GH Transcript Thursday 2/10/05

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/10/05



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Courtney: Jax, you don't have to go with me. I'll be fine.

Jax: No, it's bad form to allow one's fiancťe to go for police questioning alone.

Courtney: You're worried.

Jax: No, not at all.

Courtney: Then why are you being so charming?

Jax: Actually, I'm always charming.

Courtney: No, you go into overdrive when you get worried. Hey, didn't you say that we'd have no problem if we were honest with each other?

Jax: Yeah, yeah, I just -- I just want to make sure, you know? Did you tell me everything about the night A.J. died?

Sam: Sonny, I didn't take Kristina. I would never do anything to hurt your little girl.

Jason: Sonny, just think, ok? She didn't corrupt the security system; she didn't shadow-wire the house. She had no reason to.

Sonny: What about the note they found in Samís things, Jason?

Jason: The note -- they must have planted the note. They know to frame Sam because they saw her break in on the surveillance cameras. All they got to do is keep leaving clues to prove Sam did it, and everybody's going to believe them.


Reese: Lie down, both of you. Hands behind your head.

Sonny: Whoa. Move.

[Sam screams]

Jason: We got to get going. They're going to be closing in on us.

Sonny: Someone close to me did this. Don't rule anybody out. Work faster, then. Spread the word around about the ransom. Yeah, 5 million.

Reese: Not bad for a man who didn't sleep.

Sonny: Why would I sleep when my daughter's missing?

Reese: You're calm, logical, in control.

Sonny: And you're wasting your time. You're wasting your time spying on me, instead of finding my little girl.

Alan: I need to see Mrs. Corinthos.

Enzo: Listen, Dr. Quartermaine, I can't let you in like this.

Alan: It's very important.

Enzo: I know. I have my orders, too.

Carly: Enzo, it's ok. It's ok. Please let him in. Alan, what's wrong? Alan, what is it? Did something happen to Edward? Did he have another heart attack?

Alan: I need to tell Michael his father is dead.

Carly: A.J.'S dead? Are you sure?

Alan: Yes.

Carly: What happened?

Alan: He was murdered.

Carly: Oh, my God.

Alan: Somebody stabbed him.

Carly: Well, do they know who did it?

Alan: No. He bled to death on the floor of his hotel room.

Carly: Alan, I'm so sorry.

Alan: Oh, please, don't pretend that you care.

Carly: Come on. You know I didn't want him dead.

Alan: Where's Michael?

Carly: Whoa -- well, Sonny and I -- we'll tell him.

Alan: No, you wonít. We're his real family.

Carly: Ok, Alan, I'm not in the mood to fight. We cannot fight about this right now. You want to do something? You want to -- you want to leave him a note or something? We'll be sure to give it to him. But Sonny and I are going to tell him about A.J.

Alan: No. I'm going to tell him face to face.

Carly: No, you're not. He barely knows you.

Alan: Well, that's your fault. He's a Quartermaine, whether you like it or not.

Carly: Alan, this has nothing to do with being a Quartermaine. He is a little boy. And he is already dealing with more than he needs to right now. And I have to be careful how I tell him about this.

Alan: Oh, that's right; you do need to be careful. I don't blame you for that. I mean, after all, you stole him from the Quartermaines. You're bringing him up like a criminal. I mean, what kind of life are you giving my grandson? How many places have you lived in the last year? You think you're his family? You're not. You won't even let him know who his real father is.

Carly: A.J. was never a father to Michael.

Alan: Because you never gave him a chance!

Carly: Look -- I am sorry about this, I am. You can believe it or not. And I am willing to do whatever it is to help you out, but I will not let you inflict your pain and your grief on my son.

Courtney: I told you everything -- almost. It doesn't make a difference, Jax.

Jax: Well, come on -- no, no, no, tell me, tell me now. We don't want any surprises when we're at the police station.

Courtney: I guess it's just the anger.

Jax: Ok.

Courtney: You know, I don't think that I was clear about how incredibly angry I was. I still am. Jax, I mean, you should have seen this hotel room when I walked in. White candles, flowers everywhere, champagne. It was ridiculous. I mean, what was I supposed to say? "Oops, you lied about the divorce, so we're still married. Pass the champagne"?

Jax: Well, it must have been infuriating.

Courtney: The whole thing was just a sham. I mean, our marriage, our divorce. I wish that I had never met A.J. in the first place. I mean it. I mean, it is so typical that he would threaten to take away the foundation's money. I mean, forget about all the kids that he would be hurting, and -- or the money that he's already squandered away. It's just -- ugh.

Jax: So, you were in the hotel room when you got angry at him?

Courtney: He threatened to drag the divorce on for years and then come to Port Charles and ruin my life. God, Jax, I hated A.J. more than I have ever hated anyone. And then I headed out and he grabbed my arm.

Jax: You attacked him?

Courtney: Yeah.

Jax: Was he conscious when you left?

Courtney: Yeah. He was whining to the concierge. I mean, he probably stabbed A.J. just to get him to shut up. Oh, God, Iím sorry. That's a terrible thing to say.

Jax: Oh, no. I understand you must have been furious at him.

Courtney: Oh, God, Jax, that sounds awful, but Iím glad A.J.ís dead.

Jax: Well, you might not want to tell that one to the police.

Courtney: Whew. Jax, what if -- what if the police see how angry I really am?

Jax: Well, maybe they will. They'll also see that you're innocent.

Emily: You know that time we ran away? You were mad at your father and I was trying to find my aunt. And you helped me not to worry about all the bad things. You made me laugh. You turned the whole thing into a great adventure. I need that now, Lucky. Come back. Turn all this into something else. Help me find a way to get through it. Show me how to keep things from falling apart. Jason got shot. He's out there somewhere. A.J.'s dead. I flipped out at Steven. I keep having nightmares about Connor. I just need you so much.

Elizabeth: Emily?

Emily: Hi.

Elizabeth: Here you go.

Emily: Thanks. Oh, God. I keep waiting for him to open his eyes.

Elizabeth: He will.

Emily: He has to.

Sam: Jason, Monica said you have to give yourself time to heal.

Jason: No. I'm taking antibiotics.

Sam: Right, and you have to give them a chance to work. The infection could be fatal.

Jason: No, we got to go. Sonny's going to be after us.

Sam: Sonny helped us escape, Jason.

Jason: He was -- he wasn't going to let the feds keep shooting at us, but he still thinks you took Kristina.

Sam: Ok, then why hasn't he shown up yet?

Jason: He will. He's going to do anything he can to get Kristina back.

Sam: Right, because Sonny wants me.

Jason: We're in this together.

Sam: No, no, no, no, no, no -- whoa, whoa, whoa --

[Jason groans]

Sam: That is why you are not going anywhere. There is no way I'm going to lose you.

Reese: The more I learn about you; the sooner I find your daughter. That's the way we agreed to work, right?

Sonny: I don't want you in my home or in my life or anywhere near my family. But here you are, the F.B.I., questioning me. You know why? I'll tell you why. Because I'll do anything to get my daughter back, but you are wasting my time.

Reese: There was no ransom note. So obviously, money isn't a motivation. Someone is after you; somebody who knows how much you love your children.

Sonny: The best way to hurt me is to hurt my family. That's pretty much common knowledge.

Reese: Yeah, but who would go to such lengths?

Sonny: Um --

Reese: To sabotage your alarm system?  To shadow-wire your house?

Sonny: How about the F.B.I., not the kidnapper?

Reese: It wasn't the F.B.I., and we didn't infiltrate your staff. But you and I -- we need to compile a list of enemies --

Sonny: Not a chance.

Reese: Do you want your daughter back?

Sonny: I'll get my daughter back.

Reese: But will she be alive?

Sonny: You think you'll surprise me? I'll slip, tell you something incriminating?

Reese: You're under no obligation to answer my questions. But the more I can learn about you --

Sonny: The better you can profile the kidnapper? We both know that's a bunch of crock, right?

Reese: You don't have to agree with my methods.

Sonny: What is your methods? You shot Jason, so instead of him being out there, you know, looking for Kristina, he's hiding out with Sam somewhere.

Reese: You want me to leave?

Sonny: Yes -- if I can't see any results right away.

Reese: Fair enough. But I need your cooperation. Will you answer a few questions?

Sonny: Depends on the question.

Reese: How did your first wife die?

Sonny: She started the wrong car.

Reese: Could you be more specific?

Sonny: My car blew up. The bomb was meant for me.

Reese: Who planted the bomb?

Sonny: Next question.

Reese: Is it true that your wife was pregnant?

Sonny: Yeah.

Reese: And you'd just found out about it?

Sonny: Yeah.

Reese: How'd you react? Wasn't her name Lily? What was it like to know that your wife and your first child had died because of you?

Carly: Hey. Back off.

Brook Lynn: I never really knew A.J., but ma said he was kind of like the underdog, you know, the one everybody picked on. But now that he's gone, everybody's so torn up.

Diego: Yeah, well, death changes the way you look at things, you know?

Brook Lynn: Right. I mean, it's kind of like when Sage died. Sage would've been your cousin, kind of like A.J. was mine.

Diego: Oh.

Brook Lynn: Yeah.

Diego: Right. Right.

Brook Lynn: About her -- look, not too many people understood her. We thought she was spoiled and snarky and we didn't realize how much pain she was in until she was gone and it was too late. God. Your dad -- he lost it when she died. I mean, he loved her so much.

Diego: Yeah.

Brook Lynn: Ok.

Ned: Hey -- what the hell's going on here?

Brook Lynn: Dad, I invited him here.

Ned: Diego, get out.

Diego: No.

Brook Lynn: No, Dad, stop.

Ned: No, I mean it. Get out.

Brook Lynn: I can have guests in my house.

Ned: It's not the right --

Brook Lynn: Stop!

Ned: Let's go. I'll take you out.

Ofc. Murphy: Hey, get your hands -- back off. Back off. You all right?

Ned: I'm fine.

Ofc. Murphy: Mr. Ashton, look, could I -- a few questions to ask you about the death of A.J.

Ned: I want you to arrest this man for trespassing and assault.

Diego: What?

Brook Lynn: That is enough!

Ned: I want you to arrest this man for trespassing and assault!

Emily: They found A.J. in a hotel room in the Bahamas.

Elizabeth: Do they have any idea who stabbed him?

Emily: Not so far. My parents are devastated.

Elizabeth: I can imagine.

Emily: Yeah. A.J. was always a good brother to me. Not like Jason, but --

Elizabeth: Have you heard anything about Jason?

Emily: The police are still searching. They say he's been shot. Elizabeth, what if he bleeds to death like A.J. did?

Elizabeth: Are you sleeping?

Emily: The nightmares are getting worse.

Elizabeth: I remember. I had them for a long time.

Emily: How'd you manage?

Elizabeth: I got help. I got counseling, and I had Lucky. He saved me.

Emily: I wish he could save me.

Sam: Nobody followed you?

Monica: I don't think so.

Sam: Well, your timing's perfect. Jason wants to leave.

Monica: No.

Sam: No. Do you think he's getting any better?

Monica: Oh, boy.

Jason: No, I can't stay here.

Sam: But it's dangerous for him to leave, right?

Monica: Yes, my children are all in danger, whether they know it or not.

Jason: Is Emily ok?

Monica: Well, all things considered, I guess. Good. Here you go. Take it easy. You know, I always thought it was going to be you. I thought we'd get a call at 3:00 in the morning and there would've been an explosion at the dock. Or the morgue would call me and want me to come down and identify you.

Jason: Monica, what happened?

Monica: A.J. was murdered.

Jason: I'm sorry.

Monica: Yeah, well, he was in the Bahamas in a hotel room all by himself, and he was stabbed to death.

Sam: I'm really sorry.

Monica: I'd given up on you for coming back home. I've just been grateful for anything I could get with you. But A.J. -- I knew -- I knew he would be back eventually. No matter what he did, he would come home. And we would let him in, because we were his parents and we created him. Two parents who never paid any attention to him because they had problems of their own, who pitted him against you. His mother, who made it very obvious she favored you over him. My God, I testified against him at Michaelís custody trial. I mean, A.J. asked us -- asked us to help him get Michael back and we turned our back on him. We -- we criticized him. We said, "Well, no. You're the one who's to blame for losing Michael." We stood by and watched him waste years, years trying to get Edwardís approval because he could -- he could never get ours.

Jason: It's not your fault.

Monica: This family -- this family made so many mistakes with the two of you. But you escaped. You paid a terrible price, but you got out. A.J. didnít. And he did some terrible things. But he's my son, and I love him.

Carly: Why is she asking questions about Lily?

Reese: I'm putting together a profile.

Carly: Sonny, is it going to help you find Kristina?

Sonny: Well, I can't rule anything out. Is Michael ok?

Carly: Actually, that's why Iím here. He's in the foyer right now. This is a family matter.

Sonny: What's wrong with Michael?

Carly: Sonny, can you get rid of her? It's got nothing to do with Kristina.

Reese: If the kids are involved, I'd like to know about it.

Sonny: Go on.

Carly: A.J.'s been murdered. Alan's losing his mind. He wants to tell Michael.

Sonny: Uh-uh. No way. We got to tell him first.

Alan: Get out of the way.

Max: Dr. Quartermaine, relax!

Alan: Get out of -- Michael -- Michael! Michael, I have something really important to tell you. It's about your father.

Brook Lynn: Diego didn't do anything wrong.

Ned: You think it's ok for him to just push your father to the ground?

Brook Lynn: Oh, come on, Dad. You grabbed his arm. I mean, get real. What did you expect?

Ned: Wait a minute, hold on a second. You're making excuses for him?

Brook Lynn: Look, you didn't have to press charges.

Ned: Brook, Diego is becoming an excuse for you to ruin your life. Listen to me. You blew off the audition to music school. Forget about visiting colleges, and when was the last time you went over to the recording studio? And for what? So you can get mixed up in the mob?

Brook Lynn: Diego is not in the mob!

Ned: Whoever took Kristina is in the mob. You can count on it. Ok?

Brook Lynn: God --

Ned: And you were at Sonny's the night she was kidnapped.

Brook Lynn: Dad, Diego didn't have anything to do with that.

Ned: His father's Luis Alcazar.

Brook Lynn: So?

Ned: I am so sick of losing the people that I love to Sonny and all the rest of them, and I'll be damned if I'm going to lose you, too.

Lois: Ned? What are you yelling about?

Ned: Would you talk some sense into her?

Brook Lynn: Would you talk some sense into him, please?

Ofc. Murphy: Sit. Stay.

Diego: I get a phone call.

Bridget: What happened?

Diego: Trespassing and assault.

Bridget: Hmm. I'm impressed.

Diego: Yeah, it was nothing. Brook Lynnís dad thinks I'm a bad influence.

Bridget: I bet you are.

Diego: Yeah. Well, what about you?

Bridget: Shoplifting. I picked up a few lipsticks. Big deal. My new foster parents are acting like I robbed a bank.

Diego: No, they just tell you that to get rid of you.

Bridget: Yeah, exactly.

Diego: Yeah, it's not like you're some big thief and I'm a big gangster, right?

Bridget: Yeah, I mean, everybody always assumes the worst, don't they?

Diego: Yeah. No, definitely. Yeah. Of course.

Bridget: It kind of makes you want to give it to them.

Ofc. Murphy: You need to make your phone call.

Courtney: Isn't it a bit much coming in the back way?

Justus: This case will be high profile. I don't want you parading around the squad room.

Jax: I agree.

Courtney: But I thought that you said this meeting was just a formality.

Justus: I hope so.

Courtney: I didn't kill A.J.

Justus: But he was alive when you left the hotel room.

Courtney: I just punched him, that's all.

Justus: A word of advice -- when the officer is questioning you, just answer the question, don't embellish, ok?

Jax: We don't want the truth getting twisted around.

Mac: Thanks for stopping by.

Courtney: No problem.

Mac: I didn't expect an attorney, however.

Jax: Well, one can never be too careful these days, Mac.

Justus: We're ready when you are, commissioner.

Mac: Please have a seat.  So, Courtney, what can you tell me about your ex-husband's death?

Courtney: First of all, A.J. wasnít my ex-husband. We were still married. We had been all along.

Michael: What do you know about my father?

Max: Dr. Quartermaine --

Alan: His name is A.J. Quartermaine. He's dead. Your father's dead, Michael.

Michael: Dad?

Alan: Your mother stole you from the Quartermaines. We're your real family, Michael.

Michael: My dad's not dead!

Alan: We all are.

Sonny: Take Michael, will you?

Carly: Come on.

Michael: My dad's right here. See? He's not dead.

Sonny: Go. Go. Go!

Carly: Come on. How could you?

Sonny: Alan, never go near my son again.

Monica: You're spiking a fever.

Jason: I'll drink more water.

Monica: No, the antibiotics aren't strong enough. I'm going to have to bring you some more medicine.

Jason: No, the cops are going to be watching this place and so are Sonny's guys. You need to leave and stay away.

Monica: I'm going to make sure nobody sees me.

Jason: Please. Don't -- don't come back.

Monica: Jason, Iíve lost one son. I'm not going to lose another one. I'll see you soon.

Sam: Thank you.

Monica: Yeah.

Sam: Jason, this isn't going to work. I have to turn myself in.

Steven: Emily? Hey.

Emily: Oh, hi. I am so sorry about the other night. I -- Iím feeling a lot better now.

Steven: Good. I'm glad. You up for a couple of questions?

Emily: About what?

Steven: Have you heard from Jason?

Emily: Steven, I wouldn't tell you if I had.

Steven: He might be in need of medical attention and Iíd like to help him.

Emily: Maybe you think it's your job to find Jason, but why don't you try helping Lucky instead, or try to find Kristina?

Steven: I'm trying to help your brother.

Emily: No, you're not.

Steven: Yes, I --

Elizabeth: Steven? Leave her alone.

Sam: Your family needs you.

Jason: I can't help them.

Sam: Well, then why don't you help yourself, Jason? You need to be in a hospital. The infection is obviously getting worse.

Jason: No. We need to search Rolloís apartment.

Sam: Your brother died. Now, that changes everything.

Jason: Sam, I can't change what happened to A.J.

Sam: You can't act like it never happened, either, Jason. I don't care if you acknowledge the Quartermaines or not. They're still your family. You're lucky to have them. Why don't you let them love you? Why not just find a way?

Jason: We wasted too much time. We got to go.

Courtney: Skye told me that I was still married to A.J.; the divorce was never legal.

Mac: How did Skye find out?

Courtney: He called her. He saw my wedding announcement somehow.

Mac: Are you sure your divorce never went through?

Justus: I checked the documents. They're all forgeries. It never happened.

Courtney: A.J. was just waiting for the chance to use it against me.

Mac: So you went to the Bahamas?

Courtney: Yeah.

Mac: Well, why didn't you just stay here and let Justus handle the paperwork?

Courtney: Because I wanted to deal with A.J. face to face. I am not the scared little girl he used to be married to. I have a good life and I was not going to allow A.J. to ruin it.

Mac: So you went to A.J.ís hotel room?

Courtney: I asked A.J. to sign the divorce papers. That is all that I wanted. He acted like he was going to do it, and then at the last minute he just -- he just wouldnít.

Mac: That must've made you pretty angry.

Courtney: Look, A.J. -- he threatened to destroy my foundation, and I told him he was in for a fight. I started to leave. A.J. grabbed my arm, and then I hit him.

Mac: The concierge saw you leave after you attacked A.J.

Courtney: Yes.

Mac: And A.J. was alive?

Courtney: Yes!

Mac: And where'd you go?

Courtney: I took the next plane home.

Mac: That should be easy enough to prove.

Sonny: You barge into my house, upset my son?

Alan: He's not your son; he's A.J.ís son!

Sonny: No, Alan, but A.J.'s yours. He's dead, you're grieving. Doesn't mean you get to come in here, throw it in my son's face, and blame his mother.

Alan: He needs to know the truth.

Sonny: I'll tell you the truth! Your son was a whiner and a coward!

Alan: You son of a --

Sonny: Hey!

Max: Dr. Quartermaine --

Alan: You son of a --

Sonny: Get him.

Alan: A.J. is Michaelís father, not you, and he's going to know the truth!

Sonny: Look, Alan, you're grieving, you're not thinking right, but I'll tell you this. You come near my son again, I will bury you.

Alan: I'll be waiting.

Max: Let's go.

Michael: Did you steal me from the Quartermaines?

Carly: Sweetheart, I just tried to give you the best family that I could.

Michael: Why did Alan say that you stole me?

Carly: Because he's hurting.

Michael: But why was he even here?

Carly: Sweetheart, don't worry. He is not coming back.

Michael: Is he gone?

Sonny: I'm sorry. I'm going to talk to him.  I'm sorry that Alan upset you. He should never have been allowed in the house.

Michael: Is Max in trouble?

Sonny: No. I mean, you know, I'll speak to him. Don't worry about that.

Michael: Not his fault.

Sonny: Listen -- um -- Alanís son died, ok? A.J. Quartermaine, your biological father -- you understand about all that, right? Well, he's grieving because, you know, he lost his son, just like I would be if I lost you, and he's saying and doing things that, you know, he's going to feel bad about later.

Michael: Did Mom steal me from the Quartermaines?

Sonny: No, no. I did.

Reese: Thank you, Max.

Max: No problem, Agent Marshall. Bye.

[Door opens and closes]

Carly: Get the hell out.

Sonny: I took you away from the Quartermaines. Don't blame your mother.

Michael: Why did you take me away from them?

Sonny: Well, because your mother and I believed that, you know, we could give you a better life.

Michael: Why?

Sonny: Why? Because A.J. -- he wanted a son to impress his family. He wasn't ready to be a father, and he wasn't good to your mother.

Michael: Did he make her cry?

Sonny: A.J. never loved your mother, ok? I love your mother. Sometimes I can't live with her or even be in the same room with her, but I love her, just like, you know, we love you.

Michael: Did you put a ladder in the window? Is that how you stole me, like Kristina?

Sonny: No, no, no, no. We carried you out of the Quartermaines'. They all knew about it.

Michael: Were they sad?

Sonny: I'm sure they were a little sad, you know? Not like we are about Kristina, because they're kind of a different type of family, you know? But I made sure that A.J. could never get you back.

Michael: What did you do?

Sonny: I took care of the situation.

Michael: That means "Don't ask any more questions," right?

Sonny: Kind of like that, yeah.

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: All right. I'm not saying that, you know, you're going to have to be like me or you're going to have to live the kind of life that I do, but considering all the bad things that I've done, I think taking you away from the Quartermaines turned out to be a good thing. Now, you may, as you get older, you may disagree about that. But don't blame your mama, ok? If you're going to be mad at anybody, be mad at me.

Michael: I could never be mad at you. You're my dad.

Carly: So did you spend the night here?

Reese: I'm trying to profile the kidnapper.

Carly: You are trying to put my husband in prison.

Reese: Sam may not have taken Kristina.

Carly: Well, then you shot my best friend for no reason.

Reese: I was doing my job.

Carly: Well, you made everything worse.

Reese: Sonny seems to have a temper.

Carly: Ok. What does that have to do with finding Kristina?

Reese: There's been no ransom demand. That child was taken to hurt Sonny, to make him suffer, possibly even as payback. So what reason would somebody have to hate your husband this much? Who would want revenge that badly?

Sonny: Let's go take Michael home.

Carly: That's a good idea.  Put your coat on.

Elizabeth: Why are you pressuring her? You know the kind of stress she's under.

Steven: Jason could be dying out there. Emily does not need another loss.

Elizabeth: She can't help you find him, so just leave it alone, ok?

Steven: Look, if Sam is innocent, then she and Jason are wasting the department's time; they're wasting the department's resources. How's that going to help Kristina? How's that going to help Emily? How's that going to help anybody else?

Emily: Mom.

Monica: Em. What are you still doing here? You should be home.

Emily: Oh, so should you.

Monica: Yeah, I know, yeah. Look, it's -- it's a terrible time for all of us, but maybe it'll make you feel better. Jason will probably be all right.

Steven: So, you are the one he called for help?

Lorenzo: Excuse me. I'm glad you called.

Diego: Look, I was invited to the Quartermaines', ok? I know I shouldn't have pushed Ned Ashton, but he was the one that --

Lorenzo: Who arrested you?

Diego: That guy right there.

Lorenzo: Excuse me?

Ofc. Murphy: Yes? May I help you?

Lorenzo: My son was an invited guest at the Quartermaine home. If you don't release him immediately, Iím going to take legal action against the department.

Ofc. Murphy: Save it, Mr. Alcazar. I just got off the phone with Ned Ashton. Diego is all yours.

Lorenzo: Are the charges dropped?

Ofc. Murphy: Yes. He's just going to need an adult to sign for him. Do you take responsibility for this minor?

Lorenzo: He's my son. Of course.

Ofc. Murphy: You're free.

Diego: Can you get her out, too?

Bridget: Hi, Mr. Alcazar.

Ofc. Murphy: She's charged with a misdemeanor. Her foster parents aren't in a real hurry to come down and get her. You know what I mean?

Lorenzo: I'll see that she's taken care of.

Ofc. Murphy: That just warms my heart. Come on, children, let's go finish the paperwork. Let's go.

Lois: Hey. Is Diego all right? I spoke to Ned. He's dropping the charges.

Lorenzo: I've taken care of it. I just don't want this to happen again.

Lois: I agree. So we both know what we've got to do?

Sam: What about the antibiotics Monicaís getting?

Jason: I'll get them somewhere else.

Sam: Where, Jason?

Jason: I don't know, I'll find another doctor. We got to go.

[Door opens]

Sonny: What are you doing here? You should've left a long time ago.

Diego: Hey. Sorry that took so long.

Lorenzo: Hey, believe me, I understand.

Diego: Where's Bridget?

Lorenzo: She left.

Diego: Ok. So what happens now?

Lorenzo: Well, you're coming home with me, but there's one rule. Brook Lynnís parents don't want you around, and I can't disagree. It's a complicated situation for everyone. You and Brook Lynn are over. Let's go.

Brook Lynn: So what happened? Is Diego ok?

Lois: Your father is dealing with a major loss right now. I wish you could understand that instead of trying to make his life more difficult.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, look, I'm sorry. It's just that Dad should understand --

Lois: Maybe your dad overreacted, maybe he didn't, but I agree with Ned on one thing. Diego is a terrible influence on you.

Brook Lynn: Right.

Lois: You can't see him anymore.

Alan: Who's in charge of the A.J. Quartermaine investigation?

Ofc. Murphy: I'm not in charge of that case.

Alan: Why isn't anybody trying to find out who murdered my son?

Courtney: Just call me if you need me.

Mac: All right.

Jax: Thank you, commissioner.

Alan: You're letting her go? She's the last person to see A.J. alive and you're letting her walk free like nothing happened?

Justus: Alan, calm down. She was just brought in for questioning.

Alan: And you -- what are you doing here? You're going to defend her? She's the one who probably murdered my son! You're his cousin!

Mac: Alan, take it easy.

Courtney: I didn't kill A.J.

Alan: Sonny took his child, and then you took his life.

Jax: Ok, that's enough.

Ofc. Murphy: Calm down, calm down.

Courtney: Alan, please.

Alan: You murdered him, Courtney. You're going to pay.

Jason: Oh!

Sonny: How bad were you hit?

Sam: Well, he's lost a lot of blood and he's --

Sonny: Well, then Iím going to have to get a doctor and --

Jason: And what about Sam?

Sonny: You were right; she didn't do it. I went after you and I frightened you, and I apologize.

Sam: I stole from you, Sonny. I complicated things. I'm really sorry for that.

Sonny: You were afraid, we all went after you, and that's going to buy the kidnappers --

Reese: Nobody move.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jax: You want to blame someone for A.J.'s death? Take a look at yourself.

Ric: I think it's time that we force the kidnapper out of hiding.

Steven: Jason is injured. You must be pretty desperate to help him.

Sonny: What took you so long?

Reese: You're under arrest for the kidnapping of Kristina Corinthos-Davis.

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