GH Transcript Tuesday 2/8/05

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 2/8/05



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Luke: Oh, cowboy.  You have always been a good son. I didn't always like you, but I loved you. And I respected your independence.  Even when we didn't agree, I loved you for your courage and your conviction and your heart; your mother's heart.  Well, we shared a great adventure, the three of us. And now -- what now? What now? What am I supposed to do for you? What?

Courtney: Now what?

A.J.: I just decided. There is no way in hell I will ever give you a divorce.

Courtney: Look, A.J., our marriage has been over for years. Signing the new divorce papers is only a formality.

A.J.: Mm-hmm. Well, marriage is a legal document, and as long as two people are bound by that document, what belongs to one belongs to the other.

Courtney: You can't be serious.

A.J.: I'm always serious when it comes to money. And you happen to be a very wealthy woman now. I want half of everything you got.

Alexis: Damn it. Where's Sam?

Ric: She's gone.

Reese: This is Agent Marshall. Yeah, I need an A.P.B. out on fugitive Sam McCall and probable accomplice Jason Morgan. Suspects should be considered armed and dangerous.

Alexis: Let Sam go. She's going to lead us right to Kristina.

Sam: What are you doing? Who asked you?

Jason: Sam, stop.

Sam: Jason?

Jason: I'm getting you out of here.

Sam: You do believe me.

Jason: No, no, no --

Sam: Oh, thank you.

Jason: Sam, Sam, we can't do this right now, ok? We're going to sort everything out later. We got to go.

Sam: Ok.

Sonny: Stop right there.

[Gun cocks]

Sonny: Why are you doing this?

Jason: Sonny --

Sonny: Step out of the way, Jason.

Jason: You're not going to shoot anybody.

Sonny: I don't want to, but you've gone off the rails.

Jason: No, I know exactly what Iím doing.

Sonny: You're protecting the woman who kidnapped my daughter! I'm going to do whatever it takes, Jason, to get my daughter back.

Monica: I'm really very sorry, Luke.

Luke: Thank you, Monica.

Monica: Well, there's no change.

Luke: Will there ever be?

Monica: We have no way of knowing.

Skye: Luke? I know how much it must hurt to see your son lying in that bed like that. It must seem like he's a million miles away. But there is still a chance that he could recover.

Luke: That isn't what the doctors are telling me, Blaze. Steven Webber just said that Iím probably going to have to decide whether to keep him hooked up or pull the plug. And maybe the best thing I can do for him is set him free.

Courtney: That money was a gift for saving a woman's life.

A.J.: Oh, right, right. The hotel fire. You know, my family got a lot of bad press over that.

Courtney: Look, A.J., I used the money to establish a foundation for needy kids.

A.J.: Hmm -- Iím in need now.

Courtney: You stole most of E.L.Q.ís operating budget and then left town. You couldn't have spent all of it.

A.J.: Made some bad investments.

Courtney: Oh --

A.J.: Need a quick infusion of some capital, and half of your fortune's a good start.

Courtney: All right, you know what? I've already signed over most of the money as an endowment for the foundation and I cannot ask for it back.

A.J.: Then you're not getting a divorce.

Courtney: I wanted to be civil with you, but I will take you to court if I have to.

A.J.: Ok.

Courtney: You can't even step into the country. Your own family will have you arrested for embezzlement.

A.J.: Not a chance. True, they're furious with me. But they have way too much pride in the Quartermaine name to ever send me to prison. Yeah, sure, they'll yell and scream and rake me over the coals. But in the end, they will back me up, especially if I can promise them a cut of your considerable fortune.

Courtney: Just when I thought you couldn't sink any lower.

A.J.: I have depths you've never even seen. So go ahead. Drag me into court. You'll be in for one ugly, long battle.

Courtney: A.J., you are a heartless monster.

A.J.: No. That would be Jason.

Courtney: No, you aren't anything like your brother.

A.J.: You would know.

Courtney: You were always filth. I'll see you in court.

A.J.: You know what? You are an unfaithful bitch. Consider this payback for what you did with my brother. Oh. Oh!

Courtney: I should've left you in the gutter to die when I had the chance!

Concierge: Is there a problem?

A.J.: You know what? She attacked me. Get her out of here!

Courtney: Oh, don't bother. I was already leaving.

Concierge: Do you need a doctor?

A.J.: No, man, just -- absolutely. You know what? It's always a good idea to document injuries, especially when you're attacked by your own wife. Here you go, my man. Thank you. Ow.

Mac: I'm sure you've heard Alexis' daughter has been kidnapped.

Jax: I already offered to help any way I can.

Mac: Are you aware Sam McCall is the prime suspect?

Jax: I find that hard to believe, Mac.

Mac: She broke into the room where Kristina was abducted. We have proof.

Jax: Well, if Sam did it, she did it out of grief. You know, her baby was stillborn, and the child that she tried to adopt was taken from her.

Mac: Why Sam took Kristina and how she should be punished is not my concern. My focus is getting Kristina returned safely, Jax.

Jax: Of course. I understand. So what can I do to help?

Mac: Well, you know Sam pretty well. Look, I need a list of anyone she's ever mentioned; anyplace she's ever spent time, any friend, any relative who might be keeping Kristina for Sam.

Sam: Sonny, I didn't take Kristina. I would never do anything to hurt your little girl.

Jason: Sonny, just think, ok? She didn't corrupt the security system. She didn't shadow-wire the house. She had no reason to.

Sonny: What about the note they found in Samís things, Jason?

Jason: The note? They must've planted the note. They know to frame Sam because they saw her break in on the surveillance cameras. All they got to do is keep leaving clues to prove Sam did it, and everybody's going to believe them.


Reese: Lie down, both of you.

Alexis: That's two shots.

Ric: Ah --

Alexis: We need to find out what's happening.

Ric: You can't go out there.

Alexis: No, if something happens to Sam, I'm never going to find Kristina.

Ric: No, no, no, no, no, stay.

 [Tires screech]

Reese: Are you insane? Let me go or Iíll shoot!

Sonny: Put the gun away. They're gone.

Reese: You just let your daughter's kidnapper escape.

Sonny: You had no reason to shoot Jason.

Reese: He could've been reaching for a gun.

Sonny: Yeah, so you just try to kill him?

Reese: I fired to wound, not to kill. I just wanted to slow him down.

Sonny: Anything happens to Jason, it'll be murder.

Reese: Have you considered that he could've been helping Sam all along?

Sonny: You know, for somebody who claims to know all the players, you have no clue of what's going on. Jason is my friend, my right-hand man. He would never hurt anybody in my family, including my daughter.

Reese: He just helped your daughter's kidnapper to escape, and you still trust the guy?

Sonny: I trust Jason with my life. He knows what he's doing, unlike you.

Jax: I met Sam on the gulf coast of Texas. She was doing salvage work throughout the Caribbean.

Mac: She's a drifter?

Jax: Both of her parents are dead, and she has a developmentally challenged brother.

Mac: Yeah, Danny. I met him during the investigation into the fire that killed Samís mom.

Jax: Yeah, yeah, he goes to school in Hawaii, but I don't think he could look after a child. I'm sure Sam would not send Kristina to him.

Ofc. Murphy: Ahem. Agent Marshallís on line three. She says it's important.

Mac: Thanks. This is Scorpio.

Reese: Morgan and Sam McCall got away. I fired at them; Morgan may have been hit.

Mac: All right, Iíll put out an A.P.B. to the hospitals telling them to look out for anyone matching Jasonís description with a gunshot wound.

Reese: Right, I already did. I'll see what I can get out of Sonny.

Mac: All right. Call me when you got more.

Jax: Jason was shot? Is Sam ok?

Mac: Yeah, as far as we know, but they're on the run.

Jax: Oh, this is a disaster.

Mac: Look, I want to get everyone back safely, Jax. To do that, I need your help. Where's Courtney right now?

Jax: Well, she's -- Skye sent her to a spa retreat. But then I got a message that she was out of town on business, so --

Mac: I need to know where Courtney went, Jax. Jason escaped police custody. He's injured. He'll need help.

Jax: So you think Jasonís heading straight for Courtney?

Courtney: Ow, God.

Woman: Bad day?

Courtney: Pretty much the worst. I just came back from a run-in with my satanic ex-husband.

Woman: Oh, you look like you're in knots.

Courtney: Yeah, well, he does that to me. And I thought I would never have to see him again -- at least I prayed I wouldnít. I'm sorry. You are probably coming back from vacation.

Woman: I had plenty of rest.

Courtney: Still, you don't need someone unloading on you.

Woman: Oh, please. Vent away. We all have war stories, especially when it comes to exes.

Courtney: Hmm. Yeah, well, the worst part is he's not my ex -- well, at least not from a legal standpoint. He was so bitter about the divorce he falsified the divorce papers so they wouldn't be legal.

Woman: So you're still married.

Courtney: Yep. I need to get rid of him, or he's going to ruin my life.

Luke: Lucky needs a machine to breathe. He can't speak. No one can get through to him. What kind of life is that? And it's like Laura. She sits in a rocking chair and stares at the wall. That is her life, and she could go on for a long time like that. How can I let her son live the same way?

Skye: I know how heartbreaking Lauraís illness is for you. I know how hard it must be for you to think about her like that, just as hard as it is for you to see Lucky with that tube down his throat, Luke, but give Lucky a chance. People come out of comas every day.

Luke: And what if he doesn't? How long am I supposed to wait? I never pretended to be a good father but, God, I need to try to think like one. What kind of a father would condemn his child to this half-life? Isn't it better to let him go?

Skye: I know you've had a hard life, Luke. So have a lot of people, and somehow they find the will to go on. You have to believe in hope and redemption.

Luke: Skye, look at him lying there, and tell me, where is the hope in that?  Maybe the best thing I can do for him now is save him from a fate worse than death.

Skye: Ok. Maybe if that were you lying in that bed, maybe you wouldn't want to live. But Lucky is a young man with his whole life ahead of him. He's a fighter, Luke. Lucky would never choose death, and I wouldn't want to let you choose it for him.

Courtney: Thanks. Oh, it is so ironic. I mean, I agonized over the breakup of my second marriage. I mean, it took me so long to just let go and move on, and now it turns out that it wasn't even valid.

Woman: Does your second ex-husband know?

Courtney: No. Jason wouldn't care. He's in love with someone else, and so am I.

Woman: Hmm.

Courtney: But, I mean, now I find out that my first marriage, which was -- God -- never anything but an exercise in emotional manipulation and co-dependency, is the only one that counts.

Woman: Oh, it just sounds like he really played a number on you.

Courtney: Oh, you have no idea. It was a disaster from start to -- well, what I thought was the finish.

Woman: But you know what? At least you met somebody new.

Courtney: Yes, I did -- Jax. Jax -- he was a total surprise. A relationship I thought was just for fun turned out to be the one that really matters.

Woman: Ok.

Courtney: We're engaged. See?

Woman: Oh, congratulations!

Courtney: Thank you. Thanks. I just -- you know, I really, really wanted our marriage to start off the way our courtship began. You know, just no problems, no hassles, and --

Woman: Well, in other words, no vindictive first husband.

Courtney: Exactly.

Woman: I've been there, survived that -- or close enough.

Courtney: Jax is the love of my life, and now A.J. wants to ruin it.

Woman: A.J.?

Courtney: Alan James Quartermaine Jr. He is a difficult man from a difficult family. And I don't deny that he has lived through some difficult things, but the problem is A.J. thinks that entitles him to inflict his misery on everyone else.

Woman: Especially you.

Courtney: Hmm. You know, I -- I received a substantial bequest and I used it to create a foundation for needy kids, and --

Woman: Oh.

Courtney: Yeah. A.J. wants half the endowment.

Woman: Well, can the foundation even survive without that money?

Courtney: Well, Jax would support it, but I don't want to give in to A.J., you know? I mean, we should've been divorced when I got that money. I'm just not going to stand by while A.J. steals money from kids just to further his own greed. I mean, he doesn't care that he's depriving kids of money. He's just happy that he has some leverage against me. He's -- ugh -- he's petty and spiteful, and I just wish he were dead.

Jason: There's -- there's a key under that bucket.

Sam: Ok, I got it.

Sam: Be careful.

[Jason coughs]

[Jason groans]

Sam: Easy, easy.

Jason: Oh -- ugh.

Sam: Jason -- Jason, how long can we stay here? Does Sonny know about this place?

Jason: Sonny's -- Sonny's not going to tell anyone we're here.

Alexis: How do we know that Sam wasn't shot when Agent Marshall just fired?

Sonny: I doubt you're worried about Samís health, Alexis, right?

Alexis: I'm worried about our daughter --

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis: And Sam is the only one that knows where she is.

Ric: Look, Sam wouldn't want Kristina hurt, and she'd make sure that she was cared for.

Alexis: I don't know that. Agent Marshall, you need to call your team and make sure that they don't hurt Sam.

Sonny: Well, Agent Marshall isn't very big on rules. She tried to kill Jason. He wasn't even holding a gun.

Ric: What are you doing firing on somebody who could potentially lead us to Kristina?

Reese: As I explained to Mr. Corinthos, I just wanted to slow him down. For all we know, Morganís been in on this kidnapping all along.

Alexis: Morgan's loyal to her. He's in love with her. He'll do anything for her, even if it means abducting an innocent child.

Sonny: Jason would never hurt Kristina. You know that!

Ric: We need to find Jason and we need to find Sam. You know how Jason thinks; you know where he's going to hide, Sonny.

Reese: Lansing's right. I want the location of every safe house you have, anywhere Morgan might take Sam.

Sonny: I don't know anything about any safe houses.

Alexis: You know where he went!

Sonny: I don't know!

Reese: You don't want them to get caught, and I know why.

Sonny: Ahem.

Reese: Sonny Corinthos, I'm placing you under arrest for the kidnapping of your daughter, Kristina Corinthos-Davis.

Luke: I appreciate how much you care about my kid.

Skye: Lucky's a good person. He reminds me of you.

Luke: He's more Laura.

Skye: Then consider her feelings. I don't think she'd want you to shut off her son's life support, either.

Luke: You think she would rather have him lying in bed hooked up to machines? I donít.

Skye: Luke, don't do this to yourself, or to Lucky. I wish you could see all of your blessings, Luke. I wish that you could choose love and life and the possibility that Lucky could recover. But ultimately, the decision is yours. But you better think long and hard about this decision. Because this decision is final for Lucky and for you.

Jason: Ugh!

Sam: I'm sorry. I'm hurting you?

Jason: It's -- it's ok, you got -- you got to press harder to stop the bleeding.

Sam: Jason, I got to warn you -- I got to warn you, I'm a terrible nurse, ok, and I really hate the sight of blood.

Jason: No, no, you're doing fine.

Sam: You know, I can't believe you got me away from the police when you did. You were the only one who believed me. Why? Why did you believe me when no one else would? I -- hey, hey. Hey.

Jason: It was just easier for me because I know you. I could tell that you were being honest.

Sam: You know, no one has ever believed in me. No one has ever given me the benefit of the doubt, much less spoke for me, but you did. You did.

Jason: That's because I love you.

Sam: I had no idea what love was -- how it felt, what it meant -- until you showed me, Jason. I love you. Ok? I love you so much.

[Jason groans]

Sam: Hey.

Reese: Do you understand these rights as I've explained them to you?

Sonny: What I understand is you're making a mistake and it's going to cost you.

Reese: That sounds like a threat.

Sonny: Well, whatever.

Ric: This is a bad idea.

Reese: From what I understand, you enjoy seeing your brother in handcuffs.

Ric: When it is a legitimate arrest.

Reese: I have reason to believe Mr. Corinthos arranged the kidnapping of his daughter himself.

Sonny: Ok, that's insane! You know that!

Reese: You gave your accomplice every opportunity to gain access to your daughter.

Sonny: Oh -- so now you think that Iím working with Sam?

Reese: Yeah, I know it. Kristina's familiar with Sam, so she wouldn't scream, and you kept Jason close to help cover Samís tracks.

Ric: Look, Sonny was furious when he found out that there was evidence that Sam was in the room where Kristina was abducted!

Reese: That's what he wanted you to think.

Alexis: When there's kidnappings, the parent is responsible.

Sonny: You would know that.

Ric: Ok, donít.

Sonny: What do you mean, "don't"?

Reese: I had Jason and Sam at gunpoint when Sonny interfered. He gave them the opportunity to run.

Sonny: I didn't want you to kill anybody.

Reese: No, you didn't want me to know that Jason and Sam took Kristina on your orders.

Sonny: I want my lawyer!

Ric: All right, fine. You know what? Let's just do this -- sort it out at the station. Come on.

Sonny: Ok, get my coat.

Reese: Your daughter's probably safe in one of Mr. Corinthos' offshore casinos.

Alexis: You bastard.

Reese: Let's go.

Tony's voice: I've been researching Lucky's case, and no one with his particular profile has ever recovered.

Luke's voice: So he's gone?

Tony's voice: Well, Lucky can survive indefinitely on life support, but it's my professional opinion that he'll never regain consciousness again.

Justus: How you doing? I came as soon as I got your -- your message. How's Lucky?

Luke: He's comatose. The doctors don't expect him to recover.

Justus: I'm sorry.

Luke: I want to do right by him, Justus. I want to petition the courts to shut down these machines.

Justus: Luke, come on, you really --

Luke: I'm not saying Iím going to do it, but if it comes to that, I want the option with no delays. I'm his father and I have to take care of him, even if it means letting him go.

Courtney: Excuse me, could you page Skye Quartermaine? I heard she was visiting someone on this floor. Thank you. Hi.

Jax: My elusive fiancťe returns.

Courtney: "Elusive"? What --

Jax: Well, yeah, Skye told me that you were at a spa, and then I got a message saying that you're on foundation business.

Courtney: Well, it comes first.

Jax: Well, I hope that I'm a close second. You seem a little tense. Everything go ok on your trip?

Courtney: Yeah. Nothing I can't handle.

Jax: Ok. I'd still like to catch up. Where'd you go?

Reese: Let's go.

Mac: Great. What didn't Sonny do this time?

Sonny: That was funny.

Ric: Agent Marshall thinks that Sonny masterminded Kristinaís kidnapping.

Mac: You think he stole his own daughter?

Reese: We'll be in Interrogation One. Go ahead.

Sonny: You're wasting my time.

Reese: I'm pursuing an investigation. Right now you're the prime suspect.

Sonny: Why would I kidnap Kristina from my own house? Why would I make myself look like a bad parent when I already have unlimited visitation?

Reese: You're a greedy man, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, I'm not stupid, ok? I wouldn't kidnap my own child.

Reese: So, you're just unaccountably sympathetic to the kidnapper and her boyfriend?

Sonny: You don't give a damn about finding Kristina. You're a fed. You tried to kill Jason, now you're fabricating charges against me. I mean, come on.

Reese: You could help yourself if you just tell us where you've got Kristina.

Sonny: I don't know where Kristina is and I don't know who has her. That's supposed to be your job but, you know, you'd rather come after me. As a matter of fact, you're probably hoping that Kristinaís never found. You're willing to have a 2-year-old little girl out there on the street in the hands of a kidnapper if it means prosecuting me.

Alexis: Is he selfish enough? Yes, I believe that he is. Could he do something like this? I don't -- justified? I believe he's justified. I lied to him for three years, and so he turns the tables on me and he steals my kid and he lies to me. Was he planning this all along?

Ric: Alexis, we all want to find Kristina. Agent Marshall is good, but she's not infallible. Just because she comes up with a plausible scenario doesn't make it true.

Alexis: You say you love me, and yet you believe that I could kidnap my own daughter, and you refuse to believe that your brother is capable of the same thing.

Ric: I'm just agreeing with what you said -- Sonny is selfish. Why would he intentionally make himself look bad?

Alexis: Good for you. You give your brother the benefit of the doubt. I highly doubt that he would be as generous with you. I want to talk to Sonny.

Reese: Go ahead.

Alexis: I'm not going to argue with you. I just want some answers. Where's my daughter?

Reese: You can throw the book at Corinthos. You can charge him with kidnapping, aiding, abetting --

Ric: You don't think Sonny's a kidnapper any more than I do.

Reese: I arrested him.

Ric: Yeah, not because he's guilty. You're trying to pressure him into cooperating with your investigation.

Reese: I'm doing my job.

Ric: Which is what I'm doing. That's why Iím not charging Sonny, and the real kidnapper is out there somewhere holding Kristina.

Sam: Oh, Jason --

[Jason groans]

Sam: Jason, this isn't working. You are bleeding like crazy.

Jason: No, you just got to keep pressure on it.

Sam: You're getting worse. You need to be in a hospital.

Jason: No, Sam, no.

Sam: Yes, Jason, I have to call an ambulance.

Jason: No, the cops -- the cops will come.

Sam: I don't care. Put me in jail. Jason, I can't see you bleed to death.

Jason: I've -- I've made it through worse. We just got to get through tonight.

Sam: You're so pale. You're so pale.

Jason: Don't, don't -- don't panic.

Sam: I won't -- ok. Ok, I wonít.

Jason: When Iím stronger, we'll go look for Kristina together, ok?

Sam: Together. Jason? Jason? Jason, don't do this to me! Jason?

Courtney: I -- um -- well; I went to Boston for a consultation with a charitable organization similar to mine.

Jax: Oh, you're thinking about merging?

Courtney: No, no, but they do have some -- some programs that Iíd like to implement.

Jax: Sounds reasonable. I hope it's the truth.

Courtney: Well, why would I lie about this?

Jax: Because the F.B.I. thinks that Sam kidnapped Kristina, and Jason helped her escape custody. He may have been shot.

Courtney: No.

Jax: Yeah, Sam and Jason are fugitives. Mac thinks, of course, that Jason may have come to you for help.

Courtney: No, I mean, I haven't seen Jason for days.

Jax: I'm sorry to bring you the bad news. You ok?

Courtney: Yeah. I'm sorry, Iím just -- I'm just in shock. I mean, you know, I mean, this whole kidnapping thing is so scary, and now Jasonís involved and --

Jax: Well, I just wanted to let you know what the police were thinking, and I know that you want to help him. I mean, I helped Skye when she was in trouble.

Courtney: Yeah, I know. And, look, Jax, I -- I appreciate you telling me this, but I'm over Jason. I mean, the choices he makes, the risks that he decides to take are his business. I have my own life now -- with you. I love you so much.

Jax: I love you, too.

Courtney: I cannot wait to get married and just put the past behind us.

A.J.: Skye, it's me. Turns out you were the right person to talk to. Courtney was here and she was not happy. So, prepare the family, will you? Get ready for some fireworks.

[Knock on door]

A.J.: Someone's at the door, so I hope you get this message. I'll be in touch. See you soon.

Jason: Ugh!  Sam? Sam?

Monica: Excuse me?

Sam: Act like you're showing me the chart, please.

Monica: What's going on?

Sam: Jason has been shot and he needs your help.

Monica: What?

Ofc. Murphy: Excuse me. Hi. Has there been any gunshot victims admitted within the last hour?

Nurse: I have no idea. I just came on shift.

Ofc. Murphy: This is urgent. We're looking for two fugitives, Jason Morgan and Sam McCall.

Ric: There's no case.

Reese: In other words, you're protecting your brother.

Ric: No, I am trying to find Kristina Davis.

Reese: And filing charges against Sonny is a good place to start.

Ric: You cannot force Sonny to give up Sam and Jason by charging him as an accomplice.

Reese: He'll break.

Ric: Ok, you need to put your ego in check for a second here, Agent Marshall, and think, Sonny wants answers, all right? He's hoping that Jason is going to convince Sam to return Kristina unharmed, and he may do that if you just give us a little time.

Reese: You want me to wait for a mob enforcer to finesse a kidnapper rather than trust my own deductive reasoning?

Ric: Well, filing unfounded charges against Sonny Corinthos for the kidnapping of his own children is a waste of time and effort and, frankly, Iím not going to pursue it.

John: Well, that case is out of your jurisdiction. Kidnapping is a federal crime. I'll be prosecuting.

Ric: I thought you were suspended.

John: Sorry, pal, it's been lifted -- just in time to charge Corinthos with the kidnapping of his own daughter.

Alexis: I know that I have made mistakes, and perhaps Iíve even provoked you. But I'll make a deal with you if you tell me where my daughter is.

Sonny: Our little girl.

Alexis: Our --

Sonny: It's our daughter.

Alexis: Our daughter. Our daughter. If you tell me where our daughter is, Iíll cover for you, Sonny. I will -- I will tell them that she was returned, without any information, on the doorstep. I'll -- I'll tell Agent Marshall that I paid a ransom and I didn't involve the F.B.I. because I was terrified for my little girl.

Sonny: I didn't take her. What do you want me to say?

Alexis: I'm telling you the truth. I'm telling you the truth because you know that I will do anything to bring Kristina home.

Sonny: I did not take her! I did not take her. I had no reason, Alexis. I never wanted to separate Kristina from her mother. The last thing I want is to have her living on some island where I visit her twice a year.

Alexis: Then Sam had to have taken her.

Sonny: Sam -- did what she claimed. She took the money, that's all. We're all acting out of fear here, looking in the wrong places instead of stopping to think. The person who took Kristina is someone with the financing and the expertise to infiltrate my security system. All right? They watched and they waited for the perfect opportunity, and they used Sam as a scapegoat and covered their tracks. They spied on me, they framed Sam, and now they got the police and the F.B.I. all chasing their tails. The kidnapper is playing games with all of us.

Woman: Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, they all fall down

Kristina: I want to sit at the bench.

Faith: You want the bench? Ok. They all fall down.

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Jax: You ok?

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Concierge: Skye Quartermaine?

Skye: Yes?

Concierge: I have some bad news.

Alexis: As long as you're protecting Jason and Sam, you are acting as their accomplice.

Sam: You need to come with me and help me.

Faith: This'll be fun for you.

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