lesley Lu: Maybe if I give him a kiss he'll wake up right now.

Luke: Well, maybe he will. Why don't we give it a try?

Lesley Lu: Lucky, you have to wake up soon because winter's almost over and we haven't been ice fishing once. Lucky?

Luke: I think maybe he's still too tired to wake up, sweet pea. Let's -- let's give him a little more time, shall we?

Lesley Lu: Ok.

Bobbie: You know, Lulu, we have to go, but we can come back and see Lucky again real soon.

Lesley Lu: Ok.

Skye: Oh, Lulu, you were so good with your brother.

Bobbie: I'm -- Iím going to that hearing tonight.

Luke: Barbara, please donít.

Bobbie: I'm Lucky's aunt and I'm going to fight for him, even if it means fighting against you.

Skye: Lulu said you promised to take her to Kellyís for some ice cream.

Bobbie: You bet, and that's exactly where we're going.

Lesley Lu: Bye, Daddy. Take care of Lucky for me.

Luke: I always will, sweetheart. That's what daddies do. Bye-bye.

Skye: Lulu really believes that Lucky can recover. Maybe you can, too?

Ric: Are you? Huh?

Alexis: I'm ok.

Ric: Do you want me to get the doctor?

Alexis: No, I'm fine.

Ric: You sure?

Alexis: Carly didn't upset me in there. Actually, she was trying to help.

Ric: You were crying.

Alexis: I'm ok. I'm going to have to be.

Ric: Well, you got help.

Carly: Any news on Kristina?

Ric: No, but I -- I talked to Jason and I gave him a couple of leads. We should have some information soon.

Carly: You're working with Jason now?

Ric: I don't think this is a time to let old grudges get in our way.

Carly: You mean that you don't mind using Jason when it suits you?

Ric: I'm willing to do anything in order to get Kristina back.

Alexis: What was the lead?

Ric: I can't give you the details, but we think Faith has Kristina.

Alexis: Faith? My -- that woman is a sociopath.

Ric: Please, please, your blood pressure's going to go up.

Alexis: I warned him that he would make her a target, but he wouldn't listen to me.

Carly: Faith has as much reason to hate the two of you as she does Sonny. Maybe this is to get back at all of you.

Man: The situation doesn't seem to be improving. In fact, the feds are getting to be a bigger problem.

Second man: Morgan?

First man: The Corinthos Organization wasn't invited to this meeting.

Jason: Faith Rosco has Sonny's daughter. If you know where she is, you better tell me.

Man: You're in no position to issue ultimatums.

Second man: Hey, do you believe this guy?

First man: It's five against one, and I got guards outside.

Sam: Not anymore.

Alexis: Kristina was taken because her father is a criminal who insisted on announcing to the world that she was his daughter.

Ric: Shh, take a breath.

Carly: Yeah, you should. Didn't you just tell me you needed to stay calm for your child?

Ric: Look, you know that she's pregnant, all right? She shouldn't be provoked. Dr. Meadows said that she --

Carly: She needs to stay calm, I know. Didn't I just tell her that, as well? But here she is trying to blame Sonny for Faith taking Kristina when we don't even know if that's what happened.

Alexis: She had plenty of motive.

Ric: Look, when Faith was sent to prison, the Pentonville guards dragged her out of there kicking and screaming. She blamed -- she blamed me, Alexis, and Sonny for sending her to prison.

Alexis: She said that she was going to come and take everything that we loved.

Ric: Look, Faith escaped from prison months ago. She's probably lying on a beach somewhere.

Alexis: Or not.

Ric: Look, I agree that Faith is a likely suspect, but let's not jump to the worst-case scenario here. We don't know who the kidnapper is or what they really want.

Jason: Just keep your hands where I can see them. Sit down.  Where's Faith?

Man: If we knew where Faith was, she'd be dead. The families have been looking for her ever since she broke out of Pentonville. You know, it took us a long time to get over Faith's massacre, all of us. We lost brothers, cousins, sons.

Jason: So why didn't you take her out?

Man: She got involved with Sonny's lawyer. We don't want trouble with Mr. Corinthos.

Jason: You talking about Justus Ward?

Man: Yeah, that's the guy. Want to find Faith? I suggest you talk to him.

Jax: I want to marry you, too, Courtney.

Courtney: Ok, then let's do it, tonight.

Jax: But what about the wedding we've planned?

Courtney: Oh, Jax, things go wrong with weddings all the time. You know, the reception gets rained on or someone stands up when the priest asks if anyone objects to the union.

Jax: So we'll have it indoors and we'll cut that part of the vows.

Courtney: Ok, but I'm just -- I'm so tired of the unexpected.

Jax: You mean like A.J. revealing that you're still legally married?

Courtney: And now A.J.'s dead and I'm a suspect.

Jax: Well, you don't have to worry about that. You didn't do it.

Courtney: Then marry me, today. Come on. I mean, we're not doing it for the party or the spectacle. I love you, I do, and the only person I need at our wedding is you.

Jax: Listen, this isn't a good time, ok? There are legal complications. You know, the police might think that if we get married that we're trying to cover up A.J.ís murder, you know, so I can't testify against you. I don't want to taint our vows. When we pledge our lives to each other, I want it to be about nothing but love.

Courtney: Ok, look, I know what Iím suggesting must sound impulsive. Come on.

Jax: Listen, in a week, you'll be cleared of A.J.ís murder charges and we can have the wedding that we planned on.

Courtney: Ok. All right, if it's that important to you.

Jax: It is. Unless there's some other reason why you want to run off and elope.

Courtney: Jax, I just don't want to lose you.

Jax: You're not going to lose me. I love you, remember?

Courtney: You're the best thing in my life. You are.

Elizabeth: I am still a student nurse, but I have already seen the miracles that can happen in hospitals; things that cannot be explained by science. People defy the doctors' expectations all the time, and I believe that Lucky is one of those people. He has the most amazing passion for life and he's struggling right now to get back to us. We have to give him a chance. We need to believe in him. That's all I have to say.

Judge: Thank you, Ms. Webber. You may step down.

Elizabeth: Oh, I just hope it was enough.

Judge: Are there any further witnesses?

Emily: Your honor? My husband, Nikolas Cassadine, is Lucky's brother. He couldn't be here, but he asked me to read this statement.

Judge: I'll allow it.

Emily: The letter isn't addressed to the court. It's to Lucky's father. "Luke, through all the years Iíve known you, I could count on two things -- the fact that you'd always love my mother and that you would do anything for your kids. Even when you were at odds, you always had Lucky's back. Now it's my turn to protect my brother. Lucky is the best man I know. Don't give up on him. At some point, Lucky's placed his faith in all of us when we didn't deserve it. You have an opportunity to show that same faith back. Please don't end my brother's life. We all need Lucky, and you most of all."

Judge: Thank you, Mrs. Cassadine.

Lesley: Thank you.

Emily: No, I didn't do anything. That letter was from Nikolas.

Bobbie: In some ways, I think that letter was from all of us.

Judge: That concludes the testimony in favor of keeping Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. on life-support. Now, Mr. Spencer, I'll hear your reasons for wanting the right to terminate your son's life.

Luke: Your honor, I want to make this very clear. I do not want to terminate my son's life. But if he goes on like this, will he be living? Is this life? Everyone who spoke argued that I should let this continue. Until when? How much time are you willing to give out of your own lives and devote to Lucky? Will you, Elizabeth and you, Emily, and Nikolas be there to hold his hand every day, every other day, and in the middle of the night? Will you hold him? Will you try to keep him warm as he's shivering with cold? Where will all of you be in six months or a year, if he lasts that long? Your honor, these people are here to condemn me and force my son to serve the sentence. You're not here for Lucky. You're here for yourselves, and you disgust me! Because in the end, none of you will be there for him if this goes on and on and on. I will. Your honor, if I thought waiting a year or 10 years or the rest of my life would bring my son back, I wouldn't be here today. I believe he has a chance if we shock his body into realizing he's in danger. In that moment, he'll either do what I taught him and survive, or he'll die. I know it's a one-in-a-million shot, but it's a hell of a lot more likely to work than just sitting around and watching him waste away. I want my son to live. Oh, God, I want my son to live. And I think there may be a chance if we act before his body forgets how to function without machines. Your honor, as his father, I cannot allow him to become a hopeless, helpless victim in order to ease their consciences. I'm asking you to decide, based not on what's right for them or me or even the law. I'm asking you to give Lucky the choice. Give him a chance to be free.

Rachel: Hey, roomie. I'm just going to leave my stuff in here for now. Oh, and, by the way, Iím going to need a copy of the key.

Courtney: No, you are not doing this, Rachel. No.

Rachel: It's already done.

Courtney: No, you need to go back to your hotel, rent an apartment, a studio -- I don't care. You are not unpacking here.

Rachel: You know, you're going to have to change your attitude, because this living situation isn't going to work unless --

Courtney: There is no living situation. This is my home and you are trespassing.

Rachel: Friends don't trespass.

Courtney: We are not friends, Rachel!

Rachel: Then what would you call two women who would kill for each other?

Courtney: Ok, you -- you're sick. You cannot honestly think that you are going to move in here and we're going to spend our nights planning Stevenís murder.

Rachel: Courtney, I like you. I have liked you from the minute I met you on that plane from the Bahamas. I just -- I want us to get to know each other. I want to be best friends.

Courtney: I already have one.

Rachel: Not like me. Come on, you're getting married. I can be there every step of the way.

Courtney: I don't want you anywhere near my wedding or my relationship with Jax.

Rachel: What about all that time we spent together in Atlantic City growing up? I'm going to be your maid of honor.

Courtney: No. I want you out of here by the time I get back.

Steven: I was asked to give you this.

Alexis: I didn't know you had time to make deliveries.

Steven: Well, I made an exception when I heard the happy news. Congratulations on your new baby.

Alexis: Thank you.

Steven: Yeah.

Ric: Hey. What do you got there?

Alexis: I take it this is from you?

Ric: I wanted to surprise you. I wanted to watch you open it alone so I could see whether you liked it or not. I just don't have the willpower to stay away.

Alexis: I'm sure that I'll love it.

Ric: Well, I don't know about that. You have definite ideas about what you like and you don't like.

Alexis: I'm not always right. I didn't like you at first, and now I can't seem to do without you.

Ric: You're a wonderful woman, Alexis. You're beautiful and you're brave, and you are Kristinaís world. But you matter to a whole lot of other people, including me. And I just want you to know that.

Alexis: Thank you.

Ric: Open the box, come on.  Hey, you gave me a baby. I owed you my heart. No, no. Don't say anything, ok? Just stop thinking and love me back.

Jason: Justus, we need to talk about Faith. Sonny believes she took Kristina.

Justus: I'll tell you what I told Agent Marshall -- I haven't seen or heard from Faith since she escaped from prison.

Jason: Ok, now, you're sure about that? Because this isn't business as usual.

Justus: You think I don't know that?

Sam: Wait a minute, wait a minute, Justus. Listen, I used to hole up in a lot of strange places when I was running cons. Maybe there was someplace that you took Faith when you were helping her hide, a place that she could keep a small child. Look, she felt safe with you, and if she felt like her walls were closing in, she would want to be someplace that you took her.

Justus: There was this one place.

Sonny: Hey -- you got your money! Where's my daughter?

Man: I was just looking for food.

Sonny: Don't lie to me!

Man: I was just looking for food!

Sonny: All right, it's all right. It's ok. Here. Take this, don't come back, ok?

Man: Oh, thanks.

Judge: Before hearing testimony today, I reviewed the medical evidence of this case and the precedents that relate to it. I've talked to Lucky Spencerís doctors and consulted other experts on his condition. They all say the same thing -- there is minimal hope for even a partial recovery. So, it falls to me to decide whether to grant Mr. Spencer's petition to remove his son's life-support. It's a serious matter; one no one should be comfortable making. There's been compelling statements on both sides, but ultimately, I have to adhere to what I perceive to be Lucky Spencerís wishes. Therefore, Mr. Spencer, I'm granting your petition. This court grants you the right to turn off your son's life-support whenever you choose to do so.

Emily: They can't do this.

Elizabeth: It's too soon.

Judge: Mr. Spencer, I offer you and all of Lucky's friends and family my deepest sympathy.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Court is adjourned.

Carly: Ok, Michael, you be good for Leticia and give Morgan a kiss for me, and Iíll see you when I get home. Bye. Courtney? Courtney? My God, what happened?

 [Knock on door]

Jax: I come bearing gifts.

Sonny: What the hell do you want?

Man: I'm here to take you to your daughter.

Sonny: The cash is in the dumpster.

Man: Somebody else will get that.

Sonny: I'm supposed to trust you on that?

Man: If the money's in there, we got no reason to keep the girl. Come on. Let's go.

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Jax: What are you doing here?

Rachel: I live here.

Sam: There's no kid, let's go.

Jason: Sam, don't move.

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