GH Transcript Wednesday 2/9/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/9/05



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Jax: It's cold. I'm going to build a fire. Why don't you open up a bottle of wine? Hey, excuse me? Hello?

Courtney: What?

Jax: Wine?

Courtney: Oh.

Jax: Yeah.

Courtney: Right. Do -- do you want red or white?

Jax: You ok?

Courtney: Fine.

Jax: Why are you trying so hard to pretend you're not worried?

[Phone rings]

Skye: Hello?

Concierge: Skye Quartermaine?

Skye: Yes? Who's this?

Concierge: Howard St. John at the Bahamian East hotel. You were listed as a family contact for Mr. A.J. Quartermaine?

Skye: What happened? Is A.J. all right?

Howard: I'm afraid I have some bad news. Mr. Quartermaine has been killed.

Ric: Sam McCall is our primary suspect in the kidnapping.

John: Mm-hmm, with Sonny as her accomplice.

Reese: Sonny had nothing to do with it.

John: Oh, yeah? What are you talking about? You're the one who arrested him.

Sonny: Stop letting fear cloud your judgment. I did not take Kristina. Neither did Sam.

Alexis: I think your judgment may be clouded. I'm convinced, Iím convinced that you didn't have anything to do with abducting Kristina, but I think that Sam did. And as long as you're protecting her, as long as you're protecting Jason, you are acting as their accomplice.

Ofc. Murphy: We're searching for two fugitives -- Jason Morgan and Sam McCall.

Sam: Jason won't let me call an ambulance, so you need to come with me and help me. Please, I'm begging you.

Ofc. Murphy: Dr. Quartermaine?

Monica: Hmm?

Ofc. Murphy: Excuse me, I need to talk to you about your son.

Justus: Skye? You ok?

Skye: Not even close. What are you doing here?

Justus: I just -- I just got back from a meeting with Luke. He wants to take Lucky off life-support.

Skye: I know. Oh, it's so horrible. Lucky's a young man with a whole life ahead of him.

Justus: Yeah.

Skye: It's such a waste.

Justus: I'm sorry.

Skye: Not just for Lucky. I just found out A.J.ís dead. I, uh -- I got a call from the concierge at his hotel. He was found stabbed to death. Courtney flew down to see A.J. in the Bahamas. Didn't she?

Courtney: Nothing is the matter, Jax. I mean, I am engaged to the most wonderful man in the world. My life couldn't be better.

Jax: Well, even in the most perfect life, there's always room for improvement. If you don't tell me what it is, I can't help.

Courtney: Weren't you going to build a fire or something?

Jax: I promise that I won't be jealous.

Courtney: About what?

Jax: You being worried about Jason.

Courtney: You really do know me, don't you?

Jax: Yeah. Yeah, you're kind, loving, beautiful. You know, your ex-husband may have been shot and he's running from the police. It's only natural to be concerned.

Courtney: It's true, I am afraid for Jason, and I do hope he's ok but, Jax, I am not going to get involved. I'm not.

Jax: Ok.

Courtney: My focus is on you and our upcoming wedding.

Jax: Well, that's the last time Iíll ever mention his name --

Courtney: Ok.

Jax: Hopefully.

Courtney: Hey.

Jax: What?

Courtney: I am not going to let anything or anyone destroy our happiness, ok?

Jax: Ok.

Carly: Hey. Something on your mind?

Michael: Well, have the kidnappers sent a ransom note for Kristina?

Carly: I think it's best if you don't think about that.

Michael: Well, have they?

Carly: No.

Michael: Isn't that what kidnappers do? They steal a kid and then they send a ransom note. The parents pay the money and then they get the kid back. So why doesn't Dad just pay a lot of money to get Kristina back?

Carly: Sweetheart, I know you're worried about your little sister -- I know you are, so am I -- but I want you to know that your dad is doing everything that he can to bring Kristina home.

Ofc. Serino: I have a search warrant.

Enzo: I don't care. I have my orders like you, ok? You're not getting in.

Ofc. Serino: It doesn't matter what your orders are, pal, ok? I got this piece of paper here. I've got a search warrant.

Carly: What is going on?

Steven: I just got the call, and apparently Jason helped Sam escape and they think he might be hiding here with her.

Carly: They're not.

Ofc. Serino: I still have to look.

Carly: Michael, I want you to go in your room, please. Don't worry, everything's ok. Enzo, I want you to go with the officer. You make sure that he doesn't break anything, but don't interfere with the search. Hey -- I have another son, and he is in his room with his nanny, and if you do anything to upset or frighten him, I will have you charged with police brutality.

Steven: Carly, please try and relax. I give you my word he's just going to do his job.

Carly: Is it really necessary? Is it necessary that they come into my house and they scare my children, having to search in the middle of the night?

Steven: No one's trying to scare Michael and Morgan, but Sam kidnapped Kristina and Jasonís helped her escape. It's totally reasonable for the police to think that they might've come here.

Carly: You know what? Jason doesn't think that Samís a kidnapper. You know, maybe he's right; maybe she didn't take Kristina.

Faith: You're going to have lots of fun here, Kristina. I've got toys, coloring books, videos -- whatever you want. This is going to be fun for you. Now, your parents are a different story. Your father, Sonny, killed my husband. Now, do you think that was very nice? Not at all. And then he got your mother, Alexis, and your stepfather, Ric, to help him send me to prison. Now, if someone did that to you, would you let them get away with it? Of course you wouldn't. You would get revenge, just like I'm doing. It's good to know we think alike, Kristina. Those people haven't even started to pay for what they did to me.

Alexis: I understand that you don't want to believe that Sam is capable of doing something so horrible.

Sonny: She didn't do it, Alexis.

Alexis: I understand. I understand that you have sympathy for her.

Sonny: Not enough to let her walk away with my daughter.

Alexis: I even understand why you don't want to believe that Jason could be disloyal to you, but he's not thinking clearly right now. He can't see the truth about Sam, but you don't have that luxury because Kristina has been taken away from everything that she loves. She has been taken away from everything that makes her feel safe and familiar. At best, she's with strangers. At worst, she's in physical danger. You're her father, and you need to love her more than you do your loyalty to Jason or your guilt for Sam. You tell the police where they are.

Reese: I arrested Sonny as a ploy. I wanted to pressure him into giving up the location of his safe houses, which would lead us to Morgan and McCall.

Ric: Yeah, well, Sonny doesn't respond well to pressure.

John: Doesn't matter. We have him dead to rights.

Ric: Really, how do you figure that?

John: Sonny ordered the security system in his house turned off, which cleared the way for Sam to take his daughter, and then he aided in Samís escape along with Jason Morgan. Now, that all adds up to collusion, and I'm going to make it stick.

Ric: That's a fantast-- you know, John; you were suspended from the justice department once for cutting corners to try to bust Sonny.

John: I have a very strong case!

Ric: It's complete prefabrication!

John: I see no reason to walk away from it!

Reese: All right, that's enough! Arguing amongst ourselves is not going to bring that little girl back. Wait here, ok? John Durant is ready to file kidnapping charges against you. I may be able to stop him, but that'll depend on you.

Sonny: What do you want?

Reese: The locations to all your safe houses, every one of them.

Alexis: Tell her where they are.

Sonny: Sorry. No deal.

 [Floorboards creak]

Sam: Jason? Jason.

Monica: What's going on?

Jason: The bullet went straight through. I think I need some stitches.

Monica: Ok, I'll take care of it; Iíll take care of it. Let's get him on the bed. Come on.

Jason: Ugh!

Monica: It's all right. Come on, sweetheart. Easy. Just a little bit more. Come on. There you go. Easy, easy, Jason.

Jason: Thank you. Thank you for doing this.

Monica: I am your mother, Jason. Of course I'm going to take care of you.

Sam: No one followed us. I was careful, like you said.

Jason: Sam, you took -- you took a big risk.

Sam: Yeah, well, I wasn't going to let you die.

Ofc. Serino: There's no sign that Morgan or McCall have been here. You can check it out if you like. You can follow it up if you like here.

Steven: It's fine. I appreciate it. I'm sure you're very thorough. Thanks.

Carly: You know, the police are wasting their time. Jason is an expert at disappearing.

Steven: Maybe not this time. Carly, Jason got shot.

Carly: What? How bad?

Steven: The shooter was an F.B.I. agent, so there's a pretty good chance that he's going to be hurt too badly to travel.

Carly: Why did he shoot Jason?

Steven: It's actually a she. The agent's a kidnap expert named Reese Marshall, and she shot Jason because, as I mentioned, he was helping Sam escape.

Carly: Well -- so, what, did she give him a chance to surrender, or what?

Steven: I don't, Carly. I mean, he was committing a felony and so, procedurally, she would've given him some sort of warning --

Carly: You don't know and you're taking her side?

Steven: I'm not taking her side. Look, Sam kidnapped Kristina. Jason's helping her escape. The agent's got to do something!

Carly: Get out! Get out!

Steven: It's a child's life in danger!

Carly: Out.

Steven: What?

Carly: You heard me. No one stands in my house and says it's ok to shoot Jason. I want you to leave.

Steven: That's what you think -- that's not what Iím saying!

Carly: I'm serious, Steven, get out.

Steven: You don't think you're overreacting?

Carly: Not when you defend a woman that shot Jason. No, not at all.

Steven: I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Alexis: I don't understand you. I don't know if you're in denial or you're just unspeakably selfish, but what you're doing, what you're allowing to have done to our daughter is unconscionable.

Reese: I feel for you, Sonny. I do. Not knowing where your daughter is or when she's coming back? This isn't the first kidnapping case Iíve worked. I know what it can do to parents.

Sonny: Does this act usually work for you, Agent Marshall, because it's not doing anything for me.

Reese: What makes you think it's an act?

Sonny: You're not interested in helping me or my daughter. You're looking to cover your butt because Sam escaped on your --

Reese: I shot Jason Morgan as he escaped. He's supposed to be your friend. Telling me where he is could get him back and save his life.

Sonny: Jason can take care of himself.

Reese: And what about Kristina? Can she take care of herself, too?

Sonny: I will do anything; I will give up anybody to get my daughter back safely. But Sam did not take her.

Reese: If you're wrong --

Sonny: The kidnappers are going to contact --

Reese: You could be hurting your daughter.

Sonny: The kidnappers are going to contact us --

Reese: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Ok? We're going to give them what they want, and this whole thing will be over.

Reese: Are you willing to bet jail time that you're right?

Sonny: The charges against me are a joke!

Reese: All right, John Durant is involved now, and he's put people in prison for a lot less. Call your lawyer, Sonny. Go ahead. You're going to need one.

Alexis: He's in denial. He refuses to believe that Sam had anything to do with this and he's not going to cooperate.

John: I'm going to need a statement from you detailing Sonny's actions regarding the kidnapping, particularly any suspicious behavior or deliberate interference with the investigation.

Alexis: Is that all this means to you, just another shot at a conviction of Sonny?

John: I am deeply committed to the safe return of your daughter. Pressuring Sonny may be the only way to do that.

Alexis: I want everybody in this department looking for my daughter, no distractions, no other agendas. My daughter is out there somewhere, and it is your job to find her.

 [Phone rings]

Carly: Hello?

Sonny: I've been arrested for kidnapping Kristina. I need you to talk to your father for me.

Jax: Who is it?

Skye: Skye.

Jax: You ok?

Skye: I'm sorry for showing up uninvited, but I thought that you should know. A.J.'s dead.

Jax: Oh, I am so sorry. Why is it so important for me to know about it?

Skye: I think Courtney killed him.

Jax: Skye, how could Courtney have anything to do with A.J.ís death?

Courtney: Because I just came from seeing him. Jax, I -- I didn't go to Boston like I told you. I was -- I was in the Bahamas with A.J. Skye, we got into an argument, but I did not kill him.

Edward: Hey, Justus. This better be important. I was supposed to be playing poker at Ken Pelton's house tonight.

Tracy: I know why he asked us here. You want me out of E.L.Q., don't you?

Justus: It's a little more serious than that.

Edward: Well, let's get on with it. We all have busy lives.

Justus: I'm going to wait for Alan and Monica.

Tracy: Oh, Justus, why wait for Alan? He has the business sense of a pinecone.

Justus: It's a lot more serious than business, Tracy.

Alan: Hi. I just spoke to Monica. She's going to be late.

Tracy: We are not going to wait for Monica and, Justus, just because you have my mother's money doesn't mean you can waste our time.

Edward: Tracy, behave yourself.

Justus: I'm sorry to tell you this. Skye just informed me that A.J.ís been killed.

Alan: Oh, no, there's got to be some mistake.

Justus: I'm sorry, Alan. He was found in his hotel room in the Bahamas.

Alan: No, that information can't be correct. It's got to be somebody else.

Justus: It's A.J., Alan. He was stabbed to death.

Monica: From what I could tell, the internal damage is minimal. But he runs a very, very high risk of infection and he should be in a hospital.

Sam: I told him that.

Monica: Yeah, I know. Well, but he's strong and he's in good health, so with -- with medication and rest, he should recover.

Sam: Well, he's passed out. I'm kind of glad he's passed out. He was in so much pain; I really thought he was going to start to cry.

Monica: Hmm.

Sam: Isn't it weird, though, how when someone you love is injured you -- you want to take the pain away for them?

Monica: You did just fine. You were very helpful.

Sam: Well, you saved his life, and I will owe you forever for that -- not that my gratitude matters because he is your son and you love him and you would've saved his life anyway, so I don't know --

Monica: Yes. Yes. He is my son and I love him. And obviously, you do, too.

Sam: You know, I have never felt like this about anyone before. Jason believed in me when no one else would. He risked his life for me. You know, I would do anything for him.

Monica: Turn yourself in?

Carly: Hey, Sonny, I wanted -- to talk to you first before I spoke to my father.

Sonny: That's a good idea. Carly -- Iím sorry, what's your name again?

Reese: Agent Reese Marshall.

Carly: Oh, so you're the one who shot Jason?

Reese: As he tried to escape.

Carly: Oh, did he have a gun?

Reese: There wasn't time to look.

Carly: Oh, so you shot first and you ask questions later? Is that standard F.B.I. procedure?

Sonny: I need to speak to Carly, alone.

Alexis: What is Carly doing in there?

Reese: Sonny called her and asked her to come down.

John: Sonny may be morally bankrupt; nobody ever said he was stupid.

Alexis: What does Carly know about whoever took Kristina?

Ric: Nothing. Durant doesn't care. See, he's going after Sonny to get leverage with Carly.

Carly: First, she shoots Jason, then she has you arrested for kidnapping your own child? Is she out of her mind?

Sonny: She's trying to manipulate me. Agent Marshall wants me to give up the places where Sam and Jason, you know, might be hiding out. Unfortunately, your father got involved and made things more complicated. He knows he doesn't have a case against me. So he threatened to prosecute me for kidnapping Kristina to get to you.

Carly: Oh. I just don't -- I don't get it.

Sonny: Well, Durant is hoping that Iíll ask you, you know, to get him to help me, right, so then he'll say yeah, you'll be grateful, and he'll have another chance to be your daddy.

Carly: So, Sonny, what do you want me to do?

Sonny: Give him exactly what he wants.

Skye: A.J. called me. He told me that he and Courtney were still legally married. He doctored the original divorce papers. That's what we were talking about when you saw us at the Metro Court.

Jax: Why didn't you tell me?

Courtney: Because, Jax, I felt like an idiot, ok? I mean, everyone told me that I was making a mistake by marrying A.J., and they were right. I just thought it was over, and then I found out that we were still married.

Jax: So you went down there in person?

Courtney: I -- yeah, I just -- I wanted to try and fix it quietly, so I had Justus draw up new divorce papers and I flew to the Bahamas.

Jax: Courtney, you shouldn't have gone by yourself. That was really bad judgment.

Courtney: I know, ok? I know. I just thought I could get A.J. to sign the papers and then I would never have to deal with him again.

Jax: So what happened?

Courtney: A.J. -- he suggested that we get back together. And when I refused, he told me that he would never give me a divorce unless I give him half my assets. Look, I tried to explain to him that I put the money in a trust as an endowment for the foundation.

Jax: A.J. didnít care?

Courtney: Not at all. He told me that he would fight me in divorce court, and that's when I walked out, Skye. I -- he followed me, he grabbed my arm, and -- I don't know, I mean, I lost my temper and I hit him, but -- oh, God. I told him that I wished that I had left him in the gutter to die.

Skye: Did anyone hear you say that?

Courtney: The hotel concierge saw everything.

Justus: I spoke to the concierge at the hotel. An investigation is in progress. A.J.'s been identified as the victim. And as a formality, they'd like a -- a member of the family to identify the body.

Edward: Let me go. You shouldn't have to see your son that way.

Alan: No, I'll go. I'm his father. I loved him so much. I don't know how his life could've gone so wrong that he winds up murdered in a hotel room. I even wonder if he knew how much I loved him.

Tracy: Oh, Alan, it's a terrible loss. I'm so sorry.

Alan: You know, I really thought that one day he was just going to come home and we would have a big fight. And then after the dust would settle, we would agree to try again. I never realized that he could run out of time. I don't know why I didn't reach out to him before it was too late.

Alice: The cops are here. Ofc. Murphy, Dr. Webber.

Alan: I suppose you're here about my son?

Ofc. Murphy: We have a warrant to search the premises, sir.

Edward: For what? A.J. was killed in the Bahamas. He hasn't lived in this house in over a year.

Ofc. Murphy: I'm sorry; this is about your other son, Jason Morgan.

Edward: You're not -- you're not telling us something happened to Jason, too?

Ofc. Murphy: He broke Samantha McCall out of police custody. We thought maybe he came here.

Tracy: Oh, he doesn't come here unless he's forced.

Alan: What are you doing here, Steven?

Steven: I'm the forensic consultant on the case. Jason might've been wounded and there could be traces of blood.

Edward: Get them out of here now.

Justus: Let me see that warrant.

Edward: You know your timing stinks? We just found out A.J. was killed. Now you're going to tear this house apart looking for Jason?

Justus: Warrant's in order.

Edward: You make it quick.

Steven: Where's Monica?

Alan: Monica's at work. She doesn't even know her son's dead.

Sam: If turning myself in is the only way to save Jason, I'll call the cops right now.

Monica: Donít. Let's give him time to pull through on his own.

Sam: You were testing me, weren't you?

Monica: I'm trusting my son's life with you. I need to know if you would put his welfare ahead of yours.

Sam: He's really lucky to have you as a mother.

Monica: Jason can be a very difficult person, cold and unfeeling on the outside, but truly devoted to those that he loves.  Well, I have to go. Make sure he takes one of these every four hours. Because if that wound gets infected, he could be in a lot of trouble.

Sam: Are you going to come back and check on him?

Monica: Oh, yeah. I'll be back tomorrow. I'll bring more medicine. But in the meantime, make sure he stays quiet, he doesn't get up -- even if he says he's ok, all right?

Sam: Ok. Got it.

Monica: I'm glad he has you in his life.

Sonny: Sam broke in to rob the safe in my room, where Kristina happened to be taking a nap. The real kidnappers, they saw her on the spy cameras, right --

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: And they framed Sam to take the attention off themselves.

Carly: So charging Sam and you with kidnapping is a total waste of time.

Sonny: Yeah, well, see, but Durant -- he doesn't see it that way. He thinks it's a road back to his daughter.

Ric: You know, I'd be happy to report to your superiors that you're abusing the power of your office by using the kidnapping to further your own personal agenda.

John: You're Sonny's brother. You're Kristinaís stepfather. You're way too close to this investigation to be objective.

Alexis: And you took an oath to uphold the law. You're required to find my daughter.

Ric: Excuse me for a minute. Come here. Listen, I want you to know, barring anything else, Sam would never hurt Kristina.

Alexis: What if she gave her to someone else?

Ric: No. Jason wouldn't allow that.

Alexis: And I'm supposed to trust him now?

Ric: No, no, no, not in the least. But you also got to know that Jason would never willingly participate in helping Sam kidnap one of Sonny's children.

Alexis: What are we supposed to do now?

Ric: We keep hoping that Jason is going to convince Sam to return Kristina unharmed.

Alexis: How long do you think that's going to take?

Ric: You're exhausted. Why don't you just let me take you home?

Alexis: I think I can get there myself. In fact, Iíd prefer it.

Carly: So what is it going to take for you to drop the charges against Sonny?  You trapped Sonny, and then you got yourself suspended so you could exonerate him, and I did not go running into your arms with gratitude. So now you're trying to blackmail me into being the good daughter. So tell me, what is it you want, hmm? You want Sunday brunch with the family? You want a card on father's day? You tell me, what is it? What is it, and what is it going to take for you to stop accusing Sonny of a crime that he did not commit?

John: I want a chance. I want an honest, open opportunity to put the past behind us and to reconnect with you. That's all.

Carly: You let Sonny go, and then I will give you my word that I will try.

John: Kick Sonny loose. I care about you, Carly.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

John: I want to try to prove it to you.

Carly: Well, you picked the wrong way to go about it.

Sonny: Thank you.

Carly: You're welcome.

Ric: Sonny, Sam still has Kristina. How long are you going to let this go on?

Sonny: I'm going to tell you right now, Sam did not kidnap Kristina, somebody else did. I'm going to find her.

Ric: What about you? You still think that Sam is guilty?

Jason: Sam?

Sam: Hey. How do you feel?

Jason: I feel -- I feel better.

Sam: You're a liar.

Jason: We've got to get out of here.

Sam: No, no, no, no, no. Lay back. Your mother had to leave, but she said that you need to rest. And you need to listen to me, doctor's orders.

Jason: Thank you.

Sam: Jason, I love you so much.

Courtney: The hotel concierge saw me walk away from A.J.'s room. From there, I went straight to the airport and I flew home.

Jax: So then you were on the plane when A.J. was attacked,

Courtney: Right. So there's no way I could've killed him.

Skye: Courtney, I'm -- I'm sorry. Guess I was so upset about A.J., I just -- I just jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Courtney: You made a mistake. We all do.

Skye: Look, um, I know A.J. treated you badly. I just wish that you could see under all of that hurt and bitterness was just a little boy begging to be loved. I should be going.

Jax: Hey -- when the police contact you about Courtney, don't try to cover for her. There's nothing to hide.

Skye: I agree.

Jax: Ok.

Skye: Well, I'm going to go.

Jax: I'm sorry.

Courtney: Jax -- God, Iím so sorry that I lied to you. Just, you know, I wanted to -- I just wanted to make it all disappear as fast as I could.

Jax: I know, I know, I know. I know your intentions were good. But you're involved in a murder investigation now, Courtney. So we're going to have to trust each other more than ever.

Monica: Alan? I almost didn't see you there. I am so sorry I'm late. I got hung up with a patient. I --

Alan: Would you sit down, please?

Monica: Oh, actually, I would like to go and change my clothes.

Alan: Please, Monica. Please sit down.

Monica: Ok. What? What?

Alan: I just, um -- I had some news. A.J.'s been killed.

Monica: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Alan! No! No! Oh, no!

Courtney: There was a time I believed I was in love with A.J., if you can believe it.

Jax: Well, yeah, you were determined to make your own choices. I admired that about you. Still do.

Courtney: Yeah, but what I had with A.J. wasnít love. It was manipulation. I mean, I couldn't see it then, but I can now because what we have, Jax, is so real.

[Phone rings]

Courtney: Hello?

Mac: Courtney, it's Mac Scorpio. Look, I don't know if you've heard, but A.J. Quartermaine was found stabbed to death in the Bahamas.

Courtney: Skye told me a little while ago.

Mac: The Bahamian police asked us to cooperate with the investigation. Can you come down to the station in the morning? I have some questions to ask.

Ofc. Murphy: We searched Carlyís apartment and the Quartermaine house. No McCall, no Morgan.

Ric: All right, I want you to widen the search. I want you to check every property that Corinthos and Morgan own -- every warehouse, every basement, every possible safe house. You find Jason, you find McCall, and we will find Kristina.

Jason: Hmm.

Sam: Mm-hmm. You should sleep now, ok?

Jason: Oh. You should, too.

Sam: I will. I will, after you. I'm getting pretty tired, anyway.

Jason: Just -- there's room on the bed. You can --

Sam: No, no, no. I don't want to hurt you.

Jason: Sam --

Sam: I'll sleep on the floor.

Jason: Sam, please? Please?

Sam: Ok.

[Jason groans]

Jason: Just don't worry. We're going to find the kidnapper. We're going to start with Rollo, because he made contact with the kidnapper. Then we'll go to his place, try to find a lead that gets us to the real kidnapper.

Faith: Shh. She's sleeping. Is it done?

Man: Rollo's apartment has been swept clean. There's nothing left that could tie him to you.

Faith: Very good. Now we can concentrate on phase two.

Sonny: Get out of here. You can't find my daughter; I don't want you here.

Reese: If Sam didn't take Kristina, then whoever did invested a lot of time and money to set this thing up. And the only way Iím going to find them is if I understand why someone would hate you so much.

Sonny: Ask around. I got a lot of enemies.

Reese: Yeah, but which one hates you enough to come at you through your daughter? I can't ask the kidnapper, so Iím asking you. And I'm staying here until I know who you are, how your mind works, and why someone would want to destroy you by taking your child.

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Jax: Did you tell me everything about the night A.J. died?

Carly: What's wrong?

Alan: I need to tell Michael his father is dead.

Jason: We've got to go. Sonny's going to be after us. Oh!

Sonny: You are wasting my time. I'll get my daughter back.

Reese: But will she be alive?

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