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General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/14/05

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Courtney: Tracy has made her feelings abundantly clear. What about the rest of you? Do you -- you think that I killed A.J.?

Edward: More than ever.

Ned: What do you expect us to believe? You just admitted that you had a motive -- A.J. refused to sign the divorce papers and threatened to go after half your assets.

Edward: Yeah, throw a hell of a wrench into your plans to marry Jax.

Courtney: That doesn't mean that I killed him.

Tracy: Oh, please. Save it for the jury -- not that they're going to believe you any more than we do.

Dillon: Ok, you know what? Maybe we should think about this.

Justus: All the potential in the world. I can't believe it's come to this.

Skye: Justus? You're here because Luke wants you to handle his petition to get Lucky taken off life-support.

Justus: Yeah.

Skye: Well, you canít. Refuse the case and give Luke time to reconsider.

Justus: I'm not sure that's my place, Skye.

Skye: We have to make it our place. Luke is in terrible grief. He doesn't even know himself how devastated he is. He isn't thinking straight. If we let him do this, if we let him take his son off life-support, that could be a decision he regrets the rest of his life.

Luke: Skye. I know you want to help. But that's not the way.

Sam: Let go!

Alexis: Not as long as you have my daughter.

Sam: Alexis, get off --

Alexis: Sam!

[Alexis screams]

Sonny: You say the kidnapper's a woman. But that's speculation. You have absolutely no proof to back it up.

Reese: I have myself. I am a woman, in case you haven't noticed, and if you had hurt me, taking Kristina would be the way I would hurt you back.

Faith: Sonny took everything that ever mattered away from me, with your able assistance, of course -- my husband, my business, my freedom. You couldn't even let me have Justus. You and Sonny must've had some big laughs at my expense, and congratulating each other on making me irrelevant. Well, guess what -- surprise, surprise. Who's holding all the cards now, huh? Sonny underestimated me again, and it's going to cost him. By the time I'm done with him, Sonny is going to be the one standing in the rubble of what used to be his life. And the first thing I'm going to take from him is you.

[Gun misfires]

Faith: God --

Luke: Look at him. Watch his chest go up and down. What you see there is a fake; it's an illusion. If you want, you can pretend that he's breathing. But the machines are doing it all. The doctors say he could go on like this for years. Years. Why do I want that for him?

Skye: Luke, it's too soon to go to court. You should just give it more time.

Luke: All I'm asking is to give him the choice just so that when the time comes -- if and when it comes -- there's no delay. It has to be done by the book. Justus, you have to go to these almighty judges and get that little piece of paper that legally verifies that he's already gone, that these machines are keeping him trapped in this broken body. I know it's not your usual kind of case, but you're smart and you're persuasive. And I think that you can understand and argue my point of view better than anybody I know, so please, Justus, I need your help.

Justus: I'm sorry. I can't do it.

Dillon: Hey, look, I realize this may not be the first thing to occur to everybody here, but Courtney could be telling the truth. Some people do. Now, I personally have not seen any evidence to indicate that Courtneyís a liar. Anybody?

Lois: I tend to agree with Dillon.

Edward: Lois, you don't really come here. You don't even know her.

Courtney: You think you do?

Edward: I know you got a temper and I know you hated my grandson.

Dillon: What are you talking about? Everybody hated A.J. He had a talent for making enemies. I mean, he made them out of his entire family -- with the exception of Lila.

Ned: But we are not the Cassadines. We may get mad at one another, but we never murder each other.

Courtney: I have never murdered anyone in my life.

Edward: There is always a first time.

Tracy: And this was it. So don't think you're going to walk away from this.

Monica: Oh, no. You are really somebody I do not want to see right now.

Edward: No, no, no, no, no, don't send her away. Things are just starting to get interesting. Courtney's trying to point out to us all the reasons why we shouldn't suspect her of killing A.J., like the fact he was blackmailing her and making it impossible for her to marry Jax.

Monica: I don't believe that you killed A.J.

Courtney: Thank you.

Monica: I do believe that you're very glad he's dead.

Courtney: Ok, look, I realize that you are all in a lot of pain, but I need to say this. You're not being fair, ok? I gave A.J. more chances than I can count, and every single time he threw them right back in my face. Ok, he turned me against Sonny, he stalked me --

Tracy: Well, I guess he won't be bothering you anymore, will he?

Edward: I always knew any sister of Sonny's would be trouble.

Courtney: Yeah, that's right. That's right.  When in doubt, blame Sonny.

Edward: Well, blood will tell, Courtney.

Jax: All right, that's enough. No one knows exactly what happened to A.J. There's certainly no proof that he died at Courtneyís hands, so just leave her alone. Come on.

Courtney: You were right. I never should've come here in the first place. I don't even know why I tried to explain it.

Jax: Well, because you're a caring person and you wanted to reach out to a family who's lost one of their own.

Courtney: Oh, yeah. And look what a great job I did of it, Jax. I mean, all I managed was to get them to think I'm even guiltier. Thank God the police believe I am innocent, because if it were up to the Quartermaines, I would be under arrest.

Jax: Yeah.

Courtney: What?

Jax: I just came from the police station, and Mac has a theory of how you could've committed the murder.

Sam: Alexis? Come on. Look, I am really sorry, but you're going to be ok and Jason isn't, so I have to go. I'm going to call somebody as soon as I leave the hospital.

[Door opens and closes]

Sam: Hello! Can you come down a flight? We need help!

Brook Lynn: What did you do to her?

Sonny: Sounds like you're making your way back to Sam as a suspect. I thought we agreed that's not the case.

Reese: Just hear me out.

Sonny: All right.

Reese: Kristina's abduction was impeccably timed and planned. The kidnapper got one of your own men to help out. She was in place at that exact moment your security system went down, and that kind of patience is more common in women than in men. Now, Kristinaís been gone a long time and there's been no demand for ransom. So if money isn't the motive -- and clearly it isn't -- that leaves revenge.

Sonny: Convince me.

Reese: Ok. Uh -- let's just say that it was a man who wanted to hurt you, a competitor like Lorenzo Alcazar.

Sonny: Right.

Reese: Wouldn't he target your shipments, disrupt your cash flow, corrupt key employees, come at you directly? I mean, don't you people have a code about family, especially children?

Sonny: Keep going.

Reese: So whoever snatched Kristina was aiming a dagger straight at your heart. That's how a woman gets back at a man like you.

Sonny: What do you mean, a man like me?

Reese: Powerful, guarded, invulnerable, except in one area -- your children. They're your Achilles' heel. That's what a wronged woman looks for when she wants to destroy a man. Whoever took Kristina knows you, Sonny, and you must've inflicted some serious damage because this is as personal as it gets.

 [Pounding on door]

Ofc. Murphy: Morgan! Open up, it's the police!


Ofc. Murphy: We know you've been shot, Morgan.

[Pounding on door]

Ofc. Murphy: You're in no shape to go anywhere, so you might as well give up.


Faith: Just my luck -- the one time cops actually show up!

Ofc. Murphy: Don't move! Don't make me use this. Where's your girlfriend, huh?

Brook Lynn: Where is Kristina, Sam?

Sam: I don't know where Kristina is. Listen to me, Jason has been shot and he's in really bad shape. I came here to get him some antibiotics. Alexis saw me and she chased me down the stairs and fell. We did not fight. I -- I didn't push her, ok? I have to go.

Brook Lynn: No, Sam -- Sam, what am I supposed to say?

Sam: Can you please make sure someone helps her? I don't know! Say that you came down here and you found her like this.

Brook Lynn: Ok, wait, if Alexis comes to, she knows that you were here, Sam.

Sam: Ok, then let her say it! Come on, just give me five minutes. That's all I need.

Sonny: You seem to think you know something about my personal life.

Reese: I've done my homework.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, why don't you enlighten me about all these, you know, these women that Iíve wronged?

Reese: Well, shall I take it chronologically?

Sonny: Yeah.

Reese: Karen Wexler, a teenage girl you managed to turn into a stripper, probably got hooked on drugs too, right? Lily Rivera, your first wife.

Sonny: Ok, first of all, both of those women are dead, so if you're saying that there's some supernatural thing going on here with Kristinaís kidnapping, you just shot a hole in your theory.

Reese: You asked for names, probably as a test, I'm giving them to you. After Lily, there was Brenda Barrett, one of your more volatile girlfriends. Didn't she end up in a psych ward because of you?

Sonny: Brenda wouldn't do this.

Reese: And then next, if I'm not mistaken, there was a Brenda look-alike, Hannah Scott, who hardly rates a mention for all the impact she had on you, which was more than poor Angel Ellis had, being a spoiled gangster's daughter. Your rejection probably left a scar or two. How am I doing so far?

Sonny: I'm fascinated, actually.

Reese: Hmm.

Sonny: Yeah.

Reese: Then there's Alexis Davis, a proud woman who you spent one night with and then discarded like so much garbage. Now you're the bane of her existence. And there's an ongoing war with mob widow Faith Rosco --

Sonny: Right.

Reese: An ill-fated affair with Sam McCall.

Sonny: You know, see, it always goes back to Sam with you, doesn't it?

Reese: Hmm. No, not really. That seems more like a setup to me.

Sonny: Well, you know what? You're pretty thorough; I'll give you that -- with one exception.

Reese: Oh, I'm saving the most wronged and important woman in your life for last.

Sonny: Oh. Oh. Just in time. Agent Marshall was just going to accuse you of kidnapping Kristina.

Jax: Mac investigated your story. It checked out that you changed planes in Miami, but you didn't mention a layover.

Courtney: I didn't? I -- I guess it slipped my mind.

Jax: Yeah, well, unfortunately, your layover was long enough for you to charter a flight back to the Bahamas, stab A.J., and then still make your Miami flight.

Courtney: That is not what happened. I was exhausted. I fell asleep in the airport lounge. I almost overslept.

Jax: Were there any witnesses?

Courtney: Witnesses? Jax, why would I think I need them?

Jax: I know.

Courtney: I mean, yeah, I think there were people around, there usually are. But I -- I couldn't find them, I wasn't paying attention. God, Jax, you have to believe that I didn't do this.

Jax: Courtney, hey, you don't have to convince me. I know that you're not capable of murdering anyone, even A.J., but I got to be honest with you. Right now, it just -- it doesn't look good.

Luke: Is that "No, for now," or what? How long is long enough before I get to ask to end this?

Skye: Luke, come on, it's too soon for you to burden yourself with this terrible responsibility.

Luke: This is no burden for me. The burden is on my son -- being trapped like this.

Skye: Well, if you believe that he's trapped, why can't you believe that he's fighting his way back?

Luke: I can. I do. But my fear is the opposite -- that he's trying to leave and that this technology is keeping him against his will. I keep thinking about this book, "Johnny" something, and there was a movie, too. It's about this kid that goes off in World War I and he gets his arms and his legs blown off and he's blind and he can't hear and he can't speak, and in the end, he's lying in a bed like this, begging to die. And no one will let him go, and he can't kill himself. It terrifies me that that could be happening to my son. I need you to petition the court to give me the right when the time comes to end this.

Justus: I'm sorry, Luke, I can't do that. Our definitions of what constitutes life are two different things.

Luke: So I get another attorney.

Skye: Luke, I know you're afraid. But giving up on Lucky isn't the answer.

Luke: I'm not giving up on Lucky. Why can't you understand this? Skye, he's not getting any better, and the odds are he never will. Keeping him tied to that body in that bed is just cruel and unnecessary.

Skye: As long as he is breathing, even on that ventilator, there's a chance he could recover, Luke. Taking that chance away would be wrong.

Luke: Don't talk to me about wrong. What's wrong is Helena doing this and then going on her merry way. What's wrong is my wife staring at the wall and stirring her applesauce with her thumbs. I couldn't save her from a living death, but I sure as hell can save him.

Skye: You're really going to go through with this?

Luke: Somewhere -- somewhere, there's a lawyer who will go to court and argue that it's my obligation as his father to end this when the time comes, to set him free.

Ric: Hey, I got your message. What happened? Brook Lynn, what happened to my wife?

Brook Lynn: Um -- listen, I was running an errand and I took the stairs, and that's where I found Alexis -- and Sam was with her.

Alexis: Ric?

Ric: Yeah, I'm here.

Alexis: Sam -- she got away. You got to go find her.

Ric: Yeah, it's Lansing. I'm here at General Hospital, where Sam McCall was spotted. Yeah, I want you to -- I want you to seal off all the streets and the building that's surrounding the hospital.

Brook Lynn: No, wait, Ric?

Ric: Wait a minute.

Brook Lynn: Look, Ric, you may not understand, ok? Sam may have actually saved Alexis' life.

Ofc. Murphy: Yeah, I found Jason. Yeah, he's been shot and he looks like hell. You better get backup over here so we can get immediate transport to General Hospital. Yeah. Yeah, and get ahold of Mac and let him know we're going to need security detail in front of the door. Yeah. Well, well. Isn't this nice? Just the two of us with a little time to chitchat. Why don't you -- oh.

Jason: Sam -- Sam didn't do it.

Ofc. Murphy: Uh-huh. "49 Blake Street." That's this address.

Carly: Oh, you really are something, aren't you? You waltz in here with your badge and your attitude, and what happens? Kristina's still missing, Jasonís been shot by you, and now you're gearing up to accuse me of kidnapping? Can you say "desperately grasping at straws"?

Reese: You happen to match the emotional makeup of the person we're looking for.

Carly: Oh, really? How's that?

Sonny: For starters, the kidnapper's a woman, according to Agent Marshall.

Reese: A woman who's been betrayed by Sonny and has no fear of mounting a full-scale frontal attack.

Sonny: Someone who knows my weakness is my children.

Reese: Right.

Carly: Well, I cannot argue with that.

Sonny: Apparently, I've been even more of a bastard than I realized because, you know, Agent Marshall, she came up with a list of names of women who have the motive to hurt me -- Brenda, Angel, Hannah, and even Alexis.

Carly: She's got a point. But, look, don't miss the forest for the trees. There's only one woman who would be that crazy to use an innocent child to get revenge on Sonny. That's Faith Rosco.

Faith: The cops are about to start crawling all over us. It's gotten too risky. We have to move with the original plan now.

Skye: I have no doubt that you will find a lawyer to pursue this. What scares me is they could actually win. They could give you the right to play God with your son's life. But, Luke, you're only human, subject to doubts and questions, to second thoughts just like the rest of us. I don't want you to realize too late that there might've been another way.

Luke: I'm not playing God. Skye, the machines are playing God. There's your God! Now, you take a long look at him, and you tell me that that's living! I believe that he deserves the choice himself, not the doctors, not the machines, and I'm going to make damn sure that my son makes the choice when the time comes. I'm not going to fail him when he needs me the most.

Skye: It's not a failure to hope.

Luke: We keep going around and around this, you believe one thing and I believe another but, you know, the fact is Iím his father, and this is a choice that I have to make. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to be alone with what's left of my son. Cowboy, cowboy. It wasn't supposed to end up like this -- you trapped in a broken body, unable to get out like a moth slamming against a window. But don't worry, cowboy, I got your back. If it comes to it, you count on me, pal. I'll make sure that you're set free.

Brook Lynn: Look, Sam could've run after you tripped and fell, all right, and who knows how long it would've taken somebody else to find you, Alexis. But the point is she didn't run. She stayed with you and made sure that you had somebody to help take care of you.

Ric: Did you see what happened? Did Sam push you?

Alexis: No. No, I was chasing her and I fell. I missed a step.

Brook Lynn: You see? I mean, Sam could've gotten away clean, but she didn't, all right? She stayed with you.

Alexis: I appreciate that, Brook Lynn, but Sam may have stolen my little girl.

Ric: All right, Iím going to check in with the station. You going to be ok here?

Alexis: Yeah, I'll be fine.

Ric: All right, Iíll be quick.

Alexis: Ok. Brook Lynn, get my clothes, will you please?

Brook Lynn: Wait, Alexis. Hey, what are you doing?

Alexis: I'm getting out of --

Brook Lynn: No.

Alexis: Here because Iím going to go find my daughter.

Brook Lynn: Alexis, you're hurt.

Alexis: I hurt my back. It'll be ok.

Tony: Sorry, Alexis, but you're not going anywhere until we run a few tests, all right?

Sam: I'm sorry it took me so long.

Jason: Did something happen?

Sam: Yeah, something happened -- Alexis found me. She wound up chasing me down the stairwell, and she fell. I think she's going to be ok, though. Here.

Jason: Someone came in when you were gone.

Sam: Who?

Jason: I don't know. It could've been the kidnapper. She --

Sam: "She"? She what?

Jason: She was -- she had high heels, and a -- a note dropped out of her pocket. It is in Murphyís hand.

Sam: "49 Blake Street"? "1650 Welton Way."

Jason: They could be holding Kristina there.


Jason: Ok, Sam, you go. I'll distract them and Iíll meet up with you there.

Sam: No. No, no, no, no. Jason, no. You can barely stand up. There's no way Iím leaving without you.

Reese: My research indicates that you and Faith lived together for a time. Was your relationship --?

Carly: No, it wasnít.

Sonny: I never had sex with Faith.

Carly: Not that she didn't try and throw herself at Sonny every chance she had.

Reese: Well, it's nice to see you're capable of restraint. Faith Rosco is a ruthless woman. She holds grudges. She escaped from prison last November, she hasn't been seen since. Sounds like a good prospect. I'll put some agents on it.

Sonny: You want the inside track on finding Faith Rosco? Then you talk to the guy who almost gave up his law-abiding life to run away with her -- Justus Ward.

Reese: I'll do that.

Sonny: Yeah. If you find a trace of evidence that Faith Rosco took my daughter, you come to me first.

Reese: I'll be in touch.

Carly: Agent Marshall? If you do go after Faith, you make sure you take it real slow.

Reese: Are you telling me how to do my job?

Carly: I'm trying to give you the benefit of my experience, and if you're half as smart as you think you are, you'll take it. Faith Rosco is a sociopath, and if you close her in and she feels cornered in any way, she may decide to cut her losses and kill Kristina. And if that happens, you will destroy Sonny, and I will be sure and make you pay.

Faith: Ok, little mob princess. It's time to show Daddy that we mean business.

Lucky: Dad? Wake up. Listen to me. This is important. I know they think I'm gone, but I'm alive, Dad. I'm alive. I'm just trapped somewhere in my head somehow. I know it looks bad, but believe in me. I can find my way back.

[Lucky's voice echoes] I can find my way back.

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: Is there anything that I can do?

Sonny: Yeah, find my daughter.

Carly: Oh, Sonny, you know if I could, I would.

Sonny: I know, I know, I know. How are the boys?

Carly: Well, Michael is still confused about A.J.ís death. He's being quiet. And Morgan, he's blissfully unaware. I took them over to my mom's with Leticia. There's two guards. Felicia's there, too. You know, Sonny --

Sonny: Right.

Carly: Everyone's wanting to help.

Sonny: At least the F.B.I.'s in charge. You know what I mean? I'm relieved.

Carly: Come on, Sonny, I can't believe you're listening to Reese, let alone letting her stay here under your own roof.

Sonny: Well, it's easier for her to stay on top of the investigation.

Carly: Do you think she's as good as she says?

Sonny: I hope so. I haven't been sleeping, you know.

Carly: No, I wouldn't imagine you would be.

Sonny: I feel this rage building inside of me. You know, Faith Rosco, some other wack job -- it doesn't matter -- somebody walked into my house and took one of my -- Ah. That's --

Carly: I know, Sonny. It's going to be ok.

Reese: Justus Ward?

Justus: That's right.

Reese: Agent Reese Marshall, F.B.I. I'm working on the Corinthos-Davis kidnapping case. I'd like you to answer a few questions for me, if you have a minute?

Justus: I'm not sure I can shed any light on --

Reese: You can tell me what you know of the whereabouts of Faith Rosco.

Faith: You're clear on what needs to be done?

Man: Yeah.

Faith: I'll get the kid ready while you're gone. Hurry. Hold on to your bonnet, little sweetie. I've got a big surprise for you.

Lois: Hey. Be honest with me. Do you really think that Courtney killed A.J., or is this some kind of Quartermaine group hysteria?

Ned: A little of both. I mean, I know Courtney had a reason to -- to kill A.J., but I also agree with Dillon -- a lot of people did.

Lois: Maybe yourself included?

Ned: I have murdered A.J. many times -- in my head. But A.J. was family, and you don't kill your family.

Alan: It's done. I I.D.'d my firstborn son.  They're going to perform an autopsy, and -- and then he's going to be cremated. They'll bring his ashes here.

Edward: Then we'll have the memorial service.

Lois: And we'll give A.J. a proper sendoff.

Monica: Yeah, complete with regret for all the things that we should've said and we didnít.

Tracy: But we will not regret bringing his killer to justice.

Woman: Finally, you're back.

Courtney: You're the -- the woman from the plane to Miami.

Woman: Rachel.

Courtney: Well, um -- what are you doing here? How'd you get in?

Rachel: Don't bother yourself with the details. That's not what's important. What matters here is that you and I have some major celebrating to do.  A toast -- to the most important thing a woman in your position can have.

Courtney: And -- and that would be?

Rachel: Freedom. That color looks great on you, by the way.

Courtney: Ok. Uh -- I feel like I just walked in the middle of something I don't quite understand.

Rachel: Well, I thought you would've figured this out by now. I did what you asked.

Courtney: I -- I didn't ask you to do anything.

Rachel: Well, not directly. But I read between the lines.

Courtney: I'm sorry; I have no idea what you're talking about. What --

Rachel: We made a bond -- the society of women with messy ties to nasty men. It's like a sisterhood. Every now and then, we have to help each other out.

Courtney: It was you, wasn't it? You killed A.J.

Rachel: Now it's time for you to return the favor.

Luke: I didn't think you'd come back.

Skye: I had to. I realized that Iíve been going about this from the wrong perspective. Instead of asking you to give Lucky time to reconsider, I should've been asking you to help him.

Luke: How?

Skye: Talk to him. Play him old videos. Play him music that he really loves. Luke, you're his father. He trusts you more than anybody in the whole world. Talk to your son, and tell him that he's going to get better, and that you'll be here waiting for him when he does. Help show Lucky back to his life.

Justus: I told you everything I know about Faith.

Reese: Any guesses as to her current whereabouts?

Justus: She's out of the country, ok? She hasn't been in touch.

Reese: If she contacts you, you'll let me or the F.B.I. know, right? That's what I thought.

Sam: Hey, are you ok?

Jason: Yeah. I will be. Let's just do this.

Sonny: I'm sorry. I -- I just --

Carly: Sonny, come on, there's no need.

Sonny: I just can't stop thinking about my little girl. She's out there scared, worried about her mother and her father, her brothers, even -- even Ric.

Carly: I understand. I understand what you're going through, but you need to redirect your focus. Reese thinks she can find Kristina. There's plenty of other people out there trying to help. But in the end, it's going to be you, Sonny. You're going to grab this by the reins and you're going to find your daughter. And you need to get strong and you need to stay strong.

Max: Hey. This just turned up at the front gate.

Sonny: Thanks. Whoa, whoa --

Carly: Whoa, what? What?

Sonny: It's Kristina.

Carly: Is she ok? What is it?

Sonny: Yeah, she's fine. She's --

Carly: Sonny?

Sonny: What?

Carly: What does this say here?

Sonny: "Park gazebo, midnight, come alone."

Tony: Test results came back.

Alexis: Good. Now, can I go find my daughter, please?

Tony: Not just yet.

Alexis: Did you find something?

Tony: You could say that.

Alexis: How bad can it be, Tony, really? My back is sprained.

Tony: Well, you don't appear to have sustained any injuries from the fall. You're just pregnant.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Luke: I have tried. Nothing changes.

Tony: You're going to have another baby.

Ric: You ok?

Sam: I'm going to call the cops.

Jason: No, Sam, no cops.

Carly: Why aren't they just asking for money?

Sonny: Maybe they will tonight.

Courtney: I'm calling the police.

Rachel: I'd reconsider that.

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