GH Transcript Thursday 1/27/05

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/27/05



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Alexis: I realize that this is an imposition. And if I had anyone else to ask, you know Iíd be asking, so this is kind of a last resort sort of thing.

Ned: Just say it. What do you want me to do?

Alexis: Can she spend the night with you, please? Viola is out of town for a couple days. She has a family emergency.

Ned: You want me to take Kristina tonight?

Alexis: It would be helping me out a lot.

Ned: I canít. As much as Iíd like, I can't. I'm out of town.

Alexis: You can't postpone it?

Ned: No, I got to meet investors for L&B. I canít. What about Ric?

Alexis: That's not an option. Neither is Emily or Alice. So Iím sort of running out of options.

Sonny: Well, what about me? Or did it slip your mind that Iím Kristinaís father?

Sam: I've thought it through and I still want to move on with this, so I would like to meet you as soon as possible. Yes, I know, Iíll be careful. I know -- I know what will happen if anyone finds out what we're doing. Ok.

Lucky: There's no sign of Emily or Helena.

Skye: Did you call Emilyís name? Maybe she's hiding in the woods from Helena.

Lucky: Skye, I called, I searched. There's no trace of either one of them.

Skye: Oh, Lucky, the police have to know about this.

Lucky: No, no, no, we can't tell them.

Skye: Why not?

Lucky: Because they'll ask questions and everything will come out -- Emily shooting Connor, us burying him in the woods -- and we'll all wind up in jail.

Skye: What are we supposed to do?

Lucky: We need to call my dad. We need to tell him that Helena was here.

[Car approaches]

Elizabeth: Ok, that's not going to help Emily.

Lucky: What is that?

Elizabeth: Looks like the police. I --

Lucky: Elizabeth, what have you done?

Elizabeth: Hopefully, I've just saved Emilyís life.

Emily: I didn't kill Nikolas! The man I shot was Connor Bishop!

Helena: For what reason?

Emily: He attacked me!

Helena: I can't trust anything you tell me. Now, Iím going to send a representative over to Pentonville to see if Nikolas is actually in that prison cell.

Emily: Whoever you send isn't going to be allowed to see him, Helena. Nikolas is in solitary.

Helena: What a convenient way to hide an imposter. Not that it will make any difference to you. Even if Nikolas is alive, you won't be. You're going to spend your final days here in the Cassadine Crypt dying of thirst, dying of starvation.

Emily: Nikolas loves me. How can you be so cruel to him?

Helena: If my grandson is dead, I'm avenging him. If he's alive, I am sparing him from a lifetime shackled to your wholesome mediocrity.

Emily: Please, you have to believe me. I would never do anything to hurt Nikolas.

Helena: You already have. Every minute that Nikolas wasted with you diminished him. But that has come to an end and, fortunately, so have you.

Emily: Help! Somebody please help me!

Elizabeth: Helena thinks that Emily shot Nikolas, and now she's taken her, and we've got to get her --

Mac: Hold on. Helena is dead.

Lucky: Wrong.

Mac: What are you pulling now, Lucky?

Skye: Mac, it's true. I saw Helena myself.

Elizabeth: Come on, Mac. You know the body was never found after Nikolas shoved her off the cliff. She must have made it to safety somehow.

Mac: Ok, assuming you're right, why would Helena think Emily shot Nikolas?

Skye: We wanted to clear Nikolas of the murder charges, and we had this plan to lure Helena out of hiding so that you'd see that she was alive.

Mac: Only Helena didn't go along with the plan.

Lucky: Neither did Connor.

Mac: Connor Bishop? What does he have to do with this?

Skye: Well, you see, this plan -- we wanted Helena to think that Connor and Nikolas had -- well, they switched places -- that Connor was the one in Pentonville and that Nikolas was actually free, so Helena would come out of hiding to see him and then we'd grab her.

Mac: How does Luke fit in? This is Lukeís plan, right? Only Luke Spencer could come up with a plan so convoluted and talk all three of you into going along with it.

Elizabeth: Mac, please, we just need to find Emily.

Mac: Stalling is only going to drag this out.

Skye: Connor was supposed to be here, hiding out with Emily. Instead he wound up attacking Emily, and Emily shot him. And Helena witnessed the whole thing, and now she thinks that Emily killed Nikolas.

Ofc. Murphy: Wait, wait, wait. Where's -- where's Bishop's body?

Lucky: We buried him in the woods.

Mac: You did what? Covering up a murder? Was that part of the plan, Lucky?

Lucky: Mac, listen, we don't have time to answer these questions. Emily's life is in danger.

Sonny: So, you need somebody to watch Kristina, and you asked Ned before me?

Ned: Well, Sonny, in case you didn't know, when Kristina was first born, I actually raised her as if she were my own.

Sonny: And I appreciate that, Ned. But, see, the thing is, I'm Kristinaís dad now, so she doesn't need you looking out after her.

Alexis: You spend plenty of time with her as it is.

Sonny: That's one of the reasons I bought the new house, so Kristina and my sons could have plenty of room so they could play. You understand what I'm saying? We might as well get use -- you know, get some use out of it.

Alexis: Well, you can see her this weekend like we agreed.

Sonny: What are you going to do? You going to knock on everybody's door except mine to find somebody to watch Kristina?

Alexis: Pretty much.

Sonny: Right, so you get to dictate my time with my daughter? You heard the judge. She ruled I get unlimited visitation. And you know what that means. That means I get to see Kristina pretty much whenever I want.

Alexis: Well, that's what happens when you pay off a judge.

Sonny: Well, think what you want. Is this -- you want to go back to court? Is this where this is heading?

Alexis: You want to go back to court? Fine. I've got "esquire" at the end of my name. It's not going to cost me anything. You can throw minutiae against the wall till kingdom come, or you could be reasonable.

Sonny: Ok, up to now, you know, being reasonable has meant doing everything your way. Yeah, not anymore.

Alexis: He's right. He has all the rights. I don't get a vote anymore. He wins. She's going to have to stay at his house. Ahem.

Jason: I came by last night, but you wouldn't open the door. What's going on?

Sam: I was busy.

Jason: With what?

Sam: With what? I'm trying to rebuild my life after you smashed the one I thought I had into pieces.

Jason: Look, Sam, I know that you're angry with me --

Sam: No, I'm angry at myself, Jason, for being an idiot, for believing that you actually cared, that we actually had a chance.

Jason: Wait, Sam, just -- I -- I love you.

Sam: I don't care.

Man: Look, she's trying to send smoke signals. Put that out. Grab her!

Emily: Listen, let me go!

Man: Listen -- listen -- hey!

Emily: Let me go!

Man: Leave her alone! Leave her alone! It's not nice to threaten dead people. Let's get out of here.

Lucky: Did you notify the Canadian border? Helena could try and take Emily out of the country.

Mac: I know how to issue an A.P.B., Lucky.

Lucky: I'm just worried about Emily.

Mac: You should have thought about that before you got her involved in this crazy scheme.

Lucky: I wasn't able to reach my dad.

Skye: Yeah. Last time I talked to Luke, he said he had Helena in his grasp. And now Helenaís got Emily, and Lukeís unreachable. Does anyone else think this sounds like one big, fat disaster?

Elizabeth: Luke is a master at dealing with Helena, right? I mean, even if he's in trouble, he'll find some way out.

Lucky: Elizabeth's right. This is business as usual for my dad, so we just need to focus on finding Emily.

Ofc. Murphy: Forensics is sending a team to find Bishop's body.

Lucky: You'll find him exactly where I said he was.

Ofc. Murphy: You'll have to make a statement. And whatever you say can cost you your badge.

Elizabeth: Oh, come on, you don't know anything about what Lucky has done or why.

Ofc. Murphy: He buried a murder victim out in the woods. That makes him an accessory after the fact.

Elizabeth: Connor Bishop attacked Emily. That's why she shot him.

Ofc. Murphy: Then why did you bury the body?

Lucky: She didn't. It was my idea. I buried Connor myself.

Ofc. Serino: Commissioner? Some girl claiming to be Emily Quartermaine is on line four.

Mac: Emily? Mac Scorpio. Where are you?

Emily: I'm in the Cassadine Crypt. Helena has me locked up.

Mac: Can you tell me where you are again? I missed it the first time.

Emily: I'm in the crypt. I stole a cell phone from --


Mac: Emily? Emily, hello? I lost her.

Lucky: Well, did she say where she was?

Mac: The Quartermaine Crypt.

Skye: What? That doesn't make any sense. Why would Helena take her there?

Lucky: Because no one would think of it.

Mac: Murphy, let's go.

Lucky: I'm coming with you.

Mac: You're suspended, Lucky, and you confessed to burying a murdered man in the woods.

Lucky: That's right, I'm guilty. The whole nine yards. Mac, Iíll happily turn over my badge, but I'm going after Emily.

Mac: Try it and Iíll lock you up. This is a police matter. You're off the force.

Lois: Thank you.

Ned: So, what's so important?

Lois: Two words.

Ned: Brook Lynn?

Lois: That's our girl.

Ned: What did she do now?

Lois: You remember her audition for the Hartley School of Music? She didn't show up.

Ned: Well, wait a minute. But she aced the interview. Why would she skip the audition?

Lois: Exactly. Diego is back in Port Charles, and obviously she'd rather be with him than to go to the most prestigious music school in the country.

Ned: Oh, God.

Lois: She's so talented, Ned. More than that, she has a gift. And I don't want her to waste it.

Ned: Have you talked to her about this?

Lois: It won't do any good. You must remember what it's like to have a teenage crush. There's nothing more intense.

Ned: Or more temporary.

Lois: I mean, it's not like I am against her dating in general. And I don't think that Diego is inherently bad, either. It's just that he's young and rebellious, and he has a knack for getting into trouble, and I don't want him to -- I don't want him to inflict that upon our daughter. Unfortunately, I just have no credibility in the department of dating the wrong guy. So it's on you to protect Brookie.

Diego: Well, it was great of Mike to hire me, but I'm not going to be able to live off what I make at Kellyís. I'm going to have to get another job.

Brook Lynn: I know, but then -- I mean --

Diego: What?

Brook Lynn: No, I shouldn't be selfish.

Diego: No, hey, look, I'll make time to see you, ok?

Brook Lynn: Ok.

Diego: I came back for you, remember?

Brook Lynn: Listen, I've been babysitting Kristina a lot, so I have some money stashed --

Diego: No, no, no, no.

Brook Lynn: What?

Diego: No, I'm not going to take money from you, ever.

Brook Lynn: You're not taking from me, Diego. We're sharing. That's what couples do.

Diego: I canít.

Brook Lynn: Why not?

Diego: Because I want to buy you stuff -- like clothes, and take you to fancy restaurants.

Brook Lynn: Diego, I don't care about that stuff, ok? Look, my family -- my dad's family -- they have more money than God, ok, and they're still miserable. I just -- I don't care about any of that. All I want is to be with you.

Diego: Really?

Brook Lynn: Yes, Iím serious. I missed you every second that you were gone. And now that you're back, I just want to make sure that you stay here, so any decision that you make I will support.

Diego: Eres una mujer mas incredible que como se encontro en mi vida.

Brook Lynn: What did you just say?

Diego: I'm not going to tell you, but I promise it's good.

Brook Lynn: Ok.

Sam: You know, it was over between us when you forced me to give up Hope.

Jason: It doesn't have to be that way. Just don't push me away.

Sam: I don't trust you anymore. Jason, I thought you would fight for me. I thought you would be the one person in my entire life who would come through for me. But when I needed you the most, when I needed your help, you bailed on me.

Jason: That's not what happened.

Sam: You could have at least pressured Bridgetís grandmother into backing off instead of pressuring me to give up the baby!

Jason: Sam, you knew all the reasons why I couldn't! I'm sorry that she's gone, and I know it hurts you, but it does not have to be the end of everything.

Sam: Yes, it does. I've got other plans.

Jason: Hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Jason: You -- you know what time Michael gets out of school?

Sonny: About 3:00. Why?

Jason: I thought I'd pick him up.

Sonny: How come?

Jason: No reason. I just, you know, felt like spending time with him.

Sonny: How's Sam?

Jason: She doesn't want my help.

Sonny: Well, I mean, look, she needs somebody to blame. You're the one who's closest to her, right? So she's going to take it out on you. What?

Jason: She wanted me to threaten the judge or scare Bridgetís grandmother, Sonny, whatever it took. But I didn't think it could work.

Sonny: Well, you were right.

Jason: But what if I tried? Sam says I break the law for you every single day, and it's true.

Sonny: Right.

Jason: I would have threatened that judge in a heartbeat if it was business.

Sonny: Why didn't you?

Jason: There are ways to, you know, scare the grandmother.

Sonny: Right. Why didn't you do it?

Jason: Because I would have been stealing this baby.

Sonny: You mean like Carly and I stole Michael?

Jason: Come on --

Sonny: No, I mean --

Jason: A.J. didnít love Michael. He used Michael. He used him against the Quartermaines. He used him as an excuse to lash out and pull any kind of crap he wanted, all in the name of getting his son back.

Sonny: Right, right.

Jason: You and Carly saved Michael. And for that Iíll always be grateful to you.

Sonny: Still, you know, there's going to be a day when Iím going to have to tell Michael what I did. And that's something you're never going to have to do with Hope, you know? If it makes you feel any better, Sam came here and asked me to lean on the grandmother. Now, you know, I played along with it a little bit, but then she backed off. She doesn't want to threaten anybody. What's happening is she's desperate. She's hurt. She's not thinking clearly. She's going to have to work this out -- you know, the loss, make peace with it -- and then eventually she'll figure out, you know, how much she has left.

Sam: How long before we can do this?

Woman: I just want to be sure you're clear. Once we take the next step, there's no turning back.

Sam: No, no, no, I know what I want, and I'll do anything to get it.

Ned: So what if I explain to Brook that I was once a rebellious, teenage boy and, speaking from personal experience, we're nothing but trouble?

Lois: I'd say nice try, but I am sure that your daughter finds absolutely no similarities between you and Diego.

Ned: But that's not true. It's not!

Lois: Oh, Ned. You rebelled against your family, yes but, A, you were not a teenager at the time. And, B, you had a family to rebel against. Diego does not. He has no one, and that makes him 10 times more dangerous.

Ned: Do we have any idea what his plans are? Does he have any goals? What's important to him, other than our daughter?

Lois: That kid isn't looking for anything but trouble. And when he finds it, he is going to drag Brookie down with him.

Ned: Do you know where he is right now?

Lois: Why?

Ned: Because I think it's time for Diego and I to have a little talk.

Elizabeth: Lucky, you are already in too much trouble. Why are you taking all the blame for burying Connor?

Lucky: It was my idea. You did your best to talk me out of this.

Skye: Oh, come on. Elizabeth's right. The three of you buried that body together. It's not fair for you to take sole responsibility.

Lucky: You know, I never should've asked you for your help. I should've protected you and Emily.

Elizabeth: Lucky, you shouldn't --

Ofc. Serino: Thought you'd want to know -- Mac came up empty at the Quartermaine Crypt. The place was deserted.

Elizabeth: What do you think happened?

Skye: Well, obviously, Helena moved Emily from the crypt before Mac got there.

Lucky: Or Emily was never there in the first place. Mac did say that there was static on the line. Maybe he just didn't understand what Emily said.

Elizabeth: Well, he obviously heard she was in a crypt.

Skye: What's the poetic justice in imprisoning Emily with the dearly departed Quartermaines? Especially when that crypt is in a very well-known, well-visited cemetery? Somebody could be visiting Aunt Agnes, putting flowers on her grave, and hear Emily crying for help. No, Helena would take Emily someplace more private, say, the Cassadine Crypt on Spoon Island?

Lucky: We got to get there fast.

Ofc. Serino: Hey, hold it!

Skye: Hey!

Ofc. Serino: The commissioner wants all three of you to wait here.

Skye: Come on, we are trying to save Emilyís life here.

Lucky: No, no, Skye, don't argue with him. He's got his orders, you know? He's just got to do as he's told.

Skye: Lucky! What on earth are you talking about? Mac is looking in the wrong place --

[Ofc. Serino groans]

[Elizabeth and Skye gasp]

Elizabeth: Lucky! My God, the --

Helena: Well, I asked only that your death be slow and tortured. But you refused to grant me even that small consolation.

Emily: I'm not going to let you kill me.

Helena: Well, I wanted to see you clawing the walls and begging for food and water and then slowly dissolving into madness. Oh, it should have taken weeks and then given me years and years of pleasure reliving the moment of your demise. But, no. No, you had to steal the cell phone of one of my men and spoil the fun.

Emily: I called Mac Scorpio, and he's going to be here any minute.

Helena: Well, then Iíd better act quickly. Say goodbye, Emily.

Jason: She's got no money --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Jason: No job, and she refuses to accept my help.

Sonny: Sam's been taking care of herself most of her life --

Jason: Yeah, yeah, by pulling scams and committing petty crimes.

Sonny: Hey -- whatever she's got in mind, you're just going to have to wait it through and then be there when she comes out of it.

Jason: I got a bad feeling.

Sonny: You're not worried that she's looking for somebody else, are you?

Jason: I don't want to lose her, but --

Sonny: But?

Jason: If I did, what? Whatever.

Sonny: That's not going to happen. I mean, look, you're the best thing that ever happened to Sam. She knows it.

Jason: I know, but she's been through so much. I can't watch her suffer anymore.

Sonny: Sam feels like the whole world is against her, all right? She wants to fight back. You're an easy target. But the woman loves you. Soon she will wake up and she'll come back where she belongs.

Bridget: Did I get it right? Two hot chocolates and one chocolate chip cookie.

Diego: Hey, where's my chili?

Bridget: What?

Diego: I'm just kidding. I'm kidding. You did great.

Alexis: Go on in. Feels good to get in out of the cold, huh? Here, have a seat, sweetie. If you want, you can take your mittens off, ok?

Brook Lynn: So, I've been thinking about maybe getting a job that actually doesn't involve singing for my parents, right? Like maybe the music store down on Douglas Street.

Diego: No.

Brook Lynn: What do you mean, "no"? You can't tell me no.

Diego: Yes.

Brook Lynn: No. Ok, what, are you afraid that some guy is going to come and hit on me or something?

Diego: I know they will! Because you're too beautiful to resist. You know what's going to happen? Some guy is going to come along, hit on you, and I'm going to have to beat him up. And then Iíll get arrested, and the whole thing could get pretty ugly.

[Phone rings]

Brook Lynn: Oh, hold on, that's me. Hello? Hey, Dad. Hey, what's going on? Yeah, hold on, yeah. It's my dad. He wants to talk to you.

Diego: Ok. Hello?

Ned: I thought that you and Brook might be together. That's why I called.

Diego: Yeah, well, what can I do for you, sir?

Ned: Can you meet me at the Metro Court restaurant? There's a couple of things I need to talk to you about.

Diego: Yeah, we'll be there as soon as we can.

Ned: Diego? Just you. I want to talk to you alone.

Diego: Ok. I'll see you soon. I know what that was about.

Brook Lynn: What?

Diego: Well, your father is going to ask me to stop seeing you.

Brook Lynn: No, he wouldn't do that, Diego. Look, my father -- he's a good guy, all right? Well, most of the time. But anyway, he sees that I like you, and he probably -- he probably just wants to get to know you better.

Diego: Yeah, yeah, that's probably it. Anyways, I got to go.

Brook Lynn: Hey, call me when you're done, ok?

Diego: You don't have to ask me.

Alexis: Hey, how about you sleep at your daddy's tonight? Would that be fun? That'd be a good time, huh? Give me five. Yes!

Bridget: Here. I know how you feel.

Sam: What do you mean?

Bridget: Seeing another woman with her child -- it's really hard.

Sam: Yeah, well, it's impossible.

Helena: I sent someone to Pentonville, as I told you I would. You were right. It is Nikolas in that cell.

Emily: How is he?

Helena: Well, according to the warden, all he does is ask about his pitiful little wife. That's how I knew for sure it was Nikolas.

Emily: Then you realize that I didn't shoot him.

Helena: The man I saw you kill was Connor Bishop. But that's irrelevant. You're still going to die.

Emily: You can kill me, but you're never going to kill the feelings Nikolas has for me.

Helena: My, don't we overestimate ourself. Don't you realize that once you are gone and Nikolas becomes the man he is destined to be, he won't give you a second thought?

Emily: He'll know that you killed me, and he'll hate you for it.

Helena: Well, that will be his original response, but once he hears the truth about your final days, Iím sure he'll change his mind.

Emily: You're going to describe how you shot me in a crypt?

Helena: No. No, my dear, I am going to describe in vivid, vivid pictures just exactly how you spent your time alone with Connor Bishop -- how you flaunted yourself at him, how you had an affair, and then you killed him for it.

Emily: You have no idea what happened.

Helena: I only know that a little mouse like you could only kill someone to cover up a terrible, ugly, little secret. Did you enjoy watching him die?

Emily: You make me sick.

Helena: And now you see -- you see how easy it will be to turn Nikolas against you? Hmm? Oh, Nikolas -- when he hears the truth, he's going to be plagued with doubts. How could Emily possibly have agreed to go off alone with Connor? Was it good for her? Whose name did she shout in her throes of passion?

Emily: Nikolas is never going to believe your lies.

Helena: He has no choice. My dear, the images of you with Connor will erase any memories he has of you. Oh, he is going to grow to despise you, and he will order everyone around him not to mention your name and finally, it will be as if you were never in my grandson's life at all.

Emily: You're the one who doesn't know Nikolas.

Helena: No, but I will have him to mold into the man that he should be -- the true Cassadine prince. Hold on to those words, Emily. You're going to die with them.

Bridget: My grandmother turned me over to social services. I mean, yeah, I got a little drunk, but she refuses to let me stay with her. I mean, do you think that's right for her to just kick me out while she keeps my baby?

Sam: No. No, I donít.

Bridget: I know I messed up a lot. But being a mom isn't about being perfect. It's just about loving your child.

Sam: I agree. And only a mother knows how deep that love goes.

Bridget: Oh, and wait till you hear this. My grandmother changed the baby's name after she promised she wouldnít.

Sam: What did she call her?

Bridget: Alexandra. God, it made me so mad that I felt like stealing my own baby.

Alexis: All right, I've changed my mind. Kristina's going to spend the night here.

Sonny: What happened? You couldn't find anybody else? Hello, sweetie!

Alexis: Want to go to Daddy?

Sonny: Yes, come right here.

Alexis: There you go!

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis: For your information, I could've hired a team of nannies if I chose to do that.

Sonny: Yeah, or canceled your plans.

Alexis: No, no, I couldn't do that.

Sonny: No? What's so important?

Alexis: None of your business.

Sonny: Yeah? Hey, look, look, look! See that? Look at that. You might as well tell me because I'm going to find out anyway.

Alexis: Ric and I are having a few problems.

Sonny: No kidding?

Alexis: We are married and, yeah, I think it's important that we take some time to work out our difficulties. And I --

Sonny: Well, time for yourself is really good.

[Sonny laughs]

Alexis: I understand that I have focused all of my attention on Kristina because that was in her best interest and she needed that.

Sonny: Right, right.

Alexis: And now that I see that she's ok, maybe Iíll take some time to focus on a couple of my own issues. Stop looking at me like that.

Sonny: Are you finished?

Alexis: No. Stop smirking and looking at me like -- I hate when you do that --

Sonny: No, see --

Alexis: When you look at me like you think you know something I --

Sonny: No, I was just thinking, you know, that you -- there may be some hope for you yet.

Diego: Well, here I am, just like you asked.

Ned: Thanks for coming by. I appreciate it. Have a seat. Can I get you something to eat?

Diego: That's ok, Iíll stand. I'm not going to be here long.

Lois: Why is that?

Diego: Well, he didn't ask me to come here to tell me what a great guy I am. He wants me to stay away from Brook Lynn. And I'm not going to do it.

Ned: Are you always this good at reading people's minds?

Diego: Look, I don't know if it's because I'm Latino, because Lorenzo Alcazar is my father. But whatever problems you have with me, I really don't want to hear them.

Ned: The problem I have with you is your bad attitude. So I don't care whether you sit or you stand or I put you on the floor myself, but you're going to hear what I have to say.

Emily: Pull the trigger. Do it!

Helena: Are you that eager to die?

Emily: Yes.

Helena: Oh, now you've piqued my curiosity. Why are you so anxious to meet your maker?

Emily: You're right. I led Connor on. I betrayed my husband. I don't deserve to live.

Helena: Oh, you're stalling, aren't you? You think if you drag this out long enough, the police will get here and they'll rescue you. Or, barring that, they'll see that Iíve killed you and they'll arrest me for murder.

Emily: You're never going to come between Nikolas and me. Even in death, Iím going to find a way to stop you.

Helena: Well, I certainly would like to see you try. The sooner the better.

Lucky: Drop the gun. Now.

Helena: Well, some days turn out better than others. Not only do I get to get rid of Emily, I get to kill a Spencer, too.

Sam: Brr. Thank you. You have been really great about everything. I appreciate it.

Mike: I'm going to miss you, Sam.

Sam: Oh, I'm going to miss you, too, Mike.

Mike: Good luck. Here you go.

Jason: Where are you going?

Sam: Miami Beach.

Jason: Miami? What's in Miami?

Sam: Sunshine, ocean. Nothing that'll remind me of here.

Jason: Sam, you don't have to leave.

Sam: Have a nice winter, Jason. Bye, Mike.

Mike: She's going to have to do some shopping when she gets there. That suitcase doesn't have much in it.

Alexis: I know it may appear that my feelings toward Kristina may seem a little excessive, but I did what I felt I needed to do, and I did everything I did out of love.

Sonny: I'm coming from the same place.

Alexis: I've been watching you, and I can see that your feelings for her are genuine.

Sonny: Does that mean you trust me to keep her safe?

Alexis: No.

Sonny: Ah.

Alexis: No, I didn't say that. But I do believe that you would do whatever you could to keep her safe.

Sonny: I'd call that progress.

Alexis: I'm wondering if you and I might be able to start focusing on Kristina and her best interests and stop arguing with each other.

Alexis: You be a good girl, ok? And listen to your dad.

Ned: The fact that you had a tough childhood doesn't -- look at me! Now, I don't care whether you're Latino or from another planet, as long as you treat my daughter well and offer her more than just a weekly trip to the police station. Do you understand me?

Diego: Yes.

Ned: Good. Now, as far as your father is concerned, Lorenzo Alcazar is not my favorite person. But I also know that you didn't grow with up him, so I can't blame him for your bad manners. I blame you. You got that?

Diego: I got it.

Ned: One last thing. If you truly care about my daughter, then you would start treating her parents with a little more respect. Otherwise, I will be sure to make your life miserable. Now get out of here.

Lois: That is what I call being a concerned father.

Helena: Drop the gun.

Emily: Don't do it, Lucky. She's not going to kill me.

Helena: On the contrary, nothing would give me greater pleasure.

Emily: You know Nikolas is going to hate you if you do. No matter what you say to him, he's never going to forgive you.

Helena: Well, I'd offer you a wager on that, but you won't be around for me to collect. On the count of three, I'll kill her. One --

Lucky: Ok.

Helena: Drop it. Drop it! Kick it away. Well, you've made this easier than I expected. Now hold still. Hold still. I'm going to try to shoot you both with one bullet.


>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Bobbie: What's wrong?

Carly: How'd you know I was going to be here?

Sonny: You don't have anything to worry about. She'll be safe.

Jason: Have you landed in Miami?

Sam: Yeah. It helps to be someplace warm.

Woman: I'm afraid we've got a problem.

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