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General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/16/05

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Alexis: Have you heard anything?

Ric: No, not yet.

Alexis: Agent Marshall didn't contact you?

Ric: She will when she has news. How'd you sleep?

Alexis: I didn't sleep. I can't sleep. I can't believe I'm in the middle of this nightmare. I'm pregnant?

Ric: Yeah, it's a lot to process.

Dr. Meadows: Good morning to both of you.

Ric: Good morning.

Dr. Meadows: I'm glad you're here.

Alexis: Why?

Dr. Meadows: There's something wrong with the pregnancy.

Sonny: Somebody tipped off the cops.

Sam: What happened, exactly?

Sonny: Max -- he dropped me off at the park, right? I was alone in the gazebo. A cell phone rang. It was a woman.

Jason: Was it Faith?

Sonny: Maybe. She said that the park was crawling with cops and that I'll never see my daughter again.

Jason: Now, who else knew about the meeting?

Sonny: Ric. I trusted him. Now Kristinaís in worse danger.

Jason: We got to go.

Sam: No! What are you doing? No.

Reese: The cell phone was there. This whole area is your point of reference. Fan out in concentric circles. The kidnapper was probably watching Corinthos, so look for any points of surveillance, because that's where you'll find your key evidence. And our research indicates the kidnapper is a woman, so let's find her.

John: You blew it last night.

Reese: Morning. Lovely to see you, as always.

John: Maybe I can help you redeem yourself.

 [Phone rings]

Courtney: Hello.

Rachel: Hi, Courtney. It's Rachel. I was just calling to check up on our project.

Courtney: We don't have a project.

Rachel: So were you planning on stabbing Steven like A.J. was stabbed, or did you want to shoot him?

Skye: I've been thinking about the memorial.

Edward: You all know that Skye has agreed to speak?

Emily: That's fine.

Tracy: No, it's not.

Skye: I loved A.J. I considered him to be my brother. But I didn't grow up with him, and I knew him for such a short time of his life, I was thinking that -- well, Alan and Monica should do the tribute.

Alan: We have no right to speak well of A.J. now that he's dead, since we failed him so miserably when he was alive.

Alexis: What's the problem?

Dr. Meadows: I imagine it's been an emotional roller coaster, and that's why your blood pressure's so high. It's worse than the last time.

Ric: Hmm.

Alexis: When I get my daughter back and she's safe, I'll be able to take better care of myself, and I will.

Dr. Meadows: I don't have to remind you that the greatest risk of miscarriage is now, in the first trimester.

Alexis: I understand.

Dr. Meadows: I will keep Kristina in my thoughts and prayers and both of you, too.

Alexis: Thank you.

Dr. Meadows: And if you have any concerns at all, please contact me.

Ric: Thank you, doctor. We will.

Sam: Hey, you can't leave the hospital.

Jason: We've wasted too much time.

Sam: If you collapse again, you will slow the investigation down, Jason.

Sonny: She's right.

Jason: Sonny, if Faith is, you know, the kidnapper, she's not going to hurt Kristina. Kristina's her leverage.

Sonny: I hope you're right.

Jason: Look, we just -- we need to call Stan, make a list of contacts --

Sonny: Jason, Iím going to handle it, ok? You need to get better. At least you have Sam here to take care of you.

Jason: Sonny, what are you going to do?

Sonny: I'm going to find out every lead I can on Faith. I'm going to get some distance from the feds. I should have thrown that agent out the minute she showed up.

John: What were you thinking, bringing the police in here when the father was going to a meeting with the kidnapper?

Reese: The statistics are on my side.

John: Yeah, well, the statistics don't apply here. This wasn't a kidnapping for ransom. This is somebody who has a personal grudge against Sonny Corinthos. Flooding this park with police investigators was a tactical error. Now, the best way to redeem yourself is to focus on making a RICO case against Sonny.

Reese: Sonny Corinthos is not my assignment.

John: You botched your assignment, Agent Marshall. Catching Corinthos may be the only way that you have left to salvage what's left of your career, not that I got a lot of faith in you. How many days have you spent in his house now? What do you got to show for it?

Reese: I obtain my evidence in accordance with the law, less chance of getting suspended that way but, hey, that's just me.

John: I'm a bad enemy, Agent Marshall. Push me too hard and I will damn well make sure that you lose your badge. Are we clear?

Reese: It's my job to investigate. It's your job to prosecute. Back off. Are we clear?

Courtney: Don't call me again, ever.

Rachel: Well, that's no way to talk to your partner. After all, we have a deal.

Courtney: No, we don't. Bye.

Rachel: If you hang up the phone, I will go to the police. Now, I don't like to make threats, but I will turn you in.

Courtney: I didn't do anything.

Rachel: You're the prime suspect, as they say. And when they find the murder weapon with your fingerprints all over it, well --

Courtney: Well, I'll just tell the police that you put them there. You framed me.

Rachel: You already admitted that you had excellent motive to kill A.J. The commissioner's going to have to look into that, and when he does, he'll see that all the evidence points to you.

Courtney: Why are you doing this?

Rachel: I'm just trying to be supportive.

Courtney: You're insane.

Rachel: What's wrong with two women trying to make the most of their lives?

[Knock on door]

Courtney: Someone's at the door.

Rachel: I'll call you back.

Jax: What took you so long? You ok?

Courtney: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jax: You sure you want to do this?

Alan: Hey, look at us -- the Quartermaines, all gathered together, a united front, a family ready to say goodbye to one of its own. What a farce. We shut A.J. out of this family the day he was born.

Edward: The boy had every opportunity --

Alan: Don't you dare belittle or criticize him. Not today.

Monica: Could we just get through this memorial, please?

Tracy: Alan, I agree.

Alan: If not for the people in this room, A.J. would be safe living here in Port Charles, running a company, raising his son.

Ned: Alan, A.J.'s death is a terrible tragedy. But the way he lived his life was his own choice. Now, there's no question that we were too hard on him, but he was equally hard on us.

Alan: Why did you always call him "junior," "the vice president in charge of paper clips"? Do you realize how much you hurt him?

Ned: And would you like me to give you a list of all the ways he undermined me?

Alan: No, don't bother doing that. You see, kicking A.J. around was the one sport that this family totally agreed on. I mean, after all, we knew that A.J. was a loser, a whiner, a waste of time. That is, everybody except Emily, who always saw the best in him.

Emily: So did you.

Monica: Could we please not do this?

Alan: He wanted my best when he asked me to help him get Michael back. I failed him. We all failed him. We let Sonny Corinthos come into this house and just take Michael away. We didn't present the united front. We didn't do anything. For God's sake, Sonny Corinthos is a career criminal. He wasn't related to Michael. He had no rights to him whatsoever. But what the hell did we care? This was A.J. Who's going to bother with his son?

Monica: That isn't fair.

Lois: Alan, Brookie couldn't be with Ned because I didn't want her spending her earlier years here either.

Alan: Ned didn't lose custody. A.J. did. We didn't care. You see, for all of A.J.'s sins, the one fault that he could never overcome was the fact that he wasn't Jason. And that cost him his son, his family, and eventually his life.

Monica: Damn it, Alan, I don't need this!

Emily: Dad, go after her.

Alan: No. She'll settle down in time for the memorial. We all will, because we're Quartermaines and we can take it. And if we can't, you could always lay down on the floor of a hotel room and bleed to death!

Emily: I'm going after her. I'll meet you at the church.

Edward: I'm only glad Lila wasn't here for this.

Tracy: If I could bully him in that door, I would.

Alan: I know you would, but you canít. He's not coming home again.

Tracy: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Jax: Why put yourself through the emotional wear and tear of attending A.J.ís memorial? Why don't we just -- why don't we just stay here? We'll have a glass of champagne, we'll say goodbye to A.J., and move on.

Courtney: No, I want to say goodbye to A.J. in public to prove to everyone that I have nothing to hide.

Jax: What about the Quartermaines? I mean, Alan already thinks that you did it.

Courtney: Monica doesn't, and neither does Dillon.

Jax: They're the Quartermaines. They'll stick together when it counts. Look, they may have despised A.J. in life, but they'll rally to his cause now that he's dead. You're an easy target for their grief.

Courtney: I'm not afraid of the Quartermaines, Jax, Iím not, and I'm not afraid of A.J. anymore.

Jax: Yeah, I know, but why make an issue of it?

Courtney: Jax, A.J. used me, ok? He humiliated me and terrorized me, and just when I thought that I was free of him, he found a way to hold on and try and ruin the new life I built for myself. Well, A.J. failed, ok, and I need everyone to understand that I survived.

Jax: Well, isn't that a little in your face?

Courtney: Look, if A.J. died of a heart attack or something, I'd be going to his memorial. Why shouldn't I now? I had nothing to do with his death.

Jax: Ok, ok, you're determined to do this. Ok.

Courtney: Look, we can come back here for champagne afterwards.

Jax: It's an excellent plan.

Jason: Sam, Sonny needs my help.

Sam: Pushing yourself won't help anyone.

Jason: If Faith is the kidnapper, this just got a whole lot worse --

Sam: Faith is not going to destroy her leverage, just like you told Sonny, Jason.

Jason: Sam, don't -- I need to get out of here as soon as possible. Just help me -- help me stand.

Sam: No. Are you crazy?

Jason: I'm going to get better if I can just, you know, walk around a little bit.

Sam: All right. All right. I'll help you out of bed. We'll see what happens. But the first time you pass out, that's it, all right? It's back to bed after that.

Jason: Only if you're with me.

Ric: Hey. What happened last night?

Sonny: You know what happened.

Ric: Did you go to the park?

Sonny: What, F.B.I. didnít give you a copy of the report? After all, you're the one who told them when and where I was meeting with the kidnapper.

Ric: I didn't tell Agent Marshall anything about the meeting.

Sonny: Don't lie to me.

Ric: I'm not lying. Sonny, why would I lie? We made an agreement. The kidnapper specifically said no cops. Why would I risk Kristinaís life?

Sonny: Because you wanted to play hero. You wanted to show Alexis that you could save Kristina when I couldn't keep her safe. What did you think was going to happen? They were going to arrest the kidnapper first and me second?

Ric: Sonny, I did not tell anyone.

Sonny: The kidnapper said that I would never see my daughter again, Ric. Anything happens to my daughter, it's on your head.

Ric: Sonny, I did not tell the feds anything about you meeting with the kidnappers. The information came from somebody else.

Elizabeth: Alexis, are you ok? Why did you call the nurses' station?

Alexis: Elizabeth, have you seen Agent Marshall around here at all?

Elizabeth: No, no, I havenít.

Alexis: I need to talk to her and find out what she's doing to find my daughter. I thought they were getting close to a break, and I haven't heard from her.

Elizabeth: Alexis, I am so sorry. I know you must be out of your mind with worry --

Alexis: Sonny met the kidnapper in the park last night, and Agent Marshall sent the F.B.I. in for a stakeout, and I need to know what happened.

Reese: I've been assigned to recover Kristina and arrest the kidnapper, not build a case against Kristinaís father.

John: Are you protecting Sonny?

Reese: I am trying to save a little girl. It's vital I have the cooperation of the parents, and given what happened here last night, Sonny may never trust me. But if, by some miracle, he does and shares private information with me, I'm not going to use that against him.

John: Even if you find evidence of criminal activity?

Reese: It's beyond the scope of this investigation.

John: Are you sleeping with him already?

Reese: What kind of question is that?

John: Women find Sonny Corinthos irresistible, women who know better, women who feel terrible afterward. They compromise their jobs, their principles. They put their lives on the line. Have you already joined their club?

Reese: My relationship with Mr. Corinthos is limited to the scope of this investigation.

John: I wonder if your superiors feel the same way.

Carly: Are you discussing Sonny?

Jason: Hmm.

Sam: Easy.

Jason: Oh. I'm starting to feel a little better.

Sam: Oh, yeah? You look like you're about to collapse to me.

Emily: Oh, Jase. You're up and around. That's great.

Sam: He's not supposed to be.

Emily: Well, I'm glad you are. Has Mom been here?

Jason: No. Did something happen?

Emily: A.J.'s memorial is today. Dad lost it at the house. Mom practically ran out. I thought that she might be here.

Jason: I haven't seen her.

Emily: Everybody's blaming themselves for what happened to A.J. It's really bad.

Sam: I'm going to go on a coffee run.

Emily: No, Sam, you don't have to leave.

Sam: Please make sure he sits. He shouldn't be standing.

Emily: Listen, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to barge in like that. How are you doing?

Jason: A little better.

Emily: Mom told me that -- that you had a serious infection after you got shot. And, Jase, you have to be more careful. I don't know what I would do if I lost you on top of everything else, and I know that that sounds really selfish and whiney, but right now I don't care. I need to know that one person I love is going to be ok.

Jason: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I scared you.

Emily: Listen to me, yelling at you. I'm a mess.

Jason: You're taking care of everyone except for yourself, as usual.

Emily: Oh, God. I'm going to be ok after -- after A.J.'s memorial. But when I think of him lying alone on that floor, bleeding, he must have known what happened, right Jase, and who attacked him. Do you think he fought back?

Jason: I don't know.

Emily: I hope he did. I guess it doesn't matter anyway. He just ended up alone and terrified and powerless.

Jason: Are you ok?

Emily: Yeah. Listen, I've got to get going, but I hope that you're feeling better.

Sam: Hey.

Emily: Hey.

Sam: Is she all right?

Jason: I'm not sure. But I need your help with something.

 [Organ plays]

Alan: I knew Monica would be here.

Tracy: Be nice to her.

Lois: Did you remember your heart medication, Mr. Q?

Edward: I'm not going to keel over, if that's what you're thinking.

Ned: Junior would certainly love that if you did.

Lois: Ahem.

Edward: Did you hear anything Alan said at the house? Could you not call A.J. "junior" just this once? Alan was right about one thing. He could have had a different life, a better life. He squandered his potential, cared too much about the wrong things, showed weakness at the wrong times. He was never one of us. Just never had the strength to walk away.

Ned: Until he embezzled most of our money and fled the country.

Edward: Well, you got to give him his due. He outmaneuvered all of us.

Ned: Yes, he did.

Lois: Who are you looking for?

Edward: Carly might bring young Michael.

Ned: No, she won't, grandfather. Just put it out of your mind.

Monica: I just can't believe that this is happening.

Bobbie: Monica, I am so sorry. I know how painful this is for you, and the loss, it's just too huge for words.

Audrey: We're praying for A.J. and, really, for all of you.

Monica: Thank you.

Lesley: And if there's anything you need, if there's any way at all that I could help --

Monica: I'm just glad you're here. Thank you.

Alan: Are you ok?

Monica: Well, I'm doing my best. And if you can't do yours, if you can't hold it together through our son's memorial, I promise you I will never forgive you.

Alan: I'm sorry I'm not grieving in a manner you approve of, Monica.

Monica: Alan --

Alan: I don't believe it.

Skye: I -- I didn't expect to see you.

Courtney: Should I leave?

Alan: I want her out of here.

Tracy: Shh, shh, shh, shh. Take it easy.

Alan: I will not have A.J.ís killer weeping at my son's memorial.

Tracy: She's probably just trying to avert suspicion.

Courtney: They're all looking over here.

Jax: Yeah, well, maybe we should leave.

Courtney: No. You know what, Jax? I have nothing to hide. I haven't done anything wrong.

Skye: Nobody really thinks that you had anything to do with A.J.ís murder.

Carly: Look, I appreciate you trying to help, but I really need to speak to Agent Marshall alone.

John: Hmm. Well, you all know where to find me.

Reese: I take full responsibility for what happened here last night. I was acting on a tip. So if you're trying to blame me for --

Carly: I'm trying to thank you.

Elizabeth: Sonny? If you have a moment, can you go in and see Alexis? She's a wreck.

Sonny: What's wrong?

Elizabeth: Well, about the stakeout last night in the park? She told me that Agent Marshall sent in the F.B.I., but she hasn't heard anything, so she thought maybe if you had, you could --

Sonny: I cannot believe you tipped off the F.B.I.

Alexis: Did they find Kristina? What happened?

Sonny: Kristina's probably dead, thanks to you.

 [Organ plays]

Emily: I miss grandmother.

Monica: Oh, so do I.

Edward: Lila never gave up on A.J.

Felicia: Why do you think Courtney showed up?

Mac: I don't know, but I'm not sure I like it.

Emily: Thank you for doing this.

[Music stops]

Minister: We are gathered here to pay last respects to Alan James Quartermaine Jr., A.J., a son, brother, cousin, father, and friend. We are stunned by his death, but find comfort in knowing that A.J. has moved on. He's in a better place now. On behalf of the family, Skye Quartermaine, A.J.'s adoptive sister, would now like to say a few words in memory of her beloved brother.

Skye: I spent a long time putting these words together. They're all about a wonderful man on the verge of a brilliant life. The only problem is he never existed. So, I'm about to tell you all about the real A.J. Quartermaine.

Sonny: How'd you know I was supposed to meet the kidnappers in the park?

Alexis: I heard you and Ric talking.

Sonny: Then you heard I was supposed to go alone, but yet you told Agent Marshall.

Alexis: I couldn't trust you to keep her from being kidnapped. How could I trust you to bring her back?

Sonny: The kidnapper said no cops. You called the cops anyway. What's wrong with you?

Alexis: Just tell me what happened.

Sonny: The kidnapper said Iím never going to see my daughter again.

Alexis: She could be lying.

Sonny: No, you don't know that, I don't. What I know is I had a chance to save my daughter last night, and you blew it. You put her life at risk, you interfered when you shouldn't have, and now our daughter could be dead.

Alexis: She's not dead.

Sonny: If the kidnappers decide to run --

Ric: Hey --

Sonny: They'll get rid of the evidence. They will kill Kristina --

Alexis: You want to give up on her, fine. I'm not giving up on her.

Sonny: I will tell you what's happening here. You cost us our last chance to save our daughter.

Ric: Hey, Sonny, enough.

Sonny: Do you know what she did, Ric?

Ric: I understand what happened, all right, but she's not supposed to get upset.

Sonny: Oh, I'm sorry that Iím upsetting you, because I'm telling you the truth.

Ric: She's pregnant.

Alexis: I found out yesterday.

Sonny: She's pregnant?

Alexis: I found out --

Sonny: I'm sorry, ok? What am I supposed to do, congratulate you?

Ric: Sonny, Iíd like you to leave.

Sonny: Fine. You know what? Think of it this way -- if Kristina ends up dying, at least you have a backup -- your baby with Ric.

Carly: You saved Sonny's life last night.

Reese: Why do you think that?

Carly: Because he was going to trade himself for Kristina.

Reese: Sonny told you this?

Carly: Look, he didn't have to. I know how he thinks. I appreciate what you did.

Reese: Well, I'm glad someone does. But trading himself for Kristina -- doesn't that seem a little extreme?

Carly: Meaning what?

Reese: During your custody fight with Sonny, Alexis Davis made some serious allegations about his mental stability. She suggested a history of emotional instability and breakdowns, destruction of property, violent outbursts. What can you tell me about that? Is Sonny crazy?

Carly: Did you read the entire transcript of that trial or just the part that made Sonny look bad?

Reese: I'm trying to learn as much about him as I can.

Carly: Ok, well, you should know that I testified under oath that Sonny has never had a breakdown. He's not crazy. He's passionate, sure, ok? He yells. So do I.

Reese: All right, is he violent?

Carly: Sonny throws glasses sometimes. I throw stuff, too. We aim for the floor, we aim for the fireplace, we aim for a wall -- it's never each other.

Reese: So you're saying he's never had any breakdown at all?

Carly: No.

Reese: No dark moods, paranoia, irrational behavior?

Carly: Oh, of course not.

Reese: So why did Alexis bring it up at trial?

Carly: Because Alexis hates Sonny. She's a woman scorned, and I had no idea she was going to ask those questions until she got us on the stand.

Reese: Even though she was your attorney?

Carly: Alexis Davis is a nut case, not Sonny.

Reese: You're very loyal. I respect that. If you see him falling apart, I want you to tell me. Kristina's life is in the balance.

Skye: A.J. was complicated. He could be a real pain. He made some serious mistakes, as we all have. But I have to admit that he was a first-rate partner in crime, as Iím sure a lot of you here know, who are familiar with our various escapades. But despite all of that conniving, there were really only two things that A.J. wanted in this life -- to get his son back and to be a Quartermaine. He wanted your love, your respect, your approval. And who knows, had he lived, he might just have turned out to be that son that you all wanted. I know he never stopped trying. A.J. was a drunk. He certainly wasn't alone in that. Like a lot of members of this family, he struggled with the disease. Sometimes he won. Other days he drank. But he never, ever judged anyone for having the disease of addiction. In fact, the only person that A.J. ever seemed to criticize, and sometimes too harshly, was himself. A.J. just wanted to be a good son. And he wanted to bring his son home. He certainly never stopped scheming of ways to bring Michael back, partly to impress you, Edward, partly to carry on the Quartermaine name. But mostly, A.J. just wanted to be a good dad. I know that A.J. made some terrible choices in his life, and I think the choice that he probably regretted the most was that night that he drove drunk with his brother in the car. That was a terrible price that Jason paid, and A.J. just walked away without a scratch. But, you know, I really think A.J. never really walked away from that crash at all. I just -- I really pray and hope that he has now. Oh. One more thing. He loved you, despite all the mistakes made on both sides. He really loved you more than you could know. He'd really want me to tell you that.

Alexis: I was trying to help her. That's why I told Agent Marshall.

Ric: I understand.

Alexis: What if something happened to her?

Ric: You just need to not get so upset.

Alexis: I need to find her.

Ric: We will.

Alexis: I need to find Agent Marshall.

Ric: I know, but we can call Agent Marshall.

Alexis: She's probably in the park looking for evidence, and I need to find out if she found anything at all.

Ric: Alexis, the F.B.I. will let us know if they get any leads whatsoever.

Alexis: I need to go find her myself.

Ric: Look at me, look at me. You have to calm down.

Alexis: No, I need to save my daughter.

Sonny: No. No, no, no. He couldn't have left the hospital. He's too sick. Can you check again? Jason Morgan. You sure he's not there? Ok.

Reese: We swept the park. We didn't find anything. Look, I shouldn't have ordered the stakeout without consulting you first, but if you had shown up alone, you might be dead.

Sonny: Better me than Kristina.

Reese: We've both made mistakes here.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, right.

Reese: But if we could find a way to work together --

Sonny: Not a chance. Not a chance.

Jason: Thank you for, you know, for what you said and being A.J.'s friend.

Skye: He really did love you, you know. Thank you for being here.

Jason: Yeah.

Skye: So, has there been any word on Kristina?

Jason: No, nothing, nothing definite.

Skye: Well, I'll keep her in my prayers.

Jason: Are you ok?

Emily: I'm better. Thank you for doing this.

Monica: Yeah, thank you, Jason. Now you've got to get back to the hospital, right now.

Sam: Come on, Iíll take you.

Monica: Thanks, Sam.

Sam: You're welcome.

Ric: Alexis, you cannot leave the hospital.

Alexis: If I can, I'm not going to wait here one more minute. I need to do something.

Ric: Alexis, please, we will find Kristina.

Alexis: If something happens to her, it'll be my fault.

Ric: No, that's Sonny talking, and you know it, all right? I want you to calm down.

Alexis: Please, please, just help me find her.

Ric: I will. Please, all right? Could you just take it slow, all right? What's wrong? Alexis? Alexis? Alexis, what's wrong?

Alexis: Go get somebody.

Jax: Hey, Courtney, I'm at your place. Could you hurry up with that mysterious errand? I want to pop the champagne. I'll see you soon.

Rachel: That was a nice service, wasn't it?

Courtney: Yeah.

Rachel: I knew you'd be back. So have you thought more about it? How do you plan to kill Steven?

Courtney: The plan is over, as of now.

Sam: Ok, you, back to bed.

Jason: I will.

Sam: Oh, wow, look at those.

Jason: You know what? Can you -- can you just give those to the nurses' station, have them give to them somebody who needs them?

Sam: No, Jason, they're really pretty.

Jason: I don't want the flowers.

Sam: At least see who they're from. There's a note. Hello. Read it. Thanks.

Reese: Last night was a judgment call. Maybe I got it right, and maybe I didn't, but I have advanced F.B.I. training and years of field experience.

Sonny: You've got everything but my kid!

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: Find the newspaper.

Sonny: Give me the newspaper.

Jason: Somebody sent flowers with a note. Find the classified ads for childcare.

Sonny: Classifieds, classifieds. Read it, Jason.

Jason: "Tell the concerned father to check the help-wanted ads in today's paper under childcare."

Sonny: All right. I'll let you know what happens. Right here.

Reese: I see it.

Sonny: Ok, it says, "Meet me in the park at the gazebo today at 3:00."

Carly: All right, heads up.

Michael: You throw like a girl, Mom.

Carly: Oh, thank you. Thank you very much. All right, Morgan, this time next year your brother's going to have you playing outfield. What do you think about that, huh?

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Carly: Michael! Who are you?

Sonny: I'm going alone.

Reese: Wait. You're going to need help.

Courtney: I'm going to take you in to the police station. Let's go.

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