GH Transcript Friday 1/21/05

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/21/05



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Sam: I tried to help Bridget through the delivery, and she was really scared, and I don't blame her. And then a couple of days later, she just gave me the baby.

Judge: Just like that?

Sam: Yes. She came up to me at Kellyís and asked me to take her. She said that she couldn't be a mother; she had no means to take care of her child. And Jason and I -- we have had her ever since. The three of us have bonded. We love this little girl so much, and we just want to -- we want to give her a good home with a mother and a father, just a really great life.

Judge: Thank you. Ms. Daly?

Bridget: Yes, your honor?

Judge: To your knowledge, is the statement that we just heard true?

Bridget: Yes.

Judge: Then why do you want your baby back?

Bridget: I gave birth to this baby, your honor. I'm her mother.

Jordan: You know, thanks so much for helping again. Sonny wants everything finished by the time he gets back, so --

Carly: Yeah, well, Michaelís going to be so surprised. He's not even going to notice a thing.

Jordan: Oh, ok. Good.

Carly: Stop.

Jordan: What's that?

Carly: I see a flashlight. Someone's inside.

Connor: Looking for me?

Connor: Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Emily: Did you go outside?

Connor: Yeah, yeah, I went out the back. I thought I heard something. But I guess it was the wind, because there ain't nobody around. You know, you didn't have to lock yourself in your bedroom last night.

Emily: How did you know that my door was locked?

Connor: I didn't try to bust in, if that's what you mean.

Emily: So, why don't you clean up?

Connor: Well, you know, last night was supposed to be a surprise. You didn't have to get all upset like that.

Emily: Let's forget anything happened.

Connor: I know this is tough for you, you know, worrying about Nikolas, dealing with me. And I just wanted to make you feel better, like when you baked me those cookies, you was just trying to be nice. That's all I was trying to do.

Emily: And you got the wrong idea.

Connor: Yeah, so did you, last night.

Emily: Ok, no more trying to be nice to each other.

Connor: It ain't easy for me, neither, being cooped up in here.

Emily: Well, hopefully we're not going to be here too much longer.

Connor: Well, see, Iíll do whatever it takes, unlike you, but you ain't got to worry about me. I'll keep my distance. I know my place now. I know where I stand.

[Knock on door]

Lucky: Hey, it's us.

Emily: Hey. I'm so glad you guys are here.

Elizabeth: Are you ok?

Emily: It was kind of a long night.

Elizabeth: Well, what's all this?

Connor: It's strawberries and champagne. What's it look like?

Lucky: Well, we've got good news.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Luke is definitely closing in on Helena.

Lucky: Yeah, he's supposed to call Skye any minute with the next step, all right, so you just got to be ready.

Elizabeth: This could be it.

Emily: I'm really getting out of here?

Lucky: By this time tomorrow, Nikolas could be a free man and you and Connor will never, ever have to see each other again.

Brook Lynn: Ok, so the secret is you want to dunk the cookie in the milk because you want it to be mushy, but not too mushy, right? Want to take a bite?

Kristina: No.

Brook Lynn: No? Ok.

Ric: Oh, oh, look who's there. Hello, ladies. Where's my favorite girl in the whole world, huh? Hey, you having cookies? Can I sit here with you just for a second? Oh, what a treat. Up we go. That's my girl. Ok.

Brook Lynn: I wanted you to know Kristina misses you.

Ric: Yeah? You know what? I miss you too, love. So, Alexis is letting you babysit, huh? I'm impressed.

Brook Lynn: Yeah. Actually, she had to work tonight, and Viola had the night off, so you're stuck with your kind of big sister, aren't you, kid?

Ric: Yeah, that's all right. You grow on people, don't you, sweetie?

Brook Lynn: Yeah, she sure does.

Ric: Well, you know what? You should be flattered, because Alexis doesn't trust many people with her daughter. Hmm?

Judge: The biological father is unknown?

Bridget: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Do you care to elaborate?

Bridget: I slept with a lot of guys back then, but it doesn't matter who the father is. I chose to have the baby.

Judge: You also chose to hand her off to a stranger in a diner.

Bridget: She wasn't exactly a stranger. I mean, Samís really nice. But Courtneyís told me that I should go after my dreams and find a way to get what I want. I want my baby back.

Judge: How old are you?

Bridget: 16.

Judge: Are you in school?

Bridget: I'm starting back.

Judge: You're charged with assaulting a teacher.

Bridget: It was an awful school.

Judge: So is your record -- drunk and disorderly, possession of a controlled substance, assaults, resisting arrest. You seem to prefer the street to any foster home. You don't want to go to school. You don't have any parents, no skills, no direction, no money, and a violent temper. These are not good credentials for a parent.

Bridget: I'm trying to do better.

Judge: And how do you plan to take care of the child?

Bridget: I'm working as a waitress.

Judge: How long have you had this job?

Bridget: Two days.

Judge: I see.

Bridget: I can ask Courtneyís foundation for help and the state. I know that I can pull this together.

Judge: And why is that?

Bridget: Because I believe in myself now, thanks to Courtney. And I really hope you believe in me, too.

Judge: Anything else?

Bridget: No, your honor. Can I have my baby back now?

Judge: I haven't made my decision yet.

Bridget: Oh.

Judge: You may be seated. I'm not ready to render my decision at this hearing. The minor child will remain in her present situation for the time being. You've all spoken from the heart, and I appreciate that. If you have anything else you'd like to say, my email address is on the family court website. I've already met with your lawyers. I'll be in touch. Thank you.

Jason and Sam: Thanks.

Judge: Ms. Matthews, you didn't have very much to say at the hearing. I'd like to take a break and then meet with you privately.

Courtney: Ok, great.

Carly: What the hell are you doing here?

John: What'd you hit me with? Damn.

Carly: Why are you in Sonny's new house? Are you breaking in?

Man: Mrs. C?

Carly: It's ok, Rollo. I will handle the trespasser.

Jordan: John Durant?

John: I'm not hurt. Thanks for asking.

Jordan: What are you doing here?

John: I use the track at Forest Heights Prep. It's just down the road.

Carly: Probably trying to bug the place.

John: So I drove by to take a look at the place, see where my grandchildren will be living. The front gate was open, the door was unlocked.

Carly: Oh, so you just walked in, right? Why not?

John: Is Sonny planning on installing some sort of a security system around here?

Rollo: It's state-of-the-art, but we're still working out the glitches.

Jordan: Sonny wants the system operational when he gets here.

Rollo: It will be. Don't worry.

Jordan: Wasn't I the last one out?

Rollo: I thought so.

Jordan: Well, I'm sure I put on the system. Who turned it off? And why?

John: I didn't touch the security system, and I didn't plant any bugs.

Carly: Yeah, well, you were still breaking and entering.

John: Yeah, why was the front door unlocked, huh?

Carly: Rollo, get the guys, tell them to sweep the house and find out what isn't working with that security system.

Rollo: You got it, Mrs. C.

Carly: So, what were you doing here? Getting a jump-start on your career by spying on Sonny?

John: I told you, I wanted to see where my grandsons would be living part-time.

Jordan: I'm going to put these things away.

John: What are you doing here?

Carly: I'm helping Jordan decorate.

John: Oh, you think that's appropriate, helping your ex-husband's girlfriend decorate a home that you're never going to live in?

Carly: No, ok, she is not his girlfriend. She is his lawyer.

John: Carly, Carly, come on! Sonny is sleeping with her, or else she wouldn't be out here.

Carly: Ok, just stop it, stop it!

John: No!

Carly: Stop it! I am not allowing you to cause problems between me and Sonny any more than I am going to allow you to interfere with me and Steven or Lorenzo or anybody else.

John: Does Sonny make you happy? You think you have any chance in this world that Lorenzo Alcazar is going to make you happy?

Carly: Oh, I see. So your solution is to fabricate evidence so you can send him to prison.

John: Carly, I didn't fabricate anything. Lorenzo Alcazar murdered Mary Bishop. That's a fact.

Carly: If --

John: No, fact. Fact.

Carly: If Lorenzo happened to kill the madwoman who stabbed his niece to death, I do not blame him, because if they were my kids, I would have done a hell of a lot worse.

John: Now, if you can understand that, why can't you understand that all I'm trying to do every day is protect you?

Carly: You are trying to run my life, and there is a huge difference.

John: You're my daughter.

Carly: No, that -- that was an accident of biology. And I was crazy for ever thinking that we could have a relationship, because you are a liar and you are a manipulator and you put your career above everything else.

John: You know what? I'd throw it away to get in your good graces.

Carly: Well, I guess you miscalculated.

John: Yeah. You're repeating yourself. Carly, I love you, even when you're difficult -- especially when you're difficult, because that means you're exactly like me.

Carly: Ok. While we are on the subject of fathers and their kids, have you ever bothered to notice how Michael and Morgan and Sonny relate? Those kids love Sonny and he loves them, and they don't want him going to prison. They don't want him being harassed. They just want him with them consistently. And I intend to give my children what they want and what they need. So that means I am going to go on protecting Sonny. And it means that you and I have no common ground and we've got nothing further to discuss, so you might as well leave before Jordan comes back -- his lawyer -- and arrests you for trespassing.

John: Now, make sure that Sonny gets his security system worked out because, you see, Sonny's got enemies and they mean business and even you don't know who they are.

Lucky: All right, the plan is to allow Helena to follow me and Elizabeth here.

Emily: Here to the safe house?

Lucky: Correct, and my dad's going to grab her before she can do any damage.

Emily: So we have to stay put?

Lucky: You're still the bait, both of you.

Emily: Ok.

Elizabeth: Is that going to be a problem?

Emily: Not if it's going to get Nikolas out of prison.

Elizabeth: Ok, good. Well, you know, Luke, he was a little bit vague about the details, but he said it was soon, so it shouldn't be too long.

Emily: Oh, good. That sounds wonderful.

Lucky: Ok, listen, we got to get going.

Elizabeth: Are you sure you're ok?

Emily: Yeah, I am. I guess if I leave now it's going to mess everything up, right?

Lucky: Well, just a little bit longer. We're almost there.

Emily: Thank you guys so much for your help.

Lucky: Nikolas is my brother. I want him back just as badly as you do.

Emily: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Ok, well, be careful, ok --

Emily: Ok.

Elizabeth: Because Helenaís dangerous.

Emily: Yeah. We'll be fine.

Connor: Hmm. Well, it won't be long now before Nikolas goes free and I lose you forever, huh?

Jax: Hey.

Courtney: Hey.

Jax: Is the hearing over?

Courtney: Well, the judge wants to speak with me privately.

Jax: Oh.

Courtney: I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Oh, I'm so glad to see you.

Jax: Well, actually, I just dropped by for a moment. I have a shareholders' meeting, but I'll escape as quick as I can.

Courtney: Oh, it's ok, it's ok, it's fine.

Jax: Just tell the judge the truth, ok? And remember, no matter what happens, Iím on your side.

Courtney: Thank you. Bye.

Judge Shindo: Ms. Matthews, you may come in.

Sam: I'm going to talk to her. Keep an eye on her.

Bridget: I'm not supposed to talk to you.

Sam: Look, Bridget, let's make out a deal, ok? You can be a part of Hope's life like an aunt or something, and you can see her whenever you want.

Bridget: I'm not going to make a deal to see my own daughter. Hey, little girl. Sorry things got so messed up. I just wanted to give you all the things that I never had.

Sam: Bridget, we can do that, you know? All of us together, we can make it happen.

Bridget: Good night, sweetie. I'll see you soon.

Sam: All right, tell me I made everything worse, didn't I?

Jason: You were trying to compromise, so she doesn't even know what you're doing.

Sam: Jason, I know she's just a kid, but I want to shake her, you know? Why did she do this to us? Why does she want to give us her baby, tell us to love her, make her happy, and -- and what, just take her away?

Jason: She's too messed up to see that she's being selfish. Look, why don't you take her home, ok?

Sam: Yeah, I'm going to take her home, yeah.

Jason: You got her?

Sam: Yeah. I'll see you.

Judge Shindo: Do you believe Bridget is capable of bringing up this child?

Courtney: I believe that she wants to, but no. Bridget has a long way to go before she can even take care of herself, and I don't see how she could be responsible for a child.

Judge Shindo: I appreciate your honesty.

Courtney: I'm just trying to be fair.

Judge Shindo: Isn't Mr. Morgan your ex-husband?

Courtney: Yes, your honor.

Judge Shindo: Do you believe he to be a good father?

Courtney: Jason would be a great father.

Judge Shindo: And what about Ms. McCall? Her record is spotty at best.

Courtney: Sam has really turned her life around. And she recently lost a baby. It was stillborn. So Hope has been a godsend for her. Jason and Sam would be great parents.

Judge Shindo: Mr. Morgan has never been convicted, but he has an extensive police record, multiple arrests. Do you believe that his lifestyle would be a danger to the child?

Carly: Are you sure that you looked everywhere?

Rollo: We swept the place. No bugs at all.

Carly: So why were all the doors unlocked?

Rollo: The system shorted out.

Carly: Does Stan know?

Rollo: Sure. He's been working on the system for days.

Carly: You get it fixed before my kids get here.

Rollo: I'll do my best.

Jordan: Are you going to tell Sonny that Durant was snooping around?

Carly: Why not? Sonny and I are beyond secrets.

Jordan: All right.

Carly: How was paradise?

Jordan: Excuse me?

Carly: Was it earrings and then a necklace, or was it the other way around? And the dress -- was it a designer that you liked? Something you can wear anywhere but the island?

Rollo: It's me. They don't suspect me. We're all set.

Ric: No. What do you want? Which one?

Kristina: The very big.

Ric: The very big piece. That's a girl. If your mother was here, she'd scream.

Brook Lynn: Listen, I heard about you and Alexis breaking up, Ric. I'm really sorry about that.

Ric: Yeah, me, too.

Brook Lynn: You know, I don't understand why people can't just get together and stay together, right?

Ric: Hmm.

Brook Lynn: Like my grandparents and my aunts and uncles. Well, actually, most of my aunts and uncles. I mean, yeah, ok, so there's a lot of yelling, right? And I understand that my Uncle Mark spends a lot of time on the couch, but the point is at the end of the day, they're under the same roof, you know? They're together.

Ric: Yeah. Maybe that's -- maybe that's what marriage is, huh? Trying to live under the same roof.

Brook Lynn: I know, right? It's like love has nothing to do with it.

Ric: Oh, you are way too young to think that way.

[Phone rings]

Brook Lynn: Hold on one second. Hello.

Ric: Hmm?

Brook Lynn: Yeah?

Ric: Don't ever think that way, you, right?

Brook Lynn: Yeah. Hold on one second.

Ric: What's the matter?

Brook Lynn: Look, it's Sonny's lawyer. She wants me to take Kristina over to the new house tonight?

Ric: Give it to me. This is Ric Lansing.

Jordan: Hi, Ric? Yeah, I can't get ahold of Alexis and Sonny wants to surprise the kids with the house tonight. He's on his way back.

Ric: We're on our way. Here. You want to go for a ride, baby, hmm? Just put down the cookie just for a sec. I'll give it to you. You want to hang on to it? Ok.

Brook Lynn: Mr. Lansing?

Ric: Here we go -- yes.

Brook Lynn: I don't have permission to take Kristina anywhere.

Ric: That's ok. You're with me, not a problem.

Brook Lynn: Are you sure? I mean, we should at least call Alexis, right?

Ric: No, no, no, no. As for Alexis, you know, she's just going to have to realize that I can take care of Kristina just as well, huh?

Brook Lynn: Ok.

Ric: There you go, baby. That's a good girl. Give me the other arm. Yeah! See that? Straight up to the sky. There you go, baby. Let's get you all bundled up, ok? Big girl, come to Ric.  Up we go! All right. Yeah, I'll bring your cup --

Brook Lynn: My gloves.

Ric: You got your cookie. We're going to take this one for the road, aren't we, huh? You want the bigger -- yeah, that's it. That's it.

Brook Lynn: Right.

Ric: Hmm. Here we go. All righty. Whoo, whoo! It's kind of chilly! Let's get bundled up here, ok?

Emily: You've been a huge help in all of this.

Connor: You wanted to leave with them, didn't you? Why'd you stay?

Emily: That's the plan.

Connor: "That's the plan." Time's running out, you know.

Emily: We're about to get back to our real lives.

Connor: You didn't have to come back yesterday, you know.

Emily: Yes, I did.

Connor: You could have found someplace else to hide. You've wanted to be with me for a long time, haven't you?

Emily: I want Nikolas.

Connor: You tracked me down in Canada, asked me to help you, asked me to turn myself into the love of your life, so you could be with me, right?

Emily: Look, that isn't what happened.

Connor: Hey, I went along with it. I changed my life to help you. You kind of owe me, don't you think?

Emily: I have money. I'll be happy to pay you back for your time and your trouble.

Connor: I've never been with a rich girl before. I don't really know what it feels like to be a prince neither but, hey, look at me now. I know everything there is to know about Nikolas, except what it's like to be with you.

Emily: Ok, Connor, stop.

Connor: Nikolas had my wife. Come on, why shouldn't I have --

Emily: No, let go of me!

Connor: Come on -- don't! When Iím done -- when I'm done, then you'll understand, ok? Come here.

Carly: Well, everything looks pretty good.

Jordan: Well, I could have never gotten it together without you.

Carly: I have a little experience. I know Sonny -- a bit too well sometimes.

Jordan: Hmm. Yeah. You were right about the jewels and the dress on the island.

Carly: I know.

Jordan: But I turned him down.

Carly: You did?

Jordan: Yeah, I like Sonny a lot. He pays really well. He's interesting, charming, unexpected, and a little dangerous -- all fine qualities in an employer/friend, but I know better than to take that any further.

Carly: That's probably very wise of you.

Jordan: Hmm.

[Knock on door]

Jordan: Oh, that must be Brook Lynn and Kristina.

Carly: Oh, I'll get it.

Ric: Hi.

Jordan: Thanks for dropping her off.

Ric: Ah, sure, not a problem. Come on, honey. Come on in.

Jordan: Hey, Kristina.

Ric: Wow, huh? I got to admit, I was curious as to what was done with the house.

Brook Lynn: Gosh, look at this place.

Carly: Why don't you take Kristina on a little tour?

Brook Lynn: So it's ok for us to just wander around?

Carly: Yeah, go ahead. Just don't get lost.

Brook Lynn: Want to go? Come on.

Ric: Do you want to go with Brook Lynn, honey? Go ahead.

Brook Lynn: Let's go look at the house.

Ric: Go ahead.

Carly: So, does Alexis know that you took Kristina, or should I call 911?

Ric: Oh, I think I'll leave that up to you. Alexis isn't done with me the way Sonny's done with you.

Carly: Hmm. I guess that makes you the big winner.

Ric: Hmm.

Carly: Bye-bye!

Brook Lynn: Hey. We saw a tree house through the window, and we were wondering if we could go outside and play.

Carly: Yeah, yeah, that's what it's there for.

Brook Lynn: Great.

Sam: Ok, don't worry, sweetie. I know you're hungry. I'm starving.

Woman: You must be Sam, and that must be Hope.

Sam: Who are you?

Rita: I'm Rita Sullivan. I'm this beautiful little girl's great-grandmother.

Courtney: Hi.

Jason: Hey. How'd it go?

Courtney: Where's Bridget?

Jason: Well, everyone left. So what'd you say to the judge?

Courtney: I -- I told her that you and Sam would be great parents and that the baby should stay with you.

Jason: Did she ask about my work?

Courtney: She asked me if I thought you could provide a safe home for the baby.

Jason: What'd you tell her?

Courtney: I'm sorry, Jason, but I had to tell her the truth.

Elizabeth: So, Emily seemed really nervous. Do you think we should go back?

Lucky: No. That could tip off Helena.

Elizabeth: Ok, but your dad said he was going to call soon, right?

Lucky: "Soon"? Well, that's relative. My dad gets a little free-form sometimes.

Elizabeth: Oh. Thanks. You saved that painting?

Lucky: Grandmother found it at the house. I lost all the others in the fire.

Elizabeth: I painted that during -- during our summer in the boxcar. Do you remember?

Lucky: Yeah, when you decided to be an artist.

Elizabeth: Yeah, when anything seemed possible.

Lucky: Maybe it still is.

[Knock on door]

Skye: Lucky? Elizabeth? It's Skye. Are you in there?

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. Ahem.

Lucky: Hey. What happened?

Skye: Uh --

Lucky: What?

Skye: Luke found Helena.

 [Emily whimpers]

Connor: It's ok. Ok. Ok. Oh!

Emily: Oh, God!

[Connor groans]

Emily: God! Oh!  Ok. Get away from me!

Courtney: Hey. What are you doing?

Bridget: Hey. Isn't it cool? I saw it in a window on my way home. I had just enough money from my tips. You think Hope will like it?

Courtney: Probably.

Bridget: So, when do you think I'll get to bring her home -- tonight?

Courtney: Well, I think you need to think about yourself right now.

Bridget: I am. Gosh, where do you think I should put it?

Courtney: You know, Bridget, raising a baby alone is a huge responsibility.

Bridget: But I'm not alone. I have you, and, I mean, this place is plenty big enough for a baby.

Courtney: Here?

Bridget: Yeah. I thought that's what you want. That way I can keep my baby and you can replace the baby you lost.

Skye: Helena circled back to Port Charles. She's at Wyndemere. She's in one the tunnels.

Lucky: Ok, well, we better get back before he burns the place down.

Skye: Exactly. We need Helena alive.

Elizabeth: So, what's the plan?

Skye: Ok, well, you two head to Wyndemere, pretend you're getting supplies ready for Emily and Nikolas, and then say they're leaving the country within the hour, and then you head to the safe house. Helena will follow.

Lucky: Got it.

Elizabeth: Maybe Emily really will end up with Nikolas tonight.

 [Pounding on door]

Connor: Emily? Emily? I'm sorry I lost it. I shouldn't have drunk all that champagne. I'm sorry. Emily, I knew you'd go back to Nikolas and walk away from me. That was the deal, right? Right? It's ok. It's ok. You can come back up now. Emily? What if Helena shows up here? She'll never believe that I'm Nikolas if you're locked in the cellar. She'll kill me, and then she'll kill you. Emily? We need each other. Ok? It's almost over now and then Iíll go back to Canada and you can be with Nikolas. Please! Emily, open this door! Let me help you, please!

Emily: Connor?

Rollo: It's all set. All you have to do is flip the switch.

Carly: So what's your baby's --?

Brook Lynn: What just happened?

Carly: Just --

Brook Lynn: Do you --

Carly: Just -- just be quiet.

Sam: Not to be rude, but why are you here?

Rita: I was traveling in Europe. I was contacted by a Grace Powell from social services. She told me Bridget had a baby and that the child has been placed with you and Mr. Morgan.

Sam: Right, but I don't understand, because the night Bridget had the baby, she was living on the streets. Why weren't you around then?

Rita: It's complicated. My daughter was difficult. Bridget's father was a disaster. The way they lived -- no one could have survived very long.

Sam: And why didn't you take Bridget when they died?

Rita: I tried to, but she was out of control even then. I never should have gotten the police involved, but I did. She ended up in foster care. She wouldn't return my phone calls, and she refused to see me.

Sam: So you left for Europe?

Rita: If you're implying that I ran away, you're right. I couldn't help Bridget, and it was painful watching her ruin her life before she'd even had a chance to live it. But the baby's another matter. I want my great-granddaughter to live with me.

Sam: Look, Hope already has a home with Jason and me. We love her so much, and she is really happy here. And if you want to do what's best for your great-granddaughter, you will leave her with us.

Courtney: Bridget, I didn't realize you wanted to bring the baby here.

Bridget: Where did you think Iíd go?

Courtney: Well, I don't know. I thought that you would apply for assistance or you would move into a home for unwed mothers. Look, if that's not something you want to consider, then maybe you should leave the baby where she is. I mean, she has a chance to be part of a family.

Bridget: Families come in all different shapes. You told me that, Courtney. So me, you, and Hope -- we can be a family.

Courtney: That is not very realistic, Bridget.

Bridget: Why not?

Courtney: The judge doesn't even know anything about this.

Bridget: I sent her an email. It's still on the screen. I love this thing.

Courtney: Let me see. "I forgot to tell you the coolest part. Courtney wants the baby and me to live with her. Courtney lost a baby, too. She's done so much for me. Now I can finally do something for her." Oh, wow, Bridget. We have a serious misunderstanding going on here.

Bridget: About what?

Courtney: I was never planning on Hope living here.

Bridget: You weren't?

Courtney: No, look, she's more than welcome to stay a few days, but not long-term.

Bridget: You don't want my baby?

Carly: What the hell's going on? First, the security system breaks down. Now the lights are out?

Jordan: Maybe the security system overloaded the power. I'm calling Stan right now.


Carly: Who's there?

Lucky: We've got enough supplies. Let's go!

Elizabeth: Nikolas wants his journal!

Lucky: Just forget the journal. They've got clothes, papers and food, and --

Elizabeth: Ok, wait, wait. It has to be here somewhere, all right?

Lucky: Would you just come on? I mean, the plane can't wait forever, all right?

Elizabeth: This is it. Ok, we got it.

Lucky: Ok, good.

Elizabeth: Let's go.

Connor: Did you really believe I'd let Nikolas have you while I walked away with nothing, huh?

Emily: Oh! Agh! No! No!

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Michael: Whoa! This is the house!

Courtney: I was never planning on Hope living here.

Rita: I just found out about the baby.

Jason: I don't think Judge Shindo is going to find in our favor.

Sam: Do whatever you need to do to make sure she stays with us!

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