GH Transcript Friday 2/11/05

General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/11/05



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Alan: You stabbed my son and you left him in the hotel room to die!

Courtney: Alan, I know that you are hurting, but I had nothing --

Alan: You're a cold-blooded killer. You're just like your brother!

Courtney: I did not kill A.J.! I --

Alan: I am going to make sure that you spend the rest of your life in prison.

Jax: All right, ok, that's enough. If you want to blame someone for A.J.'s death, then maybe you should take a look at yourself.

Ric: Hi.

Alexis: Any word on Kristina?

Ric: No, not yet. But I think it's time that we force the kidnapper out of hiding, starting now.

Monica: I have no idea where Jason is. I wish I did.

Steven: You got some blood on the cuff of your shirt.

Monica: Well, this is a hospital, and I am a surgeon.

Elizabeth: Come on, Steven, she has enough on her plate. Why are you interrogating her?

Emily: You know, maybe you're not aware of it, but my brother A.J. just died.

Steven: I know. And Jason is being hunted by the police, and he's injured. So you must be pretty desperate to help him; maybe desperate enough to break the law?

Monica: Of course I am worried about Jason but, unfortunately, there isn't anything I can do. Now, if you will excuse me --

Steven: Ok, one more thing, though. That large vial of antibiotics that's in your pocket -- the one that you've been trying to hide this whole time -- Iím sure Jason needs it. How much longer can he survive without that medication?

Sonny: I'll get you a doctor.

Jason: What about Sam?

Sonny: You were right, she didn't do it. I went after you, I framed you, and I apologize.

Sam: Sonny, I stole from you. I complicated everything. I'm sorry for that.

Sonny: No, you were framed. We all went after you, and now it's going to give the kidnapper at least two days.

Reese: Nobody move.

Sonny: What took you so long?

Jax: I'm sorry, Alan, but you're lashing out at Courtney because of your own guilt over A.J.

Alan: What are you talking about? I'm the only one who ever stood up for him. I loved my son.

Jax: Of course you did. But A.J. didnít make it easy, ok? He was angry and bitter and he stole from your family and bankrupted --

Alan: He didn't deserve to die!

Jax: Of course he didn't deserve to die! I'm just saying that there's a part of you that must feel like you failed him somehow, because that's how I felt when my father died. You know, I kept saying to myself, "Why did I let so much time pass in anger, and why couldn't I have done more for him while he was still alive?"

Justus: He's right, Alan. Look, we all know you wanted a chance to make it up to A.J.

Alan: Oh, don't you offer me all that phony sympathy because you're trying to protect Courtney!

Jax: Look, Courtney is innocent.

Justus: This is your grief talking, Alan. Right? Nobody expects you to be rational right now.

Alan: Well, here's what I'm rational enough to know. I know these facts -- that the hotel concierge where A.J. died told me that a woman matching her description attacked A.J. in his room, that he referred to her as his wife, and that she showed no remorse.

Mac: Alan, the concierge said that when Courtney left the hotel, A.J. was still alive.

Alan: She could've doubled back. She certainly had motive. For God's sake, she attacked A.J. in front of witnesses!

Jax: Because A.J. provoked her, Alan.

Courtney: Look, I was wrong to get physical with A.J., but he was being really horrible, Alan.

Alan: Look, you may have torn him apart while he was alive. You're not going to do it now.

Jax: Ok, you know what? You're right. You're right. But there is a lot that you don't know.

Courtney: Alan, I got angry with A.J. and we fought, but he was alive when I left the hotel room.

Mac: And that matches the statement made by the concierge.

Courtney: For what it's worth, I am sorry for your loss.

Alan: It's worth nothing. If you didn't kill A.J. yourself, you hired somebody to do it, and I'm going to prove it.

Alexis: My daughter, Kristina, may look like a healthy little girl but, in fact, she isnít. She has recently had a stem-cell transplant due to aplastic anemia. I am certain that the person or persons who took my daughter are not aware of this and that her life could be in jeopardy. The doctors have recently told me that her condition is chronic. The onset could be fatal and a relapse could occur at any time, and I am begging whoever took her to please return her to a hospital and have someone leave her in an emergency room, and I give you my word that there will be no questions asked. Thank you.

Steven: I'm not trying to be heartless, Dr. Quartermaine. But you can see that there is a sick little girl out there who's missing her mother.

Monica: We all want to see Kristina returned safely.

Steven: And the police believe that Jason and Sam are the kidnappers.

Emily: That's ridiculous, Steven. Jason would never steal a child.

Steven: If so, if Jasonís not involved, then every minute we spend looking for him is a waste of resources that could be used to help Kristina.

Monica: For the last time, I don't know where Jason is.

Steven: The evidence says otherwise. Jason suffered a gunshot wound, and I believe you're going to deliver him that medicine. I will tell you, if you leave this hospital, I will have you followed.

Monica: Well, you will be wasting your time.

Steven: You're wasting time. You're wasting time that Jason doesn't have. You've already lost one son. Are you willing to gamble the life of the one you have left?

Reese: Jason Morgan and Samantha McCall, you're under arrest for the kidnapping of Kristina Corinthos-Davis.

Sonny: Do you really think you could've followed me if I didn't want you to?

Reese: I know I could've. Put your hands on your heads. Come on.

Sam: Jason's still hurt from the first time you shot him.

Reese: Well, if he tries to flee, it's my responsibility to shoot him again.

Sam: This isn't going to bring Kristina home.

Sonny: Agent Marshall doesn't want to shoot anybody. She thinks she has a new strategy for getting my child back.

Sam: There's a lead?

Sonny: Agent Marshall thinks that Iím the key to understanding who the real kidnapper is. She wants me to open up my feelings, tell her my secrets. That way she has a better understanding who hates me enough to kidnap my child.

Sam: Then why is she trying to arrest us?

Sonny: Because she thinks she's going to get me to talk if she brings you guys in. But she's wrong, because I'm not saying a word until you let Sam and Jason go.

Diego: Maria?

Maria: It's so good to see you.

Diego: Did you know she was coming?

Maria: I called and told Lorenzo I was worried about you. I miss you, Diego. We were barely starting to reconnect when you left to come back here.

Lorenzo: I'm glad the guard let you in. Can I offer you a drink?

Diego: Look -- ok, wait, you came back from Mexico just to see me again?

Maria: No, I'm here to convince you to return home with me.

Lorenzo: No, no, no. Diego and I have not had much time together yet. I was hoping he'd stay through the school year.

Maria: Where would he live?

Diego: Look, I have a room above Kellyís, ok, and Iím paying for it with my money that I make as a busboy.

Lorenzo: Well, that's temporary. Diego can stay with me.

Maria: Wait, wait, is -- is this what you want, Diego? I thought you were starting to get used to living with me in Mexico.

Lorenzo: Obviously, we'd both like to know your plans.

Diego: Look, look, look, don't just stand there acting like concerned parents, ok? Because the three of us barely know each other.

Lorenzo: Well, that has to change. Like it or not, we're family.

Diego: You don't even know what that means! I'm out of here.

Maria: Diego --

Lorenzo: Let him go.

Maria: He's upset.

Lorenzo: He's angry and confused and he has every right to be.

Maria: I have made so many mistakes for both of us.

Lorenzo: Maria, Iím not criticizing. You did the best you could.

Maria: I made a lot of wrong choices that robbed Diego of his childhood.

Lorenzo: Well, we can't give that back now. What we can do is to provide Diego with the best home possible.

Alexis: Ric thought that if I made a plea to the kidnapper and told her that she was ill, that they might return her.

Ric: Yeah, I figured that we could pressure them into returning Kristina if they thought she was going to relapse.

Steven: Ok. I totally understand, and of course I'll go along with it.

Alexis: Thank you.

Steven: It might not be necessary. Kristina could be brought back before your plea airs.

Ric: What have you heard?

Steven: Monica Quartermaine treated Jasonís gunshot wound.

Alexis: She -- she knows where he is? Was Sam with him?

Steven: The police are on their way to the location right now, and Jason and Sam could be brought in within the hour.

Reese: If you don't talk, it's your daughter who suffers.

Sonny: If you're asking me to trust you, I need a gesture of good faith.

Reese: This isn't a negotiation for territory with one of your rival bosses. Your daughter's life is at stake.

Sonny: Ok. You know what? If you really care about finding my daughter, then you'll stop wasting your time chasing Jason and Sam because they're innocent. And if you're as smart as you claim you are, then you know that's true. So put down the gun and let them go.

Sam: Let's go.

Sonny: Ok, hold on, hold on. I just -- do we have an understanding here?

Reese: I'm ready to look at other suspects. I'll be waiting at your house when you decide to get serious about finding your daughter.

Sonny: We got to get you to a doctor.

Jason: Monica examined me. She's going to get me medicine.

Sam: Sonny, what do we do now?

Sonny: Well, I got to go home and talk to Agent Marshall.

Jason: Yeah, we got to get to Rolloís place. He's -- he's the only link to the real kidnapper.

Sonny: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. There might be something in his apartment we could use.

Jason: Yeah, I know where it is.

Sam: No, no, no, no, no. You are in no condition to go around in some dead guy's house right now. You're not breaking in, no.

Jason: You can help me, Sam.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Wait. Yeah? Yeah, I -- I see the lights.

Jason: You posted a lookout?

Sonny: Yeah, there are two cops coming right now.

Sam: No, Agent Marshall said that --

Sonny: She lied. She's been playing us all along.

Faith: You're positive you wiped Rolloís place clean, destroyed his hard drive, any electronic devices that store information?

Man: The place is harmless.

Faith: Good. There can't be anything to lead the investigation back to me.

Lorenzo: Diego has had a lot to process over the last few months.

Maria: He feels betrayed.

Lorenzo: By both of us.

Maria: No. No, it's my fault. I should've told him about you before the --

Lorenzo: Maria, we are both responsible. It's understandable that you were afraid of me. When we were together, I was less than supportive. And that's before I was shot right in front of your eyes.

Maria: I'll always regret the choices that I made. But they can't be undone. So all we can do now is try to move on and do better for Diegoís sake.

Lorenzo: You know, when I first found out Diego was my son, I was ambivalent. Diego senses that.

Maria: You're both very proud. It can get in the way.

Lorenzo: Maybe I was afraid to get close to anyone. I recently lost my teenage niece, Sage. I think all she wanted was a little love and attention, but I was too wrapped up in my own problems to reach out to her. And now I'll never get the chance.

Maria: It's natural to overcompensate with Diego. That's what I do, and you saw how it affects him.

Lorenzo: Maria, I don't want Diego feeling overwhelmed. It'll just make him run.

Maria: I agree. So how can we help our son?

Lorenzo: Well, we can start by showing a united front. That means we both have to be available for Diego, and that can't happen with you in Mexico.

Maria: The whole time Diego and I were together there, he seemed to want to be here.

Lorenzo: Which is why I want you to stay here in Port Charles.

Diego: Hey.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Diego: How you doing?

Brook Lynn: Good.

Diego: Well, why'd you want to meet me at the hospital?

Brook Lynn: Because I'm going to work here.

Diego: Well, isn't that going to give us less time together?

Brook Lynn: Hey, chill out, ok? By the way that my dad is acting, I'm lucky to even be out of the house, right? So I volunteered here so we could hang out. We could meet here.

Diego: Yeah, nice plan. Yeah.

Brook Lynn: Yeah. Hey, I owe it to Georgie, ok? I mean, that's what she did with Dillon when her dad cut him off.

Diego: Yeah, well, at least Commissioner Scorpio didn't have Dillon arrested.

Brook Lynn: I know. Hey, I know. By the way that my dad talked to you, he's lucky if I ever talk to him again.

Diego: Alcazar isn't any better, you know? He thinks I should stay away from you. Yeah. And it gets worse. Maria's here. She wants me to move back to Mexico with her.

Brook Lynn: Oh. Well, what did you say?

Diego: No, don't worry. I'm not going anywhere.

Brook Lynn: Good.

Diego: Yeah.

Brook Lynn: So, tell me, what was it like having your parents in the same room?

Diego: It was -- I don't know, it's like I'm in an alternate universe, you know? My whole life I've been getting kicked out of families, and now I have two biological parents, and both want me to live with them, so --

Brook Lynn: Hey, it's ok, all right? What are you going to do about it?

Diego: Well, they can't force me to stay, you know? I'm -- Iím going to stay where I am above Kellyís and hang with you.

Brook Lynn: That's great.

Diego: Yeah. Look, what about your dad? I mean, after a while, he's going to realize that you're not actually volunteering here.

Brook Lynn: Diego, listen, I don't care about my dad, ok? I'm going to find a way to be with you whether he likes it or not.

Courtney: Monica still hasn't answered my page. Maybe I should try again.

Jax: I'm telling you, this is a bad idea.

Courtney: Jax, I need her to know that I did not kill her son.

Jax: Well, you know what? Monica might not want to hear it right now because she's stretched to the limit with Jason being on the run and A.J. being dead. You know, the Quartermaines are grieving. They can't be held accountable for their actions. I'm just letting you know.

Courtney: Yeah, you're right. You're right. I should be thinking about what A.J.ís family needs instead of trying to deal with my own guilt.

Jax: You have nothing to feel guilty about.

Courtney: Jax, I was one of the last people to see A.J. alive. The Quartermaines are going to want to hear what happened.

Jax: They're going to rip you apart.

Courtney: Well, then let them, ok? They -- they deserve to know the truth.

Ric: Ahem. Hi.

Elizabeth: Are you ok?

Ric: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Hey, I just want to let you know that Iím praying for Kristina, and I can't even imagine the pain you and Alexis are going through.

Ric: Well, there may be a break in the case.

Elizabeth: I know Monica told you where to find Jason, but she doesn't think that he or Sam know anything about Kristina.

Ric: That's your opinion.

Elizabeth: Well, Jasonís -- he's not the kidnapping type.

Ric: Unlike some people we know, huh?

Elizabeth: Ric, come on, that was -- that was a long time ago.

Ric: No, karmically speaking, it's yesterday.  Every minute -- every second since Kristina was kidnapped, I keep hearing this voice inside of my head. It says, "This is what it feels like," you know, "this is what you did when you took Carly." And now Kristinaís been taken from me, and I -- I deserve it. I did this, and I had it -- I had it coming.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no, you -- oh, Ric. You didn't do this to Kristina, ok? You didn't make this happen, karmically or on any other level. I mean, you are so tired. You are tired and scared, and you have every right to be, but don't turn it around on yourself, ok?

Ric: Yeah, right, yeah. You're right. I need to focus on -- on finding Kristina. I just -- I don't need to make this about myself.

Elizabeth: But in a way, it is about you. I mean, a little girl you love was taken from you, a little girl you sat beside and told stories to, a little girl that you think of as your daughter.

Reese: Took you long enough. I'm just going over these files, and I --

Sonny: You're good. You're real good. But Jason and Sam took off before they could be arres-- I want you out of my house.

Reese: I didn't tip off the police to Sam and Jasonís location.

Sonny: You're going to lie to my face again?

Reese: If I wanted them arrested, I would have done it myself.

Sonny: Oh, that's not true because you thought you had all this perfectly planned. You get me to talk, I come here, Jason and Sam would be brought in, but the PCPD showed up too soon. Am I right?

Reese: I let two fugitives -- one a suspected kidnapper -- walk away to prove myself to you. I played by your rules because I know what's important -- finding Kristina. And we'd have a really good chance of doing that if you would just cooperate. But since you won't, Iíll bring your daughter back myself.

Ofc. Murphy: Agent Marshall?

Reese: Yeah?

Ofc. Murphy: Commissioner Scorpio wanted me to inform you of something immediately. McCall and Morgan got away.

Sam: What are we looking for?

Jason: Probably nothing. This is a professional job.

Sam: Well, you know, I really hoped we'd find something because we really need to stop running so you can get the treatment you need, Jason. You're starting to look a lot worse.

Jason: Let me check -- let me check the computer.

[Jason groans]

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Come on, come on. Let's go to the couch. Come on. Take it easy.

Jason: I'm ok. Ugh.

Sam: Easy, easy. Jason, you're burning up.

Lorenzo: I realize I'm asking a lot. We barely know each other. You have a life in Mexico.

Maria: We both want what's best for Diego, so we all need to be in the same place.

Lorenzo: I could set you up with an apartment nearby if you'd like. Diego can live with you.

Maria: Well, I thought you wanted him to stay here.

Lorenzo: I just want him to be comfortable. I think he knows you better than me.

Maria: Oh. Hmm. That's a very generous offer, Lorenzo. I accept. And thank you.

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm. Yeah, well, you're the one uprooting your life.

Maria: Well, you deserve to know your son. I regret keeping him from you all this time, and I'll learn to be Diegoís mother while you learn to be his dad.

Lorenzo: Yeah. Well, I suppose two inexperienced parents are better than one.

Maria: Let's hope so.

Lorenzo: Well, we might as well get started. How much has Diego told you about Brook Lynn Ashton?

Maria: That she's the most wonderful girl in the world. She's talented, beautiful, understanding, etc., etc.

Lorenzo: Well, unfortunately, Brook Lynnís father had Diego arrested for visiting her, even though she invited him.

Maria: Diego told me a little about her family, the Quartermaines. They're difficult, aren't they?

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm. That's an understatement. I mean, Brook Lynnís a nice girl, and her mother is a very good person, but I think Diego and Brook Lynn being together -- that's cause for trouble.

Maria: Well, I don't want Diego to date a girl whose family doesn't approve of him. I mean, he's so volatile and quick to anger. It's a recipe for disaster.

Lorenzo: Then we agree. Diego will have to give up Brook Lynn.

Diego: Well, Mrs. Hardy seems ok.

Brook Lynn: Yeah. She was actually great friends with my great-grandmother Lila, so Iím sure that she'll let me work whatever hours I have to. It'll be great.

Diego: And ditch, too, right?

Brook Lynn: Yeah, I mean, whenever I can. But, Diego, I don't want to get in the way of your relationship with your mother, so it's --

Diego: No, no. Look, I can visit Maria in spring break --

Brook Lynn: Ok.

Diego: Ok, and you can come with me.

Brook Lynn: Yeah?

Diego: Yeah. Maybe we can get your mom to talk to your dad about it.

Brook Lynn: Oh, yeah, yeah, now that Alcazar has dumped her. I'm sure she'll be up for that, right? You know what, though?

Diego: Hmm?

Brook Lynn: I have a friend Jessica who just moved to Florida, and I could just say that I went to go visit her, right? Yeah?

Diego: Yeah, yeah. See, didn't I tell you it was going to work out?

Brook Lynn: Yes, you did.

Diego: Yeah, I did.

Brook Lynn: So, tell me, what's going to be your excuse while I'm "volunteering"?

Diego: Well, no, I don't need an excuse. My parents didn't raise me, ok? I'm not going to start taking orders from them now.

Brook Lynn: I don't think Alcazar's going to like that.

Diego: In a week he's going to forget I'm alive. The guy is all business, Brook, ok? He doesn't even know how to be a father.

Elizabeth: Ric, I don't even know how you're holding up. I mean, if Cameron had been kidnapped, you would have to sedate me.

Ric: Oh, no. No, you'd be strong and determined. You'd be focused on getting your child back home safe.

Elizabeth: You're projecting. You just described yourself.

Ric: Yeah.

Elizabeth: I can't imagine Alexis and Sonny tearing around, blaming --

Ric: Oh --

Elizabeth: Blaming everyone -- the police, I'm sure. God. Most of all, themselves, each other.

Ric: You sure you haven't been eavesdropping?

Elizabeth: It's not that hard to figure out. I mean, I know Alexis is overprotective of Kristina on a good day, so she must be in orbit by now. And then you have Sonny, and Sonny is --

Ric: Is Sonny.

Elizabeth: Yeah. And then there's you, stuck in the middle, trying to remain cool and logical. But I know you're as worried as they are.

Ric: I'm praying that it is Sam, Elizabeth, because if it isn't, then that means it's somebody who really hates Sonny; somebody who wants revenge and somebody who wants ransom or both. I mean, a kidnapper with that profile is not going to give up Kristina. I mean, if it isn't Sam, then that means --

Elizabeth: Ok. Listen. Ok, don't -- don't go there. Don't give in to fear. You said that grief is a powerful motivator. But love -- Ric, love is the most powerful motivator of all. I know you love this little girl. You keep believing you'll find her, and you will.

Alexis: Monica, may I talk to you for a minute?

Monica: Uh, I really don't have time.

Alexis: I'm very sorry about A.J.

Monica: Thank you. Thank you. And we're all praying for Kristina.

Alexis: I really appreciate that. I know that you told Steven Webber where Jason is.

Monica: Yes, well, he's in bad shape, and I want to help him.

Alexis: Unfortunately, when the police got there, Jason and Sam were gone, and I was just wondering, if he contacts you again, if you might tell me where he is?

Monica: I'm afraid that's not possible.

Jason: Don't -- don't touch anything. You'll leave prints.

Sam: No, Jason, this is more important. We have to try and bring your temperature down. And we have to get the medication. Your mother said it was going to get worse, and it has.

Jason: Monica won't be able to find us.

Sam: Really? All right, then I will go and find her.

Jason: No. The cops --

Sam: The cops? What about the cops, Jason? I got in and out of G.H. before.

Jason: It's too risky.

Sam: No, you saved my life. Now it's my time to save yours.

Jason: Sam, you -- you don't owe me.

Sam: Yes, I do. And I'm not being entirely unselfish. I cannot imagine my life without you in it anymore, ok?

Jason: It's a bad idea.

Sam: No, it's not. I promise you -- hey, look at me -- I'll be back, ok?

Ofc. Murphy: Turns out Dr. Monica Quartermaine was worried about her son, so she doctored up his gunshot wounds. Dr. Steve Webber caught on and got Dr. Quartermaine to give us Morganís location. We got there too late. The place was empty.

Reese: Thank you, officer.

Ofc. Murphy: Yeah.

Reese: Let me know if you hear anything else, ok?

Ofc. Murphy: Got it.

Reese: Apology accepted.

Sonny: How do I know he didn't stage that whole conversation?

Reese: Why does it matter? I don't want Sam for Kristinaís kidnapping anymore, anyway. I want to know who's really responsible for this. That's the way to find Kristina.

Sonny: I don't -- I don't trust cops, especially feds.

Reese: What's more important to you, huh? Stonewalling the bureau or finding your daughter?  We're running out of time, Sonny. Are you going to help me find Kristina or not?

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Yeah? Right now? What channel? All right, thanks.

Reese: You're going to watch TV?

Alexis: Recently told me that her condition is chronic. The onset could be fatal and a relapse could occur at any time, and I am begging whoever took her to please return her to a hospital and have someone leave her in an emergency room, and I give you my word that there will be no questions asked. Thank you.

Sonny: Alexis should've told me that Kristina was sick.

Reese: No, this is a standard ploy to convince the kidnapper to give up the child.

Sonny: Do you think Alexis is making this up?

Reese: Well, it's probably Ricís idea. They made the mistake of believing the kidnapper was actually human.

Sonny: Is it going to hurt Kristinaís chances of coming home?

Reese: Maybe. I never would've authorized it. Sonny, if you and Alexis keep sabotaging this investigation, we may never find Kristina.

Ric: Jason and Sam been picked up yet?

Mac: Look, I just heard from Murphy. They weren't at the address that Monica gave to Steven Webber.

Ric: Well, they couldn't have gotten far. Jason is wounded.

Mac: My men haven't turned up anything.

Ric: I want you to pull every uniform off the street and I want you to send them to that location. Get another chopper to canvass the area.

Mac: Jason and Sam are gone, all right? We're going to have to find them another way.

Ric: Meanwhile, Kristina is still missing.

Mac: I'm sure Kristina is fine. Sam has to be working with someone. She's being taken care of.

Ric: Yeah, that's -- that's what I keep telling Alexis, too, Mac, but you and I both know that that isn't a given.

Mac: You're not doing yourself any good by getting emotionally involved.

Ric: How am I supposed to avoid it? I love that little girl, Mac. I remember when she first came home from the hospital, she was -- she had a nightmare; she was scared. I could see the fear in her eyes, and I picked her up and I -- I held her, I laid down on the couch with her. And I put my arms around her and she fell asleep. Look, I would give anything to be able to comfort her right now, to be able to hold her and take away that nightmare that she's going through and to help her feel safe.

Mac: We're going to find her.

Ric: We have to.

Monica: What's happening with Kristina is horrible, but make no mistake, Alexis -- I told Steven where Jason was because he needs an active form of antibiotic to stave off an infection from a bullet wound.

Alexis: But if he should contact you again --

Monica: Then I will help him again, but not because he and Sam had anything to do with Kristinaís being kidnapped.

Alexis: But you don't know that.

Monica: Yes, I do. Jason is my son and he would never, ever hurt a child.

Alexis: Monica, I'm not worried about Jason. I'm worried about Sam. Sam is suffering very much --

Monica: If Jason says that she is innocent, then she is.

Alexis: And my daughter is out there and she's scared and I'm sure she's confused and --

Monica: And if Jason were well enough, he would be out there looking to bring her back to you because he had nothing to do with her disappearing. Now, please, Iíve got to go. I have a funeral to arrange. Oh, my God. Sam.

Sam: Hi.

Monica: Oh, I'm glad you're here. I know the police came to where you guys were hiding.

Sam: Yeah, we got out before they could catch us.

Monica: Oh, thank God. How is he?

Sam: He's getting worse, Monica.

Monica: Ok. Listen, give him these. The dose is on the label. Make sure he takes them exactly as prescribed and he finishes the whole course.

Sam: All right, Iíll do that.

Monica: I'm so sorry I couldn't get there, but Steven Webber has figured out what I'm doing.

Sam: It's ok. He's your son and you're helping him. That's all that matters.

Monica: You keep him safe, ok?

Sam: I will.

Monica: All right, thank you.

Sam: Thank you.

Alexis: Oh, my God, Sam. Where is she? Where's Kristina?

Sam: I -- I don't know and I don't have time to convince you. Jason is sick.

Alexis: You go to Jason after you tell me where my baby is.

Sam: No, if you want to find Kristina, tell the police to start looking for the real kidnapper --

Alexis: No, Sam --

Sam: And leave me and Jason alone, please!

Alexis: Sam, please!

Sam: No!

Alexis: Tell me now! Just tell me -- is she ok? Is she scared?

Sam: Please get off of me, Alexis! I have to go!

Alexis: I'm not letting you go until you tell me where my daughter is!

Edward: The services will be at St. Timothy's.

Lois: Where we all said goodbye to Lila?

Edward: Lila always wanted me to be nice to A.J.

Ned: Instead, you always played us against one another.

Edward: I'm not proud of that.

Tracy: A.J. was like the rest of us. He wanted respect but always fell short.

Dillon: You know what? If you guys really cared about A.J., you would've helped him. Instead you alienated him; you made him feel like dirt and forced him to leave.

Tracy: Oh, well, that's just our way of relating, dear.

Edward: No one ever wished him dead.

Ned: This family has a strange way of bonding.

Dillon: Well, that doesn't make it right.

Lois: I agree.

Tracy: Oh, who asked you, and what are you doing here anyway?

Lois: I'm here for Ned, for Edward.

Dillon: Hey! Hey! I'm getting kind of worried about Alan. I mean, was it a smart idea to let him go identify the body by himself?

Ned: Well, I offered to go with him, but he needs to do this by himself.

Lois: He needs support. If anything like this ever happened to Brook Lynn, I wouldn't be able to stand.

Tracy: Well, getting hysterical isn't going to help anyone, and it's not going to bring A.J. back.

Courtney: Edward?

Edward: Courtney.

Tracy: I can't believe you would set foot in this house.

Courtney: I came to tell you what happened the night A.J. died.

Alan: That's him. That's my son.

Courtney: Look, I was furious with A.J. when I found out he had falsified the original divorce papers.

Tracy: So you channeled your rage?

Dillon: Mom, let her finish.

Courtney: I wanted to handle things with A.J. amicably, but he refused to sign the papers.

Ned: What possible reason would A.J. have to draw this out?

Lois: Was he still in love with you?

Courtney: Look, A.J. lost most of the money he stole from you. He knew that I had received all that money after the hotel fire, and he wanted half of it.

Lois: But you used that money to start your foundation.

Courtney: A.J. didnít care. He didnít. He wanted that money no matter who he hurt in the process.

Edward: Alan told us you attacked my grandson.

Courtney: Edward, I'm not proud of that, but A.J. grabbed my arm and I had to fend him off.

Tracy: So you have an impulse control issue.

Courtney: A.J. provoked me. Look, all right, I took the bait. I did. He was probably planning on using the assault against me in divorce court.

Ned: Sounds like something he would do.

Dillon: Ok, so there you go. A.J. was still alive when she left the hotel.

Courtney: Yes, he was. I've already told Alan that, but I needed you to hear it, too.

Tracy: Ok, so let me get this straight. You won an uncontested divorce from A.J. by murdering him, and you want us to absolve you. That's not going to happen.

Jax: So what's the big development in the A.J. Quartermaine investigation?

Mac: You're not going to like it.

Jax: As long as you're not trying to build a case against Courtney.

Mac: I'm sorry, Jax, but she had means, motive, and opportunity.

Jax: Come on, Mac. We already established she was on a plane back to Port Charles when A.J. was murdered.

Mac: She had a layover in Miami. That gave her plenty of time to fly back to the Bahamas, kill A.J., and still board her connecting flight.

Jax: And you guys have witnesses? I mean, is there any proof?

Mac: The investigation is ongoing, but it looks a lot like Courtney killed her husband.

Sam: Let go!

Alexis: Not as long as you have my daughter!

Sam: Alexis, get off of me!

Alexis: Sam! Sam!

[Sam screams]

Reese: Obviously, you're not used to things being out of your control. But you got to try to put your ego aside for now for the good of your daughter.

Sonny: I don't want to sabotage this investigation. I just want my daughter back. Simple.

Reese: Good.

Sonny: Ok. If we work together, we have to end this competition. I want you to make a plan; I want you to tell me about it. I want you to work it. Because so far, you don't know anything about the kidnapper.

Reese: I know she's a woman.

Faith: Isn't karma a bitch, Jason? Do you remember the times I begged for my life? How about the one where you had me tied to a chair and you almost shot me in the head? I've got big plans to make happen, and they're all going to be a lot easier with you dead.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Skye: Refuse the case.

Luke: Skye.

Sonny: You say the kidnapper is a woman and you have absolutely no proof.

Faith: Sonny underestimated me again, and the first thing Iím going to take from him is you.

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